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Live - Stock - Commission - Merchants
. , SouthOmaha and Chicago
, j f-f .
' ' * * *
WALTER E. WOOD , Cattle Salesman HENRY LEFLER , Hog Salesman
We furnish [ Market .Reports free of expense. "Write to us.
C. H. u President. JIT. V. NICHOLSON , Cashier
Valentine , Nebraska.
A General Banking BusincssTransacted
Bays and Sells domestic and Foreign Exchange
CorrcHpontlents ;
Chemical National Bank , New York. First National Bank , Omaha Neb
_ J et c & Ii < fl > "A ft ,
3i6 6-55-6-o b o-oiowowo o-to-o
o - - - - 3wo - - o o -
Is continually adding improvements and it IB now the
best equipped , and most comfortable
Hot and Cold Water Excellent Bath Room Two Sample Room *
Valentine , Nebraska
Every facility extended customers consistent with conservative banking
Exchange bought and sold. Loans upon good security solicited at reasonable
rates. County depository.
Everything fresh and clean , and prices
that are right. Special attention given
to pumps , tanks , and ranch supplies.
Kennedv , Nebraska ,
OCTOBER 10,1 ! and 12
No. 1 Purse § 50. Half mile and
repeat , for Cherry county and liosebud
horses. ' Horses must be owned in
places named , for three months. $30
to firsV$15 to second , So to third.
No. 2 Purse $40. Fourth mile dash
$25. $10 and $5.
1 No. 6 Purse $60. One mile dash.
§ 40 , $14 and ? G.
No. 4 Purse § 70. Half mile and re
peat. $40 , $23 and $7.
No o Purse $40. 600-yard dash.
$25 , $10 and $5.
No. 6 Purse $25. Half mile dash
for ponies under 14 hands 1 inch. $15 ,
§ 7 , and $3.
No. 7 Purse $100. One and one-
fourth miles. $20 to the winner at
each quarter post
No. 8 Purse $25. . 600-yard dash for
ponies under 14 hands 1 inch. $15 , $7
and § 3. a
No. 9 Purse § 30. Consolation race
half mile dash. $15 , $10 and § 5.
See large bills or write any of the following for further information
Geo. Elliott , Treas. , W. E. Haley , Secv. ,
C. II. Thompson , II. Stetter , C. Walcott.
Strayed Two cows , about 6 years
old , one dark red , one roan wieh horns
tipped. Branded TC on right hip. J ;
A. Adamson.
If You Want to Buy or Sell
Live Stock , make your
wants known to the
Cherry Co , Live Stock Exch ,
Valentine , Nebr ,
Taken up , at my place ten miles
southwest of Cody , one 2-year old heif
er , speckled red and white , o
white face , branded left side , 3
right ear clipped , with white 3t
face calf by her side t
Arthur Heath t
I have established a Feed and Saw Mill
.0 miles south ef Cody , at the mouth of a
Medicine Canyon , and am now prepared v
to grind Feed , Corn Meal and Graham ,
cr turn out all kinds of Lumber and di 1 ;
mension stuff , and Native Shingles
Give us a trial order. V
J. F. HOOK 0
BOBEET GOOD , Editor and Publisher
For Supreme Judge
Silas A. JJolcomb
For Hescnts State University
"Edson Kick
J. L. Teeters
For Congress. Sixth District '
William Seville
For Judges , Fifteenth District ;
VV. H.Vestover
J. J. Harrington
County Conventions ,
The members of the Democratic Par
ty of Cherry County , Nabraska are
hereby called to meet in county conven
tion in Valentine , Nebraska , at 10
o'clock A. * M. Saturday , Sept. 28 , 1899 ,
for the purpose of nominating candi
dates for the following offices , to-wit :
County Treasurer.
County Clerk.
County Sheriff.
County Judge.
County Superintendent of Schools.
Cpnnty Surveyor.
County Coroner ,
and transacting such other business as
may come before the convention.
Representation is bas.ed upon one
delegate at large from each precinct
and one delegate for each ten votes or
fraction thereof cast for A. M. Morrissey -
sey for County Attorney at the last
general election.
Each precinct is entitled to repretent-
ation as follows :
Buffalo Lake 5 Lavaca 5
Boiiim : Springs 4 Merrhnan 4
Uevelaml 4 Minnenhadtr/a 4
DeweyLake : ? Mother Lake 3
Eulow 2 Neuzel 3
Eli 3 Pleasant Hill 3
Gillaspie 3 Sparks 5
German 3 Steen 'Z
Georgia 3 Schlagel 3
Invin 3 Sharps Ranch 3
Kewanee 3 Table 4
Kennedy 4 Valentine 9
Loup 5 Wood Luke 7
Immediately after the convention
the delegates from the second district
will meet and place in nomination a
candidate for commissioner.
It is recommended that the precinct
caucuses be held at the usual voting s
place in each precinct Saturday alter-
noou , Sapt. 16th , when not otherwise
called by the precinct committeeman.
Robert Good , W. R. Towne ,
Secretary Chairman. ;
The populist county convention will "Vti
be held in Valentine on September 23 , ti
for same purpose as enumerated above , tih
and representation will be the same.
J. S. Estabrook , G. P. Crubb , e
Secretary. Chairman. u
The populists of Valentine precinct n
will meet in the office of the county e
judge on the evening of Saturday , Sep
tember 1C , for the purpose of electing
9 delegates to attend the county con
vention and nominate .candidates for
precinct offices. U. G. Dunn , Com.
For the purposes named above the C
democrats will meet at 4 o'clock in the
afternoon , Sept. 10. W. 11. Towne
Gentry Bros , dog and pnyt show ex-
hibted here last Thursday evening tea
a large crowd.
John Ballard came in from Dewey d
Lake , Sunday , and is quite ill at
Taylor's restaurant. a
Pete Hoffman and wife were down
from Nenzel , Monday , looking after
some cattle business.
S (
We have lady's purse at this office a
which the owner may have by calling acl
and proving property and contents. clC cltl
Carlson & Anderson have dissolved tl :
partnership , Carlson retiring , and R. E
Anderson will run the hardware busi
ness alone. a
S (
Dad Hershey has opened a shooting
gallery in the area on the north side
of this office , and the merry pops of
the lifles be heard t ; (
can at all hours as
he teaches the young idea how to shoot di
fi :
The of Loaf fibi
Royal Neighbors Sugar bit
camp No 851 take pleasure in inviting biS
the Woodmen of Camp 1751 and their S
wives to join them in Davenport Hall t (
Monday , September 25 , and spend the
evening eating ice cream and cake. ai
According to tha daily papers Car oi
ey Thorn and wife have received ap is
pointments at Pine Ridge , the one as
teacher and the other as a house \
keeper. We congratulate this wothy
couple on their success , and sincerely
hope they will be satisfied with their
new location. oi
W. H. Olney , who cut a figure here L
last spring as agent for the Equitable
y <
Accident Insurance Co. , was arrested
an complaint of George Hig-gins of
Brownlee and brought from Hyannis tl
iast nig-ht for having- obtained money
under'false pretense. Th case wasr
continued fifteen days , and the pris- .
aner is hustling- for $250 bonds.
Tom Gillaspie died at the residence C (
af Geo. Tracewell this morning- about pi
o'clock , after a longillness with
Blight's disease , and will be buried
this afternoon. Tom is the oldest of Cl
the Gillaspie boys , and in company In
with his wife and baby came to" this )
ounty from Arkansas three months sa
igo , hoping the change of climate
would benefit him. His lit'tle baby ; , a
15 months old is seriously ill , and the so
widow and mother have the sympathy
Df the entire community. ( neo
( Continued from 4th page )
the general conference to pass an
enabling act with reference to the
boundaries between this and the
Western Nebraska conference.
In the afternoon the Woman's For
eign Missionary Society held an ener
getic meeting- , and in the evening Dr.
Rees delivered a stirring address , fol-
Jowed by the reading of appointments
as below :
J. A. Scamahorn , P. E. , Gordon , > eb.
Alliance E. C. Horn
Box Butte . . . ' C. L. Smith
Chadion D. .1. Clark
Crawford C. H. Burleigh
Gordon R. G. Easley
Harrison To be supplied
Hay Springs T. J. Hazelton
Hemingford J. F. Youngman
Lavaca B. Hunt
Lakeside L. W. Horton
Marsland J. L. Kendall
Merriman C , E. Connell
Rushville O. L. Ramsey
Whitney / A.R.Julian
P. H. Eighmy , P. E. , Lougpine , Neb.
Alnsworth Amos Fetzer
Atkinson . ' . To be supplied
Brownlee J , . S Campbell
Butte W. E. Gray
Bassett Geo. A. Hanua
Crookston J. A. Johnson
Johnstown W. O. Glasner
Longpine To be supplied
1 < ountain Valley L. Taylor
Newport V. C. Daniels
Spriugview To be supplied
Stuart C. F. Smith
Simeon & Gordon Valley. . J. L. Baker
Valentine A. F. Cumbow
Most of the members remained here
and Sunday the Bishop preached a
wonderfully strong sermon on Power.
It is through the courtesy of the
Rev. C. H. Burleigh that we are able
to give our readers so complete an ,
account of the conference.
Rev. Baker has withdrawn from r
bhis conference temporarily , and will h
levote the following year to study in t
in Illinois theological college. t
The appointments seem to be very t
satisfactory ; , and the Rev. Cumbow ,
who has been at Rushville during the
tast four years , will meet a warm 11
welcome from the members of his 11h
ongregation here. t :
C. F. Martin , quite well known to P
Valentine people , has been appointed o
o preach at Norden and Sparks. It tl :
las been for some time his desire to ii
inter the ministrv , and we wish him li
inbounded success in his work. fi
Below will be found a few statistics
elative to the church in this confer
ence :
) . of probationers 220 st ;
( members 2183
" Sunday Schools 50 O
" scholars ( all ages ) 2559 re
" churches 31 reC
Probable value $11575
Collections : wai
Missions ai
Church extension . . 93 ti
Freedmen's aid 72 tiB
. Education . . . 172 $1718 B
1 Several people were up from Ains- ei
vorth to attend Conference. Seven
f them came by wagon , arrivingFri -
lay ; evening and going home Tuesday.
Monday evening they were tendered ti
"watermelon party" by the local w
Lpworth League , on Morey's lawn , at
vhicb , judging from the shouts and w d
aughter which proceeded from the ai
icene of the festivities , a very enjoy- tv
tble time was had. The party was ai
haperoned by Roy Barnes and Mrs. aiai
3. F. "Martin , and Mrs. C. F. Martin , siP
he other members of the party being i'i P
jlena and Ora Shepherd , Ova Briggs , ti
vlaude Baldwin and Monta Herring , tiai
ind they camped on Main street , just b (
iou th of Morey's. ai
At the residence of Dr. Lewis yes- ifm
erday morning Mrs. Sam Hudson si
lied after a lingering illness resulting stm
rom cancer of the stomach , and was m
mried yesterday afternoon , the Rev. si
lolsclaw conducting- the services. to
5he was a lady who was well known kt :
o our people , and was very highly re- w
pected. A large number of persons er
ittended the funeral , and the floral ,
ifferings were superb. Sam Hudson w
one of our most prominent stock-
nen , and many are the expressions of of f
\-mpathy we have heard for him in P <
iis bereavement. tobe
Luke M. Bates has closed his law
iffice here , and last Thursday went to ea
jongpine , where he has leased the eab
jongpine Republican Journal for a b ie
ear , with the privilege of buying- , th
juke doesn't intend if f
to give up the
iractice of law , but will continue in
he of his chosen
practice profession te
Ve wish Luke all kinds of success in vi
he newspaper business , although he m
.dvccates the meanest political pol- te
cy on earth , and hope he will soon ,
onclude to divorce himself from one diMl
trofession or the other.
Dean Efner left fo
Monday night for
Jhadron , where he has purchased a s ]
.alf interest in the Journal. While aih
ean has never worked for us , we feel m
afe in saying that as a printer he is se
xcelled by few , and in addition he is P r
young man oi : exemplary habits , n : (
ober and industrious. We believe
5ro. Julian has secured a good part-
i *
Bennett & Lord were in town from
their ranch the first of the week , and
report that they have about 1500 tons
of hay in stack , and have completed
their labors for this year , winding up
the job last Saturday.
is perfectly harmless , and will remove
every worm. It is also a tonic , and by
its strengthening properties will re
store to pale cheeks the rosy hue of
health. ] Price 25 cents. J. II Quiglev.
Grant Dunn is keeping up his repu
tation as a builder of stock tanks.
'Last week he built a hundred barrel
tank for Win. Smith , and one with a
capacity of twenty-seven barrels for
James McClean , both of the reserva
The devil laughed with glee , the
office cat's fur stood on end and the
editor forgave all his enemies Satur
day , while devouring a fine water
melon presented them by Richard
Grooms. The editor ate the muskmelon -
melon alone.
You may bridle the appetite , but you
can not bribe the liver to do its work
well. You must be honest with it ,
help it along a little now and then with
a dose of HEREIN E , the best liver
regulator. Price 00 cents. JII. .
OINTMENT relieves the intense itch-
ing. It sooths , heals and cures chronic
cases where surgeons fail. It is no
experiment ; its sales increase through
its , cures. Every bottle guaranteed.
Price , 50 cents , in bottles ; tubes , 75
euts. J. II. Quig ey
On complaint of the Rev. W. E.
Utray of Butce , who was here attending
ing- conference , Frank Fischer was ar
rested Monday morning charged with
tiaving1 furnished whiskey to an Indian
the : day before. Fischer continued
the : case for thirty days , at which
time : the preliminary will be held.
R. S. Dennis and wife of Norden are
.n town and-expect to make this their
lome. Dennis is an old member of
he ] Twelfth , and returned from the *
Philippines about three weeks ago ,
m : the transport Sheridan. He says
he boys in the Philippines are desert
ng every day , and none of them feel
ike they did in Cuba that they are
ighting for the right.
Ordinance No. SI
An ordinance to amend and repeal
ections 7 , 8 , and 10 of Ordinance No.
:3 , being an ordinance entitled "An
trdinai'ce ] to establish rates of water
ent and to prescribe rules governing
ionsumers of water obtained from the
vater works of the village of Valentine
ind to provide penalties for the viola-
ion of the same. "
Be it ordained by the Chairman and
Board of Trustees of the village of Val- A
intine , Nebraska :
Section 1. Section ten of said ordi- Pile :
umce shall be amended to read as fol- PiE
ows : Section 10. Hereafter the Vil-
age of Valentine shall require the set-
ing of meters of improved kind , by the
rater commissioner , or by his approval ,
ipon the service of all consumers of
rater , except those using water for
lomestic ( use , office and store use only ,
.nd for domestic use the rate shall be
wo dollars per quarter and for office
nd store purpose the rate shall be one
nd a half dollar per quarter , which
hall be the minimum rate for -
any pur- le
ose. < And the board reserves the
ight to require the setting of meters on lede
hese connections whenever a dispute de tu
rises betwen the consumer and the
loard as to the amount of water used ,
nd when so set the meter rate estab-
shed by this ordinance shall apply.
srp person other than the water com- 31
tiissipner or duly licensed plumber 31k :
hall be allowed to set meters. Con-
timers of water shall be charged for
neter the actnal cost price , payable
dien set , and the water commissioner
hall : pay the money received therefor
the treasurer of the village whojshall
eep the same in proper account. The
rater commissioner is herebr empow-
red to carry the provisions of this or-
inance into effect at once , after it shall
lecome a law , and to complete the
rork within six months , and shall
lave the right to go upon the premises
the consumers of water for that pur-
iose. and if any consumer shall refuse
allow him to do so , the water shall
turned off. All water rent shall be
ue and payable upon the first days of
anuary , April , .July and October In
ach year and shall be payable'quarter- C : (
in advance , and if any payment shall o :
in arrears ten days five per cent of hi
he bill will be added as a penalty , and
the rent and penalty are not the paid >
he water shall be turned oil. The ine-
er rate of chargefor water shall be fff-
een cents per thousand gallons. Pro-
ided that no meter connection shall be
ade for less than two dollars per quar-
Section 2. Section seven of said or-
inauce is hereby repealed.
Section 3. Section eight of said or-
inance is hereby amended to read as m
allows : Section 8. The use of lawn
prinklers or any device for sprinkling
utomatically is prohibited between the
ours of eight p. in. and five o'clock a
. Any person who shall violate this
ection shall bpon conviction thereof
say a fine of not less than one dollar
or more than five dollars.
Passed September 6 , 1899.
Approved September 6 , 1893.
P. F. Simons , chairman ,
ittest , A. M. Morrissey , clerk.
Uncle Sam , ox. garments bearing
pandlng , carries this trademark.
to new countries
Is It on your
the news that
best dressed Your clothse
Americans are an best , on ! )
those who wear
America's Popular Tailcrs , Chicago.
That's what expansion usually is.
This may not be true of the United
States but Uncle Sam , in 'this pic
ture at least , looks as well pleased
as all men do who wear
There's reason for their pleasure.
Made strictly from individual
measurements , of the finest mater
ials possible at any given price , by
expert workmen , in the world's
most scientific shops , every EE. .
S. & Co. garment is perfection
Pealers in other lines don't like
them but YOU will. Those prices
quoted , your measure taken and
the magnificent line of samples
shown by
Valentine. Neb.
Golden Sheaf Pure White live ,
Susquehanna Ilyeand. Cedar Creek
Louisville , Kentucky , Bourbon Whisky.
Pure Grape & Cognac 33randy's
rokaAngeIlicaPortSheny and lilack
berry in wood , claret , Rie ling , *
Sauternes. Cooks Imperial ;
Gasts and Clicquot in bet
tles. Damiana and oth
er Cordials.
Use Agent for Fred Kings Celebrated Px-
a , Pale Beer for family usa , and .Pabsts
Bxp'b.-t Beer
FOR SALE 150 tons of good : "hay.
R. Grooms.
Two horses ; one brown horse branded O on
eft shoulder , one black horse branded IX ou
eft shoulder. S3 left hip. Twill jave the first
lescrlbed horse to the man who llnds and re-
urns the black described above.
Kyle , S. D.
Taken up by the undersigned. 7 miles east of
lerriman. one sorrel horse with front leg bro-
en. branded T on right shoulder.
Also one buckskin mare branded
left shoulder-
Parties can have same by proving
iroperty and paying costs.
31 G. AV. Mounier , Merriman , Xeb.
Postofflce address
Brownlee , Neb
Branded on either
side same as on cut
also both Jaws
Ilervey llanch
Two miles east of
3rookston , in Cherry
onntv , Nebraska
Cattle branded OC
jnlefchip. on right
up , and on right side
vith 3-inch letter
' 5
Vm Cavanaiigh Mgr 5i
Crookston i
Prideaux San ford
Stock branded oa
eft side
Horses branded
left shoulder
Teeter ? Bros.
Newton , Neb.
Horses same oh
left shoulder
IJansze between
the Gordon and the