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CHAPTER X Continued
The crowd was hurt and indignant that
their lion had left them thus they would
have liked him lo talk to them a little
to roar for them a bit to tell them all
about himselfwho lie was and where he
came from But he and the tall girl in
the serge dress were already far away
uqwu the parade and almost out of sight
For some time they walked along at a
brisk pace battling with the -wind at
least Esme was At length she came to
a full stop under the lee of a boat gasp
ing for breath
les Im going too fast said her
companion apologetically Hold on a
bit andN fix up your hajr which was
hanging down below her waist in one
thick shining plait A few vigorous
twists made it once more a compact mass
af the nape of her neck and turning to
her companion who was engaged in tying
up a bleeding hand with his handkerchief
6heaid very humbly Miles will you
forgive me for last night tears swelling
up into her eyes as she spoke
For Leavens sake nervously dont
2ry Esme of course 1 will it was all
the fault of my own vile temper Im
afraid that I am an awfully jealous fel
low wore luck and I cant bear to see
you speaking to or noticing anyone
Thats the truth in plain English
No no no It was all my doing in
terrupted the young lady not to be out
done I was provoking I was in a rage
I would have told you and I -will teU you
although it is not my secret
Then dput be exclaimed emphati
cally never mind it now if it is another
persons secret keep it I know I can
jp trnst ypu Esme determined to show
how magnanimous he could be and to
mako amends for his foolish suspicions
fofEsines wild distracted appearance
had told him more than her lips had ever
uttered and he felt that he could afford
to be generous
And what can I say to you for risking
your life just now she said tremulous
Pooh nothing it was not half so bad
t as ypu thought any other fellow would
have done the same
And pray why did they not
f Those lubberly cats of boatmen afraid
to wet their feet choked them off 1
would not insult a brave race of men by
calling them sailors
But it was touch and go Miles an old
naval officer said so We never expected
to see you back and you went to please
me How am I to thank you What can
I say
Thats easily answered he replied
moving a few inches nearer to her Ill
tell you what you can say say 4les
This was a strange place in which to
decide such a momentous question under
the lee of an old fishing smack in the
midst of a high gale which was blowing
about the sand and spray and almost
drowning every sound but the thunder of
the waves breaking on the shingle Esme
leaning her back against the boat bare
headed endeavoring to repair the elastic
of her hat which she held in her hand
As her cousin leaned over and suggested
this one word the color returned like a
flood to her pale face and rushed up to
the very roots of the little curls which
were frolicking merrily about her fore
head in the breeze For fully two min
jites she made no reply but kept still
mechanically twisting the elastic in her
hand not once Taising her eyes but her
color and her quivering lips betokened
hat she was not absolutely indifferent
Well Esme exclaimed her cousin a
little impatiently I suppose you know
the old proverb Silence gives consent
What am I to think he asked with im
petuous insistence
Esme made no verbal reply to this
somewhat impervious hesitation but af
ter a moments hesitation she put out her
hand very shyly
Dearest he said seizing it eagerly
but almost ere he had touched it she
-snatched it hastily from his grasp ex
claiming in a hurried whisper
Oh here are the Clipper tons
Barely a month of the six remained
and if Miles and Esme were to be mar
ried there was no time to lose There
were settlements to be drawn up the
trousseau to be set in hand and many
weighty questions to be decided Miles
talked over these matters with Miss Jane
the evening after he had been accepted
by his cousin and between them they
persuaded Mrs Brabazon to have a quiet
wedding and to let the two girls go and
stay with Annie and choose the trous
seau with her assistance Miss Jane
herself was also to be squeezed into Mrs
Curzons bandbox of a house but such
ah important person as Mrs Brabazon
would have to go to a neighboring
vate hotel Indeed Mrs Brabazon loved
not her step niece and took up her abode
close to Chesham street with a useful
fashionable friend and was elaborately
amiable to Miles and Esme but disposed
to be very arbitrary about the trous
seau and close fisted with the necessary
funds Loudon was empty but to our
young ladies from the country even in
September it looked remarkably full and
they enjoyed themselves immensely
Esme of course especially She had the
daily society of Miles who loaded her
with flowers and gifts -and anticipated
her most capricious whims
A splendid diamond ring adorned her
third finger A diamond butterfly and
pair of solitaire earrings followed It
was useless to endeavor to restrain him
He declared to Esme that this being his
own money and not their mutual prop
erty he had every right to spend it as he
pleased He had all the pleasure of tak
ing her to a theater for the first time of
introducing her to Westminster Abbey
Hampton Court and the parks and he
was a pattern of patience with regard to
Bond street and Regent street allowing
her to flatten her pretty straight nose
against as many slwp windows as she
pleased and to stare In at hats and cos
tumes Ju a perfectly- unbridled manner
As she and Miles were walking in Pic
cadilly one afternoon they met Capt
Berkeley rushing out of a bootmakers
evidently in a violent hurry
Hullo Brabazon h5e cried what on
earth are you dong up in the village at
this time of year Why are you not out
among the turnips Miss Brabazon
raising his hat as he recognized Esme
how do you do
You are off next week to the Cape
are you not said Miles
Yes by Jove on Thursday not much
time to lose Im trying to get my kit to
Miles glanced at his beautiful fiancee
and was amazed to see that she had be
come very pale and that her lips were
quivering strangely
Your second battalion is going out
too I see by this mornings paper No
chance of meeting you out there eh
Well good by I must be off time is
monej Good by Miss Brabazon
Next morning the Brabazon ladies
young and old departed from the metrop
olis with loads of luggage and Miles was
left to put in a whole week intervening
before his wedding day as best he could
The fourth day of this time had passed
and he was beguiled into going down to
Portsmouth to see an old friend off to the
Cape He met his chum at the Pier
notel where they lunched together and
then sallied forth to the dockyard The
trooper was alongside and a regiment
of lancers in the act of embarking
Horses obstreperous and otherwise were
being put on board and crowds were
watching the proceedings with the grav
est interest Miles and his friend after
inspecting the latter gentlemans cabin
which was one of those known as a
horse box ascended to the upper re
gions and began to pace the deck togeth
er and have a few last words
I rather envy you felldws going out
said Miles nodding his head at the crowd
of soldiers between decks and only for
circumstances I would be going too
You mean matrimony said the oth
er smiling And when are youlto be
told off
The day after to morrow
Married men are best at home it plays
the deuce with a fellow having to leave
a wife or a sweetheart Ive always done
my level best to keep out of such matters
Look round now on this pack of wretched
women crying their eyes out come to say
good by and take their last look at fel
lows they will never see again Youre
a lucky chap not to have to leave your
sweetheart like that poor fellow over
there there under the lee of the shed
Look its a desperate bad case the girl
seems heartbroken I dont believe shell
ever let him go
Miles glanced indifferently over in the
direction indicated and beheld a tall
handsome young sergeant of lancers who
was evidently making a brave struggle
to keep his feelings well in hand and a
girl with her back toward him leaning
on his arm in a perfect abandon of grief
The lancer appeared to be trying to
soothe and comfort her
She looks like a lady said Maj Vere
speculatively and I would not wonder
if she was a pretty girl in the bargain
Its rather a shame to watch them
returned Miles and hard lines that they
have to say good by to one another at all
poor girl
A fellow feeling makes us wondrous
kind quoted the other with a laugh
There was a time old chap when you
would have called them a pair of fools
Ah I Whatever else he was go
ing to say remained frozen on his lips
for the girl had suddenly turned her face
toward them he could see it plainly now
and one glance at those familiar features
was enough It was the face of the girl
who was to be his wife the day but one
following the face of his cousin Esme
Brabazon Esme pale and distracted
her eyes swollen with crying but still
And he also recognized Miss Janes own
maid Mrs Eliza Flack pacing up and
down at a discreet distance In one in
stantaneous scorching flash everything
was revealed to his mind everything ac
counted for now The meeting at the
gate the photograph Esmes unaccount
able interest in this particular regiment
but all Miss Janes solemn asservations
were lies she and her niece were part
ners in a league and covenant to deceive
and delude him In an instant this had
passed like fire through his brain he felt
as if he Avere going to choke aud dizzy
with rage and bewilderment and for a
moment the dockyard and sky seemed to
reel before him but he clutched the bul
warks with a vise like grasp and nerved
himself to look once more as he gazed
with livid face and dilated eyes he com
prehended that the hour of parting had
Esme flung her arms around the ser
geants neck and kissed him and clung to
him in a wild abandon of despair and as
if she would never release him and he
Miles Brabazon was looking on quite
sane quite in his right mind it was no
delusion no dream At last the lancer
who seemed a good deal moved beckon
ed to Flack to approach and take charge
of her young lady and Esme made no
resistance but allowed herself to be led
away toward a fly that was evidently
waiting for them at a short distance But
then she turned and looked back it was
fatal he was doing the same in a second
she had rushed to him and clasped him
once more in an agonized embrace At
last with an heroic effort she motioned
him to leave her and with her face
buried in her hands was instantly ceized
upon by Flack who taking her arm in a
peremptory manner and shaking her
head very impressively led her youngr
lady away seemingly bowed down to tho
very earth with grief The whole scene
had a horrible fascination for Miles not
a look not a gesture had escaped him
and now that it was all over now that his
betrothed had passed weeping from his
sight he turned his whole attention to
her late companion who was coming up
the gangway pale indeed but not so pale
as the man abore him who was literally
devouring him with a pair o glowing
dark eyes
Tell me he said to Maj Vere as he
pulled him by the uleeve who is that
fellow of yours coming on board now
there the tall sergeant pointing with
unsteady finger and speaking in a voice
that sounded strange and far avyay even
to himself
Oh thdt returned the other brisk
ly that chap is our young sprig of no
bility as some will have it any way he
goes by the name of Lord Brown or
Gentleman Brown looks frightfully
down in the mouth too Did you see the
girl Hullo Brabazon what ails you
okl chap suddenly looking around at
his friend and struck by his altered ap
pearance his drawn and ghastlj face
Its nothing said the other impa
tiently it will go off directly dont
mind me A a gentleman you said
harking back to Lord Brown a gentle
Yes or yes and a very smart fellow
Safe to get his commission in a few
mouths the girl was evidently in his
own rank of life come down to say good
by under the rose I saw her at tho sta
tion aud was struck by her at once
awfully pretty and looked quite fright
ened among all the soldiers Never saAV
a troop train before Ill swear Ive a
notion Ive seen her somewhere 1 wish
I could remember when but Im sure
Ive seen her throwing back his head
and half closing his eyes but where
Oh becoming startled I know as it
flashed into his mind that he had seen the
young lady at Sandborough ball where
she had been pointed out as Brabazons
fiancee Brabazon old fellow what can
I say to you surveying him with a horror-struck
expression I see it all No
wonder you look queei
Say nothing about what you have
seen returned his companion keep
your own counsel thats all you can do
for me wringing his hand and dont
keep me in answer to the others ex
pressive face I must go once more
shaking hands and then hurrying blind
ly headlong down the gangway
Miles was perfectly indifferent as to
what anyone thought of him as he hailed
a hansom and told the driver to go like
mad to the railway station He might
catch Esme and two words were better
than twenty letters Thank goodness his
eyes had been opened in time it was not
too late he was not married yet
The express was about to start the en
gine was emitting great clouds of white
steam the platform was crammed as
pitching the driver a sovereign he dashed
into the station and looked into one car
riage another and another
Ah here she was at last close to the
door with her back to the engine her
handkerchief to her eyes actually crying
still Flack in an opposite corner hold
ing herself ostentatiously aloof from her
broken hearted companion and reveling
in the contemplation of flaming and gor
geous advertisements of ships and tur
nips and furniture
Miles gasped Esme in a tone of dis
may as her cousin flung the carriage door
violently open and stood before her as
tonished gaze
Yes Miles he echoed in a voice she
was unacquainted with bitter sarcasm
struggling with some potent emotion An
unexpected pleasure is it not
But what has happened she falter
ed tremulously justly alarmed by the ex
pression of his face and awed by some
vague undefined dread What brings
you here vainly striving to master her
long drawn sobs
A mere trifle in a voice that shook
in spite of himself Nothing to speak
of I was only on board the trooper
just now and had the honor of witness
ing the affecting parting between you
and your lancer friend Everything is
accounted for now your flattering inter
est in the regiment included Im a lucky
fellow to have found you out in time am
I not Needless to tell you that as far
as Im concerned the money may go and
Ive only one word to say to you the
word Good by
To be continued
A Wifes Signal
Nervous housewives whose husbands
frequently bring home company to din
ner without preliminary warning often
worry iu their secret hearts for fear
there may not be food enough to supply
the unexpected guests A matron liv
ingiuoue of the prettiest suburban resi
dences in West Philadelphia whose
husband persists in bringing home
guests at the most inopportune times
has hit upon a happy expedient to meet
possible emergencies
Iu passing any dishes at the table of
which there may be a limited supply
the hostess makes a point to mention
the enigmatical letters F H B in
such a manner as not to attract the at
tention of the guests around the board
Immediately the members of the fam
ily are aware of the circumstances and
discreetly partake very lightly if at all
of the viands in question The secret
of the three letters was solved a few
days ago and the hostess afterward
laughingly confessed her little scheme
F H B in this instance stands for
family hold back Boston Traveler
The Girl with the Hammer
The advantages of a substantial edu
cation for women are demonstrated
with peculiar force by an item which
we take from the Bangor News
A barn in Aroostook weni unshingled
because the farmer who owned it waa
too infirm to climb to the roof while
one of his sons had gone to the war in
the Philippines and the other to the
The other day however the farmers
only daughter came home from the nor
mal school and shingled the barn as
well as any man in town could have
done it and she didnt once pound her
fingers either
We All Think So
A Philadelphia exchange gives the
following opinion of a small girl The
words express what many older people
must have felt
In the waiting room of a large rail
road station sat a grave and dignified
little girl of perhaps 5 years Present
ly a man In railway uniform came In
and bawled out a long list of perfectly
unintelligible names The little girl
looked at him disapprovingly Then
she looked at her uncle and said
Isnt that an awful silly iraj for a
great big man to talk
Rear Admiral Kempff who is the su
preme agent of Uncle Sam in China with
power to fight or not as he chooses pro
vided the best in
terests of Ameri
cans are safeguard
ed is a native of
Illinois He was
appointed to the
Naval Academy in
1837 and since that
time has passed
through many va
ried experiences
He was with the
steam frigate Wa
bash in 1801 as
sisting in the blockade of the southern
Atlantic coast The same year he fought
at Tort Royal and the following year
landed a howitzer from the Wabash and
assisted in the capture of Fernandina and
Jacksonville For this he was commis
sioned a lieutenant His lieutenant com
mandership came to him in 1S6G after
which time he passed to Pacific coast
duty For three years trlS77 to 1SS0
he was in charge of the navy yard at
Mare Island after which he took com
mand of the Adams for three years and
then returned to Mare Island In De
cember 1898 Secretary of the Navy
Long decided to make him the command
er of the naval station of far away
Guam but prior to his taking charge
more important work was cut out for him
in the Orient and he now finds himself
the commanding naval officer at Pekih
where the Boxer troubles have necessitat
ed sharp action
Dr Oscar Chrisman professor in the
Kansas State Normal School who was
hissed at the Mothers Congress in Des
Moines for saying that men do not love
as women love is one of t4ie most popu
lar instructors at the school He is an
enthusiastic supporter of athletics and a
faculty director of baseball His wife is
a modest little woman who takes great
pride in her husband
Gen Marquis de Gallifet who has re
signed his place as minister of war in
the French cabinet on the plea of ill
health is one of the
most distinguished
French army offi
cers His seventy
years of life have
been full of mili
tary experience He
has seen as much
fighting in wars be
tween civilized na
tions as in wars
with savage tribes
and he has won
laurels in tune of
peace as an organ
izer and disciplina
rian Gen Gallifet
has been decorated with the grand cross
of the Legion of Honor
What are probably the most recent sig
natures of Her Majesty Queen Victoria
and the Marquis of Salisbury are now in
possession of Emmanuel Ohlen That
gentleman has just received his exequa
tur signed by the Oueen and the prime
minister of Great Britain approving of
Mr Ohlens appointment as consul for
the republic of Peru at Montreal The
accompanying cuts are fac similes of the
Abbas Hilmi the Khedive of Egypt
who has announced Iris intention of com
ing to the United States for the purpose
of collecting a har
em of American
girls is a dissolute
young man of 20
who has no concep
tion of Christian
customs He is the
eldest son of the
late Tewfik Pasha
and succeeded to
the Egyptian
throne in 1892 at
the age of 18 Ab
bas was educated
in Vienna but his
stay in that city did
abbas hilmi not seem to have
changed his character which is that of a
crafty heartless selfish Oriental
Joseph H Chassaing 64 well known
steamboat and hotel man is dead in St
Several Japan horsemen are in Ken
tucky inspecting the great breeding
Charles Cranston while hurrying to
reach New York to celebrate his 20th
birthday- fell under a freight train at
Plainfield N J and was ground to
Dieces v
The Department of Agriculture esti
mated the total area planted in cotton at
2555S000 acres an increase of 2036000
or S7 per cent over last year
Pierre Lorillards fnmous 100000
houseboat Caiman was destroyed by fire
while anchored in the river near New
Smyrna Fla
Features of the Reunion to Be Held at
Chicago in An ens t
Chicago is preparing for the greatest
Grand Army encampment ever held in
the history of this veteran organization
It will be the thirty fourth and in all
probability the last really great and nota
ble one The complete official program
as adopted by the executive committee
will be as follows
1020 a m Special patriotic services will
be held in all city churches
2 p m Sacred concerts will be given In
the parks by military bunds
8 p m Grand patriotic and sacred song
services In the Coliseum
Sunrise salute to the flag thirteen guns
9 a m Dedication of the naval arch
1080 a m Grand parade of the naval
veterans of the civil war escorted by veter
ans of the Spanish American war and Naval
Reserves together with the National Asso
ciation of Union ex Prisoners of War escort
ed by a battalion of the National Guard and
the Boys Brlcade renresentlnff the soldiers
of the past present and future all reviewed J
ln chlef of the Naval Veterans Association
National Commander James Atwell of the
National Association of ex Prlsoacrs of War
Commander-in-Chief Albert D Shaw of the
Grand Army of the Republic Gov John R
Tanner Mayor Carter H Harrison and dis
tinguished gudsts
3 p m Parade of all government vessels
on the lakes tugs yachts etc all profusely
decorated The course will be from Lake
Front Park to Lincoln Park
4 p m The committee receives the Presi
dent of the United States and his Cabinet
and other distinguished guests
5 p m Naval battle off Lincoln Park
8 p m Dog watch of the Naval Veterans
Association at Medlnah Temple camp flro
and reunion of the ex prisonera of war at the
Coliseum first Illumination of the arches
and court of honor on Michigan avenue the
electric fountain will play In Lincoln Park
830 p m Fireworks off Lake Front
Sunrise salute thirteen guns
0 a m The dedication of the army arch
10 a in Parade of the Grand Army of
the Republic reviewed by Commander-in-Chief
Albert D Shaw the President of the
United States the Governor of Illinois tho
Mayor of Chicago and other distinguished
8 9 p m Informal reception to the Presi
dent of the United States
Shaw and other distinguished guests
at G A R Memorial Hall
8 p m Twenty live State reunions halls
to be announced
8 p m Reception of Womans Relief
Corps at Palmer House
8 p m Reception of Daughters of Veter
ans drill hall Masonic Temple
8 llp m Reception of ladles of the G
A R at Palmer House
830 p m Fireworks off Lake Front
Park illumination of streets arches and
court of honor
Sunrise salute thirteen guns
9 a m Veterans bicjele road race flvo
miles starting at Washington boulevard and
finishing at Garfield Park bicycle track
10 a m Meeting of the thirty fourth na
tional encampment of the Grand Army of
the Republic at Studebaker Hall welcomed
by Mayor Carter H Harrison response by
Commander-in-Chief Shaw welcome on be
half of the Department of Illinois by Com
mander Joel M Lonenecker response by
Adjt Gen Thomas J Stewart convention
of iWomans Relief Corps in Medlnah Tem
ple meeting of Ladies cf the G A R in
auditorium of First Methodist Episcopal
Church meeting of Daughters of Veterans
at hall 512 Masonic Temple meeting of La
dles of ex Prisoners of War Association at
hall 110 Masonic Templo meeting of the La
dies of the Naval Reserves at hall 613 Ma
sonic Temple meeting of Naval Veterans at
Handel Hall meeting of es Prlsoners of
War Association County Building
8 p m Camp fire of Army of the Poto
mac camp fire of Army of the Tennessee
camp fire of ArmyafJPtht Cumberland camp
fire of Army of 4Tie Mississippi and Gulf
camp fire of Army of the Frontier
830 p m Fireworks on Lake Front Park
Illumination of streets arches and court of
Sunrise salute thirteen guns
10 a m Adjourned business meeting of
the encampment adjourned business meet
ing of auxiliary societies reunions and In
terchange of visits among posts
3 p m Infantry cavalry and artillery
maneuvers and sham battle at Washington
Park by the First and Second Regiments
Illinois National Guard Illinois cavalry and
United States artillery
830 p m Fireworks off Lake Front Park
Illumination cf streets arches and court o
9 a m Dolcgates lake excursion excur
sion on the lake and drainage canal v
830 p m FirewoJks off Lake Front Park
Illumination of streets arches and court of
Afternoon Baseball golf and other games
In the various parks thrcuzhout the city
4 p m Concerts In Lincoln South and
Garfield parks
830 p m Fireworks off Lake Front Park
Illumination of streets arches and court of
11 p m Taps
American Officer Major Waller Com
msimletl the Allied Forces
A dispatch from Taku sent by way of
Chefoo says that the force which re
lieved Tien Tsin consisted of 2000 men
commanded by
Maj Waller of the
American marines
The Chinese guns
were silenced by
the artillery of the
relieving force who
then advanced upon
the town The
British and Ameri
cans were the first
to enter and they
were followed by
gex chaffee the rest of the
force The Russians lost four killed and
thirty wounded The other nationalities
suffered trifling loss The naval com
manders have appointed Commander
Wise of the American gunboat Mona
cacy commandant at Tong Ku He will
superintend the dispatching of supply
trains to the front
Maj Gen Adna R Chaffee has been
ordered to take command of the United
States land forces in China and is now on
his way This means a correspondent
asserts that the Government will not
parley with the Chinese viceroys or wait
on the action of the powers but will at
tne earliest possime moment place a
strong military force in the Chinese cap
ital for the protection of American citi
zens and officials Gen Chaffees imme
diate command will consist of the Ninth
Fourth and Twentieth infantry to be
sent from Manila and the Sixth cavalry
which has left San Francisco Gen
Chaffee should be on the scene of action
by Aug 1
A fresh phase of the ebullition in China
is the probability of immediate outbreaks
in the great southern provincial centers
The populace there is daily assuming a
more hostile attitude toward foreigners
and the latter perceive symptoms of a
general rising especially at Nanking
where according to a dispatch Kang
Wu one of the most truculent enemies
of foreigners has arrived by way of the
Grand canal armed with full powers from
the empress to deal with the southern
Patronize those who advertise
National Quadrennial Meeting of the
Party Held in Chlcajco
In national convention assembled at
Chicago Wednesday the Prohibitionists
of the United States perfected permanent
organization selected new national and
executive committees adopted a single
issue platform and passed two resolu
tionsone to the effect that the ballot
should not be denied to any citizen on ac
count of sex the other indorsing the
Young Peoples Prohibition League
Seven hundred delegates out of a possi
blt 1034 attended the first days ses
sion and others came in during the night
on late trains to be present at the nomi
nating contest Thursday Fully one third
of those who participated in the
tion work were women
In the platform as adopted but one is i
sue is dealt with the suppression of the
legalized liquor traffic The McKinley
administration came in for a vigorous ar
raignment In the committee on resolu
tions there were several members who
favored the adoption of a womans suf
frage plank and they made an earnest
fight for their principle A compromise
was effected in the shape of a rider reso
lution The vote in favor of the platform
and the equal suffrage resolution was
practically unanimous E TV Chaflin
Waukesha Wis was chairman of the
resolutions committee and A A Hop
kins Hornellsville X Y who read the
platform was secretary The convention
adjourned at 10 oclock Wednesday night
to meet at 10 oclock Thursday morning
The galleries were well filled at all the
sessions in spite of the intense heat
Chairman Dickie called the conferees
to order at 1013 a m Thursday The
report of committee on credentials which
was read and accepted showed 7o0 del
egates present and thirty seven States
represented Chairman Oliver W Stew
art at the call for miscellaneous busi
ness took the platform to speak in be
half of the executive committee and out
line the plan of campaign
When nominations for President were
declared open Arkansas yielded to Illi
nois Chairman Sheen of Illinois de
clared the State had twq candidates Ov
W Stewart took the platform to nomin
ate John G Woolley of Chicago Geo
WGere of Champaign 111 presented
the name of Hale Johnson- of Newton
IH Honier Castle of Pittsburg named
Itev S C Swallow A motion to ad
journ was lost and the convention pro
ceeded to ballot
Release of Miles Ogle with a Great
Record in Crime
Miles Ogle the last living professor
and past grand master in the school of
counterfeiting was released from the
Ohio State peniten
tiary the other day
His sentence was
served to the day
and when this aged
maker of bad mon
ey was carried to
the big gate of the
prison walls he was
a helpless invalid
Paralysis was up
on him He could
not speak His legs
refused to perform their functions The
end of a stormy career was clearly at
Old man Ogle has spent the major por
tion of his life in attempting to beat the
United States Government in the issue of
staple currency He failed signally He
did not pass bad money himself He
only made plates but these were made so
skillfully that treasury experts them
selves were unable for a time to tell the
bogus notes from those made by the Gov
ernment The plates used by Ogle are
still in existence and the treasury offi
cials have made every effort to obtain
them Years ago the old counterfeiter
was offered a large sum of money and
a life position in the Government service
to disclose the whereabouts of the plates
but he declined the offer with haughti
ness and disdain
Ogle served eleven years in the Jeffer
sonville Ind prison seven years at Al
legheny City six years at Chester III
and fifteen years behind the stone Avails
at Columbus Ohio
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xgaSs S
The colt that won the derby at Chi
riotes ot Current Events
Soaking rains are needed to insure an
average spring wheat crop
The Spanish cannon loaned to Kansas
City was found to be loaded
Senor Villaverde minister of finance
Spain has resigned his portfolio
Bleaching firms in England have form
ed a combine Capital 1500000
Mary Jackson servant Louisville Ky
puurt 1 coal oil on a fire Shes dead
President Ferrazuria Chili has had a
third and dangerous stroke of paralysis
Copious rains have revived the waning
prospects of good crops in southern Rus
The Union Labor Lyceum said to be
an educational institution has been or
ganized at Chicago v
Spencer County Indiana will erect a
monument over the grave of Nancy
Hanks Lincoln mother of President Lin
Charles H Corrigan of Syracuse N Y
has been nominated for Governor by the
Socialist Labor party
Body of Stephen Crane American nov
elist who died in Germany buried at
Newark X J
New York club men are establishing
summer quarters on the tops of some1 of
the high buildings of the city
The Methodist general conference at
Chicago adopted a protest to Congress
against the tax on charitable bequests
From the beginning of the war to the
end of April 42000 horses had been sent
to South Africa for the English army