Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, July 30, 1903, Image 4

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Thursday , July 8O , t DOS
3ubCTiptlou ? 1.00 per year in adi it1 ; $1.50
VTlicn not paid in advance , Single copi < 5C.
Dlap Ay jidvortLsinK 1 iuch single c .mm 15c
fttr Issue or $0.00 a year.
Local Notices , Obituaries , Ixidge T5- otntlon-
iiid Socials lor Revenue 5c per line v s&ue.
Brands , IX Inche ? 84.CO ner year 1 advance
additional space8300 per inch peryear. -ngraved
blocks extra ; $1.00 each.
Firtl''B living outside Cherry com not per
known are requested to pay i- . .dvaiire
1ft per cent additional to above rai if over C
months lu Arrears.
< of lobses of stock free to br d adver
Beniecratic Judicial Conven
tion for the Fifteenth
Judicial District.
The electors of the Democratic
party of the fifteenth judicial dis
trict of Nebraska , are hereby noti-
iied that on Tuesday the 18th day"
of August , A. D. 1903 , at 10 o'clock
a. m. a nominating convention of
said party will be held in the city
Valentine , Nebraska for the
purpose of nominating candidates
for the following offices to be voted
for at the general election of 1903 :
Two candidates for judges of the
fifteenth judicial district.
Said convention is also called for
the purpose of selecting a com
mittee of said party for the fif
teenth judicial district and for the
transaction of such other business
as may properly come before it.
The basis of representation is as
follows : One delegate for each
one hundred votes or major fract
ion cast for the Hon.V. . H. Thomp
son for governor at the general
election of 1902. The representa
tion of the various counties is as
follows :
B > xDutte 4 Boyd 7 3 Cherry
4 Holt 16
2 KeyaFaha 3
Baerld in 5 Sioux 1
Total so.
It is recommended that no prox
ies be allowed. That the d elegates
present cast the f .ill vote of the
Chairman of the Democratic party
of the fifteenth judicial district of
People's Independent Judicial
Convention for the Fifteenth
Judicial SMstsict.
The People's Independent ju
dicial call is an exact copy of the
above and signed by Sam. 13. How
ard , Chairman , and "W. E. Butler
It is time for the people to take
a hand in "turning the rascals out'
and then they will see to "keeping
t'lem out. ' ,
What is next ? An automobile
thit can walk , for farming pur-
POS3S. Wheels with legs and feet
to step over the clods without
mashing all the dirt down will run
lighter and can plow , harrow , plant
and cultivate corn , mow hay and
stack it , but you've got to have a
cow pony for the round-up.
Tiie g. o. p. organs hasten to an
nounce that their party has been
discovering frauds among their of
fice holders and that they are turn
ing them out as fast as they can
get to them. Now since these are
postal frauds and all the postal
clerks and postmasters who are in
volved , have been under a repub
lican administration during the
past six years and more , it would
indicate that not a decayed timber
is noticed by the administration
until a bridge is gone or rotten
throughout. Then they make a
great ado about fixing the thing up
and say that the republican party
can be relied upon to correct these
irregularities. As a matter of fact
the system is getting pretty rotten
when a republican administration
notices the irregularities and it is
a whole lot worse before any cor
rection is made. There should in
deed be a renovating by turning
tu ( la als out and putting in clean
men. It will not be done by re
publicans ,
Roosevelt And The Trusts.
All the g. o. p. organs are mak
ing much ado about Roosevelt's
attacking the trusts and go into
ecstasy over the imaginary or pre
tended attack and the dis-comfor-
ture of the attacked. Now , if any
of these papers that pretend to
know so much about the attack
will tell us what Teddy has actual
ly done , we will try to rejoice with
you. There has been much blust
er and pretense of doing some
thing but the republican party can
not be depended upon for any at
tack on the trusts that will be ef
fectual. During the time that the
g. o. p. has been in power the
wealth of a new country has been
developed and absorbed by the
trusts which are composed of a few
millionaires. The party bosses
manage to keep the boys in line to
whoop it up for a full dinner pail
as the only demand of nine-tenths
of the people , while the country
has virtually gone into the hands
of the railroads and other monopo
lies. Our country is not in our
hands as long as we have boodlers
who can get any law passed that is
wanted by these monopolies and a
supreme court to declare any peoples
ples law unconstitutional. It is no
longer a country by the people ,
nor for the people , but a govern
ment of the people , by the money
sharks of Wall Street. These con
ditions have been made possible
by the intense prejudice of that class
of people who see the wrongs of
their party and refuse to support
the Democratic party which has
always been a party for the people.
Byron Webb is home visiting his
parents for a few days.
Dress trimmings , notions and
millinery at Mrs. Elmore's.
The Valentine Bottling Works
puts up eleven different kinds of
drinks. 17
Bennie Beemer , of Norfolk , is
visiting his sister Mrs. Ida Mun-
The J. C. C. Corset , the best
cheap corset made , at the Ladies'
store. Mrs. Elmores.
Chas. Jordan and wife are in
town visiting Mr. Jordans sisters
Mrs. U. Boyer and Miss Gertrude
C. V. Thorn and wife returned
from Sparks Monday , where they
had been visiting Mrs. Thorn's
brother , Curt Callen and family.
The Misses Frances and Etta
May , who were here to attend the
wedding of Miss Jessie Webb , re
turned to their home at Fremont
There was a very pleasant re
ception given Rev. Ray at his home
last Monday evening by the mem
bers of his church and Epworth
Geraldine Trace well , who has
been down to Omaha undergoing
treatmentf or polypus in the throat ,
returned home this morning much
The railroad coal chute is now
completed and the machinery all
in working order. The first car
of coal was elevated and dumped
last Friday.
John Slonagan went to Ains-
vvorth Tuesday morning as a wit
ness in the Hans' murder case.
Ihe trial was put off until the next
term of court.
Miss Mary McDougal and sister
Mrs. Myrtle Conger are here vis-
ting friends. It will be remem
bered that these young ladies with
iheir mother were residents of
Valentine in an early day.
Artist Burbank , accompanied
? y Dr. Marcus Goodson , agency
> hysican at Rosebud , came down
Monday from Rosebud presumably
oget a square meal , as the hotel
, t the agency has closed doors.
Ir. Burbank is one of the great-
ist painters of Indian portraits in
he United States. He has been
> ainting at the agency about five
rears. Mr. Burbank is an arduous
rorker and will leave Rosebud
i'ith the largest collection of Ind-
an paintings now in existence.
Ice Cream by the quart at Quigley -
ley and Chapman's. 24 10
There are rumors in the air to
the effect that the city dads are
contemplating having the streets
of our town sprinkled during the
hot weather. We think this v/ould
be a fine idea and we hope it will
be a reality instead of rumors
J. P. Walters , who was sentenc
ed to hang for murdering a woman
in Wyoming , was shot and killed
by a mob while in jail at Basin
City , Wyo. , July 19 , 1903. He
will be remembered here as editor
of The Democratic Blade a number
of years ago.
At the medal contest held at the
M. E. church last night Ethel
Sherman won the-medal and Miss
Bessie Gaskill was 2nd. Each of
the class did well. C. S. Reece
in behalf of the superintendent of
contest work , Mrs. Mary Moon ,
presented the medal and to each
of the class a contest pin.
Our county should be represent
ed at the state fair this year.
Farmers and stockmen who have
fine grasses , tame or wild , that
would make a good sample and
representative of what can be
grown in our county should confer
with C. H. Cornell regrading it or
any other product which could be
sent from here as an exhibit. The
State Fair will be held Sept. 4th
to llth. David Hanna , of Wood
Lake , has charge of the exhibit of
Class A of horses and mules whicli
insures a recognition of the north
western part of the state and its
Remember The Game.
The original Boston Bloomers ,
Ladies' Champion Base Ball Club ,
who are making an extensive tour
of this country , travelling in their
own special car , will play the most
interesting and exciting game of
ball with the home team in Valen
tine , Monday , August 3 , 1903 ?
that has ever been witnessed in this
town. This club of lady ball play
ers has caused thousands to ap
plaud and marvel at their wonder
ful playing. The Boston Bloomer
Girls are without doubt the great
est club of lady base ball players
ever organized , and are in no way
connected with any other so called
Bloomer club. The Boston Bloom
ers under the management of W.
P. Needham , has been successful
for the past nine seasons , touring
the Northern and Western coun
tries. The remarkable success
during the short time they have
been in this part of the country is
only a continuation of the former
success they have met with every
where they have visited. Ladies
can attend this game without any
fear of being offended , as nothing
will be said or done that would
shock the most fastidious. The
grounds will be situated east of
the stock yards and will be enclos
ed with a large canvas fence in
cluding plenty of seats.
for the student and the writer ,
as an authoritative reference book
for schools , families and business
men , there is one book which of
fers superior advantages both in
the solid value of its information ,
and the ease with which it is ob
One's admiration for Webster's
International Dictionary increases
daily as it comes to be better
known. It never refuses the information
mation sought and it never over
whelms one with a mass of mis
information illogically arranged.
The St. James Gazette of London ,
England , says : For the teacher , the pu
pil , the student and the litterateur , there
is nothing better ; it covers everything.
The New and Enlarged Edition
recently issued has 25,000 new
words and phrases , 2364 pages
and 5000 illustrations.
Our name is on the title-pages of all the
authentic dictionaries of the Webster series.
"A Test in Pronunciation" which affords a
pleasant and instructive evening's entertain
ment. Illustrated pamphlet also free.
.HEEBIAJI Ct > . , Pubs. , Springfield , .Moss.
Notice To Delinquent
If there is anyone getting THE
DEMOCRAT who does not want it ,
you have only to pay up what you
owe and request us to discontinue.
If everything does not suit you ,
it may be that it suit somebody.
If nothing suits you , your livei
may be out of order and you may
need a doctor.
If your subscription is not paic
up , you will feel better when you
have paid.
We will also feel better to know
that you think of us occasionally.
There are some who may think
that we are sending the paper to
keep up a big subscription list , anc
that they are doing us a favor by
accepting it.
We are willing to cut down our
list if you don't want to pay youi
We want all the subscribers we
can get , but want them to pay.
. It costs money for postage and
paper besides the work of printing ,
folding and mailing you these pa
pers and you should bear your
part of the expense if you want
the news.
DuriHg the next month we hope
to mail notices to many of you
who have not paid recently and to
all those outside Cherry county
whose subscription is not paid in
Please respond with the cash or
tell us when you can pay.
Eemember , subscription is $1.00
per year when paid in advance but
§ 1.50 per year for subscriptions
past due.
We realize that most of our sub.
scribers who have neglected to pay
have done so as an oversight , and
will appreciate a reminder.
Louis , Speer , a gentleman Jirom
Harlad , entered the Normal this
Miss Martha White came up
from Long Pine to enter the Nor
mal Monday.
Prof. Gregory and his chorus
class have been furnishing some
fine music for the lectures.
Miss Blanche Barto enrolled for
Normal work Monday , also , Miss
Jennie Bennett of Merriman.
Miss Frances Harden has been
compelled to give up her Normal
work on account of ill health.
Mrs. E. H. Watson left this
morning for a few weeks visit with
friends and relatives at Wahoo.
G. M. Hopkins , Supt. of Eock
GJ. visited the Normal and his
taachers she latter part of last
J. A. Harberger , ex-principal
of the Fremont public schools ,
visited the Junior Normal Wed
nesday in the interest of Kand-
McNally Publisliing Company.
Do not forget that the debate
between Miss Laura Gregg and
A. L. Bixby will be in the M. E.
church Friday evening. This will
be one of the best evenings of the
lecture course and you can't afford
to miss it. Admission 25 and 15
As announced , Pres. Clark of the
Peru Normal lectured in the M. E.
Church Friday and Saturday eve
nings of last week. He also ad
dressed the students at chappel
hour Friday morning and gave
them many helpful hints as to
what constitutes the true teacher
that will be very beneficial to them
the coming year and all their lives.
The lecture course is being ! verjr
much appreciated the teachers
and they are getting a great deal
out of it that they couldn't get in
Louis Smith , who has been visit
ing friends and relatives in the
3astern part of the state and Miss-
Duri returned home Monday night.
He reports crops good where he
iias been but the weather very
are fresh and sweet. A good variety and plenty of
them. ICE CREAM is popular these warm days
and ours is made right. It suits the taste and sup
plies that long felt want.
of FRUIT , fresh or canned , and don't forget , that
you need only to run down when you want a
The Confectioner.
J. W. STBTTKH , Vice President CLAKA WATSON , Assistant Cashier
Interest paid on time
jj deposits.
. !
Capital , S25.00O
jj Surplus , 81OOO
Offlco Hours
9 A. M. to 4 P. M.
Persons seeking a place of safety for their
money , will profit by investigating the
methods employed in our business.
To use its columns
to advance your business interests.
Cf Cf Cf Cf O O"
If you are looking for buyers of goods you hand
le , an "AD" in this paper will give the widest
publicity possible in newspaper advertising. THE
VALENTINE DEMOCRAT goes to more homes than
any other paper in this territory. There is no
denying this fact. If you are from Missouri , we
will consider it a pleasure to show up our sub
scription list to those interested. : : : : : :
Jas. E. Pepper W. E. McBrayer Canadian Club
All the standard brands of Whiskies , domestic and
imported Wines , Gordon's Dry Gin , and Cigars
of the choicest brands. Blue Ribbon Bottled Beer
a speciality. ' : : : ;
Oakland Hunters Rye Blue Grass Dewars Scotch Whiskex
W. T. Bishop ,
The Wilber Barn
Your Patronage Solicited.
ace : i
Valentine Nebraska
Can SafJcfv You to Otinlitv Prjce * nA
ILost , Strayed or Stolen.
One bay pony mare , white face ,
five years old , weighs about 750
pounds , broke to ride , has saddle
marks , small sore right cheek from
blind tooth , branded 22 on leffchip
Raised on Rosebud agency by an
Indian named Ben Hungry. Lib
eral reward will be paid for recov
ery. M. WEBBER ,
28 Ft. Niobrara , Nebr.
Good fresh Meat and Lard at
Stetters Meat Market. 26
Building For Sale.
The school house in the west end
of school district No. 21,16x30
feet , is offered for sale and further
information can be had by calling
on John Berman , director , Valen
tine , ] STebr.