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JT rtcaiEs
i What fine old timber you have Splen
did trees remarked Miles who under
escort of the sprightly Augusta was
sauntering through the pleasure ground
jthe morning after his arrival Esme be
ing still in retirement We could hard
ly beat you even in Burmah
Yes we rather pride ourselves on our
old oaks all but Flo rejoined Gussie
complacently He considers them so
much sunken capital and would give any
thing to cut down the timber melt the
silver and sell the place
Sell the place echoed her companion
in a tone of indignant amazement that
has been in the family since the time of
James the First or was it Elizabeth
Oh pray dont ask me Esme could
tell you but my knowledge of history is
on a par with the womans who pointing
tmt a castle remarked that one of the
Johns had died there opening the gar
den gate as she concluded and tripping
through in her well starched pink cotton
I wish you could see Esme
I wish I could he replied for Im
going away to morrow
Oh nonsense aghast
No Im quite serious Is your sister
like you
Oh dear no Far far better looking
She is lovely The pretfiest girl in Thorn
shire Very tall and slight and active
Dances beautifully and you should just
see her run
He could testify to that lie said to him
self with a smile She is younger than
tyou are I believe
Yes three years but she is far more
like the eldest She takes the lead in
everythingr she has such a strong will
and what Mr Bell calls great force of
character I hope laughing that you
havent a strong will and a great force
of character for two of a trade never
Oh dear no nothing to speak of
shaking his head And I suppose your
sister has lots of admirers too he add
ed without raising his eyes from a very
striking almost speaking sketch of Mrs
Brabazon which he was almost uncon
sciously touching off with his cane in
the fine gravel before him
No not one triumphantly nor ever
Oh I say come he expostulated
with a vivid recollection of the gate
I I know what you are thinking of
jreplied Gussie mysteriously but I as-
jjaptaift grabaofi j
5tll BY B 7 CR0KER JS
CHAPTER V Continued
Oh Esme exclaimed her sister in a
choked voice jbu will be the death of
me After your saying- you would only
bow to him after hearing that he was so
deadly shy Oh oh oh holding her
sides and rocking herself backward and
forward in absolute convulsions of laugh
ter while theunlucky heroine ofthis to
Gussie killing adventure stood in the
middle of the room a tall tragic looking
figure and surveyed her with stony eyed
And and what am I to say panted
Gussie recovering her breath at last and
drying her eyes as she spoke How is
your absence to be accounted for pray
Am I to tell Mrs B that having already
- Say with an indignant gesture paus
ing in her walk say that I am extreme
ly ill and so I am in mind
If I give her that message she will
immediately send for Dr Goggin and
your last state will be worse than your
Then say anything you like irritably
Say that Im uot going down no not
if she came and carried me herself In
deed Gussie you must think of some ex
cuse You know very well stammering
with excitement that you yourself
would not go into public after such a
frightful disgrace and I think now re
commencing to cry that I - shall never
be able to look anyone in the face again
Did he recognize you do you think
Did he return your embrace with equal
-Not he he rather held back which
naturally surprised me He was too much
astonished to speak and I never gave
him time to open his mouth I was so
sure and certain it was Teddy only if
I had- not been an idiot I might have re
membered that Ted would be in uniform
but I never gave myself time to think
and just sprang on liim like a tigress
And did he see your face
Im not sure slowly I think not
I need scarcely tell you that one glance
was enough for me and I ran I believe
you are enjoying the whole thing and
thinking it a splendid joke said she an
grily and its very unfeeling of you
You may tell Nokes to send me a cup of
tea Im going straight to bed And
now be sure and give a proper probable
account of my illness Impress upon them
jthat it will be tedious I have it a bad
headache I know Im going to have
one running after her sister to the head
Of the stairs and gesticulating eagerly
over the balusters Be sure you say a
iheadache and remember that Im very
ibed To all this Gussie nodded a con
fidential smiling acquiescence as she
tripped hurriedly downstairs
Where is Esme demanded MrsBra
bazon in a tone of sharp surprise as her
eldest stepdaughter entered the drawing
room alone
She is not feeling very well Mrs Bra
bazon and begs you will excuse her
returned Gussie avoiding as she spoke
three pairs of inquisitiveeyes
Esme ill rubbish ejaculated Flo
rian I saw her in the avenue an hour
ago iirotuers are sometimes brutal
She wont be able to come down to
dinner protested Gussie She has a
bad toothache no I mean to say a split
ting headache becoming very red and
floundering about in a sea of vague ex
cuses Avhile her mother and brother
lied exclamations and cross-questioned-
and Miles sat by pulling Waggys ears
with a command of countenance that
would have reflected credit on a North
American Indian
sure you
lucidly that that wano
And you say that she is the prettiest
girl in Thornshire observed Miles uot
wishing to enter upon a discussion of the
little episode of the previous evening with
the loquacious Augusta
I dont say it alone everybody says
it When we go into a room everybody
looks at her she is what you would call
the cynosure of every eye And so far so
good but once men begin to talk to her
their enthusiasm cools She is so stiff
and cold and stand off and if they pre
sume in spite of this to pay her compli
ments or to make sweet little speeches
she smites them so unmercifully that they
go away nearly crying and I need
scarcely remark never more return Oh
never never more
A lively lookout for me isnt it ex
Oh you must not mind her Dont
seem to notice her or admire her and
treat her -quite in an every day manner
as if she were nothing at all out of the
commouy and she will be as pleasant as
possible She says herself that the mo
ment any man seems disposed to be extra
civil you know what I mean nodding
her head expressively she cant help
taking the most violent dislike to him
But its nearly all shyness nothing else
She has been to one or two small par
ties very slow affairs they were and do
you know tliat the first time she was go
ing she was just trembling all over and
cold with fright Now Im quite differ
ent I delight in society from first to
last I love dressing driving dancing
Etc I suppose means flirting slight
ly elevating his eyebrows
Never mind what it means I can go
into a room with my head in the air a
kind of female Coeur de Lion
Exclaiming come one come all add
ed her companion with a quiet suggestive
Now Miles I wont have you chaff
me yet and you must not interrupt But
Esmes courage is of a different descrip
tion Shes awfully brave in accidents
and would face a tramp or a savage dog
just like a man while I would be cow
ering behind her my knees literally
knocking together and my teeth chatter
ing in my head And she is the only one
of us that dares brave Mrs B now
The last word was suggestive and sud
denly recalled to Miles the gap in the
family circle
Oh by the way Gussie he said 1
was very sorry to hear about your young
est brother I never knew of it till last
night Annie never told me I suppose
it happened some time ago
Yes she erturned looking rather red
and embarrassed but to her cousins dis
gust there was not a trace of regret in
her little round face Please dont talk
about him above all to Esme or MrsJB
What had this young fellow done
Miles asked himself that his name was
thus tabooed his memory consigned to
During the afternoon Miles paid a for
mal visit to his Aunt Jane The three
young people set out for the village to
gether Gussie and Florian being en route
to a tennis party at the Rectory and
the former impressing most eagerly on
her cousin that he was not to stay long
at the White House but to be sure and
follow tiieni in a quarter of an hour
which will give you five minutes for the
weather five minutes for Burmah and
five for Esme Mind you come I will
never forgive you if you dont turn up
Miles resolved to go for a long walk
to sort his ideas and to make up his
mind which at present was in a some
what chaotic condition He was not it
must be confessed in a particularly ur
bane or genial humor as he strolled
through the fields that lovely August af
ternoon cane in hand viciously decapi
tating harmless meadow sweets After
walking for some time along a deeply
rutted sandy shady bridle path a sud
den turn in the lane brought him in sight
of a closed wooden gate right across his
present track at the other side of which
he beheld with a thrill of unaccountable
recognition the figure of a girl in a blue
habit riding a large dun pony He could
see even at a distance by the gestures
of the young lady and the shape of the
ponys back that they were having a
serious difference of opinion The hultpan
being wished to open the gate from the
saddle without dismounting and the
dumb animal positively declined to enter
tain the idea for one second They had
been contending thus for quite ten min
utes and Esme was getting hot and an
gry and the words hideous beast hate
ful imp of a pony were borne to Miles
ears by a gentle little afternoon breeze
that daintily rustled the ash trees and
the hedgerows
In her all absorbing struggle with
Jacky Esme had never noticed that she
and he were not alouet that there was a
spectator on the scene a slight dark
young man in a tweed suit with a daisy
in his buttonhole rapidly coming to her
assistance No the stiff necked quadru
ped occupied her whole attention She
relinquished the struggle and jumped off
his back and was hastily proceeding to
unfasten the hasp when her obstinate
unruly animal backed suddenly threw his
head with a violent jerk and wrenching
the bride out of his mistress hand lash
ed out playfully and galloped down the
held a loose and triumphant pony
Oh you demon of the deepest dye
cried Esme passionately Then suddenly
catching sight of a gentleman at the oth
er side of the bone of contention she ex
claimed eagerly Oh do please help me
to catch him He will knock the saddle
all to pieces and perhaps break his
knees and gathering up her skirt with
out waiting forau answer set a laudable
example by starting off at once in hot
Of all the cunning tiresome animals
that ever was shod Jacky must have the
precedence They would succeed in hunt
ing him into a corner and he would
SSdfr Hi
streaming reins and one malicious whitey
blue eye cocked in their direction and
just as they fondly imagined they had
him he would give one- contemptuous
kick accompanied by a squeal of derision
and thunder past them forty miles an
At last Miles captured Jacky by dint of
sheer pertinacity and brought him tri
umphantly back to his mistress who
stood under a tree with her hat off and
a small branch of horse chestnut in her
hand with which she had been fanning
herself in the vain hope of cooling her
hot cheeks
The prettiest girl in Thornshire there
could be no doubt about that said Miles
to himself as he approached her with the
bridle of the captive over his arm
The recent chase had loosened various
stray little locks and curls about her
temples her cheeks were an exquisite
rose color her eyes like two sapphires
but both defiant and bashful and had
he known the truth she was on the
brink of running away for now that the
excitement of the pony hunt was at an
end she began to realize that at last
she was really face to face with her
much dreaded cousin Miles And now
came the critical moment why was not
Gussie there to see
Ive got him at last he cried cheer
fully while still at some distance What
a cunning old beggar he is I think
now being quite close to her and dolling
his hat that you must be my Cousin
Esme I coloring a little but looking
at her steadily am Miles Brabazon
I suppose so she returned becom
ing crimson tossing away her impromptu
fan but making no attempt whatever to
shake hands Just lead him up to that
stone wjll you and hold him tight or he
will bite she added rather cavalierly
He had fancied that a smile a wordof
thanks would have rewarded his success
But no her eyes did not even meet his
all he beheld was an averted disdainful
May I not put you up he asked hum
Oh no no thanks impatiently
mounting as she spoke with nimble ease
and settling herself in the saddle
Does he often play you these tricks
he ventured to ask taking as he spoke
a wisp of grass out of Jackys reluctant
mouth and putting the reins in her
Yes often snappishly
And yet it does not cool your ardor
for riding him
No very shortly And now if you
will be so good as to open the gate 1
shall be much obliged she added with
ostentatious politeness
The gate was duly opened and Jacky
condescended to pace through Miss Esme
bestowing on her cousin a stately little
bow evidently meaning to part company
with him then and there But no such
idea was in Jackys mind He planted
his feet firmly together as it were rooted
himself in the soil of the next field and
positively declined to stir one step fur
ther merely shaking his ears disapprov
ingly and at last showing a strong desire
to lie down It was a humiliating situa
tion for Esme and ludicrous in the ex
treme She could not honestly say if
she had been asked on oath at the mo
ment which of the two she hated most
her cousin or the pony There was a
twinkle in Miles eye that had not escap
ed her and indeed it was only by put
ting a strong restraint upon himself that
he had been able to command his coun
tenance After a time a compromise was
effected Jacky was satisfied to proceed
provided that he was gently and indul
gently led by the bridle And in this way
the trio slowly left the fields and pro
ceeded along the narrow lanes leading to
Mr Hogbens farm
Miles struggled bravely to make con
versation about the weather the beauty
of the country and the lovely wild flow
ers in the hedges but his well meant ef
forts resembled a monologue until by a
brilliant inspiration he touched up the
delinquencies of Jacky and then Esme
found speech her pent up indignation
broke forth
Odious ungrateful ugly little wretch
Would you believe that he is twenty four
years old and has hardly a tooth in his
No indeed I would not he seems to
be as lively as a two-year-old delighted
that this fair and disdainful divinity had
found voice at last
Yes that he is and his temper is get
ting worse every year Would anyone
imagine that ages and ages ago when he
was being led out to be shot along with
the old carriage horses and another ponj
I actually went down on my knees to
Mrs Brabazon I groveled to her to
spare Jacky
And did she inquired Miles thought
lessly eager to keep the ball of conver
sation rolling at any price
Did she What a stupid question
lifting her eyebrows contemptuously If
he had been shot how could he be here
now But he was spared because Ja
cobs said he had a lot of work in him
and he would ujp very well for carting
You may let him loose now thanks he
knows there is no help for it and that
he is going to Mrs Hogbens
To be continued
How to Find a Pocketbook
Mrs Smith My dear I left my
thimble in the pocket of my dress and
I wish youd run upstairs and
Smith No my dear I must decline
Im not going off on any such errand
as that f
How foolish you are Nothing is
easier than finding the pocket in a
dress All you have to do is to slip it
Slip what on
The dress of course But you
neednt try to button it you know
Oh I neednt
No slipping it on is enough
Well then what
Use common sense of course All
you have to do when the dress is on is
to dive down and crossways a little
slanting and up and down just as you
see ladies do in the omnibus when the
conductor comes along for the fare
and your hand will go straight into the
Lest We Forget
Wife I received a letter from our
country cousins to day saying they
would like to visit us for a month or so
I sent a reply this afternoon
Husband anxiously What did you
tell them we had
Wife Smallpox
Husband Great Scott Youve put
your foot in it now Thats what you
told them last year when they threat-
pause and leisurely crop the grass with I enM to come Brooklyn Life
m imr - ii iii tmm l h ii in imim -
Chinese Eebela Encouraged by Their
Recent Successes
The hostile demonstrations of the reac
tionary elements in Chinalieaded by the
secret society known as the Boxers
have suddenly assumed the aspect of a
serious rebellion Emboldened by their
success in defeating the Government
troops the rebels have destroyed the
railway station and rolling stock at Liu
lino near Peking and are marching on
the capital itself The whole movement
is aimed at all foreign influences in
China The gravity of the situation is
increased by the fact that the dowager
Empress the dominant force in the im
perial government is more or less in sym
pathy with the reactionary motives of
the rebels The Boxers have for
months been massacring native converts
to Christianity at various points and
though they have thus far refrained from
killing foreign missionaries it is at them
that the hostility is chiefly aimed If the
imperial government cannot or will not
suppress the murderous acts of the rebels
nothing remains but for the foreign gov
ernments to send warships and troops to
defend the property and lives of their cit
izens in China By their violence the
fanatical Chinese are only hastening the
advent of the foreign influences which
they are combating Anarchy is said to
prevail even now in many of the prov
inces and if the VBoxer rebellion gains
the formidable proportions now threat
ened it may easily prove a radical step
toward the breakup of China itself
Owing to the encroachments of the
Boxers American British Japanese
German Italian Russian and French
troops to the number of 100 each were
ordered to Pekln to guard their respective
legations there but the viceroy at Tien
tsin would not allow them to proceed to
Pekin on the railway without the author
ity of the One hundred
and eight Americans with a machine gun
and a field gun landed amid great enthu
Five Russian warships two Russian
gunboats two British warships and one
French and one Italian warship arrived
at Taku and landed troops The Chinese
have refused to allow Russian troops to
pass the Taku forts There is a dispo
sition to believe that the Boxers will
disperse before the foreign troops are
ready to act
Rush Into the Town Kill Five Ameri
cans and Escape
On Tuesday night the Filipino insur
gents rushed into San Miguel province
of Bulacan Luzon garrisoned by three
companies of the Thirty fifth volunteer
infantry They swept through the sur
prised town shooting right and left kill
ing five Americans and wounding seven
San Miguel de Mayumo is but a few
miles from Manila While a band under
the escort of troops of the Forty sixth
infantry was moving from Hang to Si
lang within twenty five miles of Manila
it was attacked by ladrones three of the
party being killed-
Lieut Jens E Stedje of Company L
Forty seventh volunteers commanding a
scouting party in the southern part of
Albany province had several engage
ments with the insurgents in which sev
enteen of the enemy were killed and
twenty three including a captain were
captured Six explosive bombs and a
number of valuable insurgent documents
also fell into the hands of the Ameri
cans The scouts burned the town of
Yubi the headquarters of the rebels
Memorial day was observed in Manila
as a general holiday Military ceremo
nies were held at the various stations
and salutes were fired from the forts at
Santiago and Manila A military escort
proceeded to the Malatte cemetery where
the graves of United States soldiers
were decorated and an address was made
by the chaplain Memorial exercises
K ere held also in the theater
Confederate Veterans Hold Their Re
union in Louisville
The annual reunion of the Confederate
veterans who in the 60s gallantly fought
for a cause they believed to be right op
ened in Louisville Wednesday During
the reunion there was a grand ball with
many concerts and excursions to sec
tions of historical interest in the vicin
ity There were 20000 veterans in at
tendance and all were given a royal wel
come An immense hall which comfort
ably seated 10000 persons had been
erected especially for the reunion on a
high bluff commanding a view of th2
Ohio river and valley for many miles
Distinguished veterans who are promi
nent in national affairs were there in
large numbers and the city was wholly
given up to sthe boys who wore the
The missionary societies claim that
there are now 00000 Protestants in old
The Baptist Theological Seminary at
Rochester N Y celebrated its fiftieth
anniversary last week
John D Rockefeller Jr has a Sunday
school class of sixty three young men at
the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church New
The State Department of the United
States Government spends nearly 1000
000 a year to protect American mission
aries in foreign lands
The international committee of the Y
M G A is endeavoring to raise a million
dollar jubilee endowment fund before the
jubilee meeting of American associations
in 1901
With a party of friends the Rev Minot
J Savage of New York will travel
through southern Europe in a gasoline
automobile built for six people and with
plenty of room for luggage
The Rev T H James who has been
preaching in Oakley Kan on a 500 sal
ary recently inherited a fortune from
England and intends to use 500000 of
it to endow a college and a hospital in
The pronouncement of the Archbishops
of Canterbury and York against the res
ervation of the sacrament by the clergy
of the Anglican Church has stirred anew
the embers of the ritualistic controversy
within the church and may lead to seri
ous results inasmuch as the more ritual
istic of the priests have announced their
intention to continue the practice
- J JJ
The Senate on Saturday agreed to the
resolution for an investigation by the
committee on Cuban affairs of the Cuban
postal and other irregularities authoriz
ing tho committee to visit Cuba if neces
sary to pursue the inquiry Some time
was given to the sundry civil appropria
tion bill without completing it and to
District of Columbia business One of
the latter measures provides extensive
depot and terminal improvements in
Washington for the Baltimore and Poto
mac and Baltimore and Ohio railroads
and for the removal of the historic long
bridge the highway from the North to
the South during he war of the rebel
lion Passed the bill granting a pension
of 50 a month to Mrs Mary L Stotsen
berg widow of the late Col Stotsenberg
of the First Nebraska vplunteers who
was killed in the Philippines The House
practically completed the consideration
of the Alaska civil government bill Mr
Cooper Wis chairman of the commit
tee on insular affairs presented a favor
able report on the Hay resolution calling
upon the Postmaster General for certain
information regarding the reports of E
G Rathbone director of the posts in
Cuba and the resolution was adopted
without division Another resolution from
the same committee introduced by Mr
Jones Va calling upon the Secretary
of War to report in detail the payments
made and to wtiom from the revenue of
Cuba and Porto Rico was also adopted
In the Senate on Monday reading of
the sundry civil appropriation bill was
completed but not all of the committee
amendments disppsed of A lively debate
was precipitated over the proposition to
continue the life of the industrial com
mission until Oct 31 1901 Charges
were made that the commission was be
ing used as a Republican campaign ma
chine and that important testimony had
been suppressed The committee amend
ment however was agreed to
The Senate on Tuesdav added to the
sundry civil appropriation bill an amend
ment appropriating 5000000 for the
Louisiana purchase exposition to be lield
in St Louis in 1903 on condition that
10000000 in addition be raised by the
exposition authorities The amendment
was adopted without debate and without
division Because an amendment offered
by him subsequently was stricken out on
a point of order Mr Gallinger N H
moved to reconsider the St Louis fair
Amendment and that motion now is pend
ing Mr Bacon Ga addressed the Sen
ate at length on the Teller resolution ex
pressing sympathy for the Boers after
which the resolution was referred to the
committee on foreign relations by a vote
of 40 to 20 Mr Fairbanks ImU on-
deavored to secure consideration- of the
bill providing for the extradition of crim
inals from the United States to Cuba
but Mr Allison declined to lay aside the
appropriation bill for that purpose The
House by a vote of 107 to 124 refused
to accept the Senate amendment to the
naval appropriation bill relating to armor
plate and adopted a modified proposition
authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to
secure armor by contract and if he can
not purchase it at what he deems a rea
sonable price he is instructed to purchase
a site and erect a factory for the manu
facture of armor plate appropriating the
sum of 4000000 for this purpose With
regard to ocean and lake surveys the
House refused any appropriation for sur
veys by the navy and tied up the con
ferees with instructions It also refused
to concur in the Senate amendment to
abolish the two years sea cruise for
naval cadets With the above action the
naval bill was sent back to conference
the conference report on the other items
having been agreed to The conference
report on the pjDstoffiec appropriation bill
agreeing on all items except the Senate
amendment appropriating 225000 for
pneumatic tube service was adopted and
the House then concurred in the excepted
The Senate was not in session on Wed
nesday In the House the program of
the leaders contemplated the launching of
the debate upon the anti trust resolution
and bill but there was a strong under
current in favor of adjournment
on ac
count of Decoration day Mr Dalzell
who presented the special order under
which the House was to operate in
erence to this sentiment withdrew it in
order that the 190 pension bills might be
passed and after they had been disposed
of as a further mark of respect the
House adjourned The Chinese commis
sion bill which was under consideration
several weeks ago has gone back to the
calendar the motion to strike out the
enacting clause having been defeated
On Thursday in the Senate the sundry
civil bill was passed carrying an amend
ment appropriating 5000000 for the
Louisiana purchase exposition at St
Louis in 1001 Mr Gallinger offered an
amendment for the appointment of a
commission of five men to study trade
conditions in the
Orient Sharp
tion developed Mr Pettigrew made a
point of order against it that it was new
legislation Mr Stewarts amendment
appropriating 400000 to settle the civil
war claims of Nevada was adopted Mr
Daniels amendment providing 200000
to begin work on the memorial bridge at
Arlington was adopted By a vote of
141 to 118 the House adopted an order
devoting the day and evening to consid
eration of the Republican anti trust con
stitutional amendment and -providing for
a vote on the resolution on Thursday at
5 p m The order also devotes Saturday
to the bill amending the Sherman anti
trust lnr Thorn tvnc o oln n jj l
- - - ouiuii ueDate on
the adoption of the order The minority
amendments were declared out of order
and the formal discussion of the resolu
tion was begun
National Capital Notes
This years Pacific exports will excepd
Vandiver is trying to get a favorable
report on his bill to bridge the Missis
sippi at Cape Girardeau
Charles R Siegel of Missouri has been
appointed a wire man in the bureau of
engraving and printing
Secretary Long has ordered the re
establishment of the European station
The Albany will go at once
Champ Clark is seeking to get Con
gress to make a national park of Wil
gpns Greek in southeast Missomr
AlonsKeSlccted Grave to ITalccn
Care- ui
There is pending before
the United
Senate u joint reum v
States enate jm olll6 shaft
ion oi a ti
e tmiti Tvler in
ing for the erect
1 -
over tlie grave ui y Va TVhica
rin hmnnA
t - - -
woou cemeit o
1SC2 has beenun
sineo the interment in
It seems
marked by stone or cross
hardly creditable that the grave of this
illustrious citizen should
Ion- neglected and speedy action should
Weekly to honor
be taken says
to extreme
early manhood
the man who from
and event
treme old agelhrough a long
ful career served his country with con-
spicuous ability fidelity and zeal as av
member of the General Assembly as
Governor of the commonwealth as- a
member of the State conventions of 1830
and 1SG1 as a member of the House of
Representatives as Senator from Vir
ginia as president of the peace confer
ence at Wasliington as member of tho
Provisional Congress of the Confederate -States
as chancellor of William and
Mary College as Vice President of the
United States and as chief magistrate of
the republic
This tribute to her distinguished father
will add too one more bright chapter to
the history of his daughter Mrs Semple
far a while during her fathers incum
bency the chatelaine of the executive
mansion and for many years an inmate of
the Louise Home an asylum for gentle
women provided through the generosity
of the late W W Corcoran one of the
capitals noted philanthropists
Mrs Semple was married in her early
girlhood and was scarcely more than a
bride when her father entered the White
House in 1841 The death of her mother
and the domestic responsibilities of her
older sister made Mrs Semple virtually
the lady of the White House from 1842
to 1S44 Her husband had entered tho
United States navy and his death to
gether with financial reverses made it
necessary for Mrs Semple to earn her
living She was for some years
pal of a young ladies school in Balti
more but failing sight compelled her to
relinquish that occupation She is now
as stated spending the autumn of her
years in tie Lonise Home in Washington
Squatters on Lake Front Tract Greet
Police -with Bullets
Capt George W Streeter the squat
ter who- claims a considerable tract of
land on the lake front in Chicago invad
ed the disputed territory with armed men
Saturday The men carried Springfield
rifles and with fixed bayonets they be
gan patrolling the boundaries of the
tract They had with them a Gatling
gun and defied the police A clash be-
tween the invaders and the police occur
red early in the day and shots were fired
on both sides The noliee retired and
then orders were issued by Chief of Po
lice Kipley for 500 men with a Gatling
gun to go to the district Sheriff Mager
stadt with 100 deputies also hurried to
the scene The State militia was asked-
to furnish men to man the Gatling gun
Sixty rifles and sixty rounds of ammu
nition were sent to the East Chicago
police station
Late in the afternoon a fire boat with
a Gatling gun aboard was dispatched up
Lake Michigan to make a demonstration
from that side and to cut off the escape
of Streeters men by means of theiri
yacht The army of policemen and the
improvised warship descended on Capt
Streeters followers and a portion of them
surrendered to the park police while the
remainder made their escape
Capt Streeter claims to own the land
which were the title clear would be
worth between thirty and fifty millions
of dollars In 1885 Capt Streeter and
his wife were stranded on a little sandbar
a few yards from the shore at the foot
of Superior street The spot was not
down on the maps and the doughty
gator laid claim to the land and declared
his right being the whole population t
elect himself to all the offices which in
framing a constitution he deemed the
territory in need of As the
ed by the dumpi of all sorts of refuse
and earth washed up by the lake formed
a large tract and Capt became
a man of importance With his
tance and the
of the -lands
his troubles began The tract be-
r n tne suore and own-
ers of
property resented the
presence of Capt Streeter and the r2
tamers he had gathered about him 0W
carried the matter into court The Su
preme Court of the United
cided 4 the land wag ithOurtel
diction of the State of Illinois StrSter
thereupon offered the district to tlte Fed
A year ago he
ized under the name District of S
gan a territorial government and elect
ed himself
and to other of
fices of importance The police
descended on him and his army offiS
ZZ then P to Saturdaye
ltownT IU anther pa
Lieutenant Commander
Benjamin Tap
pan who was
officer of the
Raleigh during the battle of Manila Bay
XrLargf the hasranfc
Baltimore has
jnth a handsome sword by his presented
townsmen of Helena Ark
tion of isnmi v
over400000 Territory claims
Buffalo N Y policerounded
counterfeiters rr -
up -four
4 f