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Mwtetves Sj
P fflhkntine democrat
ROBERT GOOD Editor and Prop
Spanish are Driven from their In
trcnchments after a Bloody Bat
tleRetreat Into the City Amer
ican Loss 400 Mostly Wounded
The Fight at Santiago
Washington July 1 Late tonight the
war department received the following
from Gen Shatter dated at Sihoney
Had a very hot engagement today
which lasted from 8 oclock a m till sun
down We have carried their outworks
and are now in possession of them There
is now about three quarters of a mile of
open ground between my lines and the
By morning troops will be intrenched
and considerable augmentation of forces
will be there Gen Lawtons division and
Gen Bates brigade which have been en
gaged all day in carrying El Caney which
was accomplished at 4 p m will be in
line and in front of Santiago during the
night I regret to say that our casualties
will be above 400 Of these not many
were killed Shafter
Siboney July 1 5S3 p m via Playa
del Este Guantanamo Bay At I oclock
this afternoon after five hours terrific
fighting the Spanish began to leave their
entrenchments and retreat into the city
Americans are wounded and are
being brought in One man had had both
arms shot off and was wounded iu the hip
but was laughing -
Pfayo del Este Guantanamo Bay July
1 evening The fighting continued until
dark Our forces carried the enemys
outer works and have occupied them this
evening The battle will probably be re
sumed at daybreak The American loss
is heavy Some estimates place it at 530
Killed and wounded
Announccmenc of the Deal Made
-- by Interested Parties
The statement was made in jw York
Monday upon the authority of interest
identified with the properties that the Big
Four is to secure by purchase the Chicago
Indianapolis and Louisville President
Ingalls and President Brice and their as
sociates in the management of the proper
ties have come to a definite agreement
The Big Four is to buy the smaller prop
erty and is to pay for it outright This
is the first step in the Big Fours plan
Jooking to a consolidation of many prop
Gerties in the central west especially those
irientifietHvith tlielntuminous coal trade
The acquisition of the Monon would give
theBigFouran entrance into Chicago
whereas heretofore it has used tho Illinois
Central tracks and terminals Further
more it gives the Big Four considerable
Indianapolis and Louisville bushiss
shutting off much competition frourthoso
Congress Makes an Appropriation
of 10000 Therefor
A telegram was received in Omaha Fri
day from the Nebraska delegation iu con
gress announcing the final passage of tho
Indian congress bill appropriating 000
to pay the cost of bringing the represent
atives of all American tribes to Omaha
Transportation will be arranged at once
A large reservation has been made on the
north tract of the Trans Mississippi Expo
sition grounds where the tepees of the
hut building Indians will be erected The
exposition management will build a mam
moth wigwam for the ceremonies per
formed by the Indians such as the ghost
dance snake dance sun dance etc
Arsenic Said to Have Been Given
Her Daily in Her Coffee
A special from Bucharest Roumauia
referring to the report from Vienna that
the Count and Countess of Zuanoff said
to have been respectively chamberlain of
the czar and lady in waiting to the czarina
had been arrested on the charge of at
tempting to poison their majesties says
The czarina showed signs of slow
poisoning from arsenic which had heen
administered daily to her in cups of coffee
by the lady in waiting
The czaiina the dispatch adds is
very unpopular and is fequeutly dubbed
the German
New ItitunI for Hibernians
The Ancient Order of Hibernians in
convention at Trenton N J adopted the
new ritual provided and recommended by
Bishop McFaul The convention defeat
ed the proposition to adopt a national in
suranc feature The convention als
adopted a new constitution It is with
minor changes the constitution adopted
by the American body in 1S
Superintendent Nichols Resigns
Peter J Nichols general superintendent
of the Union Pacific railroad has resigued
His position as general superintendent
will not be filled W R Baxtor now
general agent of the freight and passenger
departments of tlve Union Pacific at Port
land Urc will go to Omaha
superintendent of the Union Pacific
Hanged by a Missouri Mob
Three Years for Perjury
Alderman Peter Nelson of Minneapolis
has been sentenced to three years fh tho
penitentiary for perjury To help out
Alderman Durnall accused of boodling
he swore to a stor3r on the stand that ws
different from the one he told the gran I
Macou Mo special says Henry
Williams colored arrested here Thursday
charged with outraging the Browitt girls
Nominated by Minnesota Republic
ans at St Paul-
The following ticket was named bv
Minnesota Republicans at St Paul Thurs
Governor Wra Henry Eustis of Min
Lieutenant Governor Lyndon A Smith
of Chippewa County
Secretary of Slate Albert Berg of Chi
cago Count
State Auditor Robert C Dunn of Mille
Lacs County
State Treasurer A T Koerner of
Meeker County
Attorney General W B Douglass of
Clay Count j
Clerk of Supreme Court D S Reese of
Ramsey County
Associate Justices of Supreme Court C
I Lewis of Duluth C L Brown of Mor
ris and John A Lovely of Albert Lea
Three ballots were necessary for a
choice of governor On the third ballot
Eustis had 555 votes 591 being necesaary
Changes before the announcement of tjie
result brought enough to nominate and
the choice was quickly declared unani
mous Mr Eustis thanked the delegates
for the honor and his opponents Capt
Van Sant and Judge Collins pledged
their support to the candidate The bal
ance of the ticket was put through with
out much opposition
Outwits an Attempt of the
Kansas Bunk Closed
iards to Secure Coal
The second case of an attempt to trans
fer coal from an American to a Spanish
merchantman in Mexico has hi ought out
the old time pluck of an American
sea captain The 600 ton American
schooner Clara A Piiinney of New
Bedford some days ago was author
ized to clear with 503 tons of pnal
from Mobile to Vera Cruz on affidavits of
reliable citizens or Mobile that the coal
was destined for railroad purposes On
reaching Vera Cruz Capt Phinney was
directed by L Joublanc his consignee to
pJaoe his vessel alongside the Spanish
steamer Maria IJerrara In the presence
of a group of excited Spanish
ers Capt Phinney refused declaring with
emphasis that no vessel in his charge
should ever lie alongside a Spanish ship
much less supply her with coal Exports
of coal to Mr Janblanc of Vera Cruz will
cease and the department will undertake
to fix the responsibility and punishment
for the deed
It Blows Down Iiuildings and Dam
ages Crops
A dispatch from southwestern Min
nesota says that a heavy wind ami rain
storm passed over that section Wednesday
night blowing down buildings and dam
aging cops Near Trosky two houses
wereticmonsned bat the occiiuauts found
safely in the cellar One -girl was badly
hurt The depot was struck by lightning
and the buildings at the fair grounds
were lazed Near Madison -a bari a
granery and a school house were demol
ished Lightning struck a church
Sour mill at Dawson
Democratic Convention in Session
ht Chattanooga Tenn
The Democratic state conventionin ses
sion at Chattanooga Tenn
Denton McMillan for governor by accla
mation The platform indorses the Chi
cago declaration and opposes bond issues
for raising war funds declares that non
interest bearing treasury warrants should
furnish a circulating medium snfuVient to
meet requirements The war plank urges
the vigorous prosecution of hostilities and
ravos the strict observance of lha Monroe
More Men Join ine Suicpr
A special from Sharon Pa says All
tho coat miners working t Jackson
Center Stoneboro and Study Lakes have
een induced by the stiikets to quit work
and join their iniiks The force of strikers
is now about doubled George Barlnur
one of the deputy shei iffs has been at -
rested and bound over on the eh irge of
assaulting one of the strikers Further
trouble is imminent Several other depu
ties have been sworn in
Insane Man Kills His Mother
Allien alsh murdered his mother by
crushing her skull wirtl an ax He is
alfout 22 years old and the crime was com
mitted at their home about five miles from
LakcTJity Minn The young man had
been confined in the Rochester insane
asylum but was released about four
months ago as cured It is supposed a
sudden return of his mania was responsi
ble for the deed
Thos J Kirbys bank of Abilene Kan I
nas oeen taken in charge by the state bank
commissioner It has deposits of 218003
cash S7JO00 It was closed for refusing
to cut down loans It is thought deposit
ors will be paid in full including the
county winch has 7000 involved
Spain Does Not Get the OVHiggins
Flint Co of New York city have re
ceived a dispatch from Baech Co their
agents at Valparaiso Chili saying there is
no truth in the report that the Chilian
armored cruiser Almirante Olliggins has
been sold to the government of Spain
Thanks for Hobson and His Crew
The senate passed a resolution extend
ing the thanks of congress to Naval Con
structor Hobson but with an amendment
including his crew This is the first time
congress has thus recognized men below
the grade of commissioned officers
Hits Hawaiian Banana Growers
The interruption of recular steam com
munication with Honolulu caused by the
use of the regular ocean steamers as
ports for tho army going to Manila it is
said will entail great loss to the banana
growers of the Hawaiian Islands
Yellow Fever Among Spanish
A dispatclfftom Montevideo Paraguay
says the authorities there on the request
of tlie Spanish government have sent tn
was hanged by a mob He died protesting ulja a quanfry of Sanarelli serum to he
liisinuqceacetfirf I 1 used in combating yellow fever
rf KT
Wholesale Dealers DcfVauded Out
of 150000 to 200000
A widespread swindle will probably be
exposed by the United States secret ser
vice at Wilkesbarre Pa in a few days
The swindlers are a gang of men who
have been systematically defrauding
wholesale dealers throughout the countiy
and have made from 150000 to S200000
Last Friday the first move was made when
Adolph Blau was arrested on the charge
of using the United States mails for the
purpose of perpetrating fraud On Satur
day Louis Itifkin was also arrested and
each gave bail before United States Com
missioner Ilahn in 3500 For some jears
a number of small merchants in tho vicin
ity of Wilkesbarre have failed Some
fifty two have already been counted who
it is alleged wore backed by Blau and
Rifkin The losses of several New York
and Philadelphia house were so large that
they sent representatives to Washington
who asked the postotlice department to
interest itself It was found that the mo
dus operandi of the combination was to
establish peddlers and small merchants in
business in various parts of the country
obtain by subterfuge a rating for them
with Duns and Bradstreets mercantiio
agencies and after thus establishing their
credit to forward through the mails to
manufacturers and jobbers of New York
and Philadelphia and other places orders
for merchandise After getting a large
stock one of the co workers in the swind
ling scheme would step in and sell them
out on a judgment note thus depriving
the real creditors in New York and Phila
delphia and other places of their money
One Cent on Every Message Sent
Over the Wires
On July 1 the new revenue law requires
that a documentary 1 cent stamp shall be
put upon every telegraph message trans
mitted in tho United States It will there
fore be necessary for the senders of mes
sages to attach stamps to their messages
and to cancel the stamps- in accordance
with the law by writing their initials and
date across them The Western Union
and Postal Telegraph Companies and the
caute companies operating have arranged
for a supply of stamps at their officesfor
sale to the senders of messages who may
not be provided with them The officials
of the com panics say however that Ihcv
are not prepared to provide stamps in suf
ficient quantities to cover all the messages
sent from their efiics because heir whole
uusiness wiUd require the outlay of a
huge sum of money in fact possibly the
largest outlay demnnded by law
Ticket Chosen at rhr Rtnjr
Primaries Is Nominated
The Georgia state Democratic conven
tion met at Atlanta Tuesday night Lit
tle interest wa j manifested the work of
the convention being merely to put in
nomination a teket chossn at the state
piimaiies Juno 5 The ticket is as follows
Governor Allen D Chandler
Secretary of Sate Philip Cook
li W ill jam Speer
Comptroller General XV A Wright
Commissioner of Agriculture Stevens
Pmvui Commissioner D G Glenn
Attorney M T Terell
Aid for Agrichltui al Co legos
SeWtary of the Inferior Kites has ap
proved a rcconimemlatlon of the
of education that each stale and
ten iiory be given 24030 for the support
of agricultural and mechanical colleges
during the fisaal year ending June 7J 1F09
This is done under authority of the act of
189 providing fund to be expended in
the advancement of these roileges
Newark and Dolnhin Colliilo
Secretary Long has teceived wotd from
Commodate Remey nt Key West that the
liagship Newark with Commodore Wat
son on board has been in a collision with
the Dolphin Tho Newaik was unin
jured Lut tho Dolphin sustained consider
able damage It is now on its way north
to a dry dock No details arj abtainable
Carrnnzn Tioavos Montreal
Lieut Carranza the chief of the SpaniMi
bureau in Montreal has been missing for
somf days and it is said that he has left
the city but as far rs can be ascot taine I
Ufe has not re u ned to Spain
Chicago Cattle common to priu
S300 to 550 hogs shipping grades
300 to 400 sheep fair to choice 25J
to 325 wheat No 2 red 7Sc to SOc
corn No 2 31c to 32c oats No 2 21c
to 22c rye No 2 44c toAGc butter
choice creamery 15c to 17c esgs fresh
10c to 12c new potatoes choice 70c to
SOc per bushel
Indianapolis Cattle shipping 300 tc
o c
hogs choice liht S300 to S400
sheep common to choice 300 to 425
wheat No 2 74c to 70c corn No 2
whito 32c to 34c oats No 2 white 28c
to 2fJc
St Louis Cattle 300 to 550 hogs
300 to 400 sheep 375 to 500
what No 2 73c to 75o corn No 2
yellow 30c to 32c oats No 2 23c to 24c
rye No 2 39c to 40e
Cincinnati Cattle 250 to 525 hogs
300 to S425 sheen 250 to S425
wheat No 2 red S2c to S4c corn No
2 mixed 33c to 34c oats No 2 mixed 2Gc
to 27c rye No 2 39c to 41c
Detroit Cattle 250 to 325 hos
325 to 400 sheep 250 to 475
wheat No 2 S3c to 85c corn No 2
yellow 32c to 33c oats No 2 white 28c
to 20c rye 42c to 44c
Toledo Wheat No 2 mixed S4c to
Stic corn No 2 mixed 31c to 33c oats
No 2 white 23c to 25c rye No 2 43c
to 45c clover seed 2S5 to 295
Milwaukee Wheat No 2 spring SSc
to SOc corn No 3 31c to 33c on is vn
2 white 24c to 27c rye No 1 43c to 45c
barley No 2 30c t2 34c pork mess
923 to 973
Buffalo Cattle good shipping steers
300 to 550 hogs common to choice
350 to450 sheep fair to choice weth
ers 350 to 500 lambs common to
extra 425 to 575
New York Cattle 300 to 550 hogs
300 to 450 sheep 300 to 500
wheat No 2 red 85c to 87c corn No
2 SGc to 3Sc oats No 2 white 28c to
30c butter creamery 13c to 18c eggs
Western 12c to 14c
jimmi wwwnmmwnw i llMJir
McCook Man Pound in Freight Car
at Omaha With His Throat Cut
Asserts it was Done by a Negro
Tramp who was Riding with Him
Man Pound with Throat Cut
As a Burlington freight train from the
west pulled into the depot at Omaha the
other day a man was found in one of the
empty freight cars lying in a pool of blood
with three gaping wounds iu his throat
lie was unconscious and in his right hand
was tightly gripped a bone handled razor
Everything indicated that the man had
attempted suicide Lut when revived at
the hospital he told a story that showed
he had been the victim of a murdeious as
sault by colored man who had been his
fellow traveler The colored mans name
he said is Walker Walker jumped from
the train after the assault The wounded
man gives tho name of Thomas Johnson
and ins home at McCook His injuries
while serious are not thought to bo nec
essarily fatal
A terrible struggle took place in the car
between McCook and Omaha but the ne
gro with a razor was toomuch for Johnson
lie says he wrested the weapon from the
negio and inflicted a wound on his face
It was at this point that Johnson fell un
conscious from loss of blood
Shnliert Wins a Victory
At a meeting of the state board of trans
portal i n in Lincoln the matter of the
complaint of citizens of Shubert against
the B M for unsatisfactory train ser
vice was taken up The complaint was
made in the name of E W Miushall and
set forth that on that particular branch or
the B M line tho trains were almost in
variably late seldom made connections at
other points and the depots being locked
at night passengers were subjected to all
varieties of weather while waiting for a
freight train to arrive The complarnj
was found to justify tho followinfftddr
which was immediately issued
Jt is hereby ordered consKlemKancl ad
judged by the state board of transporta
tion that the defendant the Burlington
Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska
put on and operate a passenger train daily
each way between Nemaha and Falls City
Jonx F ConxEsr President
W F PoRTEit Sjcretary
Fail to Finish the Contract
Messrs Hester McCastin who were
awarueu tlie contract for budding the new
wing at the asylum for chronic insane at
Hastings have thrown up their contract
and left the United States Fidelity and
Guarantee Company who bonded them
to complete Ihecontract The building was
Vo have been completed by the 15 h of
January but on account of unfavorable
u ather the time was extended repara
tions are being made to have the contract
carried out and complete the building as
soon as possible The loss to the Fidelity
and Guarantee Company will amount to
several hundred dollars
Armonr Getting Ready to Kill
Workman are engaged in cleaning up
the Armour plant at South Omaha prepar
atory to the commencement of operations
All of the machinery has been tested in
order to have everything start off smoothly
when the word is given Superintendent
Howe said iu response to inquiry that he
would bring the heads of some of the de
partments from Chicago but the bulk of
the 6ieu would be hired from South
Omaha Quiuf a number of men have
already heencngaged and applications aie
being considered daily
Wreck at Portal
A bad wreck occurred on the Union
Pacific at Portal The first section of No
IS Conductor Sleeper and Engineer Sad
owski m h twenty six cars met with a
bad accident resulting in a complete
wreck of engine No 732 and five freight
cars two loaded with pig lead one with
empty beer kegs and two with merchandise-
It wits reported that two tramps
were but i d beneath the wreck but the
ieport is not continued
In Ihe Manila Bnttlo
Mr and Mrs John Kavanah of Tocum
seh have received a brief letter ftom their
son Ensign At thur Kavanah of Admiral
Deweys fleet The letter was of a per
gonal character and contained but few
remarks in regard to the battle at Manila
Mr Kav nah says it was a terrific encoun
ter and that he stood on the bri Ige of the
Olympia with tho commanding officer
during the tight
Family Just Hud Time to Get Out
A lire broke out in the residence of
Michael Glenuon at Blair 230 in the
morning On account of the hose burst
ing all the household goods were de
stroyed and nothing left of the building
but the frame Mr and Mrs Ulennnn liil
just time to get up and get two trunks and
one bed out
Palls Forty Feet
E C Laman a uunui retinirnmn
ing for the B M mil road at Maisland
fell a distance of forty five feet from the
top of a windmill tower A bme in his
leg was fractured and he is badly bruised
Large Crop of Small Grain
Franklin County will have the h rgest
yield of fcmall grain it has had for yeats
Great preparation is being muite to handle
it and fainrhauds areheing rapidly taken
at double the usual price paid
Fatal Fall
While John Tinima farmer living eleven
miles from Ainsworih was repairing his
windmill he f jll fifteen feet striking a
pump i od which entered his abdomen He
will die
Ex Senator Burns Gets a Place
Ex Senator Martin Burns of iork Ins
received the appointment of deputy re
venue collector
Postofflee Discontinued
The postoffice at Ilawley County
ha been discon inued Mail will goto
Investing- Lodge Money in Bonds
The board of directors of Thusnelda
lodge No 12 Sons of Herman a German
fraternal order at Columbus were
instructed at the last
United States war
money in the treasury
Arrested for Criminal Assault
John Kinkead a man about 45 yearsold
who has been stopping at the homeof C
T Fenlon six mil js northeast oFOsmondv
has been placed under arrest for erirainajly
assultiug the 15-year-old daughter of Mr
Feuton -
- 3 ki
Boy Jjost
Pierre the 10-year-old son of Q C
Alexander who resides seven miles north
east of Hemingford left- home last week
and no trace of tiim can Be found The
boy was herding cattlewhen last seen
The countEyfsbeirig searched thoroughly
but it is feared that the boy will not bd
found alive Any information will be
gratefully received by his father
Later The boy was found by his father
a few rods from the house in a coyote hole
into which he had crawled and died It is
probable that the boy crawled in the hole
after a youngrcoyote and became fastened
as it was nefessary to dig him out
Shot in the Leg
Chris Yocura night watchman at tho
Nye Schneider east elevator
at Fremont was shot in the left leg one
night recently by some unknown parlies
who succeeded in making their escape
At about 11 oclock Yocum saw six man
near the elevator lie ordered them away
They walked between the railroad tracks
a short distance whenone of them turned
suddenly and tired fjhe bullet struck
Yocum in the jeft left leg just below the
knee He turned and fired several shott
at the gang who lan under the freight
cars on the switch track
r wYMempt Jail Brealr
Georcre Kauffman an old fnrmor frnm
I near Crawford who 1ms been an inmate of
thecoiinty jail at Chadron forsome months
on the charge of forgery made a bold
break for liberty one night recently lie
had succeeded in digging a hole leading
from his cell to an open corridor large
enough to permit him to crawl through
when a youngjnan who happened to be in
the jail corridor notilied Deputy Sheriff
Ebener The officer reached the jail be
fore Kauffman escaped and the latter wr s
placed secuiely in irons
Attorney Assaulted
L M Pemberton a leading Beatrice
attorney was assaulted and beaten over
the head by the town marshal at Liberty
some days ago lie was present to repre
sent the Remonstrants in a saloon license
the hearing having been begun before the
towiijCouneil when the trouble occurred
Considerable bad blood haU already been
engendered the town boaYd having ic
fused toiiear the nse until mniwlfiirmarwi
byThe court Mr Pemberton says he was
OTgmugajlaw point when the asaultvwas
madSsw hlch he declares was entiiely un
Details of Lodgepole Shooting
Following are the particulars of the
shooting of Mrs Frank Winkler near
juiwwfciuit xu iiiMers nau a tot oi
geese and one old goose hatt been such an
annoyance to them that Winkler deter
mined to kill it He told his little girl to
go into the house and get his pistol She
brought it to him andasrhe fired his wife
came out of the barn The bullet recoiled
and killed her instantly Winkler bears
an excellent reputation and is in good ci
She leaves live small chil
Farmer Hangs Himself
S E Johuson an old resident of New
ark committed suicide by hanging himself
to his bed He was one of Hir
farmers in that neighborhood but for some
time nast has been quite despondont owing
to a stroke of paralysis affecting the spine
lie slept in a loom by himself and was
found dead having tied one end of a rope
to the bedpost and the other around his
neck and then rolfcig off the bed He w
a Norwegian 5f years old and leaves a
widow and twouiarried daughters
Academy Debt Lifted
The f fiends ofWeeping Water academy
are feeling jubilant over the lifting of a
heavy debt from the institution Having
imi uennmiur seyera years and finding
the mortgage on tlte building coming due
July ttieattentiou m numerous patrons
were interested in kfecpftgalivc this
emy of learning amPlast Friday the entire
debt of Jt32t42 was wiped out The
mortgage is pai 1 as vell as instructors and
the institution is in better shape than at
any time during i s existance
Swindled by Conlidence Men
Edward D Larson of Hubbard lost ins
savings amounting to 105 at the hands
of to confidence men iu Muith Omaha
They first met him in Omaha and under
the guise of an old friend whom Larson
had forgotten accompanied him to South
Omahi to see the packing houses At a
saloon in that city Larson was involved in
a game of dice and through the medium of
a second shark his monev dkmmejirp t
Extends Free ltuntl Delivery
The postoffice authorities at Washington
have sent information to the Tecueh
ollice that the free experimental rural de
livery which is operated in a number of
office- over the country including the ou
mentioned will be ccjuifuueu ui ear
The t me previously provided for expired
June after being in operation a vcar
and-one-half- This gives employment to
four mail carrier
W a nt s New Engine House
Col tint buYis adv6rtising for bids to tear
down theoldfengine house that has stood
in Frankfort Park the last twenty years
and to build I wo fire houses with the old
mateiial on the south side of the tfacV to
hold the hose carts It is not known just
iaL uiociiy win uurio on the site of the
old house but it is probable that next year
a good city hall will bejjuHt there
Kicked by aliorso
Dr John B McConnell of Fah City
was found in a barn in tliatuiry the olher
day iu an unconscious condition Upon
exmi nation iiys foii iff thi two of his
rios had betit lrokcti He entered tie
barn some time during thj night bfjro
and was kicked by a horse
Harvest in Progress
Fall wheat harvest has begun in tlo
vicinity of Juniata The acreace is iln
laigest hi the history of the county and
the yield will be heavj fJThere is the
heaviest ci op of clover and timothy lmy
known there some pieces making four
tons per ace
Held for Trial
The bootlegging case of II W Monroe
and Charles Ellis which occupied the at
tention of thecoimty icourt acTekamah
for two days terminated in the binding
over of both of the defendants to the dis
trict court under bonds ofi3 0 each -
Premature Celebration
A piece of glsVpsofnepowIer and a
match comprised fliel materials which
oft ia
meeting to purchase Z AU3U st weeic ms-
bonds with the surplus eured t1ie ce f sonM R s
kmson at eajJiHg Water The cheek
bone was exposed and the cut extended
down through the upper lip
- Accidental Shooting
route clerk in tlm
hpostofficejtasibadlyr injured at Beatrice
tyaSiiowrom a revolver The gun was
ccidenraIlysbAkei off a shelf and fired
mtyty hgpr
Filibustering tactics were begun in the
Senate Saturday afternoon on the Ha
waiian resolution Senator Morgan took
to task the men who were defying public
sentiment and as he said misrepresent
ing their constituents and embarrassing
the President As a result Senator White
made an insinuation that may result in
a settlement outside of the Senate cham
ber Mr White said that Morgans state
ments proceeded from corruption or im
becility and the latter intimated that he
would require a personal explanation
The conference report on the sundry civil
bill was presented A long discussion fol
lowed on the proposition of the confer
ence committee that the Senate recede
from its amendment suspending Presi
dent Clevelands forest reservation order
and restoring to the nublic domain for
homestead entry the lands embraced
therein Finally the conference report
partial was agreed to and a further con
ference ordered The House was not in
Consideration of the Hawaiian annexa
tion resolutions was resumed on Monday
and during the session Mr Clay Deinj
of Georgia Mr Roach Dem of North
Dakota and Mr Caffery Dem of Louis
iana addressed the Senate in opposition to
them Mr Caffery had not concluded his
speech when tho Senate adjourned The
House devoted the days session to consid
eration of legislation affecting the District
of Columbia The messages of the Presi
dent relative to Naval Constructor Hob
son the Hudson olbcers and crew at Car
denas and Capt Hodgson of the Hugh
McCulIough at Manila were not read un
til late Few members wore present and
the reading was not marked by any dem
In the House on Tuesday the conference
report upon the bankruptcy biil was
adopted by a vote of 13 1 to 53 When the
bankruptcy bill was disposed of Mr Ma
hon Rep Pa asked unanimous consent
for disagreement to the Senate amend
ments to the war claims or -omnibus
bill and for granting the request of the
Senate for a conference Consent was
given and the chair appointed as con
ferees Messrs Mahon Otjen and Rich-
aruson Several bills affecting the army
were passed notably being those provid
ing for the pay of volunteers from the
date of enrollment for service and provid
ing for increases in the ordnance engineer
and quartermasters departments Al
most the entire session of the Senate was
occupied by Mr Caffery Dem La in a
continuation of his speech against the an
nexation of Hawaii At 4 oclock he had
not concluded but yielded the floor in or
der that the general deficiency bill might
be considered The bill was read and the
committee amendments- so far as they
have been offered were agreed to
A precedent that will be historic was es
tablished by the Senate at its session on
Wednesday For probably the first time
in the history of the Senate a resolution
was adopted tendering the thanks of Con-
gross to common
seamen specifically nam
ing them in the resolution The resolu
tions reeomrnnded by the President were
adopted tendering the thanks of Con
gress -to Naval Constructor Hobson and
the other heroes of the Merrimac and to
iiiouis irantv Jd Newcoinb commander
of thd revenue cutter Hudson for his gal
lant rescue of the Winslow and her crew
off Cardenas and retiring on full pay
Capt Hodgson of the McCuIIoch for dis
tinguished services at Manila Consid
eration of the general deficiency bill was
concluded and the measure was passed
An amendment of great importance was
attached to the bill practically bv general
consent It relates to the settlement of
claims of the Government against th
Pacific railroads The biil
as passed car
ries about 227000000 the largest sum
earned by any appropriation measure
since the civil war After the passage of
the deficiency bill consideration of the
Hawaiian annexation
resolutions was re
sumed The House nfrnr co wi i i
dian and sundry civil bills back to confer
ence consideration of bills from tho Mili
tary Affairs Committee undv uie rule
adopted on Tuesday proceeded Notable
among the measures passed were those
providing for the enlistment of cooks in
the army providing for the appointment
of military storekeepers for the armv pro
viding for the protection of harbor de
fenses and fortifications against wanton
and malicious injury and giving the Sec
retary of War discretion to permit any
church or religious sect to erect its house
of worship noon tho Wct T- i
uuu luiiiiiiry
Late Thursday afternoon the Senate
cleared the legislative decks for what
may be the final action upon the Ha
waiian annexation resolutions The last
of the appropriation bills that have been
pending in conference were disposed of
and was a law before midnight After a
debate lasting three hours the Senate
finally receded from its amendment to the
sundry civil bill and adopted the confer
ence report on the Indian -appropriation
uni jir jate Dem Tenn and Mr
Tillman DemS C discussed at length
the Hawaiian annexation resolutions
The latter discussed the race problem
from the standpoint of a Southern man
anu was characteristically vigorous in his
remarks An attempt to secure passage
of the bill to incorporate the international
American bank met with determined
position in the House Filibustering was
indulged in but it was not effective in
preventing the consideration of the biil
Adjournment however was forced be
fore a vote upon the measure couM he
reached The House adopted the report
upon the Indian appropriation bill insist
ed unanimously upon its disagreements to
the Senate amendments to the sundry
civil bill end sent the general deficiency
bU to conference
Odds and Ends
A gallon of water holds 231
A horses respirarion is performed en
tirely through its nostrils
Fifty pacers and nineteen trotters
joined the 210 class in ISO
Candles of an extra special make axe
the favorite iJluininant of Queen Vic
Emperor William of Germany has
taken up lawn tennis for exercise and
discarded mechanical rowing
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