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IT was the Food Success of 1899 and
the first of the kind ever offered the
American People Cooked Seasoned
and put up in convenient sized key
oreninc cans
Success attracts imitators
Is the Original
Allothcrbrandsof Veal Loaf in tins
are imitations pi Libbys
When you want a delicious lunch or
supper of daintily seasoned rntat get
Libbys Veal Loaf cnicKcn Loai
Cottage Loafi There arc 71 Varieties
of Libbys Foods in tins
New edition How to Malic Good
Thincs to Eat sent free if you write
Foryour familys comfort
and your own
Svl will contribute more to it than
tons or ice and a txoaa of fans
o gallons lor 30 coats
Write far Hit of primiaat oBWd
free for UVk
Paint Costs of Battleships
Every nation has Its own fashion of
painting Jts ships of war just as It has
a cUstingTilshing uniform for its sol
diers Our own navy favors black sides
4 white upperwork superstructures yel
lov funnels and toasts and ventilators
says Answers German men-of-war
are generally painted gray in time of
peace and carry bands on the funnote
but for their war dress they have de
cided for a sort of khaki war paint
of a yellowish brown hue which their
scientific experts pronounce as being
most difficult to see both by day and
The French go in for a mourning
dress of completeblack or black hulls
with gray funnel and masts Their
channel squadron rather favors a com
plete suit of neutral gray drab which is
almost invisible in gray weather
The late Spanish navy was painted
much after the English fashion excopt
for those ships serving on their Ameri
can and Pacific stations which were
painted white
The Austrian war vessels may be rec
ognize by thclr black hulls white up
per works and black funnels The Rus
sians go in for black hulls yellow fun
nels with black tops and white mastfl
While you may cashy tell a Turkish
man-of-war by her red if unnel and coat
of dirt
Hbmeaeekers Excursions Via Chicago
and Eastern Illinois Railroad
On the first ana third Tuesdays of
June July and August the Chicago and
Eastern Illinois Railroad will place on
sale Homeseekers Excursion tickets to
various points in Alabama Arkansas
Florida Georgia Indian Territory Ken
tucky Louisiana Mississippi Missouri
North Carolina South Carolina Tennes
see and Texas
One fare plus 200 for the round trip
Tickets are limited on going trip fif
teen days from date of sale with stop
over privileges in Homeseekers Terri
tory Returning tickets are limited
days from date of sale
Remember that we now have in service
a new wide vestibuled trainbetweea Chi
cago and Waco and Fort Worth Texas
leaving Chicago daily at 150 p n
Through Pullman sleeping cars nnd free
fealining chair cars For further partic
ulars call on or address any agent Chi
cago and Eastern Illinois Railroad or
C L Stone G P T A Chicago
t The Dreams of Avarice
TDorothy Pa I do wish we were
Dorothys Pa How rich would you
likefr be
Dorothjrv Ob awfully rich rich
enough to snub people and still be
called agreeable Chicago News
Do Your Feet Ache and Burn
Shake into your shoes Allens Foot
Ease a powder for the feet It makes
tight or new shoes feel easy Cures
Corns Bunions Swollen Hot and Sweat
ing Feet At all druggists and shoe
stores 25c Sample sent FREE Ad
dress Allen S Olmsted LeRoy N Y
Vicarious Kevenjjc
Ma I do wish 1 had a little sister
So you would have some one to play
with Freddy
Nom soze evy time you washed
my face I cd wash hern Chicago
Mrs WlnsIoWa booTnrso arnur ror UMiaren
teething Battens the cums reduces inflammation
allays Dain cures wind colic 25 cents a bottle
The mineral resources of Venezuela
consist of great mines of Bessemer
iron copper and gold
Better Blood
Better Health
If you dont feel well to day you can be
made to feel better by making your blood
better Hoods Sarsaparilla is the great
pure blood maker That is how it cures
that tired feeling pimples sores salt
rheum scrofula and catarrh Get a bottle
of this great medicine and begin taking it
at once and see how quickly it will bring
your blood up to the Good Health point
Ib Americas Greatest Blood Medicine
Experts Say Heaults Will Prove that
This la the Greatest of Civilized
Nations Complete Figures Are Due
December 1
The 52000 census enumerators arc
making their rounds Two hundred and
ninety seven supervisors have them in
charge In addition to the staff atiiead
quarters in Washington four chief in
spectors are put on the road and more
than 2000 special agents are also pre
pared to jump into their designated fields
of inquiry Fifty five thousand men to
gather information about 75000000 It
looks like a big army and it is bigger
than any army the Boers have had in the
field in South Africa But this is a great
The end of the century census the
twelfth which Uncle Sam has taken is
expected to show tht the United States
is to day the greatest the most populous
the richest the most prosperous and the
most ijapidly growing modern nation The
experts have already figured out that the
total population will leap from 02000
000 in 1S00 to between 75000000 and
7G000000 in 1900
Mulhall the English statistician last
fall figured the population of the United
States June 1 this year at 77300000
The treasury experts made it still higher
Census Director Merriam has estimated
73000000 or 74000000 but for obvious
reasons he is conservative There are
experts here who are willing towagei
that the grand total when finally wound
up will not bo over 70000000 nor under
75000000 It will beat the civilized
world Germany has only two thirds as
many people Franco and Great Britain
only a little over half as many Russia
and China have more but their hordes
are not to lie reckoned in the category
of fully civilized modern peoples
Director Merriam expects to be able to
announce the population of many Amer
ican cities within the month Washing
ton will come first and rapidly thereafter
New York Chicago Philadelphia and all
the large cities
The census experts give a most inter
esting prediction It is that Uiis census
will show the United States to have a
larger number of cities with a population
exceeding 100000 than any other nation
We shall show about forty such munici
palities and our nearest rival it is be
lieved is India In this competition
China is not counted as the population
of Chinese cities is largely a matter of
guessing and they are mere collections
of villages at best The experts have
also figured out that the center of popu
lation in the United States has now trav
eled about sixty miles west of Colum
bus Ind and is -now not far from the
Illinois line Westward the star of em
In increase of wealth the great West
is expected to astonish the East As a
new apportionment of the United States
for Congress and the electoral college is
to be made next winter upon the basis
of this census as required by the Consti
tution the growth of population in the
West will speedily bring increase of po
litical power Before Dec 1 Director
Merriam expects to announce the total
population of the United States so that
Congress may upon its reassembling at
once proceed to make the new apportion
ment required by the constitution The
total cost of the census is estimated at
from 15000000 to 16000000
Just a hundred years ago Virginia was
the first State 61 the Union with a popu
lation of 8S00O0 This year it will fall
back to about twentieth place At the
beginning of the century Massachusetts
stood third in the list Ten years ago it
was sixth In this census it is pretty
sure to be outstripped by Texas Indiana
Michigan and Iowa
The special agents who are to gather
information as to American manufactur
ing industries are- at work During the
next three months they will finish their
tasks On this score the results are like
ly to he amazing This feature of the
census more than any other will show
the greatness of the United States
Evans Estimates tlimt Union Veterans
Number 9250OO
Veterans of the civil war are dying
off at the rateof about 3 1 3 per cent per
annum Commissioner of Tensions Ev
ans estimates that there are about 925
000 survivors of the civil war Of this
number there were on the pension rolls
last year 742467 During the year 24787
pensioned veterans died This number
is slightly more than 3 1 3 per cent As
suming that the death rate among those
not pensioned is the same as among the
pensioners the total number of veterans
who died during the year would be about
Brief News Items
Mayor of Havana has issued an order
prohibiting the playing of Spanish airs inj
A second volume of tho report of thci man again
first Philippine commission gives a proc
lamation of Aguinaldo asking the Fili
pinos for a Christmas present
Representative Shafroth of Colorado is
looking after the preservation of a large
number of monuments and cliff dwellings
which are tho work of prehistoric man
in Utah Colorado Arizona and New
Creed Revision Discueeod and Referred
to Special Committee
Unusual interest marked the proceed
ings of the general assembly of the Pres
byterian Church in St Loais last week
Creed revision was most unexpectedly
brought forward Tuesday afternoon and
the discussion which followed was of a
decidedly heated character Situations
at times a little short of dramatic came
to the front and although speakers foe
and against revision occupied the floor
and made speeches that laid bare their
thoughts upon the old confession no ac
tion was taken at that session Consid
eration of the subject was postponed un
til Wednesday when it was placod in the
hands of a committee of fifteen with
the moderator added as chairman to re
port what action if any should be taken
by the church This committee will com
pare analyze and summarize suggestions
from the presbyteries which are invited
to take action on the whole matter of a
restatement of the doctrines most surely
believed among us and which are sub
stantially embodied i our confession of
faith An hours intense and at times
almost acrimonious discussion preceded
the adoption of this report
The settlement of the creed question
as far as this assembly is concerned was
not accomplished without comments being-made
on subject from every shade
of opinion represented in the church The
leaders alone did not settle the matter
but elders and pastors new to the assem
bly voiced their opinions in no uncertain
tone The decision to send the question
to the proposed committee for investiga
tion was in the end adopted by a major
ity which completely overshadowed the
few votes cast against the report This
will leave the question open for the pres
byteries to discuss in every form desired
Their recommendations will do nothing
but shape the report of the committee
which in turn will make recominendi
tions to the assembly next year
The Methotlista Refuse to Change the
Churchs Attitude
The Methodist general conferpnee in
Chicago after two days of turmoil dodg
ed the amusement question On Satur
day the minority report of the commit
tee favoring no change in the discipline
as to dancing theater going etc was
adopted by a vote of 333 to 200 When
the vote was announced in the conference
Monday a motion was made that the re
port be laid on the table This was
agreed to by a vote of 256 to 253 and the
presiding bishop ruled that the matter
was no longer before the house Practi
cally the question stands as it stood when
the conference met technically the con
ference has voted against a report to
leave the discipline unchanged
This action leaves the controversy open
itnd was reached in opposition to the
advice of the majority of a committee
guided by ex Gov Pattison of Pennsyl
vania and after a stormy debate -The
majority of the committee headed by ex
Gov Pattison presented a report to
strike from the trial code mention of
specific amusements and to add to the
chapter of Special Advices an affirma
tion of the churchs historic attitude to
ward worldly diversoions The minority
recommended that no action be taken
Ilaving transacted all the business that
had accumulated the conference Tuosday
adjourned Before the 750 ministers and
laymen in attendance as delegates closed
the session and departed for their homes
in every part of the United States and in
foreign countries of every continent tiey
rushed through a number of smaller mat
ters of business left over from the earlier
days of the session But many members
of the conference had gone away and the
galleries were almost empty so that in
terest in the subjects voted on was small
Welland Canal Dynamiters Sentenced
to the Penitentiary
At Welland Ont the dynamiters
Dullman Nolin and Walsh were found
guilty in short order and Chancellor Boyd
sentenced them to life imprisonment in
Kingston The public mind
was thoroughly aroused and no other
verdict than that which was given would
have been well received by the public in
The crime for winch they were convict
ed was an attempt to wreck lock 24 of
the Welland canal with dynamite Walsh
and Nolin were the active participants
in the crime having lowerbed two bo
uses filled with dynamite and with fuses
attached alongside the lock but owing
to a mistake in calculating the distance
to the waters edge the force of the ex
plosion was minimized and the damage
was trifling Dullman accompanied the
men to Niagara Falls and directed pro
ceedings from there The three were
caught almost red handed The jury was
only five minutes arriving at the guilt of
the accused Neither made any remark
on receiving sentence
Odds and EsmIs
Anotiher flood at Austin Texas
New warship Kentucky has gone into
Five men drowned in the waters about
New York in one day recently
Thomas Murray Joplin Mo tried to
escape from officers and was fatally- shot
In a duel over a woman at Beckville
Texas C A Baxter killed Malcum Ju
Big zinc combine has been formed to
develop Missouri territory Capital S10
Columbus Ohio report says thai Hon-
na will be the national Republican chair-
President McKinky will go to Canton
Ohio the latter part of June to remain
three weeks
The Germania yard at Berlin has j
gun to make torpedoes for -which supe
riority is
Ted Brockman colo Fort Worthy
Texas killed Ms wife wh a knife then
slashed his own threoL
Ji9 H iir V
y wi TxWWfJ
Southern Politeness
I was given a good example of
southern politeness the other night
said a gentleman from the north I
had gone to the Com us ball and had
agreed to esctfrt a lady home She
was also a stranger in the city and was
stopping with some friends on Bour
bon street about three blocks the other
side of the opera house As it was only
a short distance we decided to walk
I was of course totally unacquainted
with the street and when we had left
the lights of the opera house I felt very
much at sea The houses were dark
ami I could not see the numbers and
it was only by number that the lady
could identify her boarding place as
she had only been there once Ahead of
me was a small man I asked him if
he knew where the number was He
answered very politely that he did not
but was going that way andwould help
me hunt He told another man m front
of him about it and that man told some
of his friends In a few minutes these
gentlemen had formed an advance
guard in our interest We walked
calmly behind while they went in
front on either side of the street strik
ing matches and looking for the num
ber There were eight of them and
their matches would go off one after
the other It was a regular flambaau
parade I was overcome Here it is
shouted an advance scout We ap
proached the house rapidly and found
the eight gentlemen standing before it
It was almost with emotion that I
raised my hat and thanked them for
their efforts Nothing at all they said
politely and the entire eight raised
their hats and walked into the dark
ness New Orleans Times Democrat
Humility and Honesty
Of the late Dr N T Burton pastor
of the Park Church Hartford his son
th poet Richard Burton tells this
beautiful story
Among my fathers effects was
found an old check yellowed by age
and torn across the date isfo or there
abouts It had been sent by the editor
of the Independent with an urgent re
quest for a contribution the amount
of the honorarium to be written in ac
cording to the contributors judgment
and pleasure a rather dangerous lib
erty to allow some of the literati But
the checlr remained never filled out in
his poeketbook
The incident is typical It was fairly
pathetic to see how distrustful he was
nf Ilia iwvn nwrnnnliohmontc coif
depreciating Yet at rare intervals he
realized he had done something not or
dinary and then in fitting privacy and
with a beautiful frankness would say
Tuckermans Ravine
One of the remarkable scenic fea
tures of the celebrated White Moun
tains of New Hampshire Is Tucker
mans Ravine a great gulf in the
southerly side of Mount Washington
which is every year spanned by a beau
tiful snow arch or cave of snow
which remains until the latter part of
August The name was conferred up
on it in honor of the discoverer Ed
ward Tuckerman an enthusiastic ex
plorer of these famous hills
Another Mean Man
Stimson is a mean man
Why so
1 Hes got a way of keeping his wife
from going through his pockets for
loose change
Hows that
He spends it all before he gets
home Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cause for Worry
Brown Id be worried if I got an
offlcfc appointment in any of our new
island possessions
Jonee Why
Brown I wouldnt know whether
my country wanted to honor me or get
rid of me Indianapolis Journal
Ob How Happy I Am
HOW HAPPY I AM to be able to
say that I am free from pain after fiveV
years of severe suffering from neuralgia
writes Mrs Archie Young 1817 Oaks
avenue West Superior Wis T nm so
thankful to be able to say that your 5
Drops is the best medicine I ever got in
my life When I received it from yom
last November 1 used some of it right
away The first dose helped me It is
impossible to explain how I was suffering
from neuralgia I thought no one could
get worse and that death would soon
come I was very weak and I hardly
thought I could live to see my husband
come back from his daily labor Now I
can say that I am free from pain my
rhepks nrp ro1 mv nnnotlfn is nnil nml
I sleep well all night Many of my 1
inenus are surprise ara say they will
send for some 5 Drops Sample bot
tles of this woixlerful remedy 25c large
bottles containing 800 doses 100 For
information write Swanson Rheumatic
Cure Co 104 E Lake street Chicago
Magic ot a Name
Whats that ugly yellowish brown
thing you have on Dorothy
Ugly This is my new khaki coat
It is Oh how lovely Chicago
Ijibby McNeill Libby
Housekeepers frequently feel the need
of luncheon meats which are either roadv
to serve or can be prepared for the table
at a moment s notice such a need is
abundantly supplied in the superior meats
put up by the old reliable house of Libby
McNeill Libby Chicago one of whose
specialties1 is advertised in another col
umn of this paper and their booklet
How to Make Good Things to Eat is
offered free on application
A Counter Blow
I believe you only married me for
my money he remarked bitterly
Well you took good care to make
the money one of the leading items in
your proposal she responded Phila
delphia North American
Binder Twine at tow Price
If you want a special inside price on
binder twine either Sisa Standard or Man
ila cut this notice out and mail to Sears
Roebuck Co Binder Twine Depart
ment Chicago stating about how much
twine you will require nnd how soon you will
want it and they will save you money by
quoting you a price that will either secure
your order or eompel the party who suppilea
you to sell to you at a lower price than he
otherwise would
Cost of Railroad In jj
It costs 550000000 a week to run
the worlds railways
Ior Infants and Children
The Kind You Have Always Bough
Bears the
Signature of
t Rf frf f v lcSBsS
National Democratic Convention
Kansas City July 4th Visitors desiring
sleeping car accommodations should leave
their ame3 at Northwestern office Se
curity Bank building Sioux City Iowa
Raiiroid fere round trip 5870
II C Cheyxey General Agent
K TWo Points of View
HusbandWhat did you take in at
yourljooth in the charity bazaar
WICej Do you mean how much or
iBfeos Cure is the host mprlioirm tpo
ever usod for all affections of the throat
and lungs Am O Enduley Vanburen
Ind Feb 10 1000
He who commits injustice Is ever
made more wretched than he who suf
fers it Plato
Lydia E
Rosti asssilBelp for weary
VJQIS3H ssg foundm LysSia
Ea Finkhams Vegetable
OompozsEzeSa St makes wo
men strong sneS healthy to
isear their fcurdems and
overosmses these Ms to
which women are subject
heoause they are wosnena
Plnkhtms Vegetable Compound
as kszowsd from cosist to
Gosasta it has oured more
sik women than any
other E22esHosneB its
frie39i3 are everywhere
anei they are constantly
writing thanMul letters
which appear in this
if you are puzzled write
for Mrs Pinkhasms ad
vice Her address is
Lynn Mass a She wilk
charge you nothing and
she has restored a million
women to healths
jf JP rwl quick relief cuiw worst
cnKpfr Book of testimonials nnd lO DAYS treatment
FKKE Dr II II Greens Bom Box S AUnntu Go
If afflicted with
Bore eyes uso
No 23 1900
Tcasestv Ton unvr th KlvHrtUomniit
in thin paper
OO O 004a83K0000qa O O 0 COOCO80XKKIO s
I an Opportunity to Visit the East
Pleasantly and economically is afforded by tbj tourist tickets on sale
9 via the Lake Shore Michigan Southern Ry on and after June 1st
I GBiatutacsqieia Xako Naasgapa Falls f
t2 St Lawrence River s Wfcafe IWosieatsisss
0 and the Atlantic Goast Resorts
t are amone the more important points reached Summer edition of
2 Book of Trains showing specimen tours will he of interest in arranging for
I your trip Sent free on application to F M BYRON G W A 144 Van Buren
I Street Chicago
a aopflappdOPPa
l j o v
Is now in service
Fight on for wealth old Money Bags
your liver is drying up and bowels wear
ing out some day you will cry aloud for
health offering all your wealth but you
will not get it because you neglected Nature
in your mad rush to get gold No matter
what you do or what ails you to day is
the day every day is the day to keep
watch of Natures wants and help your
bowels act regularly CASCARETS will
help Nature help you Neglect means bile
in the blood foul breath and awful pains
in the back of the head with a loathing
and bad feeling for all that is good in life
Dont care how rich or poor you are you
cant be well if you have bowel trouble
you will be regular if you take
in metal box cost 10 cents take one eat
it like candy and it will work gently while
you sleep It cures that means it strength-
ens the muscular walls ot the bowels and
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it is guaranteed to be found in
25c 50c tlfr Wr Tiff H aM1
To any needy mortal suffering frm bowel trooHa and too poor to buy CASCARETS we will send a box free Address
joixiuft xvciiicoy urapaay wacago or iew i ors mentioning advertisement and paper
wA 15