Western news-Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1898-1900, September 14, 1899, Image 1

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\ :
Metzger Bros. ,
Pullman Neb
Cherry Co.
, Brandon left side
1 and thigh
I Earmark , square
I crop right ear
Southern branded
t cattle have but one
"half-diamond E"
. - on
Lleft side
Native cattle have
throat wattle
Bantre on Gordon and Snake Creeks
Horses have same brand on left thigh
A. Jteicartl of $2BO will be paid to any
person for information leading to the arrest and
final conviction of any person or persons stealIng -
Ing cattle with above brand
Postofflce address
Allen S D
On left shoulder and
baron side ; horses
same on thigh ,
Range-Bear Cmek
Postofiice addres
Valentine , Neb
Branded on right
side ; horses same
Kange-lO miles east
of Valentine on
the Niobrara
Joseph W. Bownet
P. O. address
Merriman , Nebr.
Right ear cropped
Hole in center of left
ear Range Lake creek
S. D.
Parker & Son
P O Address
L. W. Parker
Reige. Neb
Brand same as cut ,
Also ZP
Rantre on Niohrara
south of Grookston
11. A. MeQuade.
Valentine , Neb
Branded on either
side Bange between
Thacherand Swan
' Charles 0. Tackett
Rosebud , S. D.
Range head of An
telope near St , Marys
Horses branded
on left thigh
Peter Vloudray
Rosebud. S. D.
Left side. Left car
Horses branded
" "
"Range Little White
River , at mouth of
Cedar Creek.
Louis J. Itichards
Gorsuch Bros.
Newton , Nebroka
Cattle branded
as ou cut
ft sideorhii
Range on Goro.ua
> * - Louis F. Richards
Merrimau Neb
Henry Pratt
Rosebud S. D.
Horses same on
left shoulder
Deerhorn clip on
some cattle.
John DeCory
Rosebud. S. D ,
Some branded ID
417 on left side
Horses JD on left
Kauge in Meyer Co
on Antelope Creek
Thomas Farren
Jlqsebud , S , D.
ID 1183 either left'
side or hip
Range head of
. * * &
i -J , ? . * - , *
* x * A * 3. * * J *
Anderson & Rounds.
Simeon. Nebraska
Cattle branded on
left side as on cut ;
also 1C on left side
witli on left bip of
some cattle ; aiso S4G
on right side Horse
brand , rake and 1C
on left shoulder or
hit ) -
Home ranch on
Dewey Lake. Range on Niobrara River , east efFort
Fort Niobrara ; also between Snake River ana
-Simeon , known as the Felch range , all in Cherry
County , Nebraska.
Marshall & Wolf en den
Kennedy , Neb.
Some s on the left ]
Horses S on left
Brand is small
Earmark : Quarter
clip behind , half c r-
cle forward on leit ear
Range Lone Tree
I. T. Richardson.
Perch , Nebr
Some on left
Horses on
left shoulder
William M. Dunbar
Lessee from Heine & Kroeger
Cody. Neb
DUn Either side
Also on
. r/ght
Left eaToTcaltle
Range head of Hay
Amelia Young j
Cody , Nebraska
On right side.
Right ear split
Range , Little
White river
Peder Thorsen.
Gordon , Nebraska
On right side : T on
right hip. e horse
brand and T on , '
right shoulder
Also cattle branded
Ij S on leftside
Range , fowl miles' '
south of Irwin
Henry Young ,
Cody , Nebraska
Horse brand JIY
on left shoulder
Cattle , right ear
Range , Little
White river , S. D.
Stotts & Stetter.
Cody. Nebraska
Bninded on leftside
Range , Tin Can Lake
and Morgan Flats
D. C. Nelson.
Cody , Nebraska.
On right hip.
Range , Medicine
Lake to the
Snake river
Hutt Brothers.
Gordon , Nebraska
Rangel4 miles north
of Gordon.
F. G. DuerfeMt , Manager.
Gordon , Nebraska
Cattle also branded
SO on right hip
Horses and mules
Branded same as cut
on left shoulder
J. C. Jordan
Gordon , Nebraska
One bunch branded ,
as on cut on left side
One bunch branded
C I' on left hip
Horses J on left
Range. 10 miles
southwest of Gallop ,
between Niobrara
and Snake rivers
George F Damon
Albany , Neb
Cattle branded
F Don left ribs or
right shoulder ; SI >
on right hip and left
ribs ; Con left hip
Horses FD or SD on
right shoulder
Range 7 mi north
cast of Albany Neb
Black rfT Leg Vaccine
Joseph Fickel
- Gordon Neb
Tlorae brand F on
left shoulder
Range 10 miles
north st of Gordon
* * .
Neither Jim nor Mike Harrington
have ever defended a man charged with
cattle stealing.
We are still anxiously awaiting M.
C. Harrington's withdrawal from the
race for congress. When will it
Nobody in this county has yet dis
covered that the republican candidates
have a show of election if the populists
and democrats form a perfect fusion.
Up % to date we have not heard a com
plaint about giving the democrats the
candidates for county clerk , judge , and
coroner , although there is some doubt
about commissioner.
Rushville is well represented with
distinguished candidates among the as
pirants for judicial honors , " says the
Recorder , of that place. After election
one of them will change the prefix from
< -dis" to "ex. "
As to Judge Westover has made for
himself the reputation not only in the
district but all over the entire state , as
a fearless and impartial magistrate of
justice , between man and man , between
btween the peop'e and corporations and
between law and order on one side and
crime and criminals on the other. We
hear expressions of approval of his re
cord from members of all political par
ties and we expect to see him re-elected
by the largest majority ever received
by any canidate in this district. Rush
ville Standard.
Of all elective officers , our judges
should most nearly be free from having
prejudice against any of his fellowmen *
but we cannot hope to obtain judges of
this kind if bitter flings and innuendoes
are made against them during the cam
paign. These officers are supposed t&
be fair and impartial in all matters , but
humanity is frail , and judges are hu
man , after all. These remarks are
called forth by seeing an article in one
of our exchanges the other day which
said Mike Harrington would be sure to
win all his cases , if his brother was on
the bench , and another referring to
Alder as the god of the cattle thieves.
Neither of these papers gave a lin'e of
evidence to support tlieir bald asser
tions , and we are wondering what the
brethren expect to gain by these state
ments Tote fair , brethren , and if you
have anything to say , first give us your
reasons for saying it.
James J. Harrington has been a citi
zen of Holt county for the past fifteen
years , all of which time has been spent
in the study or practice of law. He
graduated with high honors from the
lawx department of Ann Arbor Univer
sity five years ago , immediately began
the practice of his perfession in O'Neill.
He is a lawyer who always placed the
law above the dollar and the cases in
which he has defended or prosecuted
have been of that charrcter wherein the
merits of the case entitled his clients
to a legitimate and honorable showing.
No person having a meritorous case lias
ever been turned away from Mr. Har
rington's office in want of an attorney
because of their poverty. No rich corporation -
poration , has ever ridden roughshod over
the rights of a poor man or woman be
cause of their inability to hire an at
torney , with Mr. Harrington's knowl
edge. He is a good man , a good law
yer and will make a judge that will be
a credit to the judiciary of the state.
O'Niell Independent.
The Commissioner of Public Lands
and "Buildings will offer about 4,200
acres of school land for lease at public
auction at Thedford at the office of the
county treasurer , beginning at 9 a. m.
Sept. 23,1899 , under the following pro
vision of the new school land law :
If after using due diligence to lease said land ,
at an annual rental of six ser cent upon the ap
praised valuation , the Commissioner is unable
to do so , he may offer the same for lease s-t less
than the appraised valuation and leose it to the
oerson or persons who will pay six per cent on
the highest offered valuation , as annual rental ,
if in his judgment it is to the bebt interest of the
state to accept such bid.
Persons desiring to examine lands to
be leased may secure lists of the same ,
showing present appraisement thereof ,
as well as any other information , upon
application to the county treasurer or
by addressing the commissioner at Lin
coln. At the beginning of the auction
the Commissioner will gladly answer
all inquiries in regard to the school land
business or the workings of the new law
The list of lauds referred to will be
found on page fiva of this paper
The Commissioner will hold a similar
auction in bheridan county , at Rush
ville , Sept. 5 , Cherry Sept. 7lh. Sioux
Sept. 18 , Box Butte Sept. 20 , Grant
Sept. 21 , Iiooker Sept. 22 , Blaine Sept.
23 , Logan Sept. 26 , Loup and Garfield
Sept. 28.
The Woolgrowers' association met in
Rapid City last Friday.
f Range cattle that are going on the
market now are showing up better
thpn ever before , and many are being
shipped to New York.
The rancman who neglects to keep a
water wagon or at least a tank which
can be easily loaded , is not protecting
himself against fire as he should.
play , Robinson express the opinion
in their Report that beef cattle have
about reached their highest price , and
advise their customers to forward their
beeves as rapidly as possible.
The sale of SO head of 3-year olds at
this place this week for $4,15 confirms
our opinion that stockmen just now can
sell to as good if not better advantage
.than at the city markets. Buyers are
numerous and competition keen.
The past season has been an unfor
tunate one for European farmers , and
consequently \ \ e may look for a large
increase in our exports of agricultural
products. And because of the shortage
of forage this will also b true of live
From this time on it behooves every
ranchman to keep a sharp lookout and
take every possible precaution against
hres. The sandhills are in good shape
this year to invite fire , and a match
carelessly dropped may cause the de
struction of much valuable property in
addition to ruining many miles of the
The South Dakota people are demon
strating the fact that the small stock
grower is a power in the laud. In re
gions where there used to be free rang
t ad where it was thought when the-free
was ended that the sock business
would be ruined , they are to-day grow
ing more cattle in small punches than
they did in the open range era.
The Brown county stock association
will hold a meeting on the 29th at Ains-
worth , to elect officers and transact
other business. If reports that we hear
are true , a lively time will be had , as
it is expected that politics will cut a
.figure in the meeting. Politics that is ,
partisan politics , is a bad thing to have
mixed up in a stock association.
A short time ago an English buyer
bought a lot of range horses on the Chicago
cage market for export , paying $35 a
head. They were Wyoming stock and
averaged 1100 pounds. It is said these
were the first range horses ever bought
for export , and demonstrates the fact
that Western horses like western cattle
are rapidly improving in quality.
When haj'ing began the opinion was
quite general that the crop would be
short , but late rains pushed the grass
ahead in good shape and now that the
season is drawing to a close the crop is
found to be in most localities fully as
good as last year. This a matter of
great moment to the sand hills country
and we are glad to note that stock will
not lack feed th.is winter.
Uncle Zed Godwin is happy these
days over having Avon a bet of § 10 and
two hats from Billy Haynes and Billy
"King. He bought a bunch of steers at
$ GO per head and bet them that the *
steers would averag3 m weight 1,400 lbs (
and that he would make money on
them. At Omaha the steers weighed
out 1,430 Ibs and brought 4.75 making
him good money on the transaction.
Uncle Zed will'be 78 years old next
month. He is the oldest cattle buyer
in the United Statds. Alliance G rip.
Speaking of the recent raise in the
price of beef and the reports that this
is due to a combination among stock
raisers , the Montana Stock Journal eu
ters a vigorous protest against the sto
ries in circulation and says : "Let the
packers make all they can , but the terrible -
rible specter of a stockraiser's trust
raised by them should be laid. The
high prices originate in the cupidity of
the packers rather than the exactions
of stock raisers. The people should in
vestigate. Let them compare the pres
ent price of cattle on foot with last
year's quotations of like grades Cap
rice , not market quotations , fixes the
price of beef , east , west- , north and
south. "
ab-ocwcc 1 'W/u 'k&e
§ et.OM . / &
' Before - Buying - Elsewhere
You a great deal
if you fail to get onr prices before buying Picture Frames ,
Mouldings , Hardware , Wii'dinills , Pumps and Fittings.
See our colored gentlemen in the Avindow , introducing
Call and see us about prices whether j'ou buy or not.
Room 1O8 Exchange
References :
We have a large clientage among Nebraska Feeders and can always Deat Omaha prices to
Our summer line is now complete. We are better pre
pared to fill the wants of customers than ever before
.Our prices are made on the lowest cash basis. Prac
tical tailoring in connection. All work guaranteed
D. Stinard , Clothier.
Alex Marrivall
Pine Ridge , S D
Cattle branded as
on cut and below on
either side. Eermk
swallow fork on leit
and irop right
Horsu Lr.mds as
below on left thigh
Wheeler Bros.
Cody Neb
Also B on right
Range Chamberlain
Flats and Snake
Newman Bros. & Nations.
Cody , Nebraska
On point left shoul
der. Also O O on
point left shoulder
Also jj on left
Same on left hip
Left side
J. A. Adamson.
Valentine. Neb
On left side or hip
A 4 left side or hip
On leftside
Range on Niobrara
Marquardt & Bowlus
OxToSinuBK. Manager.
Cattle brand OM on
i left shoulder. Some
of cattle have various
older brands. OS on
left hip. Horse bra'd
Aon left shouldei.
Ran K Formerly
Gee W Monnier
nch 5-miles east of
! erriman.from F.E.
&M.V. R.R. south to Leander Creek. Mar-
nuardt & Rowing. Scribner.Nebraska.
J. C. Trowbridge
Merriman , Neb
Range between Irwin -
win and Merriman ,
south of railroad
Hugh Bovill , Manager
Merriman Neb
All on left side or
Range north ol El
Charlotte E. Bovill
Merriman Neb
Left side or hip
Range north of Eli
Taken up , at my place about 4 miles east of
Fort Niobrara , May a > . one sprrel bald-fawd
gelding , 5 years old , and one bay mare !
Ji years old , both branded on left shoulder