Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, June 28, 1900, Image 2

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McKinley and Roosevelt G OP
oi the Convention Unanimously
Casttfor Both Candidates 4
Presents the Name
President to Succeed Himself
Iafe Touiis of Iowa Nouiftiates Gov
drnor Roosevelt Philadelphia
Completes Its Work Amid
Great demonstrations
Ilillftclelphla correspondence
McKinley and Roosevelt ft the Republi
cnn ticket as named by the national con-
vention Thursday
The nominations were
unanimous The official
15 Chairman Lodge were followed by a
scene jldom witnessed and in point of
entliusiasm never surpassed by any na
tional gathering of the party The dein
onstrationsbbre all tke details of stam
pedes with waving standards of States
and a procession of delegates which
were repeated in all their exciting details
and for over fifteen minutes reigned a
tumult of the wildest character
It was almost 11 oclock Wednesday
uc ii Lae aavauce guard of tlie great ar
my of visitors crossed the Schuylkill and
besieged the doors of the convention hall
Every road led toward the Exposi
tion building In street cars carriages
and afoot the people streamed thither
There are thirty entrances to the hall
mere keyholes into the vast amphithea
tor and through these tiny apertures the
v populace flowed unceasingly gradually
spreading over and blotting out the great
waste of unpaiuted pine chairs
on Tnesday the delegates were slow
m arriving but the distinguished guests
were on hand somewhat earlier Shortly
loiter 11 oclock the big municipal band
of Philadelphia took its place in the gal
lery opposite the stage and a few minutes
later the strains of one of Souzas stir
ring marches crashed out
Some of the women of the national leg-
islative league of the woman suffragists
t were busily engaged while the delegates
were assembling distributing appeals for
a declaration by the convention favorable
to woman suffrage
At 1230 oclock when the convention
was called to order by Temporary Chair
man Wolcott the band played The Star
Spangled Banner and the crowd arose to
join in the song During the prayer by
- Rev Chas M Boswell seven delegates
who had been at the birth of the Repub
lican party in 1S5G marched to the chair
mans platform waving a faded flag bear
ing the date 1S55 on a streamer attached
to Old Glory Behind the standard bear
er was an octogenarian carrying the ban
ner of the Fremont Association Senators
Hauua and Culloni met the distinguished
veterans of Republicanism and leading
them forward to Chairman Wolcotts
side waved their arms as a signal for ap
plause The convention cheered dele
gates arose and waved their hats and the
faded flag was kept in sight of the dem
onstrative spectators while the band play
ed America This was the signal for
renewed enthusiasm The banner bore
the legend National Fremont Associa
tion of Republican Clubs ofPittsburgl
This incident over the chairman recog
nized Representative Sereno E Payne of
New York chairman of the committee
on credentials who mounted the platform
and read the exhaustive report of the
committee The settlement of the Dela
ware contest in favor of Gas Adicks
announced by the chairman was greeted
with considerable applause from the
friends of the Delaware crowd In be
half of the majority of the delegates from
New York Mr Payne asked the -previous
question and the motion prevailed Chair
man Wolcott put the motion for adoption
of the report This was passed without
a dissenting voice The convention which
evidently felt relieved as this quick dis
position of the contests signified its ap
proval with applause
Gen Grosvenor of Ohio chairman of
the committee on permanent organiza
tion then presented that committees re
pprt This report was also put through
with a whirl Henry Cabot Lodge Unit
ed States Senator from Massachusetts
Willi tMHWl
ijwi m miyiimg in nr
cumstances justify and the party reiter
ates the pledge made by Congress to give
Cuba independence as soon as possible
On the expansion Question the conduct by
the administration of the recent war with
Spatn is praised and attention called to
the fact that as a result of that war the
country finds itself with responsibilities
which did not exist before It is stated
mat tnese responsibilities must be met
and commends the course wlnVli P5
dent McKinley has so far pursued in the
matter Porto Rico is grouped with the
Philippines in the general statement that
the Republican party is in favor of giv
ing both countries
the largest measure of
self government that it is demonstrated
the inhabitants are capable of receiving
The proposed canal to connect the Atlan
tic and Pacific oceans is called the isth
mian canal in order to avoid binding the
party to either the Nicaragua or Pana
ma route and advocates the building of
such a canal when the route is determin
ed by the United States said canal tn
be operated owned
controlled and pro
tected 1V this MM li
on the labor question advocates such leg
islation as will secure the greatest
amount of employment at the best wages
and favors some plan of arbitration on
labor disputes Convict labor is denounc
ed A plank is also incorporated favor
ing legislation which would
tend to au ex
tension of the merchant marine interests
of the United States Sympathy is ex
pressed for the Boers and the present
situation in China is referred to in a par
agraph suggesting it to be the duty of the
United States to protect the interests of
its citizens wherever they may be
It was nearly forty minutes after the
scheduled time for beginning when Sen
ator Lodge asked for quiet while Arch
bishop Ryan invoked divine blessing on
the convention After the full report of
the committee on rules was adopted
Chairman Lodge announced that the next
order of business was the nomination for
President and called on Alabama This
State yielded to Ohio and Senator Fora
ker placed Mr McKinleys name before
I the convention in a speech which was one
-- mi i m
a r Ufm
lRArM m
ill 8felfew MfigM ili ifefev Jj
i m m wtst jr m
A IHHA - i TJWWfltVfTlTifl 111 I iS I M f 1 11 1 W I - ri I f Hf
k mS hil r msw ml
iig fl f wi WA W Mb i i
D sasj w - i
was made permanent chairman of rhe
convention Senator Lodge made a schol
arly speech in accepting the gavel from
Senator Wolcott who retired as tempo
rary chairman Charles W Johnston of
Minnesota succeeded to the secretary
At 315 oclock the convention ad
journed until 10 oclock Thursday morn
ing This action was taken when the
order of- business reached was the call of
States for nominations for President
Plans of the leaders were changed almost
at the last moment The platform and
the reports of the credentials and rules
committees however had been adopted
The Platform
The platform declares against improper
trusts but commends combinations of
capital which result in the extension of
business The maintenance of the gold
standard is insisted upon A plank
pledges the party to give the people of
the Philippines and Porto Rico as large
a measure of self government as the cir-
of the greatest oratorical efforts that
well known speaker has ever made He
was repeatedly interrupted by the plaud
its of his audience and at the conclusion
of his address there was a wave of ap
plause that required ten minutes to sub
side Gov Roosevelt the choice for vice
president seconded the nomination in an
oratorical effort which captured the con
vention Senator Poraker was also fol
lowed by John W Yerkes of Kentucky
George Knight of California and Gov
Mount of Indiana Then the delegates
became restive and responding to the vo
ciferous demands Senator Lodge ordered
the roll call which resulted in every vote
being cast fbr McKinley
Gov Roosevelt Named
Then came the call for nomination for
Vice President and Col Lafe Young of
Iowa advanced to the platform He
withdrew the name of Dolliver and in a
ringing speech placed Gov Roosevelts
name before the convention The scenes
attending the renomination of President
McKinley were re enacted with equal en
thusiasm Gov Roosevelt announced that
the nomination was so spontaneous he
could not decline and he in a brief state
ment accepted the nomination for Vice
President McKinlov rrrmvnrt fio nnf
9 G votes while Roosevelt lacked only
one of that number and that because he
himself refused to have his ballot record
ed Committees were appointed to notify
the nominees and at 215 oclock the con
vention of 1000 adjourned sine die
Rhode Island Delegations Surprise
for Eodjre
When the permanent chairman of the
convention Senator Henry Cabot Lodge
of Masschusetts ascended the platform
a surprise was in store for him prepared
S i anr 1 y - -- M dXeri
rr r t -- jk - jtw w JSs -
4 - - m - - -- i vaw r - - m -
-- -- - - -
- r mtimmmm rtWlitotfBiittPiiiiwiiTBH
by tho Rhode Island delegation Hereto
fore the gavels used at Republican con
ventions the emblems of authority of
the chairman have usually been of some
historical import such as wood from the
rail which Lincoln split wood from trees
around Washingtons tomb or Jeffersons
residence copper from Alaska or pieces
rrom Hiawathas calumet Or they have
fceen of the nobler metals of silver in sev
eral instances This time the Rhode
r -
and delegation presented to the chairman
through Delegate Child a gavel made of
bronze It is a very ornamental piece jof
workmanship and suitably engraved the
ornamental work symbolizing the histor
ical fame of the chairmans ancestrv and
the chief events in the history of Rhode
Greater Display of Bunting than Seen
Four Years Ago
Philadelphia put her best foot forward
and got on her finest clothes with the re
sult that she not only showed as much
decoration as any convention city ever
showed but it was decoration of the pret
tiest kind Chestnut street and Broad
street were masses of colors from the
sidewalks to the roofs of the buildings
The display of electric light decorations
was even greater it is claimed than the
display that Chicago gave the Democratic
convention in 1S9G or St Louis the Re
publican convention in the same jear
f -Id Mffe wt wm
Nearly all of the main streets of the city
oxucu Lasieiui uecorations
m great
Photographers Fixed Every Detail oi
the Convention
Every aspect of the convention and the
assemblage has been preserved if the
cameras have not failed Every move
ment of Chairman Hanna was registered
on the delicate plates When the venera
ble chaplain in the robes of his church
arose to pronounoo tlw inmonfinn u
man behind the camera had his machine
trained upon him like a gun During the
delivery of Temporary Chairman Wol
cott s speech there were
cameras direct
ed at the delegates
and across the conven
tion hall at the people in the galleries
o nree cameras did business during every
hour of the opening session of the conven
tion When the ensemble of the hall was
taken from every viewpoint the lenses
were turned upon individual groups in the
delegation and shifted alternately upon
coteries of spectators in the galleries
Delegates Stand While
gieu Is Played
Just before the convention was called
to order the band broke into the stirring
strains of the Star Spangled Banner
Gov Roosevelt was the first on his feet
in response to the national anthem His
rough rider hat came off and he stood
with head uncovered Instantly the whole
convention rose en masse Ten thou
sand people stood while the stirring air
was played and applauded it with a cheer
as they took their seats
Image of Oom Paul Kruger
One of the delegates to the contention
from Michigan is the image of Oom Paul
Kruger of the Transvaal His name is
W H C Mitchell and he is 75 years
old He has never been in Philadelphia
but once before That was in 185G when
he -came to attend a convention of the
American party
NEWS OF The week in a con
densed FORM
Jax Exforcement of Insurance Laws
in Uate Years Has Caused the
State a Big Loss in Fees Other
Items of Interest
T2J -
Has Faith in Her Husband
Mrs Hills the young Nebraska wife of
Rev Rowland P Hills who was arrested
at Tacoma Wash about two months ago
and is now in jail at Blair under a charge
oi Digamy preierred by his English wife
has arrived at Blair and in companv with
her brother from Florence visited Hills in
the jail At the time of his arrest in Ta
coma she was left with friends there
where she has remained to the present
time She will make her home with her
parents in Florence until the trial of Hills
is over She trusts implicitly in the rev
erend gentleman and both express them
selves as satisfied that he will be acquitted
Boy iDjured in Runaway
While Charles Edwards the oldest son
of T Ii Edwards a prosperous farmer
living two miles northwest of Stella was
driving home his team became frightened
wnne crossing a bridge and ran away
throwing the young man out so forcible
that he did not regain consciousness for
several hours He received an ugly gash
in the head and many bruises
Prisoner Sets Fire to Jail
Hiram Strickler a trayeling -salesman
for the Clinton Oil Works of Omaha be
came insane at Plattsmouth and attempted
to cremate himself in the county jail where
he had been confined pending the arrival
of friends from Omaha The timelv ar
rival of the jailor and his wife saved him
from a terrible death
Sunday School Meet
The state Sunday sctiool convention was
held iu Lincoln several hundred delegates
being present It was a very successful
meeting Committee and section meetings
were held in the First Congregational
Church and the evening sessions in the
Beldon Man Dissappears
O C Swain a harnessmaker of Belden
took the train June 19 supposedly for
Laurel but has not been heard of since
He had been sick most of the winter but
had reopened his harness shop and no
reason is known for his leaving so suddenly
Stockman Drops Dead
George Savage president of the Brown
County Stockinets Association dropped
dead at his residence in Ainsworth from
heart disease He was a veteran of the
civil war a member of Ainsworth Grand
Army of the Republic Post No 171
Cattle Killed by Lightning
Mrs Amy Wickert had five head of
cattle killed by lightining at Beemer
Succeeds in Self Destruction
William Kite who drank carbolic acid
near Howe and then cut his throat with a
razor died He asked the attending
physician after the wound had been
stitched if he would get well and when
asked why he did the deed said he did not
care to live after his boy died
Tree Ch rushes Mans Leg
John Long while cutting down trees in
Hovels grove near Pierce had the mis
fortune of having one of the trees fall on
his leg and breaking it He was carried to
town- where the leg was set
A xecent compilation of figures in the
office of the auditor of state reveals the
fact that the enforcement of the state in
surance laws has been woefully neglected
in the past few years The lax and care
less methods employed by the insurance
clerks have cost the state thousands of dol
lars each year by lessening the annual in
come which should have been received as
fees from new companies Another big
loss has been sustained through the noa
enforcement of the reciprocal provision of
the insurance act During the last six
months an etfort has been made to enforce
the law as vigorously as possible resulting
in an almost unprecedented amount of
fees being turned into the coffers of the
The figures compiled by Insurance Clerk
Price show that in six months ending
Junel the collections amounted to 44
2S02S The collections of the governors
insurance commission while the Weaver
law was in force amounted to approxi
mately 3000 and during the same period
the auditors office received nearly 7000
from insurance companies But it was
only recently that the auditor bean to
strictly enforce the reciprocal feature
This section of the law provides that the
auditor shall charge as much for a license
as would the state in which the company
is located if it was a Nebraska concern
and applying in that state for a license
OllO nnmnnnv wnc ilmrirol 5 n fnw
- -
nMini -
ir -- -
j ii I I l n iw n r ihhmiih W iiiiiitMiniiiHi inWM mi TT fflimnglHm a ri
cx r X vi - - - - r mmOf l
cmn Court Adjourns
anma 8K0
m Xiincom i years fr j
Poynter realizes that he it
- - rr riifTifinlfc position
Action on His ZTco
the sup reu i
The adjournment o
term last veek wilIXtofiSbto
the trouble atthe institution four
minded youth jge jt
of the court in Beatrice and nnfaUhesa
prerae court passes upon his P9JJgg
Poynter must keep hands off JJg
to relinquish possession of the Bgtnca
institution Lans is following a precedent
1SW C k fnr thP friendless
establisueu at w v -- - -- w
is determined to stay in the situation so
it- oYr hf own nerve will
ion as me it -
permit him to do so and the governor has
une is 10
only two courses to pursue
quietly await the decision of the supreme
court which may be delayed for over a
year and the other is to force Ling out oE
the building by calling out the state
militia -
The invasion of the constables party at
the Beatrice home recently has hrmuht to
light a most mutinous state oraffairs
Lang has made no entries in the official
booSs of the institution since Feb G and
what disposition
there is no way of ascertaining
position is being made of the fluids He
has ignored all communications from the
governors office and refuses to recognize
Gov Poynter as his superior officer
months ago for a license to do business in weI1 founded and a report covering their
Nebraska On investigation it was found
that the companys home state would have
charged 300 for the license if the appli
cant had been a Nebraska company The
auditor then compelled the company to
pay 245 additional for its license
Still another section of the law which
however does not come within the juris
diction of the auditor has aen almost en
tirely disregarded This is the section
providing for the collection of a 2 per cent
tax on excess premiums Such taxes must
be paid to the county authorities In somel
sections of the state no attempt has been
made to collect the taxes while in other
sections the payments if made at all were
made voluntarily In Douglas County the
total amount of such taxes will be in the
neighborhood of 9000
In the auditors office the blame for the
non enforcement of the laws is laid on ex
employes and particularly on the last
chief insurance clerk It would be im
possible to estimate correctly the loss
sustained through the non enforcement of
the law but by those who have investi
gated the matter it is placed in the thou
sands - -
Oraaha Authorities Release Charles
King from Jail
After an incarceration of four days
Charles H King who shot and killed
James Flood the hack driver is afree
man No complaint of any kind has been
filed against King and he was detained in
jail as long a time as the law permitted
under such circumstances He expresses
himself as entirely satisfied with his treat
I am very sorry it happened he said
but 1 think I did no more than any other
man would have done
Grand Army Committee on IViilforrt
Home Tree Case
The special committee of old soldiers
which recently made an investigation at
the Soldiers Home at Milford have de
cided that the cliarges against Superin
tendent Fowler alleging unnecessary de
struction of trees on state property are
nndings is Being prepared uy d ju lyuivei
for submission to the proper authorities
The business affairsof the institution were
not examined and the decision of the com
mittee does not refer to the official conduct
of the superintendent excepting in respect
to his treatment of trees vines and hedges
snrrounding the building The committee
spent a dajr on the grounds and investi
gated the case thoroughly with the result
that all agreed that there was no reason
for the destruction of the property The
report will be made public within a few
Bolln 3Iay Get Freedom
There is a possibility that within the
next few da3rs the prison doors which four
years ago shut Henry Bolln the embezzler
of Omaha from the outside world may
swing open and permit him to walk out a
free man Steps looking to securing the
release of Bolln are being taken Attorney
Macfarland has interested him
self in Bolins behalf and this week he will
apply to the supreme court for a writ of
habeas corpus J
She Wants a Divorce
Mrs Juliana lluetter living near
bus Jhemcher of seven children at the
age of Biyears sues for divorce from her
wealthy husband Huetter to
whom she was married in Austria forty
one years ago alleging that he treats her
as an abject slave and does not furnish
suitable maintenance for her
Bridges are Washed Away
The recent high waters took out two of
the Loup River bridges near Burwell and
people are now compelled to ford the river
to get to town This makes it inconvenient
because about twentj miles of country are
cut off The Loup River was higher than
it has been for twenty years
Small Wreck at Plattsmouth
The fast meat train No 70 from Omaha
ran into the engine of a Avork train near
Plattsmouth Fortunately no person was
injured Men from Burlington and Mis
souri shops were sent to remove the wreck
age The fast mail from Chicago was de-
uuueu auoui two
Clark County Man Suicides
Andrew Saur who lives several miles
southeast of WTebster committed suicide by
jumping into a well while mentally
balanced Various causes are givjmfor
the rash deed such as family troublesand
tne prospect for a poor crop --
-- W
Telephone Line aT Drain a rd i
TheNebraska Telephone Companv is at
Brainard with agan of men putting in a
telephone system The line runs from
Brainard to Garrison where it will con
o wnu me mam line to David City
Thieves Steal FireworJcs
Some unknown parties broke
a car
in the Burlington yards at Plattsmouth anj
stole a large box of cannon firecrackers
The authorities have thus
far been unablo
to locate the culprits
Nebraska Short Xotes
Stella will celebrate the Fourth
xuu reorganization of
band is announced
the Humboldc
TheCongregationalistsof Aurora haveT
decided to builda parsonage Ve N
i A w nbarnT Cti hy 256 feet beins ejected
annerr1 a loun
A rainbow by
was ono f i
sights which Sutton neWi -I
- i vviiuji un
In the case of
aainsfc th
noy ad about twenty
Ernest Durlburt of Ulioa rat hi
caught in a belt in an clorator Tb arm
was liral pn - - - Ue arm
cbinery could be opjed Derre te
net WS
Dhnr arm re-
was killed bv
house His
a Sherman
County -farmer
lightning whffih
wife and snr mi i
uich wno
in the sane room were uninjured
n 11 Harris a fruit r -
TPMimcnh ho
u leceiveu word
from me
government that Truit
evhihit u C7
theParis exposition ihJ
The assessors of Red WninTn
ureout the propeyfSjft
J Lll COUntv hat-
ccu durin helWl
butnoneof it fa bang sotfat tolfij
A couple of the female 0mTi uSTe
institute for the feeblemfncLTBe
have eatnce
commenced Smi
a suit for o
CW Stewart W i ni against
Entee for assault LShS Mfi
institution recently lhe meIee a that
creamery the bannPr v5 of the cal
the world Addres rTs statlon of
number of prominent staf e h 3-
them Gov Poynter people amon
U l