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    Grovrs Stubborn.
Any complaint becomes chronic by
neglect , and rheumatism grows stub
born by not using St. Jacobs Oil , which
is its sure cure and conquers the pain
promptly. Every sufferer should use it.
Both Mary Queeu of Scots and
George II. were buried at midnight.
Diamond "C" Soap does not shrink
Dannels and It leaves all fabrics in the
most desirable condition.
Judge of a man by his questions
rather than bv h * answers. VoXaire.
Catarrh Cured
Blood Purified by Hood's Sarsapa
pilla and Health Is Good.
* * I was a sufferer from catarrh. One of
my neighbors advised me to take Hood's
Barsaparilla and I did so. A few bottles
purified my blood and cured me. 1 have
remained in good health ever since. " 3AS.
T. ADKINS , Alhensville , Illinois.
Hood's arsa
Is America's Greatest Medicine. 51 ; six for 53.
Hood's Pills cure ail Lm-r Ills. IS cents.
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination , but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientiilc processes
known to the CALIFORNIA FIG Sviirr
Co. only , and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
only , a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high standing of the CALI
FORNIA FIG SYKUP Co. with the medi
cal profession , and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families , makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives ,
as it acts on the kidneys , liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them , and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects , please remember the name of
the Company
Hu You
Want Printers' Supplies , Pa =
per Stock or Printers' Furni
ture any thing that printer
and publisher uses ? If so , just
drop a card to the CHICAGO
Douglas St. , Sioux City Iowa ,
and we will send you our price
list and bargain list.
Save Money
By buying your Printers * Ma =
chinery Presses , Paper Cut
ters , Gas Engines , Etc. , of
411 Douglas St. ,
Sioux City , Iowa.
Surpassed Expectations.
"Did your picnic fulfill your expecta
tions ? "
"Oh , my , yes. It surpassed them.
We fully expected it to rain , but hail
was more than we anticipated. " Cin
cinnati Enquirer.
A Race Against Fire.
The crew of a steamer from Spain dis
covered in mid-ocean that flames were rag-
inj , ' in the hold. For ten days they bravely
fought the flames. If men would fight as
persistently against disorders of the stomach
ach , there would be fewer premature
deaths. The best weapon for such a fight
is Hor.tettcr's Stomach Bitters.
All Good Ones.
Ethel I've bad fully a dozen offers
of marriage lately.
Maud Mercy me ! Good ones ?
Ethel Yes. All from George. Bos
ton Traveler.
Diamond "C" Soap is a high grade
laundry soap that can be used in harder
or soft water.
Knsily Answered.
Pryer According to your observa
tion of popular taste , what poets do
you consider in the swim just now ?
Meyers Divers poets , of course.-
Boston Courier.
Mrs. Hoffman Describes How She
"Wrote to Mrs. Pinkham for
Advice , and Is ITow WelL
MKS. PJXKHAM : Before using
your Vegetable Compound I was a
great sufferer. I have been sick for
months , was troubled with severe pain
in both sides of abdomen , sore feeling
in lower part of bow
els , also suffered
with dizziness ,
headache , and
could not sleep.
I wrote you a
letter describ
ing my case and
asking your
advice. You
replied telling -
ing me just
what to do. I
followed your direc
tions , and cannot praise your medicine
enough for what it has done for me.
Many thanks to you for your advice.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound has cured me , and I will recom
mend it to my friends. Mrs. FLOKEXCK
R. HOFFMAN , 532 Roland St. , Canton , O.
The condition described by Mrs. Hoff
man will appeal to many women , yet
lots of sick women struggle on with
their daily tasks disregarding the
urgent warnings until overtaken by
actual collapse.
The present Mrs. Pinkham's experi
ence in treating female ills is unparal
leled , for years she worked side by side
with Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham , and for
sometimes past has had sole charge
of the correspondence department of
her great business , treating by letter
as many as a hundred thousand ailing
women during a single year.
The entire collection of coins ana
medals in the British Museum consists
of nearly 1MO.OOO specimens.
St. Jacobs Oil cures Rheumatism.
Su Jacobs Oil " Neuralgia.
St. Jacobs Oil " Lumbago.
St. Jacobs Oil " Sciatica.
St. Jacobs Oil " Spraius.
St. Jacobs Oil u Bruises.
St. Jacobs Oil " Soreness.
St. Jacobs Oil " Stiffness.
St. Jacobs Oil M Backache.
St. Jacobs Oil " Muscular Achas.
It is not enough to have great quali
ties , we must also have the manage-
uient of them. Rochefoucauld.
A complete feminine toilet serxlce always Includes
Glenn's sulphur soap.
Hill's lialr and Whisker Die. black or brown , 50c.
There are 13,000 distinct varieties ot
postage stamps.
TVIiiHlovr't * booTiuxa SYBUP Tor ChJldrec
teething : softens the Kums , reduces inflammation
allajb pain , cures wind colic. 25 centK a bottle.
. - - - . - - Trill
WANTED. Case of bad health tlmt R-I-P-A.-N-S
not benefit. Send 5 cents to Kinans Chemical Co. ,
New York , for 10 samples anil 1.000 testimonials.
The life of a tradesman is about two-
thirds thnf of n farmer.
I It has been s&id of Americans that they
are "a nation oF dyspeptics" and it is true
that Few are entirely free from disorders.
of the digestive tract , Indigestion , Dyspepsia ,
Stomach and Bovsel trouble , or Constipation.
The treatment o ? these
with cathartic medicines too. often ag
gravates the trouble.
is the use oF a remedy that wiU build up
the system , thereby enabling the various
organs to act as Mature intended they should J
Such a remedy is found in Or Yfilli ms1 Pink
Pills for Pa\e \ People .rkre is tVje prooFv
In Detroit there are few soldiers more popular and efficient than Max
K. Davies , first sergeant of Co. B. His home is at 416 Third Avenue. For
four years he was a bookkeeper -with the wholesale drug house of Farrand ,
Williams & Clark , and he says : "I have charged up many thousand
orders for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People , but never knew their
worth until I used them for the cure of chronic dyspepsia. For two years
I suffered and doctored for that aggravating trouble but could only be
helped temporarily.
"I think dyspepsia is one of UK- most stubborn of ailments , and there
Ja scarcely a clerk or office man but what i more or less a victim. Some
days I could eat anything , while at other times I would be starving.
Those distressed pains would force me to quit work. I have tried many
treatments and icmcdiesbut they would help ouly for a time. A friend
induced me to try Dr. Williams' rink. Pills for Pale People , and after tak
ing a few doses I found much rclief and after using several boxes I was
cunrd. I know these pills will cure dyspepsia of its worst foim and I am
pleased to Kcommend them. " Detroit ( Mick ) Journal.
\ Tnc genuine p tk gc 6\w&ys bcMs the U\\ \ \
s&U drug isfa. oj icnt postpaid on rcicipt o ( ptue ,50' * *
h per bon , Dy the Or.f/illit\ms / Medtcme Co.Sihencct&rty.N V.
Odd , Curious and Laughable Phasca
of Human Nature Graphically Portrayed
trayed by Eminent Word Artists of
Our Own Day A Budget of 3Tun ,
Real Estate.
AYall.ice--We don't want Hawaii. AVe
want no heathen land.
Ferry Hawaii is no heathen land. It
his had missionaries for 100 years , and
while rhe native- , may lie heathen the
land i < in. pos es ion of the Christians.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
As She Understood It.
He Why did you fail 'to recognize
me on the Mree-t to-day V
Slio I didn't see you.
He That's < ran ire. J saw you twice.
She Oh. that probably accounts for
it. I never notiiv a man in tihat con
Not a Quiet Talker.
She -1 < your wife talkative still ?
HeX < > , l ul she's- still talkative.
lie .Deserved It.
She Vou > aid a moment ago that you
thought the world was becoming less
lovely every d.iy. lid you really mean
that ?
He Of course. If 1 hadn't meant it
I wouldn't have said it.
She You needn't come next Sunday
eveninir. I remember now that 1 have
another eiigagement.
It was only then that he realized how
he. ih.id lost a girl whose father was
worth millions.
In Darkest Africa.
. / / / (
.rimbo .htm iiued'itini { : can't un
derstand what's d : > maittiT wid Jiinjio
Sam. E\v .xeiico iu * eat dat mN'-ioii-
ary from ? \ < vw .Ji-rM'.v ho ain't been
well. " ! ) ( > e de dot-tor will know
"boul it.
.lumbo .Jim J > at'a fact , he do. 11 < %
je ' been a ojii'vatiit' Binixn. anil he
Miy he trot a "hayseed" in liiappen
dix.- lmira Telcirram.
s your wilV ever lind fault when
you happen 10 slay out late at nigh'V"
'Nohc is ncin > r.'illy 100 lui.sy liudiui ;
mv liaK' . "
- _ - His Kcport.
j-ouml this afternoon
She Did you - papa
noon concernhii ; our marriaiix-V
lie Vo > . I sounded him , and I'll bet
everybody in the block heard it when
I . - > inirk the bottom.
Science HlulTcrt.
"They are inakinsr artiiieial eirus in
Europe- that defy deU'etion. "
"J'et they ean't mabo an c > irjr nvo
years old that will defy detection. "
Cleveland I'laind-'aier.
* ' Ia , we ain't ux t eoini/ny for din
' '
"Xo. lit ili Tom. "
' \Voll. what makes you stick your lit-
lle lii\T : out when vou drink teaV"
I ni pertinence.
"When I jcet anjrry there is no power
on earth can Mop me. "
"From what -m.jkinti' a fool of your-
"There iroes ; i. man who awoke one
morning to lind himself faniou- . * '
"You don't say . - > : What d'nl he do.
write a great , poem , orink a collier ,
4rXo ; he's a d ntiM. and once filled
ihe teeth of the victim of a murder
' '
my > tr-ry.
Sorry Stic Spoke.
'Atow - . >
Yonnir ll ! ! ) : : u. ' n twlio has a very
oii'n'ioi : uf liim olf. and ba jusr
been iiurodui-cfh i rhink J've met your
uiidf , Mr. Eriio-c l ro\vn. at doir
.shows V"
Mis. * Brown- . yes. uiu-lo will ire to
do. : ; } uns.in l niec-U UJL-
! -rum- } : .
Ditiu't Climb.
" 1'Id you climb ilnAlpV" asked the
tr woman.
'No. " : ins\vpj-i d Mr . Cumrox. "we
mean : 10. ! > ui we couldn't iret arcom-
modai ! . > ! > < -inywhtTf except on the second
end floor of : i iioii-1 iliat liad no eleva
tor. v < j wevi : : i ri ht away. ' ' Wash
ington Star.
He Couldn't Understand It.
' 1'a , " : iid the Alderman's little son.
"is there any truth in the -lory th.ic
IJeorie Washington never told a lie ? "
"Yes. I lyuess there i . * ' was the reply.
"Well. " continued the embryo > taes- !
nian. " 1 don't < ee how he ever got hi.-i
pull in politics. "
TJiose .Lovinu ; Girls.
lie < s I wish that yotint ? Softleiirh
wouldn't stare at me so every time Ave
meet. It's dreadfully embarras.sinir.
Xell Yes. poor fellow ! Jle never did
have mufli sense.
Wli3 fie Worries.
y \ \
"Mr < . I Mitts has mysteriously disap
peared. I lev husband is breaking down
under the strain of anxiety. * '
"Doe * ; he fear that she'll never come
"Xo. he's afraid she will. " Now York
Why She Left.
Ve" . we lo l that jrood jrirl that 1
told you about. "
"What was the trouble ? "
"Why , she loft the water niuiiinix in
the bathtub and it leaked llirousrh and
slip eaujrht cold. She said she wouldn't
stay in a house where they didn't have
wsiter-tiiUit floors. " Cleveland Plain-
A Crncl Awakening.
] \IIss Lovey Ah. no. Harry , it can
never he. .lack locked that bracelet on
forever and kept the key.
Hazard If you want to net out of it
-ay so. Every fellow in the cla < s nave
a iriri one and our keys are all alike.
Jewelers' "Weekly.
An Kx.trcmc Case.
"Clarendon Ia\vdlerN - , he most hope
Ie < sly lazy man 1 ever know. "
"Doe.sifr he do anything at all ? "
"Do anything ? lie doesn't even
blame his ii.-irents Tor not brin.uintr hiiu
up differently. "
Not Internally Affected.
"I like to meet those Ions-haired lit
erary men/ '
"Why ? "
"They always have more sense than
you exjieet to lind after looking at
them. "
Jest Ter Tiuk.
\ ( /
: P V
' h
i )
\SK M > f\ Sf\ \
* / >
"Say. Mug -y. jest ter link we iiMei
be er kid like dat ! "
"Cee whix ! But I'm ulad I've 0111-
rowedit- ! r.rowninp-Kiiii.s : Monthly.
Quite Tlicatt-ical.
"You might have known you could
not win with a play called 'The Katy
did. ' " < aid the rural uncle.
" \ \VhyV" ked the nephew , ihe man
ager. wlio was -tayin-r on the farm for
the Dimmer.
"l\aiydid' uro sign of fro < t. " and
the old man chuckled to think how well
lie was up in theatrical term * . Indianapolis -
apolis .fournal.
Shows the KH'ects.
" 'l'in re i : i theory. Marie that we aix
mentally iiitiuenced by furniture. ' '
"Is that so. Theodore ? AY ell. you had
belter ( | iiit Bleeping in thai brass bed-
< tea < l. "
He I have never done anything in
my life that I'm sorry for.
She \ \ ell. why don't you do ome-
ihinu : Mime 'lay and run the risk of lie.
ing MMTV or irlad of it ?
lie I'n'ess you marry me I * h go
10 the Klondike.
She Then * ! Papa said you were a
mere fortune-hunter and now you've
proved it.
TWodern Transmit ! ration.
"Oftenheii 1 look at you. " h" said
to the beautiful woman whom ho had
met in North Dakota , "it seems as if [
must have known you in > ome former
state. "
"NYell. that isifr very wonderful. "
she replied. "You used to know me in
two former States- when I was mar
ried and living in Xew .ler ey. Tom.
don't you remember Nell ( iiddington ? "
Then it all came back 'o him. and ht
confessed that he had gone out there
foi- the same purpose.
A One- Sided Attain.
"You rind Ilagliy are dear friend- ,
' ' '
aren't you ?
" \YeI ! . lie lin- been dear to me. bur I
h've : never COM ] | jni anything. " '
"Is Mr < . Swagger iniellectual ? "
"Yery ; she asked UK- for my dress
maker's address the tirst time she
called. "
Still Worse.
"It's just as folks said it would b <
le deserted her last v/eek. ' '
"Left her without a pang , I suppose.
"Worse than than. lie left her witl
> ut a penny. " Cleveland Plaindealei
L Splendid Opportunity to Visi
Southern Points at Small Cost.
On Tuesday , Doc. (5 , aud Tuesday , Dc <
0 , a popular low-rate excursion will b
un from Chicago to the Soutb via Ch
ago and Eastern Illinois Railroad. O
hose days that company will sell bet
ne-way and round-trip first-class ticket
t greatly reduced rates. One-way ticket
rill be for continuous passage ; on rount
rip tickets stop-over will be allowed o
oing trip at points in the South. Round
rip tickets will be peed twenty-one day ;
'he Chicago and Eastern Illinois Rai
oad has two daily through trains whic
pave Dearborn station , Chicago , for a
oints beyond the Ohio river. Both train
arry through first-class coaches , sleepin
ars and have dining cars serving meal
ut of Chicago. This is the shortest route
o the South , and the time made by it
rains is the quickest. For detailed infoi
nation , inquire of any ticket agent or ad
ross CharU-s L. Stono. General Passen
or and Ticket Agent C. & E. I. K. R
A large part of Cuba is occupied b :
mpenetrable forests , not more than K
> er cent , of the island being under cul
How's This !
"We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for an
ase of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall'
latarrh Cure.
F. J. CII IJXKr & CO. . Props. . Toledo , f
Wo the undersigned have known F. J. Cheno
or the last ir years , and believe him perfectl
onorable in all business transactions and finar
ially able to carry out any obligation made b
VEST &TKUAX. Wholesale Druggists , Toledo , (
> rngjisK Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally , actin
irectly upon the blood aud mucous surfaces c
lie system. Price 75c nor bottle. Sold by a
Druggists. Testimonials free.
The population of Palestine is in
reusing rapidly. Ten years ago then
rere only lo.OOO residents in Jaffa ; to
ay there are nearly GO.OOO.
Delay Makes It Harder.
Mis-steps have made the wors
praius , but it is no mis-step to use Si
acobs Oil. It makes a cure by strengtl
ning , soothing and conquering th
> ain. Every hour's delay makes J
tarder to cure.
In the Bank of England there ar
liver bars that have lain there un
ouched for 200 years.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
\ilce Laxative Brome Quinine Tablets. Al
rugcists refund the money if it fails to cure
5cC The genuine has L. B Q. on each tablel
The longest span of telegraph win
n the world is in India , over the rive
Cistna. It is over G,000 feet in length
For complete list of prizes , given fr ©
o usecs of Diamond "C" Soap , \vrib
3udahy Packing Co.South Omaba Net
If you lend a man grass seed he' !
ure to come around later and borrov
our lawnmower.
miiiiiiimmmiiMiKimm : ; ! > ! 'rT'wrirmiiiiWititimiwi !
siniilating IteTood andBegula-
ting th&StoiQfldis andBowels of
ness andEestContalns neither
| Apofectfiemedy for Constipa
tion , Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea ,
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish-
ness and LOSS OF SlEEE
"EacSinuIe Signature oE
* ' Many persons have their good
day and their bad day. Others
are about half sick all the time.
They have headache , backache , '
and are restless and nervous. '
Food does not taste good , and
the digestion is poor ; the skin
is dry and sallow and disSgured
with pimples or eruptions ;
sleep brings no rest and work
is a burden. 4
What is the cause of al ! this ?
Impure blood.
And the remedy ?
It clears out the channels
through which poisons are
carried from the body. When
all impurities are removed from
the blood nature takes right hold
and completes the cure.
If there is constipation , take
Ayer's Pills. They awaken the
drowsy action of the lirer ; they
cure biliousness.
Writa to QUF
We have the exclusive services of
gome of the most eminent physic-tens ( n
the United States. Wrlto freely all the
particulars In your case You will re
ceive a prompt reply. * itliout cost
Address , > R. J. I AVER.
Loxrell , Maaa.
Price 50 cents of all drcggists or
K. P. Hall & Co. , Nashua. N. II.
In some parts of Norway corn Is still
used as a substitute for coin.
I believe my prompt use of Piao'a Cure
prevented quick consumption. Mrs. Lu
cy Wallace , Marquette. Kan. , Dec. 12. ' 95.
If a girl's father objects to a young
man's suit , he should change tailors
For Infants and Children.
Bears the
Get Your Pension
Write Cast. OTA2EELL , PcsrisnAsent.Wi'.hisztcn , D.C.
0 E T rUTsccured or 0 = 267 * " > " J6tarc3. Search free
( A I Lit I Colamer&Co.4FSt.\VashingtonD.C !
Beat Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Dso
In time. Sold by druggists.
& \J * N 49-98
Use Bif ( 6 for unnatural
diicnarg st inflammationi.
Qatrinucd irritation ! or ulcerationi
t u uia of muconi membranei.
PnTeau contmjion. Painless , and not aitnn-
HEEVASSCHEMICAtCo. gent or poisonous.
1 ornt in plain tTi'apper.
br expmi , prepaid , for
$1.00. or3 bott > i , S3.75
Circular tant on request.