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    To ProYeutSpreucl of Gerxua'
Berlin a prospective customer In
bakery , butcher's shop or grocery
Is not permitted to handle the bread ,
cake , meat or vegetables , etc. It Is
misdemeanor punishable bj a fine.
! ! St. Jacobs ! 0il
euros the most difficult cases
of Rheumatism after every
other form of treatment has
SY. Jacobs Oil JVtrter Fails
Price , Zoo and SOo.
gr for the Inevitable.
A matrimonial club lias been start
ed by 21 young men who live on Jer
teey City Heights , TS. J. When a
member marries , associates con-
jfcribute ten dollars each to the Bene
dict to assist in paying his wedding
expenses. New members nro taken
in to supply the place of the married
iones. _
CITO Permanently Cured. KontsornerroHsneEMfci'ci
11 1 U first dayV use at Dr. Kline'a Great Ju'erve Ito-
toror. grnd fo-I- KKKa.Orial bottin and lrfc Ltl e.
OR. R. U. KLINE. Ltd..V31 A.'St. . . Philadelphia Pa.
S ndny of Different Nations.
Each day of the week is observed
a Sunday by some nation. The first
day of the week is our Christian Sun
day ; Monday is the sacred day of
the Greeks ; Tuesday is the holy day
pf the Persians ; Wednesday of the
( Assyrians ; Thursday the Egyptians ;
Friday of the Turks , and Saturday
W the Jews.
The poet's poetical license isn't
enough when he wants to sell beer or
f et married.
Handsome people would suffer if
rpfhotorgaphs were taken according to
face value.
Eighty-five per cent , of the quin-
| lne product of the world comes from
yrn. Wi .nlow'i ! SOOTIUNO TttOP for chtHren
'iwtlilnjr. softens Ilie curns. reduces Intlamation ,
IHye pain , onrei wind colic. 25e Uostl * .
Dn stfit * .
Genuine stamped C. C. C. Never sold In bulk.
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
"something just a good. "
isa !
In all its stages.
ElyIn Cream Balm
eleansea , soothes and heals
the diseased membrane.
It cures catarrh and drives
a cold t * x&
ihsorted. fccilaf In 1m-
mefli ! > : An * tnd Is
Bieaiate and a cuttt follows. It la flat dry'jig < Joe
not produce sncezlns. Large Size , CO cents at Drug-
jUto or by mail ; Trial Size , 10 cents
ELY BROTHERS , 63 Warren Street , New York.
It Is a far t that Salwr's vegetable and flower
needs are found in more gardens
ami on mere fnnus tluin miy oilier _
'In AniM-ir-a. T laws Js reason lor ltd * .
We own and operate over COW aur * foe
Uie production of our clioiee terd * . In
ordgr to induce ] DU to try than
we make tha following nupcfro-
edeoted otter :
For " 36 Gents Postpaidt
SO ktndt of rnrvit l wlnn r ( U kt ,
I'l fnagoIflcMit Mtilett mclBBl ,
10 taru plorimn toaiiUuM ,
23 prrl M Mtue tiuteUw ,
12 ; < lradld bert or1 ,
Ci toiyeooUbrautlfij COITW t * < i. .
InnUaWkinis posJUT ly fHrulsliijis
bnsh4n of olinrmias tiovfers tuxl
lota and lots of choice vwretftbli-e
toOTtlier with onr greot ctitslQgue
tntiuK all atx > ut TeoRinta KDd I'rft
Oat and Itrooius and Sieltronion
teed al COc. a pound , etc. . all only
for ICc. In * tamps.Trfteloda7. .
La Crosse , Wis.
Put Up In Collapsible Tubes.
jl Substitute for and Superior to Mustard or MIJ
ether plaster , ana will not blister the most dclients
kin. The pain allaying and curative qualitie * of
this article are wonderful. Itwill stop tho tooth-
Ache at once , and relieve headache and sciatica.
We recommend it as the bost an i safest external
cunter-imtant kn wn , also as an eKterual rwmo-
Ay for paint , in the chest and stomach aud all
rheumatic , neuralgic and gouty compliant * .
A trial will prove what w claim for it , and it
will be found to be invaluable in ttie household ,
jlany people wcj "It is the bost of all jour prupa-
fatious. "
Price 15 cents , at all druggists , or other dealers ,
. er by sending this amount to us in postage stamps
' we will send you a tube by mail.
No article should be accepted by the public un-
tois the suiae carries our label , as otherwise it ia
ot genuine.
17 Sute Street. New York City.
N.N.U N0.705 6. YORK , NEB
Modern Tonne People Wait Until To <
Late in Life-Neurly All "Self-Made'
Men Wedded on $1OOO a Year o-i
Why should lovers defer their mar
riage a day longer than the time when
sis far as we mortals can discern th <
future , the prospect tof a conifortabU
home is reasonably assured. ' : asks Cy
rns C. Adams in Amslee's. It is sense
less to wait for the coming of afllueni
days. Their lives should be united
and each in his way should help t (
bring about the advent of easier time *
if they are ever to come. It is as fool
ish to wait for a larger income than is
really required as it is for parents tt
slave and drudge that their childrer
may enjoy a degree of affluence thej
have never known. This is the rocb
upon wh'ch the French nation has
split They are a frugaland a thrift
people. It is interesting to know thai
many of the tasteful , artistic and cost
ly products of France are made almosl
exclusively for the foreign trade. Two
thirds of the best chinaware of Llmo
ges , for example , comes to the United
States. A well-to-do Frenchwoman Is
likely to use a preparation of rice flour
as a cosmetic , leaving the delicate per
fumes and other toilet articles of Paris
for her American and British sisters
who are willing to spend more money
for such things. But the rich father ,
unfortunately , conceives it to be bis
duty to leave bis children richer than
himself ; if , on the other hand , he be a
poor tiller of the soil , it is disgraceful
not to educate nis son to a trade or a
profession so that the family name
may have a higher place in the social
s -ale. This deplorable ambition fixes
! . - " > n the family a burden almost too
greui to Inborne , and parents deliber
ately resti i'-t the number of their chil
dren. In large districts , particularly In
Northern France , families of more
than two children are rare. Many of
the young people , seeing the hard lives
their parents lead , defer their own
marriages in order to better their for
tunes , till at last even the desire to
marry : s extinguished. Parents and
children of all lands may well heed the
lesson in sociology that France Is now
Nearly all our self-made men , lend
ers in the professions and in business ,
married young and on very moderate
incomes. Many assumed , without the
slightest trepidation , the responsibility
of supporting a wife on $1,000 a year
or less. These men usually have very
pronounced views on the inadequate
knowledge of the value of money and
how to take care of it possessed by the
majority of young moa and women.
The views of these young persons as
to the amount of income upon which
they may prudently marryav. : . of
course , according to ( he - -unistufPS
in which they havo Ihed. Many : m
intelligent girl who works in \ > \v
York kitchens luis no whatever
that she and thesteady , industrious
fellow sue intends to marry will have
a comfortable home oil § lii to § 14 a
week. A penniless German school
teacher who came to Philadelphia
when a young man and vrho in his old
age lives in New York on the rentals
of apartment houses bought with $300-
000 ho earnd slowly in manufacturing
assorted th * other day that § 1.000 to
$1,500 a year in NCAY York would give
to young married couples of refinement
a comfortable home , books , mnsic and
amusements and everything they
might need for the rational enjoyment
of life. This eentAfemau has the Ger
man Irteas of tbr ft. Tti'v * I ? * c reely
any doubt rhai any tu/m and ivlfe , gift-
ed with an ability to disburse dollars
to the very b.i3t advantage , would be
able to realize his idea of comfortable
married life on a small income.
Explained by Anatomical Reason * for
Same Quality ia Kyu- .
It is a well-known faei that , the
stronger activity of Uie nerves of the
right half of rim body ( for not only the
hand is concerned ) rniLjt be Jiscribed
to a preponderance of the left side of
the brain , whose lineo : development -
pccially : is the seat of Vfce center of
speoch , i < a. tunttor of common knowl
edge , .says the Loudoa Optician ,
In a paper by Dr. Ludtleckwis i * tbe
-Vllemeines Journal der Uhrmacher-
lumst valuable information regarding
the causes of the unequal working of
the two hemispheres of the bralu is fur
nished. A sketch touching oa tka his
tory of evolution leads from tna orig
inal symmetry of the organism to a
subsequent disytnmetrieal arrangement
[ > f the heart and the large blood ves
sels , from which It follows quite nat
urally that tiie two halres of the bead
ire not placed on an equal footing as
regards the distribution of the blood ,
ind consequently of the blood pressure ,
ind that , on the contrary , there must
je , under normal conditions , a. stron
ger pressure on the arteries of the left
side of the head.
This theory is borue out by well-
mown experiences of anatomists and
mthologists and a series of interesting
> bservations. Of especial interest is
: he effect of the higher blood pressure
ipou the left eye. Dr. Luddeckens
lound in the latter , as compared with
: he right one , in surprisingly large
lumber of cases , a narrower pupil In
consequence of a more fllled-up coa
lition of the vesselsof the Iris , and
ipon closer examination a shorter con
struction of the eyeball. This furnishes
eason for the fact that In a > arge num-
> er of persons the left eye is the bet-
er one. Thus the finer development
of the left half of the brain Is explaii
ed very simply by the fact that n !
better supplied with the blood , ami th
question why it is the seat of tht cei
ter of speech , and why most peopi
are right-handed is solved in the inos
natural manner.
It is striking how true a reflection c
the conditions described is afforded b
the examination of left-handed person
In marly cases a redder color was n <
ticeable on the right side of the fac <
the right eye was built shorter , 11
pupil narrower ; In short , everytbln
points to a better blood supply on th
right side of the brain , which , in coi
sequence , Imparts to the left side c
the body the preponderance over th
right one , a condition styled left-ham
edness. In close connection thereto 3
the habit of most left-handed person
to sleep on the left side in the uncoi
scloua endeavor to relieve the rigl
half of their brain , which Is mor
charged with blood during the da :
For right-handed persons the posltlo
on the right side is the normal one fo
the same reason.
Tyndall says 50,000 typhus germ
will thrive iu the small circumferenc
of a pinhead or visible globule.
The most wonderful astronomies
photograph in the world is that whicJ
has recently been prepared by Londoc
Berlin and Parisian astronomers. I
shows at least 08,000,000 stars.
Plants with white blossoms have i
larger proportion of fragrant specie
than any others ; next comes red , thei
yellow and blue , after which , and ii
tho same order , may be reckoned vie
let. green , orange , brown and black.
Dr. G. L. Johnson , whose studies o
the eyes of mammals have recentl ;
been published in the Philosophies
Transactions , calls attention to the fac
that men and monkeys alone posses
parallel and convergent vision of thi
two eyes. On the other hand , the low
er mammals possess divergent and con
sequeutly very widely extended vision
Squirrels , for instance , and probabl ]
hares and rabbits as well , are able t <
see an enemy approaching directly fron
behind without turning the head.
The Rev. John M. Bacon , the Eng
lish balloon expert , insists that light
houses should have warning bells un
der as well as above water , because ii
a storm sound travels farther uiidei
water than through the air , and exper
itnents both in England and America
have proved that a bell struck undei
water can be heard at a long distance
in the hold of a ship. Mr. Bacon is ex
ploring the air over London with bal
loons , and he has made some Interest
ing observations on the best methods
of signaling by sound. By applying z
parabolic reflector To a speakiug-trura
p t he is able to send the waves 6l
sound in a straight : compact beam , re
sembling in its directness a ray of light
It Is reported that an attempt is aboul
to be made by the aid of Dr. Isaa <
Roberts"celebrated photographs to de
termlne whether internal movements
occur iu the spiral nebulae. Miss Dor
othea Klumpko , of the Paris Observe
tory , will conduct the examination ol
the photographs , her experience in tin
measurement of the plates for the In
ternatioual photographic chart of the
tieavens having given her special fitne
for the work. Some of Dr. Roberts
photographs were made 10 or 12 yean
ago , and by comparing these with la
ter pictures of the same objects , it ii
honed that any changes that have oc
ctm-t'd ID the shapes of th tKibultif
may bt detected. Tbe discorery w
such changes would possess great In
teivst and importance for astronomer *
The astronomical instruments thai
were'seized and carried away by th
Germans after tbe capture of Pekir
by the allied European , Japanese and
American forces ranked aa great sci
entific curiosities. There were two set *
jf them , placed on and at the foot ol
tho wall of the Tartar City. One set
> f Chinese manufacture , consisted ol
aid armillary spheres , and other out
af-date instruments , of great size and
strangely mounted oa bronze dragons
The other set comprised a large azi
muth , and other similar Instrument *
ogother with a celestial globe of bronzi
jorered with stars of gold. These last
svere made under tho direction of thi
Dutch Jesuit Verbiest , who was offl-
iial astouomer for the Chinese ernpe
: ar in the seventeenth century. Some
jf the instruments were presents fron
Louis XIV.
Old A ? e Pensions in France.
The proposed law for old a&e pension *
neets with much opposition in Franca
m the ground that the age at which thi
> eusion falls due , Go , is far beyond th <
irerage life of the French workman
tfany labor organizations have protest-
id and all on the same ground , thai
lieir members have no mind to lay bj
: rom their wages money by which thej
) eronally are little likely to profit.
Sheer Nonsense.
.loakley Queer tiling about that tal
nan over there. All his Intimate frlendi
sail him "Short"
Coakley Just because he te so tall
ih ?
Joakley No , because that's his name
-Philadelphia Press.
They Didn't Dae to Notice It.
Although the late ameer of Afghani
tan was bow-legged , nobody dared tc |
Jlude to tbe fact until after he was of-
icially declared dead.
This shows what it ia to be a Kteccss-
ul autocrat Cleveland Plata Deafer.
TH Vbn
Tells How He Escaped the Terrors of Many
Winters Pe-ru-na.
by Using - -
His age fs 114 years , vouched for by authentic record. He says ; "I attribute \
my extreme oU age to the use of Pe-ru-na. " I
Born before Un' 3 States was
Sw 22 Presidents elected.
Pe-ru-na has protected him
from all sudden changes.
Veteran of four wars.
Shod a horse when 99 years
Always conquered the grip with
Witness in a land suit at age of
110 years.
Believes Pe-ru-na the greatest
remedy of the age for calarrhal
T SAAC BTIOCK , a citizen of McL-ennnn
L County , Texas , has lived for 114 years.
For many years he resided at Bosqne
Palls , eighteen miles west of Waco , but
aow lives with his son-in-law at Valley
Mills. Texas.
A short time ago , by request , Uncle
Isaac came to Waco and sat for his pic-
; ure. In his hand he held a stick cut
from the grave of General Andrew Jack-
Uufriendly Comment.
In conversation , unfriendly com
ments regarding the absent should
always be avoided. In social life it
is well to shun ill-natured gossip.
Make It a rule , and let it be strictly
observed , not to say anythiing about
the faults of another unless there is
absolute necessity for you to do so.
This necessity may arise , and your
own judgment can guide you about
the matter. It is always rash to talk
about the faults or evil doings of
others. Why , indeed , should you do
so ? You know yourself that you have
faults , few or many , and that there
are many things jou may have done
which yon prefer should not be dia *
cussedYeO. . then , exercise the
same otiAJity u others that you would
have extended to yourself.
Another thing to bear in mind is
that , if you talk of what is to the
disadvantage of another , what you say
will doubtless be repeated. Of
course , you may preface your remarks
by : "This is quite between our-
sevles " ' ' do not it "
, 'Pray , repeat ,
etc. But why should you imagine
that the person to whom you are
talking will be silent about that
which you cannot keep to yourself ?
She may forget her promise , or not
consider it very binding.
There are few horses over 17 hands
high , but their is one in Doiiipbun
county , Kansas , which measures 20
bands , and weighs 2,412 pounds. The
uwner is a farmer named Stout.
My Lungs
" An attack of la grippe left me
with a bad cough. My friends said
I bad consumption. I then tried
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral and it
cured me promptly. "
A. K. Randies , Nokomis , III.
You forgot to buy a bot
tle of Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral when your cold first
came on , so you let it run
along. Even now , with
all your hard coughing , it
will not-disappoint you.
There's a record of sixty
years to fall back on.
Tkrw ibet : 25e. , SOc. , SI. AH tn&ttt.
Consult your doctor. If ha ry take it ,
then do a * he says. If h tolls jon not
to tako it. then don't take it. He knowi.
Le&Yfi it with him. JTe are willing.
J. C.ATER CO..Low rU Mass.
son , which hns heen carried by him ever
since. Mr. Brock is a dignified old gen
tleman , showing few signs of decrepit itile.
His family Bible la still preserved , and it
shows that the date of his birth was writ
ten 114 years ago.
Surely a few words from this remark
able old gentleman , who has had 11-I
years of experience to draw from , would
be interesting : is weil as profitable. A
lengthy biographical sketch is given of
this remarkable old man in the Waco
Times-Herald , Dec. 4 , 1S08. A still more
pretentious biography of this , the oldest
living man , illustrated with a double col
umn portrait , was given , the readers of
the Dallas Morning Xi-ws , dated Dec. II.
1S9S , and also the Chicago Times-Herald
of same date. This centenarian is an ar
dent friend of Peruna , having used it
many years.
In speaking of his good health and ex
treme old age , Mr. Brock says :
"After a man has lived in the world
as long as I have , he ought to have found
out a great many things hy experience.
I think I have done so.
"One of the things I have found out
to my entire satisfaction Is the propcf
remedy for ailments that arc dis direct *
ly to the effects of the cllmutc. F9f
114 years I have withstood the change
able climate of the United States.
"I hare always been a very healthj
man , but of course subject to"the Uttli
affections which are due to suddem
changes in the climate and temperature
During my long life I have kncrwn
great many remedies for coughs , col dm ,
nml diarrhoea.
I had always supposed thec - affw
u- > . ' < * o bo different diseases. Kor th
hi > i ti u or fifteen years I have bei read
ing I > r. rlartman's writings. I hav - learn
ed much from his books , one t ! > in U
particularthat these affections are th
same and that they ure proper/ ! lle4
"As for Dr. Hartman's remedy , Pt
ru-na , I have found It to be ti e beat ,
If not the only , reliable remedy for
these affections. It hns been my stand
by for many years. und I attribute my
good health and extreme old age to this
"It exactly meets all iuy .
It protects me from the cv * effects of
sud * changes ; it keeps me ia good ap
petite ; if gives me strength ; it keaps mj
hluiid in good circulation ; 1 .1.1 v coma
to rely upon it almost cntii > for th *
many little things for whit h 1 lu-vil med
"I hi'lipve it to be va liable to oM
people , although I hsive : ! 'limht it is
just iirood for the youn- 1 -honld bi
girt 1 it'my sincere ti tiir- : i > -uuilil ! be-
co P the means of i > th > r * > < n 'his r ui-
"Ij. because I bciiv. i i ; 'an great-
c-t remedy of 'iii-j 'igf r r f.t.Hrrhal dls-
" \Vhon ppiilpmifs r r , . , -riype first b
rnn to make their ij , . .ranee in thJi
miry I wa s : i M-fl n > r from thla diy
: * ! .
" / had fcveral : ong sieges with tha
rip. At first I ciil not hnuw that P
u-na was a remedy for this dlseast.
When I heard that la grippe was epidemic
curzrr.h , I tried Pe-ru-na for lu grippe
and round It to be just the thing.
"It hu.s saved me several times from
: i i"gf > of the grip. I feel perfectly saffl
from this terrible malady so lone as I
nave Perumi nt hand. I hope that Dr.
llsirtman may live to be as old as I am ,
to continue the good work of teaching.
people the value of his great remedy ,
Very truly yours ,
For a free book on catarrh , address The
Peruna Medicine < " 'o. , Columbus , O.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna ,
write at onc-e to Dr. , giving 4
full statement of your case , and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. ITartman. President o *
the Uartmun Sanitarium. Columbus ,
About lOmUcsnheadef D
v. tusliiness , in vi > : or anrt nonriBliint ;
fiart cattle nil over Amf rtra nt ic. a lb. it Is
Salver's cataSox tell * .
MSw * t&mW ForftferFtente
Our c.talon9 Is brim'tv of thurt luUy ipstfi ! formIt } * Tt4E. . = ?
such as TI iuzand U adeu Kale ; Teos.n'c , jiru-iin , ne iO . - of t'K "
sreen foducr per acre ; rca.OBt : Spells , with : tu' " iUo'rhin i / ' r FRIfND
r.nd 4 tcnB of hay per acre , HlUion Dollar Ore % etc. , IR. cH y ggg . _
SaSsara Grass
t tatu ti taA { Aft < * .l ! uy fcod ba u&ru uumcn tn.'inrr * v t ej lorn ! a
Br&tntJiii Jnrrs 6 ooa * of Way perSere
: > ! " ' ntaiy , Ktwiujc vratfre * < r jioil la loaiid. Onr itfeat ramlosse , * fort/t 5iM to
wide ttriika Act5r > can Kardenw or farmer , ia tnailid to veil with many farai s ed sampler , upon
receipt of but 10 vests postsrgc. 3S CatMOK alone t cents for postajc- .
Boston has fifteen churches which
are maintained by colored people.
The undertaker makes colllus for a
living when be makes them for the
A British physician asserts that
early baldness in men is largely due
to the wearing of plug hats.
A process for making artificial
horsehair has been invented by a
chemist in Frankfort. Germany.
A strange hobby is pursued by
Samuel Snell , of Holyoke , Mass. In
his leisure hours he makes stone
coffiins. and during the pnst twenty
five years has sold over a hundred
of them.
Typhoid fever in South Africa has
been spread largely by means which
sanitation could not cope with , the
Serrns being conveyed into food and
water by flies , and by the dust nhich
pervades everything.
There are some astrologers in China ,
but not many , as astroiogy Is a very
perilous profession. When one of
shese so-called paophets predicts and
jvent which does not occur , he loses
ais head.
There i s trouble ahead for some of
} he married men of Minneapolis.
Several of the old maids of that city
aave conceived an atrocious system
) f blackmail , by threatening to pub-
ish the names of all the men they
ilted in their younger days.
Many School Children Are Sickly.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for
Children , nsed by Mother Gray , a nurse
in Children's Home , New York , break up
Colds in 24 hours , cure Peverlshnes ; ' ,
Headache , Stomach Trouble , Teethins
Disorders and Destroy Worms. At all
aruegirts5 , 25c. Sample mailed FREE.
A.ddres Allan S. Olmsted , Le Roy , N. Y.
g Frnit on tbo Farm.
There is no reason why every far
mer , rich or poor , should not hav *
all the fruit he wants , at little or nc
cost. It takes , I am aware , businesi
from the nurseryman , bub we an
worknig for tbe benefit of the com-
rnon , every day farmer , who is strug
gling for the comforts of life , here
and there , everywhere about tb
country , and by grafting , budding
and propagating vines , he can not
only secure the comforts and luxuries
for his own family , bul sufficient tc
provide others and reap at few dollars
to pay taxes. etc.--Agriculural Epito-
inist. _
A Man
A young man who seems 'deter. mined.
to rise in the world is Edward Bean.-
pre , of Assiniboine. Canada. He is-
20 years old , his height is seven feet
lOyi inches , and he is still growing.
He wears ISTo. 21 collar and a ! No. 21.
/ GVrr v /