Western news-Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1898-1900, August 17, 1899, Image 1

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    It I * -DEMOCRAT
- ,
K .
* %
N ,
! C
't. *
Mctzger Bros. ,
Pullman Neb
Cherry Co.
Brandon left s > lde
| and thigh '
Earmark , square
[ crop right ear
Southern branded
cattle have but one
'halt-diamond E"
. - on
[ leftside
Native cattle have
r throat-wattle
A A Ilance on Gordon and Snake Creeks
Horses have same brand on left thigh
A Jieicard of . $ 50 will be paid to any
person for information leading to the arrest and
final conviction of any person or persons steal
ing cattle with above brand
1'ostofHce address
L Allen S D
On left shoulder and
baron side ; horses
same on thigh
Postofflce addres
Valentine , Neb
Branded on right
side ; horses same
] lange-lO miles east
of Valentino on
the Nlobrara
Joseph W. Bownet
P. O. address
Merrimau , Uebr.
Right ear cropped
Hole in center of left
ear Range Lake creek
S. D.
Joe Ylondray
Cody , Nebraska
Left side. Left ear
V on left shoulder ol
11. A. McQuade.
"Valentine , Neb
Branded on cither
side Range , between
Thacherand Swan
"tie *
Charles C. Tacketfc
Rosebud , 5. D.
Range head of An
telope near St. Mar.ys
Horses branded
on left thigh
Peter Ylondray
Rosebud. S. D.
Left side. Left car
Horses branded
Range Little White
River , at mouth of
Cedar Creek.
Louis J. liicliards
Merriman , Neb.
Gorsuch Eros.
Newton , Nebraka
Cattle branded
as ou cut
ft side or hi ]
Ranse on Goruim
Louis F. Richards
Merriman Neb
Henry Pratt
Rosebud S. D.
Left side
Horses same on
left shoulder
Deerhorn clip on
some cattte
John DcCory
Rosebud. S. D.
Some branded ID
417 on left side
Horses JD on left
hip 1'ange in Meyer Co
on Antelope Creek
Thomas Farren
Rosebud , S. D.
ID 1183 either left
side or hip
Range head of
Anderson & Bounds.
Simeon. Nebraska
Cattle branded on
left side as on cut ;
also 10 on left side
with on left hip of
some cattle ; also S4C
on right side. Her e
brand , rake and 16
on left shoulder or
Home ranch-on
Dewey Lake. Range on Niobrara River , east efFort
Fort Nlobrara ; also between Snake River and
Simeon , known as the Felch range , all in Cherry
County. Nebraska.
Marshall & AVolfenden '
Kennedy , Neb.
Some p ) on the left
Horses S on left
Brand is small
Earmark : Quarter
clip behind , half cir
cle forward on left ear
Range Lone Tree
Lake \
I. T. Eichardson.
Perch , Nebr
Some on left
Horses on
left shoulder
William M. Dunbar
Lessee from Heine & Krocger
Cody , Neb
DUa Either side
Alsc on
Left car ol cattle
Range head ot Hay
Amelia Young.
Cody , Nebraska
On right side.
Kight ear split
White rivei ;
Peder Thorsen.
Gordon , Nebraska
On right sideT ; on
right hip. e horse
brand and T on
right shoulder
Also cattle branded
li g on leftfside
Range , fowl miles
south of Irwin
Henry Young ,
Cody , Nebraska
Horse brand IIY
on left shoulder
Cattle , right ear
Range , Little
White river , S. D.
Stotts & Stetter.
Cody. braski
Branded on If ft side
Range. Tin Cnn UiKe
and Morgan Flats
D. C. Nelson.
Cody , Nebraska.
On right hip.
Range , Medicine
Lake to the
Snake river
JJutt Brothers.
Gordon , Nebraska
Range.14 miles north
of Gordon.
F. C. DuerfeWt , Manager.
Gordon , Nebraska
Cattle also branded'
9 ( > ou right hip
Horses and mules
uranded same as cut
ou left shoulder
J. C. Jordan
Gordon , Nebraska
One bunch branded ,
as on cut on left side
One bunch branded
C I. on left hip
Horses .S on left
Ruuge. 10 miles
.southwest of Gallop ,
between Niobram
and Snake rivers
George F Damon
Albany. Neb
Cattle branded
I > on lelt ribs or
right shoulder ; * <
on right hip and left
ribs ; G on left hip
Horses FD or SD on
right shoulder
Range 7 mi north
cast 01 Albany Neb
Agent for Pasteur
B'ack Leg Vaccine
Joseph Fickel
Horse brand
lelt shoulder
Range 10 miles
We need money , and we need it at
once there is no use disguising the
fact any longer in , fact we must have
it. To economize the editor islittempt-
ing to do all the work of the office him
self , consequently he can't get out and
collect. He can't afford to offer , any
prizes for the purpose of stirring people
up , but he's hit upon another scheme ,
one by which YOU can make some
thing. Here it is :
To every subscriber who pays all ar
rearages in full to September 1st , ' and
One Dollar in advance , we will give a
receipt for Paid Up Subscription to
January 1 , 1901. Brands accordingly.
In other words , you will get the pa
per four or five months absolutely free
of charge. The NEWS-DEMOOKAT is
ordinarily opposed to schemes of this
kind , as there is no money in it in the
'long run , but this is an extraordinary
occasion , and we must have money ,
This offer is for cash only and will be
withdrawn September 1st. <
The republicans expect to hold their
nominating convention about October
1 , although this seems hardly neces
sary. All the candidates are already
picked out and unless Bob Lee , Dave
Hanna and Elv V alentine can smash
the combination the convention will be
automatic in its action.
" \Ye are reliably informed that John
Lord is a candidate for sheriff on the
fusion ticket , and his friends in town-
are pushing him forward with a vim
which auurs well for success.
nominated and elected John would
make a very efficient officer and one
who would reflect credit upon those
who support him.
If Mr. Morton will show that at any
time in our national history , during
the perion when we had free silver
coinage at the present ratio , a mellet
silver dollar was not-worth" as' much' asa
> i
a melted gold dollar , then , upon sub
mission of tiie proofs , as a reward for
his labors , the Times will acknowledge
publicly that Morton is a democrat.
Papillion Times.
It is currently reported that Capt. A.
G. Fisher , of Chadron , is pushing 11.
It. Pickson , of O'Neill , for district"
judge , and many prophecies are made
to the effect that this insures Dickson's
nomination. The local agent of Fisher
has not yet promulgated such a sen
tence , but that argues not a thing.
Morgan seems to be getting the worst
of it all around , and there seems to be
some doubt about Alder being able to
control his home delegation , all of
which adds to the interest of the situ-
tion. Wood , of Kushville , is plugging
around trying to gather votes , with
poor success , and Wills , of Butte , is
lost in the shuffle. Personally we
would like to see Wood and Miller get
the nominations.
It is feared that the telegraph editor
of the State Journal will soon bo look
ing for another job. Monday morning
a dispatch , of which the following is a
portion , appeared on the iirst page of
that paper :
Johnstown , Pa. , Aug. 13. What is
probably the record for a big reduction
of wages will go into effect in the struc
tural department of the Cambria Steel
company tomorrow. The reduction
ranges between 70 and 80 per cent.
Think of it , ye apostle of McKinley-
high-tariff-gold-standard- - prosperity
perity ! c Wages reduced four-fifths ! Is
not this encouraging ? And then you
prate of your love for the workiugmaii
and tell him how much betttr off he is
here than is his brother in ' 'free trade
England and free silver Mexico. Just
think of it men who have been earn
ing $20 will now haye to take $4 for the
same amount of labor , or quit. But
the corporation won't care , oh , no. Jt
will find a lot of poor devils who to
keep soul and body together Avili accept
the low wages. But this cant last long
and one of these days the world will be
be startled with a dispatch in the city
papers reading something like this :
The Cambria Steel company has vol
untarily advanced the wages of a portion
tion of its employes over 100 per cent.
And when that dispatch appeers all
the administration papers will join in a
glad refrain and point to this "evidence
of "prosperity. " But readers of this
paper will know that this perceutnge of
increase vill bring wages up to orly
two-fifths of what they were before the.
reduction ! ' ,
. * * - - - ft , IL ,
The Commissioner of Public Lands
and Buildings will offer about 105,000
acres of school land for lease at public
auction at Vaientine at the office of the
county treasurer , beginning at 9 a. m.
Sept. 7th 199 under the following pro
vision of the new school land law :
If after using due diligence to lease said land ,
at an annual rental of six ser cent upon the ap
praised valuation , the Commissioner is unable
to do so , he may offer the same for lease at less
than the appraised valuation and leosc it to the
person or persons who will pay six per cent on
the highest offered valuation , as annual rental ,
if in his judgment it is to the best interest or the
state to accept such bid.
Persons desiring to examine lands to
be leased may secure lists of the same ,
showing present appraisement thereof ,
as well as any other information , upon
application to the county treasurer or
by addressing the commissioner at Lin
coln. At the beginning of the auction
the Commissioner will gladly answer
all inquiries in regard to the school land
business or the workings of the new law
The list of lauds referred to will be
found on page fivs of this paper
The Commissioner will hold a similar
auction -Mieridnn. . county , at Rush-
ville , on jept. nth.
Clay , Robinson & Co. have opened a
branch commission house in Sioux City
A dispatch from Shelton. dated Aug.
7 , says that blackleg is doing serious
damage in that locality.
Jake Stetter , Sam Turner , Som Seals
and a party from Kenneth shipped cat
tle from here , Sunday morning.
B. S. VanTassel of Wyoming had
three cars of hay fed grassers on the
Omaha market last Friday which sold
at § 5.35.
If Cherry county andjlpsebud stock- ,
mcn-don't sell 'their stuff for good fig
ures it won't be for lack of competition.
We saw seven buyers and agents here
last week.
A market letter received from South
Omaha , Saturday , says : "We think
that all range cattle that a' e good for
killing will sell still higher and no
doubt feeding cattle will bring good
prices all.fall. . . "
A big cattle deal was closed here yes
terday , by which Kinney & Bickel and
the Bank of Kimball disposed of all
their cows and calves , consisting of 500
head to E.V. . Colviu , of Lakeside.
Kimball Observer.
Ed. Ross reports the loss of several
head of steers and calves from a large
grey wolf in that locality. He offer.-
reward of $25 for the scalf of the afore
said wolf. The Gordon greyhound
coursers will please take notice and
govern' themselves accordingly. Gor
don Journal. _
At Bill ngs last week a train of 560
horses from Washington were unloaded
for feed and water while cnroute to
South Omaha and within 2-1 hours 125
of them were dead. They were phys
icked and cramped , but what caused
this condition is a mystery. Several of
the stomachs were sunt to Omaha for
The Denver Stockman says that four
Utah sheep otitfitb have'been prose
cuted for driving sheep into Wvoniing
and grazing without notifying the
board of sheep commissioners. Two
of them. Decku'orth , Sohnsou & Co. ,
and a man named Iloutz , pleaded
guilty and wer each fined $590 and
costs. Qualcs Bros , and J. Irelan'd
waivedaexamination and gave bond for
appearance at the next leftn of the dis
trict couri. The alusep were in the
western part of the state.
Prices Compare I With Last year.
The nrst shipment of Swan's natives
arrived in Omaha last year on August
1st , averaged 1,200 pounds , and sold at
an average price of § 4r.2o. The first
shipment this year arrived July 31 , av
eraged 1,151 in weight , and sold for
% ± 65 straight. Speaking of this Clay ,
Robinson's Report says : "Add to this
the value of fully lOc in favor of the
1898 shipment by reason of heavier
weight , and the increased value for this
year will be found to exceed 50e per 100
pounds. We think it is a conservative
statement to say that the difference in
price mentioned Tepresents the advan-
tage.of this year's market over last.
a-ucwce -6e
OII/ &
Before - Buying - Elsewhere
You a great deal
if you fail to get our prices before buying Picture Frames ,
Mouldings , Hardware , Wirdmills , Pumps and Fittings.
See our colored gentlemen in the window , introducing
Call and see us about prices whether you buy or not.
i . JCooni 108 I xcliutige
References :
, Telphone 141
We have a large clientage among Nebraska Feeders and can always Deat Omaha prices to
Our summer-line is . "We better
- now complete. are prepared -
. pared to fill the u ants of customers than evrsr before
Our prices are made on the lowesfc cash basis. Prac
tical tailoring in connection. 'All work guaranteed
Stinard Clothier.
. , .
Alex Marrivall
Tine Kidgp , S D
Cattle branded as
on cut and below on
either .side. Kennk
swullwv fork on leit
and crop right
Horse Inmds a -
below on left tliiuli
or hip
VThecler Bros.
Cody Neb
Also II on right
Range Chamberlain
Flats and Snake
7\ewmm : Bros. & Nations.
Cody , Nebraska
On point left ; shoul
der. Also O < on
point left slnulder
Also JJ on left
Same on left hip
Left side
J. A. Adamson.
Yalent'ne. "Neb
On leftsjdeorhip
A 4 left side or hip
On left side
Marquardt & Bowlus
s. Manager.
Merriman. Neb
Cattle brand OM on
left ihoulder. Home
of cattle have variont
older brands. O S on
left hip. Horse bra'd
A on left sliouldei.
Kanue Formerly
Gee WMonnier
ranch -mlles east of
Merriman , from F.E.
& JI. V. K. R. south to leander Creek. Mar-
niianlt & Hnwhis. S < ri'iner.Nebraska.
J. C. Trowbridge
Merriman , Neb
Range between Jr-
win and Merriman ,
south of railroad
Hugh J Jo vill , Manager
Merriman Neb
AH on left side or
Range north of El
Charlotta E. Bovill
Sferrlman Neb
Left side or hip
Kaage north of Eli
Taken up , at my place bout 4 miles east of
Fort Niobrany May 2C , one
gelding. 5ears oldf and one bay marftl
J years old. both branded on left s'honlder I