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; One Man Killed and Eight Injured
Big Street Railway Deal Closed-
Check for Millions Given in Paj'-
inent of Same Other Items.
Wreck on a Trestle.
A wreck occurred on the Indiana , De-
calur & Southwestern Railroad at 2:30
o'clock Monday morning fifty-two miles
west of Indianapolis , near Guion , Ind.
The Indianapolis express left the tracks
west of a trestle fifty feet high and passed
over the trestle , which was sixty feet long ,
with sevex coaches off the rails and bumping
ing along the ties. The rear car had just
left the trestle when a spreading of the
rails ahead of the baggage car piled the
seven cars into a heap. The baggage car
and smoker were ground almost into
splinters , and all of the cars were badly
wrecked. There were about fifty pass
engers on the train , which , it is claimed ,
was running at nearly sixty miles an hour
to make up lost time. One man was killed
and eight injured.
Check for $2,28OOOO Is Given at
St. Louis.
William J. Orthwein , acting for his father ,
Charles F. Orthwein. on Saturday signed a
check for $2.280,000 in payment for the
stock of the National Railway Company ,
which owned and operated what are known
as the Hamilton syndicate lines of street
railway in St. Louis. The formal transfer
of the property was made in Chicago
The check , with one possible exception-
thai given in payment for the Missouri
Pacific Railroad was the largest ever
signed in St. Louis. It was ceitified by the
MissisM'ppi Vclley Trust Company , and is
only a part payment on the property of the
National Company.
The deal is the biggest yet made in street
railroad properties in St. Louis , and prac
tically was closed / > n December . The
consideration is said TO have been $3.000.000.
Ttailroad Detective Shot in Ohio
Supposed Crook Killed.
James Foster , a railroad detective , caught
two men robbing a freight car early Sun
day morning at Columbus. Ohio , and was
shot twice. He returned the fire , but fell
from loss of blood. An hour afterward Fred
Deering , a special policeman , went to Au
gust Brokawiski's house , suffering from a
pistol shot through the stomach , and died
without making a statement. A revolver
with three chambers empty was found on
him. Brokawiski w as arrested. A lot of
stolen goo-Is was found in his house.
Peace Commissioners Passengers on
the Steamer St. TJOUIS.
The American peace commissioners
sailed from .Southampton , England , for
America Saturday on the steamer St. Louis.
Judge Day said the treaty of peace will
probably be delivered to the president De
cember 24. but it wa.s impossible to say
whether it would be presented to the pres
ent congress or the succeeding one. This
matter the president w ill decide.
Two Farmers Killed by a Train.
Fred Kehle and Theodore Nassing ,
wealthy and piominent farmers , who lived
a few miles from Nameoki. 111. , were run
down and instantly killed by the south
bound through Alton pas. > enger train
Saturday night. The\ had been to the
village on business and were returning
Lome in a dog cart when killed.
Kusshi Not to Build Canal.
In a communication to the state depart
ment Consul General Ilolloway , at St
Petersburg , says the Russian government
has no purpose of building a ship canal to
connect the Baltic Sea with the Black Sea
und suggests that American newspapers be
.informed of the fact.
Baron Ferdinand Rothschild Dead
Baron Ferdinand James de Rothschild i
dead. He was the second son of the late
Baron Alphonso de Rothschild , married a
cousin , Evlina. sister of the first Lord
Rothschild : was a member of parliament ;
was a junior member of the Rothschilds o
London and Paris.
A Spanish Guerrilla Shot.
A Spanish guerrilla who landed at San
tiago Saturday to settle his affairs , was
recognized by the Cubans and fatall >
wounded. A Cuban has been arrested 01
suspicion of being the assailant and if the
crime is fixed upon him. Gen. Wo < 1 intends
to make an example
A Score are Drowned.
The Ueamer Pierrcmonl has been in a
collision with the steamer lllios in the
North Sea. The lllios foundered and the
Pierremont was badly damaged. It is be
lieved twenty persons were drowned.
King Oscar HI.
The Copenhagen correspondent of the
London Daily Mail says that King Oscar
II , of Sweden and Norway has been sud
denly taken ill and is now confined to his
'Aunt Lucy" Nichols Is Granted a
Pension by the Government.
"Aunt Lucy7 Nichols of New Albany ,
Ind. , has been granted a pension of $12 per
nonth by special act of congress. Lucy is
he only female member of a G. A. R. post
n the United Slates. She served through
the war with the Twentjthird Indiana ,
participating in twenty-eight battles. She
'ought , nursed the sick and co&ked and
washed for the others. She joined the
regiment at Bolivar , Tenn. , running away
rein her master. He traced her to the
: amp of the Tw enty-third , but she begged
protection and the soldiers kept her. Her
laughter , who was with her , died at Vicks-
burg. Lucy was with the regiment at
"Washington when it was mustered out , am ]
accompanied the men to New Albany.
Captain of the Tauric's Method of
Handling Unruly Stockmen.
When the White Star steamer Tauric ,
from Liverpool , arrived at New York , she
had seven of her passengers in irons. Their
names are William Sullivan , Jame Donovan
van , Thomas Ellis , Charles Nichol , Otto
Steele , James Parker and Timothy Hornby ,
all cattlemen. The men are accused of
breaking into the ship's stores on Decem
ber 3 and appropriating 192 bottles of ale
and other commodities. The captain of the
Tauric says that the men became intoxi
cated after drinking the stolen ale and
were so unruly and violent that he was
compelled to put them in irons. Upon the
arrival or the vessel the captain turned the
accused over to the police.
The Fumes from the Smelters Claim
One More Victim.
Thomas Donlan , an old time miner , was
a victim Thursday from the smelter fumes ,
which still cover the city of Butte , Mont ,
like a poison saturated blanket. John
Egster , at one of the hospitals is at the
point of death , and Miles K. Diamond , it
rough rider and Richard Sullivan are in a
critical condition , all of them suffering
from the smoke. An effort was made to
suppress the smoke nuisance , but no one
could be found to sign a complaint against
the smelters.
Filipinos Ask Spain $2OOOOOOO for
Release of Prisoners.
There is great irritation at Madrid at the
continued refusal of the Filipinos to re-
a the Spanish prisoners , who are said
to exceed 10,000 in number. The insur
gents are now demanding that Spain pay
as a ransom for these prisoners the $20,000-
000 which it is to receive , according to the
terms of the peace treat\ . from the United
States as compensation for monej expended
in the betterment of the Philippine Islands.
Cattle Must Be Certified.
At the request of .some of the large cat
tlemen of Montana Governor Smith issued
a proclamation modifying the quarantine
regulations of the state , which prohibited
the importation of cattle from states south
of Kansas and Colorado during portions of
the i ear. Southern cattle , under the new
ruling , may be imported at any season of
the year. pro\idinu : that they are accom
panied by certificates from some competent
officer , showing ihatthey luncbecn dipped
according to the formula prescribed by tin ,
department of animal industry.
Itoss Surprises the Terrible Turk
llali Adali. the terrible Turk , got a sur
prise party at Indianapolis. Ind. . Frida\
night. Duncan Ross pulled him over ii.
the collar and elbow bout , and not under
standing the style Adali broke holds. Hos.-
got the fall , it being the second one. in out
minute ami a half. The Turk took tin
Greco-Roman fall in four minutes and tin
catch-as-catch-can fall in fne minutes.
He .simplj crushed his man to the mat ii ;
both falls.
Gillett's Brother Also a Victim.
J. W. Gillett. hardware and implement
dealer , has turned over his business al
Woodbine , Kan. , to his creditors. Gillett
b a brother of Grant Gillette , the abscond
ing cattle king , and held $190,000 worth ol
cattle paper issued by his brother. The
cattle which J. W. Gillett supposed he
owned have been found to be mortgaged to
To Go to the Philippines.
Orders have been issued for the im
mediate preparation of the following regi
ments of regulars for service in the Philip
pines : Twelfth , at Jett'erson barracks :
Twenty-second , at Fort Crook. Neb. ;
Third , at Fort Snelling. Minn. ; Fourth , at
Fort Sheridan , 111. The dateof embarkation
and the point of Bailing has not yet been
Ship Is Seriously Injured.
So serious are the injuries sustained by
the battleship Massachusetts as a result of
the mishap which occurred a few days ago
that naval constructor Bowles estimates
the cost of repairs will be at least $24,000.
Constructor Bowles estimates that six
weeks at least will be necessary to com
plete the work.
Leedy Calls an Extra Session.
Gov. Leedy of Kansas has called an extra
.session of the Kansas legislature to meet
December 21 , to enact legislation for the
regulr.tion of railroad charges.
Two Children Cremated.
The residence of Carl Weld , at Halsteau ,
Minn. , burned last Friday and his two
children , who were alone at the time , were
Fireman's Fatal Devotion.
The collapse of a wall during a fire in
a livery stable in Chicago Friday killed
two firemen and injured a number of others ,
Washington Printer Throws Bricks
Into the Residence of the British
Minister at Washington One Mem
ber of the Family Injured.
Dun & Co.'s Review.
. R. G. Dun & Co/s Weekly Review of
. Trade says : December is adding a surpris
ing close to the most surprising year of
American history. Xovember surpassed
all other months of the century in volume
of business and production , and thus far
December is doing even better , in output of
pig ) iron , in activity and strength of securi
ties. ; But that is saying a great deal , for in
all these and other tests Xovember was the
best month of American financial history
The 1 woolen industry also comes to the
front with very extensive purchases ol
wool by large houses and small , helped b\
material concessions at Boston , so thai
sales at the three chief markets have been
17,968,700 pounds , of which 13,860,200 were
domestic , against 15,807,100 last year , ol
which 7,448,000 were domestic. The trans
actions show a demand fairly up to that of
the most prosperous years heretofore. A
much improved demand for goods ha ?
started many mills long idle , and the pros
pects for the next season with wool at more
reasonable prices has decidedly improved
The exports of wheat continue heavy ,
from Atlantic ports , flour included , 5,592 ,
U2 bushels , against 8,588,590 last year ,
and from Pacific ports , 741,991 bushels
against 1,520,612 last year , so that for f we
weeks the outgo has been 11,871,54f
bushels , against 9,401,555 last year. The
corn movement is the most astonishing
feature of the business , the exports for
three weeks having been 7,707,302 bushels
against (5,826,891 ( : last year and the
price has advanced Ic for the week
Failures for the week have been 261 in thf
United States , against 329 last year.
Bricks Thrown Into the Residence
of the British Minister.
The police of Washington , D. C. , have
under arrest Joseph W. Pearson , a printer
26 years of age , who made a violent attacli
on the British embassy with bricks , whicl
he flung into the drawing room in whicl
the members of the family of Sir Juliai
Pauncefotc were seated. Miss Pauneefoh
was struck by a brick , but fortunately its
force was somewhat spent and she escapee
with a slightly injured ankle. Severa'
windows were smashed and the magnifi
2iit cut glass of the main entrance doors
was broken and ruined. The total dam
age done , it is estimated , will amount tc
F700. The offense may be a very seriou ;
one should he be adjudged sane , as specia
laws govern the case of foreign legation ;
and embassies. The department of statt
has decided to secure a writ of inquiry intc
.he sanity of Pearson. If adjudged insani
he will be sent to an asylum. The mattei
is taken coolly at the embassy. It is under
stood no special action will be taken by th ?
British ambassador.
Omaha Exposition to Be Continued
Under Another Name.
Omaha will hold another exposition nexl
year. This decision was arrived at at z
great mass meeting of business men , bank
ers and professional men Friday night last
The show will be called the Greater Amer
ica Exposition. Twenty-five well known
business men will act as incorporators and
put the enterprise on its feet without delay
The meeting was marked by its briefness
and its unanimity in favor of the cxposi
'ion ' for next year. In duration it occupied
i few minutes more than an hour , but ir
that time the amount of subscription
passed the $100,000 mark and showed aboiv
$3,000 to spare and a couple of thousanO
names were added , making 85,000 to tin
petition that is being sent to Congressmar
David H. Mercer at Washington.
Locomotive Strikes a Loaded Sleigh
Containing Five Persons.
A south bound engine , light , on the Pon-
tiae. Oxford & Xorthern Railroad Frida ;
vight stnick a sleigh containing five people
near Imlay City"Mich. , throwing them out
seriously injuring two and killing thre <
outright. The party in the sleigh had beer
visiting and were returning home. Tht
driver was told by one of the party then
was no train before 7 p. m. . and started t <
cross the track. A light engine running
oackward struck the rear end of the sleigl
and the occupants were thrown high int <
the air.
Innocent Man is Freed.
Innocent of the crime of which he ha (
been convicted , Mike O'Donnell slippet
from behind prison bars in Xew York i
free man after serving ten years of hi ;
sentence of thirty. Circumstantial evi
dence and individual character convicter
him of the crime of robbery.
Emporia Cattleman Missing.
William J. Jones of Emporia , Kan. , i
prominent cattleman , mysteriously disap
peared Saturday night , and it is said h
mortgaged cattle he did not own to Elmorc
& Cooper , a commission linn of Kansa *
City , and presumably to other paiiies.
Mountaineers Hang Him.
Pleas Goin , the mountain desperado
who killed Hunt Kesterson and fatallj
wounded Fred Burke on Clinch River ir
Lee County , Ya. , was on Saturday nigh-
swung to a limb by an infuriated mob o
mountaineers. .
Noted Financier Succumbs to an At
tack of Pneumonia.
Calvin Stewart Brice. the well-known
financier and former United States Sena
tor from Ohio , died of pneumonia Thtirs-
day afternoon at his
home in Xew York.
Mr. Brice was first
taken ill on Saturday ,
but his condition was
not regarded serious
until Monday , when
symptoms of pneumo
nia appeared.
' Calvin S. Brice was
born in Denmark , 0. ,
Sept. 17 , 184o. He was
c. s. BRICE. Ke Brice , a Presbyte
rian minister. After having received a
common school education young Brice en
tered Miami University at Oxford , Ohio.
He was then but 13 years old. When the
war broke out he was among the first to
volunteer in the university company , and
in 1862 lie was enrolled as a member of
Company A of the Eighty-sixth Ohio vol
unteers. After serving for a year with
the army in West Virginia , Brice returned
to the university , being graduated in 18G3.
Early in the following year he recruited
a company , which vas assigned to the
180th Ohio volunteer . When he left the
army Brice had bi-en promoted to the
rank of lieutenant colonel.
At the close of the war Col. Brice took
up the study of law. and was admitted to
practice in 1SGG. He practiced with great
success until 1880 , when he abandoned
the profession to t. * - . ? charge of various
enterprises in which he was interested.
While practicing lawr Col. Brice became
interested in politics. He was chosen
delegate-at-large to the national Demo
cratic convention held at St. Louis in
1888 , and as a reward for his services at
the convention he was elected chairman
of the national campaign committee.
Col. Brice was elected United States
Senator from Ohio in 1890 , to succeed
Senator Payne , and served one term. He
liad lived in New York City two years ,
.but maintained a residence in Lima , Ohio ,
lie leaves a widow and five children ,
three sons and two daughters.
Fails to Reach Fortress Monroe in
Time to fail on Texas.
Captain D. Sigsnee did not have the
satisfaction of sailing into Havana har
bor , his first visit there since the destruc
tion of the Maine , in command of his own
ship. It was considered in naval circles
as n rather dramatic thing for Sigsbee's
ship to be the first to reach Havana in
csponse to a call for the protection of
American interests there , just as he was
sent to the Cuban capital in the Maine
for ; i similar reason.
B ut they do things in n hurry in tbe
navy nowadays , and Captain Sigsboe
? ould not reach the Texas before she
steamed out of Hampton roads. A tele-
irrum was sent to Captain Sigsbee at
Fortress Monroe by the department tell-
ng him to take the first train for Tampa
and take passage on the regular passenger
vessel , thence to Havana.
Spain Wants Italy to Watch DonCarloa
and Prove Its Friendship.
The Carlist movement in Spain is evi
dently beginning to lose ground. As a
esult the Spanish Government has be-
* ome more aggressive. It is now anxious
"o locate Don Carlos , who has slid out of
view since his reported appearance in
Austria. The army is being slowly mo-
tilixed in Navarre and the Basque prov-
'nces as a check to Carlist movements.
These provinces are in northern Spain ,
jordering the French frontier. Spain has
isked the Italian Government to prove its
friendship by watching for Don Carlos in
Kx-Gov. Waite of Colorado has become
i rich man in mining.
The oil wells of Senator Roger Q. Mills
are said to net him about $100 a day.
Ilobson is said to be writing a meinoit
of his experiences in the Spanish war.
Dr. Conan Doyle is described as tall ,
bluff , hearty , and an enthusiastic crick
Admiral Sampson graduated from the
naval academy at the head of his class in
Secretary Gage is said to be a passion
ate sportsman , and a remarkably good
Queen Wilhelmiua of Holland is a firm
believer in and a stout supporter of the
Salvation army.
Dr. Scott Schley , the youngest sou of
the admiral , has begun the practice of
medicine in New York.
Miss Flora Shaw , who is now in the
Klondike , is the woman connected witb
the London end of the Jameson raid.
Ian Maclaren. who is to lecture in the
West next sprinjr , is said to intend remain
ing in this country for at least a year.
W. D. ITowells , the novelist , is said tc
be contemplating a trip to London , where
he will be the guest of Henry James.
Captain Sijr 0)cc's artist daughter. Mary
Ellen , has won the competition for a
scholarship in the Art Students' League.
Burnett , the Harvard football player ,
says that he was not the original "Little
Lord Fauntleroy. " That honor belongs4
to his brother.
Gov. Pingree of Michigan started life a
poor mill hand. Now he is the head of a
business , the value of the yearly product
of which is about $1,000.000.
The empress dowager of. China is ( 'A
years of age. Her title runs as follows :
cheng-shoukung-chin-hsipn-chanjr-hsi/ ' 1 J I
Body of Peter Krciclibauin , the
Franklin County Fanner AVho
Disappeared on the 2nd Inst. , Is
Found Buried in His Hog Pen.
Slain for His Gold.
The body of Peter Kreichbaum , the
ivealthy farmer who disappeared mys
teriously a week or so ago , was found De
cember 14 buried in the hog pen on his
farm , three miles south of Franklin. It is
undoubtedly a case of murder. The sheriff
will endeavor to place under arrest two
men who are suspected of having com
mitted the crime Will Cole , aged about
25 years , and James Tunman , aged about
45. The finding of the murdered Kreich
baum has created intense excitement.
Kreichbaum was a single man , well-to-
do , and was not known to have any ene
mies. He always kept his money at his
home and at times carried as high as $1,000
on his person. He sold and delivered a lot
of hogs at Franklin on Friday , the 2d inst. ,
and did not have the check cashed before
leaving town for home. It is supposed that
some person or persons who knew of the
transaction murdered him and took the
money , aferward burying the body in the
hog pen , where it was found ,
Kreichbaum was last seen Friday night ,
December , 2 , returning from Franklin
about dark and it was not until December
8 that foul play was suspected.
On Monday following the hog trans
action two strangers appeared at the
Kreichbaum place , claiming that they had
bought the missing man's farm and stock
and that Kreichbaum was going to Omaha.
They remained about the place nearly all
the week and busied themselves hauling
to town what hogs and corn Kreichbaum
had and also selling his horses.
Will Cole and Jess Tun man Charged
with Killing Peter Kreichbaum.
The coroner's jury impanaled at Frank-
Jin to investigate the cause of the death of
Peter Kreichbaum , the wealthy farmer who
disappeared December 2 and whose muti-
Jated body was discovered buried in a hog
pen on his farm , three miles south of
Franklin , returned the following verdict :
' That Peter Kreichbaum came to his
lealh B } being shot in the head with a
shotgun and by being struck on the head
by a blunt instrument in the hands of Jesse
Tunman and Will Cole. "
Survivor of La Bourgogne Keturns
Fred Nyffler , a prominent young fanner ,
who lives near Columbus , returned a few
days ago from an extended visit with his
relatives in the fatherland. He left the
state last spring and was a passenger on
the ill-fated French liner La Bourgogne ,
which went to pieces and sank off Sable 1 I
Island , and where 400 lives were lost. Mr.
Nyffler was in the water clinging towreck-
ag'e for over eight hours before he was res
cued , and was then taken back to Xew
York and made another start on the trip.
Teacher Badly Burned.
At the carnival exhibition given at Paw
nee City Miss Myrtle Roper , one of the
teachers in the city public school , took part
in the exercises and was dressed in cotton
batting. A match had been accidently
dropped on the floor on which she stepped ,
and it exploded. The cotton readily ignited
and in a moment was ablaze. This occa
sioned a panic in the audience. The flames
on Miss Roper's clothing werespeedil\
subdued , but not before her body was se
verely burned. Physicians were hastily
summoned and relieved her sufferings.
Xeligh Bankers Indicted.
E. A. Reimers and O. C. Keimers. presi- j
dent and vice president , respectively , of
the First National Bank of Neligh , have
been arrested on indictments returned
against them by the federal grand jury. ; |
They are charged \\itii violations of the j
federal banking laws. The cashier , who
was indicted willthem. . Iras disappeared. [
The bank failed in October. j
Slot Machines Are Driven Out.
Fifteen hundred dollars' worth of iiiekel-
in-the-slot machines must be turned to
ward the wall at Waj ne. The chief of
police made the rounds and notified the
dozen different business houses in the city ,
where such machines are located , that they
must be taken out. The order does not in
clude the smaller machines which are
played for cigars.
Surgical Experts to Meet.
Between Christmas and Xew Year's the
Western Surgical and Gynecological As
sociation will hold its annual meeting in
Omaha at the Paxton Hotel. It will be
held on Wednesday and Thursday , Decem
ber 28 and 29. D. S. Fairchild of Clinton.
Iowa , is president of the association and
George H. Simmont of Lincoln is secretary.
To Re-Enter National Guard.
Adjutant General Barry has directed
VTilliam Hayward. recruiting officer , to
muster in Company C. Second regiment.
which is to be stationed at Xebsaska City.
Hayward was captain of the Xebraska
City company which was mustered out
last spring when it went into the government - .
ment service. j
Sentence Commuted. j
Governor Holcomb has commuted the ,
sentence of Henry Hecht to one year , one 11
uonth and twenty-three daj s. Hecht was I
sentenced from Douglass County to two
years in the penitentiary for manslaughter. 11 I
and under the commutation he will be a
free man this week.
Tax on Insurance Companies.
For a long time the village trustees of
Dsceola ha\-e been discussing the matter of
issessixig fire insurance companies for the
Benefit of the fire department and they
aave just passed an ordinance taxing all
fire insurance companies $5 a year.
Measles at Farnam.
An epidemic of measles has taken pos-
session of Farnam. rendering U D/icessary /
to close the public schools.
Report from Auditor's Ofilce Shows
Some Interesting Facts.
The bond clerk in the auditor's ofllcc in
Lincoln has compiled some interesting fig
ures on the bonded indebtedness of the
various counties of the state. The total
outstanding Ixmds of the counties amount
to $5,011,043 , the interest ranging from 10
percent , down to Two counties are
still pa } ing on 10 per cent , bonds , Polk on
$40.000 and Saunders on $2,000. Many of
the others where the rate of interest was
high have lately refunded and obtained a
lower rate. According to the report just
compiled Otoe County has a larger
amount of indebtedness according to
the population than any of the other
counties. In Otoe the total is $550,000 , as
compared with an assessed valuation of
property amounting to $4,70o,7G7. Douglas
County has $657,000 outstanding , with an
assessed valuation of $21,025,552.41 , while
Lancaster has $350,000 , with a valuation of
$9,137,191.71. Hiehardson County is in the
best shape in the matter of bonds , having
only a little over $8,000 outstanding , as
compared with a valuation of property al
most equal to that of Otoe County. In thp
two years ending Xovember SO , 1898. county
bonds amounting to $001,000 were issued.
The amount of precinct , municipal and
school district bonds outstanding is not
known , but the report shows that during
the last two years the issue has been :
School district bon'ls , $247,077 ; precinct ,
$11,500 ; municipal , $184,500.
The publication of the above article in
the daily press brought about corrections
in two instances. It seems thatin Doug
las County the amount stated should have
been $268,000 larger , a set of railroad bonds
never having been registered , and when
they were refunded there was again a fail
ure to register on the books * > f the auditor.
In Otoe County a reduction of $65,000 from
the figures shown as asked for. that amount
having been refunded some time ago , and
the clerk having failed to furnish a certi
ficate to the auditor.
Appoints a Commissioner.
The governor has appointed Silas S. Wii-
lard of Chicago to act as commissioner of
deeds for the slate of Xebraska at that
point. The governor is authorized to ap
point such commissioners in other states , to
facilitate the signing of deeds or the trans
ferring of property that lies in this state
and is owned by eastern parties. The com
mission holds good for four \ears from ( h
date of appointment.
Echo of the Bartley Case.
What defaulting ex-State Treasurer
Joseph IJartley did with the proceeds of a
$20,000 warrant is at present disturbing
state officials. Suit was brought some time
ago against the Omaha Xational Bank for
the face of the warrant. The bank filed
its answer and places the burden on tJm
Chemical Xational Bank of Xew York.
The case will be tried this week.
Cash for Xebraska Regiments.
An Omaha paper has sent by telegraph
$1,000 to the First Xebraska regiment
located at Manila , and $1,000 to the Third
Xebraska regiment , commanded by Col.
Wm. J. Bryan , now at Savannah , Ga. , pre
paring to start for Cuba. This money was
contributed by over ' 3,000 contributors and
is sent to the two regiments to provide for
a Christmas dinner.
Death of Ray's Victim-
Frank Cheeseman of Brownville died
from the bullet wound inflicted by-George
Hay on Xovember 2. Cheeseman , who is
a barber , had surprised Hay at his home
after having warned him to keep away.
Cheeseman is said to have fired the first
shot and he received one in return which "
resulted in his death.
Ask for a Xew Building.
The recent meeting of the board of re
gents of the university was devoted to
work on the legislative budget. While no
report is given out , it i. > understood that
besides the regular appropriations a new
building at the farm and an annex to on
on the campus will be asked for.
Mayor Graham Acquit tod.
3Iajor Frank A. Graham of Lincoln was
acquitted in the district court of the charge
of bribery , following an indictment by the
grand jury. Tin * ! > peeilic count on which
he j , was tried was acceptance of a $50 brll o
from a city employe in order to retain bin
Xebraska Short Notes.
The Methodists of Holbrook have decided
to build a church.
A big wolf hunt near Gaebner resulted
in the death of one wolf.
Xorth Loup people are making an effort
to secure a public librarj.
About half of this season's crop of com is
in the field on farms around Syracuse.
The American Bank of Sidney reports
that their deposits have increased over $20-
000 in the last few weeks.
Kay Holt and Charles Rose of Syracuse
have patented an acetylene gas generator
and will undoubtedly make their fortune.
A live pigeon shoot will be heldinTllden
on Monday. December 2(5. ( A liberal purse
will be awarded the winner. Enough birds
are assured for an excellent match.
W. Pi. Olmstead of Winside cultivated
ten acres of sugar beets the last season but
lost the major portion of them on account
of being unable to secure help to harvest
the crop.
The Methodist Church at Xorth Platte
w as destroj ed by fire last week. Prayer
meeting was being held when the fire broke
out. It is supposed to have caught from a
defective flue.
J. T. Wilson of Njwe County has a
broken leg. resulting from a horse he waH
riding falling oa him.
Madison Methodists have dedicated a
new church. On the day of dedication
there was a small amount due on the church
and this was raised and $200 more sub
scribed with which to buy an orj'an.
S. J. Weekes and R. H. .Tenness , registei
and receiver of the O'Xeill land office , will
go to Fort Hartsuff. abandoned military
reservation , and dispose of the balance ot
unsold , land at auction to the highest bid
der. During their absence the TJnjted
States land office will be close.O. for bTjjsi-
ness , but will be kept open for information.
Improvements in the way ; of new ma
chinery are contemplate lor the rQ
house at Sidney.