Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, October 22, 1903, Image 8

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* M ' ' _ ' " " *
* " T _ , „ _ , „ T
\ ' Mutual companies pay losses n fu .
So discount I. M. RICE. Ajvnt
Absolutely Pure.
to Creditors.
la Ooanlr Court , within and for Cherry Coun
tjr. Nebraska.
Jo Hit isatter of the e'tate of Geore E. SInis
Te the CrwlKora of nald estate :
Yuc are ht-rebj nouflrd. Tint I will sit a
ibe etatjr court ru ii H Va.eatin-In ssiid coun
tj. 8 the 3lst dav ot O : t4 > u-r ISXrt at 10 o'clock
a. m. . to mrrlre and e\imlne ll claims again *
* aU -ntile. . xith a view to their adjustnieut an <
Hewaner. The time limited for the praenta-
tWo f rlilmj ( tgnlnjt < du estate is the 3lit dav
oi Ocfobrr , A. I . 1W3 , au l the tuiirt liaii wi fo
f debts U oue year from < : aid Hth da :
my baa l and the se ul > f aa'Q Couuti
Cottrt this dth day of otob -r , 19U3.
A > . i : . TOWNE.
* i i County Judge.
.Vof ice / * Creditors ,
la C * Bty Cottrt wtthin and for Chern Countj
r < rt nuks.
la t&e raslter of the estate of Adam
TtAhe Creditor * ef saM E. "
t V u are hereby notified , that I will sit at t-1
' wktTcuurt room in Valentine in saki count
, t i tii r h daj > f October \WB at 10 o'clock a. in
t * > ifcetve.i * l eviaineali claims against daii
estate. HUB i Mew to their adjustment and. ai
ivw Hce. The time limited fortue presentation
cf rf htte 4 Uii t : xikl ts > tat& fci the 24th ilay o
October A. D HHJS .s.H i tbe time limited for t'
of debts fc arte i ear from sxia2c :
ot March KKB.
Witness mybaml and the sea : of sa.d
county court , thb SUth day or > * pt .ii
feerMol. W. K foMi
374 County Judge
to Creditors.
I Co sty C * rt , wtthla and for Cherry Countj
IB tim matter of the est.Ue 1 Thomas J. JOCLS
Tu l&e Creditors of a W
Yott are hereby uotWt- , that I will si * at tht
cuuaty court n ui in Valentine in said county on
the 3K tiay ef October KW at 10 oVlook a.
tkt rr eive iaI eiaiuiinfi 1 oaims ug U t sau :
with . vh-wt tb ir Hdjubtmeu
Df tuite hnji'e.l lor the pn.9r nlaliu
-li.tesute la on tne Hc tin. ,
je. aaU .he time Ha'ltd f.
the pavmeitt'iitdtttjta ki oue jear iruina d 7u
dij urM rcb 19C2S.
.UTituissa my hand aurf the seal f sid
SKALf6 < tut > court tsiis 3rd d y of Octob't
v KW3. \V. it TOL \
44 County
: Is HKSEUY GIVEK tbatbjviturco
pi eated on the 19lh da > i > tN
Ltiiuiy Hied m tho-ouioe ol ti com.
tr cerj . or CLon > c HDCJ , Nebraska , on the Itit
A littitbe t to Obo church to secure the IM > mei
s * . Tri aijuj * t c ljO.iW , aiKi dulv assigned to t
M. Wai ejt.uJia upon wiiu-u tiiert-1 = now dm
HM * of 21.5 dG. Default having been mail
: said uw , HHd no suit orotbe
having been iuMituifj to r *
ik Ot ur .iuy p < , rt thereof , thei * ! re.
. y th rem descrii'cd. vii :
r H > irmiMc Kocba barber chairs. > ' > . Wl
jrtAir . Use , chair cumbinatio
1 wash &uiiiiL 1 mug rack , i v/n :
8doieBio eb ana hair clotha
i wash stamL 2 hurbur pines
tub aaii beater nun flxturea.
< r % r. 2 electric hulJt oxtures. 1
MMMB oracHec. 5 i-iciureo. I ticket rack.
: * &ec pcMchesj 5 ahop bottles. 1
iKsuekeC. 1 HtirutMm bath. 1 hat ana
nit-k. 1 HBiktc broom 1 oiolbes ru > h
&C t titc 2i . > u Mt ai the buruer saop of \ i.lian
A Kiai > uU m Uie ViUagu ot \ aiuntme : a Cher
ry CwuMy. N < * Td.ska. oe tbu < kh auv of
tat * IMS , 4t 1 w'etoc'c f. M. cf t > uid day.
Assignee f Otx : Church.
Bei Ifeli ) Mt ay uctob-r.
Is Tke District Court of Cherry
Cmioty , Nebraska.
Ifl ar A.
vet u- of r OKDER ur TIIE coin : . *
She > w-
the of IHOC .v IVtt >
tore t t Fw\a M. : v
rsto. etet * . lathe { wttttwi
-wit ; Let No. MX ) t Kiork N
Lwt > w. t\vent > lhre > d'3.uen
M the petiu > u oi
! 9J1 Mr2 A. f tUycrcw. ibat it WUUHI tie ir
Ac fceet te est f eor sai t wnni ihus
m ! 2M > * tieicnbcU real eatate i aulo.
| rveW > * " te IMUCMMI. It b tL - ifor
km wt the sai.l ; lei , .
ht r ot AdeUa. h 'eti-
ott CHer iHrrsuaa ! ' - > tc <
sppttor bet rr - eu tb 3ru
* t v K-r. INS. M M w'eiuek a n. , h
lu V * catMKel -
nuh. i. u. Hity toere . , k. h >
> tin ? MMeFlsaC rf altHl MttMwr > .lhl 1.
IMMT s *
Uy tibe B 4ee3t3Bed at ay place at K
> W . mtu ! mAe * omk ot. Jn. < ha ahe t > v ? , or
Ocfiatxr Z. MWS , a * y ril * . durk rd
AJSWfr * TAiLult.
fcf Mk > i.riluji it ut MJ rei
K-I-P-A-N-S Tabelea
( GO
PostofTlce address
Oasis. Nt-br
Brand registered ? (15 (
Cattle branded rn
toft side same as ' v.t
Horsey Branded , o
'eft hip
Also .some ntt e
Branded :
Range St > utb and west of
Postofflce address
Cody , Nebraska
On left
side. Uor
ses left
Range north .f
Cutcomb Lake
U. G Origer.
Brand recorded
No. 1087.
cut on si
iolt hip
Range 10 miles
south of Merri
man on the Nio
St. Francis Mission
Postofflceaddress : Crookston. Nebr , or
Rosebud , S. D.
Cattle branded
as in cut ,
some cattle In
S n braudfd only
on leit hip.
Range : North
of the Minnecha-
duza. Smiles west
Hot Cr okston , and
on Hull Creek.
Anv Information retarding cattle branded as
a > ovp will DP thankfully ri'-vlvpd by Wm sk-lly.
CrookPton , Nebr. ; or St. Francis Mission , Rosf-
bud. S. D.
D. Bray
Rosboud S D
Cattle branded on
left thigh or Inp
same as cui
norse brand
same on the left
H "tofDce address
HyannLs ,
> n right side
on left
also cattle
on right siue
Range 16 nule >
norrh of Hv > .nnK
J J Peck
Cody , NeDr
On both sides f
Horses * ' < * oil
left thigh.
Range iieaii PHS-
Crpek. S. 1)
Seth Gary
n noth side amJ
up Herd mark
Horses same on
Ranu'e I > : tk
iCreek and Ltte !
D. A
3 . .r iall , M. . . o.
Simeon. iNebr sk.
Cattle branded o >
left side as onnr
aiso 10 on lell -
with on left lu
some cattle ; also
on right side Hoi , <
bnind , rake and ie
ou Itut should1'
hip. Z ou left jaw
Home ranch < u
Uewey Lake. Range on Niobrara Kiver , east
'ort Niobrara : all in Cherry Countv. Vpbrask
A. Benson
Address Arabia
Range North or
tra river
Sawyer liros.
ostolnce address
G. K. Sawyei iias
charge of these cat
tle Oorsrs ! > < s on
eft bhoiiifiMp.omL'
rtt h-b R..ime on Sn kn riv ! &
' 'bus. Yiugst.
Arabia Nobr
Brand registered
No. 1139
Cattle dmndpd
OH left side us in
Horses samp on
on K' er
\ a
Roan Brothers
Woodlaie Neb
John Roan's
ilerriinan. Nebr.
tauieand hor-
fen orandyd on
j lett side or shoul-
Hmnd register
ed low.
Range 1
southwest of
Merriman on 'he
Niobmra river.
postotuce a 1re
Ova Mis , Neb
iirandod on lelt side
Eange eighteen miles
north of Hvannis
J. W. Stutter ,
Valentine , Nebr.
Other brands :
3X I + -
Horse" branded :
X , - < or 4on
leit shoulder ; E O left thlch. Kaiigp on
Boardman , Gordon. Snake and Sand Creek.
P II Young.
Simeon Nebr.
Cattle branded
as cut on left Bide
Some QYon
" " " 'on left jaw of
V horses.
Range on Gordon Cre k north of Simeon.
Sandy Williams.
Merriman. Nebr
MosMy 01 left
side. Some on
right side.
Horses same on
left shoulder
Range Lake
Creek. S. D.
Cattle on lef1
Horses on left
Some stock
yet bearing my
former brand as
shown below.
Postofflce address.
Gregory , NOn * - >
On left side or hip
horses same on lef1
Vailey and Snake
A'len ' & Sons
Kt Niobmra.
Cntnd registered
No 870
florses branded
on left hip
Ranee. Niobrara
river 12 miles east
of Valentine
Codv , Neoraska
1 Httle bnmded as on
ut on lefl side , hip
H d shoulder ; horses
. Snake Crook
J. B. Lord
Net >
Stock lirandeo
same as cut back ot
right shoulder and
on right hip
Rangp on the
F. W J.-rsig
Valfaiitlne. Nebr
Cattle branded as
shown 'in cut enl
l -ft side , loiu or
Range between the Gordon and Snake
louth of the Niobrara river
J R Wallinp-ford
Catue branded
sime .is cut ; also
some branded
J | on lefthip.
Poatofflce address
Brownlee , Neb
Ou left side or any
part of animal. Ear
mark right ear cut
oil ; horKes branded
same on left hip.Also
has stock branded H
on side or shoulder ,
or JKor WorO'VL '
. _ _ irO or FZ. Also
he-following , the first one bemg.on side andhip
Wm. F. Schmidt
Kosebud S D
Same as cuter
or with bar under
> : right ear slit
and dulapped
norses branded
Parmelee Cattle Qo.
* "
" ' Rosebud , S. D
rattle branded
as cut onlefosidp
with ftrip * ) indf'r
Horses branded
left thigh.
Range on Soldier creek.
Garner Brothers
: od > . Nebr
Anvwber- * '
Horses on left
Range- North
F T.Brackett
Riege. Nebr.
Brand Registered
HO 1490
Brand right side
or hip
Horses same OP
right shoulder
Range , Niobrara
3 miles south of
F. M Walcott
Valentine. Nel > r.
branr ! > n
on left liiti-
' . . W.
Simeon Neb
Stork branded
with 7 on lefl Vip
also same as cut
Range between
Gordon and Snake
creeks and on HIP
Niobrara river
Fraiis T Lee.
Brownlee. Neb.
Cattle on left
side ; horses same
on left shoulder
Range Four
miles northeast of
D. M. Sears
Kennedy , Nebr
Cattle branded
as on cut.left side
Some on left hip
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Range Square
Postofttce address
Kilgore Nebi
Two half circles of
left hip and left side
of neck Horses
same on left shoulder
Some cattle branded
reaper hook on left hip
hi Psi Cattle Co.
Edward Lewis , foreman.
Simeon , Nebr.
Cattle b anded as
in cut < > ii right side.
Range ; fi miles east
of Simeon on Cronin
\V h. Haley
Valentine ?
Brand resilsten- '
No 200
Range m > harj
Ranch and GerniH1
precincts 6 mil *
south of Kiljjor *
Merriman , Nebr
On either stde
Horses same on
hip Also Q
Range Laker Creek
Gordon , Nehi.
Cattle bran cet
same as cut on
on left
Range 6
south of Irwin
Postofflce address
Gregory , Neb
Branded as ou cut
Range two miles
north of Gregory
F. C. & M. O ; Metzger.
Meiriman Nebraska.
( battle branded on
leftside ; Horses
branded on left
thigh ,
some are
sorn- ttie
! ed.p on 6H
left siP. . Ranee H
an Snake 33 miles south of Merrimnn. Others br
ance8 miles n rr.hwestoMVTprrimnn.
Charles Richards.
> ietnman. Neb
, tr
> 'fjT ri < .Vj Vii , Vf
James ( -food fellow.
Cody. Nebr
"Cattle branded
in left side
Morst'P J3 " "
eft Jaw
Ranee Between
the Niobrara and
Medicine I.ake
fl. S. Rowlev
Kennedy , - Nebraska.
dame : is cut on left
side and hip , ami on
left shoulder ; _ pf lior
sea. AIsoKgM on
left side and
: s on right hip and
F + on left side.
Q on left hip of horses.
p ou left Jaw and left shoulder of horses.
LU *
p on left hip of horses.
R M Faddis& Co.
Postoflloe Valentine or Kennedy.
Some l < rnpif i
' n fft thijrh
Som" on right thigh or shoulder.
Po.stofflce address
Cody , Nebraska
On 'eft ' side of cat
tle , horse * O right
Range , north and
south of Niobrara
verl2-miles south
west of Cody
Frank Rothleutner
Fostolllce . . „
Cattle branded on
side as " ut same
) i > .
i p * 0Qrfol"e "n left
George Hayne
Cody , Neb
Brand registered
No 1027
Horses branded on
left shoulder
Rauce north and
south of Cutcomb
Lake in Cherry Co
G. W. McFurland
Valeniine , Nebr
Ranee : four
miles east of Fort
Niobrara , north
and south of
Kerry bridge the
C. E. Wright.
Valentine Nebr.
Brand registered
No. 374.
Brand anywhere
> n right .side
! P .Jordan
Rosebud , SI )
Horsus and cattle
me as cut ; also
CJ BK U on ripht
Range on Oak and
Butte creeks.
A liberal reward
t o r information
ending ro
of rustlers of
bearing any of these brands.
Morey & ! I i\vptt.
Gordon , Nebr.
Brand registered
2292. On left hip
of cattle. Horses
same left should
er ; also 94.O
left side. u
Range South of
Snake 35 railea
SP of Gordon
Postofflce address "
Simeon. Nebr.
3 left hip on
V cattle. "
Horses same on
right shoulder.
Ranee on Snake
Jos. Bristol
Valentin , Nebr.
Range on Nio
brara river four
miles east of Ft.
Horses and
cattle branded
B connected on 01
left hip or side as 01R
shown in cut
cc :
Albert Whipple & Sons
Rosebud , S , D.
Cattle branded-
SOS on left side
OSO on riirhtside
Some cattle also
have a - fen neck
Some with A on
left shonlder and
some branded
with two haa.i
Herns * hind qnar
_ | ters
lorses branded SO * on left hn > Some cattle
iranded AW bar connected on both sides and
aft hin of
Pat Peiper
Simeon N'ebr '
n <
- ]
WILLIAM FERD02 ? . } '
Poatt > fflce address
Browntee. >
Ukecnf on
I left slileor hip.alf *
sld <
j' W \ U n tttr con-
convi t.uJ of anyone unlawfully handling
in the * * umnds
John Sedlacek
Valentine , Nebr.
. CD
Cat'Io "rsndp tf
on left hip
Horses samfl on
eft shoulder.
Some brandoi ! * * *
on left hoiHdor
Some .o on
ft side 4
" smtnweat of Valeutinccm..north .
"side of > iobrara river. . '
* , - . . . . . . * .
PIK > iiRdb
fc. ; Postofflce address
' - Ali-iie-
Rangen - -
tliH-Jnza 5 mile *
, -ast ol
Pullman , Net" "
Cattle branded as on
cut ; horses branded
same as Battle except
reversed S.
See block
Range Stever
and Stephenson
Lakes and Sour b
5300 reward will be paid to any person for in
formation leading to the arn t and conviction
of iHsnn 'pjilin * ' - n u-tt.b tl > t
Codv , Nebraska
On either side cattle
herdmark It'll ear
'clipped ' and rlt'ht ear
split : h3rses anded
nif on left 6h o Ider
; Range o : lo ara
D. Stinard
Valentine , Nebr
State Brand
iKtered 1554.
Cattle and horses
branded same as
f ut on left hip
Range 2 miles
cast of ' "t. Nio-
N-braskji Land and Feeding Co.
Jartlett Richards Prea Will GComstock. V. T.
. ChasC lamiaon Sec&Troas
Cattle branded on
any part of animal ;
also the following
brands :
lorses branded the
Range between
Gordon on the F.E.
. , .
lyanmson B.&M R. R. in Northwestern
vebraska Address. BABTI KTT
&Ietzger Bros. ,
Gregory Neb
Cherry Co
Branded on left
iide and thigh.
Earmark , square
TOP right ear
Horses have
same brand on
left thigh.
Range on Gor-
IOH and Snakei
Creeks" ,
A Xtavara oj $ 5O will be paid to any
utsou for information leading to tli * rrem and
final conviction of any person . - - . fcTi
HP "ortt * t-l h uro v - *
. " ' ' - ' . - j
O vv BKAjMKIf.
5 , j
ii loft Hide
etjt. I-UM-II h
and i'1. iw > , 1'irrlfr
, - ft -Il-U.-J
ler ' -i i
inch ' -irrlf- t-in
lo.\ Registered 876. Range--6 : " , . * „ , . , , ( t ,
ou Niobrara nver
Pullman. Nt-b
Kranded on leff liio ;
"lorso.s same 'Ht"d-
uiark-double dcv. lai.
itung- south
.isr nf Hnwh ffill
Also have stock branded
n right side and hip
„ on right hip
Rdnge-Southwestera Cherry
Pullman. .N
Ca-te ! branded JY
on right.side
Howes branded JY
"n right shoulder
Reasonable reward
for any information
leading to the re
covery .of rattle
strayed from mv
J.-P. 8wain.
Sparks. Xebr.
'attlfi branded on
ftsidp as shown
Range South
Sharks on Nio-