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March 2S 1899
ulics Witt
Canova SDair
rPtSi S
iImmi jiBarj
Ayers Hair Vigor completely
cured mo from dandruff with which
I was greatly afli ictcd The growth of
my hair since its use has been some
thing wonderful
April 13 1S99 NewYorkNY
If you do not obtain all the benefits
you expected from tho use of the Hair
Vigor write the Doctor about it
JJK J J a tn Lowen
your hair i
split at
the end
Can you
pull out a
by run
ning your
fingers through it
Does it seem dry and
Give your hair a
chance Feed it
The roots are not
dead they are weak
because thev are
starved mats all
f oo d KJkm m fn
If you dont want
your hair to die use
Ayers Hair Vigor
once a day It makes
the hair grow stops
falling and cures dan
It always restores
color to gray or faded
hair it never fails
100 a bottle All druggists
One bottle of Ayers Hair Vigor
stopped my nair jrom lamng out
and started it to grow again nicely
WT3TfwGi i
Vermin and Pestilence
A case of bubonic plague has been
3iscovered in Sydney Australia and it
ss said that tbe man stricken who is a
wharf laborer was probably infected
Dj the bite of a flea In some places
where this pestilence has broken out
the main vehicle of infection is believed
to have been rats and rewards have
been offered for every rat killed In
Western Africa where malarial fever
makes great regions uninhabitable for
white men not native born it is argued
that mosquitoes cause the trouble
Their bites are considered the main
source of danger
It will be interesting to watch the de
velopment of this line of scientific in
vestigation The world is pretty well
convinced that humanity is warred up
on constantly and with deadly effect
by minute organisms perceptible only
to the microscope and it remains to be
seen how mucty connection can be es
tablished between these microbes and
the larger focms of animal life which
are now believed to play a leading pari
in spreading various diseases of the
most serious character It is possible
that some of the smallest creatures
which bother human beings insects like
fleas and mosquitoes will be attacked
as the world grows older and wiser and
more disposed to worry about its
health with greater energy than has
ever been shown in hunting down
wolves or venomous serpents
fr one will mourn for the victims in
any war which may be waged upon the
stinging biting buzzing creeping
things that are one of the greatest nui
sances of warm countries and warm
weather even if they are not consid
ered a source of disease or danger
Cleveland Leader
i w T IB
is a gsrossd and peerless
iQGQFn Si is a record G
GZBFQy Of CQ52Si2itt GOSt
quest owes obstinate ills
of women His that deal
out despair suffering
thai many vmmen think
is womanps natural hesi
iage disorders and dis
placements that drive out
Compound I
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable
cures these troubles of
women and robs men
struation of its ierrorsm
No woman need be with
out the safest and surest
advice for Mrs Pinkham
counsels women free of
charge Her address is
Lynn Mass
Gan any woman afford
to ignore the medicine and
the advice that has cured
m million women 9
A general strike for higher wages in
the pottery trade in England now in
volves 20000 men and is causing great
distress and inconvenience
The art glass workers of Indianap
olis have effected an organization
There are now eighty five local unions
of the trade in the United States and
arrangements are being made to form
a national association
The carpenters at St Louis have
practically won their fight for the
eight hour day at 43 cents an hour and
a half holiday on Saturday without
pay The Contractors Association has
gone to pieces by the withdrawal of
many of the leading firms
The Brotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners now has 438 local unions with
nearly 05000 members The eight hour
day is now firmly established in 103
cities and towns and nine hours pre
vail in 427 cities The brotherhood
gained 15000 members in 1S99U
The much condemned walking dele
gate observed a rift in the clouds that
usually darken his horizoa when he
discovered that the American Publish
ers Association has an official whose
duties are similar to that of the busi
ness agent but whose title is that of
commissioner A well known St Paul
publisher fills the office at present The
Master Printers Association also has a
business representative who resides
in Chicago with like responsibilities
The Cigarmakers International
Union does not seem cast down or in
timidated by the recent sweeping in
junction of Judge Freeman and in the
Official Journal President Perkins in
denouncing the injunction says The
people affected by this monstrous at
tempt on their liberties know their
rights and any man or woman official
or member who is molested will be
protected to the fullest extent of the
resources of the international union
Arrangements are being made be
tween the Board of Delegates and the
Building Trades Council of New York
City whereby more harmony will ex
ist than heretofore The proposition is
that all business proposed or accom
plished by the Board of Business
Agents be submitted to the Building
Trades Couueil for their consideration
In other words make the Building
Trades Council the parent body If
this can be brought about it will be
the means of adjusting many difficul
ties that heretofore have caused a great
deal of dissatisfaction between these
two bodies
The vast increase in manufactured
products on the continent of Eurdpe
has not resulted in much benefit to the
working classes on account of the great
increase in the cost of living In Ger
many tne number of hands employed
in its industries has increased in fifteen
years from 7340000 to 10900000 or
nearly 29 per cent But in that period
food provisions and house furnishings
have become much dearer meats have
increased in prices from 20 to 40 per
cent and teas coffees sugar nd flour
in relative proportion and while the
German worker pays the extra high
prices noted for food he gets but 33
per cent of the American workers
For Inspection
A peculiar custom prevails among the
Roumanian peasants with regard to
marriage writes W AY Long When a
Roumanian girl is of marriageable age
her trousseau which has been woven
spun and embroidered entirely by her
mother and herself is placed in a point
ed wooden box When a suitor pre
sents himself he is allowed to open the
box which is always kept m a promi
nent place and examine its contents
If he is satisfied with the quantity and
quality of the dowry he formally pro
poses to the girls parents but if the
trousseau does not answer his antici
pations he may retire without being
considered to have committed himself
in any way The wedding ceremony is
made a scene of great rejoicing the
bridegrooms parents driving the bride
home in a cart wreathed with garlands
of flowers and drawn by fouroxen The
all important box containing the trous
seau is placed on the front of the cart
while one of the brides relations fol
low on foot carrying her dot tied up
in a handkerchief at the end of a long
They were very fond of each other
and had been engaged but they had
quarreled and were too proud to make
It up He called afterward at her house
to see her father on business She was
at the door
Ah Miss Blank I believe said he
Is your father in
No sir she replied father is not
at present Do you wish to see him
Yes was the bluff response of the
visitor who felt that his former sweet
heart was yielding I want to see him
on very particular business and he
turned away haughtily
I beg your pardon she called after
him as he reached the last step but
who shall I say called Tit Bits
Heavy Sales
Eastern capitalist See Jiere When I
bought these corner lots of you you told
me you had sold 500000 worth of real
estate in this section in one year I
cant find a customer for a foot of my
land Did vou really sell that much in
that length of time
Western man Yes sir You see J
waa the sheriff New York Weekly
jj m mi
WTiij7S 7 F23jltK r
Mary J Kennedy manager of Ar
mour Cos Exhibit at the Trans
Mississippi Exposition at Omaha Neb
writes the following of Peruna as a
cure tor tnat
common phase
of summer ca
tarrh known as
Mis 8 Kennedy
I found the con
tinual change of
diet incidental to
eight years travel
ing completely up
set my digestive
system In consult
ing several physi
cians they decided
I suffered with ca
tarrh of the stom
Their prescrip
tions did not seem
to help me any o
reading of the re
markable cures ef
fected by the use of
Peruna I decided
to try it and soon
found myself well
I have now used
Peruna for about
three months and feel completely rejuvenated I
believe I am permanently cured and do not hesi
tate to give unstinted praise to your great reme
dy Peruna
The causes of summer catarrh are first chronic
catarrh second derangements of the stomach
and liver third impure blood
Such being the case anyone who knows any
thing whatever about the operations of Peruna
can understand why this remedy is a permanent
cure for summer catarrh It eradicates chronic
catarrh from the system invigorates the stomach
and liver cleanses the blood of all impurities
and therefore permanently cures by removing the
cause a host of maladies peculiar to hot
weather The cause being removed the symptoms
disappear of themselves
Summer Catarrh sent free to any address by
The Peruna Medicine Co Columbus Ohio
Mirrors in Lighthouses
The use of mirrors for reflecting
lighthouses in England is of recent
date and although the idea was not
like certain other great discoveries
suggested by the falling of an apple
nor the dissection of a frog it owes its
origin to a circumstance almost as triv
ial which is as follows At a meeting
of the Society of Mathematicians at
Liverpool one of the members pro
posed to lay a wager that he would
read a paragraph of a newspaper at
ten yards distance with the light of a
farthing candle The wager was laid
and the proposer covered the inside of
a wooden dish with pieces of looking
glass fastened in with glaziers putty
placed his reflector behind the candle
and won the wager One of the com
pany marked this experiment with a
philosophic eye This was Captain
Hutchison the dockmaster With him
originated those reflecting lighthouses
In Liverpool which were erected in
ttomeseekers Excursions Via Chicago
and Eastern Illinois Railroad
On the first and third Tuesdays of
June Julv and August the Chicago and
Eastern Illinois Railroad will place on
sale Homeseekers Excursion tickets to
various points in Alabama Arkansas
Florida Georgia Indian Territory Ken
tucky Louisiana Mississippi Missouri
North Carolina South Carolina Tennes
see and Texas
One fare plus 200 for the round trip
Tickets are limited on going trip fif
teen days from date of sale with stop
over privileges in Homeseekers Terri
tory Returning tickets are limited
twenty one days from date of sale
Remember that we now have in service
a new wide vestibuled train between Chi
cago and Waco and Fort Worth Texas
leaving Chicago daily at 150 p m
Through Pullman sleeping cars and free
reclining chair cars For further partic
ulars call on or address any agent Chi
cago and Eastern Illinois Railroad or
C L Stone G P T A Chicago
Table Talk
The Butter I have age and rank
The Cheese I am strong and mity
The Sugar I have plenty of sand
The Coffee I acknowledge my weak
Do Yonr Feet Arfie and Burn
Shake -into your shoes Allens Foot
Ease a powder for the feet It makes
tight or new shoes feel easy Cures
Corns Bunions Swollen Hot and Sweat
ing Feet At all druggists and shoe
stores 25c Sample Bent FREE Ad
dress Allen S Olmsted LeRoy N Y
Jess I cant understand why sue
hasnt been married long ago Shes
really pretty
Tess Perhaps she wants to pose as a
matchless beauty Philadelphia Press
Halls Catarrh Care
Is taken internally Price 75 cents
Purely Qrnameutal
Visitor Your smoking room is beauti
fully furnished
Mr Henpeck Yes if only I were al
lowed to smoke in it
Pisos Cure cannot be too highly spok
en of as a cough cure J W OBrien
322 Third avenue N Minneapolis
Minn Jan G 1000
Really Quite Surprising
Petigrew is a self made man
What a genius he has for carica
ture Chicago Recor
Mr Wlnslows Soothikq Stbup Tor Children
teething sottena tlie srums reduces inflammation
nllays iiin cures wind colic 25 aunts a bottla
The cost of constructing a cable sys
tem is about 2000 a mile and the total
amount invested in submarine lines at
present is upward of 5200000000
CJsed Pretty Much Everywhere in All
the Waters of the World
Oaxs are made of ash and of spruce
by far the greater number of ash in
factories located mostly In Western
States east of the Mississippi River in
proximity to the forests whence the
wood of which the oars are made is
taken Oars are made almost wholly
by machinery some hand work being
done in finishing them Ash oars are
made in various lengths ranging from
six feet to twenty four feet they are
ased for all working purposes and for
many pleasure boats Spruce oars of
six to ten feet in length are likely to be
used by people who row for pleasure
and spoon oars from six to fourteen
feet in length for racing are made of
American oars are used pretty much
all over the world in jnany countries
almost exclusively The British Gov
ernment has for years bought all of the
oars used on its war vessels in this
country making a new contract yearly
The contract for the present years sup
ply is held by a New York city firm
having factories in the West Ameri
can oars are used also on French Ger
man Italian and Dutch ships
The oars exported to European coun
tries are chiefly of lengths from ten
feet upward Oars of shorter lengths
they supply themselves To Australia
the United States sends oars of all
lengths and the same is true of South
Africa Up and down the coast of
South America none but American oars
are used and in any harbor in the
world where a man is seen rowing a
boat in China Japan anywhere it is
more than likely that he is pulling with
American oars
The present annual output of Amer
ican oars is estimated at 5000000 feet
enough to reach in an unbroken line
of oars placed end to end from say
New York to Chicago It has been
greater The decrease is due to the use
of the bicycle and to the largely in
creased use of launches and various
other small craft propelled by steam
and other motive powers These agen
cies have been most effective in this
country but they are now income de
gree operative in all parts of the world
A great many more are still used how
ever and there are factories in which
nothing else is made New York Sun
No Foreigner
It is pleasant to believe that Ameri
cans are becoming steadily more patri
An Irishwoman entered a Canal
street shoe store leading by the hand
his mothers own boy
Oi want to boy- a pair of shoes for
my buy
French kid madam said the polite
French kid No replied the moth
er My own child born in America
New Orleans Times Democrat
Vn Explanation
Giles There goes a man who was
never known to break his word -
Miles Wonderful
Giles Oh I dont know lies a
mute Chicago News
Memorial to Caedmon
Caedmon the morning voice of Eng
land the monk who first sang of the
creation of the worlds growth is to
have a memorial in the form of a
Gothic cross erected on the old abbey
heights on the chalk cliffs of Whitby
The Inscription will be lines from hi
poem In Runic letters with a transla
tion in modern English
Bug l
nessafldHestContains neitner
OprumTMorpuine iiDr Mineral
Zk5 ofOtaUrStitnELPJIlEEB
Pumpkin Su
JedUO r -
Itnptrnnnt -
f ism Seed
Sugar -If
ADerfect Remedy for Constipa
tion Sour StomachDiarrhoea
worms Lonvuisionsreverisn
oess andLoss OF SLEEE
Facsimile Signature ol
scgs wr
All One
Newspaper funny men keep their
jokes for print but others scattei
pearls as they go
Passenger Let me off at Minute
Conductor There aint no isucn
street to my knowledge
Passenger Oh well Sixty second
street will do Philadelphia Record
IPor Infants and Children
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
the i
1 Signature A 11
AT Jrr mm
01 ft
IP fl af ss
IVs ror over
I Thirty Years
jT3Ci fzWaM2
AN Opportunity to Visit the East
Pleasantly and economically is afforded by the tourist tickets on sale
via the Lake Shore Michigan Southern Ry on ana after June ist
GBaautausiBEa Lak9 flszgaipa Fails
th St l3twroF2GG Raves White Bflossmtalzss
arscJ the Atlantic Gsszsi Resorts
flip mnrp iTTiTinrtant reached Summer edition of
a U7 D anick relief s cures worst
nsoc Tlnnk of testimonials nnd 1 0 DAYS treatment
FREE Dr H II Urccnu Sans liox S AUautu On
Book of Trains showing specimen tours will be of interest in arranging for
your trip Sent free on application to F EL BYRON G W A 144 Van Buren
Street Chicago
Is now in service
mm9W ftB BKV AT
- 11
P1 WfcUUNUI BSitrTii wKj the la bat tmsis wnas our woo Y a Sr
Rand fnr nnr mammoth new Furniture Catalogue
1250 nlw L JiV0ViV itory We have a
COMPLETE LINE of Extension Taqiea book vases ajur r XvT kh frif
u w m tr ahm mm wtm mm m m - mmmi - - a bbi mrm w m w v nis au r ji
JE IT Ttmmmmm XStMlfrtM Tfnt A U V t BMT I K I UUCUCU 1AJ 1U11UOU J wht mvuw -- -
wararowiuuug w v rrLr la r sjyTT w ofiactMir4mtnn v
The summers awful heat will kill those
not fit to resist it those whose bodies are full
of poison because they have neglected their
The vktims of sunstroke or of any of the
other terrible dangers of summer diarrhoea
dysentery cholera morbus are always those
who have been careless about keeping clean in
side and as a result have their blood full of
rotten filth breeding disease germs and their
bodies ready with veakness to succumb to the
hot spell Dizziness heat headaches sick
stomachs sticky oozing ill smelling sweats
restless nights terrible pains gripes and cramps
in the bowels sudden death on the street all
result from this neglect
Keep yourself clean pure and healthy in
side disinfected as it were with CASCARETS
CANDY CATHARTIC thQ greatest antiseptic
bowel tonic ever discovered and you will find
that every form of summer disease will be
this is fff in m TMJrTfci i i m r
JIKNT10N THIS PAPER tram Kiiroii to Aarxsnisu
S C X u
No 29 1900
0c 25c
CASCARETS are absolutely harmless a purely vegetable compound 17s mercurial or other mineral pill poison in CASCARETS CAS
CARETS promptly effectively and permanently cure every disorder of the Stomach Liver and Intestines They not only eure constipation -but
correct any and every form of irregularity of the bowels including diarrhea and dysentry Pleasant palatable notent Taste good do
good Hever sicken weaken cr grips Write for booklet and free sample Address STERLING REMEDY CO CHICAGO or KEW YORK 430
limlji IiIiifa 2 fcl W 50 lbs 5485 Fioa 01a Santos Coffee JO ids 97c wo can save you Dig mane
Coffee We boutrht this before the advance several carloads of it and
on are eivlnsonr customers the benefit
otlt Sendforqw SPECIAL 32 PAGE PRICE LIST srivias price on groceries and thousands of other
articles Postal card win brinar this price list ALL COODS at Wholesale Prices to Consumers
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wm ma h W A mm mm A MmJmj9m M n mm -1 m l A TTnll mS A m 1 mm bm mW mfmi flfc m m ft fe 9 A 1 0 mmm mmm A mY mm A