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The Entire Spanish Squadron Is Wiped Out
by Sampsons Fleet
About 1300 Spaniards Taken Prisoners In
cluding Admiral Cervera
Bombardment of Santiago Postponed for a
Short Time Only
Washington July 4 The complato an
nihilation of tho Spanl6h squadron at San
tiago and the capture of the Spanish ad
miral Cervera with 1300 prisoners the
demand by Gen Shafter for the surrender
of Santiago by 12 oclock tomorrow noon
en pain of bombardment word from Ad
miral Dewey that the Ladrone islands had
been captured that a Spanish gtfnboat
had surrendered that a hundred or more
Spanish officers and men were taken and
that our first Philippine expedition -had
landed this is in part the thrilling record
of such a Fourtn of July as has not been
known since the bells of Independence
hall rung out the tidings of American
freedom It was a day when on mo
mentous event followed another in con
stant and rapid succession each hour
bringing forth some new feature more
startling than what had gone before The
climax came at 1 oclock when amid the
wildeBt cheering which fairly shook the
great war state and navy building to its
foundation Admiral Sampsons dispatch
announcing his glorious victory with the
entire destruction of the Spanish fleet was
given to the public
The White House was naturally the local
point of the enthusiasm and stirring ac-
tivity which marked official Washington
It was the busiest day the president has
had since the war began Conferences
followed conferences with the heads of the
military and naval departments high of
ficers of the service came and went in a
constant and steady stream and as each
hour brought added luster to the American
arms the crowd of officials increased
The president had not a moments le-
splte Telegrams came and went without
cessation and the historic old mansion
presented a scene such as has not been
paralleled since the momentous hours of
the civil war
Official Dispatches
The story of the day is best told in the
scries of official dispatches each bearing
date of July 4 from Sampson from Shaft
er and from Pewey Stirring as they all
are that of Sampson was accorded the
honor of chief importance not only for
the immediate results secured but also
from the effects of this crushing defeat In
weakening the defenses of the city of San
tisgo and in dealing Spain such a blow that
ehe is left practically without a navy The
admirals dispatch says
Playa del Este Cuba via Eayt 315
a m July 4 Slboney July 3 To the Sec
retary of the Navy The fleet under my
command offers the nation as a Fourth of
July present the destruction of the whole
of Cerveras fleet Not one ship escaped
It attempted to escape at 920 a m and at
2 p m the last ship the
Cristobal Colon had run ashore
six miles west of Santiago and
had let down her colors The Infanta
Maria Teresa Oquendo and VIzcaya were
forced ashore burned and blown up with
in twenty miles of Santiago The Furor
and Pluton were destroyed within four
miles of that port
Our loss is 1 killed and 2 wounded The
enemys loss will probably be several hun
dred from gun fire explosions and drown
ing About 1300 prisoners were taken in
cluding Admiral Cervera The American
killed was George H EHIb chief yeoman of
the Brooklyn Sampson
McKInloy to Sampson
The president haB sent the following to
Admiral Sampson
You have the gratitude and congratu
lations of the whole American people
Convey to your noble officers and crews
through whose valor new honors have been
added to Americans the grateful thanks
and appreciation a the nation
Wm McKinley
Although brief Admiral Sampsons dis
patch tells the story of fearful destruction
It not only discloses the tremendous prow-
ess of the American fleet but It again
displayed the strange immunity which the
American sailors seem to have in the
midst of death and carnage That but one
of our sailors a yeoman on the Brooklyn
should have been killed in an engagement
of this magnitude is without a parallel
In naval annals save in that other unpar
alleled record which Dewey made at Ma
nila With the Spanish fleet destroyed
the way is partly cleared for the advance
of the American squadron Into the harbor
of Santiago
If Cerveras armored cruisers could cross
the mine field and clear the Merrimac at
the entrance to the harbor the American
ships can follow the same course There
are the inner fortifications and other forts
still to be reduced but they have had a
baptism of fire recently and are little more
than ruins Thus with Shafters guns
thundering on Santiago from the land and
Sampsons from the harbor the fall of
the city is assured beyond further ques
Shafter Gives Santiago Till Today
The authorities here military and naval
say that Santiago has already made its
best fight and that its effect is only a
question of time and very brief time
Gen Shafters strong position was shown
in a series of dispatches Most convincing
of all as to his feeling of confidence and
strength was the dispatch given out late
in the day in which Gen Shafter gives
the text of his demand for the surrender
of the city on pain of bombardment This
dispatch is as follows
Headquarters United -States Forces
Near San Juan River Cuba July 3 830
a m To Commanding General Spanish
Forces Santiago de Cuba Sir I shall
be obliged unless you surrender to shell
Santiago de Cuba Please inform citizens
of foreign countries and all women and
children to leave city before 10 oclock to
morrow morning Very respectfully your
obedient servant W R Shafter
Major General U S A
Following Is the Spanish reply with
which Col Dorst returned at 630 p m
His Excellency the General Command
ing the Forces of the United States San
Juan River Sir I have the honor to re
ply to your communication of today writ
ten at 830 a m received at 1 p m de
manding the surrender of this city and
in a contrary case announcing to me you
will bombard this city and that I advisr
foreigners women and children they must
leave the city before 10 tomorrow morn
It is my duty to say to you this city
will not surrender and that I will inform
foreign consuls and inhabitants of the
contents of your message Very respect
fully Jose Toral
Commander in Chief Fourth Corps
British Portuguese Chinese and Nor
wegian consuls have come to my line with
Col Dorst They ask If non combatants
can occupy town of Caney and railroad
points and ask until 10 oclock of the 5th
Inst before city Is fired on They claim
there are between 15000 and 20000 people
many of them old who will leave They
ask if I can supply them with food which
I cannot do for want of transportation to
Caney which Is fifteen miles from my
Following is my reply
To Commanding General Spanish Forces
Santiago de Cuba Sirs In consideration
of the request of consuls and officers In
your city for delay in carrying out my in
tention to fire on tho city and In the In
terest of women and children who will
suffer very greatly by their hasty and en
forced departure from the city I have the
J honor to announce I will delay such action
solely in their interest until noon of the
5th providing that during the interval
your forces make no demonstration what
ever upon those of my own I am with
great respect Wm R Shafter
Major General U S A
Gen Shafters other dispatches breathe
the same air of confidence and determina
tion as shown in his demand on the Span
ish commander The first one made pub
lic during the day stated that his lines
completely surrounded the town from the
by es the Berth to 8aa Juan river on tfc
ecuth leaving the city thus enveloped by
a stretch of water on one side and a
stretch of frowning American guns on -the
other In another dispatch Gen Shafter
epitomizod the strength of his position by
saying I feci that I am master of the
situation and can hold the enemy any
length of time
In another dispatch Gen Shafter states
his demand for the surrender of Santiago
is still being considered by the Spanish
authorities which indicates that the re
fusal of the Spanish commander to capitu
late was not final In any event 12 oclock
on Tuesday marks tho limit of Shafters
concession and if Santiago has not capitu
lated at that hour the great siege guns
now being brought to the front backed
by the batteries of lighter field pieces
will begin their work of destruction
The present need of reinforcing Shafter
is no longer felt now that the Spanish
fleet is out of the way A considerable
number of men however are already on
the way and others will follow
The Attack on Spain
The changed naval situation will bring
no abatement in the activity of the au
thorities here in carrying the war directly
home to Spain There is renewed deter
mination to get Commodore Wions
eastern squadron away at the earliest mo
ment for thedouble purpose of striking a
blow at the coast towns of Spain and of
pursuing Admiral Camaras fleet which Is
halted at the entrance of the Suez canal
Secretary Long made the official state
ment today that the fleet would sail at the
earliest possible moment
The destruction of the Spanish fleet at
Santiago relieves Admiral Sampson from
the surveillance of this squadron and he
can readily spare the ships intended for the
attack on the Spanish coast
It has been Acting Admiral Sampson for
some time but that it will be Admiral
Sampson in fact as well as in name is the
prevailing feeling in naval circles as a
result of the victory reported by the
American admiral Shortly after the war
broke out Capt Sampson was made acting
admiral in order to give him a rank fitting
to his high command although his actual
aaval rank remained at captain By a sin
gular coincidence his rank was advanced
oday to that of commodore owing to the
of Admiral Kirkland In the
event of his now being made an admiral
it would advance him over the ten com
modores making up the list of that grade
and would place him just below that very
famous hero of the war Admiral Dewey
It Is of course purely conjectural thus
far but it is a conjecture which receives
such common acceptance in naval quarters
that it is most likely to be realized
Release of Hobson Expected Soon
The release of Hobson and the other
heroes of the Merrlmao Incident is likely
to be another result of the events transpir
ing today It may come either by the sur
render of the city which would include
the surrender of Hobson and other Amer
ican prisoners or else by the exchange of
Hobson for Admiral Cervera or some oth
er high ranking naval official To ex
change a Spanish admiral for an Ameri
can naval constructor might seem strange
under ordinary circumstances but it
would be done without any begrudging by
the authorities here and would be partic
ularly appropriate in view of the action of
Cervera at the time Hobson surrendered
to him
Military Men Indignant
The dispatch from the front stating that
there was likely to be Borne criticism be
cause of the treatment of foreign military
attaches excited much indignation among
the military authorities here It was stat
ed by one of the highest officers in the
service that foreign gentlemen had re
ceived absolutely everything in the way of
accommodation supplies and rations giv
en to our own officers and men What was
most surprising was that this protest
should come at a moment when our men
were fighting in swamp and thicket under
a blazing sun with a thousand
dead or wounded and under the
fire of an entrenched enemy There
is every disposition here to extend
tho most complete oourtesy to these gen
tlemen that it is consistent with the cir
cumstances There is no purpose how
ever to recognize them as a superior set
or to give them greater attention in
mounts tents or attendance than our own
officers and men receive
Hundred and Sixty Weunded and 1600
Captured Dispatch from Watson
Washington July 4 At 1125 tonight
the navy department posted the appended
translation of a cipher cablegram received
from Commodore Watson It is similar to
that received from Admiral Sampson but
contains the additional information that
350 Spanish were killed or drowned 160
wounded and 1600 captured Commodore
Watsons dispatch follows
Playa Del Este July 3 To the Secre
tary of the Navy Washington At 9 2
m today the Spanish squadron seven ir
all Including ono gunboat came out
Santiago in column and was totally de
stroyed within an hour excepting th
Cristobal Colon which was chased forty
five miles to the westward by the commander-in-chief
Brooklyn Oregon and
Texas surrendering to the Brooklyn but
was beached to prevent sinking
None of our officers or men were In
jured except on board the Brooklyn Chief
Yeoman Ellis was killed and one mar
wounded t Admiral Cervera the command
ing officers excepting of the Oquendo
about seventy other officers and 1600 men
are prisoners About 350 were killed 01
drowned and 160 wounded the latter be
ing cared for on the Solace and Olivette
Have Just arrived off Santiago In Marble
head to take chargo while the commander-in-chief
is looking out for the Cristobal
Colon Watson
Merchants Association PrQnQsoS tc
Go to Law on the Subject
The war tax law in its entirety is in
force The schedules relating to beer and
tobacco became operative June 14 the
other schedules took effect July 1 There
is a great scarcity of slumps The gov
ernment with all its equipment was able
to furnish only a fraction of the supply
needed There was i demand for over
40000000 stamps of nil classes ut the
New York office at the outset but appli
cations were cut till along the line The
banks were most favored because stamps
will be sold ut all banks and the public
will thus have easier access to them
The telegraph and express companies
will make customers pay the tax of 1 cent
each on telegrams and bills of lading by
compelling them to buy the stamp and
cancel it The Merchants Association
has decided to light the express companies
on this issue and will probably appeal to
the courts if common carriers refuse to
give a receipt with the stamp tax duly
paid when a package is offered for ship
ment A committee of the association in
each of the large cities visited each ex
press company to announce that mer
chants would not pay the tax The ex
press companies replied that they had
been advised by counsel that they were
not obliged to pay it The railroad com
panies have practically agreed to pay a
part of this impost and the Merchants
association proposes to bring the express
companies in line
Under their contracts with the railroad
companies the express people are obliged
to pay a certain percentage varying from
40 to 50 per cent of their gross receipts as
compensation for express facilities upon
the various roads The adoption of the
first of these measures would therefore
have necessitated an increase in the rates
of the express companies to a sum nearly
double the amount of the tax It was
therefore decided that the most feasible
proposition was the adoption of the rule
that only the exact amount of the tax
shall be collected The shipper would be
required to pay this tax plus the express
companies rates
Its Wholesomenesa a Matter of Dis
pute Between Army Officers
The fear of typhoid still prevails h
Camp Alger and Majors Parke and De
vine acting surgeons have been inves
tigating conditions tending to produce this
malady One of these surgeons said that
fone patient could put the whole camp
on its back The water supply is look
ed upon as the principal source of dan
ger Some of the wells are sunk to a
depth of sixty five or seventy feet but it
is said to be possible for the germ of ty
phoid to reach that depth owing to the
sandy nature of the soil
The surgeons making this investiga
tion say that if when their report is made
Chief Surgeon Girard persists in holding
that the water is pure they Avill forward
their report to the war department Gen
eral Gobin has promised to see that this
is done in case Colonel Girard maintains
his position A special commission has
been appointed to investigate conditions
in the quarters of tho New York cavalry
which now has five men at Fort Meyer
suffering with typhoid Complaint is
made that the- government has supplied no
lime or other disinfectants
How does that strike you said Samp
son to Cervera as he fired another shell
Boston Globe
Cervera would like to get some kind of
medicine to stop that Vesuvius cough
Salt Lake Herald
Uncle Sams braves not only deserve
the fare but the very best he has in stock
Pittsburg Post
The Spanish now have fair idea of what
our marines can do when they bunch their
hits Washington Post
When we take Havana there will al
ways be a hammock struck for your Un
cle Gomez Memphis Commercial-Appeal
The Cadiz fleet has at last sailed its
destination being Wheretliedeuce on the
past coast of Itsallabluff Kansas City
Spain reiterates that its so full of hope
that even if its ship of state goes down it
will swim ashore on the anchor Phila
delphia Times
If Aguinaldo proceeds at his present
gait he will be able to bag the Manila
postoffice or something equally as good
Washington Post
It is very much easier to revive the
grade of lieutenant general than it is to
find a man fit to be lieutenant general
Salt Lake Herald
Being deprived of his freedom must be
extremely irksome to Lieutenant Hob
son He has never been married Kan
sas City Journal
Besides the shady side of the street
other popular summer resorts are the
thermometer and the bulletin boards
Philadelphia Times
With such a rush of bona fide offers for
the new bonds the dummy bid brethren
should be put out of the line with scant
ceremony Boston Globe
Whatever rash things have fallen to the
lot of some in this trouble Mr Aguinaldo
in the Philippines is trying not to lose his
head Philadelphia Times
And yet it is not all plain sailing to Ha
waii The annexationists have yet got to
encounter vast and billowy Avaves of sen
atorial eloquence Boston Ilerald
Later on we may be disposed to sell
Germany a coaling station in the Philip
pines but at the present time Ave are too
busy to talk shop Washington Post
-The war poets should be happy now
Yietor Blues name rhymes to lots of
things and theres his highly appropriate
first name besides Philadelphia Ledger
The Spanish having threatened so flip
pantly to destroy our cities we will now
see hoAV they like the bombardment busi
ness themselves in Cadiz and Barcelona
Boston Globe
An appropriate subject for a commence
ment part would be some considerations
as to why the fresh AA ater colleges develop
better oarsmen than the salt Avater insti
tutions Boston Herald
The day is coming Avith a hum
When high in air we hope
Our flag will catch the breezes from
A stout Manila rope
Cleveland Plaindealer
rait j ttffm j
Two men suspected of being American
spies arrested at Palmas Island of Ma
Excitinc debate in the Senate on the
question of agreeing to a time at which
annexation could be
a vote on Hawaiian
A report published in Madrid that sug
gestions for peace negotiations had been
made by the United States is denied at
The Spaniards have abandoned Morro
Castle the chief fortification at the en
trance to the harbor of Santiago de Cuba
without a shot being fired They have
concentrated their forces in the city
Fifteen regiments stationed at Chatta
nooga ordered to Cuba
Advance of Shafters army has forced
its way to Avithin four miles of the city of
Camaras fleet is at Port Said but no
request to take on coal has yet been made
to the Egyptian government
Auxiliary cruiser Harvard sailed for
Santiago with the Ninth Massachusetts
regiment and two battalions of the Thirty-fourth
Train carrying Colonel Torreys rough
riders to Tampa was in collision at
Tupelo Miss Four soldiers and a col
ored porter killed and Colonel Torrey and
several others Avounded
Gen Garcia and 5000 Cubans were
landed at Juragua
The third expedition to the Philippines
4000 men departed from San Francisco
Up to June 23 the re enforcements forv
Admiral DeAvey had not arrived at Ma
Reports to Madrid say the American
fleet bombarded Aguadores for five hours
The opposing armies are within range of
each other at Santiago de Cuba but the
Americans are not ready for battle owing
to the non arrival of field and machine
The administration has issued orders
for the formation of an eastern squadron
under Commodore Watson AAhich is di
rected to sail as soon as possible for the
coast of Spain
The Valencia with 700 Dakota troops
left San Francisco for Manila
American field and siege guns are on
the heights overlooking Santiago
Captain General Augusti cables from
Manila that the situation there is critical
One thousand Cubans under Sanguilly
Lacrot and Betancourt Avith artillery and
500000 cartridges have landed at Banes
In two sham battles betAveen some of
the troops at Camp Alger several of the
soldiers AAere seriously if not fatally in
The Yale with one battalion of the
Thirty fourth Michigan and the Thirty
third regiment reached Baiquiri and land
ed the troops
Officials in Washington believe Ca
maras fleet Avill soon return to Cadiz
Plans are laid to pursue him if he go for
ward the intention being to crush him be
tween DeAAoys and Watsons ships It is
considered likely in any event that a big
expedition under Sampson will be sent to
attack the Spanish coast
Cervera has moved his fleet to the up
per harbor of Santiago
TA enty neAV cases of measles developed
among the troops in front of Santiago
The Senate has passed a resolution ten
dering the thanks of Congress to Hobson
and his men
In an official report Gen Wheeler says
the troops Avere not ambuscaded by the
Spaniards at La Quasiiia
Cuban officers report that Pando with
8700 men is moving from Mauzanillo to
the aid of Linares at Santiago
Four of Garcias men died from over
eating and three others who went SAAim
ming after gorging themselves were found
The Dolphin and the Newark were in
collision the first named boat sustaining
damages that will necessitate a trip to a
dry dock
Gen Wesley Merritt to be governor
general of the Philippines sailed from
San Francisco on the steamer Newport
for Manila
By an order issued by Admiral Sampson
Tuesday Schleys flying squadron has lost
its identity and has been merged into the
investing fleet
Coal for Camaras ships has been re
fused by the Egyptian Government The
Spanish admiral hopes to proceed but
Avill be compelled to leave his destroyers
Chauncey M DepeAv tells of the chang
ed sentiment in Europe regarding our
army and navy
Cable advices from Madrid say the war
will not end soon because the temper of
the people will not accept peace
Officials in Washington do not pretend
to know AA hen General Shafter will at
tack Linares but they are satisfied that
he Avill win a victory
Secretary Alger Aiion shoAvn a press
report from Madrid that a battle had
been fought at Santiago said there Avns
no official confirmation of the report
A comprehensive review of the latest
dispatches from special correspondents
Avith our army in Cuba s1ioaas that Gen
eral Shafter has so arranged his forces
that he has General Linares and San
tiago at his mercy
The Egyptian government refused to
alloAV Admiral Camara to coal his ships
in the Suez canal and ordered him to
leave his stay having exceeded the twenty-four
hour limit Camara pleaded that
some of his ships were disabled as an ex
cuse for not leaving at once
Sparks from the Wires
Mrs John P SaAvyer of Mobile Kan
was shot and killed by her husband Avho
says he mistook her for a burglar
The postoffices to be established in
Cuba and the Philippines have been
placed respectively under charge of the
postmasters of New York and San Fran
cisco -
Gustave Fuqua of Owensboro Kj
was accidentally shot and killed by Bay
ard Tyler while on a camp hnnt Tyler
had a rifle across his lap which was acci
dentally discharged
tryi itSkwm
Hetzger Bros
Deerhorn clip on
some cattle
W7 HfB R
I lalf H
1 Shm 1
fettle branded on
left side Some on
hip also
Earmark round hole
In center r left ear
Also use KU on
rullman Neb
Cherry Co
Brand on left side
and thigh
Earmarks square
crop right ear
Southern branded
cattle have but one
brand on left side
Native cattle have
throat wattle
TL mai on Cordon and Snake Creeks
Horses have samo brandlon left thigh
A Reicartl of 100 will be paid to any
arson for information leading to the arrest and
R nal conviction of any person or persons steal
ing cattle with above brand
Joseph W Bownet
P O address
Merrlman Nebr
Right ear cropped
Hole in center of left
Kange Lake creek
8 D
William M Dunbar
Lessee from llelne Kroeger
1H f MAS
Cody Neb
DUn Either side
lAill ear 01 cattle
Kange neaa 01 nay
LTenry Pratt
Rosebud S D
Left side
Horses same on
f left Shoulder
William Shangren
Cody Neb
Dtilap underside 01
Jack Le Point
Merriman Neb
atr loin una 1
W 8 I
7 ga 1
on right side Range Lake Corn ana
Bear creeks
Charles G Faulhaber
Brownlee Nebr
Either rightor left
side on cattlo
Horses saino on
left shoulder
Left ear cut off or
Range Loup river
Marshall Wolf en den
Kennedy Neb
Some 3 on the left
Horses 3 on left
Brand is small
Kannark Quarter
clip behind half eir
rle forward on left ear
Range Lone Tree
Louis F Kicharda
Merriman Neb
Charles Benard
Rosebud S D
Range Rig White
and Bad Rivers
W R Kissel
Brownlee Neb
Also some below
left bin
Hi cr
Range Kissels 1
Wheeler Bros
Cody Neb
Range on the Snake
River and Chamber
Iain flat
Charles C Tackett
Rosebud 5 D
Range head of An
telope near St Marys
Horses brandpd
on left thigh
William F Schmidt
Rosebud S D
On left side
Horses branded
same on left hip or
Range on nnrse