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iKIfe Wnhntine Semocrnt
ROBERT GOOD Editor and Prop
There is no longer any doubt about It
Cuba is very unhealthy for Spaniards
Admiral Ccrveras coming out party
made a good deal of disturbance in
the neighborhood
It would have been an act of charity
if Congress had made the bankruptcy
law big enough to cover Spain
There is every reason to believe that
Queen Lil no longer regards President
McKinley as a great and good friend
Will somebody interested in the late
La Bourgogne kindly explain what
water tight compartments and collision
bulkheads are for
Were you ever well out at sea in
quires a pulpit orator impressively We
never were on the contrary we always
are seasick under such conditions
A scientific contemporary asserts
that a bat alwa3s avoids obstacles as
easily as if it could see perfectly It
is different with the man who is on a
We are pleased to see that Couni
Limburg who of late has been in
rather bad odor has regained sufficient
prestige to secure a seat in the German
A New York contemporary says No
more decaying fish are to be sold from
push carts or wagons by order of the
Board of alth But why did the
board ever order such sales anyway
A personal advertisement in a big
New York daily says My heart is
screaming for your dear sweet angel
face This case ought to be referred
to that Gotham society for the suppress
sion of unnecessary noise
A young woman in Elizabeth N J
lias recently broken off an engagement
which has been in force for eight years
and the disconsolate lover has brought
suit for 25000 damages Well why
shouldnt he be reimbursed for the ice
cream and soda water expenditures
The fact that Hamilton Fish Jr was
known as a dude and that- he died
fighting like a hero does not mean
that dudes are more brave than other
men It only means that there is a
good deal of tight in any sort of Ameri
can when it really comes to a matter
of fighting
The cost of actual war is great but
the cost of maintaining preparations
for war in time oLjjeace is no smuJrf
item A British cruiser which has just
returned from a peaceful cruise of two
and a half years has spent in that time
more than seventy five thousand dol
lars for coal Multiply that amount
by two or three hundred and the coal
bill Of a great navy will be realized
The sinking of La Bourgogne and the
horrible stories that will not down
about the inhumanity of the crew and
steerage passengers indicate the neces
sity for a closer examination into the
conditions of ocean travelat present
Happily such instances of selfishness
and brutality as are only too well ac
credited in the case of the crew of the
Bourgogne and its steerage passengers
are rare in the annals of the sea
Women and children first was the
rule on the Clyde liner Delaware aiid
as a result all came safely to shore
from the burning steamer Women
and children first and discipline all the
time is a good motto for all ship com
panies 1o live up to in time of great
emergencies When every one is for
himself it is a certainty that things
will come out badly and the worst in
stead of the best made of the situation
The officers of the American navy an
army justly complain that the smoking
powder they are compelled to use clouds
the work of the gunners and makes
their aim less accurate In view how
ever of the dazing rapidity and dead
ly accuracy of the fire of American
guns which sent Montejos and Cer
veras squadrons to the bottom of the
sea the Spaniards have reason for sup
posing that the American navy inns
be hard to please in the matter of to w
der and accurate aim
Tenement house reforms and sanita
tion are making rapid strides nowa
days and quietly too A Brooklyn ex
pert went up to Boston a little while
ago to tell the people how to get at
these questions and found that Boston
had done as much as Brooklyn within
the short time that had elapsed since
its law went into effect This is en
couraging but scarcely surprising
since the air is full nowadays of ways
and means for bettering these condi
The primary cause of the horrible
disaster to the steamship La Bour
gogne was ths fact that it was moving
at a high rate of speed In a he vy fog
Very likely this had been the usual
custom of La Bourgogne on previous
voyages On every such occasion
however a risk was taken which no
steamship owner has a right to take
with the lives of passengers Times
without number the risk has been
taken without being attended with the
disaster that always threatens the
steamer moving rapidly in a fog It
was inevitable however that the con
tinual coquetting with danger must
finally prove disastrous La Bourgogne
disregarded the precaution once too
often and the vessel went to the bot
4bui carrying most of Its passengers
M dlU
aaa iyinmvwi1 tirtiiffiii n n 11
with it The making of rapid speed
in foggy weather fs a crime not pecu
liar to La Bourgdgne Nearly all the
ocean liners are guilty of the danger
ous practice which they should be
forced to discontinue The saving of
time is not of so great importance that
lives must be sacrificed in order to ef
fect that end Safety must be the first
condition of ocean travel
War in its concrete horror has little
to commend it to civilization Only in
its abstract phases when its butchery
is done and when its beneficent effects
are analyzed does it bcome a recourse
which judgment and humanity can
justify It is too early to count great
good against hideous cost in our con
test with Spain but at least the future
may be anticipated with reference to
wars reaction on the United States and
its citizens The American people have
suffered from an age of materialism
To day with its selfish possibilities and
opportunities has been worshiped as
never Baal was worshiped Only a
material present was -considered self
ishness conceded that there was no
future aud in search of a pat the
American looked back to the revolu
tion or to the war of JS12 The civil
war being a quarrel between brothers
could not be a source of true national
pride Yet always war and its victo
ries have been the things 10 which pa
triotism and courage and valor have
pointed Then in the midst of our na
terialism of uninterrupted peace a
great emergency came of a nature to
remind every man of his forgotten alle
giance to country The more menacing
this emergency became the more close
ly did the bonds of the countrys cause
draw the people together Wo can
measure in the present the value to the
American of the courage which car
ried Roosevelts rough riders through
the battle at La Quasina Who can
say that the record of it may not be
imperishable glory to newer genera
tions in happier times Increase the
Americans pride in the heroism of his
people and he becomes a better man
and a better American
The best witness to the influence of
Gladstone was the passage of the Irish
local government bill by the British
Parliament without so much as a pas
sago of arms in debate This measure
does not create a new parliament in
Dublin but it transfers power over all
local affairs in town and county from
the landowners to the tenants It is
not Gladstonian home rule but it is
a close approach to it This important
measure did not excite opposition from
any quarter of the house Conserva
tives Liberals Radicals Nationalists
and Protestants wel
comes it and helped it along No
speeches were made against it in the
commons The business of the house
was not blocked by obstructionists
Good nature prevailed whenever this
question was discussed There ws an
era or goou reeling aftr many years
of -political warfare The explanation
of this remarkable cessation from bit
terness and excitement is found in the
influence exercised by the great states
man whose grave is in Westminster
Abbey He failed in his final work of
establishing a home rule parliament
but he succeeded in reconciling En
gland and Ireland The Unionists who
had defeated home rule were compell
ed to justify their course by producing
the largest measure of local self-government
and by enabling the Irish ten
ants to rule the island The Irish fac
tions which had quarreled over every
Dther important reform measure for the
island for a generation laid aside their
arms and accepted this scheme
of local government as a treaty
of Teace There was good feel
ing because opposition to this
measure had been disarmed by a great
statesmans sacrifices generosity and
labors For the first time in a quarter
century there was a session of the
British parliament devoted almost ex
clusively to Irish questions without
i single angry word and without
scenes of organized obstruction A bill
as intricate as the church disestablish
ment and land acts and the home rule
ill which were fought over clause by
lause was enacted as quietly and as
peaceably as though there had never
been any bad feeling between England
and Ireland To those students who
nave followed the recent political his
tory of Great Britain this seems little
less than a miracle It Is the crowning
memorial to a great life The Irish lo--al
government act passed without re
sistance or criticism because rival race
were at peace
Venisonizing Mutton
A Tacoma restaurateur has found r
way to keep venison on his bill of fare
all the year round He buys wild Hud
son Bay sheep from Fort Nisqually and
cooks the meat in such a way that it
tastes gamy and very much like deer
A few days ago Game Warden Keihl
meyer swooped down on the restaurant
got a piece of the meat for evidence
and had the restaurateur and his wife
arrested on a warrant issued by Justice
Smalley At the hearing the process ofl
venisohizing mutton was explained by
the defendants and the Court being
satisfied that the State game laws had
not been violated dismissed the case
The names of the defendants were sup
pressed Their retaurant is thronged
very day by Eastern tourists clamor-
for venison and it would be a
name to spoil their game especially as
it is not considered a sin to do up
Easterners Portland Oregonian
Valueless Perhaps
The St Paul Judge who has fixed
the value of a kiss at 25 certainly
never lived in Missouri or else thc
Minnesota article is vastly inferior to
the Missouri article No human judge
can fix the value of a Missouri kiss
St Louis Republic
It is vecy easy to insult a hungry
- - R ltl r iriinTriTTrtirriiTmniiiiipi m jjii
State Superintendent Jackson Has
Investigated the Matter and Finds
that It Is Not Necessary to Stamp
Teachers Certificates
No Stamps Required
Superintendent Jackson has received a
large number of inquiries from teachers
over the state in regard to the necessity of
putting revenue stamps on their contracts
and certificates He wrote to Revenue
Collector J H Iloutz for information
mentioning teachers certificates district
orders annual reports and teachers con
tracts and has just received a reply that
none of the matters mentioned are subject
to taxation Tins will be of special inter
est in a few counties where the county
superintendents have held differently
Mysterious Disappearance
Thomas Jansen well known about
Beatrice has most mystcriously disap
peare I Mr Jansen was 70 years of age
He would frequently but not at regular
intervals make trips to various pails of
Nebraska and Kansas where he had in
vestments His securities amounted to
thousands of dollars which he always
carried with him in a leather valise He
was last seen on December 13 last at ln
dianola where he had gone to collect in
terest duo him While there he told some
parties that he was going to California
and to others that he was going to icturn
to New York At this time it is known to
a certainty that he had with him securi
ties to the value of 25000 and at least
1000 cash Everything indicates that
Mr Jansen has been murdered for his
Epworth League Assembly
The session of the Ep worth assemply at
Lincoln has progressed so far that a fairly
safe estimate can be made of its financial
affairs From the present indications it is
figured that the tickets sold will foot up to
5 SO1 stand privileges 10 profits on
tents 400 received from street car com
pany 210 total receipts 5530 The ex
penses will amount to 3ti75 It is safe to
say that the amount cleared by the as
sembly this year will reach 2500
When it is taken into consideration
that the item of 80 for improvements
will not have to be repeated next year and
thai the league stalled in with 1500 be
ing the net profit from the assembly of
last year it is apparent that the Epwurlh
people struck a bonanza when they went
into the assemblv business
Squeezed to Death
Andrew Heck man working on John
Adams7 ranch near Potter was killed a
few days since in a peculiar manner
There being a fall on Lodgpole Creek
where power could be obtained Ileckman
had converted tiie power to turn a grind
stone He went out before bieakfast to
sharpen a mowing machine sickle and
had statted the machinery in motion when
one of his coat tails became entangled
winding up around the driving shaft
When iiml he was in a stooping position
iits chest drawn across theshaftso tightly
that life was extinct
Boycott Story a Fake
An item has been going the rounds lo
the effect that the Renauds who own the
mill at Oakland had been boycotted on ac
count of pro Spanish sentiment The
article did the Renands great injustice
The facts in the case are as follows The
old gentleman and Andrew Remind did
say which they do not deny that the
Cubans as far as they weie concerned
were not worth fighting for and the United
States would find iu the end as far as the
Cubans are concerned that tire Spanhuds
treated them nearly as they deserved
Officials Will Investigate
Governor Holcomb and Adjutant Gen
eral Barry have gone lo Chattanooga and
Jacksonville the object of their ttip being
to investigate the condition of the Ne
braska troops and find out what can be
done to add to their comfort in the jou It
em camps Many unofficial reports have
come north regarding -he uiihealtlifuines
of the camps and the sickness that pre
vails and it is proposed to ascertain the
full truth of these reports
Shot by an Officer
Three men were riding on the blind
baggage of the Union Pacific fat mail
and when they stopped at Columbus they
jutnied off and started to run Oflicets
Brock and Rector arrested two of them
and the other failing to halt whs shot
uiide the shoulder blade by Rector He
gave the name of Alex MeGarvey aged
If from Buffalo Public opinion is uiidcd
as to the officers action
Elevator at Gothenburg
The Omaha Elevator Company is on the
ground at Gothenburg and is digging and
laying a foundation for the erection of a
20000 bushel elevator which will be
pushed toward completion as fast as pos
sible More than 87000 acres of wheat
that will average fifteen bushels lo the
acre are tributary to Gothenlnug and fully
50000 acres of small grain of all kinds
Stranger Uses a Knife
A young man calling himself Rambaugh
started a quarrel with Leffert llaughait
haut at Fremont The two came to blows
Rambaugh using a knife with which he
cut four bad gashes in Huughanhauts
clothing and one gash entered the back on
the left -side and cut across the back to the
right sid
Forgot to Come Back
A man taking orders for enlarging pic
ture and giving the name of Chalmers
hired a team and carriage at Central City
on July 28 The team has not been re
turned The sheriff offers a reward of 453
for Chalmers and tho team and buggy
Bridge Contract Let
The board of county commissioners in
session at Fairbury has let the contract for
building all small bridges required during
the ensuing year to the Canton Bridge
Company for 375 per lineal foot
No Reunion
On account of the interest taken in the
-Trans-Mississippi Exposition and as there
will he a Grand Army of the Republic day
there at which they all expect to be
present the Burt County Veterans Asso
ciation will not hold its regular annual
Required Three Self Binders
Herman Kaup of Monterey has com
pleted stacking grain in a field comprising
827 acres It required three self binders
running together to cut this grain This
is the- largest single- Held in Cuming
1 County
TT ii rri 1111 wi mm
Soldier Boy in Trouble
A few weeks ago J ck Liebee a
Kearney hoy and a member of Company
A Nebraska volunteer infantry now at
Chickamauga came h me without leave
to see his relatives After being there a
few days lie slatted to return hut when vt
St Louis learned that he was apt to ho
courtmarlialed for desertion and cauin
back to Nebraska He was immediately
arrested bv Major lioover who happened
to be at Kearney on a furlough I ty
officers at Chickamauga were immedciic y
notifie I and Major Hoover received wort
to hold Liebee until an army officer could
arrive and lake hint lo Fort Omaha where
he will be held until further orders It 13
believed that Liebee does not realize the
position he has got himself into and that
he had no intention of doing anything
Meets -a Horrible Death
As the fast mail pulled out from
Schuyler the -other evening the attention
of the trainmen was called lo a man ap
parently fastened to one of the trucks and
dragging on the track Stopping the train
it was found that the man who had been
riding on the trucks had fallen forward
across the framework in such a mannei
that the axle- had twisted his clothes and
held hint to a horrible death which ended
with a few slight gasps when the brake
beam Was beinji remove wtilcli bad to be
taken off to get him loose On his person
were letters addressed to N Kingman Sea
mans 169 W South Temple Street Salt
Lake City Utah He was apparently
about 85 years of age
Hanks Body Found
The mystery surrounding the where
abouts of Canoy Hanks Hie wealthy Ger
man farmer of Otoe County who disap
peared from his home three weeks ago
was cleared up by the discovery of the
body almost entirely embedded in a sand
bar in the Missouri Piver near Peru An
inquest was held the jury finding that the
deceased came to his death by drowning
Miiianks was a pioneer resident of the
county settling theie 111 1855 He was OS
years of age and leaves an estate valued at
about 150000
Cattle in Good Condition
Cattle on the ranges of Nebraska South
Dakota Wyoming and Montana were
never in belter condition during the last
ten years than at present They are fat
and sleek and improving every day Grass
is good and has been very plentiful in this
entire western section and cattle will go
on the market in A No 1 condition The
shipping season is now at hand aud the
railroad companies are preparing for a
big traffic
G A 11 Reunion
Great preparations are being made
at Falls City for the distiict Grand
Army of the Republic and Womens Re
lief Corps reunion to be held there Angus
15 to 19 inclusive A large crowd is ex
pected aud the commiltce in charge
promise a good time to those who come
The reunion will be held on the old fail
giouuds in the east part of the city and
will be known as Camp Nelson A Miles
Band of Bicyjlo Thieves
After several weeks of clever work 01
the part of DetecMve Keysor of Omaha
thiee young men the heads of a well or
ganized band of alleged bicycle thieve
have been arrested and twenty of the forty
bicycles said lo have been stolen by the
band iccovered The men under arrest
are John Rodney Phillip Ziusella and O
J Murdif Five of the stolen bicycles
were recovered iu Council Bluff
Norrow ISsunpe from Death
Solomon Schwab one of the prominent
men of Lincon was knocked down by an
engine at the Burlington depot a few days
ago and had a narrow escape from death
He started to cross the track just as the
Omaha train came iu and the cngne
struck hint tolling him over several times
but Irekiiy knocking him off tho track
Mr hchwab was considerably bruised but
his mjuiies ate not seiious
Killedy a Train
As John IHukle was going home front
attending the Ancient Order of United
Workmen lodge at llowells a few nights
since he found Michael Muiison dead on
the truck 111 the suburbs of the town A
coroners jury gave in i verdict that de
ceased came his death by being run over
by the tegular freight train of the Fre
mon Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Raii
Doings of the Crooks
The police of Grand Island atresia a
crowd of eight crooks who had stolen a
qnanity of from a local store An
other stranger was found in the riilioad
yards badly cut up with a razor It Is b
lieved one of the crooks arrested the
highwayman as hi shirtsleeve was cov
ered wtih blood and he could not satisfac
torily explain
Missionaries to Africa
Rev C 13 Antisdel who has been
pastor of the First Baptist Church at Te
kainah for the last year has resigned his
pastorate in that city Mr and Mrs An
tisdel will go lo Africa as missionaries
Suicide at Norfolk
J R Bryan check clerk of th Elkhorn
road at Norfolk cmnnitted suicide In
swallowing two ounces of carbolic acid
No cause ts known for the deed The
deceased was 50 years old
Shut Down for Repairs
The Ithaca roller mills will shut down
for repair A sixteen foot extension will
be built 011 and new rollers of the most
modern type will be put in
Washington County G A R
The Grand Army reunion of Washing
ton County has been located at Herman
this year The time is set for August 81
and September 1 and 2
Nebraska Short Notes
T J Aldritt of Friend was killed whie
attempting to stop a runaway horse
Basset t has organized a gun club for the
purpose of protecting game by enforcing
the game law
Vaclav Marcsh of Wilber got his arm
in the cylinder of a threshing machine- and
considers himself fortunate that he was
not killed
Cattlemen in the western part of the
state are having trouble securing hands to
work in the hay fields
Lars Wood has been brought back to
Alma from Cripple Creek to answer to the
charge of hog stealing
W A Jordan of Miles City Mont wl o
two years ago bought a largo amount or
corn at Pender Emerson Ponca and other
places sold out his entire holding of 265
315 bushels a few days ago It will be
shelled out at once and shipped to Ger
many The price is not given but is such
that he will realize a good profit There is
20000 bushels at Emerson 40000 at Thurs
ton and 83030 at Pender
iTfirnoc Icy of Nebraska send
The Populists Got All UutTwoPlacps
on tho Ticket Silver Republican
for Lieutenant Governor and
ocrat for Attorney General
Convention at Lincoln
The fusion forces of Nebiaska met in
convention at Lincoln on August2 for the
purpose of nominating a state ticket It
was nearly 3 oclock before Chairman Ed-
miston called the Populists to order in the
Oriver Theater Wilber P Bryant ya
the unanimous choice of the convention
for temporary chaiimait The chairman
on taking the chair made a speech that
was well received by the delegates l
suspension of the rules J J Everinghatn
of Douglas was elected secretary ant
Foster of Pierce B F Allen of Cuss nu
Warwick Saunders of Platte assistant stc
tetaries The temporary organization
was made permanent A committee ol
three was appointed to confer with like
committees from the Democrats and silvei
Republicans At this point many cali
were made for Senator Allen and he wa
introduced as the leader of the Popuii j
party of the United States His lemarks
were well received After a speech b
Congressman Greene a recess was
taken till 733 Afler supper he
leport of the conferencee commute
was adopted by a vote of JH3 to
170 The convention then proceeded
to the nomination of governor Three
ballots were taken W A Poynter ol
Boon received on the last ballot 767 votes
Neville 105 Gafiin 77 Thompson 26 Ed
niislen 48 Holcomb 12 Weir 6 Bryant 4
Stark 2 A motion to make it uiianinioiis
went through wirha whoop While watt
ing for the other conventions to act tin
report of the resolutions committee wj
called read and adopted Mr Poyntei
thanked the convention for the honor con
ferred declared himself to be a Populi i
who believed in Populist principles and
favored the union of all the stiver forces
The Populist platform is in part as fol
The policy to be pursued by the United
States respecting foreign nations and peo
ple of the islands of the sea is one of great
moment and far reaching in its conse
quences to present and future generations
of our countrymen It is of such magni
tude that it should not be hastily deter
mined and in view of the probability of
lhe close of the war with Spain at an eariy
date we affirm that the wise course for
this government to pursue with respect to
its relations to the islands lost to Spain
during the war would be to
sideration thereof until the conclusion of
the war to be then taken up for mature
deliberation by the people when 110 pub
lic excitement exists
The deci ion of th supreme court of
the United States of Nebraska maximum
freight rate case makes it mote apparent
than ever that the only true solution of the
railroad problem is to be found in govern
nient ownership and we again declare and
icaflirm our allegiance to the doctiine of
government ownership of railroads
graphs and telephones in 1 lie ntenntii
we demand me enactment ot maximum
The Populist congressman
officials are endorsed A reform
rate law crantinu tliu people all possible
relict witliitt the limits of safd decision
In contradistinction to the splendid
record of our Populist officials we point to
the recon t acts of their Republican pre
decessors who have robbed Nebraska of a
million dollars filled stale institutions
with corruption and scandal taken the
patrimony of her school children and
farmed it out to precinct heelers and
snrdl borc politicians practiced nepotism
iu all its branches of her state government
and when finally driven from a thirty
years feast at the public crib smote the
iiand that fed it and sought to injure the
credit of the state by dismal forebodings
The stock yards of South Omaha are
necessarily patronized by the people of
this state its business is public and not
piivate the stock yards company charges
extortionate prices for the services it ren
tiers and for the grain and hay it supples
it has issued millions of dollars of watered
stock on which the people are compelled
to pay interest It refuses relief ft bribes
legislatures it plunders our people and
has secured injunction against all laws
which seek to prevent its unjust exactions
It is a giant monopoly created by captains
of industry i
For these reasons we favpcthe owner
ship of a stock yards at South Omaha by
the stale itself
The Omaha and St Louis platforms are
affirmed and loyalty to free coinage at If
1 is reiterated The pledge is made that
corporations are to he stripped of the
privilege of issuing money all money to
be issued directly by the government
The attempt to retire the greenbacks is
condemned Government by injunction is
denounced The platform favors the coin
age of the seigniorage the issuance of
treasury noes and the imposition of an
income tax to pay the war expenses Tin
issuance of bonds is condemned The Re
publican party is arraigned for favoring
r monopolies in the revenue hill
A vigorous prosecution of the war is fa
vored It declares for a north and south
rotd to tho gulf the western states to ante
it building and opera tjngjho same Ne
braska is eongratulatedjor its prompt re
sponse to the calbforvolnntpers4lajid asks
for an increase of pay for private soldiers
and the state
in the
system of assessment and taxation is de
manded The adoption of a constitutional
amendment is favordd whereby the initia
tive and referendum will become part of
the fundamental law
The Democrats were called together nt
I he Funke Opera House by Chairman J
J C Dahlman John jStevensof Hastings
was made temporary clmlrman Ivigir
Howard of PapillinrrSvas made permanent
chairman and O W Tiihn of Lan
caster was made permanent secretary
Mr Howard was escorted to th
plalforni and made one of his
characteristic talks A conference com
mittee was appointed to confer with
the other conventions supper Ed
P Smith read the followinc telegram
which he sent to W J Bryan at the behest
of the convention The Democrats of
Nebraska in convention assembled in
struct men to send hearty greetings and
pledge their united efforts to make the
gallant colonel of the Third the future
commander-iii-chef The report of the
conference committee was presented an
was generally met with approval espec
ially that portion requiring a majority
vote in each convention to secure a nomi
nation The convention voted to proceed
jto the nomination of governor 6 -3
Smythe of Douglas was thei choice of this
greeting to the brave men 01 me nauuii
who Arn fh7htinfr humanitys battle ana
attempHpgto relieve the suffering
hunger off aj courageous but op
presseTI people andf for that purpose to
guarantee unto tin fertile isle of Cuba a
government created maintained and up
held by the consent of the governed and
we pledge the president of the United
States our most hearty support in the vig
orous prosecution of the conflict
We are proud to belong to a party that
acknowledges as its chieftain and leader
the Hon J W Bryiin the peoples cham
pion whose arm is fever lifted in defense
of their rights and in redressing their
wrongs whether iu peace or in war
We reaffirm our adherence to the
of 18 adopted by tho Democratic
party in national convention assembled
and that the paramount i3sue of the cam
paign of 19 50 ought and will he the re
storatipn of our monetary system to its
position prior to 1S73 the free and un
limited coinage of the two metals at the
ratio of 16 to 1 and believe that no per
manent prosp rity will reward the efforts
ot ouiproMUcers until the law is enacted
We believe that all money issued by
the government whether gold silver or
paper should be made a full legal tender
for all debts and that no citizen should be
permitted to demoralize by contract that
which the government makes money by
Wo furtherdeclarethatweare opposed
to banks of issue aud demand that all
money whether gold silver or paper shall
be issued by the national government
The platform denounces theDingley tar
iff law as illogical and oppressive favors
n income tax indorses the present state
idministralion and the work of the fusion
members of congress
The platform of the free silver Repub
licans does not differ materially on the
leading planks front that of the Democrats
The silver Republicans met at the Wind-
3 t Hotel and were called lo order by
Frank T R insom After reading of tho
ctil Jiidge E W Hale of Butler County
was made temporary chairman Charle
Wooster of Merrick County was chosen
temporary secretary H R Greenfield
the co ored delegate from Douglas County
was made assistant secretary The tem
porary organization was made permanent
The chairman appointed two committees
of three eachto Confer with the other con
ventions as to a plan of procedure After
upper the convention adopted the con
ference rep irl The platform brought in
by the resolutions commiltce was adopted
The names before this convention for
governor were Beall Ransom Gregory
Bryan Stark Thompson Poynter Ed
mist nt Andrews Watson Howard Weir
Ther three conventions did not adjourn
till nearly daybreak Wednesday morning
When the conventions convened in the
morning the situation was as uncertain
jus when adjounment was taken The ef
forts of the conference committees were
without avail After a time however the
eoiferees came together on a report and
the following ticket was placed in nomi
G vernor W Poynter
r Lieutenant Governor A E Gilbert
Attorney GjnernI G J Smythe
Secretary of Stae W E Porter
Auditor J F Cornell
Land Coinmisstoier J V Wolf
Snperhiteudaiil of Public Instruction
W R Jackson
Treasurer J R Mcservc
With the exception of the first two the
ticket is the same as the present state ad
ministration All are Populists except
Gilbert who is a silver Republican and
Smythe a Democrat
A Judgment W2iicIi In of Interest to
Railway Traveler
A judgment of the greatest import
ance and interest to railway travelers
was delivered recently in England A
gentleman traveling from London to
Hastings had occasion to leave the car
riage atTunbridge Wells and took the
ordinary precaution of reserving his
seat with his umbrella and newspa
pers While he was absent another
pasenger seized his place and refused
to vacate it until forcibly ejected As
a result an action for damages was
brought against the original owner of
the seat by the intruder and a counter
claim for similar damages was entered
1 by the other side as well The judg
ment delivered was one which will
commend itself to ninety nine outof
every hundred travelers The claim
for damages for ejectment was dis
missed and the counterclaim allowed
For the future therefore the can
tankerous individual who persists in
disturbing the comfort and conveni
ence of travelers in the manner indicat
ed will know how he stands and that
if the owner of the seat thinks lit to
bundle Mm put neck and crop the latter
will uotouly have the sympathy of the
public but the law as -well on his side
There can be no question whatever
that the universal mode of retaining a
seat In a railway carriage is a most
reasonable and convenient one Not the
least important point in his judgment
is the Judges assertion that the holder
pf a seat was entitled to use reasonable
force to eject an intruder
Simple Tests for Kggs
A fresh egg is known by the dull ap
pearance of its shell a bad egg looks
glossy Drop an egg into water if it
sinks quickly and remains at the bot
tom it is probably fresh but if it stands
na end it is doubtful and if it Goats it
is quite bad The light test is applied
by placiug7the egg in or in front of a
paper tube anilrholding it up to a can
lie If on lopking through it the yolk
appears roundjand the whitesurround
ing it is cleaivthe chances are that the
rgg is fresh u
Value or War Medals
Some Idea of what British war med
als are worth was furnished by the
prices obtained at a recent sale In Lon
don when an ISast Indian companys
gold medal for the Egyptian campaign
of 1S01 realized 50 the Sultans gold
medal for Egypt 1S01 V6 a Xew Zea
land medal 1S4 to 1S47 U 5s and a
London -volunteer medal presented by
Maj Thomas Drury June 12 1700
which in all probability is unique
15 10s
Id the lexicon of youth wrhich fate
reserves for a bright manhoodthere It
no such word as fail Bulwer
4 1