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Cablegrams from Consul Gootlnow
Causes Officials in Washington to
liookon the Dank Side of Chinese
Washington The department of state
has received a dispatch from Consul Gen-
eral Goodnow at Shanghai saying the
governor DfVtSnan Tung wires that tho
Boxers and soldiers were bombarding
the legations for the final attack upon July
T He was extremely anxious for the safe-
tyof the ministers and friendly Chinese in
Pekin The consul adds that fears for the
worst are generally entertained
A short telegram received at the state
department on the 14tlijnst from Consul
Goodnow at Shanghai announcing the be
ginning of the final attack on the lega
tions at Pekin caused terrible depression
All along the officials have suspected
the various communications received from
Chinese sources in Shanghai have been
preparing the way for the announcement
of the extermination of the foreign min
isters their wives children attaches de
pendents and guards
Although the consuls message is but a
repetition of press reports from Shanghai
the state department has come to place a
high estimate on Goodnows advices
Moreover his advices this time is from a
i Chinese government official and it is hard
to conceive of an adequate reason for fal
sification of facts by that official in the di
rection of this particular report
Therefore the department has joined the
European chancellors in the belief that
all the ministers at Pekin have been killed
British Force vNear Pretoria Suffer
a Serious Defeat
London Lord Roberts reports to the
war office under date of Pretoria July 12
as follows
The enemy having failed in their at-
tacks upon our right rear as mentioned in
j my telegram of JulyD made a determined
attack upon our right flank yesterday and
I regret to -cay succeeded in capturing
Nitrals nek which was garrisoned by 200
men composed of a squadron of Scots
Greys with two guns of Battery F Royal
Artillery and five companies of the Lin
colnshire regiment
The enemy attacking in superior num
bers at dawn and seizingjthe hills com
manding the nek brought a heavy gun
i fire to bear upon the small garrison The
fighting lasted more or less throughout the
day and immediately on receiving infor
mation of the enemys strength I dis
patched reinforcements from here under
Col Godfrey of the Kings Own Scottish
borderers Before however they reached
the spot the garrison had been overpow
ered and the guns aud a greater portion of
the squadron of the Greys had been cap
tured o ing to the horses being shot also
about ninety men of the Lincoln regiment
List of thecasualties has not been received
but I fear they are heavy
Bryan Will Hear of His Nomination
at Indianapolis Aug 8
Washington William Jennings Bryan
and Adlai E Stevenson will be formally
notified of their selection as the presidential
and vice presidential nominees of the
Democratic party on Wednesday Aug 8
-at Indianapolis Information to this
effect was received by Representative
Richardson of Tennessee chairman
of the Democratic congressional com
mittee from Senator Jones the national
chairman Richardson will make the
speech of notification to Mr Bryan and
Gov Thomas of Colorado that notifying
Mr Stevenson It js -expected that the
notification vill be made the occasion of a
large popular demonstration similar to
that at Madison Square Garden in New
York city four years ago
Man Who Liooted Storm Lake Ex
press Office Caught in Chicago
Cnicago O H Dillon was arrested
here charged with being one of the bur
glars who robbed the American Ex
press Company at Storm Lake Iowa of
blank orders that could be filled out to
the aggregate of 20000 Dillon with his
companion came to Chicago July 10
and obtained employment as a telegraph
operator Dillons companion escaped
Orders aggregating 300 made out on some
stolen blanks led to Dillons arrest
Powers Attorney Injured
Georgetown Ky Ex Congressman W
C Owens of the defense in the Powers case
was ssverely injured by falling over
an embankment in trjing to avoid an ap
proaching street car He was also struck
by the car and his injuries are such that he
will be laid up for some time
v -
Ncgrb liynched in Alahama
BirminghamAla At Cresswell
bCounlyfohymiles east of here John
shot and killed ETMartin a laborer Jen
nings wasatrested and was taken from the
officers by a mob
Big Range Fire in Montana
Billings Montf A disastrous range fire
is raging on Bull Mountain Railroads
Creek and Pomeroys Pillar on the north
side of the TeHawstohellivar A late report-says
that twenty headforses be
longing to J Mllmsey4of this city were
caught and burnelf Vast flocks are in
great danger - V w V
Famous Musician Frozen to Death
Berlin Herr Joseph Baun of Hamburg
well known in musical circles was frozen
to death while climbing the Schneeberg
McKinley and Roosevelt Formally
Notified of Nomination
Canton O Chairman Lodge and the
members of the notification committee to
gether with Chairman Hanna and mem
bers of the national committee arrived
shortly after 11 oclock on the 12th insfc
from Cleveland They entered carriages
and were driven to the presidents house
where the president and Mrs McKinley
welcomed them from the front porch
There were a number of distinguished men
on the porch including Hanna Postmas
ter General Smith Cornelius S Bliss
Henry C Payne and Judge Day
Senator Lodge immediately mounted a
small standing block and delivered his
speech The senators remarks were fre
quently interrupted with applause When
Lodge closed McKinley mounted the stand
and delivered his speech of acceptance
amid much applause The president was
followed by Senator Fairbanks of Indiana
who pledged the vote of that state for Mc
Kinley He was followed by Senator
Hanna and Postmaster General Smith
Oyster Bay N Y Gov Roosevelt was
officially notified of his nomination for
vico president at his country home at Sag
amore near here July 12 The notifica
tion committee left New York on a special
train at 1030 and made a quick run to
Oyster Bay Here carriages were taken
the party reaching the destination at noon
Roosevelt received them on a wide vine
covered porch grasping the hand of each
gentleman as he alighted and then intro
ducing them to Mrs Roosevelt
Shortly after 12 Senator Wolcott called
the committee to the porch and read the
formal notification When Wolcott had
concluded the governor delivered his
speech of acceptance At the conclusion
of Roosevelts remarks the party was pho
tographed luncheon was served and at
115 the party started to return New
White Secretary of Freedmens Aid
Society Tenders Resignation
Cincinnati Ohio At the last meeting
of the Freedmens Aid and Southern Edu
cation Society a benevolent organization
connected with the Methodist Episcopal
Church a heated discussion arose over the
resignation of Rev W n Rees of West
wood assistant secretary It is understood
that the reason for the resignation was the
fact that the general conference at its re
cent session had placed a negro Rev
M C B Mason in charge as chief sec
retary in place of Bishop Hamilton the
former secretary Some criticism of the
action of the conference was made but
the resignation of Mr Rees was accepted
after a motion to sustain the position of
Secretary Mason had been carried
Do Not Look with Favor Upon At
tempts to Civilize Them
Sol way Minn The blanket Indians at
Red Lake are in a sullen mood and trouble
is feared The government is ereoting a
SO000 school at that point and and these
Indians seriously object to any attempts at
civilizing ihem They have refused an
nuities from the government for a number
of years claiming that the government
has not given them their just portion
of the Indian money White settlers near
the reservation are arming themselves and
gathering togetherfearing an attack- Arms
and ammunition have been sent from Sol
way and a call will probably be made for
state troops The Indians are holding war
dances nightly
Does Not Think Gold Democrats
Should Make Nominations
Louisville Ky Gen Simon Bolivar
Buckner who was Gen Palmers running
mate on the national Democratic gold
ticket in 1895 has come out against the
nomination of a ticket this year Gen
Buckner favors adopting a platform de
nouncing free silver and not nominating a
ticket leaving the gold Democrats free to
vote as they choose
in St Louis
Demonstrations against the
transit cars and their partons occured in
various parts of the city Wednesday night
A boy was assaulted after he had alighted
from the car and was stoned into insen
sibility Stones were thrown at a number
of cars and in several instances explosives
were placed upon the tracks No one was
seriously hurt and the damage to the cars
was slight
Hotel Rates Arc Too High
Chicago Chicago has a chance to lose
the Democratic national headquarters
National committeemen say the hotels
have put rates up out of reach Chairman
Jones says emphatically that the location
of headquarters has not yet been decided
upon Columbus O has been bidding
for the headquarters and may win unless
the committee finds suitable quarters here
Placer Discovery Near Milliard
Evanston Wyo The people of this
place are excited over a placer discovery
in the vicinty of Hilliard The strike was
made at the depth of a few feet and the
dirt runs about 200 in gold 50 in silver
and a trace of copper to the ton About
twelve claims had been staked off when
the messenger with the report left Hilliard
Forest Fires at Boulder Creek
Boulder Creek Cal A fire that1 was
started west of here on July 4 Jjy a fire
balloon is still raging Thousands of acres
of timber have been destroyed and there
does not seem much probability that it will
be soon gotten under control Twenty
five or thirty families who were camping
at Brendleton have had to leave
Boating Accident
Chicago While attempting to change
seats in a rowboat two young women and
a young man were drownedin the lagoon
in Washington Park The dead are Olio
F Morey Nellie Guenther
and Annie
Society BoytJoftsAstor
London The Prince and Princess of
Wales have both given the word and the
rest of society is only too willing to put
some tucks in William Waldorf Astors
social ambitions -
Allies at Tien Tsln Hard
by the Chinese
Washington A message from Admiral
Remey to the war department dated Che
Foo July 11 says Have just learned
from Admiral Seymour that the foreigners
in Tien Tsln are hard pressed
London A Shanghai dispatch on the
11th says Fighting at Tien Tsln on the
6th was the heaviest which has yet occur
red the Russians alone burying 200 The
allies are becoming exhausted by constant
Berlin The German consul at Tien
Tsin cables that the foreign settlements
were continually bombarded by- tbV Chi
nese from the 5th to the 8th On the 6th
2000 Boxers attacked tho French settle
ment and were routed by the Russians
On the 7th the British and Japanese forces
bombarded the Chinese batteries Chinese
shells penetrated the roof of the German
consulate causing an outbreak of fire
which was extinguished after slight dam
age The railroad from Tong Ku has been
repaired to within three miles from Tien
Tsin Nearly all the families of foreign
residents left Tien Tsin for Taku on
the 4th
Passenger Train on Illinois Central
Robbed in Kentucky
Paducah Ky The Illinois Centrals
passenger train from New Orleans to Chi
cago was held up and robbed Wednesday
morning two miles south of Wiokliffe
The train was flagged and stopped by six
bandits After knocking the fireman in
the head with a revolver and injuring him
badly they -cut off the engine and express
car and ran a mile and a half down the
road They blew open the express safe
securing all the valuables They left the
engine and car and crossed into Missouri
They dropped a package containing 700
but got away with 10000 The passen
gers were not molested An armed posse
with bloodhounds is understood to be hot
on the robbers trail
Bandits Try to Wreck a Govern
ment Gold Train
Philadelphia Accoiding to the officials
of the Baltimore and Ohia a deliberate at
tempt to wreck the Washington express
bearing 3000000 in gold to the sub
treasury in New York came near being
successful early Wednesday morning at
Folsom a short distance from this city
The train which consisted of two sleepers
two day coaches and three baggage cars
going at a high rate of speed ran into an
open switch The engine and baggage car
were derailed No one was injured An
examination of the switch disclosed the
fact that it had been tampered with for the
apparent purpose of wrecking the train
Detectives have been placed on the case
Odell Claims the Story Is Based on
a Trilling Matter
Newburgh N Y Chairman Odell of
the Republican state committee said
Wednesday concerning the alleged plot to
assassinate McKinley
I have nothing to say up the subject ex
cept I made an investigation with a state
committee detective on the line of what I
supposed to be political information and
discovered either a crank or a Baron Mun
chausen and acted on the principle that an
ounce of prevention is worth a pound of
cure It is probable my report to Secre
tary Dick is the cause for the extra care
now being taken of the president I regret
someone has been indiscreet enough to
make of a trifling matter the gigantic plot
exposed in the papers
Cholera Spreading Rapidly
Simla Cholera has appeared in severe
epidemic form at Kohat twenty five miles
south of Peshawur Two hundred and
five cases and seventy seven deaths oc
curred among the sepojs and camp follow
ers between July 2 and July 9
France Votes More Money
Paris The chamber of deputies and
senate have voted an additional 14500000
francs for the purpose of carrying on
Frances operations in China
Sioux City Cattle common to prime
S200050 boss L07K500 sheep
223700 wheat 54s corn 8031c oats
2022c butter dairy 1410 creamery
Chicago Cattle common to prime
300 to G0 hogs shipping grades
300 to 340 sheep fair to choice 300
to 475 wheat No 1 red 7Sc to SOc
corn No 2 43c to 44c oats No 2 23c
to 24c rye No 2 J5Gc to 5Sc butter
choice creamery 17e to 19c eggs fresh
9c to lie new potatoes 37c to 40c per
Indianapolis Cattle shipping 300 to
S3G5 hogs choice light 500 to 333
sheep common to prime 300 to 450
wheat No 2 SOc to Sic corn No 2
white 43c to 44c oats No 2 white
27c to 2Sc
St Louis Cattle 323 to S3G5 boss
to 345 sheep 300 to
wheat No 2 7Sc to SOc corn
e i rf
No 2
yellow 41c to 43c oats No 2 25c
2Ge rye No 2 5Gc to 3Sc
Cincinnati Cattle 250 to 323 hogs
300 to 350 sheep 250 to 400
wheat No 2 Sic to S2c corn No 2
mixed 43c to 47c oats No 2 mixed 2Gc
to 27 rye No 2 Glc to G2c
Detroit Cattle 250 to 375 hogs
3X0 to 350 sheep 300ctb 475
wheat No 2 S2cto S3cQorn No 2
vollow 4Gc to 47c oats No 2white 2Gc
to 2Sc rye CVtt Gle 4
Toledo Wheat No 2 mixed S3c to
S3c corn No 43c to 4Gc oats1
No 2 mixed 24c to 23c rye No 2 5S
to GOc clovpfseed prime 310 to 350
Milwaukee Wheat No 2 northern
79c to SOc corn No 3 43c to 45c bats
No 2 white 27c to 2Sc rye No 1 GOc
to G2c barley No 2 4Gc to 4Sc pork
rnessiajOOto 1250
4 UuffaiSCanie choice shipping steers
300 to 570 hogs fair to prime 300
to 573 sheep fair to choice 323 tS
475 lambs common to extra 350 to
ew York Cattle 325 to 5S0 hogs
300 to G00 sheep 300 to 490
wheat No 2 red SSc to SOc corn No 2
50c to 51c oats No 2 white 30c to 31c
butter creamery 16c to 20c eggs west
ere 13c to 15c -
Peculiar Sect Again Disturbing tho
Tranquility of Gretna People
Figgites Resuming Their Old
Practices -I J -
Ever since the FiggitemeJ with the ap
plication of tar andfeatliers a feVf months
ago near Gretna they have seemedto be in
a lethargic state but during thpastten
days they have showed symptoms of as
sembling and resuming their old time tac
tics Sunday afternoon Mrs Bert Dona
hue went to Gretna and proceeded to give
the old time and familiar war janCe and
war wfaoop of the Figgite tribe She
danced and shouted until exhausted and
then subsided and went down to the Figg
abode In the morning Mrs Hanna
another of the sect went to the
Christian Church and told the Sunday
school teachers that they were of the
world and the devil was in them She
said that the Lord had sent her there to
teach the Sunday school teachers the ways
of righteousness After several minutes
of wild and incoherent talk she went out
Last week a lot of Gretna boys went down
to the Figg place to play with the children
there Mrs Figg who claims to be in
charge of the holy ghost told the town
boys that they must go home as the Lord
did not allow any wicked and deyilish
children to play with her boys
Go back she cried and slay there
My children are too good to play with
The children ran home nearly frightened
to death
Mrs Bert Donahue is alleged to be in
sane Several times lately she has threat
ened to burn the house and barn on her
husbands farm andhasmade life a burden
for her faithful husband who is one of the
most substantial farmers around there
One day last week she had a notice from
the Lord to stay in the granary all day
She followed the bidding and lay on the
wheat from 8 a m until 5 p m without
anything to eat or drink
Mrs Browninglhas resumed her old act
ions and is about as bad as before she
went back to her husband
Section Hand Inspired by Jealousy
Attempts Murder
William Hart a young man working on
the West Point railroad section gang made
an attempt upon the life of Christina Jen
son a single woman with whom he had
kept company for some time firing five
shots at her He was promptly arrested
and placed in jail A slight scratch on the
head was the only injury the woman sus
tained The revolver had been purchased
by the man a short time before his attempt
The assault was the outcome of a quarrel
and the cause was jealousy and the refusal
of the woman to become his wife The
man was under the influence of liquor
Court Holds He Tried to Unduly
Influence Decision
The Nebraska Supreme Court has found
Editor Rosewater of the Omaha Bee guilty
of contempt of court The court held that
Rose water had sought to unduly in
fluence its recent decision in the
Omaha fire and police commission
case at which time the court was
strongly criticised in the Bee Several
weeks ago the court fined the Bee Pub
lishing Company 300 and took the editors
individual case under advisement The
decision simply finds him guilty but as
sesses no fine
Outing for Working Women
Rev Mr Ludden of Lineoln was in
Beatrice the other day to complete arrange
ments for securing Chautauqua grounds
for an outing to be given the hard working
mothers and their children of Lincoln
by D E Thompson Mr Thompson
will furnish transportation- to and
from Lincoln and Beatrice and will
furnish tents and supplies for vfsitors The
event will take place the first week in
August The only thing the visitors will
have to furnish for themselves will be bed
ding Dr Ludden stated that between
2000 and 3000 of the working women of
Lincoln would be able to talce advantage
of Mr Thompsons offer
Thieves Rob Mail Box
Unobserved by the postofiice force
diieves abstracted from the box of Frank
J Morgan treasurer for the sfate Odd
Fellows lodges all the mail in his box in
Plattsmouth amounting so far as known
to something over 1000 Among the mail
taken was a Jbox of jewelry letters con
taining drafts etc The box of jewelry
has been found and payment on drafts
stopped The theft was kept out ot print
for several days in order to give the postal
officials an opportunity to get in their
work No arrests have yet been made
Mad Dog Scare
A canine belonging to E J Perry of
Humboldt had an attack of the rabies
The animal made several futile attempts
to bite Mr Perry and other persons and
lefttown in a northerly direction snapping
at everything which came in his way
Parties have been searching for the dog to
put it out of the way but so far their ef
forts have been in vain
New Telephone Connection
The Interstate Telephone Company
with Stuart Brodie Dustui Grand Rap
ids Naper Butte Neb and Bonesleel5
b airfax and Porters Landing S D on
its line will in a few days connect at
Spencer with the Camp Dewey Telephone
Company running through Lynch to
Creigliton and other northeast Nebraska
Wahoo Jail Break-
Harris andllarnilton broke jaipat Wahco
the other night and are at large These are
the men implicated in the robbery of Jo
seph Grofes store Hamilton was tried
found guilty and sentenced to hve years in
he penitentiary Harris was to bs tried
on the reconvening of the district court
Child Attacked by Rats
A year-old-son of Mr and Mrs O W
Langhlin of Ashland was attacked by rats
while sleeping in his crib and was badly
bitten abont the face and hands His
parents who were sleeping near were
awakened by his cries or he would have
been killed
f Fire Destroys Grain
w Fjf teen acres of wheat belonging to xBr
F Rice and six acres of oats owned by M
Shoemaker located abouttwo miles east
of Fairmont were destroyed by fire re
Society Seriously Affected by Order
of Insurance Commission
The insurance commission of the state of
Nebraska has thrown a bombshell into the
ranks of the fraternal insurance societies
of the state by issuing an order summarily
suspending from work in the state all com
panies of this character chartered by tho
state of Illinois This action is taken as a
result of discrimination against Nebraska
societies by the insurance department of
the state of Illinois and it is expected to
result in the licensing of Nebraska com
panies by the Illinois commissioner
The company to be affected in the great
est degree by this order is the Modern
Woodmen of America Besides the Modern
Woodmen the Royal League the Home
Forum and several other smaller societies
are affected Copies of the order were
sent to the heads of the societies barred
from the state and it is said that under
these orders work will be suspended No
response has been received by the insur
ance department at this time and it
is believed by life insurance men that there
will be a fight made by the companies It
is said that the order of the commissioner
will leave many persons who are insured
in the suspended companies without relief
in case payments on policies are refused
as if the companies cannot do business in
the state they cannot be served with legal
notice of suits pending against them out
side the federal courts and where the
amounts at issue are less than 2000 suits
cannot be brought in those courts
Bandits Enter Missouri Pacific Sta
tion at Plattsmouth
Two bold masked bandits entered the
Missouri Pacific depot at Plattsmouth and
shoving a revolver through the ticket
window orderetLNight Operator Becker to
cough up He permitted them to enter
the office and help themselves Not know
ing the combination of the safe he could
not open it as they requested After tak
ing all the money in sight his knife and
pocketbook they accompanied him about
one mile up the track and returned his
pocketbook minus its contents and his
watch The tall man is described as wear
ing a dark coat white shirt and straw hat
The other as being heavy set and wearing
a black slouch hat and a gray suit
Grand Stand Collapses
The grand standi collapsed at Sterling
during a ball game About 800 people
were crowded into the amphitheater when
it fell Mert Shea a farmer was struck
by a falling timber and sustained a severe
fracture of the skull Mrs William Con
rad and Mrs Dr Barnes both of Tecum
seh and Leon Murdook and Joe Walms
ley two young men of Sterling were all
badly bruised but their injuries are not
A 3000000 Loan
The largest mortgage ever recorded in
the office of the register of deeds of Doug
las County was stamped and sealed at
Omaha the other day giving to the Ameri
can Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago a
trust title to the properties of the Swift
Packing Company in consideration of a
loan of 5000000 The document bore
stamps to the value of 2500
Damage by Grasshoppers
The grasshoppers are devouring the
growing crops very seriously near Cozad
In many fields the growing corn is liter
ally bending to the ground under the
weight of myriads of grasshoppers Much
fear is expressed among the farmers as to
the probable extent of their ravages
Rob Osmond Postoilice
The postoffice at Osmond was robbed the
other night The front of the safe was
blown all to pieces and the building dam
aged some by the flying pieces The rob
bers secured about 10 in cash and 100
worth of stamps and some notes aud pri
vate papers of Postmaster Leedom
Killed by the Heat
B V Minton a traveling salesman for
the Western Supply and Manufacturing
Company of Kansas City died at the Pad
dock Hotel in Beatrice of bowel complaint
after an illness df but two days The de
ceased was overcome by thelieapand was
taken sick as a result of it
Fell Off a Hand Car
Henry Sexbury of Pilger foreman of the
extra section gang now employed on the
Fremont Elkhorn and Missouri Valley
Railroad at West Point fell off a hand car
and broke his kneecap The unfortunate
man suffered great agony until relieved by
surgical care
Corn Will Break Record
Harvesting of rye and barley is about
completed around Wausa The crop is a
good average one Prospects for all other
crops were never brighter especially so is
this true of corn which is expected to
break all records
Firo Destroys Wheat Crop
Sparks frorx a neighboring straw stack
set fire to a 300 acre wheat field belonging
to John Scheve a wealthy farmer living
near Beatrice About sixiy five acres of
wheat in shock was destroaed
Nebraska Short Notes
Ben Karas an Elm Creek lad was walk
ing on a picket fence the other day when
he fell on one of the pickets An ugly
wound was inflicted in his side which re
quired half a dozen stitches to draw to
Prof Winlermger the Hartington bal
loonist who fell 100 feet from his balloon
at Lyons on the 4th is able to walk
- Corn potato and hay fields in the
ityof Hartington aresufferingfor want of
Colfax County boasts of the best crop
prospect in many years
Hoppers are tfeported to be doing some
damage in Stanton County
The Ravenna band went to Guernsey
Wyo to play on the Fourth
Robbers got 12 from the cash register
and slot machine in a Hartington drug
store the other night
Frank Frude of Stromsburg is in the
county jail at Osceola This is he first pris
oner the present sheriff has boarded as
there has been no one in the jail since the
sheriff came into office three years ago
The fair grounds at West Point were
sold on foreclosure last week for 1775
The chess players of Arcadia and Ord
are trying to arrange a tournament
Tilden is agitating the question of Sun
day closing of all business houses
Hamilton County has the finest wheat
crop in its history and it is asserted some
pieces will go forty bushels io the acre
The Cuming County fair grounds at West
Point were sold at sheriffs sale and the
fair association has gone out of business
The fusion senatorial convention has
been called to meet in Emerson on Sept 4
Attorney Walter A Marten has most of
the Pooulist delegjta
Wonders Why Lord Roberts Dob No
Crush tho Boers Sister 3Abll Wil
son Says South Aricaav Hospital
Service Is Bad
According to a copyrighted cablegram
in the Chicago Record London is becom
ing unmistakably reatless for news of de
cisive action in South Africa Lord Rob
erts delay in cornering the elusive Dc
Wet has begun to call forth criticism
although it is by no means forgotten that
just such a lull has preceded the accom
plishment of every one of the field mar
shals vital operations It Is believed
that Gen Bullers arrival at Pretoria
completing the barrier between thi
Transvaal and the Orango Free State is
all that Lord Roberts has been waiting
for before striking his long planned blow
Sister Isabell Wilson a volunteer nurse
who has just returned from South Africa
talked to the Records correspondent rel
ative to royal army medical service
There is unquestionably foundation foe
the charge she said that the British
hospital service throughout the entira
South African campaign has been and is
now miserably deficient The insufficient
number of nurses has been the chief
cause of complaint At tho Pietermaritz
burg hospital following the battle of
Spion kop five doctors and five nurses
were compelled to care for 140 wounded
men id addition to being beset by the
most distracting system of red tape
Lack of foresight was wholly responsible
for this understaffing
Hundreds of volunteers for the nurs
Ing service were rejected early in the
war on the ground that the regular sup
ply was more than ample Now many
nurses have succumbed to enteric fever
and dysentery and the capacity of those
who have not been taken sick is sorely
tried by overwork The volunteer nurses
object to the niggardly treatment they
have received at the hands of the gov
ernment Our pay is C shillings 150
a day out of which we are obliged to
provide our mess laundry and clothing
As a result I have earned less than a
charwomans wages
Sister Hennie Gamble the first woman
to reach England from Mafeking arrived
in London Sunday She told the corre
spondent that the indomitable personal
ity of Gen Baden Powell then colonel
was all that saved the besieged town
St Louis Street Car Mens Trouble Has
at Last Been Adjusted
A strike remarkable in the history of
the country was that of the employes of
the St Louis Transit Company which
was brought to a close last week The
agreement reached by the employers and
workmen provides that every employe
the company is free to join any organiza
tion or union and no discrimination will
be made against or for those who exer
cise this freedom It was agrcedlthat an
attempt by an employe or official to in
duce any employe by any means what
soever to join or not to join any labor
union shall be cause for the dismissal of
the offender The company decided that
it would meet and discuss matters with
any employe or committee of employes
whether representing themselves other
employes or an association of employes
regarding any matter of mutual interest
In the matter of filling vacancies the
strikers will be given the preference and
from a list to be prepared by the em
ployes the company will choose men ex
clusively until the names are exhausted
No person shall be eligible to this list
however who was guilty of any acts of
i i Ai
violence or lawlessness ui uiu receiifc
Tsung Li Yamen The foreign office
Bow Wong Wui Society for the pro
tection of the emperor the reform so
Ye Ho Chuan Society commonly
known as the Boxers literally right
eousness harmony and fists
Kwang Yu Wai The young emperors
chief adviser and the leader of the re
form party
Liung Kai Chu Second adviser of the
emperor and reform leader Coming to
Kwaing Sui The young emperor
Fan Kwei Foreign devil
Fu A prefecture
Chihtal Governor General usually su
perintending two provinces
Chun Chi The general council of state
Chung Tang A grand secretary of
state of whom there are six
Totai Governor of a province
Hui A club or association fV
Hsiang A village -
Hsien A district
Nei Ko Grand secretariat and Impe
rial chancery New York Sun
Casualty List of Eleven for One Week
in Luzon
The past weeks scouting in Luzon re
sulted in eleven Americans being killed
and sixteen wounded One hundred and
sixty Filipinos were killed during the
week and eight Americans who have
been prisoners in the hands of the rebels
were surrendered and a hundred riflea
were turned over to the United States
The enemy ambushed a wagon train be
tween Indang and Naic The Third In
fantry lost nine men while on an expedi
tion to punish theXadronesin the delta of
the Rio Grande In the Antigua prov
ince of Panay a running fight biOf three
hours duration resulted in the killing or
wounding of seventy of the enemy There
were no casualties among the Americans
The insurgents are slowly accepting
the amnesty provisions
Early Winter in Australia Causing
Paralysis to Traffic
An unusually early winter with floods
of unprecedented severity is causing
great loss throughout New South Wales
Telegraphic communication is interrupt
ed trainloads of passengers are snow
bound and freight traffic is paralyzed
Tn many parts of the country snow
stands eight feet deep
- Great damage was done by afctornada
around Blos3burg Ala - -