Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, June 28, 1900, Image 9

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1 Proposal to Married Zadlefi
Editor Democrat I
Please announce that we are send-
ing postpaid and free of charge an
elegant sterling silver plated sugar
shell such as we sell regularly at 40c
each to every married lady in the
United States who writes for it
There is nothing to pay The gift is
absolute Each lady will send her
own name only as this is too valuable
a gift to send to persons who dont
ask for it themselves We give choice
of any of our 40c designs and will
send illustrations from which selec
tions may be made Our obiect is to
advertise Quaker Valley Silverware
We believe that the most effective
way of doing this is to get samples in
to the homes of the people Ladies
please write today State that it is
your first request for one of our souv
enir gifts Quaker Valley Mfg Co
Morgan and Harrison sts Chicago
Is quickly relieved and promptly cured by
Dr Drummonds Lightning Remedies The
internal remedy is pleasant to take acts immed
iately does net disturb digestion aud is for
rheumatism only in all its torturing forms
The external preparation restores stiff joints
drawn cords and hardened muscles If your
druggist has not these remedies In slock do
not take anything else Send S5 to the Drum
mond Medicine Co New York and the full
treatment of two large bottles will be sent to
your express address Agents wanted
STRAYED From Georgia about
April 15 1900 two sorrel yearling
horse colts not branded One large
chestnut soi rel with white stripe in
face and a smaller light son el with
white spot in forehead
Geo Grabe Crookston Nebr
November a brindle cow
left shoulder
ana jmb Dranu
W L Nichols
Merriman Nebr
STRAYED 17 head of cows
branded jiVS on tef fc sle or hip A
suitable JM reward will be paid for
recovery C H CORNELL
Valentine Nebr
Higli Grade Bulls
I have at my ranch 20 miles south of
Valentine in Dewey Lake precinct 19
high grade Hereford bulls two and
three years old and three head of full
blood Galloways which I will sell
cheap These bulls are all first class
and were raised on my ranch
Woodlake Nebr
Old papers for sale at this office
Thats the Profit Copper the Article
Mexico the Country
El Progresso in Its group of six mines has
some of the rtchest sopper ores in the richest
mining country in the world Ore runs 12 per
cent copqer lioz silver a trace of gold total
value about 13 a ton and in two of ihe mines
in addition to copper and silver ore contains 3
percent to 54 per cent quicksilver or mercuay
about SI03 a ton The great Lake Superior cop
per mines Calumet and Hecla Wolverine and
Tamarack Quincy etc that annually return
millions run only Irom S3 to 13 a ton
Boston and Montana six jears ago sold for
St5 a share to da 275 paying 24o per ccul on
the investment United verde sold for 5oc a
share today stock not in the market and pays
8GGG per cent on investment
Calumet aud Hecla sold for 1 a share to day
worth 800 and pays on investment 10000
per cent
Entire capital stock of United Verde was ott
ered for S150000 and refused Senator Clark
later paia 200000 and to day he has annual
income from this property of over 13000000
If this is possible here with labor six times
higher than in Mexico with ore five times less
valuable wite fuel live times dearer and every
toingelsein proportion do you doubt that El
Progress -win return 173 per cent and more an
na fly to original Investors to first stockhold
ers who contribute the money to start the ball
rolling who are on the ground floor
Am experienced know the country the peo
ple the language lived there 18 years and
know the mines of this t ection of Mexico and
unhesitatingly state EI Progreso is the best
have been worked for generations in a Mexican
way and supplied the copper for the surround
ing country No attempt was ever made to ex
tract the gold silver op quic silver
A modern 40 ton concentrating and smelting
plant smelth c only the 43 ore will return
400000 per annum thus 43 10 for treatment
equals 33x40 tons equals 1320 a day for 300
days equals 390000 This will pay 26 per cent
on 1000000 total capitalization Par value of
shares 100 Duoooo shares are treasury stock
aud 400000 of this to be sold very low to raise
money to start things when price will be greatly
advanced -100000 at 12c all sold 109000 at 15c
100000 at 20c 100000 at 25c
Dividend multiplied
If Stock No of by No of shares for
purchd shares Annual 100 show annual
at forl Profit Profit
15c 63 173 Per Ct 2CXG3173 Per Cr
20o 5 130 Per Ct 120x5 130 Per Ct
25c 4 104 PerCt2Gx4 1041erCt
50c 2 52 Per Ct 20x2 52 Per Ct
100 1 26 PerCt2Gx12G Per Ct
The best chance ever offered of securing stock
in a legitimate copper mining enterprise
Send for prospectus
Organized company on a plan to give a chance
to all big and little ricli and poor great and
smali none need be excluded If quick you
can owu 63 shares for every dollar you remit
DAVID B liUSSEL Pre3ident
El Progreso Copper Mining Co
03 Wall Street New York
Valentine Nebr
State Brand reg
istered 1554
Cattle aud horses
branded same as
cut on left hip
Itange 2 miles
east oi Jr isio
D Stinard
P A Cooper
Cuttle branded
same as cut on i
left side Horses
same on v left
A Al on
J f left side
Range between Snake and Boardman
TTTHEN you come to town dont fail to see nur
2 tf Ask f ot our pi ires on job- work
- V
kgL MLLINERY LstestStyJej
See our Shirt Waists Wrappers Neckwear Etc
The S
Remember the place
I L EFNER op22L The Donoher
Our stock of Spring Dress Goods is now complete
and the ladies will take especial delight in examining
our beautiful lines We have
weliest Assortment
ever brought to Crookston and it will be absolutely
impossible for you to find prices any lower elsewhere
Dont Forget
us when you want Groceries Clothing or in
fact anything T
iyWe sell coal salt and fence posts - V
Of the Choicest Brands
a999999 9999 999 9999TOHi
is one year uum sum nia uuy ui ueceinuer
Witness my hand and the seal of said County
Court this 20th dav of June 1900
22 it W It TOWNE County Judge
Application for Appointment of Ad
In the County Court of Cherry County Neb-
In the matter of the Estate of Abraham Col
man deceased
Martha J Hoffman filed in myoflice a petition
proving for the appointment of William E
Haley as administrator of the Estate of Abra
ham Colman deceased All persons interested
in said estate will take notice that I have fixed
Juiv 7th 1900 at 10 oclock am as the time and i
my office in Valentine Cherry County
ka as the place for hearing said petition at
which time and place all persons interested in
said estate may appear and show cause if any
iherebe why such administrator shall not be
Witness my hand and the seal of said Coun
ty Court this 20th day of June 1900
2 at W K TO WNE County Judge
Application for Appointment of Ad
In the Couuty Court of Cherry County Neb
In the matter of the Estate of John A Shaw
Anna E Shaw filed in my office a petition
praying for the appointment of herself as
administrator of tile estate of John A Shaw
deceased All persons interested in said estate
will take notice that I have fixed Saturday
June 30th 1900 at 1 oclock p in as the time
aud my office hi Valentine Cherry County Nel
raska as the place for hearing said petition at
which time and place all pei sons interested in
said estate may appear and show cause if any
there be why such administrator shall not be
Witness my hand anl the seal of said
Seal Countv Court this lSih dav of June
2l 3t County Juflge
Dissolution of Partnership
Brownlee Nebr May 12 1900
Notice is hereby given that the copartnership
heretofore existing between James Skirving
and J H Skirving of Brownlee Nebr under
the firm name of Skirving Son has this day
been dissolved All accounts aue the firm will
SlHvint Attention Given to
Jlerriman Xebfatt
yyyyjyyyry r ss ujjps jiujjijja jj
Notice to Creditors
In Couuty Court within ind for Cherry Counts
Nebraska in the matter of the Estate of
Annie E Haudv deceased
To the Creditors of said Estate
You are hereby natilied That 1 will sit at the
Countv Court ltooin in Valentine in said Coun
ty on the 14th day of July 1900 at 10 oclock a
in to receive and examine all claims against
said Estate with a view to their adjustment
and allowance The time limited tor the pre
sentation of claims against said estate is 7
months from th lith rlnv nf llippmhpr A TV
1899 and the time limited for payment of debts j
afic rffc TtfV Tlifar Tff ffV jffc irfV TT tSJC 7jL
fjBssS2HHQvrefei Mp
John Seagor was in this vicinity
this week rounding up his horses
Lon Heath Mrs Sellers and her
daughter Mrs Wm Fenelson made
a short call at Sellers Bros on the
3Ir Bishop has gone to Iowa with a
carload of horses They were as fine
looking a lot as ever left this part of
the country
Eliquam Jones is building fence on
the Snake for Geo Seager
Lon Heath is going to a summer re
sort He has not yet fully decided
whether he will go to Burrells or Hot
Springs SD
Wm Die passed through here last
week with his Kentucky race horse
en route to J P Gardiniers
D C Nelson is building a barn 00x40
on his ranch Stoner from Cody is
the builder
The census taker said Mother Na
tonka said she was married ten years
Lee Sellers and Frank Heath
rounded up the circle S cattle on the
Missouri flats and moved them to the
G H and slash on the shoulder
ranch to hold them there this sum-
Bert Herrick built a shute to roach
and brand mules
Uncle Happy Jack anticipates
moving on John Seagers place in the
hear future
Frank Heath got a job of breaking
bronchos recently
Jack Young built a kitchen onto
his house lately
Another structure is going up near
Bailey Fred Goodf ellow shipped two
carloads of iumber to Merriman We
think he will bring back a canary
from Iowa pretty soon
Dad Heath says that those who
have engaged bird dog pups from him
had better come and get Jthem as
there will be additional cost on them
Thp HTllanrl crrnsepc nrp nnp mririfl i
be paid to James Skirving and all claims against P
said firm will be settled by James skirvlmr ahead of any previous year and cat-
lAftlLiW W I I ft I - 1 u J
19 Jt
Bran bulk 70c per cwt 1300 ton
Shorts bulk 70c per cwt 1300 ton
Screenings 40c
Chop Feed 100
Corn 85c
nhnn nnrn Qfln
A complete press and printing Qais j Q5
outfit for sale Write orl inquire
at tliis office
16 00
20 00
tie are doing extremely well at this
writing Guess-Who-I-Am
At the Peoples Party caucus
held last Saturday eveniug the
following named gentlemen were
elected to represent Valentine pre
cinct in the county convention to he
held in this village on Saturday next
June 6i
J W Burleigh U G Dunn Walter
Meltendorff Gus Carlson George
Tracewell W F Morgareidge J S
Estabrook J W Whiliians Jim Ray
JWU UUtj V7 u m ouuts
Local Weather Record
U S Department of ARricmture I
wcatner Bureau
Valentine Nebr week
Highest temp for week OSdeir on the 20
Lowest temp for week 58 deg on the 23
Mean temp lor week 7G deg
Av temp for the week for 10 yearsCD deg
Excess of temp for the week 7
Accumulated excess of temp since Jan 11900
850 dec
Total precipitation for week 025 inches
Av preclpn forweek forio vears 070 inches
Deficiency of precipitation for the week 054
Total precipu from Jan l 1900 to date 788
Av preclpn for 10 years from Jan 1 to date
1173 inches
Deficiency of preclpn from Jan 1 1900 to
date385 inches
Highest velocity of wind for week 35 miles per
hour from the NE on the 27tu
Observer Weather Bureau
Lots of firecrackers at Farnhams
John Dunn
is reported quite low
this week
M P Jordan was in town 3esterday
frcm Arabia
Wm H Hughes and wife spent yes
terday in our city
Andrew Johnson of Woodlake was
in town one day this week
O Lovelett was in town viewing
the sights of our city yesterday
175 Test Headlight Oil at
15 W A Pettycrews
G A Chapman enjoyed a couple of
days in the country this week with
C H Cornell
Judge Kinkaid Allen G Fisher and
Judge Hamer were in attendance at
court Tuesday
Youll want a buggy whip for the
Fourth Efner Sherman have
them in red white and blue
Jno G Maher the court reporter
was up attending court and Went up
to Chadron to look after business
Mrs Efner and son Dean went out
into the country yesterday the form
er to visit with Mrs Vincent while
Dean is holding down his claim
Fast riding on our streets is to be
stopped One arrest has been made
and others will follow if this is not
discontinued It is dangerous to the
safety of our children
Judge Harrington held an extra ses
sion of court Tuesday to hear ap
peals for new trials in some of the
cases C H Thompson was sentenced
to 15 years in the penitentiary
A K Kuskie of Sparks came in
Tuesday evening and left jesterday
morning for the lakes where he ex
pects to catch some fish to put into
his pond which he thinks is all
There was a little mix up between
two of the Valentine citizens this
week We did not hear what the
difficulty was but one man now car
ries his face in a sling The other is
suffering from a broken hand
Judge Kinkaid and Judge Walcott
started Wednesday morning for Lin
coln where they expect to get a
hearing before the Supreme Court
and a suspension of sentence in the
Thompson case until the case can be
tried This would require bonds to
be given by Thompson in an
amount required by the Supreme
Court until time of hearing
One of the amusing incidents on
our streets Monday was witnessed by
our townspeople when Mr Farnham
having some goods to be deliyered
put out a red flag signaling Mr
Which also a white flag for Hans
Ulrich There was a race for the
flags but Martin Welch got there
and both flags were hauled in Hans
being a little slov in getting into his
wagon reached the place when
Welch was ready to run off with the
prize A great deal of yelling was
done by the witnesses of this occur
ence and cries sf a dav late Hans
and Youre too slow Hans but
was consoled by the fact that the
load was large for a dime
A merry party consisting of Rev
James Oastler Misses Ella Keister
and Jennie Deily Frank T Prawitz
and I M Rice went down to the Post
yesterda starting about 3 oclock
p m spending the afternoon in
yiewing the sights In care of Mr
Irwin and Lietenants Hartman and
Fitch we were coriducted around the
barns viewing horses and mules The
grooming of the horses at 4 oclock
was a beautiful and interesting affair
Several snap shots were taken by
Miss Deily the last of which was the
remainder of the group standing in
the water half way up the water fall
Lieut Fitch showed us through the
supply house for which the party felt
thankful A bountiful supper was
served by Mrs Jas Irwinafter which
the party repaired to the meeting
house and listened to a splendid ser
mon from Rev Oastler The party
will ever feel thankful to people at
the Fort for a pleasant time
Fence posts at Farnhams 20 tf
CLOTHINGHis stock is new and
large A One linefbf Childrens Cloth
Headquarters for Sewing Machinesr
Model Form and American Lady
Tents and Haymakers Supplies
There will be celebrations galore on
the Fourth of July Tou can take
your pick from the following and you
will have a good time at whichever
one you choose to attend
Valentino will come out in all her
glory with three bands for instrumental
music the grand chorus of 25 voices
singing the patriotic songs of our na
tionj and a string band for the dancers
A perfect circus of small sports will be
presented Speakers of eloquence will
eulogize the American eagle
The boys will empty out their saved
up pennies and the lemonade will flow
as freely as water for the purpose of
showing their ladies how willing they
are to divide their last crust
Everyone will turn himself looseaud
men will vie with each other in trying
to be popular as a millionaire for a day
Those who havent paid you a cent on
last years account and have invariably
been dead broke for the past year will
be here and there blowing themselves
for a good time No lack of enthusi
asm will prevail for there will be speak
ers that can arouse that spirit so long
dormant and in the flights of oratory
you can close your eyes and hear the
eagle scream
Come to Valentine Therell be a
hot time in the old town at night
Up on Antelope Creek between St
Marys School and Pete Decorys
ranch the eagle is going to scream in
true American style Looking over the
bill we find that they are going to have
speeches fireworks music by
the Rosebud Orchertra Band horse
racing foot racing shooting matches
etc the program containing about 25
events which will insure an entertain
ing days sport There will be purses
for each event This will be a first
class place to go
Then there is Oasis Not to be out
done by anything on the map she
will wake up the people for miles
around and salute the flag of freedom
with a thundering salute of 100 guns at
5 A M Then the Calathumpian par
ade at 9 reading of the Democratic
platform the Declaration of Independ
ence at 10 address by an imported
speaker from Des Moines and a base
ball game This winds up the fore
noons entertainment In the after
noon there will be all kinds of racing
riding and other truly American
sports There will also be dancing in
the afternoon and evening in a shady
bowery erected for that purpose The
days entertainment will conclude with
a grand and dazzling display of met
eoric fireworks and a balloon ascension
Refreshments of all kinds will be
served by the committee Whats the
ciatter with Oasis
Next on the list is Cranes
To say that this will be a good place to
go is puttiug it mildly It will be
grand superb delightful This is an
ideal place to celebrate The program
includes horse racing saddle horse
race bovs
girls race sack race
race we mignt enumerate
for an hour and then not be able
to mention all the sports theres going
to be at the Bridge -Besides the are
going to have two refreshment stands
and a bowery wherein those inclined
may trip the light fantastic to the
strains of the dreamy waltz furnished
by a first class orchestra Now if
3oure going to celebrate why not do it
at the bridge
Aside from the serious inconvenience
and pain caused by piles there is a ten
dency to fistula and to cancer in the
rectal regions Piles should not be al
lowed to run on unchecked Tablers
Buckeye Pile Ointment is an infallible
remedy Price 50c a bottle tubes 7oc
Quigley Chapman druggists
Democratic Congressional Convention
A deleirace convention of the Democratic par
ty of the Sixth Congressional district of the state
of Nebraska Is hereby culled to inet m the
city of KroKen Dow Custer county on Monday
July 9 1900 at2 oclock pm for the purpose of
placing in nomination a candidate for member
of conpress to represent the Sixth Congression
al Pistrict of Nebraska and to transact such
other business as may properly come before the
convention The representation of the various
comities In the convention will be based upon
the vote of Hon Wm Neville in the congres
sional election of 1899 one delegate being allow
ed for eacli one hundred votes and major frac
tion themrf and one delegate at large for each
county which makes the following apportion
Banner l Howard 14
Blaine 2 Keith 4
Box Butte c leya laha 4
Boyd 8 Kimball 2
Brown 4 Lincoln r
Buffalo ti i Jxgan 1
1 - - Ml
iniryriiiie G IMclhersuii a
litilL l o Jiliix o
Dawes Scotts Bluffs 3
Dawson Hi Sheridan 8
Deu 1 J Sherman ii
Unrfield 3 Siuuf 3
Grant - I nomas 2
Greeley 9 Valley 10
Holt Wheeler 3
Hooker 2 Total 123
It is recommended that no proxies be allowed
but that the delegates present cast the full vote
of tnelr respective counties
Secretary Cauinuau
3 i
For any case of Scratches
will not cure in a week
when properly used
The worst collar and
harness galls cured with
the horses working hard
every day Quickly heals
wire cuts
A 6Ounce Box for 35c
Valentine Nebraska
Demand for Copper
In our last issue attention was called
to the great growth of copper product
ion This production however has
not equalled the demand which is so
great that all reserve products in this
country and in Europe are exhausted
Notwithstanding the great increase in
the price of copper during the past two
years the production has increased but
about 10 per cent per annum and the
consumption in a greater ratio result
ing in the complete exhaustion of the
reserve as stated The capacity of the
great copper mines of the Lake aud
other regions of the United States are
taxed to their utmost There is im
mediately south of us in our neighbor
ing Republic of Mexico some of the
greatest copper deposits in the world
rich in silver and gold too they are
rapidly being absorbed by Americau
and foreign capital many million dol
lars were invested therein within the
past two years The superior advan
tages that Mexico -affords for profitable
mining are becoming known and ap
preciated In the richest part of ie
copper belt of Mexico the Mines of 101
Progreso Mining Company whose ad
vertisement appears in this issue are
situated In the line of prohtabe in
vestment nothing better could be de
sired and as the Companys policy is
not to limit investments to large suins
but rather to inyite the co operation of
all it is hoped that many will avail
themselves of the opportunity pre
100 for a Bottle
This would not be a large price to pay tot Dr
Drummonds Lightning Kemedies for rheumat
ism if one could not get relief any cheaper
The Drummond Medicine Co New York
have received hundreds of unsolicited testimon
ials from grateful people restored to health by
the use of their remedies who would not hesi
tate to pay any price rather than suffer the
former torture Tf you would like to try these
remedies and your druggist has not got them
writS direct to tne company Agents wanted
Claude Iieece has purchased Will
Morgareidges interest in the stock
of goods formerly owned by Crabb
If your sight is blurred with specks
aud spots floating before your eyes or
you have pains on the right side under
the ribs then your liver is deranged
and you need a few doses of lierbine
to regulate it Price 50c Quigley
Chapman druggists
severe sprain will usually gisqule
the injured person for threeorjTour
weeks Many cases have occurred
however in which a cure has been ef
fected in less than one week by apply
ing Chamberlains Pain Balm For
sale by Quigley Chapmandruggists2
Judge Tucker received word Tues
day to close up the Supply Depot at
this place on June 00 and turn over
the supplies ank effects of the office to
Agt McChesncy
of Kosebud
A Jlontfter JJcvll Fish
Destroying its victim is a type of con
stipation The power of this malady
is felt on organs nerves muscles and
brain But Dr Kings Hew Life Pills
are a safe and certain cure Best in
the world for stomach liver kidneys
and bowels Only 25c at Elliotts i
Some Reasons
Why You Should Insist on Having
Unequaled by any other
Renders hard leather soft
Especially prepared
Keeps out water
A heavy bodied oil
An excellent preservative
Reduces cost of your harness
Never burns the leather - its
Efficiency is increased
Secures best service
Stitches kept from breaking
Is sold in all
Manufactured by
Standard Oil Cempaar