The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, May 26, 1898, Image 8

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XOSEET GOOD Editor and Publisher
Official Paper of Cherry Coun
ty Nebraska
0jfO0JPer Year in Advance
Entered at the Post offlce at Valentine Cherry
oiDty Nebraska as Second class matters -
This paper will be mailed regularly
to its subncribers until a definite order
to discontinue is received and all ar
rears are paid in full
ThtfYizcaya wants her bottom clean
ed If -her commander will apply to
Bob Evans he will attend to -the
matter promptly - and effectively
Soribner Zfews
Editor Good of The Valentine
Democrat has beenielected captain
oJLkanithtary company organized at
Valentine This makes our brother a
war democrat nope hell not get
a Thorn in his side Ainsworth Star
Evidently Bro Leach thought he
did a very cute thing when he cut us
offrthd exchange list of the Oracle
While he tried to instiuct us in news
paper courtesy he by this act shows
that he doesnt understand the first
principles of newspaper decency to
Bay nothing of courtesy Up to this
time we have always supposed Lelloy
possessed at least a modicum of sense
An income tax is the most just and
equitable tax that can be levied
There is no other civilized nation -on
earth that does not levy one There
has been an income tax levied in this
countryand nobody seriously question
ed its constitutionality until the mon
ey powers had entrenched itself in the
supreme court as well -as in the other
branches of the government The de
cision that it is unconstitutional was
an outrage and the manner in which
it was done was indecent
Just to think After all the ad
miration we have expressed tor
Commodore Dewey and after exalt
ing his patriotism and bravery to the
skies it now turns out that he is the
rankest kind of a Grover Cleveland
democrat Gprdon Journal
And so is Eitzhugh Lee a democrat
Does their democracy dim the lustre
of their fame or detract from the
greatness of their services to the coun
try Cannot a democrat be a patriot
apjlfisit written in the constitution
that no man is a true American unless
he is a republican Remember Grant
was talKed of as a possible democratic
candidate for president
The threenewspapers of Valentine
ie the Republican Democrat and
News have wisely got together on
one proposition that of charging one
half regular rates for all cards of
thanks resolutions of condolence
and announcements of all church
show and society entertainments where
an admission fee is charged When
the newspapers receive compensation
for this cisff work they pay their
way into the various entertainments
and consequently are not snubbed
as they so frequently are for being
comps when in reality the work
they have performed and for which
they receive complimentaries amounts
to much more than the price of the
tickets given The majority of pa
pers over the state are now adopting a
schedule of prices for all work of this
clasB Chadron Journal
We have heard complaints about a
few meeting and electing themselves
officers of the volunteer company now
being formed in Valentine which in
our judgment is not well founded
There must be a head to everything
r 1 org3szing a company to go to
the front is not an exception to this
rule At any rate we would as soon
fight under Capt Good as any other
man we know in Valentine Xot be
cause he is any better in this respect
than a great many others but for the
reason that he wants to fight conse
quently will take the active Interest
in drill and charge thatr puts life and
confidence in those who in battle ar
ray meet the enemy on the field to
conquer And while -a great many
are not yet volunteering to go they
are just as loyal and true to our coun
try and if need be will rally to the
lopport of those whogo before later
in the struggle for lBerty How
ftireet the word Liberty sounds to him
tfbo canand will enjoy it Valentine
Dissecting Table
There are schemes and schemes and
here is one of them-
The editor of this paper has lived
inValentine for over two years and
to the best of his knowledge no one
has ever thought be was a consump
tive until after he was elected captain
of the Volunteers Then the interest
ingdiscovery was made that not only
did he have one foot in the grave but
that both his father and mother and
goodness knows how many uncles and
aunts had died of consumption
This will be an interesting item to the
editors father now in the employ of
the state at 1626 Wirt street Omaha
and also to his mother 2215 Q St
Lincoln Also to bis uncles and aunts
not one of whom has died since the
editor was old enough to attend school
also to his four brothers all of whom
are in the best of health This story
had less foundation than did the story
that the editor was a republican be
cause a number of his relatives are
tainted with the latter disease
We will not say wfiere the consump
tive theory originated nor why it was
so assiduously circulated but we feel
confident that we know both these
Ourinvitatioh to attend the meet
ing of the Elkhorn Valley Editorial
Association at ONeill on June 4 was
lost strayed or stolen but neverthe
less we expect to be there if Govern
or Holcomb doesnt order the Valen
tine Volunteers to the front in the
meantime We know that the ONeill
people will treat us right and we ex
pect to have a good time We also
intend to acf as guardian for Bros
Smith Lyon and Cooper and pledge
them that we will not allow them to
board a Short Line train when they
want to come home And of course
we will take in Robinsons circus
drink lemonade and feed peanuts to
the elephant with thSTestof tii boys
Save a place for The Democrat
Armv Measurements
Eor the benefit ot those who are
thinking of joining the TJ S Army
we publish the following table The
first column gives height of applicant
the secondshows minnimum weight
as proportioned to height the third
chest measurement at expansion and
the last the amount of expansion
necessary for height and weight
Ft Ius
Weight Chest
Pounds Ins
128 32J
130 33
132 33i
134 34
141 34
148 34
155 85
162 35
169 354
176 364-
Exposition Kates
The F E M V has made the
following announcement of rates to
Omaha for the Exposition Tickets
will be sold on May 31 good until
June 6 at one fare for the round trip
Each day tickets will be sold good for
30 days at one and one third fare
Each day until Oct 15 tickets good
until jNovemberlS will be sold for
80 per cent of double one way fare
In other words You can go to Omaha
May 31 stay a week and return for
920 Go and stay 30 days and re
turn for 1225 Or stay until after the
Exposition closes for 1475 The
regular iare to umana ana return is
Breakers Ahead
Something -seems to have broken
loose again Amos Strong recently
lost a bunch of seven fine yearling
colts cut out of a bunch which had
brands on Thomas Kelly of Crooks
ton is minus a bunch of cattle W
Gr Ballard reports that he is shy about
35 or 40 head of horses All the
parties named are maKing strenuous
efforts to find their property ancLthere
will be a hot time in the old town
if they are found in the possession of
anyone wfeocannot explain where he
got them
A Calf with Three -Toes
While in town the other day Sam
Hudson one of our most substantial
stockmen told us of a curiosity at bis
ranch near Simeon While working
with calves he threw a young steer
and discovered that eacbT of th8 calfs
front feet was ornamented with three
separate and distinct toes the hoofs
being split in two places The an-
imaLseems to experience no incon
venience from this surplus of pedal
appendages and Sam thinks he is a
gjjeat curiosity
Eli Precinct
We have hail some of the flnesfc rains in the
last two weeks we ever saw
J W Curry and Gerry Fairhead pass31
through here on their way to Waites ranch one
day last week
Earlie idams is lrerding sheep for I B Nich
ols vice Henry Petersen resigned
3 Johii Sekler and Lewis Adams each purchased
a fine Hereford bull last week
P Sullivan was out in the northeast part of
the preeinct locating a claim for a brother of
Mrs Charles Nelson who recently arrived from
Quite a hair storm passed through this part of
the country one day last week the wind blew
the water all out of a ten foot well at the same
Henry Heckel is makinig him another fish
Every man you meet theie days will ask you
if you have heard any late war news and if you
havent the next thing he will ask if your house
We never knew that Chas Ricketts was in
Valentine until we saw it in the TJemockat
although we knew someone else was Charles
is a slv old boy
Aiklrbw Steele had a tubuter v3rIVputd6wuat
Ms house ValJ3ccNslnafd the work
OscarSmalley and F 11 Yanish ngreed to disx
agree and Oscar started to school in district 75
ien McNamee of Merrimau is cooking for
Bruce Mores outfit Leu is a fine cook
E L Murphy of Gallop passed through this
burg one day last week with an artist
Rubber Neck Bill was sprouting taters for
Mrs Nichols last week
Geo Prudeu was in these parts One day last
week looking for cattle
Hugh Bovil and wife returned from the Pacific
coast last week
J S Newell of Cody was out on the river
last week making garden and putting up fence
Kts F R Yanish went to Gordon last Sat
urday on a few days visitwith her parents
fmHp lvyt
2Sow connected -with our clothing department
When in need of 7
Mrs Lew Smith has
this week
been quite ill
I M Jones has moved from the old
school house into his new residence
Chesley Stoner had his face badly
powder burned while shooting a toy
cannon yesterday
Water mains are being laid north
of Macomb and Hall- streets this
week and residents of that 1 part of
town are happy
Mrs J C Wells arrived from Val
entine Saturday last and J C now
commences to feel like a resident of
Butte They have rented rooms in
the Kenaston building for housekeep
ing Butte Gazette
In company with Dr Crooks will be
Dr Stuckey the well known and suc
cessful ee specialist If you have
pain blurring or any difficulty in see
ing do not fail to consult this eminent
eye expert Consultationfree 17
Mrs Danley who has been stopping
with J G Stetter for some time left
for Rocky Ford Colorado lasi night
with her three grandaughters Stetters
girls The little folks were given a
party at their home on Cherry street
last evening prior their departure
W A Keisters pants are too short
his hat is too sman and his coat is
ripped up the back all because he has
suddenly grown bombastically corpu
lent over a boy at his house A boy
remember and arrived today full
weight and everybody doing well
Norden Borealis
W S irfoving riis print
shop to the corner of Main and Cath
arine streets and will begin the erec
tion of a fine new buikiiug on the old
site He has been occupying the
judge s office during the moving pro
cess so lookout for democratic ed
itorials this week
Dr C V Crooks the well1 known
specialist of the East now located ajt
Fremont Xebr will be iriValentine
June 5 6 and 1 Dr Crooks success
fully treats all nervous diseases of
women and chronic ailments Piles
positively cured without the knife or
detention from business Consulta
tion free 17
Miss Bertha Childe was quite ill the
fore part of the week with a severe
cold and sore throat re
covered sufficiently to be able to con
duct services in her church- the Epis
copalon Sunday night They have
an excellent choir there now and in
terest in the services is attested by a
very liberal attendance every Sundav
night Alliance Picnezr Grip
J A Fike and family moved to
Newport yesterday morning where
they will make their home ia the
future During the tour years that
their family has been in Valentine
they have made for themselves a host
of friends many of whom will be life
long The fortune of politics brought
them here and the same fickle for
tune causes theruto move yet we in
company with many others tradhoped
that Mr Fike would remain with us
regardless of the change iu his official
position Wecongratulate the peo
ple of Newport upon receiving this
estimable family as neighbors
Niobrara Falls
The fine rains of recent date have greatly re
vived thecr ps
The Comstock cattle company are comfort
ably settled in camp on the Snake river
Mr Reed has moved on his claim on the south
side of the river
Mrs Susie Baker of Pawnee City is visiting
her mother Mrs Johnson
We are sorry to note the death of our friend
and neighbor Abram Johnson He has been a
patient sufferer for years and his fmily have
the sympathy of the entire community
Mrs Johnson will remain on her farm until
she can sellout She will then make her home
with her daughters
Doc Johnson is building a feRce
School inDist3l closed on the 13th
Mr James Howe an energetic young man
who hart recently hired out to Messrs Grange
Uaeber while after cattle was thrown violent
lyfrom hs horse and broke his collarbone He
was taken at once to Dr Dwyer of Valentine
Mr D A Tiercy has one of the largest sup-
l ply tanks in the country
MiJS Agnes Piercv attended the commence
ment exercises at Valentine on tne 20th
Mell Halt- moved into his new house one day
last week
John Sedlacek and family recently returned
from Custer county
Mrs Bachelor is visiting her son
Mrs J A Gee went to the county capital on
fie 23
Miss Laura Tfllirson Isvisiting Mrsr Grange
Jim Wilson from the Hansen Cattle Co was
seen on our streets on Saturday
Joe Pogue was in town on Saturday He re
ports having quite a small cyclone at his place
on xuesday
Mrs Devore was in town one day last week
MrAValcotE and chRdren were -in the city on
U G Stevenson made atrip to Ainsworth on
Rev Garner preached to a small -audience on
Elder John came up from Johnstown Monday
morning and Rev Garner accompanied him
from here to Valentine the same afternoon re
turning Tuesday morning
C A Johnson- went to Longpinc Monday
morning returning the same afternoon
Rosa Morgareidge and Maud Day were in
town on Thursday of last week
Chas Sadie and Ollie Dewey boarded the
east bound train Saturday evehlfig1 for Johns
town where they went to attend quarterly
Ed Beabout went to Johnstown on Saturday
There must be some at ti action there
Woodlake is improving every clay streets are
being fixed up trees being set out and iu fact
the town looks line
5 The editor of the Oracle made the remark last
week that lie would like correspondents from
Brownlee Simeon and Cennedy Now we
must say right here he forgot to mention the
fact that he wanted one from Valentine and
Woodlake Now if there is any real lively cor
respondent in either place the Oracle would be
pleased to hear from on we know
Miss Ollie Dewey returned from Johnstown
on Tuesday morning where she has been for a
few days vsit
Mr and Mrs Chandler started for Washing
ton on Monday morning expecting to be gone
about three months
Mr Charles Dewey is the owner of a fine new
buggy Look out now girls dont all say yes at
We do not need the sympathy of the editor of
the Oracle I think the Valentine papers art
capable of taking care of themselves and not
lose many subscribers either And I assure
you that Mike Spanish and Bachelor can look
out for themselves and not ask anyone to helD
Ed Potter Joy Hackler Roy Phelps
Geo Hallock Fred Skinner and iiruce
Thomas composed the third party to
start on a fishing tour in Cherry coun
ty this week The boys were well sup
plied with camp equippage and tackle
and expect to thoroughly enjoy the
sport of catching fish and fighting
mosquitoes- Key a Paha Call
Application for Administrator
In county court within and for Cherrv county
NebrasRa in the matter of the estate of
Henry Carter deceased
Kathrin Carter havintr filed in mv nfltep a rrnti
Hon pxnyii g for the appointment of W R Haley
as administrator of the estate of Henry Carter
deceased all persons interested in said estate
will take notice that I have fixed June the 10th
1898 at 10 oclock a m as the tiine and my office
in Valentine Cherry county Neft the place for
hearing stid petition at which time and place all
ijcisujjs imeresicu in saia estate may appear
and show cnuse if any there be why such ad
ministrator should not be appointed
Witness my hand and the seal of the County
Court this 25 day of May 1808
18 20 County Judge
Probate Xotice
State of Nebkaska
CiiKituy County jsa
To all persons concerned in the estate of Abram
Johnson deceased
WHEKKAS Cvntlia Ann Johnson of sntrl
county has filed 111 my office an instrument
porting to be the nt will and testament ot
Abram Join son deceased late of said countv
unapetit ion praying to have the same ad
mitted to probate which will relate to both real
and personal estate whereupon I have
cu ouuiiuoy uiu lotu oiiy Il iiuue injs Jit l
oclock p 111 at my oflice in Valentine in said
county as the time and place of proving said
will at which time and place you and all con
cerne1 may appearand contest the probate of
the same
Itisfiuther ordered that the petitioner give
notiee to all persons interested in said estate
of the pendency of the petition and the timo ami
plac set for hearing same by causing a copv of
bald order to be published in Thk Valentine
Dkmockat a paper published in said county of
Cherry for three weeks successively previous
to theday set for said hearing
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and official seal this 25th day of May 1898
W R Towne
Cbunty Judge
frftTgMFVMriia nrt
Oa Each Box
But if the Spaniards will fight it will soon
have war offrits hands - We have on
hands but we have a splendid line of
Wfiich will hot last long if you are looking fcr
Slimmer Dress Goods and look over our line
Now too is the time for men to buy new
summer hats shirts etc We will sell you a
splendid latest style hat for 225- A good
fancy shift thoroughly up-to-date for 100
The Red Front
cattle dehorned
Strayed from my rangeTetirCrookstosreven
head of steers branded P 7 on right hip or jj
On side or hip TnOS KELLY
31 ill Prices jor JFeetl
Bran bulk 50c per cwt 900 ton
Shorts bulk G0c per cwt 1100 ton
Screenings 35c 600
Chop Feed 70c 1300
Corn 50c
jOats 30c
American Beauties
fBaasw 25 cents-
T1i TnnlWWlt niRi -
Hand Book of the Railway and Stcain Navi
gation Lines of the United States Dominion of
Canada and Mexico
2EASSS82 S25P9S9 MS tatbe
tablea to all other sections
a -- IQ to 174 Adams Street Chicago Ill
Earl Comstock Manager-
Valentine Neb
Cattle branded on
left side or hip Also
969 TG
CO 00
s -
Horses same as on
steer left hip Also
C on left shoulder
I Ksl J
CDe Sitiitb Premier typewriter
Best Value Writing Machine
imfKHmntrnQntr W
of tie Hat f
First In Improvements Henest 4SmgSSe3B 7
Construction and all High grade clBL ff
Typewriter Essentials T mSSSML MY
oam ILudsorf
Simeon Neb
Ml J x lfB
Left ears tagged All
Left hip on cattle
Left shoulder on
Some horses Lazy
3 on left shoulder
ltauce between
Gordon and Snake
River and Niobrara
Cfte Smitl Premier typewriter go Syracuse n v u
Omaha Branch Office Corner Seventeenth and Farnam Streets-
7 31 I
Thomas Farroi
Rosebud S Tt
ID 1183 either left
side or hip
HnrpF on left
Range head of
f OF 1
wj 1 ni
Now- is the time to subscribe 100
John DeCory
Rosebud S D
W jxd
McNiit Bros
P O Brownlee Neb
Right or left side
Horses same on
leit snoulder
Earmark Swal
low tail clip right
or left ear
Range Big Creek
Pan Didicr
Rosend S D
Horses P
Cattle hole In
each ear
Ranife Ril and
Little White River
Some branded ID
417 on left skte
Horses JD oa Ifc
Range In jieyer Co
on Antelope Creek
S H Ivimmel
Rosebud S I
Also B4TJ on left
Cattle undercut on
both ears
Dorses branded 4
on left shoulder
Range on Antelope
and Spilng Creeks
Louis J Kiehard
3IerriH Neb
h m 4
1 mi 1
Charles Bichard
ajerrlbian Neb
l J 4
Steadman Bros
ft - 1
ill HMrfB iMUJMMiL
Pas3Neb -Brand
oif fifth
right or left aWe
iiorses and sot
came Brand
on left side j
ana sip
Ranee Ball Iak3
and Wamdute