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For President W J BRYAN
For E
9100 Per Year in Ad vane
Entered at the Post office at Valentine Cherrj
eountv Nebraska as Second class matter
This paper will be mailed regularly
to its Bubacribers until a definite order
to discontinue is received and all ar
rears are paid in full
For Governor TV AYOYNTER Boone
For Secretary ol Stato C V 3VOBODA How
ForTreaaurer 8 H HOWARD Holt
For Auditor TnEODORE GRIESS Clay
For Commissioner nfrubllc Lands and Build-
ingS r J OAli C 1 oauuuci a
For Superintendent of Public Initmclion C F
BECK unit
For Presidential Electors
Silver Republican
L N WEN TE Democrat Lancaster
JAMES HUGHES Democrat Colfax
JOHN H FELBER Populist Cedar
WILLIAM H GARRETT Populistriielps
W G SWAN Populist Johnson
PETER EBBESON Populist Howard
For Member of Congress Sixth District
WM NEVILLE North Platte
For State Senator Fourteenth District
County Ticket
For County Attorney A M MORRISSEY
For Commissioner or First District
W E HALibti
For Commissioner of Third District
Reports multiply that as a last des
perate expedient the trusts and the
money power controlling the indus
tries of the country propose to adopt
again the methods used before for the
coercion of the people by bringing on
just prior to the election a panic
This done and it can easily be done by
the industrial and financial agencies
which Mark Hanna typifies the cry
will be raised by the Et publican news
papers and speakers that the panic is
wholly due to apprehension of the suc
cess of the Democratic party at the
polls and that only hy McKinleys re
election can prosperity be regained
No long political memory is needed to
recall the success with which this game
was played to force the repeal of the
Sherman purchase law in 1893 True
in accomplishing their object the fi
nanciers nearly bankrupted themselves
and might have -wholly bankrupted
themselves had not a supine and un
faithful secretary of the treasury and
comptroller of the currency allowed
the New York Banks to violate every
portion of the national bank act and to
continue in business for weeks while
admitting bankruptcy by refusing to
pay their depositors
Tcdaf after 4 years of McKinleyism
the monopolies of money and of indus
try are vastly stronger than they were
in 93 or in 96 In 96 individual em
ployers coerced their workmen by de
claring that they would shut down
their plants if Bryan were elected
Today one man sitting in a gorgeous
office on Broad or Wall streets New
York can send a little notice to the
thousands of employes of twenty or
forty formerly independent factories
now welded into one under nis control
In 96 the banks were an organized
coherent and conscienceless force for
the coercion of their customers To
day there are few small banks and
more big ones The process of consol
idation has proceeded there as in other
industrial enterprises so that again a
word spoken from Hew York at the
behest of the few men can shake the
financial system of the entire nation
The devices which were tried so sue
cessfully in 93 and again in 96 will
not improbably be attempted again
If it succeeds there is no reason why
time after time our national elections
should uot turn on the whim of a few
millionaire monopolists That would
be equivalent to the end of the Repub
lican form of government It is for
the people of this country to prepare to
meet this lipe of political warfare
Let them bear in mind that though
there was promised an immediate era
of prosperity after aiciunieys elec
tion there followed a period of multi
plied bankruptcies checked only by
- natural and not political forces The
financiers may threaten and the trusts
bUU dOZe but they cannot permanent
ly crash down the industries of the
nation without themselves falling be
neath the iums Their worst will be
done prior to the election If the peo
ple take the reins of government into
their own hands there will be no op
pqftufaity fpr successful repetition of
o eSS to C8A whol0flaU
About Governs Poynters Alleged Par
don of Cattle Thieves
Republican pabrrs in the western
part of the state are using certain reso
lutions passed by the Western stock-
growers Association against Governor
Poynter for pardpning as republi
cans term it a man by the name of
Edward E Catron convicted and sen
tenced to the penitentiary for cattle
stealing The facts in the case are
widely differeut from that as reported
by republicans and instead of p rdon
ing Catron Governor Poynter simply
paroled him for two months and
twenty two days until his sentence ex
pired The real facts in the case are
these Catron was convicted of grand
larceny December 30 1896 and sen
tenced to a term in the penitentiary of
seven years After serving a portion
of his time Governor Holcomb com
muted the sentence to five years which
giving him the benefit of good time
will make his sentence expire the 30th
day of September 1900 On July 8
1900 Governer Pqynter granted Ca
tron a conditional parole
From this it will be seen that al
though petitioned by 122 persons one
half of whom are engaged in cattte
raising in the southern part of Sheri
dan and northern part of Duel coun
ties including eleven jurors in the
case Governer Poynter did not pardon
or commute the sentence of Catron one
day or hour but siutly granted him a
parole for tAvo months and twenty two
days which parole provided in distinct
terras that Catron was not to leave the
confines of Lancaster county under any
circumstandes This parole was grant
ed in order that Catron mignt earn
something towards the support of his
wife and children who were in destitute
From this statement of facts it is dif
ficult to see therein the governor has
in any way laid himself liable to the
criticism of the Stockgrowers Associa
tion or any one else Republicans are
endeavoring to make cattlemen believe
that it was Poynter who commuted
Catrons sentence to five years and al
tnough they cannot help but be cogniz
ant of the untruthfulness of the asser
tion they nevertheless keep circulating
this lie in the hopes of injuring Gover
nor Poynter with people who are un
famifiar with all the facts
The Republican platform of 1900 is
absolutely silent concerning the old
soldiers There is not one solitary
word in their behalf and it is suspected
that in the costly pursuit of foreign
w ars of conquest the Republican party
foresees the necessity of economy in
the direction of pension expenditures
There is ground for believing that
the party of imperialism is preparing
to make the old soldiers pay for the
war of subjugation in the Philipines
Yet the Republican party has as
serted a rigorousclaim upon the votes
of the old soldiers It has sought to
exp loit them and has exploited them
in the interests of monopolies and
trusts and it has lost no opportunity to
brand the Democrats as enemies of the
m en who fought to preserve the union
and to wipe out the unutterable curse
of slavery
However the Republican platform
is now silent and William McKinley
writes columns in a letter of accep
tance without a single line or even a
single word referring to the soldiers of
the union He was too busy defending
his war of conquest to offer a word of
assurance to them that they are tcbe
dealt with justly and liberally by a
grateful government
The Democratic platform is in hap
py contrast with that of the Republi
cans We arevprotfd of courage and
fidelity of the American soldiers and
sailors in all our warsv it says we
favor liberal pensions to them and
t heir dependents and we reiterate the
position taken in the Chicago platform
in 1896 that the fact of enlistment and
service shall be deemed conclusive evi
dence against disease and disability
I before enlistment
And Mr Bryan in his letter of ac
ceptance declares that a liberal policy
is natural and necessary in a govern
ment which depends upon a citizen sol
diery instead of a large standing army
Self interest as well as gratitude com
pels the government to make bountiful
provision for those who in the hour of
danger and at great sacrifice of busi
ness heatth and life tender their
services to their country
He therefore demands that the pen
sion laws shall be generously construed
in the spirit which prompted their pas
sage and he makes it plain that in
the event of his election he will not
search out another Henry Clay Evans
to be his pension commissioner
TMstime the republicans offer the
wagworkers a full dinner pail next
time they will offer them a full trough
and the next time they will tell them
to root hog or die Nebraska indepen
The effect upon wages of annexing
countries overrunning with the cheap
est kind of labor is evident enough to
anyone who will consider the question
dispassionately but perhaps a brief
account of what I have seen with my
own eyes in Egypt niujT serve to illus
trate it We hear a great deal of the
political benefits conferred by the Bri
tish government upon the Egj ptians
but little or nothing is said of the in
dustrial results of expansion and yot
these results are the most important
Some years ago while I was living in
Egypt I visited one of the cotton mills
at Mansourah the commercial centre
of the cotton region These mills are
owned by English French and Ger
man capitalists and operated by native
labor In the main room of the fac
tory the air was so thick with cotton
dust that I found it difficult to breathe
A row of Arab girls of 12 or 13 years of
age were standing there before a series
ot tubs manipulating the raw cotton
Whatare the hours of labor of these
girls asked the foreman who
was acting asv my guide
From 4 oclock in the morning to 6
oclock at night with an intermission
for dinner he answered
And what is the pay V
Twelve and a half cents a day
I could bardly believe that and the
next time I met the English manager
of one of these mills I cross ques
tioned him on the subject
Is it true I asked that you work
your girls from 4 vntil 6 for 12 cents
a day
Yes he said rather reluctantly
I didnt quite like it when I first
weut to Mansourah but the girls dontt
seem to mind it
Dont mind 14 hours work a day
I cried
Oh that is not all he replied
When we are busy they stay over
from 6 till 10 oclock in the evening
and we pay them an extra piastre 2h
or 5 cents and sometimes young moth
ers come with the babes at the breast
and put them down on the floor in the
corner and go to work with the rest
And all this mind you in an atmos
phere you can almost cut with a knife
so thick is it with cotton
One thing has saved Egypt and that
is the absence of coal It costs too
much to bring it there for it to pay to
introduce factories on a large scale
But there is plenty of coal in the Phil
ippines Coal can be had at the en
trance of the nines in Japan for 13
cen ts a ton I am informed and it will
be as cheap in the Philippines With
coal at this price with boys and girls
ready to work for 12 cents a day
what is to prevent the immediatcflow
of American capital to these islands
and the inauguration of a competition
such as we haVe never known before
Either wages will fall here to the 12 -cent
level or our factories will be
moved bodily to our new possessions
and our workingmen left to starve
Ernest H Crosby in the American
It was Matthew Stanley Quay of
Pennsylvania when chairman of the
republican national committee who
adopted what has since been known
the blocks of five system of
ation It consisted in dividing the vo
ters off in groups of five and then as
signing a worker to each group The
kMf nlllo ifinirulcutlnn itritl
0 i ivjutwi vuiiiuffliuuu im
A PoicTrfer Mill Bxptoaton
Removes everything in sight so do
drastic mineral pills but both are
mighty dangerous No need to dyna
mite your body when Dr Kings New
Life Pills do the work so easily -and
Recently the Chicago Inter Ocean a j
McKinley organ had an editorial en- I
titled God Bless the Flag On this
occasion the Inter Ocean said
On the niarcR toward Shiloh the
young color sergeant -who has lived to
write thesa lines noticed that General
Willinm Nelson always muttered to
himself when he passed the flag One
da the regimental adjutant was talk
ing to the sergeant when- the gruff old
soldier parsed by As the general sal
uted the flag he spoke to himself as us
ual in a low tone The adjutant
thought himself adressed and called
I did not understand General
What did you say
Go to h 1 sir came the reply like
a shot I said God bless the flag
Amen said the sergeant and the
adjutant as the general passed on
When on next Tuesday the veterans
of the greatest war iu history march
through Chicago streets every man
whether veteran recruit or civilian
should say with as he looks up
to this republics banner on which to
day the sun never sets God bless
the flag And every true American
man woman or child should respond
with a heartfelt Amen
This is a beautiful sentiment It is
a sentiment to which every sincere Am
erican must give cordial indorsement
Of all the flags of the world the Amer
ican flag is the most beautiful When
one compares that flag with the emb
lem of other nations he must be im
pressed with the thought that it was
not mere accident that ours is the most
beautiful emblem of them all It
could not have betm mere accident
that enabled the constructors of our
flag to make it one of unrivaled beauty
How did it happen that on that flag
the representative of each state was
like the bright morning star above
and the stars upon it were beams of
morning light How did it happen
that in the construction of that flag
the things and the colors that were
nearest to heaven the colors and the
things to which God seemed most par
tial were chosen in the preparation of
that emblem of the free
It cannot be doubted that the same
inspiration that during our colonial
period prompted men to write truths
that would last from generation to
generation suggested the selection
of a banner that was entirely in keep
ing with those principles
Beautiful as it is the American flag
apart from the principles it has always
represented would be merely a painted
rag Apart from the principles it has
always represented the American flag
beautiful as it is would not serve as
an inspiration either to soldiers in bat
tle or to the thoughtful civilian in the
ordinary walks of life
God bless the flag is a sentiment
to which every patriotic American must
give cordial indorsement Not the
piece of painted bunting but the flag
as the representative of principles that
can never die as long as God reigns
God bless the flag May it not
long float over a subject people
God bless the flag May it not
long float over territory where human
beings are in slavery and where pur
chase rather than the constitution is
the method of emancipation
God bless the flag May it not
long float over a laud where the bill of
rights is granted to one section and de
nied to another
God bless the flag May it not
long float over a land where the sub
lime truths of the Declaration of Inde
pendence are trimmed to suit the
i encies of the occasion
God bless the flag May it not
plan worked admirably and Quay was
long float oyer a land where the popu
rpo nrdefl as the most efficient campaign i a i -
organizer in the country until Mark
Hanna displaced him four years ago
It appears however that even Iiauna
has been forced to adopt the method of
Quay and the process of organizing
the voters into blocks of five is now
in progress in Nebraska Take Cherry
County for instance the local republi
can committees furnished the name of
every voter -so far as they have been
able to secure it to the Republican
state committee The State Committee
then prepared a list of -five names and
sends the list to some person designat
ed bv the local committee as a worker
who can be relied upon The worker
receiv ng the list of five names is di
rected to call upon these five voters and
labor with them to vote the republican
ticket and report to the state committee
the result of his labors If he fails to
win the voter over the name is sent to
another worker who waits upon the
yoter Of course the voter is not
aware that he is being interviewed by
a representative of the state commit
tee but imagines that his
having a
neighbor is
him The Democrats and Populists
ought to be on their guard against
these workers who go about with their
lists of five in their inside pocket
iar judgment is suuea ana wnere tne
trusts rule
God bless the
May it not
long float over a land where the poli
cies of Mark Hanna have been substi
tuted for the principles of Abraham
Lincoln It would be blasphemy to
say God bless the flag if the benefits
which the flag represents are enjoyed
by the strong and denied to the weak
World Herald
Aurora Register We would be will
ing to subscribe 5 to have Roosevelt
visit Aurora if he would only tell that
T i - tr
story about having the heroism
bov because the latter was about to
steal a maverick for his benefit and
then swell out and say what we need
for public positions is men of undaunt
Wm Neville is a true renresentative
of the common people and his earnest eacn precinct
j work for them Las won for himself the
i resuect and admiration of every citizen
in western
Nebraska If we do our
-perfectly Cures headacheconstipatnn whrle duty we will double the majority-
Only 28 cents at Elliotts Dtug Stote i 2 given it eVUio Crate ytftT agtt -
One hundred and fifty thousand
desperate men made so by the fight
for existence undier the rule of the
trusts which our syndicated adminis
tration has fostered as a loving mother
would her child have quit work in
Khe coal helds of Pennsylvania for
they say they may as well starve with
out work as to enslave themselves in
the mines and then starve There is
good and sufficient reason for these
men rebelling against the conditions
they are living under if one may
call such an existence life The fol
lowing ta en from the National
Watchman shows that the full dinner
pail in the coal regions of Pennsyl
vania is a delusion and a snare and
snows why it is so
The miners of the coal regions are
striking because the trusts have so
raised the cost of living that the men
cannot support life on theirVages
This great multitude of toilers deserve
tho sympathy and support of etf ery
good man and woman in the United
Nearly every Republican newspaper
has given evidence of the coldness with
which the trusts and their allies have
met the protest and appeal of the des
perate mineworkers The cruelest ele
ment in the whole scene is the light
tone of scorn adopted by the organs of
the coal trust
We are getting no more wages now
than when living was cheap The trusts
are the curse of our lives The flour
trust has raised the price of flour from
215 to 275 a bag You see that
flour costs us about a third moie than
it did a year ago The sugar trust fias
raised the price of sugar from five cents
to seven cents a pound Theres an ad
vance in our expenses of 40 per cent
We have to use sugar The Standard
Oil Company has sent the retail price
of oil from lJ cents to 15 cents a gal
lon Thats just a quarter more We
must have oil to light the house at
night The beef trust has raised
the price of poorest steak from
12 to 16 cents a pound Soup meai
has gone from 9 to 14 cents a pound
a raise of more than 50 percent Veal
was twelye cents a pound it is now
16 cents Ham has raised from eleven
to fifteen cents a pound Crackers
have doubled five cents a pound be
fore ten cent a pound now We useu
to gee three cans of condensed milk foi
twenty five cents and we only get two
now Shoes are 30 per cent dearer
Rubber boots could be bought for 225
a pair a year ago They cost 325
now The rubber trust did that
When you come to coal why last year
we could buy stove coal for 1 50 a ton
and chestnut coal for 1 a ton This
year are have to pay 250 for each
These are the reasons for the great
coal strike Increase in living expen
ses 60 per cent Increase in wages 0
J H Edmisten vice chairman of the
National Committee of the Peoples
Party is after Mark Hanna for a joint
debate on the leading issues of this
campaign As a preliminary Chair
man EdmJsten asks Mark a few perti
nent questions We would like to
hear how the nursemaid of the trusts
would answer the following which
are among the number asked
Do you regard the treaty which the
president through General Bates ne
gotiated with the sultan of Sulu as
wise just and American in its spirit
If so do you believe in retusing a con
gressional seat to an occidental polyg
amist and paying a salary ut of the
American treasury to an oriental
polygamistto keep up his harem
Is it not a fact that under the terms
of the aforementioned treaty a slave
can buy his freedom tor the market
value now about 20
How long do you think it will take
a man workinfor nothing to save up
20 to buy his freedom
Can you explain to the satisfaction
of the miners wlio are now out of em
ployment by forced conditions why it
is that you coiild receive of the govern
ment 650 per ton for coal under gov
ernment contract and thev have star-
rugged honesty to discharge his cow- vaiion prices and forced out of employ
We think Marcushe will make thee
look like thirty cnts if thou shouldst
joust with him
ed courage and unswerving integrity
Why does he not insist on the cashier-
ingofMark Hanna and the Standard McKinleyites are so thoroughly
Oil Contributors to their campaign alarmed that they no longer try to con
fund on the ground if they would ceal from their voters the dangers
steal for the Republican party they whicu threaten the complete overthrow
would steal trom it of tle republican party Mark Hanna
has given up Kentucky Maty land In
Our republican friends realize that diana aud Delaware and tells his audi
tors that New York Ohio and
when Moses Illinois
the time is not yet come
shall represent the Sixth Congressional aro extremely doubtful In despera
national tion thev wiU mate an attempt to win
district in our congress Judge
over lo uieir bIutJ Ioin or nvp voies m
Let every Bryan man
ask himself tliis question Am I con
sidered one of the dead easy ones in
my precinct
Kememoer tne j aates or tne races mv
1 Menkosfcave
know that a good
Razor Strop is ne
cessary to keep -a
keen edge on a raz
or la fact it is
impossible to keep
a razor sharp with
a poor strop We
just received a line
of the Readyforuse
Ready use
strops We be-
lieve they are the
best made Come
m and examine
Valenlme Nebiaska
To those who would cry out against
the policies of the Peoples Independ
ent Party of Nebraska should not fail
to recall some of the past history of our
state Under republican rule which
reigned supreme until six years ago
dishonest officials and avaricious un-
principled leaders came near bringing
our state to ruin and forever destroying
her credit at home and abroad They
looted our state treasury to the tune of
over half a million dollars and brought
state warrants down to 94 per cent In
stead of ruining our beloved state the
peoples party has made her the grand
est among our sisterhood of forty five
States nd has improved her credit un
til today state warrants are worth over
100 cents and are always selling readily
at a premium A vote for Governor
Pynter is a vote to continue an honest
patriotic administration
The present syndicate administra
tion and its satellites call all who are
not with them in their mad rush for a
throne for Mac traitors And the
whooping fire breathing irresistable
saved the day- at-San-Juan candidate
for second place on the throne with
Mac had the unadulterated gall to say
that all democrats were Traitors at
home and cowards abroad We
call the attention of this slanderer of
some of the best men in this country to
the yellow streak displayed by one
Hay who fearful that we would
have trouble with the republic destroy
erEnglandhauled down the stars
and stripes in a country where it had
peacefully waved for thirty years we
mean Alaska Who was the coward
and the traitor in this case
Am I one to whom the trusts and
millionaires are looking to to perma
nently establish their power Am I
the one who will help bear the respon
sibility of having enslayed ten million
people whose qualifications for freedom
are best shown by their willingness to
give up their lives for it These are
questions for the voters to consider A
vote for Bryan is a vote for home and
the principles which have made us the
foremost nation in the world
Mr Isaac Newton Russell of Newton
met with a fatal accident Friday Sept
14th while returning from Cody
where he had been with his son George
for lumber to rebuild his house burned
last May
Mr Russell was born near Toledo
Ohio Oct 8 1847 and
was 52 years
11 months and 6 days old at his death
He moved to Cherry
county with his
lamily in the 80s and has been very
successfully engaged in the stock busi
ness ahd owned one of the finest
ranches m the northwest
stocked with
choice cattle and
horses A most
highly esteemed neighbor
A man
of exceptional habits
and char
acter but 0f a very retiring disposi
respected by all as
hewas the community is stunned by
his sudden and violent death
tend their deepest
sympathy to the be-
Russells funeral was nnnn
with Episcopal services from his home
and was very largely attended bon
Uauu xdtner and broth
Euaora J Russell
iUtfy oijtcussell
Albert B Russell
- George E Russell
Myrtle M Russell
x Adelialnscho
Adolphus Inscho
O OS JO K 02e T dae So
lO ITVMn -
I Ineqf each month 3SI
fitatlon is extended t1 alTViciS a A wrtiSif
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