Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, January 22, 1903, Image 7

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    A prominent club woman , Mrs. Dan-
forth , of St. Joseph , Mich. , tells how she
was cured of falling of the womb and
' its accompanying pains and misery by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound *
"DEAR MRS. PJNKUAH : Life looks dark indeed when a woman
feels that her strength is fading1 away and she has no hopes of ever
being restored. Such was my feeling a few months ago when I was
advised that my poor health was caused by prolapsus or falling of the
womb. The words sounded like a knell to me , I felt that my sun had
set ; but ydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compoimd came to me as
an elixir of life ; it restored the lost forces and built me up until my
good health returned to me. For four months I took the medicine
daily and each dose added health and rtrenjrth. I am so thankful for
the help I obtained through its use. " MRS. FLORENCE DANFORTH ,
1007 Miles Ave. , St. Joseph , Mich.
A medicine that has restored so many women to health and
can produce proof of the fact must be regarded with respect. This
is the record of ILydia JE. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound , which
cannot be equalled by any other medicine the world has ever pro
duced. Here is another case :
"DEAR MRS. PIXKITAM : For years I was
troubled with falling of the womb , irregular
and painful menstruation , leucorrhcea , bearing-
down pains , backache , headache , dizzy and
faulting spells , and stomach trouble.
" I doctored for about five years but did
not seem to improve. I began the use of your
medicine , and have taken seven bottles of
iLydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ,
three of Blood Purifier , and also used the
Sanative Wash and Liver Pills , and am now
enjoying good health , and have gained in flesh.
I thank you very much for what you
have done for me , and heartily recom
mend 3rour medicine to all suffering
women. " Miss EMMA SNYDER , 218 East
r Center St. , Marion , Ohio.
"Women would save time and much sickness if they would
\rrite to Mrs. Pinkham for advice as soon as any distressing symp
toms appear. It is free , and has put thousands of women on the
right road to recovery.
Mrs. Pinkham never violates the confidence thus entrusted to
her , and although she publishes thousands of testimonials from
women who have been benefited by her advice and medicine ,
never in all her experience lias she published such a letter without
the full consent , and often by special request of the writer.
FORFEIT if we cannot forthwith produce the original letters and signatures of
above testimonials , which will jmno their ab oluto genuineness.
Lyuia E. I'iiiLlmiu aiediciuo Co. , Lynn , Mac * .
Atlantic City possesses a police uin-
tor car which issued solely for the
conveyance of intoxicated prisoners.
IP nttrac'inK mo'a attention thnn
any other district ill the world.
"Tilt : LVM > OF BCXSinXIV
TheNAirRALFiii > I > G ( .KOI MS for STOCK
Area iindT Crop In 1 02 1S7.3SO Acre * .
Tlold In 1 002 1 lt as,75 1 I5n IieI .
Abnndanceof at r ; Fuel , Plentiful. Chenp BuiM *
InKllnterial ; Oood ( ji t-sfor | nslurnsati'l Hii > , .iforti ! > J
oil. u sullicieiit raiufnll , and n climate mvin nn
1 CBSured and ndoquale t > a-oii of prottth. ISonie-tciid
Land * of 1 CO Acrrft Frvet the only chnrce beinc till
entry. Clo-e'to Churches , ScliooU , etc. ; Itnilvrujs tap
all fettled districts.
Send for Atlus and other literature to Snperin- ,
tendent of Immigration. Oltiiwii , Canada , or to I
W.'V. Bennett. 801 ew York Life Bid * ; . , Omahn , I
; li h. , the authorized Canadian Government Agent. I
I who vrill Rupply you with certificate giving joa reduced
roil way rates , etc. j
Jlrs. Aus'in's Pnm'nke flour makes lovely
brown cakes. Ready in a jill'y
There are 22,400 more females than
males in Crrnwall , England.
A lovely breakfast is quickly prepared from
MrAUbfin's J'.mcake flu..r.
Orders have been given by the
, French for the !
government construc
tion of a turbine torpedo boat at
Harve. I
Hundreds of Indian laborers are
being recruited for service in the
Kollyfontein diamond mines near
Vienna just now is suffering from
a dust plague , the low temperature
rendering it impossible to water the
.streets with safety.
A I'uliHh War fund.
It has jusb been discovered that
there exists at Rapperswyl , Switzer-
and , a fund consisting of nearly $50-
000 , which has been subscribed by
Poles in various parts of the world for
the purpose of waging war on Russia
when a propitious time shall arrive.
A Struggle for Life.
Eagle River , Mo. , Jan. 19. Maggie
E Decker , a hard-working womanin
years of age , whose home is here , has
just gone through a thrilling battle
for her life. Many another would
have lain down and died , for for
twelve long years she has suffered the
most awful pains.
She had Kidney Trouble and Itheu-
matism combined with a very distress
ing stomach trouble. At last she got
so bad that she could not sleep , for she
ached all over and was so lame that
she could scarcely walk. She spent
over a hundred dollars in different
medicines , but only to be disappointed ,
for everything failed to help her.
At last , however , just when she was
beginning to despair of ever finding
a remedy , she heard of Dodd's Kidney
Pills and bought six boxes. She says :
"Now I can eat well , sleep well , and
am feeling splendid. God bless Dodd's
Kidney Pills , for they saved my life.
My troubles were many , but Dodd's
Kidney Pills cured me completely. But
for them I surely would have died. "
Fifty university students are as
sisting with the extra work at Glas
gow postoffice.
more goods , brighter colors , with less .
work than others.
Perthshire men possess the heaviest
and largest brains in Scotland , de
clares Prof. Ramsay.
Mrs Austin's famous Pancake flour is in
towu Fresh and delicious as ever.
No man or woman , even of the
humblest sort , can really be strong ,
gentle , pure and good without the
world being better for it , without
somebody being helped and comforted
by the very existence of that good
Mother Gray's Sweet Powdera for
Successfully used by Mother Gray , nurse
In the Children's llouie , in Now York.
Cure Fevcrishness , Bad Stomach , Teetn-
, ing Disorders , move and regulate the
Bowels and Destroy Worms. Over , > 0.-
000 testimonials. At all drufrjrists , li. > c.
Sample mailed FREE. Address Allen
S. Oluibtead , LeKoy , N. Y.
The Pe-ru-na Almanac
The druggists have already been sup
plied with Peruna almanacs. There is
sure to be a great demand for these al
manacs on account of the articles on
astrology which they contain. The sub
ject of astrology is a very attractive
one to most people. The articles on
astrology in the Terima almanac have
been furnished by a very competent
astrologist , and the mental characteris
tics of each sign is given , constituting
almost a complete horoscope. A list of
questions and answers on astrology
sent free upon request. There will be
a great rush for these books. Ask your
druggist for one early before they are
all gone.
American Astronomers.
Within 25 years American astrono-
meis h ye won as many annual med-
als-of the Royal Astronomical society tl
of Er gland as astronomers of all tlai
other countries , except England , le
combined. Ii
\Vhe-n Cigarotts Go Out.
An anti-cigarette orator predicts
that the cigarette will be extiucct in ' tl
ten years. And by that time a good h
many of the boys who smoke it will S
be extinct , too. tc
From the Xext N ei
cPercy was intoxicated by the subtle ir
perfume which enveloped her and all
her belongings , the faint essence of Iiv
gasoline proving she had an automo \v
bile and was indeed to the manor
born. N. Y Herald ,
Typewriters with Arabic letters
c )
are now being used in Egypt. c <
Mrs. Vin lo 'p SOOTHIMJ ol'JtlT. for children
teethinp. softens the jmma , iw'uces Inclination Df
alia } s pain , cures wind collie. 25e bottle.
tireaf esf in the World jest 'Ef
A MTTiTiTON GRANDMAS all over America point to OASOABBTS Candy Cathartic as the
most perfect family medicine ever discovered. Good , kindly , tender-hearted old soul grandma
tries to help others by telling- the good things she has learned through experience , and so the
sale of CASOABETS is nearly A MILLION BOXES A MONTH. The wisdom of years of
ience "with her own health , and grandpa's and her children's , and her children's children's has been
taught grandma that in CASCABETS Candy Cathartic has been discovered 'I'HKI ONLY
, diseases , diseases of the stomach py.
and liver , sick headaches , biliousness and bad blood. Best for the Bowels. All druggists
25o , 60o. Never sold in bulk. The genuine tablet stamped COO. Guaranteed to cure or , lOo ,
money back. Sample and booklet free. Address your tion
Sterling Bemedy Co. , Chicago or New York. 554 luck
The Old Arm Chair.
1 love it , I love it ! and who shall dare
To chide me fr loving that old armchair :
I've treasured it long as a sainted prize ,
I've bedewed it with tears , I've embalm
ed it with sighs. '
'Tis hound by a thousand bauds to my
heart ;
Not a tie will break , not a link will star * ;
Would you know the spell ? a mother
sat there !
And z. sacred thing is that old armchair.
In childhood's hour I lingered near
That hallowed seat with listening ear ;
And gentle words that mother would give
To fit me to die , and teach me to live.
She told me that shame would never he-
tide ,
With Truth for my creed , and God for
my guide ;
She taught me to lisp my earliest prayer ,
As I knelt beside that old armchair.
I sat , and watched her many a day ,
When her eye grew dim , and her locks
wore gray ;
And I almost worshiped her when the
smiled ,
And turned from her Bible to bless 1-er
Years rolled on , but tho last one sped
Y.A idol was shattered , my earth-star
lied !
And I learned how much the heart can
bear ,
When I saw her die in her old armchair.
'Tis past , 'tis past ! but I gaze on it now ,
With quivering breath and throbbing
brow ;
'Twas there she nursed me , 'twas there
she died ,
And memory flows with lava tide.
Say it is folly , and deem me weak ,
Whilst scalding drops start down mj
cheek ;
But I love it , I love it , and cannot tear
My soul from a mother's old armchair.
Eliza Cook.
Lead , Kindly I/ijrlit.
Lead , kindly Light , amid the encirclin-i
gloom ,
Lead Thou me on !
The night is dark , and I am far from
home ,
Lead Thou me on !
Keep Thou my feet ! I do not ask to se6
The distant scene ; one step-enough for
I was not ever thus , nor prayed that
Should'st lead me on ;
I loved to choose and see my path ; Lul
Lead Thou me on !
I loved the garish day ; and , spite oj
fears ,
Pride ruled my will ; remember not past
So long Thy power has blest me , sure ij
Will lead me on ,
O'er moor and fen , o'er crag and torrent ;
The night is gone ;
And witli the morn those angel faces
smile ,
Which I have loved long since , and lost
Cardinal Newman.
Crushing a New Seer.
The Sultan of Turkey has ordered
the extirpation , by as severe methods
as can be devised , so as to teach ri
lesson , it is reported , of a new re- >
ligious sect that has made great head1
way in Damascus. The new religion
not Jewish nor Mohammedan nor
Christian , but a sort of medley of all
three. It teaches that neither Mo
hammed nor Christ was a divine per-1
sou , though their existence is admit
ted. They were simply great philos
ophers ] who were endowed with pow
ers to perform certain miracles. More
interesting ( however , is that the mem- !
bers , having admitted some belief i
Islam , are allowed a plurality o
wives , while as a recognition of Chris-
tiauity they are not forbidden to bq
total abstainers from strong drink. It
an enticing religion to those who
have no desire to place too great d
curb on their passions , and such are
common in the land of the Turk ; *
hence , probably , so great a number
recruits that the attention of the
Sultan and the Sublime Porte was at
tracted to it.
A Few Breaks.
The breakers broke on the broken shore
And the maiden in her brake
Broke out in a laugh at the frown hd
As the storm broke o'er the lake.
made a breakfor the distant brake. ar
Where the thick brakes spread theif
the cattle broke from their brake it
Him grieve o'er the break he'd rnadel
the landlord broke him all up when ,
In broken tones he spoke
A.bout hisbill , and he broke down : hen
Confessing that he was "broke. "
Name Caucht Him.
"Kin youse gimme er bite ter eat *
lady ? " queried the dusty tramp.
"I haven't anything cooked , " was the
reply , "but I can give you a piece of
cake , if that will satisfy you. " w-
"T'anks , lady , " answered the hobo.
it tastes like it sounds I reckon it's
wot I'm lookin' fer. "
Her Rule.
"You believe in short engagements ,
don't you , dear ? " asked the happy and
accepted lover.
"Short engagements have always
my rule , darling , " replied she.
And even then he did not seem hap
If there is anything in the supersti
that rice throwing brings good 01
, it is a wonder it is not thrown 01N
after the hearse at a funeral. N
Rev. H. Stubenvoll , of ElkhornVis. . , is pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran
St. John's Church of that place. Rev. Stubi-nvull ib the of two Bibles
presented to him by Emperor William of Germany. Tpon the fly leaf of one o
the Bibles the Emperor has written in hih . \\n handwriting a text.
This honored pastor , in a recent letter to The i'err.n Medicine Co. , of Co-
Ininhns , Ohio , says concerning their famous catarrh remedy , Pornnn :
The Peruna Medicine Co. , Columbus , Ohio :
Gentlemen : "I had hemorrhages of the lungs for a long time ,
and all despaired of me. I took Peruna and was cured. It gave me
strength and courage , and made healthy , pure blood. It increased
my weight , gave me a healthy color , and I feel well. It is the best
medicine in the world. If everyone kept Peruna in the house it
save manv from death every year. " / / . STUBENVOLL.
Thousands of people have catarrh wlio
\\otild be surprised to know it , because
it has been called home other name than
catarrh. The fact is catarrh is cata-rh
\\herever located ; and another fact
which is of equally great importance , is
that Peruna cures catarrh wherever
Ask your druggist for a tree re-ru na
Medicine as a profession for women j
is contsantly growing in popularity
in London. Women now holding '
medical ( degrees in Greab Biitain
number more than 500.
A train consisting of thirteen cars
loaded with silk passed through
Winnepep , Manitoba , a few weeks
since , on its way to Europe from the
Orient. The total value was $9,750-
' If you do not derive prompL ami satis
factory resnlts from the use * > f Peruna ,
'write'at ' once to Dr. Hartman , giving a
. -full statement of your case , and he will
I ! , e pleased to give you his valuable ad-
i \ice gratis.
Addnss Dr. Hartman , President ot
I The Hortman Sanituriuin. Columbus , O.
A iaindrop one twenty-fifth of an
inch in diarneccr cannot fail afc any
greater speed "ban thirteen feel in a
second Raindrops rarely exceed one-
eighth of an incli in diameter.
Fifty-eight feet is the height of a
collossal monument to the late Prince
Henry of Orleans , which is to be
erected on Cape St. Janues. at the
mouth nf the Sagon river , Trench
Cochin China.
E. L. BARRAGAR , Pres. ED. C. BROWN. TreasD.B. . PABKS. Sec'y&Mngr.
CAPITAL , $250,000.00.
National Stock Food ,
Spices and Baking Powder ,
Flavorin Extracts
The Great Germ and Induct IA ro. er ,
Pfi A ! Arcs s u "rm dlsease ot l e Iarj4e in estine
" "
VxflUl VIM. "when confined to the intestine it , can be
cured , but after it , penetrates the lungs , liver and other organs ,
causing fermentation and inflaraation. it cannot be cured.
Liquid Koal is now used by the leading stock men over the
country for the cure and prevention or cholera because it is the
only known germicide that will pass through the stomach into
% tee intestines and from there into the blood , permeating the
whole system , freeing it of all germs of disease and still retain
its germicidal properties. Ic is a compound embracing ; every
germicide , antiseptic and disinfectant property found in coal ,
treated chemically with an alkaline base until everv objectional
feature is eliminated , being non-poisonous and harmless to
animal economy.
CORN STALK DISEASE is a germ disease caused by the
cattle eating the partly decomposed nubbin on the stalk. The
symptoms are characterized by a high fever and bloating.
Liquid Koal given in the pure state and put in the drinking
water will cure and prevent this disease.
Liquid Koal is also used in the treatment of Swine Plague , Tu
berculosis , Lump-Jaw , Pink Eye , Chicken Cholera , Bots , Scabs in
Sheep , and all kinds of Parasites and Lice.
Prices of Liquid Koal Delivered are as Follows1
ONE GALLON - - 3.0O 25 GAL. 1-2 BBL , . S2.25 GAL
32-Page book on diseases of animals mailed free on application.
If no local agent order direct from us.
Liquid Koal is now endorsed by the leading experimental sta
tions as the greatest germ destroyer known.
Use Liquid Koal to destroy the parasites on the outside.
Use Liquid Koal to destroy the parasites on the rnside.
Hard Work makes Stiff Joints.
Rub with ;
Mexican Mustang Liniment
and the sore muscles become comfortable
and the stiff
joints become stipple.
Good for the Aches and Injuries of MAN or BEAST.
1 UNEXPECTED ! An unusual opportunity ! 25 cent *
ily. Send quick to KCJiO A DORR ,
515 Carondelet , New Orleans , La.
N. U. NO. 755-4 , YORK [ NEB
Zurich has its streets pavedwith
t Permanently Cared , noniaornerrouanessuiio
C flntt dayV use ot Dr. Kllne'3 Great Jferra He-
storsr .
IL K. KLINF. Ltd. . St. . Philadelphia. Pa. &