The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, July 07, 1898, Image 7

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Prom Mrs Rank to Mrs Pirikham
The following- letter to Mrs Pink
ham from Mrs M Rank No 2354
East Susquehanna Ave Philadelphia
Pa is a remarkable statement of re
lief from utter discouragement She
I never can find words with which
to thank you for what L ydia E Pink
ham s Vegetable Compound has- done
for me
Some 3ears ago I had womb trouble
and doctored for a long time not see
ing any improvement At times I
would feel well enough and other
times was miserable So it went on
until last October I felt something
terrible creeping over me I knew not
what but kept getting worse I can
hardly explain my feelings at that
time I was so depressed in spirits
that I did not wish to live although I
had everything to live for Ilad Hys
teria was very nervous could not
sleep and was not safe to be left
Indeed I thought I would lose my
mind- No one knows what 1 endured
1 continued this way until the last
of February when I saw in a paper a
testimonial of a lady whose case was
similar to mine and who had been
cured by Lydia E Pinkhams Vegeta
ble Compound I determined to try it
and felt better after the first dose I
continued taking it and to day am a
well woman and can sav from my
heart 4 Thank God for such a medi
Mrs Pinkham invites all suffering
women to write to her at Lynn Mass
for advice All such letters are seen
and answered by women only
A Perfect Type of the Highest Orderof
Excellence n Manufacture r
r ii
5 J
Absolutely Pure
-Costs Less Tfteq OgE CEHT a Gnp
Be sure that yea get the Genuine Article
Established io
I Both my wife and myself have been
using CASCARETS ond they are the best
i medicine we have over had in the house Last
week myvifo was frantio with headache for
- two days she tried some of yourCASCARETS
and they relieved the pain in her bead almost
Immediately We both recommend Cascarets
CHAS Stedefokd
Pittsburg Sale Deposit Co Pittsburg Pa
Pleasant Palatable Potent Taste Good Do
Good Kcver SicUen Weaken or Gripe 10c 25c 60c
Cterlls Conpan f Chicago ontrral New Tort 317
Sold and guarant ecd by all drug
gists to CJXtK Tobacco Habit
The Only Resource
Has Rounder lived down his bad
reputation yet M
No he tried that and failed Now
he is making an effort to live up to it
Philadelphia North American
The Vessels of Our Navy
The splendid work of our ships has set
many persons not heretofore interesleiriiv
naval matters to making more or less of u
study of hhips armaments armor project
iles and so forth It is an interest rstudj
especially at the present lime and Official
Photographs of the United States Navy is
the best and cheapest book on the subject
It contains 1S2 pages of handsome pictures
and descriptive matter with fine colored
maps of the scene of war in both hemis
pheres and will be sent by mail postpaid
on receipt of twenty five cents in silver by
Chicago Newspaper Union IU South
Jefferson Street Chicago 111
I Most Acute
She Ycit is the province of woman
to suffer id silence
HeIn silence That must be suffer
ing indeed Cincinnati Enquirer
For Washington
The Northwestern excursion to Wash
ington offers a choice of many routes
Before completing your arrantrcments call
at the Northwestern city office Security
Bank building Sioux City Iowa
No Chance
Doctor Do you sleep well
Patient No Pui just as sick when
Im asleep as when Im awake De
troit Free Press
Halls Catarrh Cure
Is a constitutional cure Price 75 cents
Up in Minnesota a widow wants 1
000 from a man who hugged her
Say shes evidently pressed for mon
ey Cleveland Plain Dealer
Tor lung and chest diseases Pisos Cure
is the best medieine we have used Mrs
J L Northcott Windsor Ont Canada
If men arc always Judged by -their
ccrmpany its pretty rough on some inea
who are alone
Bread Makinjr
Save one pint of yeast from the last
baking The day before baking cook
six large potatoes put them in a gallon
jar and mash Then put the water the
potatoes were boiled in into a jar also
one tablespoonful of salt and two of
sugar and cool to 75 degrees Fahren
heit Then put in the pint of yeast
This should nearly fill the jar let this
ferment over night The next morning
sift the bread pan two thirds full of
flour hollow out the center pour in
one quart of boiling water stirring all
the while and cool with one quart of
cold water After taking out the pint
of yeast for next baking pour the re
mainder Into the prepared flour and
beat to a stiff batter cover with flour
and set in a warm place wrapping the
whole in a blanket to keep a uniform
temperature Let rise and knead four
times using more flour if needed Then
put tlie loaves in well greased tin let
rise until quite light bake for one hour
This should make eight large loaves
Denver Field and Farm
Delicious Strawberry DnmpHnjrs
Tut one pint of flour into bowl add
to it half a teaspoonful of salt and a
teaspoonful of baking powder rub in
carefully a tablespoonful of butter and
addsufficient milk to just moisten
Knead lightly and roll out into a sheet
about a sixteenth of an inch in thick
ness Cut with a large round cutter
put three strawberries in the center of
each round fold over the dough roll
ing It carefully so that you can not see
the opening stand in a greased baking
pan brush the top with milk and bake
in a quick oven for fifteen minutes
Serve with strawberry butter which
may be made by beating two table
spoonfuls of butter to a cream and add
ing gradually one cup of powdered
sugar Add one mashed berry beat
thoroughly then another and another
until you have added at least four
good sized berries Dish and stand
aside to harden as you would any hard
sauce Ladies Home Journal
Aftparac5 Faucc
Take one bunch of green asparagus
salt one ounce of fresh butter one
small bunch of parsley three or four
green onions one large lump of sugar
four tablespoonfuls of white stock
Break the asparagus in the tender part
wash well and put them into boiling
salt and water to render them green
When they are tender take them out
and put them into cold water drain
them on a cloth till all the moisture
is absorbed from them Put the butter
in a stewpan with the paisley and
onions lay in the aspartgus and fry
the whole over a sharp fire for five
minutes Add salt the sugar and
white stock and simmer for another
five minutes Rub all through a tam
my and if not a very good color use
a little spinach geen This sauce
should be rather sweet This Is suita
ble for garnish American Cultivator
Take Care of the Old Newspapers
Old newspapers form an important
item in domestic economy and are use
ful for polishing window glasses for
cleaning lamp chimneys for testing
and cleaning flat irons and for a dozen
other things You will also need heaps
of them when you come to pack away
the winter clothing The clothes moth
like other evil doers has an aversion
to printers ink An excellent moth
proof bag may be made of two thick
nesses of newspaper with the edges
folded as if for an inch wide hem and
securely pasted Bags of the same kind
are about the best thing you can can
use for keeping seeds ancLdried herbs
They are dust and insect proof and
can be labeled and hung in the store
room until needed
Baked Stuffed Onions
Select large onions as near of a size
as possible peel them cover with boil
ing salted water and simmer for ten
minutes Drain scoop out the center
of each onion and fill the cavity with
cold minced meat of any kind highly
seasoned and moistened with beaten
egg and a very little melted butter
Place the onions closely together in a
baking pan baste with a little butter
and bake in a moderate oven until ten
der and browned basting occasionally
with butter Prepare separately one
half of a cupful of nice brown sauce
add the scooped out centers after chop
ping very fine season highly and pour
round the onions before serving
Cod Tomato Pickle
To one half peck ripe tomatoes
pared chopped fine and drained two
hours add one quart vinegar and al
low it to stand until the rest of the ingredients-
are made ready Measure
out one cupful onion chopped line one
cup sugar one cup white mustard seed
two tablespoonfuls black pepper one
tablespoonful cinnamon one of cloves
one teaspoonful mace two or three
heads of chopped celery one small red
pepper one cupful grated horseradish
one cupful nasturtium seed and one
half cup of salt Stir together and bot
tle without cooking
Cruet for Raise- Pies
This crust may be usd for all pies
with jelly Boil lard good and line in
water add as much excellent dripping
as there is lard there must not b2
much of either When still hot mix it
with as much flour as you have calcu
lated will do for your purpose Make
the paste stiff and smooth by kneading
and also by beating it with a rolling
pin When perfectly smoothpntvabaU
of it by In a cloth till cold then use i
From the Detroit Journal
The promptness with which the Nation
al Guard of the different States respond
h1 to President McKinleys call for
troops at the beginning of the war with
Spain made the whole country proud of
its citizen soldiers In Detroit there aro
few guardsmen more
popular and efficient
than Max R Davies
first sergeant of Co
B He has been a res
ident of Detroit for
the past six years
and his home is at
41 G Third avenue
For four years he
was connected with
the w e 1 1 - k nown
wholesale drug house
of Farrand Williams
Clark in the capa
city of bookkeeper
I have charged up
many thousand or
ders for Dr Will
yJMi jf I
II ur
LA i
iams Pink Pills for The First Sergeant
Pale People said Mr Davies but nev
er knew their worth until I used them
for the cure of chronic dyspepsia For
two years I suffered and doctored for that
aggravating trouble but could only be
helped temporarily
I think dyspepsia is one of the most
stubborn of ailments and there is scarce
ly a clerk or office man but what is more
or less a victim Some days I could eat
anything while at other times I would
he starving Those distressing pains
would force me to quit work
I tried the hot water treatment thor
oughly but it did not affect my ease I
have tried many advertised remedies but
they would help only for a time A friend
of mine recommended Dr Williams Pink
Pills but I did not think much of them
1 finally was induced to try the pills
and commenced using them After taking
a few doses I found much relief I do not
remember how many boxes of the pills I
used but I used them until the old trou
ble stopped I know they will cure dys
pepsia of the worst form and I am pleas
ed to recommend them
Dr Williams Pink Pills are sold by all
dealers or will be sent iost paid on re
ceipt of price 50 cents a box or six boxes
for 250 by addressing Dr Williams
Medicine Company Sclipnectady N Y
The Emperor of Germany Converses
Fluently iu the Languages
It is a singular fact that Emperor
Wiliiain II who is hated with a ven
omous hatred by every normally con
stituted Briton is nevertheless per
sonally quite fond of the English of
their language and literature of En
glish ways of British sports manners
clothes even of some of the very Brit
ish prejudices The Emperor too
speaks English not only with perfect
fluoncy but without any German ac
cent and he has mastered every nicety
and every peculiarity of the tongue
evtn to American slang Of this latter
proficiency he has given many proofs
In conversation for example with the
American ambassador Mr White as
well as the American attaches Allen
and Niblack in the course of last win
ters entertainments he used many
times in a jocular manner such term
and expressions as getting ones back
up guy fake etc terms rather
forcible than elegant but certainly ex
pressive and thoroughly American
just to show that he knows all abou it
and duly appreciates it as an original
vehicle of expression
It was quite like his own self which
is singularly free from prejudice of
every description that he took up with
characteristic vim the books of Capt
Mahan U S N to which he accorded
much more enthusiastic praise than did
the- English naval men Among tho
volumes given by the Emperor as prize
gifts to talented pupils of the public
schools In Prussia the books of the
American naval officer form a large
Delude Themselves
It is a fact little known but it is the
truth nevertheless that though Eng
land obtained possession of Gibraltar
as far back as 170 1 the Spaniards to
this day contend that they still have
their proprietary interest in that
mighty fortification and are not yet
conquered With this idea ever in their
mind they have appointed since that
date and still appoint with regularity
and persevering conscientiousness n
Spansh governor general of Gibraltar
as often as the office falls vacant Of
course the British governor is the gen
uine governor and the Spanish official
never sets foot in Gibraltar but that
little anomaly does not in the least af
fect the prevailing idea and consequent
action of the Spaniards When about
two years ago the then Spanish gov
ernor of Gibraltar died in Spain he
was buiied with all the pomp befitting
his tank and with due solemnity his
successor was appointed All of which
evidences the density of the dons to
grasp the logic of events and proves
that though they may persevere in
their claims the perseverance is not
much to be dreaded Probably when
they lose Cuba fiction of acaptain
general may obtain in like manner It
will be amusing not dangerous
Gomez the Cuban Commander
With numerous sights and scenes con
nojtcd with naval service the vessels
of the American fleet and many other
interesting war views is represented in
that valuable Look of illustrations
Official Photographs of the United States
Navy together with colored maps show
ing the thoater of war in the West Indies
and the Philippines Send twenty five
cents in silver to Chicago Newspaper
Union 91 South Jefferson Street Chicago
III and receive the book by mail post
Spells Employed by Negroes
There are numerous harmless
spells which are regular observances
In the lives of the average Southern ne
groes Besides the root chewing the
track lifting etc they have a love
philter of frogs legs cooked In still
water and the ashes of a bat are pow
erful enough to keep away a rival or
an enemy To make a dog stay at
home they cut off the tip of his tail
and bury it under the doorstep To
make a wife obedient they draw her
pictur and hide it In the shingles
Thus waking or sleeping there is a
constant forcing or counteracting of
The Dancer
2o said the confident youth I
shall not trudge along in the beaten
track I shall not devote my mind to
hum drum duty
What are you going to do asked
Senator Sorghum
I am going to strike away from the
beaten path Im going to leave foot
prints on the sands of time
Well you want to be careful
I have energy and ability
Yos but you want to be careful
tco Trying to leave footprints on the
sands of time has been the cause of a
lot of people getting stuck in the mud
Washington Star
Womans Way
He was telling her the latest scandal
Stop she cried just as he reached
the end of the story I wont listen to
another word New York Evening
Blood -Cleaning
House cleaning is a duty in every well
regulated household People dont wait
until the filth becomes painfully apparent
but it stands to reason that in every day
use more or less dust or dirt accumulate
It is so with the human blood From the
enormous variety of eatables takn into
the stomach a quantity of useless mate
rial is bound to accumulate in the blood
and clog the free and wholesome iow in
the vessels Every person shoud lrom
time to time- have a blood cleaning and
the best cleam er and blood purifier is
Cascarets Candy Cathartic We recom
mend them to all our readers
We should never make enemies if for
no other reason because it is so hard
to behave toward them as we ought
Map of the Scene of War
As the conflict progresses and new
places and localities are brought within
the sphere of operations the necessity of
having a good mip constantly at hand is
felt by every reader The valuable new
book Official Photographs of the United
States Navy contains first class map3 of
all the Spanish possessions iu which oar
troops and navy are operating a3 well a3
192 pages of valuable illustration and mat
ter descriptive of the vessels of the
American navy and life aboard ship
Sent by mail postpaid on receipt of 25
cents in silver by Chicago Newspaper
Union 93 South Jefferson Street Chicago
The Suez canal is SH miles long and
reduces the distance from England to
India nearly 4000 miles for ships
Try Allens Foot Ease
A powder to be shaken into the shoes
At this season your feet fool swollen ner
vous and hot and get tired oasily If you
have smarting feet or tight shoes try
Allens Foot Ease It cools the feet and
makes walking easy Cures swollen and
sweating feet blisters and callous spots
Relieves corns and bunions of all fain and
gives rest and comfort Over ten thousand
testimonials Try it to day Sold by ai
druggists and shoe stores for 25c Trial
package FREE Address Allen S Olm
sted Le Roy N Y
In Australia spring begins Aug 20
summer Nov 20 autumn Feb 20 and
winter May 20
For Uufialu
The Northwestern excursion to Buffalo
offeis a choice of many routes Before
completing your arrangements call at the
North western city ofiice Security Bank
building Sioux City Iowa
Lightning struck two mules at Elk
Toint S D and one of them fell on a
boy and killed him
FITS Iermanpirijr Cured No fita or nervousnoft
after first iiayv u o or Jr KilueV Ureal Nerve 1S
t oror Send for FIKE S2no trial bottle an trcatiso
On it H KLINE Ltd Ml Atcli bt Ihlladelplila Pa
Gold loses its shine when it is gotten
by guilt
How is this
Perhaps sleepless night3
caused it or grief or sick
ness or perhaps it was care
No matter vhat the cause
you cannot wish to look old
at thirty
Gray hair is starved hair
The hair bulbs have been
deprived of proper food or
proper nerve force
Increases the circulation in
the scalp gives more power
to the nerves supplies miss
ing elements to the hair
Used according to direc
tions gray hair begins to
show color in a few days
Soon it has all the softness
and richness of youth and
the color of early life returns
Would you like our book
on the Hair We will gladly
send it to you
VfoSie sst
If you do not obtain all the
benefits you expected from
the Vigor write the doctor
about it He may be able to
suggest something of value
to you Address Dr J C
yec v o Lowell Mass
Reduction in Bicycle Prices
It is said that Western capitalists aro
contemplating the organization of a com
pany which hopes to make first class
wheels and sell them as low as 10
Whether this be true or not the fact re
mains that Hostetters Stomach Bitters
iu a first class remedy for the stomach
liver and kidneys For fever and ague it
is a speciric
In the River Llano In Texas Islands
of floating snnd are sometimes seen
Mrn YVInflmr SoomiNo Stbup Tor Chi I Iron
teetblnc sorter the enms reancen Inflammation
allay pain enreo wind colic 25 cents a bottle
Self respect Is the cornerstone of all
virtue John Herschel
k yvimjjixmt julu u u3JsiLj ikv3
e -3 fcrfjAsewvfis fli razv
i Z S BmmfJ jsr
i CiSJi xH 1
mm e f cuffs KSF jra is
Of AfeftrtR S7A3CH
ni tfiioiura aensfro
vLYizvtt r
5 rjtm
re j
I Have
No Stomach
Said a jolly man of 40 of almost alder
manic nitundity since talcing Hoods
Sarsapanlla What he meant was that
this grand digestive tonic had so com
pletely cured all distress and disagreeable
dyspeptic symptoms that he lived nte and
slept in comfort You may be put into
this delightful condition if you will take
Hoods Sarsapariila
Americas Greatest Medicine
A Beautiful
FREE for a few months to all users of the
celebrated ELASTIC STARCH Flat Iron
Brand To induce you to try this brand of
starch so that you may find out for yourself
that all claims for its superiority and econ
omy are true the makers have had prepared
at great expense a series of four
exact reproductions of the 10000 originals by Muville which will be given
you ABSOLUTELY FREE by your grocer on conditions named below
These Plaques are 40 inches in circumference are free of any suggestion of
advertising whatever and will ornament the most elegant apartment No
manufacturing concern ever before gave away such valuable presents to its
customers They are not for sale at any price and can be obtained only in
the manner specified The subjects are
American Wild Ducks American Pheasant
English Quail English Snipe
The birds are handsomely embossed and stand out natural as life Each
Plaque is bordered with a band of gold
has been the standard for 25 yeare
packages of this brand were sold
last year Thats how good it is
to show you the plaques and tell
you about Elastic Strcj Accept
no substitute
to To Set Them
All purchasers of three 10 cent or
sir 5 cent packages of Elastic Starch
Flat Iron Brand are entitled to re
ceive from their grocer one of these
beaut if nl Gcrae Plaques free The
plaques will not bo sent by mail
They can bo obtained only from your
Every Grocer Keeps Elastic Starch
Do not delay This offer
is for a short tirao only
- - T - III mi ill I I 1 PttitW - aAL
A Handful of Dirt May Be a Houseful
of Shame Keep Your House
Glean with
Over 200 views of battleships gunboats monitors torpedo
boats torpedo boat destroyers cruisers rams dynamite
cruisers and other war craft besides portraits of prominent
Army and Navy Officers including a complete description
of the construction speed and armament of each boat together
with a large authentic colored map of the East and West
Indies by the aid of which the reader can not only form an
accurate estimate of our naval strength but follow the move
ments of the contending fleets The work includes over 20
views of the Maine taken before the disaster in Havana harbor
showing portraits of the officers and crew and supplemented
by photographs taken after the explosion depicting the divers
at their work and other incidents in connection with this sad
and memorable event A souvenir to treasure after the war is
over Remit in silver or by money order
Price 25 Cents Postpaid
No 93 South Jefferson St Chicago III
Unequaleil Excellence
OriKiuul Hard KubDer
Truss Mfr zsnlics 705 70UMisonic Temple
cialty Perfect retention safety and relief Ad
vanced methods Unenuaed experience Sat
isfaction guaranteed Booklet free
la 1 1 dji
lm f Ourmatctd V
-a -
1 WfalY
V crEx y I
V u
Uo Big 3 for unnatural
diicharges inflammations
Irritations or ulcerations
nf m it a n i
irrtTesu eosutjoa Pninl nrf -
KEEvAXSCHEHlCllCa goat or poiionoas
CIMCNWIOI I Sold by Draesrlsli
or sent in plain rrarper
pj cxprw prepaid for
100 or 3 bottleo 275
Circular sent 03 reqatst
vrmxM wxiraa to istiituiu
28 08