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The Valentine Democrat
I M RICH Publisher
Dr C H Poucher committed suicide
at Swanton Neb by taking prussic
Emperor William has conferred
upon Lord Roberts the Order of the
Black Eagle the highest German
Charles E Emerson president of the
jEmerson Lumber company of Dixon
111 died aged 73 years He leaves a
large estate
In the state of Guerrero Mex a
sharp shock of earthquake caused
much alarm A light shock was felt
in Mexico City
Countess Castellane has sold to her
brother Edwin Gould her interest in
the New York realty left by their
father for 43500
- The officials of the British home of
iflce say there is no foundation what
ever for the report that Mrs Florence
Maybrick has been pardoned
A bill was introduced in the Illinois
house providing that all persons here
after sentenced to death shall be ex
ecuted by means of electricity
Mrs John Beatty a wealthy widow
twelve miles north of Beardstown 111
committed suicide by drowning in a
well where the body was found by her
- The Bulletin of the summer session
at the University of Nebraska has been
issued and is now ready for distribu
tion and will be sent free to all who
desire it
- Mrs John Beatty a wealthy widow
residing in the country in Schuyler
-county 111 twelve miles north of
Beardstown committed suicide at her
home by drowning herself in a well
Former Lieutenant Governor Henry
C Bates of St Johnsbury Vt was of
fered tue position of judge in the Phil
ippines and he will accept the appoint
ment The salary will be 5500 per
C B Murphy aged 29 who was at
tending Bradens preparatory school at
Highland Falls N Y for admission
to West Point dropped dead while he
was engaged in snowballing with other
The first coal mine to be developed
m Nebraska has been opened near
Jackson Neb and starts with a force
of fifty men It is the property of Ri
ley McBride The coal is bituminous
and of good quality
Cattle rustlers were given an un
usually severe sentence at Helena
Mont A J Kelly and George Hnd
schut were convicted of stealing three
calves and were sentenced to fourteen
years each in the penitentiary
The state senate of Colorado passeu
on third reading the bill for submis
sion of a constitutional amendment to
use the enactment of a law limiting a
days work in mines smelters and
mills for the treatment of ores to eight
consecutive hours
At Santa Barbara Cal Mrs Freder
ick Hansch shot and killed herself
while temporarily insane Mrs Hansch
who was very wealthy was the daugh
ter of Baron Myer a wealthy banker
of Dresden Germany and her mother
was an English lady of noble birth
The following message of congratula
tion was sent to Queen Wilhelmina by
the president on the occasion of her
marriage Her Majesty Wilhelmina
Queen of the Netherlands Sgraven
hage I pray your majesty to accept
the sincere congratulations I offer for
myself and my countrymen upon the
auspicous occasion o your majestys
William Root bette known among
old time westerners as plain Bill a
man who has spent his life in the
mountains plains and jungles of near
ly every country under the sun and
who was at one time a partner of Bill
Nye and Pete Liddell who had a hand
in the Indian congress at the Trans
Mississippi exposition will collect for
ty Indians to be taken to Glen island
in the Hudson river as a show for
New Yorkers
Fire destroyed the Flatbush car sta
ble of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit
company in Brooklyn N Y causing
a loss of 200000
The statement of the British board
of trade for tae month of January
shows increases of 1413600 in im
ports and 1169800 in exports
Miss Edith M Smith of Sanborn N
Y has been appointed assistant ma
tron at the Rosebud Indian school S
Miss Lillian Malaby of Brooking S
D has been reinstated assistant ma
tron of the Grand River Indian school
at Standing Rock S D
Capt Joseph T Johnson a well
known Ohio river captain is dead at
Pittsburg Pa aged 81 years
The president today sent to the sen
ate the nominations of James H Wil
son of Delaware and Fitzhugh Lee of
Virginia now brigadier generals of
volunteers to be brigadier generals in
the regular army
Fire in the wholesale candy plant of
Valentine Schroeder at Detroit Mich
caused an estimated loss of lu0000
Upon the application of uie state in
surance department the Manufacturers
Merchants Mutual Insurance com
pany of Rockford 111 passed into the
hands of a receiver The total liabil
ities are 70000 assets 35000
John S Hart a prominent Racine
WiSL manufacturer and philanthropist
died suddenly in Los Angeles Cal
John W Power ex state senator
brother of ex United States Senator T
C Power died at Fort Fenton Mont
He was a leading business man of
Montana for thirty three years
During the coming year 200000000
white fish from the state hatcheries of
Michigan will be planted in Lake Mich
igan and the other great lakes and in
additions 7000000 brook trout 3000
000 lake trout 7000000 black bass nd
100000000 wall eyed pike will be dis
tributed in the larger streams of Mich
Senate and House Will Lock Horns on
Bevenue Seduction
Fervent Debates and Certain Strife Is
the Outlook Measures Crowding as
the Time for Adjournment Approaches
last week but one of the present ses
sion of congress will be an exceeding
ly busy one in the house Much busi
ness remains to be disposed of and
the invariable crowding which char
acterizes the closing hours of a con
gress has begun already
The appropriation bills so far as
the house is concerned are in fairly
good shape The last of them the
general deficiency bill will follow on
the heels of the sundry civil bill
which is about half completed These
bills and conference reports will be
given the fight of way over everything
All other matters some of them of
great importance relatively but not of
imperative necessity to be passed
will have to take their chances in the
final rush
Speaker Henderson is almost con
stantly besieged by members impor
tuning him in the interest of various
measures He is keeping everythine
clear for the great bills and letting
the driftwood of legislation into the
current only when it will not impede
progress of things which must pass
congress before March 4
There are many knotty problems to
be solved in connection with the ap
propriation bills over differences be
tween the houses and many good
sized rows are promised The ulti
mate fate of the river and harbor bill
will probably depend upon haw heav
ily it is loaded when it comes back
from the senate
The biggest fight between the two
houses from present appearances is
likely to occur over the war revenue
reduction act The senate conferees
seem determined at present to force
the senate substitute or allow the bill
to fail But the house conferees are
standing firm and as many members
of the house have their backs up the
impression prevails that the house wll
support its conferees and if it does
the senate in the end may be com
pelled to yield Tomorrow is suspen
sion day and the bill appropriating
5000000 for the St Louis exposition
will be put on its passage A motion
to suspend the rules will cut off op
portunity for amendment and no doubt
is entertained that this bill will com
mand the two thirds necessary to se
cure its passage upon a motion to
suspend the rules
The program with reference to this
and other measures however may be
materially modified if it becomes cer
tain before March 4 that an extra ses
sion is to be called
Belgium Taking o Steps Regarding
Duty on Its Sugar
Count Lichtervelde the minister to
the United State from Belgium says
his government has not taken any
steps looking to retaliation against the
United States because of the continued
impression of a countervailing duty on
Belgium sugar imported into the
United States
The countervailing duty on Belgian
sugar has been imposed for several
years past
Will Conduct Pursuit of DeWet In
LONDON Feb 18 A dispatch to
the Daily Telegraph from De Aar
dated February 16 confirms the re
port of the arrival there of Lord
Kitchener and his staff to superintend
the chase of General Dewet The cor
respondent says Dewets force is
now denuded of almost all transport
vehicles and his horses are exhausted
Asphalt Trouble Not Ended
WILLEMSTAD Island of Curacoa
Feb 18 Via Haytien Cable The
asphalt controversy has been tempo
rarily adjusted by the diplomacy of
the United States minister to Vene
zuela Mr Francis B Loomis and the
matter will doubtless go to the courts
as it is reported that the United
States government desires a formal
adjudication as to the rival interests
Nathaniel Swift is Dead
CHICAGO Feb 18 Nathaniel Swift
a brother of Gustavus F Swift the
millionaire packer died here today
after an illness of four days the im
mediate cause of his demise being con
gestion of the brain
Mr Swift was born in Sagamore
Mass 63 years ago He was ordained
a minister of the Methodist denomina
tion and took his first pastorate at
Eastham Mass when he was only
22 years old
Germans to Have Fast Guns
BERLIN Feb 16 During todays
discussion in the budget committee of
the Reichstag one of the military com
missioners said the tests with the ma
chine guns firing 300 shots per minute
were satisfactory and that the whole
army would be fitted out with them
during the present year forming a
special corps
With Victoria as a Model
tional institute an association formed
for promoting the higher education of
women has determined to raise a
fund for the establishment of univer
sity scholarships that shall bear the
name Victoria Foundation and which
shall serve to keep before young wo
men of the future the high ideal of
womanliness and domestic virtues
coupled with the studious and pro
gressive spirit as exemplified in the
life and character of the late Queen
Mrs Nation Resumes Hostilities In Tope
ka and Continues Them All Day
TOPEKA Kan Feb 17 Mrs Car
rie Nation put in a busy Sunday in
Topeka today and as a result the cap
ital city has experienced more genu
ine excitement than can be remem
bered by the oldest inhabitant Mrs
Nation literally crammed the day full
of exciting episodes She succeeded in
having the contents of a notorious
joint smashed broke into a cold stor
age plant where a number of fine bars
had been stored away for safety and
demolished them addressed a large
mass meeting of men and women and
was arrested four times The last
time that the law laid its hands upon
her was when Mrs Nation emerged
from the church where the mass meet
ing had been held
Tonight Mrs Nation announces that
sne will begin tomorrow morning
where she left off today and will not
rest until all the joints in Topeka
have been closed This morning at 6
oclock she sallied forth from the state
house grounds at the head of 500 men
and women all armed with hatchets
and axes and moved on the joints
of the city Nobody but Mrs Nation
knew what plans she had laid In the
crowd were a large number of tlTe
students of Washburn college some of
the ministers of the city and a num
ber of professional and business men
The crowd marched in perfect military
order There was no excitement The
men and women were following their
recognized leader whom they trusted
Senate Will Devote Nearly All Its Time
to These Measures
The senate will devote practically ail
its time during the present week to
appropriation bills The postoffice ap
propriation bill will probably be taken
up tomorrow on convening though it
may give place to the diplomatic and
consular appropriation bill The
amount of time to be consumed in
discussing these measures will depend
largely upon the detemination which
may be reached with reference to the
ship subsidy bill So long as the dem
ocrats feel that the subsidy bill is to
be pressed in case of a lull they wiil
Insist upon debating all measures pre
sented The bill making appropria
tions for fortifications will also re
ceive attention during the week and
it is expected that the conference re
port upon the Indian bill will be con
sidered The arihy bill probably will
be reported late in the week but not
in time to be debated before the be
ginning of next week
There is some talk of the renewal of
night sessions but it is not probable
that they will be again undertaken
until the closing days of the session
Unlted States May Not Get the
LONDON Feb 18 The Danish
government says the Copenhagen
correspondent of the Daily Mail has
suddenly broken off all dealing with
the United States regarding the sale
of the Danish West Indies This is
due to a satisfactory offer made by
the Danish East Asian Steamship
company to assist and in the future
administer the islands
Cigarette Dealers Win
DES MOINES la Jan 18 The
board of supervisors of Polk county
have remitted the taxes assessed
against cigarette dealers in Des Moines
for sales made prior to the date of the
Tennessee decision against the ciga
rette trust Practically all the deal
ers here stopepd selling as soon as
the decision was announced But the
assessor assessed all who had been
selling whether they had quit or not
The board had an agreement with the
attorneys for the cigarette trust that
they would abide by the Tennessee de
cision hence the taxes have been re
Arrest Wife and Daughter
TOPEKA Kan Feb 3 g Sheriff
Cook today arrested Mrs Maggie Cum
mins and her 14-year-old daughter
Edna on a warrant issued in Jeffer
son county charging them with the
murder of John Cummins a quarry
man the divorced husband of Mrs
Cummins The daughter is charged
with putting poison in the coffee
drank by the father which resulted
in his immediate death Mrs Cum
mins is charged with instigating the
Menace to British Interests
LONDON Feb 18 The Standard
in the course of a special article on
American steel combinations admits
that it is a serious menace to Brit
ish steel manufacturers but says
American users of American steel
goods will be squeezed to the last cent
short of damage to the trade
It remains to be seen says the
Standard whether the American peo
ple will much longer permit the con
tinuance of a policy which permits
such combinations
Oil Wolls in tho Gulr
AUSTIN Tex Feb 18 A special
from Beaumont Tex says Colonel
W H Pope of this city and Judge O
M Carter of Fort Worth have received
permission from the secretary of war
to sink oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico
in the vicinity of what is known as
the oil pool near Sabine Pass
Judge Carter says work will be com
menced as soon as preliminary ar
rangements can be made
MacArthur Itegulates Sanitary Precau
tions of Vessels
WASHINGTON Feb 18 General
MacArthur has issued regulations to
govern the issue of bills of health in
the Philippines after January 1 last
Such bills of health are required in the
case of vessels bound from any port
in the Philippines to the United States
or its dependencies or to foreign ports
These bills are not required in the case
of vessels engaged in coasting trade
in the Philippine islands
One Hundred Thousand Dollars for Lives
of Uebraskans
J Boxers Murder Rev Price His Wife and
Daughter Position of State Welgh
master Knocked Out By the Court
Miscellaneous Nebraska Matters
WASHINGTON Feb 18 Represen
tative Stark of Nebraska has received
an important claim from the heirs
Of Rev Charles W Price who reside
in Hamilton county Nebraska for
100000 indemnity against the Chinese
government Rev Mr Price who for
merly resided in Hamilton county with
his family was one of the victims
nf tYa CYhnacr nii frocrzic loo pnmmfii
and together with his wif and
ter was assassinated by the Boxers
The papers in the case show that Mr
Price was conducting a missionary
school at a point some 200 miles from
the coast by special permission of the
viceroy and was acting under a guar
antee of his protection when the school
was assaulted by Boxers and he and
his wife and daughter were murdered
Rev Mr Price was a soldier in the
civil war and was drawing a pension
from the government for his services
The evidence shows that it was a cold
blooded murder The heirs and rela
tives of the deceased are all residents
of Nebraska with the exception of a
sister who lives in Indiana Mr Stark
will present the claim of the state de
partment for transmission to the Chi
nese government through Minister
A Letter With Beferenco to the Game
Iiatr Being Sent Out
The following letter with reference
to the game bill is being sent out
To the Agriculturists and Horticul
turists of Nebraska I desire to call
your attention to the fact that the cold
storage men and market hunters are
doing all they can possioly do to defeat
the passage of senate file 101 and the
duplicate bill house roll 138 which
the State Board of Agriculture and the
State Horticultural society endorsed
at their late annual meeting
These bills provide for a revision
of the laws for the protection of the
fish game song and other insectivor
ous birds which are among the best
friends that we have Stringent pro
visions are made by the oills to pre
vent the destruction of bird life in the
state and protecting the shipment out
of the state Estimates based on re
liable information indicate that not
less than 150000 worth of game birds
were shipped out of Nebraska by deal
ers during the months of September
and October of last year A large pro
portion of these birds were killed by
market hunters living in other states
which forbid the exportation from
their states of game or song birds
The fish and game and all bird life
have been declared by the supreme
courts of other states to be the prop
erty of the state and it is a great
injustice to the people of Nebras a
that a few men -should be permitted
to annihilate the bird life the prop
erty of the state for speculative pur
I trust that every farmer fruit
grower gardener and other person
interested in the matter of the protec
tion of our birds will petition the
members of the legislature to support
the bills above mentioned
State Weighniastcr
LINCOLN Feb 18 Attorney Gen
eral Prout gave an opinion in which
he held that the office of state weigh
master and his assistants have no legal
existence This opinion is based upon
the decision of the supreme court
which declared the Board of Trans
portation act unconstitudonal He
holds that according to the statutes
the weighmaster can be appointed only
by the transportation board and as
there is no board there cannot there
fore be any weighmaster The weigh
master in turn appoints his assistants
and the same construction is placed
upon their offices William Mach of
Omaha was recently named by Gov
ernor Dietrich for the position of
weighmaster but since the opinion
was rendered the appointment has
been withdrawn
Lestor Strong Given Five Years
KEARNEY Neb Feb 18 Lester
Strong has been sentenced by Judge
Grimes to serve five years in the peni
tentiary for attempted assault upon
Caroline Hansen In computing the
time served by Strong at the peniten
tiary before his retrial the judge fig
ured he served two years instead of
one making his sentence one year
less District court adjourned at noon
Judge Maxwells Funeral
FREMONT Neb Feb 18 Funeral
services were held over the remains
of Judge Samuel Maxwell at his home
north of this city Hundreds of citi
zens attended Rev W H Buss pas
tor of the First Congregational church
delivered a eulogy on the deceased
He reviewed his public career from
the time he moved to Nebraska in
1856 The remains went to Platts
month for interment
Ouotatlons from South Omaha
and Kansas City
Union Stock Yards Cattle There was
a fairly good run of cattle here for this
time of the week and as unfavorable re-
J ports were received from other points the
tendency of prices was downward Trad
ing was rather slow and as a result it
was late before the yards were cleared
There were about CO cars of steers on
sale and while the choicest heavy cattle
did not sell much different from the day
before bids on the less desirable kinds
were all of a dime lower Sellers found
It a difficult matter to dispose of some
of the common and half fat stuff and
in some cases they were calling bids
ia15c lower or 153230 lower for the
week About 25 cars would cover the re
ceipts of cows and buyers took hold in
fairly good shape and bought the cattle
at not far from yesterdays prices The
good cattle found ready sale at good
steady prices but the market on the
medium kinds seemed to be a little un
even Some were calling it steady and
others a little lower Canners did not
show much change Bulls were slow sale
and lower in sympathy with the decline
on steers Veal calves brought steady
prices The trade or stock cattle was
very slow as yard traders did not want
anything but the vert best Choice heavy-
weignc caiue Drougnt practically sieauy
Hogs There was anothed liberal run of
hogs but the demand being in good
shape the market ruled very active and
higher The first bids were 25c higher
and a number of loads sold at I527 and
5530 After the first round though pack
ers raised their hands and began paying
530 and 532 or a bier nickel hicher
than yesterdays general market As
high as 535 was paid for the better
grades of medium and heavyweights The
hogs changed hands about as fast as the
buyers could get to them and all but a
few loads were sold by 9 oclock in the
Sheep There were only a few sheep on
sals and the quality of the receipts as a
whole was rather common Lambs were
slow sale and generally a dime lower
than yesterday Top lambs sold at 490
There were no good wethers on sale and
those that were offered sold at not far
from steady prices considering quality
The best ones brought 420 Ewes and
wethers could be quoted dull and weak
and lambs a dime lower There was no
change noticeable in the feeder situation
receipts still being light
Cattle Stockers and feeders steady
beef steers and cows 1013c lowr native
beef steers 450550 stockers and feed
ers 375475 western fed steers 43
490 Texans and Indian steers 37545U
cows 300425 heifers 350450 can
ners 225285 bulls I300 135 calves
Hogs Market strong top 542 bulk
of sales 532540 heavy 535542
mixed packers 53O540 light 520535
pigs 4G05Oj
Sheep and Lambs Market 10c higher
western lambs 54907520 western weth
ers 415445 western yearlings 450
490 ewes 35p400 culls 250325
Explosion Blocks all Channels of Exit
and Firo Encompasses Them
SEATTLE Wash Feb 16 A spe
cial to the Post Intelligencer from
Victoria says News of what it is
feared will be one of the most hor
rible mine accidents in the history of
not only the province but of the do
mion took place this forenoon at the
union mines owned by the Welling
ton Colliery company of which James
Dunsmuir the premier of the prov
ince is the principal shareholder The
telegraphic advices received so far
give no complete story of the accident
but newspaper correspondents are now
hurrying by steamers and tug boats to
the scene and the facts will shortly
be obtainable
As near as can be gathered the ex
plosion took place about 11 oclock
in No 6 shaft This particular shaft
is situated in the village of Cumber
land There were sixty men in it
when the explosion took place and not
one of them escaped The explosion
wrecked mine destroying the
shaft from midway down and filling
wiiu a scma mass ot rocks timbers
and earth
The first explosion was followed by
several more while the dense volume
of smoke issuing from the yentholes
indicated only too truly that the fire
as well as gas was doing its destruc
tive work below As soon as practical
after the accident the men of the
morning shift in No 5 shaft organ
ized a rescue party No 5 is situated
about a mile from No 6 but the two
workings are connected by a tunnel
and through this channel an attempt
was made to help the unfortunate fel
lows in the wrecked shaft
Commissioner Yerkes Says Iowas Attack
Is Utterly Futile
WASHINGTON Feb 16 Senator
Thurston had an interview with John
W Yerkes commissioner of internal
revenue today relative to the rumor
that efforts were being made to di
vide the Nebraska collection district
Commissioner Yerkes said he under
stood such a scheme was being pushed
but thought it had little chance of
succeeding Later Congressman Mer
cer also called upon the same errand
as the senior senator from Nebraska
nd was given to understand that the
Nebraskans need not fear about any
division for some time at least
Russian Ambassador Indicates No Serious
llZTn - fficially advised
oount Casmi the Russian ambassador
or the decision reached by the Treas
ury department to Impose a counter
vailing duty on Russian sugar import
d into the United States
Count Cassini was to pt-
press an opinioon as tn what w
his government will take nrohahi
fcTlirrr to -- Sx J i
The propagande fide at a meeting re- preferring await development
considered the appointment of the Revj is f twi urmBUts froi
if n rvTt t ii -
ui wuueu ai uianup ot rortiana
Me The decision arrived at has not
yet been divulged
Nebraska Mans tuck
TABLE ROCK Neb Feb 18 Noah
S Wood brother of C S Wood and
John C Wood of this place who went
form here several years since to en
gage in the mining business in Mon
tana has recently struck a lead near
Dillon in that state which it is said
is very rich and is calculated to make
him immensely wealthy The discov
ery created great excitement in that
vicinity according to the Dillon pa-
ou jreLersuurg wnither he- rAfori
the official communication However
he scoffed at the idea that a serious
tariff war is probable
Delegate from Hawaii Has Right to a
Seat in the House
WASHINGTON Feb 16 Delegate
Wilcox of Hawaii today scored a diT
tinct triumph in securing a unanimous
vote of house committee on elections
lso 1 confirming his
right to a seat
m the house of representatives and
holding that the charges filed against
him were not sufficient- to warrant hK
removal Chairman Tayler
was au
thonzed to make thA rmrt
pers His friends here hope that he effect whinh win a fiJiluiax
I will not be disappointed j about a week Buumuiea ln
Only a Few Wanted
Professor Kaufmann of Breslau in
conferring the degree of Doctor of
Philosophy on Franklein Immer
wnhr th first woman who has ever
passed the examination at that uni
versity said that ne eameauy uvyvu
study among women would continue
to be the exception wnn tne iew v
nohio individuals inasmuch as il
was desirable that they should hold
to their primary and noblest calling of
wife and mother which said the
professor a man will never be able
to exercise
From the Chicago Times Herald on
Jan 12th 1901
The citizens of the Dominion of Can
ada have just cause to be proud of
their record as law abiding people The
annual report of the criminal statis
tics of the Dominion which has a
population of over 6000000 shows that
there were only twenty five indict
ments for murder in 1S99 of which
only two were left without final action
Eleven of those Indicted were hanged
nine acquitted and three confined as
insane l
Canada is a country of vast propor
tions Its people are scattered over a
wide stretch of territory making po
lice surveillance particularly difficult
and in many districts Impossible Yet
a city like New York or Chicago alone
furnishes a far greater criminal list
every year than the whole vast stretch
of territory from Quebec to Vancou
The Canadians ascribe their immu
nity from crime to the promptness
with which punishment is meted out y
to offenders When a man is caight
red handed in the act of rabbins an--other
he is not released on straw bail
by some justice of the peace from the
slums to go out and repeat the offense
Sharp and sure justice is meted out to
criminals of all kinds the result being
that when the guardians of the public
peace succeed in bringing a thug to
the bar they are seldom called upon to
hunt him a second time
Furthermore there are few court de-
lays in Canada when a criminal isi
brought to book They have no Dreyer
cases over there There are no
ods whereby Canadian criminals can
have the proceedings stayed from
month to month and from year to year
or after being convicted appeal from1
one court to another until witnesses
die of old age or opportunities for
ruption can be found
Nor does this swift method of treat-
ing with wrong doers in Canada leave
the innocent unable to properly defend
themselves They have all the oppor
tunities and privileges that our own
laws extend to them The extent to
shield the guilty is lacking that is all
The above taken from the editorial
column of the Times Herald gives
some idea of the immunity from crime
that exists in Canada and this is one
of the many Inducements held out fori
Americans to settle in the district
known as Western Canada The sea f
son of 1901 will see a few new sections
of the country opened up for settle-
ment They are attractive in every
respect It is understood that one of
the fcest Indian Reserves in the famous
Valley of the Saskatchewan -will be
opened up this year and an
tion is extended to those desiring
homes to make inquiries The price of
the land is said to be nominal Be-
sides these lands the several railway
companies have lands to sell also the
government For particulars writ t
the agent of the government whosa
advertisement appears elsewhere
Banished as Punishment
Banishment was the unusual sen
tence imposed upon a Syrian by a
New Jersey judge the other day The
Syrian had been arrested for assault
The judge offered to release him if he
would leave the country The Syrian
agreed and in charge of an officer he
was brought to Hoboken and placed
aboard an outbound steamship
Care of the Baby
To keep the skin clean Is to keep
It healthy every mother should there
fore see that her baby is given a dailyj
bath in warm water with Ivory Soap
The nursery should also be well airedj
and cleaned and all clothing washed
with Ivory Soap well rinsed and dried
in the
Bet His Vote Away For Life
Among the fost curious election bets
on record is one made by John P
Courtney Democrat and Harry Wal
lace Republican two plumbers doing
business in Minneapolis The agree
ment was that the loser must for his
life cast his vote as the winner shall
dictate Courtney who was a candi
date for alderman in the recent cam
paign was the loser and is now en
gaged in earnest but so far unavail
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vote the Republican ticket
A Carnegie tabor Lyceum
Andrew Carnegie offers to duplicate
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of Paterson N J f0r the building
of a labor lyceum in that place orig
inally the plan of the local Knights of
The Great Herb Cure
The uses of Garfield Tea are manifold
it regulates the digestive organs cures
constipation purifies the blood brings
good health
The front parlor is the most popu
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farmers on wild
animals and their skins they publish
the best
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