The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, August 04, 1898, Image 2

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Bloodhounds employed in Burt
County to Run Down an Un
known Fiend Who Has Been Com
mitting Many Depredations
Depredations Near Lyons
The Neary boys living with a widowed
mother upon their farm about three miles
west of Lyons have been victims of an
unknown fiend for about a year who is
bent upon the malicious destruction of
property and doing all the damage he can
otherwise Farming implements left in
the field would be found broken or chopped
to pieces At harvest time important parts
about the reapers and mowers would be
found missing The harness has been
taken from the barn time after time and
entirely cut to pieces Last Sunday morn
ing when the boys found their harness all
cut to pieces again poison in the horses
feed boxes and in the cattle yard and hog
pens it was resolved that something would
have to be done Bloodhounds will be
used to trace the criminals
Turn Hose on Tramps
About thirty tramps were hauled into
Bancroft by the St Paul Minneapolis
Omaha Railroad on accommodation No 6
and sidetracked They remained at the
depot until local freight No 16 came in
from the south when they boarded it and
were ordered by the railroad officials to be
taken to Pender But the village authori
ties took the matter in hand and turned
the hose oh them The train was cleared
and a band of as tough looking characters
as ever were associated together demanded
the mayor to furnish them with a supper
and nights lodging The general sympa
thy is with the tramps
Trouble Over Dog Ordinance c
The newly enacted dog ordinance is
causing the mayor marshal and many
iprivate citizens of Fairfield considerable
trouble The marshal is under arrest for
trespassing upon private property in his
efforts to destroy all unlicensed dogs
within the corporate limits of the town
Prominent private citizens are under ar
rest and on trial for owning and harboring
unlicensed dogs The mayor and council
are defendants in suits for damages grow
ing out of the efforts of the marshal to en
force the ordinance
Wreck on Missouri Pacific
During a heavy windstorm at Stella two
box cars left on the switch were blown out
onto the main line stopping half a mile
east of the station Passenger train No
2 on the Missouri Pacific ran into them
at 2 oclock while running at a high rate
of speed The engineer Edward Finnu
cane and the firman reversed the engine
and jumped The engineer struck on a
pile of ties fracturing his skull from
hich he died in three hours
Killed by a Train
Anton Pfiefer a Germau aged about -50
years was instantly killed on the B M
He was driving to his home about two
miles east of Columbus and was caught on
the crossing His team escaped but the
hay rack on which he was riding was en
tirely demolished Almost every bone in
Pfiefers body was brokeu and his legs and
arms were broken in numerous places
Tries the Strychnine Route
John Kakrda an aged Bohemian com
mitted suicide by swallowing a large
quantity of strychnine The deceased pur
chased the poison of a West Point druggist
under the pretense of killing rats and im
mediately swallowed -it Ha had been in
ill health and despondent for some time
He was quite alone in the world having
neither wife nor children
Fell from a Train
A Bohemian by the name of Klasky was
killed at Lincoln the other night while
trying to get off a moving freight train
Together with two pals he was stealing a
ride up from Dewitt and all having been
drinking it is supposed that he was too
unsteady to use the necessary care in get
ting off Death seemed to have been in
Unknown Boy Killed by the Cars
A boy about 10 years old was found by
the section men three miles east of Papil
jlion the other morning frightfully man
gled by the cars The boy could not be
identified He answers the description
partly of Albert Stein who ran away from
his home at Shelby He fell off a train
and was ground to pieces by the wheels
Roller Mills Sold
The South Sioux City roller mills which
lor two years past have been in litigation
wereold at auction by Sheriff Borowsky
- at Dakota City under a foreclosure of tax
lien to M A Ayers banker of that place
for 600 This property is estimated to
have eaten up between 3000 and 10000
Elkhorn Conductor Killed
Charles D Johnson of Chadron one of
the best known and most popular con
ductors on tho Fremont Elkhorh and
Missouri Valley Railroad was killed one
morninc last week near Stureis S He
was walking across his train and felLbe 1
tween the cars his body being cut in two
To Aid the Volunteers
The ladies auxiliary of the Company
M aid Society gae an open air concert
and ice cream social at the court house
square in Grand Island which was at
tended by several thousand people A
neat sum was raised for the benefit of the
Kicked by a Horse
W B Taylor a carpenter of Clay Cen
ter was badly kicked by a horse a day or
two ago One of tho horses hoofs struck
him on the forehead cutting a long gash
into the skull the other hoof striking him
on the ribs Fortunately no ribs were
broken -
Artcsinn Well
J W Tippery three miles south of De
catur lias an artesian well It is forty
five feet deep throws water twelve feet
above the surface and has a flow of thirty
gallons per minute
New School House for Gretna
At the special school meeting in Gretna
to vote funds for a new school house the
bonds carried by a vote of 56 to 5 The
structure will be built of brick The
building a four room structure will be
ready for occupancy b3r December 1
Congressman Stark Renominated
Congressman W L Stark was renom
inated at York by the Populist convention
of the Fourth district The nomination
met with little opposition no other can
didates appearing on the political horizon
to any degree of prominence
Children Fatally Burned
Two children of Mr and Mrs Ehme
Wallman who live ten miles northeast of
Beatrice were burned to death a few days
since and two more were burned in a hor
rible manner After dinner the parents
went to a neighbors to spend the after
noon leaving five children at home alone
About 3 oclock they saw from where they
were that there was a fire on their place
and hurriedly started home only to find on
reaching there that their home was then
almost entirely destroyed by fire with the
result as stated aboue A neighbor named
Leners says he thinks the children in their
excitement ran through that part of the
house which was in flames instead of tak
ing a safe exit on the other side of the
Jail Breaking
Another prisoner has made his escape
from the Hall County jail at Grand Island
In the jail there is a cage where all pris
oners are kept during the night During
the day they are let out in the corridors
the cage being small and it being severe
on the prisoners to keep them locked
withiu the same In the evening while
corralling the prisoners the deputy sheriff
evidently overlooked one of the men and
during the night he succeeded in sawing
one of the bars across the open window
in two and making his escape The man
was Charles Hayden who had been bound
over to the district couiton the charge ol
Fatally Shot
While shooting at a mark in Grand
Island and while his companion Charles
Renecke was not looking William Bal
com suddenly turned his weapon to his
own head fired the 82 caliber ball into
his brain and died ten minutes later Bal
com recently married a fast woman and
she deserted him He traced her and had
her arrested at Cairo aud there attempted
to shoot her There is no doubt on the
part of any of his family that it was a case
of suicide
Curtails Their Powers
In a decision rendered at Lincoln Dis
trict Judge Cornish deprives the state
board of transportation of much of the
power conferred upon it by the last legis
lature Attorney General Smythe and the
members of the board acting under the
law giving them jurisdiction over tele
phone and express companies proceeded
to enforce reductions in rates in violation
of a restraining order Judge Cornish
purged them of contempt but assessed
costs against them and issued strict orders
to make no further efforts in this direction
Prostrated by the Heat
While out on the Platte bottom near
Plattsmouth Mr Petty found a man lying
out in the sun who appeared to have been
lying there for three or four days Ho Was
unconscious and seemed near deaths door
The man is 85 or 40 years of age fairlj
well dressed but nothing is known about
him He was probably prostrated by tho
heat It is possible that the unfortunate
man may be Caney Hanks the missing
Otoe County fanner
Held Up by Tramps
George Hawkins of Dii Bois was held up
by two tramps who approached him on
the road and ordered him to throw up his
hands Hawkins refused to obey the com
mand of the outlaws whereupon they
overpowered him and abstracted from his
pocket between 20 and 25 but declined to
carry away the gold watch he possessed
Mr Hawkins was considerably bruised
Liquor Dealer in Trouble
A state complaint was filed against Eg
gert Oft of Bennington charging him with
selling a half gallon jug of whisky to a
small boy The jug of whisky was seized
by the constable and will be used as evi
dence in tho case This is the second time
within the last two weeks that Oft has
been arrested charged with selling liquo
unlawfully - u
A young man who gave his name as Ed
Vansheets aged 19 years and the son of a
farmer living near Pacific Junction Iowa
attempted suicide at Nebraska City by
gashing his throat with a pocket knife
He stated that despondency over the loss
of 10 was the cause
Electric Lights for Hastings
The city of Hastings will once more
illuminate its streets with electric light
The city council has directed the clerk to
advertise for bids for street lighting 3
C00 having been appropriated from this
years levy for that purpose
Accidental Shooting
Charles Cassellman living five miles
west of Ainsworth was accldentiy
wounded by a son who was hunting
chickens the shot taking effect in the face
and side
Fusion in Lancaster
The three wings of the fusion parly ol
Lancaster County met in Lincoln agreed
upon a county ticket and selected dele
gates to the state and congressional con
Nebraska Short Notes
Five thousand five hundred sheep from
California have been recently unloaded at
Northrup people have formed a company
for the erection of a large double brick
Wilker Van Boauug a well-to-do
farmer residing near Glanville died Mon
day morning from injuries received in a
runaway last week
Dr J K Whlteman for some years one
of the leading practitioners of medicine if
Harvard was found dead in his office one
afternoon recently
B H Goodell lost about eighty acres ol
wheat near Kearney a few days ago by fire
The fire started by an engine on a passing
Union Pacific freight train
Gotlieb Hunt living eight miles north o
Utica got his right hand caught by the
needle of a binder and is now laid up with
one less finger and a very sore wouud -
The proprietors of the Kerr Operz
House at Hastings have awarded the con
tract to Will L Yctter for re decorating
the interior and making other valuablt
improvements about the house
Clyde Davis an 18-year-old boy who
with his brother Frank Davis was en
gaged in carrying the mail in Beatrice
was drowned in the Bine River two mile
north of the city while in swimming
Luther Overstreet is a York boy who if
an officer on board the battleship Oregon
having charge of one of its celebrated guu
crews In a letter to his parredts datad
July 4 on board the ship returning tc
Santiago Overstreet tells of the the greal
sea fight from a fighters point of view
W P Freeman of Auburn was severed
injured by being struck across the fact
and shoulders with a sandbag or fiom
similar instrument in the hands of burg 1
jars lie was uivhjiciicu uuuut a a ui uj
someone in tho room and called out to find
who it was He was answered by
blows which left him insensible
Coptics Arrival Greeted with Salulea
and Muaic People Stop Busineas
Bands Play Patriotic American Air
and a Procession Is lormed
Honolulu Jubilant
Hawaii is in the Union and feels it Tho
roar of cannon the cheers of enthusiasm
the unfurling of the Stars and Stripes
from every house top and vantage point
which greeted the news the Coptic
brought to Honolulu has been repeated
to the other islands of the group as fast
as the message of annexation reached
them And the echo of their enthusiasm
came back to Honolulu to redouble and
re enforce the swelling Hood of exultation
and demonstrative satisfaction
Never was vessel more truly a gospel
ship bringing good news to those who
heard it gladly than the Coptic when she
came in last Wednesday afternoon July
13 with flags floating from every mast
and streamers and pennants from every
shroud and stay While she was still far
out at sea the message she bore was read
in her signal pennants and to every vil
lage and plantation and house on the isl
and of Oahu tho news was sent by tele
phone and messenger and by that subtle
mc7e of swift communication which ev
ery primitive people has and which tho
native Hawaiians have not forgotten
With the spread of the news there be
gan a display of American flags from
housetops and doorways and from tall co
coanut palms and hilltops and mountain
peaks as though the spirit of freedom
had just turned loose upon a whole peo
ple until to an aeronaut the whole isl
and would have looked like a garden of
red and blue flowers against the back
ground of tropical green
The whole population was awake alert
each to assure himself that the news so
long hoped for so often deferred had
come at last to grasp its full meaning
and to exchange with his neighbors mu
tual congratulations Business ceased
Buyers deserted the stores and merchants
their counting rooms to join in the streets
and at the wharf their fellow citizens in
celebrating their great event Factories
closed Work everywhere came to a
standstill We are Americans was the
only theme upon which men would talk
The steamship Coptic arrived from San
Francisco on the evening of the 13th
inst with the important news that the
United States Senate had ratified the
Newlands resolution making Hawaii a
part of the United States Long before
the vessel had reached the harbor it was
known that the steamer brought annexa
tion news the information being signalled
to the Mohican
After the Coptic was docked the official
message of Minister Hatch announcing
annexation was read from the balcony of
the Government building and was greeted
with intense enthusiasm The Govern
ment band played American national airs
and the people went wild Then there
was an informal procession and cheer
ing thousands marched through the
streets It- was far in the night before
the patriotic jubilee ended
Help Scarce in Dakota Because the
Boys Joined the Arniy
The farmers of the Northwest are con
fronted by a hard proposition as one ol
the results of the war With so small a
percentage of soldiers from the West it
would seem that their absence could make
no difference in the affairs ofcthe Statosr
But the situation is serious for the farm
er who is ready to harvest his grain
Heretofore the help has not been large
but with the assistance of tramps during
the harvesting season the farmers have
been nble to care for their crops Now
not only are their own sons away in the
army but there are no tramps in the
I have never known anything like it
said one of the largest farmers in South
Dakota I went into a town near my
farm last week to get harvest hands I
could easily have secured 200 men there
last year but now I could not get one
Tlietown has a population of 500 but it
sent 210 men to fight against Spain If
there are any idle men in the Bast looking
for plenty of work they should come out
hero We must have help or some of ua
will lose our crops
Thousands Kept on Boats at St Mi
chaels Unable to Land
The steamer Humboldt which arrived
in Seattle from St Michaels brings the
news that many river boatB and thou
sands of Klondikers are in dire straits at
St Michaels on account of lack of dock
ing facilities Many river boats and oth
er vessels towed to Alaskan ports have
been unable to land their passengers
some of them having been in port many
weeks The result is that provisions are
very low on the boats Thousands who
have landed have been unable to get up
the river owing- to Iowness of the
water in the Yukon and provisions in the
town are getting short Many of the ves
sels and passengers would return south at
once if they had food sufficient to make
the voyage to Seattle or San Francisco
Cincinnati City Restrained from Ex
pending 10000 on G A H
Judge R B Smith of the Ohio Su
preme Court in the suit of A M Stem
a taxpayer to restrain the city of Cincin
nati from expending 10000 for the en
tertainment of the Grand Army of the
Republic during the encampment next
September found that the objections to
the appropriation which had already been
passed by the board of city affairs were
valid and granted an injunction The
court ruled that the purpose of the ex
penditure is beyond the scope of the pow
r of a municipal corporation
Hoolcy Wrote His Own Pans
Ernest T Hooley the London specula
tornnd company promoter against whom
a receiving order was issued upon his own
petition several weeks ago was examined
in the bankruptcy court Wednesday Mr
Hooley said that he had paid Earl Del
awarr 25000 to act as chairman of the
Dunlop Tire Company and had paid the
board of directors of the company alto
gether 50000 Lord Albemarle he said
received 12500 and two solicitors re J
ceived 20000 each in addition to their
rw ir
Chicago Visited bj One of thellWorst
t Storms in Its History
One of the most severe hailstorms ever
experienced by Chicago came upon the
city early Thursday evening The sweep
of the storm was through the center of
the city from west to east Tens of thou
sands of windows were broken Horses
made frantic by huge hailstones striking
them ran away and pedestrians on trceir
way home from work fled terror strtken
to the nearest place of shelter day
had been hot and sultry In the west a
formation of clouds gave promise of a
shower but no severe storm was antici
pated even by the weather man At 43
oclock the sky was clear except in the
southwest where there were a few scat
tering clouds In the short space of thir
teen minutes the storm came up and broke
upon the city At G15 oclock hail com
menced to fall The hailstones averaged
an inch in diameter and many were
picked up that were as large as lemons
During the height of the storm the wind
blew at the rate of forty eight miles an
hour In the business district many of
the sky scrapers suffered
Reports from various points show that
storms did much damage elsewhere on
the same day Mrs Wesley Thornton
and infant child were killed in a cyclone
near Hawthorne Iowa Three farm
houses were demolished W R Henry
was killed by lightning The Swedish Lu
theran Church at Wallin was struck by
lightning and burned Serious damage
to crops was done by the wind and many
horses and cattle were killed At Lyons
Iowa the factory of the Warner Lock
Company was damaged to the extent of
10000 A cyclone passed through the
Indian reserve five miles north of Ma
rion Ind doing a great deal of damage
to timber and crops Reports from vari
ous points throughout the Michigan fruit
belt show that ripe peaches and black
berries suffered severely from the heavy
rain and hail It is feared that the loss
will run into thousands of dollars In
many cases peach trees were stripped of
their limbs while thousands of cases of
brries were strewn upon the ground
Expre83 Companies Are Defeated in a
Test Suit
A decision of great importance to ship
pers was rendered in Chicago by Judge
Tuley in the test suit brought by the Illi
nois Manufacturers Association to deter
mine whether the war tax imposed upon
bills of lading must be paid by the ship
per or by the express company Judge
Tuleys ruling is to the effect that the ex
press companies must bear the burden
of the tax and that they are required by
law to issue to the shipper a stamped bill
of lading without extra charge While
admitting the right of common carriers
to fix prices for the transportation of mer
chandise the decision declares that such
companies have no right to arbitrarily
make a horizontal increase in rates with
the plain intent to force the public to pay
a tax which the law making power aimed
to place on them The suit in question
was brought against the United States
Express Company The case will be car
ried to the United States Supreme Court
Contract Is Made and Line Will Soon
Be Working
The contract for a cable between the
United States Hawaii the Ladrones and
the Philippines has been let and commtf
nication will be established within a few
months Most of the surveys have been
made except some soundings between
Hawaii and the Ladrones It is under
stood tlmt the pontrnot was made with
the Pacific Cable Company after the Gov
ernment had sounded enough members of
Congress to make sure of the annexation
of Hawaii and the passage of the Pacific
cable bill On July 2 the executive coun
cil of the Hawaiian Government signed
a contract granting the right of the com
pany to lay a cable between the United
States Japan China and the Pacific
islands The contract is for a period of
twenty years Cables to the United
States and the Philippines will be first
Secretary Lone Gives Directions
Constructors of New Vessels
The lesson taught by the engagement
between the United States and Spanish
armor clads off Santiago on July 3 that
the use of inflammable material on war
ships is one of the greatest dangers In
modern marine warfare has not been lost
sight of in the Navy Department and
Secretary Long has directed the board of
construction to give consideration to the
matter in arranging the details of the
three battleships and four coast defense
monitors authorized at the last session of
Congress The board is discussing the
advisability of using fireproof wood in
these ships and a report will shortly be
made to Secretary Long
The business man is now stamping and
The Texas is nobly living down her old
The latest definition of a coming out
party is Cervora
Uncle Sams demand for revenue stamps
caused a stampede
Spain is rapidly realizing how it feels
to be a reconcentrado herself
Meanwhile do not forget that the
ha exposition goes marching on a
Camaras naval motto evidently is
small profits and quick returns
If there are any blowholes in American
armor plate Spain cant prove it JlvS
Vnw that Rnntincrn tins fallen isrirf it
v it iio
time ior ruanco to iukc u muiuie
The temptation of a free vacation trin
to Europe proved too much for Toral
Still Camara cant claim that he was
given a coaled reception at Port Said
Spanish honormay hot yet be preserved
but it is assuredly in a pickle just now
Sagasta seems to have studied states
manship under the man who blew out the
Peace is in the air remarks a Phila
delphia paper It is probably a piece of
Snain V
- -
roAfjfrz - 3
Blanco expressed bitter opposition to
peace negotiatiqns
Maj GenCJffec in thc ficJd U0SPltaI
at SantiagflihWcrJng from dysentery
The first detachment of troops from
Chickaniifagn left for Newport News to
embark for Porto Rico
Aguinaldo has proclaimed dictatorship
over the Philippiuesand refuses to subor
dinate himself to American authority De
barkation of American troops rapidly con
tinues near Manila
Reported that 5000 Spaniards included
in Torals capitulation while marching
to Santiago torrcnuer to Shatter were
ambushed byOOO Cubans under Garcia
but puttthe latterto rout after hot fight
ing rif th
Lieut Hobsou hero of the Merrima
episode arrived in New York on the
cruiser St Paul and proceeded to Wash
ington He was sent to confer with the
Government regarding raising Cerverad
Five transports tailed fi r Porto Kico
from Tampa yrf
Gen Brooke and hisnstaff left Chicka
mauga for NewportNews
Details of thCiiaval victory at Nipo
show it to have been one 3f the most
spirited sea battles of tho war
Advices from Santiago say the letter al
leged to have been written Ly Jen Gar
cia to Gen Shafter was writtou by a
newspaper man probably without the
knowledge or consent 6fGen Garcia
Gen Shafter reports rimt a colonel of
Spanish engineers from Guantauamoaf
rived at Santiago to learn of i the surrtfn
der and declared that the garrison at
Guantanamo will gladly accept the terms
of surrender
Admiral Sampsons report on the naval
battle at Santiago which ended in th
destruction of CerveraV fleet has been re
ceived in Washington but not made pub
lic -
The Spanish troops in Havana togetlir
with the residents havestrongly fortified
the city say Spanishreportsf and are
eager for an opportunity to measure arms
with the American forces
Lieut Hobsons plans for raising the
sunken Cristobal Colon thc Spanish war
ship have been approved by the Navy
Department nud arrangements have been
made to begin the work
Seven thousand Spanish troops at Guan
tanamo laid down their
Gen Miles has begun to land his expe
dition near Ponce Porto Rico
Gen Shafter reports 500 new cases of
fever among our troops at Santiago
Gen Brooke has arrived at- Newport
News preparatory to sailing for Porto
Cubans at Cienfuegos sent to Admiral
Sampson a pitiful appeal that he take the
city as they are starving
Details received of the landing of Gen
Miles expedition at Guanica Porto Rico
and the hoisting of tho Stars and Stripes
Gen Shafter sternly rebuked Senor
Ros the civil1 governor of Santiago for
unauthorised dismissal of Spanish ofli
Reports of Admiral Sampson and Com
modore Schley on the destruction of Cer
veras fleet at Santiago made public by
the Navy Department
Spain suedfor peace through M Cam
bon the French ambassador in Washing
ton who formally asked President Mc
Kiuley in behalf of Spain if he would con
sent to negotiations to end the war
Gen Shafter while regretting any
clash with the Cubans said their claims
to Santiago were untenable He sent a
letter to Gen Garcia explaining the po
sition of responsibility which the United
States occupies before the world
W ednesday
Announced on authority that no armistice-will
be granted Spain
Arrival off Porto Rico of the transports
Mobile Grand DuchesVaiid No 30 with
re enforcements for Gen Miles
Spanish adviees to Madrid alleged the
repulse of th advance of Gen Miles upon
Yauco after fighting lasting all night
Spanish troops in Porto Rico reported
to be concentrating in San Juan the cap
ital for defenselagainst Gen Miles
troops- tu ii
Gen Shafterrpleasedthe native Cubans
by permitting them to occupy and rule
oyer live town of Songo near Santiago
snrrehuercd by the Spanish
Gen Brookes expditionsailed Jf froin
Newport News for Porter Bfco
Several American rxansportsprobabiyj
those from Charleston cruising off Porfo
Rico ln iTr -
Secretary Alger denounced that as soon
as fever conditionjnjfemitShafters army
will be removed to ntraefcofand adjoin
ing Point LongIslandr Gen
Shafter now reports 4122- of hitmen sick
3193 with fever of various types but the
low death rate shows the sickness to be
of mild form u uwix
TcleaphicBrefifiea i J v-
Two thirds of the male populatibnfii1
the world use tobacco
South Dakotas wheat yieldhsaOO per
cent greater than last ycnr ti -
Flax is being successfully grown
ViVtnrin in pouthernTxfasyi t A
Northern Pacific officials report an
mous wheat crop along theirdine
Six members of a family by the name of
VonZostrow of SherburneVyNJY have
died of trichinosis from eatingjiaw pork
Considerable damagejjfas bepn done to
mountain toyns jflg Jstlfipus of Te
hauntepec by a seriesofearpiquake
In an altercation at aCnr Mo
between James Long a drayman and
Whltsett M Harris LdngstruqkHarria
over the head with a draystanaardj frac
turing his skull --
During the recent German elVctfionsiiof
dne vote was cast in tietown bf PostrofffJ
n TKlann rf R ftOrt trihnhitjfritflr5TA gfrnllfttet
booth was erected huTTJaleJnonfi of the
citizens appeared to xote eyenlhe elec
tion officers refrainedfrqni easting their
ballots -
W A Thomas of Sevierville Tenn
while driving in a heavy wagon along a
country road became fcfigaged in an alter
cation with JnmesMitenelIanegt6 who
struck him with brasaTcnricklejf knocking
him under the wagon the -wheels-of-which
passed over his body killing him
Instantly Mitchell wasarrsted
Wild Race of thc Siyots Fled Before
Russian Iuvasion
One bt 14ie most curious of many cu
rious people who make up the great
nation of China Is the Siyots They
live in the far interior north of the
desert of Gobi in a region of which
little is known The best maps of the
country close to the boundary line be
tween China and Siberia near the
headwaters of the Yenisei are inac
curate and are of little value to the
The Siyots are Chinese only by adop
tion When the Russians invaded Si
beria 300 years ago the Siyots refused
to bend the knee They retreated
southward and forced their way Into
the Chinese empire They dispossessed
a quiet and peaceful people in order to
make homes for themselves
The Siyots are a nomadic people
They live in portable tents built of lat
tice work with a fet covered conical
top Inside the tent is an arrangement
of boxes which serve as seats and beds
They also hold the family stores Near
the Siyots live the Turbets The lat
ter have no boxes inside their tents
and the Siyots consequently have a su
preme contempt for them
The Siyots are deeply religious and
evidences of their religion may bo
found all over the country At every
dangerous ford or difficult mountain
pass are piles of stone or sticks adorn
ed with bits of rag or with wisps of
horse hair Every man who crosses
the stream or mountain adds a trifle te
the collection as an offering to the deity
supposed to look after travelers
Smallpox is quite common among the
Siyots Their treatment of the disease
is primitive A medicine man is call
ed to see the patient and effort is made
to drive away the devil who is thought
to be the cause of the trouble The
medicine man enters the apartment
of the patient dressed in a long red
robe adorned with imitation snake
and brass ornaments He beats a tam
tam and yells all night working him
self into such a frenzy that he falls to
the ground biting his lips and cover
ing his face with blood
Some of the Siyots are Buddhists
and are under the control of red robed
lamas The Lama sometimes has a vis
ion in which he clams to be informed
that a certain Siyot is to die The
doomed man raises a bribe and tenders
It to the Lama who interferes and a
respite is secured for a time Then the
process is repeated New York World
Educating Muscles
And now comes a Russian professor
with a book of his own making in
which it is shown that muscular exer
cise does not develop muscular
strength where there was none before
In short Professor Alexis Horvath
completely upsets the theory that the
absolute strength of muscles may be
largely increased by exercise taken for
that purpose says the Washington
He contends that muscles are a gift
of nature and that no amount of ex
ercise can convert a congenital weak
ling into an athlete and a strong man
may preserve considerable strength
for many a long year even in the face
of absolute physical exertion The
principal difference between a man
who exercises his muscles and one who
does not lies in the greater endurance
of the former A regular course of
gymnastics does during the first
weeks increase the muscle power by
a little but the improvement soon ceas
es and the size of the muscles changes
very little
The beneficial effects of gymnastics
and of work shows itself principally in
the greater staying power of the mus
cles The best means Horvath thinks
for perfecting the muscles and giving
them the power to resist fatigue are
oft repeated rhythmical contractions
He gives as a corroborative example of
this theory the human hoart which
although it goes through these con
tractions consecutively during a whole
lifetime never tires or ceases its func
tions for a minute
Hottest Spot on Earth
One of the hottest regions of -the
earth is along the Persian Gulf where
little -or no rain falls At Bahrin the
arid shore has no fresh water yet a
comparatively numerous population con
trives to live there thanks to copiou3
springs which burst forth from the bot
tom of thesea The fresh water is got
-by diving The diver sitting In his
boat winds a great goat skin bag round
his left arm the hand grasping its
mouth then he takes in his right hand
a heavy stone to which is attached a
strong line and thus equipped he
plunges in and quickly reaches the bot
tom Instantly opening the bag over
the strong jet of fresh water he springs
up the ascending current at the same
time closing the bag and is helped
aboard The stone is hauled up and
the diver taking breath plunges In
again The source of these submarine
springs is thought to be in the green
hills of Osman 500 miles distant Sat
urday Evening Post
Woman Steals Meerschaums
The French have produced the most
remarkable kleptomaniac on record
This is an old woman named Bide
whose passion for smoking has im
pelled her to pilfer pipes from Parisian
shops with suchjndusrry that no fewer
than 2600 were found In her lodgings
All were meerschaums and thirty nine
were well colored
Former Sea Port Now Fur Inland
In the eleventh century Sandwich
was the most famous Englsh seaport
It is now however two miles inlan J
owing to the sea receding
When a man proposes to a woman in
fun and is accepted for a joke the foun
dation for real trouble has been laid
Other people dont take as much jn
terest in your Hop --