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CO years old
Office over
215 8 14tU St
tn the treatment of all forms of DISEASES
SB Years Experience 14 Years lu Omaha
UADinnnCI C cured quickly and perman
tMnluUuLLL ently The most natural
and scientific treatment that has yet been
FEW DAYS to cure varicocele without cut
ting pain or loss of time CHARGES LOW
1 positively guarantee a cure
QYPUII IQ la al stages and condition
O I rnlLIO cured and every trace of the
disease is thoroughly eliminated from the
blood All appearances of the disease quickly
disappear No BREAKING OUT of the
disease on the skin or face A cure that Is
permanent for life
WEAKNESS mfcruoslngFmAdiNeflaoffg
from Excesses or Early Vices Niht Losses
6tricture Hydrocele Diseases of the Bladder
tnd Kidneys Nervous Debility Gonorrhoea
Treatment by mall or express free from
public gaze Kree Consultation Bend for
Hours 8 a m to 5 p in 7 to 8 p m pays
8 to 12 P O Box 7G5 Office orer 14th
Street between Faruam and Douglas Streets
via the
On June 1st the Wabash will place on
sale summer tourist tickets good to re-
turn until October 31st to all the sum
mer resorts of Canada and the East
The Continental Limited
Leaving Chicago at 12 noon leaving
St Louis at 9 a m which was so pop
ular with the traveling public last year
will run on same schedule time this
For rates time tables or further In
formation in regard to trips East or to
Europe or a copy of our Summe Tours
call on or write
Room 405 N T Life Bids OmahaNeb
OMAHA Vol 3 No41
Farmers and Poultrymen
Yon can not afford to be without
jyour nogs irom Cholera iiorscs ana
3 Sheep from Distemper Scratches and
Mange Keep your Cattle free from
I Flies and Poultry frcm Cholera Roupe
j Scaly Leg c If your dealer does not
Jkeep it send 75 cents for a gallon
Kannas City Alo
Whats what about the KE
1 6S252iefl ri ISi Set 8r
5 9D lEjijric9rl
iTgV b2 issTflsrsV 3 2 S S
Siao a a g rs a o 5 o as i
Stir MS8 3SStgS2Bft2
8 riWMi 1 H iitT
Itraj 3 qjr 1 ti ais i I
InSH3 s tii mirr irae2r o
V fa PlsSooKotvipOsSSBS
J Br Kayt L t
- -
July 7th
CURES all Kidney
Diseases Bacu
ache etc At drug
gists or by mail
81 Pree book ad
vice etc of Dr B J Kay Saratoga N Y
IT ociUaraTr lii
ing whereof they speak
The following branch offices are now
under the Kharas management of
Missouri Valley la Prof Aldrich
Jefferson la Dr Webster Mgr
Atlantic la Prof T J Ruddy Mgr
Harlan la Miss Marion Thompson
Fremont Neb Prof T A Edwards
Fremont r Neb Mrs Lela Edwards
Ord Neb Prof R Dee Hairion Mgr
Ord Neb Mrs Addie Hamon Mat
Hastings Neb Prof D J Gallen
tirie -Mgr
Aurora Neb Prof A Gillet Mgr
Aurora Neb Mrs D Gillet Matron
Offices will likely be established dur
ing the next three or four months at
thefollowing points In Nebraska Lin
coln Grand Island Ponca Superior
Kearney Chadrori Beatrice Nebraska
City - 7
- --
Live Stock Report furnished by the
Flato Commission company of South
Omaha Neb
There has been no material change In
the condition of the fat cattle trade
since last wee There have been very
few choice corn fed steers on the mar
ket and those sold at fully last weeks
prices The bulk of the offerings have
been half fat and common quality stuff
which buyers were forced to take or
go without anything at all in the steer
line The consequence has been that
the half fat stuff has been selling a
little stronger than it did last week
There have been but few good range
steers offered that were suitable for
killing purposes and they have not
been in such active competition with
the native steers as is usual at this
season of the years
Receipts of cows and heifers have
been pretty liberal but the market
has been holding up in excellent shape
Last Saturday the market was 10 to 15
cents lower than the week before but
this week there has been no change at
all to speak of good cows and heifers
selling strong and others fully steady
The past week has seen a steady de
cline in the price of stockers and
feeders and they are now 30 to 50 cents
lower than at the beginning Vf last
week The market the past few days
has been in anything but a satisfac
tory condition and prices have gone off
10 to 20 cents in the last two days It
takes choice stock now to bring 400
and the big end of the stuff is selling
away below that
Receipts of hogs have been liberal
the past week and prices have been in
a very demoralized condition There
has been a constant decline since last
Saturday and prices are now 17- cents
lower than last Monday and 27 cents
lower than a week ago The good
heavy hogs are coming into demand
again and are selling at just about the
same figures as the good light hogs
and we do not think it will be very long
before the choice hogs will all sell in
the same notch
No farm is complete without a wind
power mill It pumps water saws
wood grinds feed chops fodder and
works gladly and freely every day in
the year In this connection we call at
tention to the advertisement in an
other column of The Aermotor Co
Chicago 111 We heartily endorse and
recommend this great concern and ad
vise our readers to correspond with
them for catalogue and full particulars
Why not doctor yourself Gonova
Tablets are guaranteed by Ividd Drug Co
Elgin 111 to cure all diseases Inflamma
tions ulcerations or the urinary system
organs bladder etc or send free medi
cine until cured if guaranteed lot fails
An Internal remedy with injection com
bined the only one in America Price 3
or 2 for 5 sent per mail Retail and
wholesale 6f Myers Dillon Drug Co
Omaha M A Dillon South Omaha Da
vis Drug Co Council Bluffs Riggs Phar
macy Lincoln H S Baker Sioux City
Complete line of rubber goods ask for
what you want
July 12 th
m I h Wi i 1 1 m b Mjh
k Wmm vMSl3
Which Cures Every
Known Chronic Disease Without the Use of
Drugs in Any Form or the Surgeons Knife
The Very Strange History of the Life of Mr Cason Bartusek A Bohemian
Laborer Living at 26th and L Streets South OmJiSa
Something over two years ago Mr
C Bartusek a workingman employed
sn the construction gang of the Ar
mour Packing company of- South
Omaha was at work in the basement
-of one of their new buildings then un
dergoing construction A workman
overhead allowed a large beam to fall
in such a way as to strike Mr Bar
tusek across the back and hips while
be was in a stooping position He was
immediately taken to the hospital and
placed binder the care of the very best
doctors In time he reebvered so that
be could nobble about with the aid of
crutches and the physicians insisted
that he must undergo an operation to
enable him to walk without his crutch
es but the operation performed made
bim much worse For the past two
years he has stood on the street corners
Df Omaha and South Omaha and begged
work grinding knives and scissors to
make a miserable living A friend met
him one day and told him to go to
Prof Kharas the Magnetic Osteopath
He came to the institution in uilmha
and was examined As he was unable
to pay lor treatment he was placed in
the clinical department where he re
mved treatment free by two of the
students of the Kharas School but un-
aer ine uiieiiioi ui unc ui mc tvn
crs in the institution A photogfaph
was taken on the day le first came to
the institution for as soon as Prof
Kharas examined him he knew a cure
could be made and wished to place
photographic proofs of his work on
record He had never since being hurt
been able to straighten his left leg a
single inch although a great deal of
force was used by the hospital surgeons
to straighten it At the Kharas Insti
tution after five days treatment- by
combined Magnetic Healing and Osteo
pathy he was able to walk with a
cane straightening his leg with per
fect ease The second photo was taken
July the 12th In four days more he
was discharged from the infirmary per
fectly cured and he is sound and well
today and is hard at work at manual
labor earning a good living for himself
and those who depend on him As Mr
Bartusek is a foreigner he cannot read
or write the English language tmt if
any man or woman will investigate this
case or similar proofs submitted by
Prof Kharas of the grand and good
work he is doing for maimed crippled
and afflicted humanity the result of
the investigation will always be in fa
vor of the new science of Magnetic Os
teopathy as it has been named by the
originator Prof TheQ Kharas
Prof Kharas never turns a patient
away from his institution in Omaha
because the pa ent has no money If
he is a poor man he can get treatment
free This rule however does not
to oranch offices The usual rates
for treatment at headquarters and at
branch offices in Iowa and Nebraska
are 5 a week for one treatment a day
or 10 s week tor two treatments a day
The very worst cases of paralysis rheu
matism female trouble tumors stom
ach Hver and kidney troubles are cur
able by this new method in from one
to three weeks -
A littfe over a year ago this work
was practically unknown just then be
ing introduced by Prof Kharas To
day he has in his different institutions
a working force of over thirty of his
graduates- who are doingv grand- good
for humanity and are earning splendid
salaries for themselves It takes three
months to graduate in the Kharas
School but all graduates are em
ployed Kharas wall not accept as a
student a man or woman of question
able reputationand character and he
offers employment to all he accepts as
students This is positively guaranteed
and there is a vast fortune behind any
offer Prof Kharas makes Those who
chose to investigate this matter a few
months ago are now reaping rich re
wards while those who were blind be
cause they did not want to see are still
turning their backs on the greatest
blessing mankind lias ever known and
are calling it a fraud without know-
Offices to be established in Iowa
Sioux City Des Moines Boone Daven
port Council Bluffs Burlington Fort
Dodge Waterloo Cedar Rapids Mus
catine Dubuque Keokuk
And at other good points as rapidly
as good men and good women can be
foundvWho will takethe regular course
of instruction and graduate from the
Kharas School in Omaha and then take
the management of one of these insti
tutions on a large salary No branch
schools The treatment at the branch
offices is just the same as at head
quarters except no treatment Is given
free as it is given in the clinics of the
school at Omaha for the benefit of the
students Students never see or treat
July 16th
patients who pay for their treatment
but those who do not pay are always
treated by the students under the di
rection of one of the teachers Posi
tively no instructions given by anj
branch manager or matron Graduates
of other reputable schools of Osteo
pathy or Magnetic Healing are accred
ited a small amount of time and tuitior
on account of work taken elsewhere
but as there is no other school teach
ing thecombinedmethods as taught bj
the Kharas System you cannot ge
employment without taking the Khara
course -
The management in Omaha takes
pleasure in sending literature or an
swering questions
honest lawyiers and others
fairly well educated or any young mar
or woman who wants to enter a lucra
tive life profession 5n a sound basis
wherein he or she will not have to un
dergo a starvation period are in-
vited to correspond with Prof Theo
Kharas -The Original Magnetic Osteo
path 1515 17 Chicago St Omaha Neb J
in love with and married an idler Ste
phen Orry Her father had other hopes
fo her and in his anger he disowned her
I Then orry deserted her and ran away to
I sea Of this union however a child was
1 born and Rachel called Mm Jasons
urry was neara irom in tne isie 01
Enen where he was again married and
another son was born Rachel died a
broken hearted woman but told Jason of
his fathers acts Jason swore to kill
him and if not him then his son In the
meantime Orry had deserted his ship and
sought refuge in the Isle of Man and
was sheltered by the governor of the
islana Adam Pairbrother Orry went
locks war born The woman died and
urry gave their child to Adam Pair
brother who adopted him and he be
came the playmate of the governors only
daughter Greeba Time passed and the
governor and his wife became estranged
their five sons staying with their mother
on account of their jealousy of Sunlocks
who had become a favorite with the gov
ernor Finally Stephen Orry confesses
his misdeeds to Sunlocks who promised
to go to Iceland to find Rachel if possi
ble and care for her and if she was
dead to find her son and treat Iiim as
a brother He bid good bye to his sweet
heart Greeba andstarted on his journey
Meantime Jason had started- on his
journey of vengeance and his ship was
wrecked on the Jsle of Man He saved
the life of his father unknowingly Orry
died and on his death bed was recog
nized by Jason
When the tumult was over and all
fives appeared to be saved and noth
ing seemed lost save the two vessels
the schooner and the yawl which still
rose and feil on the Carick and tiie
forked reef of the head and the people
separated and thethree old net weav
ers straggled back to their home the
crew of the Peveril went off with the
Fairbrothers to Lague Great prepar
ations were already afoot there for
Asher had sent on a message ahead of
them and the maids were bustling
about the fire was rekindled in the
kitchen and the kettle was singing
merrily Arid first there was a mouth
ful of grog steaming hot for every
drenched and dripping seaman with a
taste of toast to sweeten it Then there
was getting all the men into a change
of dry clothes in order that they might
wait for a bite of supper and until
beds were shuffled about and shake
downs fetched out And high was the
sport and great the laughter at the
queer shifts the house was put to that
it might find clean rigging for so many
on even so short a cruise When the
six Fairbrothers had lent all the change
they had of breeches and shirts the
maids had to lish out from their trunks
a few petticoats and some gowns for
the sailors still unfurnished But the
full kit was furnished out at length
and when the ships company mustered
down in the kitchen from the rooms
above all in their motley colors and
queer mixture of garments with their
grizzled faces wiped dry but their hair
still wet and lank and glistening no
one could have guessed from the loud
laughter wherewith they looked each
other over that only an hour before
Death itself had so nearly tricked them
Like noisy children let out of school
they all were now that they were snug
ly housed for a seagoing man however
he may be kicked about the sea is
not to be downhearted on land And if
two or three of the company continued
to complain of their misfortunes their
growlings but lent zest to the merri
ment of the rest So that they laughed
loud when old Davy cutting1 as most
ridiculous figure in a linsey wolsey pet
ticoat and linen bodice that wbuld not
meet over his hairy chest bega nto
grumble that he had followed the sea
forty years and never been wrecked
before as if that were the best of all
reasons why he should not come by
such rough harm now and a base ad
vantage taken of him by Providence in
his old age
And louder still they laughed at the
skipper himself when still sorely trou
bled by his ill luck he wanted to know
what all their thanking God was for I
since his good ship lay a rotten hull
on a cruel reef and if it was so very
good of Providence to let them off that
rock it would have been better far not
to let them on to it And loudest of
all they laughed and laughed again
when an Irish sailor told them with all
his wealth of brogue of a prayer that
he had overheard old Davy pray while
they hung helpless on the rock think
ing never to escape from it Oh Lord
only save my life this once and IT
smuggle no more the Manxman had
cried and its not for myself but oud
Betty I ax it for Thou knowest shes
ten years dead in Maughold churchyard
with twenty rolls of good Scotch cloth
atop of her But I had nowkheVe else
to put it and good Lord only remem
ber the last day and save my lfife til
I dig it up from off of her chest for
she never was a powerful womaVi
And the danger being over neither
Davy nor the skipper took it ilF thai
the men should make sport of their
groanings for they laughed witli th1
rest and together they waked a most
reckless uproar -
All this while though Mrs Kair
brother had not left her bedroom Vthe
girls feet had been jigging merrily
over the white holy stoned floor to get
some supper bread and Greeba havlpg
tapped Jason on the shoulder had car
ried him off quietly to the door of the
parlor and pushed him in there while
she ran to get a light for the room
was dark It was also cool with crocks
of milk standing for cream and basics
of eggs and baskets of new made
cheese And- when- she returned with
the candle In one hand shaded by tlife
Rachel Jorgenson was tne only daugh
ter of the governor of Iceland She fell
bright light on Jier comely face she
would have loaded him with every
good thnlg the house contained col
lared head and beef and binjeen and
Manx jough and the back of the days
pudding Nothing he would have how
ever save one thing and that made
great sport between them for it was
an egg and he ate It raw shell in
cluded crunching it like an apple At
that sight she made pretence to shud
der And then she laughed like a bell
saying he was a wild man Indeed and
S2mniSJa dafiidksrshe had thought so when she first set
iu U11U bilbll Ml
eyes on him on the shore and already
she was more than half afraid of him
Then they laughed again she very
silly he very bashfully and while her
bright eyes shone upon him she told
him how like he was now that she saw
him in the light to some one else she
knew of He asked her who it was
and she answered warily -with some
thing between a smile and a blush that
it was one who had left the island
that very night
By this time the clatter of dishes
mingled with the laughter and marry
voices that came from the other side
of the hall and the two went back to
the kitchen
Asher Fairbrother who had been doz
ing like a sheep dog in the ingle was
then rising to his feet and saying And
now for supper and let it be country
fashion girls at this early hour of
the morning
Country fashion indeed it was with
the long oak table scrubbed white like
a butchers board and three pyramids
of potatoes biled in the jackets tossed
out at its head and foot and middle
three huge blocks of salt each with its
wooden spoon laid down at the same
spaces and a plate with a boiled her
ring and a basin of last nights milk
before every guest And the seamen
shambled into their places any man
anywhere all growling or laughing or
both and the maids flipped about very
lightly rueing nothing amid so many
freshi mens faces on the strange
chance that had fetched them out ot
their beds -for work at double tides
And seeing the two coming back to
gether from the parlor the banter of
the seamen took another turn leaving
old Davy for young Jason who was
reminded of the kiss he had earned on
the beach and asked if ever before a
sailor lad had got the like from a lady
without look or longing Such was the
flow of their banter until Greeba being
abashed and too hard set to control
the rich color that mounted to her
cheeks fled laughing from the room to
hide her confusion
ButJio rudeness was intended by the
rude sea dogs and no offence was
taken for in that first hour after they
had all been face to face with deatn
the barrier of manners stood for noth
ing to master or man or mistress or
But when the raugh jest seamed to
have gone far enough and Jason who
had laughed at first had begun to hang
his head sitting just where Stephen
Orry had sat when long years before
he took refuge in that house from the
four blue jackets who were in pursuit
of him Old Davy Kerruish got up and
pulled his grizzled forelock and shout
ed to him above the tumult of the rest
Never mind the loblolly boys lad
its just jealous they are being so
long out of practice and theres one
thing you can say andway and thatfc
this the first thing you did on setting
foot in the Isle of Man was to save the
life of a Manxman
Then heres to his right good health
cried Asher Fairbrother with his moutn
in a basin of milk and in that brave
liquor -with three times three and tne
thud and thung of twenty hard fists on
the table the rough toast was callea
And in the midst of it when Greeoa
having conquered hr maiden shamp
had crept back to the kitchen and rMs
Fairbrother aroused at length by tne
lightsome hubbub had come down to
put an end to it the door of the porch
opened and crazy old Chaise AKilley
stood upon the threshold very pale
panting for breath and with a ghastly
light in his sunken eyes and cried Hes
dying Wheres the young man that
fetched him ashore Hes crying for
him and Im to fetch him along with
we straight away
and he snatched up a cap
And Ill go with you said Greeba
and she caught up a shawl
Not a word more was said and at the
next instant before the others had re
covered from their surprise or the
laughter and sljouting were yet quite
gone from their lips the door had closed
again and the three were gone
Chaise in his eagerness to be back
strodeon some paces ahead in the dark
ness and Jagon and Greeba walked to
Who is it said Jason Do you
No said Greeba Chaise 1 she
cried but the oldman with hia face
down trudged along as one who heard
nothing She tripped up to him and
Jason walking behind heard the sound
of muttered- words between them but
caught nothing of what passed Drop
ping back to Jasons side the irl said
Its a man whom nobody holds of much
account oor soul
What Js he said Jason
A smuggler people say or perhaps
worse His wife has been lonrr ironr
O J wjj
shunned by most folks and by his owa
son among others It was his son who
sailed to Iceland tonight
Iceland Did you say Iceland
Yes Iceland It is your country
is it not But he hadnt lived with his
lather since he was a child He was -brought
up by my own dear father It
was he who seemed to be so like to
Jason stopped suddenly In the dark
lane -
Whats the name he asked hoarse
ly J
The sons name Michael -
Michael what f
Michael Sunlocks
Jason drew a long breath and strode
on without a word more Very soon
they were outside the little house in
Chaise was there before ihem and ha
stood with the door ajar l
Whist the old man whispered
Hes ebbing fast Hes going out with
the tide Listen
They crept in on tiptoe but there
was small need for quiet The place
was a scene of direful uproar and most v
gruesome spectacle It was all but as
thronged of people as it had
teen years before on the day of Liza
Killeys wedding On the table the
form the three legged stool and in
the chimney corner they sat together
cheek-by-jowl with eyes full of awe
most of them silent or sneaking low
behind their hands On the bed the in-
jured man lay and tossed In a strong
delirium The wet clothes wherein he
had passed through the sea had been
torn off his body wrapped1 in a gray
blanket and the wound on his head
bandaged in a cloth His lips were dis
colored his cheeks were white and
his hair was damp with the sweat that
ran in big drops to his face andeck
At his feet Nary Crowe stood holding u
horn cup of brandy and by his head
knelt Kane Wade the Methodist pray
ing in a loud voice
God bring him to Thy repentance
cried Kane Wade restore him to the
joy ofThy salvation The pains of
hell have gotten hold of him Hark
how the devil is tearing him He is
like to the man with the unclean spirit
who had his dwelling among the
tombs The devil is gotten into him
But out wi thee Satan and no more
two words about it Thanks be unto
God we can wrestle with thee in pray
er Gloom at us Satan but never will
we rise from our knees until God hath
given us victory bver thee lest our
brother fall into the jaws of hell and
our own- souls be not free from blood
in this strain he prayed shouting at
the ful lpitch of the vast belows of
his lungs and loudest of all when the -delirium
of the sick man was strongest
until his froice failed him from sheer
exhaustion and then his lips still raov -ed
and he mumbled hoarsely beneath
his breath
Jason stood in the middle of thfe
floor and looked on in his great stature
over the heads of the people about
him while Greeba with quiet grace
and gentle manners thinned the litil
hut of some of the many with whom
the dense air smoked and reeked
After that she lifted the poor restless
tumblingwet head from its hard pillow
and put it to rest on her own soft arm
with her cool palm to the throbbins
brow and then she damped the lips
With the brandy from Nary Crowes
cup This she did and more than
this seeming to cast away from heria
a moment all her lightness herfpiay
fulness ber bounding happy spirits
and in the hour of need to find such
tender offices come to her as to all
time women like another sense
And7 presently the delirium abated
the weary head lay still the bleared
eyes opened the discolored lips parted
and the dying man tried to speak But
before ever a word could come the
change was seen by Kane Wade who
cried Thank God he has found peace
Thank the Lord who has given u
the victory Satan is driven out of
him Mercy there is for the vilest o
sinners And on -top of that wii -shout
old Chaise struck up without
warning and in the craziest speech
that ever camey from human throat a
rugged hymn of triumph wherein alJ
the lines were one line and all the
notes were one not but telling how-
the Lord was king over death and hell
and all the devils
Again and again he sang a verse of
it going faster and faster and faster
at every repetition and the others join
ed him struggling to keep pace with -him
andall but Greeba who tried by
vain motions to stop the tumult and
Jason who looked down at the strange
scene with eyes full of wonder At
last the mad chorus of praise came to
nn unci flnfl the sick man said casting
Jason rose instantly Ill go he said Lsweak
nto the faces about
him Has lie come
He is here whispered Greeeba an4
she motioned to Jason
To be continued
The old captain of the little steamer
Maid of the Mist which used to carrr
passengers right up into the spray of
the falling waters beneath Niagara
says the Mail and Express had just
one couundrum and like a collece pro
fessor -he used it on every new class
The pilot always led up to it in the
same way He would move his hand
along the woodwork of the pilot house
as if examining it and remark
Stranger do you know vhat thiaV
little boat is made of
An odd question the stranger would
say to himself but he would reply T
Why of pine and oak isnt it x
No sir -
Then would come a round of guesses
generally winding up with the acknowl
edgment of ignorance And the
eyes would twinkle as herepliedi
luminous fingers of the other ana its dead and he has livd alone ever since Why shes Maid of the Mist sirl