Western news-Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1898-1900, December 28, 1899, Image 5

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    - ' - * - iiiiriTI'Jr ' - : " - isryrrraB
i f iiT-g'--ii < _
8jr r-J ! agB5P S !
Live - Stock - Commission - Merchants
SouthOmaha and Chicago *
< * * *
WALTER E. WOOD , Cattle Salesman HENRY LEFLER , Hog Salesman
We furnish Market .Reports free of expense. "Write to us.
C. II. CORSES , ! , . President. SI. V. NICHOLSONCashier
Valentine , Nebraska.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Buys and Sells Domestic and Foreign Exchange
Correspondents ;
Chemical National Bank , N7ew York. ' lfirst National Bank , Omaha Neb
49 XXX
4 ?
4 $ Is continually adding improvements and it is now the
43 best equipped , and most comfortable
Hot and Cold Water Excellent Bath Room Two Sample Room *
Valentine , Nebraska
Every facility extended customers consistent with conservative banking
Exchange bought and sold. Loans upon good security solicited at reasonable
rates. County depository.
. '
-i. - „ :
E Ferything fresh and clean , and prices
tli .t are right. Special attention given
to plumps , tanks , and ranch supplies ,
i T i ?
Kennedv ? Nebraska ,
The ]
Golden She * .f Ture White Live ,
Susqneri anni ; llyeaud Cedar Creek
y , Bourbon Whisky.
Pure Grapd. & Cognac Brandy's
Toka.Ansel ; iicaPortSherry and Black
beriyin/ wood , claret , Rifling ,
Santa rnes. Cooks Imperial ;
usts and Clicquot in hot-
ilos. Damiana and olh-
\ er Cordials.
Also JWit for Fred Krugs , Celebrated F.x-
* - o era
ra ? ahIte fir f.tmiy ! us ! , iai ? bsts
Expi > . t Be r
Hair cutting and shaving.
I Have established a Feed and Saw Mill
n miles south ef Cody , at the mouth of
Medicine Canyon , and am now prepared
to prind Feed. Corn Meal and Graham ,
cr turn out all kinds of Lumber and di
mension stuff , and Native Shingles
Give us a trial order.
Two horses ; one brown horse branded O on
left shoulder , one Hack horse branded IX on
left shoulder. SSIeftlilp. I will jrive the first
described horse to the man who finds and re
turns the black described above.
Kyle. S. 1) .
Taken up by the undersigned. 7 miles east of
Merriman. one sorrel horse with front le bro
ken , branded T on right shoulder.
Also one buckskin mare branded
on left shoulder-
Parties can have same by proving
property and paying costs.
31 O. \ \ \ Monnier , Merriman , Neb.
Straj'ed Two cows , about 6 years
old , one dark rod. one roan wieh horns
lipped. Branded TC on right hip. J.
A. Adam son.
"Wanted 500 men to harvest sujjfa
beets and for general farm work
Apply to Standard Cattle Company
Ames , Nebraska. 42
Louis Bordeaux
Rosebud. S. D.
Horses branded
Alfred Bordeaux and Bros
Ilosebud , S D
Prideanx Sanfurd
Stock branded on
left side
Horses branded
on left .shoulder
Teeters Bros.
Newton , Neb.
Horses same o
left shoulder
Ranee between
the Gordon and th
Be not too late with your
"We are row ready for
Winter Orders
If you want good vegetables , the :
Hanseu's is the pla e. Any
kind of first class vegetables ca :
he secured bT giving order to
Manager Salesman
The disposition of children large !
depends upon health. If they ar
troubled with worms they will be irri
table , cross , feverish , and perhaps s <
riouslv sick. White's Cream Venn
ifugoisa worm expeller and tonic.t
make them healthy and cheerfu
i Pricfe 2& cents- . J. II * Quigley ,
EOBEET GOOD , Editor and Pnblishe
As the democrat candidate for vie
president will probably be Hogg , c
Texas , the republican candidate Reel
of New Yorkthe prohibitionists shoul
nominate Pye , of Illinois , and then th
voters could Root , Hogg or Dye
Butte Gazette.
The expenditures for our militar
establishment , according to the rspoi
of Secretary Gage , for 1898 are $91 ,
992,000.29 , vhile for 1399 they have in
creased to $229,841,254.47 , an increas
of $137,849,244.18. This is the pric
we are paying for our militarism am
colonial possessions. "To this must b
added the cost of life in the acquisitioi
of these possessions and the demoraliz
ation which is ever the accompaniuieu
of militarism. Where is the profit-
National Rural.
Private letters from our old home in
dicate on all nands that Old Englam
will have a sad instead of a merry tim' '
this Christmas. War is a terrible curse
but it is lee often brought about by tin
well-meaning but shallow mindec
. Majuba Ilil
peaee-at-any-price party.
is at the bottom of the South Africai
war. Rushville Recorder.
The above from a prominent admin
istration organ in this section of tin
state but thinly veils the sentiment o
the "government" in the Boer war
Like America in the Philippines , thi
English say that the Boer Avar for free
dom is only an "insurrection. "
Speaking of the Boer war , the St
Louis Republic aptly says that unles
there is an "International interference
that shall bring about a termination o
hostilities , the world may as well pre
pare now to witness the greatest strug
gle of the generation. Two small bu
indomitable republics are fighting fo
lite. A vast empire , originally goinj
to war fur territorial acquisition nov
striving to prevent further disaster tha
would threaten its cohesion. The situ
atioa is epochal in its bearing upon tin
historv of the near future/ '
To avert the panic , the treasur
Bought $25,000,000 of bonds. " Wliei
money again becomes so plentiful ii
Wall street that there is no way o
using it , the obliging secretary will is
sue bonds and take the money for stor
The one thing in which our secretar
broker differs from other money specu
lators. is that he does not take advan
tajje of the necessities of the crampei
financiers and buy their bonds at a dis
count , but pars a big premium. Whei
the } ' wa7jt to loan their money he sell
them bonds bearing a high rate of in
terest. Beatrice Democrat.
Americans sa'd one hundred year
ago that the divine right of kings t
rule \.MS a lie , and that all men wer
created free and equal. They fur the
said it that time that the only jiii
government was a republic , basing it
powers on the consent of the governed
But it is different no\v. Over in Afric
the people of a sister republic are strujj
gling to throw elf the yoke of opprei
sion placed upon that republic by
monarch's hum ! . What does libert
loving America do in this hour of
sister republic's danger ? Why , ever
true American heart beats in s > uipath
with the struggling Dutch in Africa !
but our administration , because of a :
unholy secret alliance with England'
monarch , not only refuses to aid on
sister republic in Africa , but actually
as an administration , shows all maune
of sympathy for England Shame 01
such an administration as ours is to
day , and if this be treason , shame on i
still ! Papillion Times.
There are few ailments so uncom
fortable as piles , but they can easily hi
cured by using Tabler's Buckeye Pil
Ointment Relief follows its use , am
any one buffering from piles cannot af
ford to neglect to give it a trial , i'rie
50 cents in bottles , tubes 75 cents.
* J. II. Quigley.
with foibid anyone from buying an ;
stock from my sonVictorYoungknowi
as "Dick Young , " that is brandei
A'Y or H'Y on left side , and righ
ear split. I also request anyone t
notify me or Geo. Younff. in charg' '
of said stock , if either of these brand
are offered for sale.
Subscribe for TIIE 2 ! ]
and get all the news local and foi
eign $1.00 per year.
In Job Work we are unexcelled
Our prices are right , our uoods ar
right and our workmanship AXo. I. "
At my placeftve miles norlhcapl of Arabia On
brown marc , thi-cc white feet , branded T on le
shoulder. One Inickukln mare , black mane an
tail , bruuded Con left shoulder.ii
ii . W ; L'UVJEK
Insurance in the best companies a
lowest rates. I. M. RICE.
J. W. Stetter shipped a carload o
hogs to Omaha this morning.
Prices right on shoes at Parnhar
and Dikeman.
Robert Robinson left on a pleasur
trip this week. California is his de
Dean Efner was down from Chadroi
this week , spending- Christmas wit ]
his parents.
Rev. Holsclaw will preach the Ne\
Year sermon Sunday morning in th
Methodist church.
There was a leak in the water mail
on Main street this weekbut Marsha
Hooton soon had it repaired.
The Anti-Saloon League nieetinj
held Wednesday evening was well at
tended and a hot time is reported.
J. H. Quigley went to Lincoln 01
Tuesday to join his colleagues of th <
"Brands and Marks" committee.
Jim Raj * , the genial ice man , lef
Tuesday morning for Oregon , wher <
he goes for the benefit of his health
Rev. Addis , of Longpine , will assis
Rev. Cumbow in the revival meeting :
to be held in the Methodist churcl
next week.
At a sale held by Valentine Geibei
near O'Neill , last week , cows sold foi
$32.50 to $43 per headand calves aver
aged § 19.75.
The Epworth League social ai
Hornby Hall , last Monday night , wai
well attended. Games and luncheot
were the features of the evening.
J. S. Harrington and family ar
riyed in O'Neill from their home ii
Grant City , Mo. . Friday , and are nov
comfortably situated in the north
west part of town. O'Neill Independ
Ice cutting on Lake Minnechaduzz
will commence next week , probabl ]
Monday , and all the boys are prepar
ing to make a midwinter stake ant
fill the hole in their pocketbook ;
caused by Christmas expenditures.
For broken limbs , chilblains , burns
scalds , bruised shins , sore throat , anc
soi es of every kindj apply Ballard's
Snow Liniment. It will give immedi
ate relief and heal any wound. Price
25c and 50c. J. H. Quigley.
Two young men from Hay Spring ;
recently called upon a couple of younj
ladies in Rushville , and the "sports'
of that place ran the young men ou
of town. It seems to us that this ac
tion on the part of the "sports'
was an indication of weakness 01
their part.
Tank Heaters for sale at R. An
derson's. tf
Out of the kindness of his heart
which everybody knows is big , Tec
Ormesher presented us with a fin <
Christmas turkey , Sunday morning
We always knew Ted was a friend o :
ours , but this act of generosity com
pletely filled our heart ( and stomach
to overflowing.
Our shoes are up to date. Farnhan
and Dikeman.
Mrs. H. Zeilian returned , Tuesday
night , from the Moqui Indian Schoo
in Arizona , where she has been actinj
as seamstress for the last year. Shi
obtained a transfer to Rosebud , am
will accept a position there so as ti
be with her husband , "Dick , " who i
assistant engineer at that place.
Have 3'ou a cold ? A dose of Bal
lard's Horehound S3'rup at bed-tim (
will remove it. Price 2oc and 50c.
J. H. Quigley.
Views ot all kinds made of you :
home or cattle. If you have anythin :
you want a. picture of give me a call
Andrews , the photographer.
Does anybody want a fresh milcl
cow ? If so , they may learn some
thing to their advantage by callinj
at this office. We also have a pony
a saddle , a ladies' bicycle and a gooc
guitar on our bargain counter.
After Christinas.
I "blew" myself for all I had and rai
up a great , big score :
I bought her a pin , a watch , a ring
and thought I had her sure :
And now you ask me why I'm sad aiu
why 1 look so "sore , "
Tell me I'm growing pale and thin
and hint a whole lot more.
Well. I'll tell you why I smother J
sigh and look like a lonely ace.
Tuesday morn she passed me by anc
gave me the "frozen face. "
In sluggish liver , Ilerbine , 'by it
beneficial action upon the biliary tracts
renders the bile more fluid , and bring
the liver into a sound , healthy con
dition , thereby banishing the sense o
drowsiness , lethargy , and the genera
feeling of apathy which arise from dis
orders of the liver. Price 50 cents.
J. II. Quigley.
I feel like a wave of the ocean ,
He squeezed her small hand as h
spoke ;
Yes , t feel like a wave of the ocean
When it kisses thcbeo.ch andgoe
"broke. "
Subscribe for the N
Sill 11 * flees for fectl.
Bran , bulkj 60c per cwt $11.00 tot
Shorts bulk'70c per cwt $13.00 tor
Screenings 40c " $7.00 "
Chop Feed 85c " * 1G.OO "
Corn 70c " $13.00
Oats 90c § 17.00"
Application for Appointment of Ad
In County Uourt of Cherry County , Nebraska.
In the matter of the Estate of Charles btrick
land , deceased ,
E. J. Davenport filed In my office a petition
praylncr for the appointment of Ueorgu A Chap
man as administrator of the estate of Charlej
Strickland , deceased. All persons Interested in
said estate will take notice that 1 have fixed
Saturday , January 13th , llKX ) , at 10 o'clock a.m. ,
as the lime , and my olllce in Valentine , Cheiry
county , Nebraska , as the place for hearing said
] > etitioDrut which time and place all persons I in
terested iu said estate may appear and show
cause , if any there be. why such administrator
should not be appointed.
Witness my iiand and the seal of said court
this mh day ot December , 1890.
40 W. J { . TOWNK. County Judge.
Notice to Non-Resiclent Defendant.
Joe Rose will take notice that on the Uh day
of December , 180-J , W. Jt. Towne , county judge
of Cherry county , Xebr. , issued an ordei of at
tachment for the PUIII of 5-Jo.OO , in an action
uending belore him , wherein D , M. Osborw &
Co. is piaintiit and .Joe Kobe is defendant , that
property of the defendant , consisting of o-n' two
Sear old heifer , two yearling heifers and one
yearling eteer , lias been attached under said or
der. Sdid cause was continued to the 'J7ib day
ol Jauuarv. 11)00 ) , at l o'clock a. in.
Dated December lath , 1 99.
D. M. OSBOKNK & CO. . Plaintiff.
473t Bv A. M.M01UU6SEY. Aitotney.
Order to Show Cause.
In the District Court )
of [
Cherry County. )
In the matter of the estate of John W. Oens ,
This cause coming on for hearing upon the
petition of William E. Halej , administrator , of
the estate of John W. Oens. deceased , praying
for license to sell the w 1-2 of ne 1-4 , mv 1-4 of se
M and ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of section 14 , township
32 , range 30. or a sufficient amount of the same
to bring the sum of 270.00 , for the payment of
debts allowed against said estate ana the costs
of administration , there not beinir sutncicnt
personal property to pay the said debts and ex
penses. It is therefore ordered that all persons
interested in .said estate appear before lion. J..I.
Harrington , district ; judge , at chambers in the
city of O'Neill. Nebr , on January 2J , 1900 , at 10
o'clock a.m. . to show cause why a license should
not be granted to said administrator to sell so
much ot the above described real estate of siild
deceased as shall be necessary to pay said debts
and expenses.
His further ordered that due and lgal notice
of this order be given to all the heirs at law of
the said John W. Oens deceased , and all other
persons interested in said estate , by the publi
cation hereof for four successive weeks in the
Westt-ru News-Democrat , a uewsuapcr pub
lished at Valentine. Nebraska.
Dated this 4th day of December , 1899.
47 4t M. P. IvLXKAlD. District Judge.
Order for Hearing of Final Account.
In the County Court /
of } -
CherryCounty.Neb. \
In the matter of the estate of Edward Dahl-
giin , deceased.
> 'owon theistliday of November. 1S9. ! came
Rachel Dahlgnn. administratrix of the estate
of Edward Dahlgrin , deceased , and prays for
leave to render final account and that she mav
be discharged. It is therefore orilere-1 that the
30th day ot December , IK)9. ) at 10 o'clock a. m ,
at my office in Valentine , be fixed as the time
and place for examining and allowing atich ac
count. And the heirs of said deceased , and all
persons interested in said estate are required
to appear at the time and place so designated ,
and show cause , if such exist , why said prayer
should uot be granted. It is further ordered
that said Kachcl Dahlgrin , administratrix , give
notice to all persons interested in said estate by
causing copy ot this order to be published in
the Democrat , a newspaper printed and in gen
eral circulation in said county , for three con
secutive weeks , prior to the day set for hearing.
Dated this 14th day of December , 181)9. )
47 W. It. TOWNE , County Judge.
Notice of Publication.
In the County Court of Cherry Conaty ,
In the matter of the
William K. Stnnsblo
John Stansbic , Robert M. Stansbic , James A.
Suinsbif , Thiinms gtansble.Allen St insblo.M&rj
Stansbie , Sarah ritoddard. Mlnnla M.Bangh.Ida
L. King and Jane SUtnsbie. and 11 other per
sons interested In said matter are hereby noti
fied tha * on the art day of December.lKW.Charkjn
Lane filed a petit Ion in said county court pnrjr-
ing that his final administration account filed
therein 1m settled and allowed and that he be
discharged from said trust as administrator.and
each and alt of YOU are notified that if you fail
to appear in said court on the 23d day of Decem
ber. itf'jO.at 10 o'clock a. m. and contest said pe
tition , the i-ourt may grant the nrayer of aiiHi
petition and makesurhotherandfurtnerorder- .
allowance * nnd decrees as the court may > ee
proper to the end that all matters pertaining to
saip estate may be finally settled and deter
mined. W. R. TOWNE ,
4G-3t County Judse.
Order to Show Cause
In the District Court of Cherry County. Nebr.
In the matter of the application of Mary A ,
Carson and Alfred Lewis. Executors of the wll1
of William G. Carson , deceased , for the sale of
real estate.
And now on this 13th day of November , 1899 ,
this cause came on for hearing before W. H.
Westover. one of the judges of the District court
of Cherry county , Nebraska , upon the petition
of Mary A. Carson and Alfred Lewis , executors
of said estate , praying for a license to sell the
following described real estate , tt-wit : The s
54 sec. o and n 'i mv J4 and sw At mv h and mv
& sw J4 , xec 15 , twp 31 , r t.v Cherry County.
Nebraska.for the payment of the legacies named
in the will of the said William Ii. Carson , tie-
ceased. and for the support and maintenance of
the widow and minor heirs , there being no per
sonal estate for that purpose.
It is therefore ordered that all persons inter
ested in said estate , appear before me at Jlush-
ville , Nebraska , on the 'Jtith day of December.
1899. at 10 o'clock a. in. to show cause wliv 11-
ceuse should not be granted to said executor *
to sell said real estate , and it Is further ordered
thai u copy of this notice be published four con
secutive weeks in Western News-Democrat in
Cherry County , Nebraska.
Dated this "istli day of November , ifcoy. at
Rushville , Nebr.
43 W H. WESTOVEU , Judge.
) . A. WELLS . J. B. WELLS
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