Western news-Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1898-1900, February 23, 1899, Image 7

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    Aletzger Bros. ,
Pullman NYb
Hirr > Co.
lirand on h-ft - !
HIM. iliij : ) !
Kftrinartj , sij.tHP
nrji rlnlit i ar
Southern brai.df'
cattle have 1 ut oil-
"half-diamond K" 01
It-ft side
Native call IP liavt
fence on flonlon and
Horses luyp same brand on left thigh
? ICW fV50 will hi- paid tnm <
Pewon for information l.-nding to tinairesl ami
; ft ° HVll'-V" ! Vf ; iliy " ( 'rM ) " or IHJrsons steal
rattle with
above- brand
PostofTicc address
, . , Bnmnlec/Xeb ,
On left Fide or any
part of animal. Jinr-
marlc riglit ear eut
off ; hor.scR branded
xaineon left lilp.Also
has stock branded it
en Hide or .shoulder
or JKor AVorO VI ,
orO or fr'Z. Also
the following , the t'rst ' on
Ou richt ili\ < -
LK on sanin snl
aLe LKK on If.
s nortL
Postoffii-o address
Ilrowniee , Neb
Branded on left
aide ; home jl lft l
side and thigh
on left thigh
Knnge Uuck Lake
F addn-sc
* P ! & * S : l-rownlea .N'eb
" : tig teide
Range , florbi-
Poitoflice address
' Hitman , X
On left sde : ; imi > e
s.tnif on left shoulder
n left side
-uywher 1 * on
I'linnl. OiiCPl
.ilp or tliiijli gA
Range 1101 thprongftS , & .
Middle Loup nvor f Ko i iStsataeaf.
and Buttalo Lake SS SP3 m ®
orsTAVi. WE.NIU ; ;
Peslofflce address
Myannis , Ne' '
u right side ; h-r
ie same ou tigl t
hhoud ! ( r
nj eK miles
H0rtli\cst of Moth
cr Lalco precinct
A .1 I'LOIEll
- Postoniee address
Hyannis , Neb
Brardfd on right
side and ! i i
Also have stock brat/t'ed
on right side at. d hip
on rif.'lit hi ]
Range-Southwestern herr\
Count } .
rostofliee address
hyannis. N )
On left hip nnc li-ft
side Also
on lelt hip
S.IH ! left Side
horses same
brands on shoulders
Mange ' . ' --miles
ortliof Hvannis
Iliunnis , Xe1'
on rigl-t Lip :
J' either side
( in ngbt
se- > right
Range seven miles north of iljannis.
Postoffice address
rulitnan , Neb
Cntt e branded as on
cut ; horses branded
ume as cattle except
reversed S ,
See block
Kange Stevei
and Stephen on
Lakes and South
Postofllce a
Hyannis. Neb
Branded anywhere
on riclit side ; horses
ses same on leti
Kansje - - sixtei-
miles northeast 1
J. A Adamson.
Valent'ne. ' Neb
On left side or hip
A 4-left sidr or hip
nlr-e , Nc
Branded on elthe
side suiiis as on cut
Doth jaws
Marshall & Wolfcndcn
Kennedy , Neb.
' Mime "on the left
i torses on left
JJrand is small
Karrnark : Quarter
clip behind , half 2ir-
clf forward on lettear
1'ange Lone Tree
oam lludson
Simeon Neb
Left hip on cattle
Left shoulder on
Some horses Lazy
on left shoulder
Kanpe between
Gordon and Snake
Kivcr and Xiobrara
1 . ' - " ' " "
l M ! n illi.f'-r
l.e't ear- tasked All eat lie dehorned
William M. Dunbar
Lessee from Heine & Ivrocger
Cody. Neb
DUn Either side
. . , - . " ! " '
A Is5535
m *
Left ear oi cattle
Kange ! ieid ; of Hay
Amelia Young.
Cody , Nebraska
On right side.
Kighl ear split
Kange , Little
White river
Peder Thorsen.
( Jorrton. Nebraska
On right sideT > i
right hip. o hor.sc
brand and T on.
right shoulder
Alt-o cattle brandei'
S on leffside
inge. f.ml mill
south of Irxvin
Henry Young ,
Cody , Nebraska
Horse brand B
on left shoulder
Cattle , right ear
Ifanue , Little
White river , S. T )
Stotts & StPtler.
Cody. J'ebrask.i
15randed on It-ft side
Jl inge. Tin Can Lake
and .Morgan Flats
I ) ( \ Nelsun
Cody. Nebraska.
On riiriit hip.
Kange , Medicine
i ake to the
Snake river
JIuU Brotheis.
1 r.ordon , Nebraska
i Kange.14 miles north
of ( lordon.
F. C. Duerl'ellt , Manager.
Gordon , Nebraska
Cattle also branded
DO on right hip
Horses and mules
Branded same as cut
on left shoulder
J. C. Jordan
( Cordon , Nebraska
j One bunch branded
as on cut on lelt side
One bunch biancled
t' ( < on left hp :
Horses > l on left
Itange. 10 miles
sni Inrjt of ( Sallop.
between Niobrani
and Snake rivers
George F Damon
Albany. Veb
CiJtlt" branded
yst on le t ribs or
right shoulder ; MB >
on right hip and l'-ft
ribs ; G on lelt hip
Horses Fl > or SI ) on
right shoulder
lliinge ? mi north
cast of Albany Neb
Agent for Pasteur
Black Leg Vaccine
Jospph Fickel
Gordon Neb
IIor.se brand F on
left shoulder
Kange 10 miles
northeast of Gordon
Wheeler Bros.
Cody Neb
Also B on right
Kangc Chamberlain
Flats and Snake
Marquardt & Bowlus
Merriman Neb
Cattle brand OM on
left shoulder Some
of cattle have various
> ! < ier brands OS on
' ft hip. Hors - bra'd
\ on left shouldei.
11 Mice Formerly
flfoV Monnier
inch .viniles east of
M rriman from F E
l& M.V.I ! ] { . south to Leander Crc-ek.
' quarUt & Bowlus , j-eribuer , Nebraska.
The Farmers' and Stockmen's Institute.
The fsrmers"s : institute held h ro under -
' dor the auspices of the Nebraska state
with iof.-ai
university , co-operating our
institute , has been a most pronouiicod
SUCCG.SS. The lar je hall at the court
liouse. where the meeting was held ,
was crowded byond its seating ea-
Diicity. The opening was under the
direction of C. A.Vhitfnrd. . of Arling
ton , who delivered an address on "Ag
ricultural MethodsO. . \V. ilahn , a
] ) ractical farmer , gave a very interest
ing talk on "Agricultural Experiences
of a Cherry County Farmer.1' "Does
It Pay to Keep IJlooded Stock in the
Sand Hills ? " was discussed by William
Wilson. This was followed by a general -
eral experience meeting of the cattie-
men of Cherry county.
M. L. AValscr was selected to intro
duce the subject of growing alfalfa in
Cherry county. This proved to be a
very interesting subject and elicited
much discussion both for and -.gainst
its success. It , however , resulted in
an expression favoring the culture of
On the second day. "Some Points on
Horticulture , " by C. A. Whitford :
"Experience it ) Tree Growing in Cherry
County , " by C. M. Van Meter , were
subjects that interested the audience.
The subject of "Sheep and Wool , "
by G. W. Ilervej" , was ably discussed
The poultry subject was fully dis
cussed by papers given by O. W.Morey
and J. A. Brewer , and poultry disease *
were then taken up by Dr. Peters.
This subject was pretty fully canvassed
from a practical standpoint. Several
other subjects Avere discussed in an in
formal way.
This is reported by the institute
people to be the most enthusiastic and
best attended institute held this year.
It is safe to say that the people of Val
entine and Cherry county are alive to
their business interests.
Ofiicers elected for the ensuing year
are President , O. W. Halm ; vice-Presi
dent. W. A Wilson : Secretary , Mark
Cyphers : Corresponding Secretary ,
Prof. R. II. Watson : Treasurer , J. A.
Dr. Peters on Blackleg.
Perhaps the most interesting meet
ing of the institute was that held Fri
day afternoon , when A. T. Peters spoke
on "blackleg. " ' Dr. Peters is an ac
knowledged authority on this subject
and his words \\ere listened to with
profound attention. He said that
blackleg is caused by a microbe which
lies dormant in grass , hay or the earth ,
until taken into the system of an ani
mal through the medium of a wound ,
when it immediately begins to propa
gate , at a wonderful rate. Only young
animals are attacked , and as the cells
of the animal tissue are not compact , a
gas is formed , and it is this gas which
causes the peculiar crackling or rustling
.sound heard when the hand is passed
over the body of the aninal. The
doctor call.s the gas intlatedportions of
the animal "tumors. ' ' and says that it
is possible to cure the animal if the
tumor is opened and disinfected in its
very early stages. The chances are
however one hundred to one that the
operation will not prove a success ,
hence the only thing to do is ado-it
preventive iiieasutes. Referring to tin-
habit of roweling with turpentine , blue
vitriol , Spanish Hies , etc. . he said that
this operation might protect the animal
temporarily , three months , possibly ,
but that it would prove successful no
longer. So long as the sore remained
and the animal did not gain in ilesh it
was all right. This and the practice of
nerving' ' merely lowered the vitality
of the animal and are very expensive
to the owner , both in first co. t and the
loss of flesh on the animal , lie strong
ly recommended vaccination , and
claimed that if the government or state
vaccine is used strictly accoiding to di
rections , it will prevent blackleg. Ev
ery failure of the vaccine could be
traced to its improper u.se. The vac
cine does not give the blackleg in a
mild form as is usually supposed
merely matures the cells of the animal
tissue , and thus prevents the formation
of the gas previously referred to Black
leg is a disease peculiar to immaturity I"
like measles scarle-
, whooping-cough , - (
Una and kindred diseases in the human i
family , aiid while it may be contracted
is seldom found in stuck more than
two and a half years old. The vaccine
is supplied free of cost by the state and
national governments , and the only
cost to the user is about $3.00 for sjr-
inge , etc. Vaccination should not be
done within two weeks of branding or
dehorning , either before or after. Dr.
Peters sa\s blackleg will affect a human
being , and said he knew at least three , '
deaths which resulted from imprudent !
post mortem examinations , and he is i
very positive that blackleg cannot occur
unless there is a wound on the animal.
It may be very slight , but there must
be a wound to allow the germs to enter
the system.
or Stolen.
Oneblue peldfnu , 4-yr old , weight about TOO ,
branded horee shoe on left shoulder. One
\\hlte mare about 12-yr old. has brand on left
shoulder with ' old eolt
( design not knpwiri I'-yr
following , bay. with \\liite faee. Libcrai reward i
lor information. F. MOGLE , j
Cody , Nebraska. '
Protect the Birds.
Robert Good , editor of the Valentine
CEWS-DKMOCHAT , protests against th
asige of amendments to the game
laws of Nebraska that will permit
hunters to kill prahie chickens before
October 1. His arguments seem sound
and very much to the point. If the
open season does not begin until Or-
tober 1 the birds will be large enough
to make genuine sport , and at the
same time to be of use to the hunter
after they have been shot. Earlier in
the season the- are too small to protect
themselves by . flight 7 and the flesh is so
tender that it cannot be taken long dis
tances in the heat of August and Sep
tember without spoiling. Mr. Good's
communicat on deserves the close at
tention of the members of the legisla
It has the earnest indorsement of
Professor Lawrence Jiruner , who has
just issued a spr-cial university bulletin
calling attention to the .service done by
the birds in exterminating the insect
enemies of agriculture and horticulture ,
and calling upon the people of the state
to protect all kinds of birds with jeal
ous care. Professor Bruner in discuss
ing Mr. Good's letter with the Journal ,
says that he would go even farther than
is there suggested. The open season
ought to be at least as late as October
1. but if he had his way about it he
would feel like suspending the open j
season altogether. In his bulletin he j
makes the startling statement that the j
birds of Nebraska require 1$7. > .000,000
insects for each , da\'s rations. This
means that the birds of this state dis
pose of l.3,6 o bushels of insects in a
single day. or more than a million
bushels during the six months of warm
weather. Even the unthinking ought
to uuderstaa t what this means to Xe-
braska farming and fruit growing
Professor L runer insists that the mat- j
ler is of supreme importance , and that
if we are negligent in the matter of
protecting the birds wv will be made to
sailer in a "way that will remind us of
: he old grasshopper visitations State
Got Whipped Twice in One Day
Tuesday morning' Fred Folks and i
John Thompson became involved in an j
iltercation about the ownership of a
loy. and John's father , "Ilackberry , "
took a hand in the row. The result
ivas a general mixup.in which "Hack-
berry- " got decidedly the worst of it.
Many of the "boj's" sympathized
ivith him in a spiritual manner , and
; arly in the afternoon Marshal Layj j
Port started in to quell the racket
the spirits were making in the Oul
Saloon. "Hackberry" didn't quell
ivortli a cent , and soon he and the
marshal were busily engaged hurling'
epithets at each other's heads. Tir
ing of this pleasant pastime their
fighting' blood got uppermost , and
; eon there was another inixup. the
narshal swatting' the liveryman a
: ouplc of times and laying- him out in
: he first round. "Hackbern' " breath-
id vengeance , and spit blood , but up
: o date no arrests have been made ,
ind everything- as quiet as the
iioat ultra anti-war enthusiast could
> vish. Much excitement was caused
> ver the two affrays , much comment
; ias been made , much whiskey has
jecn drank , and much laughter ha
; akeii place over the numerous side I
if the case , and for the life of us we j
lave been unable to see wnere aivyi i
aody had been justilied in their var-1
ous courses. And here endeth the i
: hronicle. i
C. K. Smith is preparing to do con
siderable fencing" on his ranch in the
icar future.
Alex Burr came down from the
anch Tuesday and will go to Alliance
: he last of the week. j
Chris Abbott drove in from his i
anch Sunday with a pair of bobs and I
vas showing some of our town people I
t warm time. j
About twenty couples went out to |
: he Corrother's ranch Tuesday night j
is a surprise party , it being" the 20th j
nrthdav of Flovd Moran.--Whitman i
Artihta. {
\y. S. Kil ere ha bivn on the .sck : list lor a j
lay or t\vo but h better at present. !
Phil Fleming made a nxinn trip to Valentine
Saturday evenin : ; in qnot ot repairs.
John Ileelan has treated his house to a coat
if paint this week. ( Jeo. Harden being ens - ;
iloytd to do the work. ;
Marion Kslgoru. of Johnstown , is visiting his j
irother. i
J. T. Kiel is quite sick at the home of John }
riion.a. > , but \\e understand lie i * improving !
apidly undi r the treatment of Dr. J. C. Dwyer , i
vho was called Saturday.
The I.ovelet Bros , loaded a car of hay here the j
orej art ot the week. 31 r. A. lieiibon is also !
lauliiiK hay here fo shipment. Most of the i
lay shipped from here jroes to Fort itobinonii. . |
M ' ' in made a business trip toalen !
i'C Monday , i
. \n . , . .nesv i * again numbered amoii7- ,
mr citizens.
A'otlrc i < Creefitorft. >
In County Court , within and for Cherry County , i
Nenraskit. in the Matter of the liState of !
William E. Stansi.ie. Deceased. '
I'o the Creditors 01 said Estate : |
Yon are hereby notified that 1 will sit at the
joniity court loom in Valentine , in said coimtv.
MI the llth da > of Maruh , 1S90 , to reeeive arid
\\amineall claims agniiisi said estate , with a
, iew to their adjustment and allowance. The
ime limited tor the presentation o [ ei.uins
iiraaist said estate is three months , from the <
:4sh : day of December. A. I ) . ISJH , and the time '
imitcd for payment of debts is one year fiom
; aid 14th day of December tsis. ; i
Witness my hand and the seal of said county I
: ourt , this -2\tt day ot Februarv tSW . " I
\V. K. TOWXK. '
' . '
-23 County
. (
Anything in the line of Clothing.
i 4 4 ? ? Hats or Caps , Boots or Shoes ,
* ?
4 ? Staple or Fancy ( groceries ,
j 4 ? Stoneware , Dry Goods
Notions , Salt Meat , Grain or Feed ,
4 ? Be sure to Call and get prices at
4 ?
4 ?
4 ?
I *
&JBMt 1 0. 6rM I > 3
You can never gain the friendship
or patronage of some people unless
3'ou join their particular church.after
which you are held in high esteem , no
matter if you arc the biggest rogue
in town. This is what we term
churchianity and is the doctrine of
the devil. It does much to retard the
spread of Christianity. Gordon Jour
And Valentine has one or twoof
these people.
A young huh * asks a naughty editor
how to make "not enough" out of the
word "enough" and he tells her it is
done by transposing the letters into
words like this : Take the . ' 5d. ind and
1st letters of the word and the tith.
4th and . > th letters for the second
word and 3-011 have two words that
signify something that is not enough
for any young lady.
If si-k yon cnn find help. If crippled
\\ithrliunniiitisniyoucan lie cured.
If tired you need rest ami the place
to go is. .
The expense is less than you imagine. "The
Northwestern Line" has announced
special excursions , e.ert tin days
this month at
The Kvans Hotel \ \ iil rem.iin open and this
and nil other hotels and boardiliL' ItOiiM" ; ai i
givinc : good service . \ith low rates during tl-e1
Sli > ; i3id Trip Rate Frcjia
and corresiiondin- . ' reductions fr > m < thi-rpM ir > >
w-st. !
Climate , \Vatr. Scdiory and Hotels are unexcelled - |
excelled as-nt K. . K. & Ilanchcrii'T j
Traveling Passenger Agent. Dcnison , Iowa , cdn
teil you more auont it. The nevt date w ill be
February 14 artel 2S .
Feed in Transit at Fremont i
( Jtipjicity : yiicep. covered !
slieds. 4- curs : open pen . 15.000.
Caitle S cars.
1'lie place to rest and feed for |
the OiMaha market. '
Ea.-y run to feeding points outside - '
side Chicago. '
Lonir distance teleuhone. | I
Write or wire when yon will ar-j
rive , to j
Fremont Stock Yards Co
-All work promptly attfsnaed t-v ® =
COi > Y ,
rpcentiy started in business and
offers bargains to all cash
buers of
Oft ft *
Chopped feed
If I our
f /iV < 7e Wire. Soft and Sfartf
Pine , I'aittfs. Oils and
kinds of Ilanchcrii'
'North-\Ve5tcrn Line7' is to be
to and from the
Attention , Stockmen
rH and the General
Any parties wishing
Will ue given
special Prices
between this and loth of April. Shop
west of ? chool house , at
i evidence.
or Stolen.
Several head of horses and cat-
Amos Strong , Valentine , Neb.
It'Vi.l. Manager
Merriman Neb
3 J
All oneft ! side or
JJange north of Hi
Charlotte E. Uovill
Left side or hip
Kange north or Ki !
1) B. Teeter ? Bros.
< § CSZjrii > Newton , Neb.
left shoulder
Kantre between
the f lordon and the
Gor uch Bros.
Newton , Nebra' <
Cattle bran ed
; vs on cut
efr s deorhip
lianue on G
I. T. Richardson.
Kennedy , Nebr >
5omeonl ft
Horses on
left shoulder
11. A. McQuade.
Valentine. Neb
Branded on cither
L'ange between
Thaelierand S-.van