Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, September 27, 1900, Image 5

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rrtAr m nTT
4 W J Bryans letter accepting- the
fiempcratlc nomination for president of
the United States
Hon James D Richardson Chairman
v -End Others of the Ratification Com
jnittee of the Democratic National Con
vention Gentlemen In acoepiing tae
nomination tendered by you on behalf
of the democratic party I beg to as
sure you of my appreciation of thei
great honor conferred upon me by
the delegates in convention assembled
and by the voters who gave instru tion
to the delegates
I am sensible of the responsibilities
which rest upon the chief magistrate
of so great a nation and realize tne
- far reaching effect of the questions in
volved In the present contest
In my letter of acceptance of 180C
J madehe following pledge
So deeply am I impressed with the
magnitude of the power vested by the
constitution in the chief executive of
the nation and with the enormous In
fluence which he can yield mor the ben
efit or injury of the people that I
wish to enter the office if elected fre6
from any personal desire except the
desire to prove worthy of the confi
dence of my countrymen Human
judgment -is fallible enough when un
biased by selfish considerations and
in order that J may not be tempted to
use tne patronage of the office to ad
vance any personal ambition I hereby
announce with all the emphasis which
words can express my fixed determi
nation not under any circumstances
td be a candidate for re election in
case this campaign results in my elec
Further reflection and observation
constrain me to renew this pledge
The platform adopted at Kansas City
commands my cordial and unqualified
approval It courageously meets the
issues now before the country and
states clearly and without ambiguity
the partys position on every question
considered Adopted by a convention
which assembled on the anniversary of
the signing of the Declaration of In
dependence it breathes the spirit ot
candor independence and patriotism
which characterizes those who at-Philadelphia
in 177C promulgated the ciecd
- of the republic
Having in my notification speed
discussed somewhat at length the par
amount issue imperialism and added
some observations on militarism and
the Boer war it is sufficient at this
ime to review the remaining planks of
the platform
The platform very properly gives
forominenceto the trust question The
appalling growth of combinations in
restraint of trade during the present
administration proves conclusively
that the republican party lacks either
the desire or the ability to deal with
the question effectively If as may be
iairly assumed from the speeches and
conduct of the republican leaders that
party does not intend to take the peo
ples side against these organizations
-then the weak and qualified condem
nation of trusts to be found in the re
publican platform is designed to dis
tract attention whfie industrial despot
ism is ccirpictirg its work A private
vr i tiixvrTS oeen an ounaw
men can control ior tneir uwu inuiu
the output or price of any article of
merchanaise Under such a system tht
consumer suffers extortion the produ
cer of raw material has but one pur
chaser and must sell at the arbitrary
price fixed the laborer has but one
employer and is powerless to protest
o ocr iniiiciiff oJthpr in wases oi
in conditions of labor the small stocks
holder is at the mercy of the specula
tor while the traveling salesman con
tributes his salary to the overgrown
profits of the trust Since but - small
proportion of the people can share in
the advantages secured by private
monopoly it follows that the remain
dre of the people are not only ex
cluded from the benefits but are the
helpless victims cf every monopoly or
ganized It is difficult to overestimate
the immediate injustice that may be
done or to calculate the ultimate ef
fect of this injustice upon the social
and political welfare of the people
Our platform after suggesting certain
speciiic remedies pedges the pju ty to
an unceasing warfare against private
monopoly in nation state and city 1
heartily approve of this promise if
elected it shall be my earnest and con
stant endeavor to fulfill the promise in
letter and spirit I shall select an at
torney general who will without fear
or favor enforce existing laws I shall
recommend such additional legislation
as may be necessary to dissolve even
private monopoly which does business
outside of the state of its origin and
if contrary to my belief and hope a
constitutional amendment is found t
be necessary I shall recommend ch
an amendment as will vithout impair
ing any of the existing rights ot the
states empower congress to protect
the people of all the states from injury
at the hands of individuals or corpora
tions engaged in interstate commerce
The platform accurately describes
the Dingley tariff law when it con
demns it as a trust breeding measure
skillfully devised to give to the few
favors which they do not deserve and
to placeupon the many burdens which
they should not bear Under its op
eration trusts pan plunder the people
of the United States while they suc
cessfully compete in foreign markets
with manufacturers of other countries
Even those who justify the general
policy of protection will find it diffi
cult to defend a tariff which enables
a trust to exact an exorbitant toh
from the citizen
he democratic party makes no war
upon honestly acquired wealth neither
does it seek to embarrass- corporations
engaged in legitimate business but it
does protest against corporations en
tering politics and attempting to as
sume control of the instrumentalities
of government A corporation is not
organized for political purposes and
should be compelled to confine itself
to the business described in its char
ter Eorest corporations engaged in
an honest business will find it to
thler advantage to aid in the enact
ment of such legislation as will pro-
tect them from the undeserved odium
which will be Brought upon them by
those corporations which enter the po
litical arena
The republican party has persist
ently refused Mo comply with the ur
gent request of the Interstate Com
merce commission for such an en
largement of the scope of the inter
state commerce law as will enable the
commission to realize the hopes
aroused by its creation x The demo
cratic party is pledged to legislation
which will empower the commission to
nrntprt individuals and communities
Lm HicoriTninatinn and the public at J
X v
large from unjust and unfair trans
portation rates
The platform reiterates the demand
contained in the Chicago platfcrni fo
an American financial system made
by the American people for them
elvesr The purpose of such a systctr
is to restore and maintain a bimetallic
level of prices and in order that therv
may be no uncertainty as to the meth
od of restoring bimetallism the specif
ic declaration in favor of free and un
limited coinage at the existing rati
of 10 to 1 independent of the actio
of other nations is repeated In 1S9
the republican party recognized the
necessity for bimetallism by pledgin
the party to an earnest effort to se
cure an international agreement foi
the free coinage of silver and the
president immediately after his in
auguration by authority of congrr
appointed a commission composed
distinguished citizens to visit Europe
and solicit foreign aid Secretary Hay
n a letter written to Lord Aldenha
in Novembert 189S and afterwards pub
lished in England declared that at
that time the president and a majority
of his cabinet still believed in the great
desirability of an international Tree
ment for the restoration of the juble
standard but that r did not seem
opportune to reopen the negotiations
just then The financial law enacted
less than a year ago contains a con
cluding section declaring that the
measure was not intended to stand ir
the way of the restoration of bimetal
lism whenever it could be done by
co operation with other nations The
platform submitted to the last repub
lican convention with the indorsement
of the administration again suggested
the possibility of securing foreign aid in
restoring silver -
Now the republican party for the
first time openly abandons its ad
vocacy of the double standard and in
dorses the monetary system which it
has so often and so emphatcally con
demned The democratic party on the
contrary remains the steadfast advo
cate of the7 gold and silver coinage cf
the constitution and is not willing
hat other nations shall determine for
us the time and manner cf restoring
silver to its ancient place as a stand
ard money The ratio of 16 to 1 is
not only the ratio now existing be
tween ail the gold and silver dolars in
circulation in this country a ratio
which even the republican adminis
tration has not attempted to change
but it is the only ratio advocated bj
those who are seeking to reopen tht
mints Whether the senate now hos
tile to bimetallism can be change
during this campaign or the campaigr
of 1002 can only be determined aftei
the votes are counted but neither the
present nor the future political com
plexion of congress -has prevented oi
should prevent an announcement oi
the partys position upon this subject
in unequivocal terms
The currency bill which received the
sanction of the executive and the re
publican members of the house and
senate justifies the warning given bj
the democratic- party in 1S96 It was
then predicted that the republican
party would attempt to retire the
greenbacks although the party and its
vo defence can be maCe cf an leaders studiously concealed their in
trial system in which one or a few tentions That purpose is now plaii
j i1
and the people must choose between
the retention of the greenbacks issued
and controlled in volume by the gov
ernrr t and a national ank note cur
rency issued by banks and controlled
in their own interests If the na
tional bank notes are to be secured b
bonds the currency system now sup
ported by the republican party in
volves a- permanent and Increasing
debt and so long us this system
stands the financial classes will be
tempted to throw their powerful influ
3nce upon the side cf any measure
which will contribute to the size and
permarency pi a national debt It is
hardly conceivable that the American
oeople will turn deliberately from thf
debt paying policy of the past to tne
dangerous doctrine of perpetual bonds
The demand for a constitutional
amendment providing for the election
of senators by direct vo of the people
pie appears for the first time in a
democratic national platform but n
resolution proposing such an amend
ment has three times passed th
houce of representatives and that
too practically without opposition
TVhatever may have been the reason
which secured the adoption of the pres
ent plan a century ago new condition
have made it imperative that the peo
ple be permitted to speak directly in
r o selection of their representatives in
I e senate A senator is no less the
ijresentative of the state bcaue he
receives his commission from the pecT
ple themselves rather than from the
members pf the state legislature I
a vrter is competent to vote for a mem
ber of congress for state officers anc
for president he is competent to
choose his representative in the sen
ate A system which makes the sen
ator responsible for his election to thr
people as a whole and amenable to
themif he misrepresents them must
commend itsef to those who have con-
pdence in the intelligence and patriot
ism of the masses
The platform indorses the princi
ple of direct legislation This is al
ready applied to the more important
questions in nation state and city It
rests upon the sound theory that the
people can be trusted and that the
more responsive the government Is to
the will of the people the r ore free
it will be from misuse and abuse
Several planks pf the labor plat-
form are devoted to questions in which
the laboring classes have an immediate
interest but which more remotely af
fect our entire population While what
is generally known asgovernment by
Injunction is at present directed chief
ly against the employes of corpora
tions when there is a disagreement be
tween them and their employer it in
volves a principle which concerns
every one The purpose of the in
junction in such cases is to substitute
trial by judge for trial by jury arid is
a covert blow at the jury system The
abolition of government by Injunction
is aa necessary fcV the protection o
the reputation of the court as it is fo
the security cf the citizen Blackstone
in defending trial by jury says
The impartial administration of
justice which secures both our persons
and our properties is the great end of
civil society but if that be entrusted
entirely to the magistracy a select
body of men and those selected by
the prince such as enjoy the highest
offices of the state their decisions in
spite of their natural integrity will
have frequently an involuntary bia
toward those of their own rank and
dignitv It is not to be expected from
responsibilities ana enjoy tne
leses of statehood and it will be as
pleasure as well as a duty to carry
out the platform pledge concerning
There will be a popular acquiescence
in the demand for home rule and a
territorial form of government in
Alaska and Porto Rico Both are en
titled to local self government and
representation In congress
The recognition contained In both
the democratic and republican plat
forms of the right of the Cubans to in
dependence removes the general prin
ciple involved from the domain of par
tisan politics It is proper however
to consider whether the accomplisn
ment of this purpose can be safely en
trusted to the republican party after
It has yielded to the allurements of the
olonlal idea and abandoned its ear
lier faith in the natural and inalien
able rights of man
The time is ripe for a -systematic and
extended effort to reclaim the arid
ands and fit them for actual settler
The last agricultural report estimate
that homes can thus be provided foi
many millions cf people The im
jounding and use of the waters which
are wasted in the spring would people
the western states with thrifty intelli
gent and industrious citizens and
these would furnish a valuable marlrei
for all the products of the factories A
small percentage of the money spent
in a war of conquest would provide bc
cupation and habitation for more peo
ple than wsuld ever seek a residence
in colonies within the trchpics
The reasons given by
efferson and the other statesman cf
the early cays in support of the doc
trine that we Qhould maintain frienrllv
liuman nature that the few should b felstf ons with all nations but enter
always atteilve to the interests and Into entangling alliances with nono
good of the many jar even stcpnger toaaxthan tHzey
If the criminal laws are not sufficient were a nundrSd years
foi the rrotectlon of property they merce is rapidly increasing srd we ae
-an be mace mere severe cut a citi
ren charged with crime must have his
case tried before a jury of hi3 peers
The blacklist as now employed ir
some places enables the employer toJ
place the employe under piactleal
duress for the skilled aborer Icses his
independence when the employers car
noVorAy discharge him but prevent his
similar employment
The blacklist enables employers to se
cure by mrtual agreement that con
trol ever the wage earners which a
private monopoly exercises witaout
The riattorm renews the demand
for arbitration between corporations
and their employes No one- who has
oserved the- friction which arises be
tween great corporations and their
numerous employes can doubt the
visdom of establishing an impartial
ourt for the just and equitable set
tlement of disputed The demand for
arbitration ought to be supported ar
eartilv by the public which suffer
inconvenience because of Gtrike3 ant
lockouts and by the employers them
selves as by the employes The estab
lishmert of arbitration will insure
friendly relations between labor anc
capital and render obsolete the grow-
ng practice cf calling in the army t
settle labor troubles
I canrpt too strjngly emphasize the
importance of the platforrnrecom
mencati n of the establishment of s
department of labor with a membei
of the cabinet at its head When wc
remember how important a positior
the laborer fills in our economic so
cial and political fabric it is hard U
conceive of a valid objection being
made to this recognition of his serv
ices Agriculture is already represent
ed in the presidents official household
the army and navy have their
sentatives there the state department
with its consular service and the
treasury department with Its close
connection with fiscal affairs keep the
executive in touch with the business
and commercial interests A cabinet
officer truly representative of the wage
earning class would be of invaluable
aid not only to the toilers but to the
The Chinese exclusion act has proven
an advantage to the country and its
continuance and strict enforcement as
well as its extension to other similar
races are imperatively necessary The
Asiatic is so essentially different from
the American that he cannot be as
similated with our population and is
therefore not desirable as a permanent
citizen His presence as a temporary
laborer preserving his national identi
ty and maintaining a foreign scale of
wages and living must ever prove an
Injustice to American producers as
vell as a perpetual source of irrita
The party expresses its pride in tht
soldiers and sailors of all our wars
declares its purpose to deal gen
3rc with them and their depend
ntc A liberal policy is natural anc
lecess ary in a government wmensue
I brought into -constant commuuratlr
with all parts cf the vcrld Even if we
deslreu te do so we could not afford to
aienate many nations Ly cultivating
unnecessary intimacy with -a few Our
strength and standing are such that it
is less necessary than ever before to
lean fcr aid upan the friendliness of a
foreign nation
We cannot connect currelves with
European nations azd share in their
Jealousies and ambitions without lo
rg the pecuiar advantage which o r
ocation our character and our insti
tutions give us in the worlds affairs
The doctrine enurcated by Monroe
and approved by succeeding presidents
s essential to the welfare cf the
Jnlted States The connents cf
Xorth and South America are dedicat
ed to the development of fiee govern
nent One republic after another has
oeen established until tfcday
Ideas have barely a foothold
In the newwcrld
While t is not the policy of this
country to interfere wheie amcabe
relations exist between Euiopeau
countries and their dependencies in
America our people would look with
disfavor upon any attempt en the pit
of European governments to maintain
an unveiling or forcible sovereignty
aver the people living en this side of
the Atlantic
The position taken by the repub
lican leaders and more recently set
forth by the republican candidate for
the presidency viz That we cannot
protect a nation from outside inter
ference without exercising sovereignty
over its people is an assault upon the
Mcjnroe doctrine for while this argu
ment is at this time directed against
the proposition to give to the Filipinos
botn independence and protection it
Is equally applicable to the republics
of Central and South America If this
government cannot lend its strength to
another republic without making sub
jects of its people then we must
either withdraw our protection from
the lepublics to the south of us or ab
sorb them uAder the same plea that
the guardian nation must exert an au
thority equal ta it3 responsibility Eu
ropean nations have for centuries ex
ploited their wards and it is a sig
nificant fact that thef republican party
should accept the European idea of a
protectorate at the same time that it
adopts a European colonial policy
There is no excuse for this abandon
ment of the American idea We have
maintained the Monroe doctrine tor
three quarters of a century The ex
pense to us has been practically noth
ing but cne protection has been beyond
value to our sister republics If a
Filipino republic is erected upon the
ruins of Spanish tyranny its
tion by us will be neither difficult nor
expensive No European nation would
be willing for any other European na
tion to have the islands nejther would
any European nation be willing to pro
vOiie a war with us in order to obtain
possession of the islands if we assert
sovereignty over the Filipinos we will
have to defend that sovereignty by
force and the Filipinos will be our
enemies if we protect them from out
nork imnn a mtizpn snldiprv insteai J ide interference they will defend
of a large standing army Self intei themselves and will be our friends If
st as well as gratitude compels tht they show as much determination in
government to make bountiful opposing the sovereignty of other
vision for those who in the hour of tions as they have shown in opposing
a persor
danger and at great sacrifice of busi
ness health and life tender their serv
ices to their country
The pension laws should be con
strued according to the generous spirit
which prompted their passage The
platform very properly reiterates the
position taken in 1896 that the fact
enlistment shall be deemed conclusive
Evidence that- the soldiet was sound
xhen the government accepted him
A certificate given now to the health of
V lfftnYin i rrr ATf An 4 AOM1M
our sovereignty tjiey will not require
muca assistance irom us
The republican party drawing C3 it
does enormous campaign funds from
those who enjoy special privileges at
the hands of the goVernment is power
less to protect the taxpayers from the
attack of those who profit by large ap
propriations A surplus in the treas
ary offers constant temptation to ex-
ravagance - and extravagance in turn
1V cu1S xau even i can
obtainable should
not have as much y s un u Uc t T v i
veight as the certificate of the medical
officer who examined the volunteer
with a view of ascertaining his fitness
for army service
The democratic party is in favor of
the immediate construction ownership
ind control of the Nicaragua canal by
he United States The failure of the
republican party to make any prog
ress in carrying out a pledge contained
in its platform four years ago together
with the substitution in its latest plat
form of a plank favoring an isthmian
janal for a specific declaration in
of the Nicaraguan canal would in
dicate that the republican leaders
either do not appreciate the importance
jf this great waterway to the
ime strength and commercial inter
ests of the country or that they give
too much consideration to the interest
ed opposition of transcontinental lines
The Hays Pauncefote treaty now be
fore the senate would if ratified
ireatly lessen the value of the canal
f it would not indeed convert it Int
i positive menace in time cf war The
paramount interests of the United
States in the western hemisphere to
gether with the obligations to defend
the republics to the south of us makes
it necessary that our government shall
be able to close the canal against any
hostile power
Arizona New Mexico and Oklahoma
have long been ready to assume the
uuii wuiuxi i ueiiig tteiJi iii ixitr uiiui
jround until the campaign is over is
i fair illustration of the imposition
which will be attempted when there is
l considerable amount of money idle
n the treasury The rehabilitation of
the merchant marine laudable in it
self is made the pretext for expen
diture of public money for the benefit
j jf large ship owners and in the in-
cerests of a transportation monopoly
Che government being only the agent
3f the people has no right to collect
from the people taxes beyond the le
gitimate needs of a government hon
estly and effectively administered and
public servants should exercise the
same degree of care in the use of the
peoples money that private individ
uals do in the use of their own money
With a restoration of a foreign policy
consistent with American ideas there
an be an immediate and large reduc
ion in the burdens now borne by the
By inadvertence the Income tax
plank agreed upon by the resolutions
committee was omitted from1 the plat
form as read and adopted The sub
ject however is covered by the re
affirmation of the Chicago platform
and I take this occasion to reassert
my belief in the principle which under
lies the income tax Congress should
have authority to levy and collect m
income tax whenever necessary and
an amendment to the federal consti
tution specificiaily conferring such au
thority ought to be supported by even
those who may think the tax unneces
sary at this time In the hour of
danger the government -can draft the
citizen it ought to be able to draft
the pocketbook as well Unless money
is more precious than blood we can
not afford to give greater protection to
the incomes of the rich than to the
lives of the poor
The subjects however treated in
this letter important as each may
seem in itsslf do not press so impera
tively for solution as the question
which the platform declares to be the
taramount issue in tnis campaign
Whether we shall adhere to or aban
don these ideas of government which
iave distinguished ths nation from
uher nations and given to its history
Is peculiar charm and value is a ques
ion the settlement of which cannot
oe deayed No other question can ap
proach it in -importance no other
luestion demands such immediate con
sideration It is easier to lose a repu
aton than to establish one and this
iaton would find If a long and labori
ous task to regain its proud position
meng the natidns If under the stress
f temptation it shoufd repudiate the
self evident truths proclaimed by oiii
leroic ancestors and sacredly treasured
luring a career unparalleled In the
annals Of time WTien the doctrine
that the people are the only source of
power Is made secure frqm further at
tack we can safely proceed to the set
tlement of the numerous questions
which involve the domestic and eco
nomic welfare of our citizens Very
truly yours W J BRxAN
Lead S Dr Sept 17 This morning
now and rain fell in this vicinity A
cry severe north wind chilled the air
Two inches of snow settled on Bale
jnountain and it is quite rold here
p 1t -
brain with Tyo OWNERS
Recently John Sterning ZroV New
York was found almost asphyxiated
In his room
The next day Intelligence gradually
left him Eight days afterward he was
taken to any asylum The tnornlng fol
lowing he was quiet and sane But
mentally he Was not John iteming Jr
An attendant entered and addressed
him The young man looked perplexed
He had actually forgotten speech and
the meaning of word3
His parents came to see him The
proffered caress of his mother was met
coldly and he took ref Jge behind a
Miss Freda kelson to wTtom Stern
ing was engaged was sent to him It
was hoped that the sight of his sweet
heart would bring him to his senses
He looked at her inquiringly
Dont you remember me Miss Nel
son cried understood her
fords no more than a baby could have
Some one handed hinT a newspaper
He held It upside down
The work cf developing Sternlngs
mind was begun with an A B C prim-
ver and kindergarten methods Progress
was very rapid and soon the young
man coulcV converse with the fluency
of a ten-year-old boy Everything
marriage filial relations government
sun moon stars had to be explained
The first sight of a piano amazed him
John Sterning No 1 had been a dis
gracefully bad billiard player John
Sterning No 2 quietly learned to han
dle a cue like a professional Before
his mental mix up he disliked mechan
ics Now he had the muscle sense
of an artist He sang and played the
piano and banjo
Under his sweethearts tuition he
had become a devout Christian The
new Sterning was an Atheist
Now comes a curious feature Al
though he did not recognize Miss Nel
son his fiancee yet after her freqaent
visits to him in theasylum he learned
to love her again
There was no reason why he should
be confined so he was given his liber
Its strange he said three months
lateiL my head feels numb and
prickling just like a foot asleep
V Drowsier and drowsier he felt and
finally he had to be carried to bed He
refused to eat anything About 11
oclock he awoke His father was in
the room
Hello father he said What are
you doing here What time is it
Eleven oclock
Guess your watch is slow said
Sterning It was after 12 when I
came home Then he glanced around
the room
Whats the matter The jthole room
is changed This isnt my room at all
This is queer I go to bed in one room
after midnight and wake up in another
room an hour before I went to bed
How did it happen
A great hope rilled the fathers breast
He trembled as he put the question
What date is this
Think its the twentieth was the
doubting answer
Twentieth of what The old man
could scarcely contain himself
November f course exclaimed
the young man Impatiently
What did you do last night t
Called on Freda had supper at the
lub and came home But whats the
The matter of course was that the
original John Sterning had come to life
again while the second John Sterni ng
was as dead as the first had recently
Why Hair Does Not Curl
That the curly wool of the African
race is extremely fine hair instead ot
coarse as has been supposed from the
reputation given it in former times is
one of the statements made by Arthur
Thompson He claims to have discov
ered the mystery of why hair curls or
does not curl On this subject he is
quoted in the New Orleans Picayune as
Each hair follicle is provided with
a gland and muscle The size of the
gland yaries considerably in different
individuals and from my observations
appear larger and better developed in
the negro races The muscle I may
state has an influence on the position
of the hair thus converting the shaft
into a lever
In pursuing my investigations I dis
covered that straight nair is always
circular in section and is usually thick
er than curly hair which is ribbon like
and fine the finest human hair being
that met with in the Bush and Anda
man races These facts have a most
important bearing on the subject In
order that the muscle that I have de
scribed to you may act as an erector
of the hair it is necessary that the hair
must be sufficiently strong to resist
the tendency to bend If the hair is so
weak as to bend before the action of
the muscle the lever like tendency Is
nullified -When the hair is fine and ribbon-like
the action of the muscle bends
it into a curve and this is the reason
why the hair assumes the curly form
in the Bush scalp y
At AsH in California last year a
cistern 104 -feet long by 34 feet wide
and 24vf deep was formed in the hill
side for thesto rage of wine The im
mense tank was lined with concrete 2
feet thick and coated inside with a
glaze as impermeable as glass The
capacity Qf the tank is 500000 gallons
Come here Johnny Im going to
give you a piece of Oh mamma La
it -lemon or custard pie How dare
you interrupt me Johnny Come here
Im going to give you a piece of ad
vicei i
-There Is a living Curiosity in the
Prison In tho person f Henry Mqprb
a self styled Irlh Mohammedan wise
tels a story of his adventures in Orien
tal lads scarce less wonderful than
any Arabian Nights tale Moore was
arrested Sunday night on Montgomery
3treet for begshiff and appeared yes
terday in Police Judge Morgans cpurt
o answer to a charge of vagrancy He
Is 74 years of age and wears overalls
a frayed and faded coat of broadcloth
and a silk hat also much the worse
for wear
In 1S42 according to hi3 narrative
Moore left County Clare Irelandan
settled with his parents in JTaine E
migrated to this state in lSAjClean
ap some dust andthree years laCoi
took ship for Australia- where he min
ed in the Forest Cheek diggings elght
mlies out of Melbourne- After a st
of four and a half years Moore set out
for a trip around the world going Ui
way of Ceylon to India He had 25
COO to his credit then
Arriving In Hindostan Mpore says
a spirit of adventure prompted himtel
join the Mohammedan faith and be
come a dervish Jn this guise he wan
dered all over India made his way In
to Afghanistan through the Khybei
Pass and finally visited Teheran Per
sia The journey consumed several
years during which time Moore learn
ed the languages of the lands through
which he had passed and famlllarlzed
riimself with the duties and manners ol
a dervish After a short stay In Teher
an adventures as well as good fortune
were fairly poured upon the Celtic fol
lower of Mohammed
Being the only European dervish
ever seen in the kingdom of the Shah
Moores fame sonn reached the royal
palace He was sent for by the favor
ite wife of the Persian ruler who talk
ed with him and then recommended
to the Shah that he be engaged as
Maulum Makahsus or chief tutor to he
royal family This exalted job Henry
Moore says he held for a periodof five
years He was also given the title of
sertib or colonel in the persiari army
arfd other favors were heaped upon
him by the shah
One day upon finding that the young
princess could read and write English
the shah gave Sertib Moore an order- -on
his minister instructing that officer 4
to confer upon the white man an estate
and a pension for life The minister
refused to cive him either estate or
pension and Moore told one of his roy
al pupils abot his reception whereup
on the young prince told his father
The haughty minister Moore declares
uas packed off at once to a remote nart
of Persia under sealed orders1 to drink
hemlock when he reached his destina
enemies then sprang up about hin
seeking has life he says He obtained
permission to go on a pilgrimage to
Mecca as a substitute for the shah and
having converted his wealth into 3800C
worth of diamonds he set out on the
trip intending never to return to Te
heran From Mecca he made his way
hank to the United States in 1S32 and
soonllbst most of his money in Rocky
mountain mining Then he tried Aus
tralia again naet with more bad luck
and Turned up here a year ago old and
with but little cash He hasnonenow
Moore seems to believe his own storyV
3an Francisco- Chronicle - l
TheNew Honev
Honey is enjoying renewed favor
Men of wealth andleisure are testing
and experimenting wfth the different
kinds of honey and wrinkling their
brows over the problem of producing
what seems to them the most desirable
flavor Curing the coming summer
For the bee is no longer allowed to
pursue his own sweet peregrinations
and sip the nectar of -flowers wher t
ever he chooses Honey made jn this
promiscuous way is much too ordinary
His actions are restricted and guided
As a result such honey as never was
tasted before is tickling the palates of
many It is the white sweet clover
flavor that has gained favor with the
epicure he goes systematically to work
rto produce it and plants a large plot
of ground perhaps half an acre with
this particular kind of clover He has
it carefully kept from weeds or any
other variety of clover that might en
deavor to find a footing there Tne
who i bed is inclosed and roofed with
t fine wire netting and the beehives are
then placed within the inclosure Froxi
the bees life therefore the spice ol
variety is plucked and try as he will
he can produce none other than white
sweet clover honey In flavor it is very
delicate and almost white in color
Yellow sweet clover honey Is pre
ferred by others The flavor is slight
stronger than that made from th
white variety and its color is a deep
yellow Then there is the honey thai
is made from thistles and milkweeds
it is amusing to hear producers of such
flavors tell of their tribulations in mak
ing these wayward plants grpw within
their restriction Some of the wild flow
er honey is almost black in color and
the flavor is certainly very different
from what it was in the days when
honey was honey and that fact settled
the question It is almost verging on
the indiscreet to mention buckwheat
honey nowadays although it is -still ac
knowledged to have wonderful staying
Acetylene gas as is generally known
Is produced by moistening calcium car
bide with water Some idea of itsex
tensive use will be gathered when it is
is learned that there is being erected
at Niagara Falls a plant for the
facture of calcium carbide which wi7
have an output of 100 tons a day Flec
rical energy equivalent to 250C horse -power
will be required tooperate IC