The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, August 04, 1898, Image 1

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Comlnv Events
Teachers Institute August 15
County Commissioners August 15
Republican County Convention August G
Democratic Senatorial Convention Aug 20
Populist Senatorial 20
Labor Day September 5
Topulist Commissioner Convention Sept 9
Democratic Commissioner Convention Sept 9
Populist County Convention Sept- 10
DemocraticCounty Convention Sepfc 10
Mrs Perry Lawson visited the Chau
tauqua Sunday
J C Stotts was up from Cody on
business Monday
C A Johnson was in town from
Woodlake yesterday
Judge Walcott spenfcSunday at the
Longpine Chautauqua
N E Gardner of garden was in
town over night Monday
Miss Mary Hurley went home to
ONeill Tuesday afternoon
S B Turner an Ainsworth stock
buyer was in townsysterday
Mrs Sam Hudson visited with Mrs
J J Guth in town the past week
Prof U OBryan of the reservationJ
spent a day or two in town this week
W Ef Haley will occupy the Evans
house white Ms own is being remodel
Maggie Steele has been quite ill all
week though nothing serious is ap
D M Sageser is moving into his
new house in the northeast part of
twwn today
Geo H Hornby and f amity went to
Longpine Sunday morning to attend
W A Bonser one of Rosebuds
most prominent cattle men was in
town Monday
Landlord Hooton of the Valentine
House has been illand confined to his
room this week-
DrJB Wells -has been in Butte
iis wees doing dental work for the
Mheauts at that place-
Archie Petty crew has beenconsider
ably under the weather this week
though not seriously ill
Work on the Barker building goes
rapidly on and it will be completed
by the first of September
Prof S Q Spain of Kennedy- -was
iiitown yesterday lo appear before
the pension examination board
The teachers institute which com
mences here August 15 bids fair to be
tnb Deat ever held in Cherry county
Chas BredesoD of Bosebud spent
Saturday in town for the purpose of
attending a lodge meeting that night
Fred Polks has resumed his position
as clerk in Grabb Yincents store
after his tussel with blood poisoning
C H Cornell went to Cody yester
day morning and will rusticate for a
few days on Quigleys Boiling Springs
W T Kincaid spectf Sunday at
Longpine He reportsliaving heard a
splendid lecture by Gov St John
u t jy nr WKfcisnd rjBPffivsvik1 -
1 S - rr
Hans Basmusaien and Elisa Gjerder
wpr marrted at Fort last
weekJticfge Towne performing the
I C Nelson of Cody--was quite ill
last week and called Dr Compton to
his assistance He is much better at
this time
Ye editor yesterday decorated the
inmates of the court tionse with button
hole boquets of fresh flowers from- oue
It is impossibVfor mafr to play
sinch all the time and make a success
of his life but some men like to try
the impossible
Bev 0 T Moore went to Lincoln
this morning on a business trip
will- visit the Exposition at
Omaba while gone
Misses E P Bailey and L C Van
Horn teachers on the reservation re
turned last evening to resume work
after their vacation speTit in the east
W m Perdon and Earl Comstock
went out to the formers ranch near
Brownlee Sunday Wer presume that
they got the full benefit of Mondays
6pW K J
Dr Evans and wife startedfor their
new home at Springview overland
Tuesday The Doctor and his estima
ble wife leave behind- them many
warm friends
Bob Paddis and Bill Ballard
two of our well known and uiost in
fluential stockmen were in town Sat
urday the former from Pass and the
latter from Woodlake
Dr H P Belt was over from Bose
bud Monday and returned the next
day The Doctor drove over in rain
and was quite thoroughly soaked by
the time ho arrived in town
Many west bound trains double
head The railroad company is bus
illy engaged taking stock cars to the
Hills The stock run will begin in
earnest m a couple of weeks
Since we have been keeping bache
lors hall we have learned to appre
ciate Mark Twains aphorism Be
good and you will be lonesome A
truer thing was never written
Prof and Mrs B H Watson re
turned Tuesday night from Ithaca
where they have been visiting since
the Professor finished the course at
the State University summer school
Dr Sloan will preachin Norden on
Sunday morning and evening August
14 1898 He will also preach every
evening of that week if it is the wish
of the congregation Norden Borealis
Miss Peyton of Lavaca is visiting
with Miss Delia Sawyer at Sparks
prior to attending the teachers in
stitute The girls were in town last
Saturday and went to Sparks the same
from Minnesota
Charles Derling
charge of horse
liminary hearing
with his
i v v -
nSMWWtHvBVHWWv lip i Hi Tfrtd frj piiBjai m JL
wanted here on a
stealing The pre-
has not yet taken
Conductor Charlie Johnson fell be
tween the cars of his train No 27
near Sturgis lasL Thursday evening
and was instantly killed Deceased
was well known and liked on this end
of the road
Thank goodness our better nineteen-
twentieths will be home tomorrow
evening We were just begining to
study up the laws relating to marriage
divorce bigamy etc when the wel
come news was received
It is a Query where- our deputy
county treasurer spends so much of
his spare time We dont wonder at
the deputy clerk because we are told
that he manages to link on to some
girl almost every evening
Davenport Thacher contemplate
starting a branch of their general
merchandise store at Cody in the near
future We can promise the people
df that live little burg a first class es
tablishment if such action is taken
L C Sparks chief clerk in Daven
port Thachers general merchandise
store left Sunday morning for Lincoln
to attend the populist state convention
Prom Lincoln he will visit the Ex
position and then visit his parents
in- Michigan
The Nebraska state Sunday school
convention will be held at Omaha on
Sept 30 at the close of the Trans
mississippi Sunday school congress
This is expected to be one of the most
important meetings of Sunday school
workers ever held
W E Haley is nothing if not up-to-date
in the matter of office furni
ture His latest acquisition is a fine
antique oak filing case for papers
books letters etc The case has about
100 drawers and is the neatest thing
of the kind in town
Carl Dean Thompson and Eva Kate
Mygatt were married yesterday and
announce that they will bV at home
after Sept 1 at Sharon- Wis The
groom is a minister of the gospel and
die bride is one of Longpine and
Bfownconnty s fairest and best known
The job facilities of this office have
been worked almost to their utmost
capacity during the last two weeks
and our stock of stationery has been
sadly depleted Dont worry though
if you have anything that you wish
printed We have ordered a new sup
ply of papers envelopes and card
boards and will turn onfc work- ia
good season -
fl X J
vs --
PuMLsliea for 3Four Years as
Chapman Jlilsinccr
Married Saturday evening July 30
1S98 Mr George A Chapman and
Miss Evelyn Hilsiuger Rev J M
Bates performing the ceremony
It is with the greatest pleasure that
Tnii Democrat chronicler the mar
riage of this young couple The wed
ding took place at the home of the
parents of the bride and was solemn
ized by the llev J M Bates the
beautiful Episcopal service being used
None but relatives and two or three
very intimate friends- were present
The groom is the pleasant and efficient
pharmacist at the City drug store and
during his residence here has shown
himself a gentleman in every respect
The bride is a Valentine lady and is
known to all as a beautiful amiable
and -accomplished woman With
scores of friends we wish the happy
young couple success and hope that
their troubles should any visit them
will all be as light and pass away as
quickly as did the moke of the grooms
excellent wedding cigars
JLlttle Spnsgys Jead
Spug Donoher is dead It is with
fond regrets inconsistently mingled
with ghoulish glee that ve chronicle
this fact We liked Spug and he
liked us but he was a dreadful nui
sance and the sentence of death which
was passed upon him many moons
ago was executed Tuesday Spug
was a gentleman awd met his death
in a gentlemanly way by the chloro
form route and amid the sobs of his
many friends was tenderly laid away
to his last rest at p m on the day
of his demise His ancestry is lost
even to tradition but the seven warts
on his face showed that he was a
thoroughbred and that is all we cared
to know He was 12 years old at
the time of his taking off was deaf
blind and halt and was the best known
pug- dog in Northwest Nebraska Re
quiescat in pace
Sionx GU to OmaUa
Incharge of J P House a dozen
Siouxcame over from Bosebud last
Priday afternoon and left the next
morning for Omaha where they will
attend the Indian congress as repres
entatives of the Brule Sioux The
party was composed of Geo Lone Elk
and wife Turning Eagle Pulls the
Arrow Sleeping Bear and wife With
Horns Goes to War wife and child
Poor Dog and Keeps the Mountain
The party carried a complete outfit of
war bonnets feathers and beaded
work and wore the Indian full dress
Priday afternoon they obtained per
mission and gave our citizens an op
portunity of seeing what they could
do in tbe dancing line The alfair
came off on Main street and attracted
quite a crowd
Wind Does Damago
During the heavy wind last Priday
J night the st eel roof on J R dyers
House 7 miles northwest of Crookston
was blown to smithereens a granary
was wrecked and a barn scattered to
the four winds The same night the
north half ot tbe roof over I C Stotts
house at Cody was blown away We
are glad to say that nobody was hurt
at either of these two places One
queer thing comes to mind though-
both of these were new roofs Mr
Stotts having moved into his house
just the dy before the storm The
query naturally arises Are new
houses safe to live in
Fourteen Baptised
Pourteen persons were baptised by
by Rev Moore Sunday Pour two
ladies and two gentlemen were sprink
led at the church and ten three boys
and seven girls were immerspd The
latter ceremony took place at the mill
pond nearthe bath house and was
witnessed by a large concourse of peo
ple 200 or 300 being present Those
who were baptised will be received in
to full communion with the Methodist
i church on August 14 one week trom
Everybody says that Cherry county
will have the biggest crops this year
ever known Small grain needs more
than the usual amount of twiue for
binding this year and the heads- are
large and well filled The rains of
this week have assured a good corn
crop except in a few places Haying
is progressing rapidly and men are in1
Igreat demand
- f
- -
- r
Dr Reichard will be in Valentine
at the Valentine House August 5 6
and 7 prepared to do all kind of den
tal work at lowest prices All work
warranted 27
TjOHT A fine black and white set
ter dog Answers to the name of
Paul Was first missed about July
23 Liberal reward will be paid for
his return to Lt C H Bartii
27 Pt Niobrara Nebr
Cherry county and in fact all of
northern Nebraska was blessed with
a fine rain Monday By the govern
ment rain gauge 136 inches of rain
fell during the day The water fell
in torrents for a few minutes during
the forenoon
Stubble duck are said to be ripe
at present It is against the law to
shoot prairie chickens until September
People throughout the country threat
en to prosecute any one who violates
the law so our sportsmen had better
go a little slow
Miss Kibbey left Valentine last
week and Miss Williams returned to
her school work at Rosebud Sunday
at the expiration of her 30 days leave
The bachelor contingent of The Don
oher boarders say that everything in
town is unusually quiet just now
Rev Sloan so far recovered his
health that he was able to leave the
hotel for his home at Alliance last
evening His illness was the ef
fect of a strain received while leaving
the train a week ago Saturday and for
a time his condition was very critical
Ben Davis is budding forth as a
hunter of pestiferous wild dog He
weut forth early yesterday morning
with a pack of gray hounds and gave
chase The chase was exciting as it
was short and at 6 oclock Davis and
his hounds- were iuowu with a- great
big coyote as a trophy of the hunt
Cliadron News
Eniow Etancit Sold
Barrlett Bichurds md W G- Com
stock this week closed a deal for the
entire Enlow outfit situated in the
southwest part of this county The
deal means the transfer of several
thousand acres of land and about three
thousand head of cattle worth alto
gether about 100000 Mr Comstock
will move his personal property frooi
his old location in Montana to this
county and will we understand make
his home in Chadron
Ten Years Recollections
Rev Bates held regular services at
the Episcopal church last Sunday
morning and evening He announced
that on his next visit to Valentine the
first Sunday in September he will
give his reminisenccs of his ten years
work in this mission field It is sel
dom that a missionary holds one post
as long as Bev Bates has held this and
his talk is sure to be replete wiih in
terest to all Services in the evening
will be held at 730 instead of 800 p
m as heretofore
iewsfrom Ainsworth
E II Edwurds returned last Fri
day evening from a weeks visit with
his son at Carrol
Will Dennis of Valentine passed
through Ainsworth Tuesday on his
way to South Dakota He is making
the trip by wheel
The Epworth League is fortunate
in being able to arrange dates with
Bev O T Moore of Valentine who is
making a lecture tour along the Elk-
horn Mr Moores bill read Sense
and nonseuse or An Evening of Fun
Ainsworth Star JburnaT
Nearly Completed
Jackson Braytons new building
is rapidly approaching compleLion
and By September 1 will be in use -The
floor is laid and shelving is be i
ing placed in the store room on the
first floor The present store room
and the new one will be connected by
an archway thus giving the RedEiont
a floor space of 50x80 with a base
ment under the entire establishment
The second floor of the new building
is divided into five rooms and a bath
room closets etc The rooms are sol
arranged that they may be used in
suites or separately
3 - -
The- Official Gnlde and
Band Book of tlie Hallway ana Steam Navl
gatlon Lines of the United States Dominion of
Canada and Mexico
Devoted especially to transportation lines In the
territory of thOhloand Mississippi valleys the lake
region lncludingaH lines groveraed by the time of
ins tmui menamn tcemrai ewnaara lime ana west
jinereoi naving ai3o conaenflea ana tnrough
Subscription S3 00 per year 25 ots pcr cctpy
Publishers and Proprietors
lfi3 to 174 Adams Street Chlcajro HL
NO 28
One of the most serious prob
lems that confronts all prospective
housekeepers is the great original
outlay necessary for setting up an
establishment If they would
only come to us we wonld show
them how easy it is to make a lit
tle money go a long way Te
can make veteran housekeepers
open their eyes too at the values are now offering
Pr A fit
OHV I v buying at our store A ine
I Drugs Oils Paints Tarnish
argest line of WALL PAPER in Northwest Nebr
J A complement of Toilet Articles Perfumes
O r O
Pine line of plain and fancy jew
elry constantly on hand
Repairing promptly executed and
done in the Best manner
Eull line of sporting goods
All work executed with promptness
and accuracy
Office at residence east of M E church
llliotts Drug Store
Hair cutting and shaving
Shop in the W H Moses building
C A Wells
J B Wells
Office over
Clierry County JSanlc
Trade Marks
Copyrights c
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable Communica
tions strictly confidential Handbook on Patents
sent free Oldest agency for seenrinepatenta
Patents taken through Mnnn Co receive
special notice without charge in the
Scientific American
A handsomely illustrated weekly Largest cir
cnlation of any scientific journal Terms 3 a
year four months L Sold by ail newsdealers
Branch Office 25 T St Washington D C
Iforth Western Line is to be
to and from the
F 5