Western news-Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1898-1900, November 16, 1899, Image 1

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If *
Mctzger Bros. ,
Pullman Neb
Cherry Co.
Brand on left hide
and thigh
I Earmark , square
crop right ear
1 Southern branded
. cattle have but one
hair-diamond E" on
Heft side
Native cattle have
throat wattle
,3 It an EC on Gordon andiSnakc Creeks
, Horses have same brand on left thigh
A Itt'irtit' l of # ASo will be paid to any
person for Information leading to the arrest and
final conviction-of any person or persona steal
ing cattle with above brand
rostofllce address
Allen S D
Of- Kit" On left shoulder and
baron side ; horses
same on thigh
Range-Boar deck
' 3-
Tos office addres
Valentine , Neb
Branded on right
side ; horses same
llange-io miles east
of Valentino on
the Niobrara
Joseph "W. Bownet
P. O. address
Mcrriman , Nebr.
Right ear cropped
Flole iu center of left
ear llange Lake creek
S. U.
Parker & Son
P 0 Address
L.V. . Pjirki-r
f Iteige. Xeli
Krand same-as cut.
Also ZP
Ranee on Niobrara
south of Crookston
It. A. McQuade.
Valentine. Neb
Ur.mded on cither
side Range between
.Timelier and Swan
fc Charles C. Tackett
KostttiiH , * . I ) .
llange head of An
telope near St. Marys
florses branded
on It-ft thigh
'rr '
j [
\ Peter Yloiidray
Rosebud , S. D.
Left side. Left car
Horses branded
Range Little White
River , at mouth of
Dedar rreek.
Louis J. Kicliards
Merriman , Neb
Gorsuch Bros.
Newton. Nebraka
Cattle branded
as on cut
ft- side or hi ]
Kan.ue on ( JoruoiT
Louis F. Kicliards
Meirhnan Neb
Ilenry Pratt
Rosebud S. D.
Left side
Horses same on
left shoulder
Overborn Hip on
some cattle
John DeQory
Rosebud. S. D ,
Some branded ID
417 on left side
Horses JD on left
Kange in Meyer Co
on Antelope Creek
Thomas Farren
Rosebud , S. D.
TD 11R3 either left'
side or hip
: - Range head of
"i:2 Antelope ?
Anderson & Hounds.
Simeon. Nebraska
Cattle branded on
left side as on cut ;
also 10 on left side
with on left hip of
some eattle ; also S4G
on right side Horse
brawl , rake and 1C
| on left" shoulder or
[ hip
Home ranch-on
newey Lake. Range on Niobrara River , cant efFort
Fort Niobrara ; also between Snake River and
Simeon , known as the Felch range , all In Cherry
Countv. Nebraska.
Marshall & "Wolfenden
Kennedy , Neb.
Some R on the left
Horses S on left
Brand is small
Earmark : Quarter
clip behind , half cir
cle forward on left ear
Range Lone Tree
I. T. Richardson.
Perch , Nebr
Some on left
Horses on
left shoulder
William JM. Dnnbar
Lessee from Heine & Kroeger
Cody. Neb
DUn Either side
Alsoi ( Oil
Left ear ol cattle
Range head of Hay
Amelia Young.
Cody , Nebraska
On right side.
Right ear split
Range , Little
White river
Peder Thorsen.
Gordon , Nebraska
On right sideT on
right hip. c horse
brand and Ton ,
right shoulder
Also cattle branded
I ; S on leftside
Range , fowl miles
south of Irwin
Ilenry Young ,
Cody , Nebraska
Horse brand IIY
on left shoulder
Cattle , right ear
Range , Little
White river , S. D.
Stotts & Stetter.
Cody , y
Branded on leftside
Range. Tin Can Lake
and Morgan Flats
D. C. Nelson.
Cody , Nebraska.
On right hip.
Range , Medicine
l.ake to the
Snake river
Uutt Brothers.
Gordon. Nebraska
Kange.Uir.iles north
of Gordon.
F. C. Duerfeldt , Manager.
Gordon , Nebraska
Cattle also branded
DO on right hip
Horses and mules
branded same as cut
on left shoulder
J. C. Jordan
Gordon , Nebraska
One bunch branded
as on cut on left side
One bunch branded
C It on left hip
Horses ! on left
Range. 10 miles
southwest of Gallop ,
between Niobrara
and Snake rivers
George F Damon
Albany. Neb
Cattl < ? branded
FI > on left ribs or
right shoulder ; WI >
on right hip ami left
ribs ; Con left hip
Horses FJ ) or SD on
right shoulder
Range 7 nn north
cast of Albany Neb
Agent for Pasteur
Black Leg Vaccine
Jospph Fickel
Gordon Neb
Horse brand F on
left shoulder
Jtonge 10 miles
northeast of Gordon
Last wcelcve promised our reader *
that we vrould tell them how it hap
pened , but the more we examine the
returns the madder we get.Ve have
talked with numbers of our people froir
various parts of the county , and they ,
one and all , agree that the result wai
caused by traitors in our own ranks.
It is hard to say it , but we are con
vinced that this is the true explanation
of republican success. Let us take the
figures for a minute and see how this
explanation is arrived at :
Ilolcomb earned the county by 6 , al
though about 200 fusionists failed to
vote on the head of the ticket , and yel
Donoher was defeated by 01 votes ,
Ilahn by 68 , and Skirving by 283. In
Woodlake , Ilolcomb had 1 majority ,
and yet .Uonoher was 34 behind , Skirv
ing 1 , and Mrs. Crawford 4. This was
the precinct where the republicans
promised to skin Thackrey , yet Ilahn
only received 11 majority , indicating
that but five republicans voted their con
victions. In Dewey Lake , another of
the same sort , Ilahn received 2 more
votes than Ilolcomb , and Thackrey ot
4 more than lleese , while Donoher tvas
9 behind Daniels , although the precinct
is populist on the head of the ticket.
In Gillaspie precinct the vote was 26 to
11 for Ilolcomb , yet Donoher had only
10 majority. Halm had but 3 , Crawford
4 and Skirving was skinned by 12.
German precinct gave Holcomb 13 ma
jority , yet gave the republicans 12 foi
clerk , 1 for treasurer and 10 for sheriff.
And so it went all over the count- , the
only bright spots being Irwin , Sctilegel ,
Table , and Valentine , these precincts
giving the county ticket a larger vote
than they did the state ticket.
Having stated in tne foregoing that
our local defeat was due to traitors in
our own ranks , the intelligent reader
will of course want to know what
caused our people to turn traitor , and
that question is not easy to answer , butte
to the best of our knowledge the fol
lowing reasons had weight.f
Skirving suffered his overwhelming
defe-it through three jniine ; causes , to-
wit : ( l ) He is a comparative stranger
to the people of the count } * . (2) ( ) His
personality is such that he doesn't
make friends readily. (3) ( ) lie signed ,
while in towna , paper pledging himself
to not support an } political party which
did not have a prohibition plank in its
platform next year. When we consider
that Lee Layporte has been a resident
of this county for many years , that he
is a pleasant , affable and common man ,
and that he is an ex-saloonkeeper .and
all the saloons in the county are run by
either democrats or populists , the
w eight of these arguments can be ap
preciated. Add to this the fact that a
few politicians were sore over Skirving's
nomination , and it is easily seen why
his defeat was certain.
Ilahn was reported to be an oflicu
seeker , was charged with incompetency
and all but accused of crime , and at
the eleventh hour , in violation of all
agreements made between leading poli
ticians , had to contend against a circu
lar signed by llobt. S. Lee and sent
over the county. To the credit of the
republican chairman , Chas. Ileece , be
it said that he refused to be a party to
the infamous woik , and Avottld not al
low his name to be signed to the paper ,
as was intended. "We learn this from
Mr. Keece himself , hence it is authori
tative. In addition to this Hahn was
accused of being a Valentine man and
in connivance with court house , bond
and anti-division "schemes , " which
argument was to many voters the same
as a red rag is to a bull.
According to almost all prophets ,
Pete Donoher was to have been elected ,
but tlie week before election a few
sanctimonious sous of Satan , in com
bination with certain degenerated di-i
ciples of Dives , circulated a slanderous
statement against him which accom
plished his downfall. This story needs
no repeating in this paper. Suffice it
to say that it was false from beginning
to end , and had we known of its cir
culation in time we would have proven
its falsity. > ot content with circulating
this story by word of mouth one of the
flatulent , fatuous factotums of the
republican party even descended to the
point of degradation where he wrote to
various parties throughout the county ,
peddling the falsehood thus to many who
would not otherwise have believed it.
Not content with this. this same back
biting , blaggard buzzer must needs give
as authority for his story a man whenever
never even heard of it until after election.
This is one of the means used to defeat
We firmty believe that if our range
horses were kept growing throughout
the winter by the addition of a little
grain they could be made to weigh
more than now when four yeais of age.
They would then make the best cavalry
mounts in the world. At present it
can be said that they have the best feet ,
legs , vitality and lungs of any horses
in the world ; but they are not quite
heavy enough. It. is entirely practic
able for range people to increase the
weights to suit the requirements of
those who buy such animals extensive
ly. Denver Jbield and Farm.
Goat culture in the United States is
enjoying a boom. The hardy , thrifty
nature of these animals has made them
well adapted to the cliirate and con
ditions of the southwest , where great
herds of them are raised. It is estimated
that there are 300.000 Angora goats in
this country. The average ileece
weighs about three pounds , though
some exceptional clips have reached
eiglfteen pounds. There is a good
mark et for the fleece and skins , and
the carcass , when fat. is not a bad
substitute for mutton. Chicago Drov
ers Journal.
The West Texas Stockman says of
cattle dipping : The federal government
has announced th-it there will be no
more of the cattle dipping foolishness
this season. The cattle tlip was a the.-
or } * evolved by an embryo horse doctor ,
who parted his hair in the middle , ate
big stock yard dinners free of charge
and stood in with the push trying to
mulct stockmen in the sum of 2.5 cents
per head on the number of cattle they
were obliged to handle. It was a great
scheme and one of the most damnable
outrages upon the great stock industry
ever eqncocteL
Every cattleman who can possibly dose
so should feedj hiji' stock enough this
Avinter to carry them through until
spring in at leasjbas good condition as
they are in itow. 'Too many inalTe tluT
mistake of putting off feeding too long ,
and permit their cattle to become weak
and thin before the feeding is com
menced. To accomplish satisfactory
results it must be begun early in the
season. After the animals have lost
flesh and become weakened by expos
ure they cannot resist the damaging in
fluence of the later storms without fur
ther injury , no matter how liberal the
feeding then may be. To keep them
vigorous and in good flesh from the
stait should be the rule. Such a
method economizes feed while produc
ing the best results.
Will We Have Cheap Ucef Again in
the United States ?
( William Adams , Jeffersonvillc , Ind. . in the
Cincinnati Price Current. )
The following are figures from the
United States agricultural reports :
Cattle other than Value
milch cows , per head
1ST7 17,956,000 $ . . .
1SSU 21,231,000 1(5.10 (
1892 37,051,000 15.10
1899 U7.994.00 < > 2:2.79 :
The above figurcs-should be of inter
est to all farmers and stock raisers.
The fifteen years previous to 1892 our
beef cattle more than doubled with an
average of 14,000,000 cows to breed
from and a declining price , with every
thing unfavorable for an increase in
Since 1892 our loss on beef cattle is
10,000,000 , decreasing fem 37,000,000
to 27,000,000 , yet we had 16.000,000 of
cows to breed from , and an increase in
price of almost $8 per head and every
thing favorable for an increase.
Even if we are able only to arrest the
decrease , in 1910 our population would
be 90,000,000 and our beef cattle 27.-
000,000 , we would have only 300 cattle
for each 1,000 persons , against "i.lO in
1892. Should our population be 90,000-
000 in 1910. Ave should have 50,000,000
of beef cattle to be in proportion to
The probabilities are that our popu
lation Avill reach 9o or 100 million in
1910. Five years of a continued annual
loss of 1.200,000 and Ave will be on a
basis of France and ( Tcrraauy on cattle.
We can offer no satisfactory theory for
this annual loss of cattle. In our own
state ( Indiana ) AVC have more acres of
grass , an increase of price , and yet AVC
have 349,000 less cattle than in 1890 ,
while wheat and corn , with a declining
* O
price , have increased their average.
Corn has increased 700,01)0 ) acres in In
diana since 1890.
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D. Stinard , Clothier.
Alex Marrivall
Tine Kidjre , S U
Cuttle branded as
on ent and helmv on
eill 'r side F.ermk
swallow fork on lext
and crop ri lit
Horse 1 rands as
helow on left
or hip
Wheeler Lros.
Cody Xeb
Also 15 on rJR
Ranee Chaniherlain
Flats and Snake
Xewman Bros. & Xations.
Codv , Nebraska
On point left shoul
der. Also O on
point left shoulder
Also 5 on left
Same on left hip
Left side
J. A. Adamson.
Valentine. Neb
On left side or hip
A4 leftside or hip
On left side
Kangpon NiobnuzT
Marquardt & Bowlus
Cattle bnind OM on
left bhonlder. Some
of cattle have various
otter brands. OS on
left hip. Horse bra'd
A on left shouldet.
Hancw Formerly
Gee \V Monnier
ranch 5-miles cast of
E3Merrinianrroni F.E.
& 3L V. R. R. south to Leander Creek. Mar-
Bowlns. Scribner.Nebraska.
J. C. Trowbridge *
Merrlman , Neb
llange between Ir
win and Merriinan ,
south of railroad
Hugh Bovill , Manager
oMerriman Neb
All on left aide or
llange north of El
Charlotte E. Bovill
Merrir.iau Neb
Left side or hip
llange north of Eli
Taken up , at my place about 4 miles cast efFort
Fort Niobrara , ilay 2G. one sorrel bald
gelding , 5 yearold. and one bay marp
2 years old , both bnindeJ on left shoulder