Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, July 16, 1903, Image 1

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    OfTR AT
VALENTINE \ jji \ ± \ . JL .
f Your Attention i
4 ? Called to Our 1
S9 & *
49W new andcomplete ! line of Furniture. We are in position j. |
9 to furnish you anything that you may need' in this line. fc >
69 Prices and Quality guaranteed. Note the following. jr ?
Dining Chairs , per set &L50 to $12.00 ftft ftft
Extention Tables 6.00 to 13.75 ftft
< S9 Kitchen Tables only 2.75 ftft
? Kitchen Cabinets . . . . * . 4.25 to 6.25 ftft ftft
49 Bed Room Suite. 18.75 " 28.50 ftft
,49 49 Dressers. . ' . ' . 10.00 " 15.00 ftft
29 Iron Bed . 3.50 " 9.50 ftft
Rockers > ' 2.50 " 6.75
49 ftft
49 ftft
4 ? ftft
4 ? ft
These are only a few of the good things we have , ft
JA We give you these prices so that you may understand JJ
49 that we mean business ( fc >
Our Line
Of Summer Shirts is complete. Our Yentilated Summer
Shoes for men R E Z on the feet. They have a perfor
B ated inner sole and air chambers to keep the feet cool.
5 : . They're neat and the most perfect shoe made. We also
r.x , have Ladies' , Misses' and Children's shoes to fit the
S feet , Colonial Slippers and comfortable shoes for hot
S2S !
< ?
K ft
Comfortable cooking. All through the summer your kitchen ftft
4 ? will be cool if you have one of these stoves. Easy to run ftft
and easy on the pocket.
4 ?
49 General Hardware , Stoves and Eang- 2 *
49 49 es. Iron Beds , Springs , Mattresses and fr
Furniture , windmills and Pumps ,
S9 Piano Mowers and Rakes.
Sole for
t ? v- Agents
Ale and Porter , And FRED KRUG'S BEER
Choicest Wines and Cigars ,
.First-class line of Steaks , Roasts
Dry Salt Meats , Smoked
Chartered as a State Bank Chartered as a National Bank
June 1 , 1884. August 12. 1902 ,
Valentine , Nebraska.
( Successor to )
CAPITAL PAID IN A General Banking
Exchange and
Collection Business.
C. H. COBNELL , President. J. T. MAY , Vice-President.
M. Y , NICF.OLSOJI , Cashier.
Local Weather Record
U. S , Department of Agriculture I
Weather Bureau )
Valentine , Nebraska , week ending G a , ra ,
July 15,1903 ,
Maximum temperature 81 degrees on the Otl
Minimum temperature , 57 degrees on the 12tl
Mean temperature , 70.1 degrees , which is 41
degree below the normal.
Total precipitation , 0.58 Inch , which is 0 OQ inc
below the normal.
Official in Charge ,
Fancy China at Mrs. Elmore's
W. H. Carter was down fron
Cody yesterday.
Woodruff Ball's mother and sis
ter are visiting him this week.
Abram Peyton was in town get
ting ready for haying this week.
M. W. Vian , the Brownlee faitl
doctor , was in our city Saturday
Mrs. Shores has had her ban
turned right side up and repaired
The Valentine Bottling Work
puts up the finest kind of sof
drinks. 17
Wm. Erickson was in on busi
ness this week. We suppose he ii
getting ready to make hay.
Chas. Maxwell has built a housi
on the corner north of Willian
Ward's and will feel pretty mucl
at home so near his old residence
John Ormesher handed us a 3
on subscription last week while ii
town. By the way , the finesl
fpuds we've seen this year were
raised by John.
W. E. Haley being down tc
Omaha" on account of the death oJ
his wife's sister , Capt. Laufer wil
put off the commissioners meeting
until his return.
Jack Whipplc , of Rosebud , was
Dn our streets last Friday trading
with our merchants. Mr. Whip-
pie buys a lot of goods when he
jomes down but doesn't come of-
: en.
Mrs. Mabel Anderson , a grand-
laughter of Mrs. Susan J. Berry ,
s up from Ainsworth visiting her.
She and her husband will probab-
y live on Mrs. Berry's farm next
W. T. Bullis has bought and
noved into the Frank Brayton
Iwelling east from the Episcopal
: hurch and is having a barn built
.4x24 : by Sam Parry and Charles
John E. "Nye started Monday
aorning for Merriman where he
vlll meet Dan Alder and another
gentleman and the three will go to
Portland and through the stateof
) regon looking up a location.
C. L. Latta was in the city this
? eek from his ranch near Oasis.
Ie tells us that people are having
jood prospects for hay out his
ray. Mr. Latta set his subscrip-
ion a year in advance'to IiiEDEM-
The sale last Saturday resulted
n. the exchange in ownership of a
lozen or more horses. There will
e a sale Saturday and each succeed-
og Saturday. Bring in your stock
nd put it up. Saturday will be
aarket day for everyone to buy
> r sell.
We have received a new" Web-
ter's International Dictionary
phich we buy for cash and adver-
ising. It is the latest edition and
3 authority on words of our lan-
; uage. . It is the most useful book
o the student and every household
hould have one.
J. R. Lewis came out last Thurs-
ay from Chicago to go out to his
laim near his father-in-law , Ab-
am Peyton. He went cub Fri-
ay and says he found his claim
umped. He however managed to
ispossess the fellow who had got-
er in behind the stove , but could
tot get rid of the perfume.
kA A WWWJWWWmOT > yAA > WWWW * * WWW A * * * m > < > l
Stop at Quigley & Chapman'
and get a quart of Ice Cream fo
the family. 24 1
E. A. Austin , of Greely Centre
and H. P. Savage , of Sargent anc
a brother to H. S. Savage of thi
place , are here on a visit.
E. W. Webb is rejoicing eve
the arrival home of mVwife fron
Elgin this state , after Being gem
five weeks. Mrs. Webb think
Valentine is not such a bad placi
and is glad to get home.
Miss Mabel Smylie and Mis :
Nettie .Sisson will give a recital a
the M. E. church Friday night
July 17th. They are known a ;
good entertainers and you will mis :
a treat if you do not attend. Tick
ets will be on sale at Quigley &
Lee Bennett and a colored boy
by the name of Jim got intc
a quarrel and some hard names
caused a combat last Saturday neai
the Palace saloon. One of the men
offered Lee a quarter to lick the
colored boy. Another man made
it another quarter and Lee seer
had Jim knocked out and his nose
bleeding , though Jim was a third
Carl Lurz and his son Carl , Ole
Brockley and wife , who is a daugh
ter of Mr. Lurz , Herman Welke
a son-in-law and his sister Miss Ida
came up to town last Friday and
Carl Lurz , Jr. and Miss Ida Welke
were married the following day.
THE DEMOCRAT extends congratu
lations to this worthy young coup
le and wishes them a pleasant
journey on life's pathway.
. Dr. A. 1ST. Compton's team was
returned last Thursday night and
turned into Will Clarkson's pas
ture where it was found Friday
norning. The horses had been
: idden and driven until they were
skin and bone and what was once
i pretty team , now is a fearful
sight to behold. But an ad in THE
DEMOCRAT pays. It brings results
: or it travels from .Omaha to the
Slack Hills and from the southern
lalf of South Dakota to Oklahoma.
They can't get away from us.
J. W. McCloud , of Simeon and
L son of W. H. McCloud of this
) lace , was transacting business in
) ur city last Thursday and called
o subscribe for THE DEMOCRAT.
foe is raising grass and horses and
.hough . he doesn't have to work as
lard as he used to he is making
ust as much and he'll find reading
CHE DEMOCRAT a pleasure and
> rofit. By the way , there are a
ot of people who do not take THE
DEMOCRAT yet but we have a lot
> f subscriptions for sale. A great
nany have subscribed recently.
Dr. Compton h as gone to Omaha
aking Geraldine Tracewell with
lim to the St. Joseph's hospital to
lave an operation performed enter
ter throat. This is the youngest
laughter of Geo. Tracewell and
dfe. She has been troubled for
everal years in breathing and as
he got no better as she grew old-
r it was thought best by her par-
; nts , and which was also advised
> y the resident physicians , to have
polypous growth cut out which
tartly closed the air passages to
ier nose from the bronchial tube.
M. M. CSusrcIi Kotes.
Three new members were re-
eived into the church last weelv
Morning subject , "Christians
hould Stand Firm. " Evening ,
? he fourth special sermon will be
elivered on the subject , "Abode
f Departed Souls Before the
ugdement. " The clear true Bi-
ile view of this great question will
ie given and it will pay you to
tear it discussed.
49 ft
Pendant Ornaments j *
In black and white. Swell up-to-date , dressy. .15c eacli $
-Butterfly Medallions / jj
The newest thing out. In black and white silk. Small fc >
size 15c. Large size -iOc. , I *
Imitation Cluny Lace and 'Insertion
The popular lace of the season , 20c per yard.
Appliques , Dress Braids , Beadings , Insertions
A .full line at the right prices. 2 *
Torchon and Valenciennes Laces
Prettiest , newest , daintiest patterns imaginable. ftfr
4 *
Davenport & Thacher
4 ?
4 ?
Our Spring Goods
are now in anel we are figure" with you in any
thing you may need in our lines. We sell everything
kept in a first-class General Store'at prices which are
right. If you are in need of any
Farming Implements
let us figure with'you. '
3 ? LSA2 & & A2AS JSL
Pleasing meals are possible 'only when
you have pleasing groceries. The best that.
the market affords at a right price here.
Selected for your selection.
W. A. Pettycrew , General Merchandise.
from every point of view , HcCormicK mowers
will be found faultless in design , modern in con
struction and thorough in equipment , with the
most practical features. These mowers are so
perfectly balanced , so easily operated and do such
smooth and even cutting that they instantly
become the favorite of every man who buys one.
The McCormick book ,
tells ell about Model mowers.
J I \ JJ HVfiiiB fi aiaieJJfIIft.3.Sa good one.
The place to get the best Windmill , also pnmps and Tanks.
First door south of the Donoher House
Siigliest cash pi-ice paid for Hides and Furs.
3. MOON Valentine Nebr
. - - - ,