Western news-Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1898-1900, June 22, 1899, Image 7

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    Metzger Bros. ,
Pullman Neb
Clierry Co.
Brand on left side
and thigh
I Earmark , sq.iare
I crop right ear
' Southern branded
i cattle have but one
! "liilMIuiioiid ; K" or
ilrft side
3 Native < : attle have
_ throat wattle
Jtanee on Gordon and Snake Creeks
Horses have same brand on left thigh
A Iteicartl of $2bO will be paid to anj
person for information leading to the arrest and
final conviction of any person or persons steal
ing cattle with above brand
rostofllce address
Allen S D
On left shoulder and
baron side ; hordes
same on thigh
flange-Bear Giuek
Post office addres
Valentino , Neb
Branded on right
side ; horses same
of Valeotine on
the Niobrara
Joseph "W. Bowuet
P. O. address
Merriman , Nebr.
Right ear cropped
Hole iu center of left
ear Range Lake creek
S. D.
Joe Vlondrav
Cody , Nebraska
Left hide. Lefc ear
V on left shoulder of
Charles JBenard
Rosebud S. D.
RangejiBig White
and Bad Hlvers
Charles C. Tackett
Rosebud , 5. D.
Range head of An
telope near St , Marys
Horses branded
on left thigh
Peter Ylondray
Rosebud , S. D.
Left side. Left car
cropped. CfRi
Horses branded
VB. an
Range Little White
River , at mouth of
Cedar Creek.
Louis J. liichards
Merriman. Neb
Gorsuch Bros.
Newton , Nebraka
Cattle branded
as on cut
Some of
ft side or hip' '
Range on Gordon
Louis F. Eichards
Merriman Neb
Henry Pratt asC
Rosebud 8. D. C
Left side sh
Horses same on
'left shoulder so
Deerhorn clip on be
some cattle an
John DeCory
Rosebud. S. D.
Some branded ID
417 on left side
Horses JD on left
Range in meyer Co
on Antelope Crrpk
Thomas Farren Al
Rosebud , S. D.
ID 1183 either left' ' left
tide or hip
Horses i no
, Range head of
Marquardt & Row ] us
OrroSTKUBK. Manager.
Merriman. Neb
Cattle brand OM on
left shoulder. Some
of cattle haVe various
older brands. OSoti
left hip. Horse bra'd
A on 'eft shouldei.
RancK Formerly
Gee WMonnier
rancb.5-uilleseast of
, from F.E.
' & M. V. B. n. south to Leander Creek. War- .
"anardt & Bowlus. ScHbner.NpbniRka. A
Anderson & Rounds.
Simeon. Nebraska
Cattle branded on
left side as on cut ;
also 1C on left side
with on left hip of
some cattle ; also S4
on right side Hoie
brand , rake and 1C
on left shoulder or
hip THeme
Home ranch-on
Dewev Lake. Range on Niobrarn River , east efFort
Fort Niobrara ; jilso between Sr.ake Hlver and
Simeon , known as the Pelch range , all in Cherry
County , Nebraska.
Marshall & Wolfcndcn
Kennedy , Neb.
Some K on the left
Horses 5 on left
lirand is small
Earmark : Quarter
clip behind , half cir
cle forward on left ear
Range Lone Tree
I. T. Richardson.
Kennedy , Nebr
Some on left
Horses on
left shoulder
William M. D unbar
Lessee from Heine & Kroeger
Cody. Neb
DUn Either side
[ |
Left iar ot cattle
Hangf head of Hay
Amelia Young.
Cody , Nebraska
On right side.
Right ear split
Range , Little
White river
Peder Thorsen.
Cordon. Nebraska
On right sideT on
right nip. o horse
> rand and T on.
right shoulder
Also cattle branded ,
Li on leftfside
Range , fowl mile *
south of Irwin
Henry Young , T
Cody , Nebraska
Horse brand I
on left shoulder
Cattle right ar
, ear
split AVi
Range , Little
White river. S. D dn
Stotts & rae
Stetter. raw
Cody. Nebraska vc
Branded on leftside
Range. Tin Can Lake ca
and .Morgan Flats
D. C. JNelson.
Codv. Nebraska. ju
On right hi P. juE.
Range , Medicine
I ake to the in
Snake river
JJutt Brothels. in
Gordon , Nebraska pi.
Kange,14 miles north cano
F. C. Duerfellt , Manager. su
Gordon , Nebraska ex
Cattle also branded
00 on right hip ev
Horses and mules
uranded same as cut no
on left shoulder
wi >
J. C. Jordan
. . on
Gordon , Nebraska
One bunch branded ,
on cut on left side ne
One i bunch branded
! ' on left hip
Horses .1 on left
Range. ] 10 miles thi ;
southwest of Gallop ,
between Niobrara i
and Snake rivers
George F Damon ante
Albany. Neb to
Cattle branded
Fl onleft ribs or tic
right shoulder ; S > ha
on right hip and left
ribs : 6 on left hip thi ;
Horses FD or SD on
right shoulder the
Range 7 nn north
east ot Albany Neb iias
Agent for Pasteur
Black Leg Vaccine
Joseph Fiekel Ei
Gordon Neb
Also fei
Horse brand F on lal
Jiange 10 miles
northeast of Gordon afl
Wheeler Bros. ca
Cody Neb CO
Also B on right
side ho
Ranee Chamberlain
Flats and Snake but
Strayed or Stolan.
Several head of horses and cat
tle , .
Amos Strong , Valentine , Neb.
McKinley and Bryan will be the op-1
posing candidates in 1000 as in ' ' ) . , and
the result will be that Bryan comes out
victorious. He received the popular
vote at the last election , although a
yery new man , now with his popularity
as a statesman , can win hands down.
Wm. Jennings Bryan , president in
lb'00 , is a sure thing.
The fusionist members of state institutions -
tutions believe in improving on their
republican predecessors in the matter
of appointments and adopted the fol
lowing resolution :
Resolved , That it is the sense of this
board that no member of the family of
the superintendent of either of the in
stitutions under our control should been
on the payroll of the institution.
Boyd county republicans are mad
because their board of county commis"
sioners had the affrontery to file a com
plaint ferniust County Treasurer Seiler
just because he admitted having stolen
$5,270 of the county's money. They
claim that as he was simply following
a precedent t > et ; by other republican j
state and county treasurers there is no j !
cause for action 0' > eill Independent
The following resolution was passed
by the Elkhorn Valley Editorial Asso
ciation , of which we are a member :
RESOLVED , That no candidate , either
for the nomination or election for the
legislature , be given.the support of any
newspaper published by members of
his A'ssociation unless said candidate
first ] pledges himself to vote agains1
any bill looking toward the reduction
OJ legal rates for printing. Motion
carried unanimously.
Samuel Kinga cousin of the Wheeler
Bros. , of this county , and a member of
Battery B , Utah Artillery , now in the
Philippines , recently wrote a letter
home , front which we extract the fol
lowing paragraph :
There are lots of soldiers killed , we
ca ' find out how many as it is kept a
se some way or another. I don't
know what the object is. I would
send you the papers from here but they
seT ' publish the tacts as they exist.
They : are making lots of de.nocrats of ,
the soldiers by the wav they are doing
and treating us out here. When the ,
articles of peace were signed we thought ai
we could not be kept here over sixty th
daj's , but it looks different now. The ec
officers have been around with a peti
tion asking the boys to re-enlist for six
months longer , but not one of the boys
would < sign it. We have been fooled ,
once and we thought that enough. The th
volunteers are giving it to the republi
cans for bringing on this uncalled for >
trouble < which is a disgrace to the
United : States. mi
The editor of the Chadron News
must be afflicted with corns on his
brainwe are certain it is not water
judging from his attitude toward the
. V. E. A. Not content with insulting -
ing , all members of tle association
when he was invited to attend and give
the beneht of his advice on the subject - , .
ject of editorials , he first located the
meeting i in O'Neill and last week called
" Editorial Associ
the "Platte Valley in
ation" : and calls the members liars for
pledging . themselves to not support any
candidate for the legislature who will ,
not agree to leave the rates for legal
printing alone. He says ' 'they would th
not dare refuse their party nominee the in
support of the paper , " and so saying he 10' [
jxhibits his own venality. Kerns is ho
of those who have
svidently one people an
mind of their o\vn when he will ad- be
aiit in this brazen fashion that he dares hii
lot refuse support to his party norni- D\
aee even when he knows that nominee re
vill work against his own interest in we
jrder to gain a little cheap notoriety as
of " " the
champion "economy" at M
lewspapers expense. CO
Some of the writers on conditions of we
he cattle industry are inclined to take yc
gloomy j view of the decrease of cattle is
exports since the middle of last year ier
ind are disposed to attribute it entirely th :
Argentine and Australian competi til ;
tion. This competition has , of course ,
iiad its effect , but there are other facts wi
hat have exerted an influence upon N
foreign market. One is that there .
not been a sufficient supply of ani
mals suitable for the export trade , ami then
mother is that weather conditions in on
England for some time caused the inar- in
iets of that country to have a heavier nil
tiome supply than would have been offered ch
fered under normal conditions. The an
latter fact tends to reduce the native pi
supply upon the English market here- PI
ifter and give just that much more at
room ior American or other imported
Battle. The Australian and Argentine
competition may grow even stronger as wi
large purchases of Hereford , Short-
iiorn and Angus bulls will very much
improve the herds of those countries ,
the advantage in distance possessed.
the United States is a very import
one. Texas Journal *
J. H. Fiitz was in to\vri the past
iveek in the intarest of the New York
Life , for whom he wrote several pol j
icies whlie here. a
Additional Locals ,
The Cherry county teachers' insti
tute will be held this year August 14
to 26 , inclusive. Instructors will be
Prof. Waterhouse , of Lincoln , Prof.
R. H. Watson and Mrs. Lizzie Craw
The town council met in special ses
sion Tuesday night to act on business
brought before them by petition , but
adjourned to Wednesday night. The
most important business brought up
was the matter of water supply J'or
the city , which we are glad to note.
School report of district number (31 (
for term beginning January 2 , 1899 ,
anJ ending Juno 16 , 1899 : Number of
months taught , 5 ; number of days
taught , 10U ; number of pupils enrolled ,
11 ; average daily attendance , 7number ;
of visitors , 20. EVA L. PEYTON ,
Ed Ja\r , the man arrested at the in
stance of the Bell Cattle Company
for the theft of horses in Brown
count } ' , had his preliminary hearing
before Judge Ely and was bound over
to the district court in the sum of
$2,500. E. SI. Davisson was prosecut
ing attorney.
The Board of Health made an
official tour of inspection Tuesday af
ternoon , and Wednesday served no
tice on a score of propetty owners to
remove nuisances discovered on their
premises. The board will make
another visit next week and if the
notices have not been heeded it is
said arrests will follow. We must
keep the town clean.
Word comes from near Sparks that
a certain farmer persists in penning
his hogs on a spring branch which
runs by a widow's house much to that
lady's inconvenience and annoyance
as she has no other place from which
to procure water. He ought to be
compelled to move either his hog pen
or himself. This is a word whicn the *
wise will not overlook.
Cattle rustling is becoming quite
common once more in western Holt ,
Rock , Brown and Cherry counties , as
no less than three hundred head have
disappeared from ranches during the
past two weeks in ounches of from"r
ten to seventy-five head. The people
are up in arms about it and say that
the thieves must be caught and pros
ecuted. Atkinson Plain Dealer. tlW
Max Viertel was down from Crooks- se
ton yesterdav and requested us to an
nounce , , as did several others , that
they would have a grand celebration BI
there July 4th. Committees .have
been appointed * " and all report that
revious efforts will be far surpassed rj
n racing , jumping , lifting , amuse
ments and a general good time. All
are cordially invited.
Married , at Gordon , June 21 , 1899 ,
VV. F. Morgareidge § and Miss Maud
VanBuskirk. We failed to get any re
the particulars , as W. F. Morgar-
2idge is a very pious poung man , but :
hasten to congratulate the young G
couple on the advent of life worth so
living. Both are exemplary young
people and we wish them much happiness -
piness , as also do their hosts of friends Of
Cherry and Sheridan counties.
A son of W. H. Hooper , living on
the table , was thrown from ' a horse tin :
last week and sustained a fracture of re
his right arm. John Adamson had
th ;
bhe misfortune last Thursday morn th :
ing ; to have his right leg broken be-
ow the knee. He was breaking a lit
aorse to ride when the animal fell jj
ind caused the accident. Anse New- bu
3errv sustained a Potts fracture of
right ankle last ThursdaDr. . bem
wyer reduced all the fractures and m
reports that his patients are doing
T '
"Word was sent to County Attorney W
Morrissey ( yesterday that the supreme fo
rourt reversed the decision of the discoi
rict court and that no court house | J"
vould be built in Cherry county this If
rear. The grounds for this decision ' SHI
that the county clerk had the or- int >
for publication on the 5th day of ! Ju
he month but delayed the same un-1 coi :
the 13th , first day of publication , j _
was insufficient in accordance
vith the provision of the statutes of
Nebraska. The notice requires four Bo
.veeks publication. tit ;
The Epworth League will celebrate eal Bo
glorious Fourth b } ' giving" a picnic da
the Minnechaduza to which all are br
invited. Transportation will be fur- at in
aished as many as possible , free of tin :
harge. Bring a well filled basket
ind enjoy the cool shade alongtne
placid ; Minnechaduza. The following
program will be given , commencing
10 a. m. : FtW
Song"Star Spang-led Banner. " -3 '
Address By a speaker whose name
will be announced later.
Oration. " > Oi
Quartette. on s <
ReadinrFrank Thorn.
Recitation Eva Harden. j
Quartette. j
Recitation Gertrude Moon. !
gl (
Song "America. " ! br
JBasket Dinner. old
J old ] !
Egg race , sack race , foot races , w
jumping , swings. Refreshments obj j
ained any time in the day.
Everything fresh and clean , and prices
i Lat are right. Special attention given
to pumps , tanks , and ra.ich supplies ,
Kennedy , Nebraska ,
Ordinance No. 80.
Entitled Annual Appropriation Bill ,
being an ordinance levying a tax for
the purpose of paying the current ex
penses of the Village of Valentine ,
Nebraska , for the year 1899.
Be it ordained by the Chairman and
Board of Trustees of the Village of
Valentine , Nebraska.
Sec 1. That for the purpose of rais
ing revenue to pay the expenses of said
village government for the fiscal year ,
1899 , a lev } ' of 2 mills be and the same
is hereby levied on each dollar of assessable -
sessable property , both personal and
real estate , within the corporate limits
of the Village of Valentine. Nebraska.
Sec. 2. That for the purpose of rais- j
ing revenue to pay the interest on the I
village bonds and foi the raaintainance i
of the village water works a levy of 7
mills be and the same is hereby levied
on each dollar of assessable property ,
both personal and real estate , within
the corpoiate limits of the Village of
Valentine , Nebraska , the same to be I
collected as required by law. j
This levy is made in pursuance of an
estimate heretofore made of the current - \
rent expenses of said village.
P. F. SIMONS. Chairman.
Attest : A. M. MOKKISSKYClerk.
Dated June 21 , 1899.
Approved June 21 , 1899
Julius Schrowm , of Nenzel , cut his
throat with a knife. Tuesday.and was
brought to the Valentine hospital for
treatment , but died from the effects
the next day. No reason is known
for his rash act.
Xiolirara Falls.
A little son of Dan Adamsin's was buried in
Valent'iie last Wednesday.
D. M. Troffer and Chas. Bracicet were callers
iit the falls Tuesday.
John A damson had the misfortune to get one
"r his legs broken last Thursday while breaking
. fractious bronco.
Bertha Iteese returhed from the Agency one
Jay this week.
Dr. Dwyer came oat Tuesday to visit his pa
tient. The doctor got lost and started back to
ward ! town ; never heard whether.he found him
self or not.
Lon Mosher has his new house almost com
Mrs. McLaughlin and her son , George Van
Buren , visited friends in this locality Sunday.
Oscar and lirnest Mark-visited with their sis
ter Edith Sunday.
I'rank Lansing called on friends along the
river Sunday.
Everybody is invited to spend the Fourth of
July with the- people ot this vicinity. Picnic
grounds one miJ < ; west of Falls In J. Adamson's
pasture. BAD Bov.
JEli i'reciiict.
Oscar Smalley went swimming on horseback
Lincoln Trogdon made final proof on his tree
laim at Merriman Monday.
Arthur Holtz and father came down from
Gordon last Friday and Nick escorted them
south on a fishing tour.
Born to Otto Strube and wife , on the 8th of
his month , a bright baby boy.
Bert j Nichols came home last week from south
llusliville where he has been working.
J. E. Selder went over to the Churn Hunch
Sunday to strike the VZ roundup.
There is going to be a hot time in Merriman
he4thof July. Anyone wishing to enjoy a
regular ; old time celebration shoulu be theie.
Mr. ] Shattuck and wife , of , Merriman , and
heir daughter Irom Omaha'were visiting on
he river Sunday.
Ueo. l Jaquins , c-f Merrimau , is working for
Henry Heckel.
Uncle John Bishop was over from his ranch
ast week and bought a pedigreed Short Hern
jull of Hugh Bovil.
Mrs. 3 E. E. Crane has been confined to her
jed the laat few days with sickness.
Clinton Jones and wife Jiavc left on it two-
npnth ( trip south and west. SAion' .
Xoticc to Creditor. * .
In county cmirt.within and for Cherry county
S'ebraska , in the matter of the estate of John
, Uens , deceased ,
> the cre/lltord of said estate.
You are hereby notified , that I will sit at the
otinty court room in Valentine in said county , le
the 8th d.iy of July , 1899 , to receive and ex-
imine all claims against said estate , with a vitw
their adjustment and allowance. The time
imited for the presentation of claims auainst
laid estate is thirteen mouths irom the 7th day
June A. l > . 18D3 , and the time limited for pay-
neiit of debit is one year from said 1st daj of
Fiily ieyj
\vitiiess , my hand and the seal of said county
ourt , this 2 lit day of June , 1 ! )9. )
* w. K.TOWA-I. . , Cojnty Judge
For Atlininistrntor
In County Court , Cherry County. Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of .James W De-
3orde , deceased.
Tillie DeBorde having ; filed in my office a pe-
ition praying for the aptiolntmeut of herself as
idministrator of the estate of .Fames W. De-
Borde , deceased. All uereous interested in said
state will take notice that f have fixed Satnr-
Jay , Suly 1.1899. at i o'clock a. in. as the time
ind my office in Valentine. Cherry county. Ne
braska , a- the place for hearing of said petition
which time aiM place all persons interested
said estate may appear and show canse if any
here be why such administrator should not fie
Witness my hand and beal of the county
xmn this 14th day of June , 1S99.
6-5 ! W. R. TOWNE ,
County Judge
Taken up , at my place about 4 miles east of V
Port Niobrara , May 26. one sorrel baUUami B
gelding , 5 years old , and one bay mars si
years olu , both branded on left shoulder
Estrnj/s Taken Up.
Taken up by the undersicned at his place in
Witod Lake precinct , one sorrel horse brandpdA
Onu dun , 10 yrs old. weight 1,000pounds : One
rrei mare branded X. 6 vears old , weight ? 00 ;
is brown -luiinal , .L branded 8 , 5 vears old ,
weight , 750 pounds. E. L. DA"V Irt ,
0.15 Arabia , Nehr.
lakell up by the undersgned on the north !
side of the Niobrara , at the mouth of snake , one j
brown mare wita black mane and tail. 3-years j
, branded > on right arm , one claybank 2-yr i
gilding brandrd One strawberry r an J
with white face , one year old branded
leu shoulder
flcnritiy Probate of Will.
State of Nebraska i ss
Cherrv County f
In tin-matter of the estate ofV. . U. Carson
On reading and filing the petition of Clarence
F. Corson. praying that the Instrument , filed on
the 8th day of June 1S9U , and purporting to be
the last will and testament of the said deceased ,
may be proved , nprovcd. probated , allowed , and
recorded as the last will and testament ot th
said W. ( i. Canon deceased , and that the PXCCU-
llon of said instrument may be committed and
the administration of said estate may be grant
ed to .Mary A. Carson and Alfred Lewis as exe-
Ordered that June'-4. A. I ) . 1899 , at 10 o'clock
a. m. . Is assigned for hearing said petition ,
when all persons lntereste.1 in said matter may
* \ appear at a county court to be held In end for
wild county , and show cause why the pra > er of
petit ' oner should notbegrnnted ; and that notice
of the pendency of satd petition anil the bear
ing I thereof , be given to all persons interested In
said matter by publishing a copy , of this order
in j the WKSTKUN NKWS-DKMOCUAT , a weekly
J newspaper printed in said county , for three
successive wteks , prior to satd day of hearing
W. H. TOWNK , County Judge
J. A. Adamson.
Valentine. Neli
On leftside or hip
A4 left side or hip
On left side
Itangpon Niohraia
Newman Bros. & Nations.
Cody , Nebraska
On point left shoul
der. Also O on
point left shoulder
Also jj * on left
Same on left hip
Left side
rostofflcc address
Brownlee , Neb
Branded on either
side same as on cut
also both jaws
J. C. Trowbridge
Merriman , Neb
Range between Irwin -
win and Merrima'i ,
south , of railroad
If ngh Bovill , Manager
Merriman Neb
All on left side or
Range north of El
Charlotte E. JJovill
Merriman Xeb
Left side or hip
Range north of Eli
Parker & Son
P O Address
L. W. Parker
Reige. Neb
Brand same as cut ,
Also ZP
Ranee on Niobrara
south of Crookston
Prideaux San ford
Kenned- .
Stock branded on
left side
Alex Marrivall
Pine .Ridge , SD
Cattle branded as
on cut and below on
either side. Eermk
swallow fork on left
and crop right
Horse trands as
below on left thigh
or hip
K. A. MeQuade.
Valentine , Nell
Branded on either
side Range between
Thacberand Swan
B. B. Teeters Brou ,
tfewtofl ,
Horse * same OB
left shoulder
Eanee between
the Gordon and