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    Every cough makes
your throat more raw
and irritable. Every
cough congests the lining
membrane of your lungs.
Cease tearing your throat
and lungs in this way.
Put the parts at rest and
give them a chance to
heal. You will need some
help to do this , and you
will find it in
From the first dose the
quiet and rest begin : the
tickling in the throat
ceases ; the spasm weak
ens ; the cough disap
pears. Do not wait for
paeumonia and con
sumption but cut short
your cold without delay.
Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral Plaster should be
over the lungs of every per
son troubled with a cough ,
Write to the Doctor.
Unusual opportunities and long ex
perience eminently qualify ns for
riving you medical advice. "Write
iTBaljr all the particulars In your case.
T ll uswhat TOUT experience naa
been with our Cherry Pectoral. You
Rill receive a prompt reply , without
.Address. DR. J. C. AYER.
Ix > well , Macs.
As Black
your YourWIiiskers
A ffstupai Black with
Buckingham' ® Dye ,
50 cts. of druggists or R.P.Hal. * & Co. , Nashui.N.H.
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination , but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
Co. only , and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
only , a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high standing of the CALI
FORNIA FIG SYRUP Co. with the medi
cal profession , and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families , makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives ,
-as it acts on the kidneys , liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them , and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects , please remember the name of
the Company
It is ever so much harder to prove
that we are right than to let people be
lieve that we are wrong. Philadelphia
FKAKK J. CHEXEY makes oath that lie Is the
senior partner of the llrm of F. J. CHEXEY &
Co. . doInR business In the City of Toledo. County
and State aforesaid , and that said firm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each
and every case of CATAKKII that cannot be
cured by the use of HALL'S CATARRH CURE.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In my pres
ence , this Cth day of December. A. D. 18SG.
( ) A. W. GLEASON.
J SEAL f Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally and1
acts directly on the blood and mucus surfaces of
the system. Send for testimonials , free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO. . Toledo , Ohio.
C5 ? Sold by druggists. 75c.
The first use made of lireships by the
Euglish was during 'the engagement
with the Spanish Armada , in July ,
He cried out in agony , and they ran
to the neighbors for help. Sciatica was
torturing him. Better run for St. Ja
cobs Oil , or have it handy. It is known
to cure the worst rases.
Coffins for Australia.
Having invaded the markets of the
tvorld with most other articles , Ameri
can manufacturers arc nov. making ar
rangements to sell thousands of coffins
to the Australians , in competition -with
tUe Birmingham makers. ,
A Girl's Essay on Boys.
At a recent board school examination
for f ' one of the tasks was an essay
on ) ) and this was one of the compo-
Bitioi just as it was handed in by a
girl of 12The boy is not an animal ,
yet they can be heard to a considerable
distance. When a boy hollers he opens
his big mouth like frogs , but girls hold
their toung til they are spoken to , and
then they answer respectable and tell
just how it was. A boy thinks himself
clever because he can wade where it is
deep , but God made the dry land for
every living thing , and rested an the
seventh day. When the boy grows up
he is called a husband , and then he
stops wading ami stays out nights , but
the grew up girl is a widow and keeps
house. "
The "American Boy" Battleship.
Every American hopes our school boys
will succeed in tlu'ir efforts to raise $3-
000,000 to he used in building a battleship.
( It costs great sums to build a warship , but
j you can build up your health with Hos-
tetter's Stomach Bitters at small expense.
This remedy is for all stomach , liver uruj
bowci disorders.
A Lost Child's Protector.
Vvith only a faithful dog for a com
panion , the G-year-old child of Edward
kleintop , of Eldred Township. Monroe
County. Pa. , was lost in a dense woods
for tee days aud two nights. The little
tot accompanied a party on a huckle
berry tour , and strayed away. A
searching partj' finally found the little
follow trudging along vriih the dog ,
about fc'ir milcu from where he was
first missed.
When happy in It ? mother's arras the
child said : "I t-'eep d all night , and
doggie was ol se to ni2. I laid my hetid
on him for . " . i/il'.ow. I did not have anj--
thing to CM , but I nicked a lot of ber
ries , and I am cot hungry now. "
Every living thin ? has pains mid
aches sometimes , and the ; : ches and
pains of humankind have a friend iu St.-
Jacobs Oil , which stands by in need tq
cure and restore.
Patcrna1 Sarcasm.
"Dear Father , " wrote young Throg-i
gins , who hac'gone to war as a lieuten-
j ant against rbe parental wish , "E
haven't anything to sharpen my raze ; }
on. Plnase send me a good strap. "
"Dear Son , " replied the father
" 'sharpen your razor on your shouldeij
straps. " Chicago Tribune.
llow to "revent It.
"Puffins answered an advertisement ;
in which somebody offered to sell him ,
the secret for preventing trousers from
getting fringes around the bottom. "
"What did they tell him ? "
"To wear kickerbockers. " Tit-Bits.
Mrs. Finkliani Believed Her of All
Her Troubles.
St. , Grand Rapids , Mich. , had ovarian
trouble with its attendant aches
and pains , now she is well. Here
ire her own words :
"Your Vegeta-
) le Compound has
nade me feel like
a new person.
Before I be
gan taking it
I was all run
down , felt tired
and sleepy most
of the time ,
had pains in
my back and
side , and such
' all the time ,
and could not
sleep well
nights. I al
so had ovarian
trouble. Through
the advice of a
friend I began
the use of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vege
table Compound ,
and since taking
it all troublcshavo gone. My monthlyj
sickness used to be so painful , buthavej
not had the slightest pain since takingi
your medicine. I cannot praise ' - < - > ur
Vegetable Compound too much. .My
husband and friends see such a change
in me. I look so much better and have
some color in ray face. "
Mrs. Pinkham invites women who are
ill to write to her at Lynn , Mass. , for
advice , which is freely offered.
Simla , India , is built on the side of a
Bteep hill , aud the roof of one house lq
often on a level with the foundation o ?
one in the next tier.
Are You Going to Florida ?
Do you want maps , rates , routes , timq
card or other information ? If so , addresa
H. Vv. Sparks , T. P. A. , 23i Clark Street ,
A captain in the navy ranks with q
colonel in the army.
Two bottles of Piso's Cure for Consump
tion cured me of a bad lung trouble. Mrs.
J. Nichols. Princeton. Ind. . Mar. 26. ' 95.
Restaurant dining is becoming more
fashionable than over in London.
Alabaster Is scarcely more Immaculate than the com-
pleilon be.iutired with Glenn's sulphur ? oap.
Hill's Hair and Whisker Dye , black or brown. 50c.
Victory belongs to Hie most persevering
Mr . "WJnsiow * ; * booTHino STHnr lor Chlldrei
teethiBK : soltciis the k'umn. reduces inflammation.
allays pain , cures wind colic. 25 cents a bottle.
Paris has named one of its streets
WANTED.-Case of bad health that R-I-P'A-N'S will
not benefit. Send 5 cents to moans Chemical Co. ,
Nerr York , for 10 samples and 1.000 testimonials. i
Greece is about the size of Vermont.
Per Infants and Children.
the Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Pleasant Incidents Occurring the
World Over Sayings that Are Cheer
ful to Old or Yonnjj Funny
Selections that You "Will Enjoy.
A Jolly for Papa.
She And what shall I say in case
papa asks me what your prospects arc ?
He Well , er you might say that I
am figuring on securing one of the most
prominent , influential and wealthy men
in the city for my father-in-law. That
ought to fetch him.
Similar but Different.
Weeks Young Brokleigh certainly
Reserves a great deal of credit for keep
ing up appearances on such a small in
Meeks Well , don't you think for a
minute that he isn't getting it. He
owes nearly every man in town.
Merely Strategy.
"Wai , Jim , wet d'ye think about the
Tzar o' Rooshia. and this here universal
disarmament business ? "
Jim Well , it's like me and my ole
woman when we lias family trouble.
The one what proposes peace is de one
what ain't got hold o' de poker.
He AVasn't Worth Much.
Smith Brown isn't working very
much this summer , is he ?
.Tones Why , he told me the other
: lay that he had been working for all
he was worth.
Smith Well , it amounts to the same-
A Sense of Melody.
The man who does not enjoy music
( vas being forced into a conversation
on the subject.
"Of course , horns are necessary for
orchestral effect , " the technical enthu
siast was saying , "but I derive most
pleasure from the violins. Don't you ? ' '
"I can't say that I do. You see , the
fish vendors never play the violin.
They nearly always blow a horn. "
Washington Star.
His Nntural Impulse.
Mrs. Peck Suppose that you and I
were all alone upon a desert island ,
what is the first thing you would do ?
Mr. Peck ( impulsively ) Try to get
away. New York Herald.
A Delicate Hint.
Miss Cutting I have been troubled a
great deal with that tired feeling of
Softleigh Aw , indeed ! Weally I'm.
aw vewy sorwy to heah it , doncher-
know. Is theah any thing I , aw can
do to affowd you weleaf ?
Miss Cutting Oh dear no. I , er
don't want to hurry you at all.
One Victory.
' 'I see here that an American army of-
Qcer has married a Spanish girl. "
"Well ? "
"That is one crushing victory for the
Dons , anyhow. " Philadelphia North
Sleepless Slumbers.
Brown My wife says I Talk in my
Jones Well , you're lucky.
Brown How so ?
.Tones My wife does all the talking
In mine. Chicago News.
Not an Asylum Subject.
Stranger That man is evidently
frascy. Why is he not put in an asy
lum ?
Native His property is so heavily
mortgaged that none of his relatives
want it. New York Weekly.
Hardly Worth AVhile.
Jaggson ( running against marble
/tattle in hall ) Grashus , Maria , y'r ( hie )
hau's * r cold. Shouldn't wait up f'r me
s * long , darling.
He Got Her.
"Humph ! " growled the multimillionaire
aire , "so you want my girl's hand , do
you ? Have you lots of enterprise ? "
"Well , " retorted the hardy swain ,
"I'm after the only daughter of just
about the richest and meanest man in
these parts. " New York World.
A Missing Word Fake.
His tongue clove to the roof of his
mouth. "I I that is , " he faltered ,
you " And then he suddenly
caught her to his bosom. "You know
what I would say ! " he cried.
Frigidly she disengaged herself. "An
other missing word fake , " she mutter
ed , pale , but calm. Detroit Journal.
A Hopeless Cane.
"I wonder if Miss Antique will ever-
stop being giddy ? "
"Never ; because she will never con
fess that she has reached the years of
discretion. " Harper's Bazar.
So Sarcastic.
Willie I once knew a girl who nearly
died from ice cream poisoning.
Nellie The very idea ! I would never
have dreamed of such a thing happen
ing to a girl of your acquaintance.
Indianapolis Journal.
s Proper Idea.
Little Brother Polly , what is a hero ?
Smaller "Sister ( promptly ) A 'Meri.
can , o' tourse ! Judge.
His Own Way.
"Blykins has his own way in his
house. "
"Yes. But his wife always tells him
what it is going to be "beforehand. "
What's the Use.
"Did you ever think what you would
do if you had Rothschild's income ? "
said Seedy to Harduppe.
"No ; but I have often wondered what
Rothschild would do if he had my in.
come. " London Judy.
Easy to Fee.
Pretty Teacher What were out
hands given us for , Bennie ?
Beunie (8 ( years old , gallantly ) To
bold. Judge.
Bold Man.
She But haven't you heard thai ,
there are microbes in kisses ?
He ( carelessly ) Oh , yes ; but I am an
immune. Somerville Journal.
No Way of Keeping It.
"He left his umbrella in the office
safe. "
"Yes. "
"And that night somebody stole the
safe. " Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"Some of the days when summer i&
merging into autumn are wonderfully
line , " remarked the girl who likes the
poetry of nature. "Now and then there
seems to be a great deal of sweetness
in the air. "
"Deede ( ley is. honey , " replied the
colored woman. "As I wus comin' past
de ma'sh , ev'y now an' then I seen
places whah de air wus chock full o'
reed birds. It do seem a shame , wif so
much sweetness floatin' around , dat it
should be so hahd ter git at. " Washington -
ington Star.
Stated the Facts.
"Kathleen , my husband was dissatis
fied with his breakfast this morning. "
"Your husband dasseii't say that to
me face. " Browning King's Monthly.
Method in His Madness.
"Yes , he went out rowing 011 the lake
and rocked the boat when he got in the
deepest part. "
"Oh , I don't know about that. He
managed to tip the boat over and
drown two of his crsditors. " Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Might Be Done.
The Poet wonder if one would
rhyme "darling" with "quarreling ? "
The Savage Bachelor What are you
writing an epithalamium ? Cinciu.
nati Enquirer.
Previous 3Jractice.
"You don't look strong and rugged
enough to be a policeman. Have you
ever had any experience or training
in that Hue ? "
"Well , sir , " said the applicant , "I
rung the parish church bells for ten
years. How's that for bein' a pealer ? ' '
Chicago Tribune.
The Trouble.
Anxious Mother How is it that you
have so much trouble with your house
keeping ? You told me your wife could
Adult Son She can.
"Then what is the matter ? "
"She won't. " NCAV York Weekly.
At the Country Grocery.
First Villager Where's Col. Boaster !
Don't see him around here lately.
Second Villager Oh , he's been sick
in bed with the asthma ever since tlw
war broke out. Boston Courier.
Reminiscent Joys.
"I gave my husband a dose of sul
phur and molasses for his blood. "
"Was he willing to take it ? "
"Yes ; but he said it wasn't half as
good as that his mother used to make. "
A Sense of Melody.
The man who does not enjoy music
was being forced into a conversation
on the subject.
"Of course 'horns ' are necessary for or
chestral effect , " the technical enthu
siast was saying. "But I derive most
pleasure from the violins , dou't you ? "
"I can't say that I do. You see , the
fish vendors never play the violin. They
nearly always blow a horn. " Wash
ington Star.
If handsome is as handsome docc ,
some good-lookiLg girls are cajthing
but handsome.
There is one thing that does not mind
the weather , and that is rheumatism ;
and one thing that does not mind rheu
matism is St. Jacobs Oil , as it goes to
tvork upon it and cures right off.
London has 13,56-1 policemen , or 19 to
every one of Its 6SS square miles. Sixty
per cent of them do night duty.
Farmers' Alliance.
To the Members of the Farmers' Alli
ance and Industrial Union : I have made
a careful investigation from the best
sources of reliable Information about
the Swanson Rheumatic Cure Co.'s
Remedies , and found that they were
giving good satisfaction. I therefore
deem It but an act of simple justice to
our members tr say that I believe that
the claims made by the company for
their remedies will be fully realized by
those who will give them a fair and rea
sonable trial , lours fraternally , Jno.
C. Hanley , Business Agt. P. A. & I. U.
St. Paul , Minn. , Oct. 28,189S.
The wonderful success that has at
tended the introduction of " 5 DROPS"
is unprecedented in the history of the
world. Think of it ! It has cured more
than one million and a quarter sufferers
within the last three years. This must
appeal to you ! One million and a quar
ter people cannot s\ll be mistaken. If
suffering from Rheumatism , Sciatica ,
Neuralgia , Backache , Asthma , Catarrh ,
Sleeplessness , Nervousness , Nervous
and Neuralgic Headaches , Heart Weak
ness , Earache , Croup , LaGrippe , Mala
ria , Creeping Numbness , Bronchitis and
kindred diseases , send 25c to the Swanson -
son Rheumatic Cure Company , 107
Dearborn street , Chicago , 111. , and they
will send you by return mail a trial
treatment or a large bottle , 300 doses ,
prepaid by mail or express for § 1.00. No
household should be without this great
remedy " 5 Drops. " Agents appointed
in new territory.
What is often called indolence is the
unconscious consciousness of incapa
city. H. C. Robinson.
As/stem which
has become run down
by the try ing weather
of the past summer
is not in a condition
to meet the severe
wmter of this climate
and will easily fall a
prey to disease unless
a proper tonic is
Dr.Wi II Jams'Pink
Pills for Pale People
are the best medicine
in the world for build
ing up and strengthen
ing an enervated
system ;
Do not confuse
these pills with ord
inary purgative pills.They do NOT act on the bowelsthereby
further weakening the body.They build up the blood and
strengthen the nerves ;
Major A. C. Bishop , of 715 Third Ave. , Detroit , Mich. , is a well-known
civil engineer. He says : ' 'When I had my last spell of sickness and came
out of the hospital Iwas a sorry sight. I could not regain my strength ,
and could not walk over a block for several weeks. I noticed some articles
in the newspapers regarding Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People ,
which convinced me that they were worth trying and I bought two boxes.
I did not take them for ray complexion but for strength. After using them
I felt better , and know they did me worlds of good. I nm pleased to
recommend them to invalids who need a tonic or to build up a shattered
constitution. " Detroit Free Press.
At dll druggists OT direct from the Or Y/iUiarm Medi-
Cine. Comp&ny , Schenect&dy , N.Y. . Price fifty cent * per box.
" 3io r *
Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition
gives the
Highest Award and GOLD MEDAL
Does Better Work and Goes Further Than Any Other Laundry Soap.
One Trial Convinces.
A large assortment of Prizes of useful and ornamental nature given for saving of
wrappers. Ask your grocer to give yon a prize list or we will mail you or.e upon inquiry.
THE CUD AH Y PACKING CO. , South Omaha , Neb.
The Annual Subscription Prizes to a large list of standard Magazines , Ifonthlies and
Weeklies , including the Ladies' Home Journal , Munseys , Cosmopolitan , McClnres ,
Puritan , Ladies' \Vorld , The Woman's Home Companion , etc. , etc. , are fully explained
on each -wrapper.
The new enlarged 1899 Prize List will be ready for mailing about November 15th. It
contains nearly 200 handsome premiums. Send us your name on a postal card and we
will mail you one free of charge.
U ft TC UTsecurcd or EC-E7 illistsrsci. Search free
I A I Lit I Col amer&Co.4FSt. Washington.D.C
Get Your Pension
< S * QUICK !
; . O'PAEEELL. Pension Azesi.Wajhiagtca. S.C.
. . - . . . . > . . . ALL ELSE FAfLSi .
. Cocgh Syrup. Tastes Good. TTse ]
in. time. Sold by drggyiata.
In the Head
Is an inflammation of the mucous mem
brane lining the nasal passages. It is
caused by a cold or succession of colds ,
combined with impure blood. Catarrh la
cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla , which eradl-j
cates from the blood all scrofuloas taints , ,
rebuilds the delicate tissues aud builds up ,
the system. Hsrnember *
Hood's Sarsapariiia
Is America's Greatest Medicine. El ; six for 15.
Hood's Pills cure all Liver Ills. 25 cents.
- . ' <
Our Book 'IV
About Nebraska
And our monthly paper , the "Corn ' f
Belt , " should bo read by every farm-
renter who wants to become a farm- 'IV
owner ; by every farm-owner who is * ' .
tired of trying to maku money off * * is. p
high-priced land ; by every father
who wants to give his sons a start on
the highroad to Independence.
It is an interesting , practical , truth
ful book. In a straightforward , sim
ple fashion it tells you everything you 'IV
need to know about Nebraska. Its Js
climate , people , schools , churches , 'iv
railroads , markets , soil and crops. It 'ivy
explains why the Nebraska farmer 'Vv
makes money in spite ot hard times js
and low prices ; why land is cheap : 'VV
and how it is as easy for an intelligent * x
and Industrious man to BUY a Ne 'Vv"
braska farm as it is to rent one In any *
state east of the Missouri River. > 'K
Write for a copy. Free.
U Gen'l TUBS. Agent , Omnhn , Neb.
plcnso say you saw the advertisement
In this paper.
S. C. N. U. - 47-98
Use Big 6 for unnatural
tn char e8. inflammatione.
irritations or ulcerations
, . not to iUieture. of
, -jlPr.fiMi eocujioi. . ma con i membranes.
Painless , and not astrin-
'SWUHEEVANSOHEMlMLCo. gent or poisonouj.
1BHcmiUTi.o.r ! Sold by rncri t ,
U.S.A. 7. I or sent in plain wrapper ,
by ezpren , prepaid , for
0 U I.1.-00-or 3 bottlw. | 2.73.
Circular tent on rtqueat.
ME > T10N THIS PAPER ircxx wurua TO onatasu.