Western news-Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1898-1900, May 25, 1899, Image 11

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Wearying , ceaseless backache.
Dull , exhausting and constant pain.
i No comfort by day. No rest at night.
Aches in the small of the back , pain low
down in the side. No spirit for any taslc , no
hope for relief. Great numbers of women are
not free from backache from one year's end
to another.
Among Mrs. Pinkham's victories
there is none more complete than
that over backache , and the evi
dence of thousands of
women prove that she
is its conqueror.
Mrs. C. Klenk , of Wells ,
Minn. ( Box 151) , writes :
suffered for years- with a
long list of troubles , and I
want to thank you for my
complete recovery. Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound is a wonderful
medicine for women.
4I had severe female
complaints , causing terrible
backache and nervous pros
tration ; was dizzy most o >
the time , had headache and
such a tired feeling. I now
have taken seven bottles of
your Compound and have
also used the Sanative Wash
and feel like a new woman.
I must say I never had any
thing help me so much. I
have better health than I
ever had in my life. I sleep
well at night , and can work
all clay without feeling tired.
I give Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound all
the credit , for I know it
has cured me of all my
troubles. I would not do
without your remedies
for anything. "
When a woman
has severe back
ache she has some
serious trouble
that will sooner or
later declare itself.
Mrs. E. Furton , of H
Hich. , found that her I
ache v/as caused by a
tumor , which ] three
bottles of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound expelled.
This is Mrs. Furton's
letter :
Two years ago I was
troubled with constant
backache and headache ,
and was very nervous.
ieade ,
//I /
i resolved to try your medicine and took two bottles ' R ( /
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and on ' \ *
taking the third a tumor was expelled. I was a
little frightened and sent for the doctor ; and he said that it
was fortunate for me that it came away. I got quite well
after that and have your Compound alone to thank for my
' "
The safe way to guard against trouble is
to get Mrs. Pinkham's advice when the back
ache first appears. A letter to her at Lynn ,
Mass. , describing your case fully will receive
a prompt reply without charge.
DEAR MRS. PINKHAM I wish to tell you the great good
your medicine has done me. I do not feel like the same
woman. I hare suffered terribly. Had womb and kindey
trouble , leucorrhcea , very severe pains in hips and sides
of abdomen , headache , was nervous , menses were irregular. (
I have now taken four bottles of your Vegetable Compound ,
and the backache has left me , menses are regular , can sleep a
well , and awake in the morning feeling much rested. Your
medicine is indeed a friend to women. I wish that I could
tell every woman what a wonderful medicine it ; s. I cannot
praise it enough , " firs. Anna J. Fenstermaker Pine
5 u mm it. Pa.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound A Woman's Remedy
* * _ _ - j
Get Your Pension .a
CHlSMira Washington , J ) . c PENSIONS
B Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
Lta PrlnolD .I.Bx < iailn r EJ.B. Pen ton Bnraaa.
rralnclTllww JiftdjiidlcftUiic claim * , ftttjral&ca Write 6 jt , O'FABSELL , Pension Ageat ttWtyjtca , D.C , sial
An Ancient Economist Who
It Would Ruin the Country.
The New York Telegram notes that
the lirst stage coach seen in England
was about the year 1533 , and another
120 years passed before stage coaches
began to run ; they were not received
with much favor. In 1G73 a treatise
was published in London by "A. Lover
of His Country , and Well Wisher to
the Prosperity Both of the King and
Kingdoms , " in which were used many
elaborate arguments and violent ti
rades against them.
"These coaches and caravans , " said
the writer , "are one of the greatest mis
chiefs that hath happened of late years
to the kingdom , mischievous to the pub
lic , destructive to trade and prejudicial
to lauds. "
lie laments the decay of good horse
manship , which would follow if every
body rode to London in a coach. He
calculates that a coach from York ,
Chester or Exeter would have forty
horses on the journey to the capital
and carry eighteen passengers a week.
In the whole year it would carry about
1,872. Suppose there were returning
passengers there Avould be 93G , and for
these forty horses would be sufficient ;
but if people traveled in the good , old-
fashioned way , then at least 500 horses
would be required for the work. The
use of so many horses would give em
ployment to many who were by the
stage coach thrown out of work , such
as cloth workers , drapers , tailors , sad
dlers , tanners , curriers , shoemakers ,
spurriers , lorimers and fellmakers. The
inns would also suffer , for the stage
coach stops only at a few , but when
gentlemen traveled on horseback , ac
companied , as they usually were , by
two or three servants , they stopped at
any and a.s often as they liked , and
thus encouraged trade.
Farmers will be ruined , lie says , by
the stage coach ; for how can they dis
pose of their buy , straw and horse
corn ? Moreover , the influence on
health would be bad ; men called out
of their beds before daylight , hurried
from place to place until far on into
the night , in the summer stilled with
heat and choked with dust , in the win
ter starving and freezing with cold or
choked with liltliy fog , obliged to ride
all day with strangurs and with sick ,
ancient and diseased persons and with
children crying , poisoned with fetid
breaths and crippled by the crowd of
boxes and bundles. Besides all these
troubles there were accidents arising
from the rotten coaches and foul roads.
In short , the writer is fully convinced
that if stage-coach traveling becomes
popular the country will go to ruin.
Had he lived to see the railway he
would have been bereft of his senses.
Ram'3 IJorii Sounds n Warning Note
to the Unredeemed.
turns duty
LOVE delight.
Bigotry is not
! \ f i peculiar to r e -
.Meditation is a
tonic for poor
Some little men
love to iive in the
When you take
jif"- your burdens to
Christ , 'leave thorn there.
Virtue is liner than any of the arts.
Half-heartc'd service is always hard ,
Neglect bolts the door of opportunity.
Trials melt the brass out of characti
Small boats should keep near the
In order to do right , it is necessary to
be right.
The pulpit rail may become a wall of
Some Christians do more whining
than shining.
Keeping your eye on Christ keeps it
off the world.
The wings of riches are poor aids to
heavenly flight.
The dews of grace fall during the
night of sorrow.
While the saloon exists , your own
sou is never safe.
More souls are saved through service
than by sermons.
The more perfect the trust , the more
perfect the peace.
Dress does not make character , but it h
often proclaims it. si
Faith gives unlimited backing for the
business of living.
Kind words , like fragrant flowers ,
are admired 1 > 3all. .
God will do as much for us as we will
submit to have done. gi
Policy .sits on the fence while princi
ple fights the battle.
An iceberg in the pulpit cannot kin-
die i a lire in the pews.
Make your trials stepping stones to fo
hiirher Christian life. , hl
The man who confesses his ignorance
is on the road to wisdom. \V
Modern theology teaches that man AY
falls up instead of down.
Fidelity in little things is one of the , ill
sure t tests of character. ji
Those who know when to speak
know wheii to be silent.
Love is like a convex mirror 1 *
broadens what we see lii it. a
The only safe place to hide your sins w
under the blood of Christ. fc
Don't use religious stilts when you fcai
visit : a strange prayer meeting. ai
The man who reaohes Chrlstward for w
refreshing will reach worldward with fr
blessing. w
There is a vast difference between (
speaking "one to another" aid one
* " " *
ibout anqthcr.
§ 00,000 FAMILIES
W. H. B. Williams , publisher of The
Farmers' Industrial Union , in a recent
letter to Dr. Ilartman says : "I have used
Pe-ru-na as a family medicine for several
years. I tind it of especial use for my-
self. I have had several tedious spells
with systemic catarrh and before using
Pe-ru-na I had tried several other rem
edies with little or no success. But in
Pe-ru-na I found a prompt and sure cure ,
I always keep the remedy which
promptly relieves any attack of the same
My wife also uses Fe-ru-na. She finds
it of especial use for severe spells , to
winch she is subject. We always keep
it in the houve as a family medicine. We
think it an excellent remedy for the vari
ous ills to which children are subject , especially -
pecially climatic diseases. " Address Dr.
Ilartman , Columbus , Ohio , fora free book
on family medicine.
Coflias JKciitetl in ? * Ie.vico.
The Mexicans have a queer way of
burying the dead. The corpse is tightly
wrapped in matting a Ml placed in a
coliiu hired for about a shilling. One
or two natives , as the case may be ,
place the coffin on their heads and go at
a trot to the grave , where the body is
interred and the coffin is then returned.
An Opinion from St. Lionis.
The St. Louis Republic says that Alalo
bastiue bids fair to give Grand Itapids ,
Mich. , even more fame than her huge
furniture factories. This is a covering
for walls and ceilings , and takes the
place of kalsomines , which are very
objectionable and even dangerous on
account of the constantly decaying auiw
mal and vegetable matter which they
contain. Alabastiue makes a pure and
permanent covering , that can be re-
coated. It sets on the wall , growing
hard with age.
Now JBxperirncc.
"Now , Patrick Muldoon , " said the
magistrate to the evidently alarmed
witness on the stand in a case of burg-
lary , "bear in mind that you have
sworn to tell the truth , the whoft ? truth
and nothing but the truth. "
"Yis , yer honor , " stammered Mr. Mul
doon , his eyes wavering from the judge
to the jury , and back again ; "it's inesilf
that'll do the very best I can ; but I hopu
the gentlemen will be a trifle aisy on
me at the shrart , for it's little u ed I
am to that sort av thing , yer honor. "
Youth's Companion.
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-EaKj. a powder for the feet.
It ; cures painful , swollen , smarting , nervous
feet and instantly takes the sting out of corns
and bunions. It's the greatest comfort dis
covery < of the age. Allen'b Foot-Ease makes
tight-fitting or new slwes feel easy. It is a
certain cure for sweating , callous and hot.
tired , aching feet. Try it to-ilny. Sold by all
druggists and shoe stores. By mail for 25c ,
in j stamps. Trial package FKEE. Address ,
Allen S. Olmsted. Le Koy. X. Y.
"Not the General's Cow. "
"Tommy Atkins" the slang name of
the British private is not noted for his
politeness , but for his obedience to
Years ago in a seaport town in En
gland a general and an admiral were
neighbors. The general's house was
fronted by a grass-plot , on which he
pastured ; a cow. One day his wife com
plained to him that the supply of milk
was falling short.
The sentinel accounted for the defi
ciency the public trod down the pas
ture. , Thereupon the general gave or
ders tba-t no human or other animal ex
cept his cow should be allowed on the
grass-plot. He added that if this rule
was infringed the sentinel should be
Soon after , the admiral's wife , in
haste ; to keep an engagement , took a
short cut over the piot , disregarding
the sentinel's order to keep off the
"Common soldier , don't you know
who I am ? " ejaculated the offended
"All I knovr is that you're not the
general's cow. "
How's This !
"We ofler One Hundred Dollars reward for any
case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO. , Props. . Toledo , O'
We the undersigned have known F. J. Cheney
for the last 15 years , and belie\e him perfectly
honorable in all business transactions and finan
cially able to carry out any obligation made by
their Oriii.
WI.ST & TKUA x , Wholesale Druggists. Toledo , O.
Druggists. ' Toledo , O.
HaU'K Catarrh Cure is taken internally , acting
directl > upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the iyntein. Price 75c per bottle. Sold by all
Druugiits Testimonials free.
Remarkable Feat of Penmanship.
To write a long chapter of Genesis on
post card , in addition to selections '
from Shakspeare and Dickens , and the
whole of "Home , Sweet Home , " is a
feat of penmanship of which anyone
might be proud. This was some time
ago accomplished by a bank clerk ,
with a fine steel pen and with HO aid
from magnifying glasses. In all , there
were more than 10,000 words , while BO
beautifully was the work done that
many people have been able to read
the writing with the naked eye.A i
Traffic Over London Bridge.
It is computed that about 200,000 pe
destrians aud 20,000 vehicles cross Lon
don bridge every day. Each leaves be
hind a little shoe leather or a little iron
just a tritle. But when litter and dust
are added to these minute losses the
whole tills between three and four
carts. The most surprising fact of all ,
however , is that the incessant tratlic
across the bridge reduces to powder
about twenty-five .cubic yards of gran
ite every year.
Vacation Tours.
The Grand Trunk Railway System and
immediate connections form the great
highway of Tourist Travel to the famous
resorts in Northern Michigan , Muskoka
Lakes , Lake of Buys ( Highlands of On-
tarioj , Niagara Falls , St. Lawrence Kiver ,
TVhite Mountains , Saguenay River and
the seashore. Also \Yatkins Glen , Glen
Summit , Atlantic City. Asbury Park and
other popular resorts on and reached by
the Lehigh Valley R. R.
Probably no line of railroad on the
American continent embraces in its route
so great a variety of scenery or reaches
directly so many popular and famous re
Vestibule -Train Service.
Full particulars as to rates and copies
of tourist literature on application to J.
II. Burgis , City Passenger and Ticket
Auent , 249 Clark street , corner Jackson
boulevard , Chicago.
A Remarkable Crnnation.
A most remarkable cremation will
take place when Joaquiu Miller , "the
poet of the Sierras. " dies. lie has built
a great funeral pyre oil his property at
Oakland , Cal. , in the form of a cube ,
nearly ten feet each way , made of
bowlders set in cement.
On the top of this body will be placed
and burned , and the ashes will then be
.lung to all points of the compass , if
the provisions of his will are carried
Tlie World's .Record for Outjmt.
. . Adding together the actual number of
the diQerent kinds of harvesting ma
chines ] made in a single day during Ib'JS
at the works of the Dot-ring Harvester
Company of Chicago gives the enormous
total of l,3Ji ) , or more than two complete
machines for each working minute.
Auction Sale ol' Jewels.
The glittering adornments of one of
London's "splendid paupers" were dis
persed < the other day at a sale by auc
tion. The owner of the eighty-three
lots of "court jewels of unusual splen
dor"was merely described as a "lady
ol title. " There were rings and brooches
and earrings and bracelets galore , the
collection selling for a trifle under $ SO-
000. ( The gem of the sale vras a cluster
necklace < of sapphires and brilliants ,
which realized § = 7.130 , while the other
more costly articles included a corsage
decoration < of ( liamowls and pearls ( $4-
900) ) , a brilliant and pearl collar ( ? 4.025) ) , '
another brilliant collar (92.12 ( , " } ) , a neckI I
lace of brilliants , cabochon , emeralds !
and rubies , sapphires , and pearls , and |
yet another of pearls and brilliants ,
which sold for 1,775 each , and a fourth
similar gew-gaw , which went for $25
To California for Half Kate.
Account National Educational Associa
tion meeting at Los Angeles June 25 to
July 8. Choice of routes going and re
turning. For puiticulars call at North
western oflice , Security Bank Building , or
address , II. C. Ciiuv-XKY , General Agent ,
Sioux City , la.
Verily , this is a strange world. Some
live butjodieandothersd3'e _ _ to live.
Piso's Cure for Consumption has been a
family medicine with us since 1SG5. J. R. I
Madison , 2409 42d ave. , Chicago , 111. ,
If a man is lucky he never speaks of
the proverbial luck of fools.
Mrs. "Window's SOOTHINO SYKCP Tor Children I
tcetlunK : Koltens the cums , reances inflammation
allays pain , cures wind colic. 23 cents a bottle
WANTED. Case of hart health thatR-I'P-A-
not bersflt. Send 5 cents to Ripnns Chemical Co. ,
Hew York , for 10 fmmnles and 1.000 testimonials.
Nothing is so infectious as example.
For Infants and Children ,
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
So the falling of the hair tells
of the approach of age and
declining p ver.
No matter how barren the tree
nor how leafless it may seem ,
you confidently expect leaves
again. And why ?
Because there is life at the
So you need not worry about
the falling of your hair , the
threatened departure of youth
and beauty. And why ?
Because if there is a spark of
life remaining in the roots of
the hair
will arouse it into healthy activ
ity. The hair ceases to come
out : it begins to grow : and the
glory of your youth is restored
to you.
We have a book on the Hair
and its Diseases. It is free.
Hho Bast AeJv/co FPCQ.
If you < Io not obtain all the benefits
you expected from the tne of the Vip > r
-write the doctor about H. 1'robalny
there Is some dlfflculty with your gen
eral system -which may be caaily
removotl. Addrf"J
DR. J. C. AVER. Lowell. Mass.
"Iliavo been uslnir CASCAKE'JTS for
Insomnia , with which 1 have been afflicted forever
over twenty years , and I can say that CascaretB-
have given me moro relief than any other reme
dy I have ever tried. I shall certainH recom
mend them to my friends as belnfr all thev ar&-
represented. " Tnos. GILLAHD , SiRln , I1L
Pleasant. Palatab'e. Patent. Taste Good
Good , Never Sicken. Weaken or Gnpe lOc 2oc OOo ,
. . . CURE COriSTJPATJON. . . .
Sterling Rpnrdj I'ompanj , Chicago , Tlontrral , Hew Tori. Sit
Mfi Tf SJflp cold and Kuarantpe-1 by all dnag-
KU" S U ° OftU Kists to CUICK Tobacco UaWtf
In the Great Grain and
Grazing Belts of V.'et-
era Canada and information
mation as to how to 39-
oiirs them can be had ocr
application to the De
partment of the Iiterior ,
U'tawa , Canada , or to
N. Hartholomexv 306 5th Street , Des Moinei , Iowa ,
for the Go\ermneutof Canada.
S. C. N. U. - 21-99
Eest CoaKh Syrup. Tastes Good. Use
la time. Sold by druggists.
An old proverb says : "IIV receives
mo-t favorlio know * Low to return
them. " This : - , the ' -ecret of th > great
popularity of Ieerin : cram and grass
cutting machinery. The confidence placed in
them by the farmers of the world is never
Deering Binders , Reapers , Mowers , Rakes
and Corn Harvesters
retnrn the favor of popularity hy steady , reliable , satisfactory
work in the harvest. In-erine made the first successful
application of ball and roller beirin s to harvesting
machinery , and the decided advantage in lightness of draft
heid by Ueerin : machine- , today over all other makes ) ehoTrj
conclusively that there i ? one right way of doitc it and thai
there are several wrong v.ays.
The Dcerlag way is the common sense vray.
'Say Aye 'No' and Yell Ne'er Be Mar
ried. " Don't Refuse All Our
Advice to Use
VT *