The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, February 24, 1898, Image 4

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HOBEKT OOD tolltcr and Prop
Will Be Prepared for Trouble if It
Comes New York Is Guarded as
Never Before Great Guns Are
Manned and Ready for Use
Nation Near a War Footing
Chicago Feb 22 A special Washing
ton dispatch to the Chronicle says The
United States is nearer a war footing than
it has been at any time since the civil war
Telegrams and written orders arc besieg
jng military and naval officials and all
the talk is of armed men of rcgeuicnts
and accoutrements of guns and projectiles
New York is guarded as never before for
the great guns of her girdle of forts are
manned and ready to be served The
North Atlantic squadron is now concen
trated in the Gulf of Florida aud other
vessels have been ordered lo hold them
selves in readiness to -join it Through
out the Atlantic seaboard the prepara
tions are under way Artillerymen
aic already at the defenses and
newdetails are to arrive at many of the
points New York is guarded at Willetts
point Fort Schuyler Fort Hamilton Fort
Wadsworth and Sandy Hook
Gen Merritf acting under orders from
Gen Miles has ordered Lieut Lang of
the Second Artillery to proceed at once
with a command lo Willetts point to take
charge of the coast defense batteries and
the magazines and Lieut Arnold of the
Fifth Artillery has been detailed to the
important works at Sandy Hook
The war department makes no secret of
its activity but seeks to temper the public
mind to it by designating the present stir
as the execution of a long standing plan
Woman Who Married a Piegan
Brave Excluded by Maj Fuller
Great Falls Mont Maj Fuller
agent of the Black Feet Indians has
issued an order prohibiting Mrs Garrett
White from living on the reservation
-Mrs White is the white woman who a
month ago while a teacher in the Fort
Shaw Indian school eloped with and
married White a full blooded Piegan
Indian She is a sister of Rev C C Bate
man army chaplain at Fort Belknap
Mrs White has been compelled to accept
a position as waitress in a hotel at Du
puyer to support herself and husband
Evangelist Announces He Will Run
for the Governorship
Atlanta Ga Sam Jones the evan
gelist who is well known over all the
United Stales has announced his candi
dacy for the governorship of Georgia the
campaign for which is just now opening
with four other candidates in the field
Mr Jones says that this determination was
taken after mature deliberation and at
the solicitation of frends in every section
of the state He will not announce his
platform until next week
Johnson Hotel Destroyed and Many
Guests Injured
Prescott Arizona A disastrous fire
occurred here about midnight Tuesday
resulting in the total destruction of the
Johnson nolel The house contained be
tween twenty and thirty guests and the
fire made such headway before being dis
covered that they lost nearly everything
and many had narrow escapes No fatal
ities occurred but a number of persons
were seriously injured
Daughters of the Revolution
Washington The seventh continental
congress of the society of the Daughters
of the American Revolution began Mon
day Nearly all of the accredited 800 del
egates were present Mrs Adlai E
Stevenson the president general delivered
an address which was responded to by
Mrs J Harvey Matthew of Tennessee
Missing Fishermen Are Safe
Marinette Wis The twelve fisher
men twho started from Green Island for
Marinette during the blizzard have been
located They found the storm so severe
that they returned to their shanties The
Sturgeon Bay stage arrived safe at Stur
geon Bay after a rough trip
Cheaper Feed for Stock
Springfielu lllr The board of rail
load warehouse commissioners has suc
ceeded in inducing the Union Stock Yards
at Chicago to reduce the price of corn to
consigners of stock to figures considered
satisfactory The price heretofore has
been 1 a bushel
Schaefer and Ives Matched
Chicago Jake Schaefer and Frank C
Ives had a lengthy conference in this city
smd decided to settle their differences by a
l00 point game lS inch balk line for the
billiard championship of the world The
game will be played in Central Music Ilall
April 2
Rich Strike on American Soil
Dwvsox City News has reached here
of a rich strike on American Creek 131
jnilesdown the Yukon river There is a
rush for the diggings which are ou Amer
ican soil
Knocks Out Luke Stevens
Buffalo X Y Oscar Gardiner the
Omaha Kid knocked out Luke Stevens of
his city in the ninth round before the
Olympic Athletic Club Tuesday night
Empress Alexandria of Russia Ill
St Petersburg Empress Alexandria
Fedorovna is suffering from a slight attack
of the measles
Jamaicans Stop Cuban Filibusters
Kingston Jamaica A filibustering ex
pedition destined for Cuba has been inter
cepted by the authorities and a quantity of
arms and ammunition seized The Amer
ican schooner Cora M Capt Mitchell last
touched at Wilmington X C is impli
Browned in Lake Michigan
Chicago Michael Lutkoski and John
0 Fisky who were shooting ducks on the
lake off South Chicago were drowned by
Ihe capsizing of their boat A crowd of
their friends witnessed the drowning but
were powerless to give them any aid
Conspiracy to Blow Up the Ameri
can Consul General
Tampa Fla The Havana horror and
the suspicions it has aroused shows up a
bitter proclamation secretly circulated in
Havana some time ago of a plot to blow up
Gen Lee and the consulate These cir
culars were printed at Havana in Spanish
and sent in a package to Spanish Consul
Cursi then at Key West ami were sent
here to be forwarded to a certain party in
Havana for distribution nc was not here
and they were sent to him at Havana
Just at that time Jose Luis Miguel a Cuban
pf Tampa was in Havana and by mistake
the postman delivered the package to him
It soon became known that he had them
and was aware of the bitter feeling so he
was enticed to a building on Tacona Street
one night and then told he must join in
Ihe plot to blow up the American consul
ate He indignantly refused but finally
accepted their terms He then gave a
copy of the proclamation to the press for
publication y
Estate AVill Eventually Pass Into
the Temple Fund
Chicago By the terms of the will of
Miss Frances E Willard late president of
the W C T U her estate will pass into
the temple fund after the life interests of
her secretary Miss Anna Gordon and of
her sister-in-law Mrs Mary B Willard
have expired The property consists of
Rest Cottage at Evanston valued at
16000 a small cottage in the the Adiron
daks and 3000 in cash which was pre
sented to Miss Willard on her 50th birth
day By the original will the estate was
to pass to the W C T U but a codocil
added after the Buffalo convention di
verts it to the temple fund The temple
trustees will probably waive their rights
and leave the estate entirely to the direct
Prominent Chicago G A R Man
Confesses Himself a Fraud
Chicago David Burnham who for
nearly twenty years has been a leading
member of the local post of the G A R
and a respected citizen of Elgin 111 has
confessed that he had no right to be called
a veteran and that he had never taken
any part in the civil war Burnham was
prisoner before United States Commis
sioner Humphrey on the charge of at
tempting to defraud the government by
applying for a pension as an old soldier
when he made the confession He was
held to the federal grand jury in bail of
1500 and being unable to secure bonds
men was sent to jail Burnham applied
for a pension last September and it was
this fact that is said to have caused his
Attorney General Under Harrison
Has a Congestive Chill
W H H Miller attorney general of the
United States uuder President Harrison
was taken suddenly ill with a congestive
chill at Indianapolis Ind and much
alarm is felt over his condition His
physician is with hira constantly and if
another attack can be avoided he hopes to
see him steadily improve
Knocks Out Plumbers Law
Milwaukee Judge Sutherland of the
superior court handed down a decision
knocking out the plumbers license law
passed at the last session of the legislature
The decision is a severe blow to many
master plumbers and to many trades
unions which favored it The case de
cided a test one was that of Jacob Wink
ler against the board of public works of
Milwaukee Winkler failed to pass the
examination held by the board of examin
ers and was consequently refused a license
He broughtsuit on the ground that the law
was invalid The case will doubtless be
carried to the supreme court
Bread Riot in Sicily
Palmero Sicily Three hundred
villagers made a demonstration in the
village of Strouna demanding succor
Several were armed They refused to dis
perse and the soldiers who intervened
were greeted with showers of stones and
pistol shots The troops returned the fire
killing two peasants and wounding four
A lieutenant and a police officer were in
Troops IJeave for Alaska
Seattle Wash Companies A and G
Fourteenth United States Infantry left
here Saturday afternoon ou the steamer
Queen for Sagway Alaska where they
will be- stationed for the purpose of pre
serving order Companies B and H of the
same regiment who will be stationed at
Talya for the same purpose will follow in
a few days
Farewell Audience to Polo
Madrid Sunday the queen regent gave
a farewell audience to Senor Polo y Ber
liabe the new minister to the United
States She also received United States
Minister Woodford who presented Pres
ident McKinleys dispatch of thanks for
Spains expression of sympathy with the
United States in the misfortune that befell
the Maine
Fierce Duel in Prussia
Vienna A fierce duel has been fought
between Prince Philip of Saxe Coburg
and Golha husband of the Princess Louise
Marie of Belgium and Lieut Mattachich
They fought first with pistols and then
with swords The prince was wounded
severely in the right arm
Filibusters Sentence Affirmed
Philadelphia The United States
court of appeals has affirmed the verdict in
the case of John D nart sentenced to two
years imprisonment on the charge of aid
ing the steamer Laureda iu a filibustering
expediton to Cuba
Mahoney Bests Tommy White
Philadelphia Tommy White of
Chicago and young Mahoney of this city
fought fifteen rounds at the Olympic Club
at Athens Thursday night resulting in a
victory for Mahoney
Paris Expo Appropriation
Washington Representative Hitt of
Illinois has introduced a joint resolution
appropriating 1000000 for the represent
ation of the United States at the Paris ex
position in 1900
Kindergarten Convention
Philadelphia At Saturdays session
if the International Kindergarten Union
ttie officials of last year were reelected
Cincinnatti was chosen as the next place
of meeting
Schaefer to Play Ives
New York Champion Jake Shaffer
bas formally accepted Frank Ives cual
jenge and names Chicago as the place in
which the games shall be played
Men are Pouring In and Freight
Cannot Be Moved
Seattle X E Stclle who arrived
from Dyea Alaska on the steamer Queen
says For the past month men have been
pouring into Dyea by thousands There
is a congestion of freight along the trail
and at Dyea The Chilkoot Railroad and
Transportation Compauys railroad is
completed but has been unable to run for
several days because the men are unable
to live on the summit of the pass The
chaolic condition of things cannot be con
ceived by those who have not seen it
Among the Queens passengers is Thomas
W OBrien who left Dawson City Jan
uary 1 He is said lo have brought out
50000 in drafts- and dust
Riot Occurs at the End of Satur
days Session of the Trial
Paris A riot occurred at Hie close of
Saturdays session of the Zola trial Zola
narrowly escaped being lynched by a
mob On leaving the palace of justice all
the army officers were cheered by the
crowd outside Gen Pellieux and Major
Eslerhazy were given particular ovations
The police were powerless to manage the
crowds There was a general fight The
mob threw itself on the Jews yelling
Death to Jews throw them into the
Seine Finally the guards were obliged
to charge the rioters and clear the square
Spains Warship to Be Protected
by New York Authorities
New York Every policeman in the
city was on duty Saturday under a special
order from Chief McCullagh This action
is taken in compliauce with the request of
Roosevelt assistant secretary of the navy
that precautions be taken against the pos
sibility of hostile demonstrations upon the
arrival of the Spanish cruiser Vizcaya
A police boat patrol will watch about the
Vizcaya It is believed ample precautions
will be taken to prevent any thing hap
pening lo the Vizcaya
Bulgarians Murdered in Macedonia
London The correspondent of the
Daily News at Constantinople tells a ter
rible story of the murder and torturing in
the most horrible fashion of the Bulgar
ians in Macedonian villages Many have
died under torture A list of the victims
has been furnished to the ambassadors
Gale on Atlantic Coast
Xew York Peril on land and sea fol
lowed the heavy gale which swept New
York and the Atlantic coast the past week
Forty eight miles an hour was the
velocity reached by the wind in New
York Considerable damage was dono
ashore and afloat
Buy New Guns
London Both the German and French
armies are bnsily replacing old field guns
with new quick firers at an enormous ex
pense The German rearming will be
completed by the middle of this year and
the French before the end of 1999
Miss WJllard8 Successor
Chicago Irs L M X Stevens
national vice president of the W C T U
will become the head of the movement
and no election of president will be held
till the next regular convention
For a New Battleship
Washington A bill appropriating
4000000 to provide a battleship to replace
the Maine was introduced in the house
Friday afternoon by Mr Foot of New
Norways New Cabinet Completed
Christiania Ex Premier Steen who
was entrusted with the task of forming a
new ministry has completed the cabinet
and submitted the names to King Oscar
Russian Troops for Vladivostok
Constantinople The Russian aux
iliary cruiser Tamboff passed through the
Bosporus Friday with 2000 soldiers and
sixteen cannon bound for Vladivostok
Exposition Superintendent
Omaha A C Foster has been ap
pointed general superintendent of the
Trans Mississippi exposition by a vote of
the executive board
125000 Fire in Pittsburg
Pittsburg A fire Saturday afternoon
damaged the National Wall Paper Com
panys building and stock to the extent of
British Battleship Still Aground
Port Said The British battleship Vic
torious which on February 14 went ashore
outside the bar here is still aground
Sir James Stomsficld Is Dead
London RightHon Sir James Stoms
field is dead aged 78
Chicago Cattle common to prime
300 to 5575 hogs shipping grades
300 to 425 sheep fair to choice 25G
to 475 wheat No 2 red 103 to 105
corn No 2 2Sc to 30c oats No 2 25c
to 27c rye No 2 49c to 50c butter
choice creamery 18c to 20c eggs fresh
14c to 15c potatoes common to choice
50c to G5c per bushel
Indianapolis Cattle shipping 300 tc
525 hogs choice light 300 to 425
sheep common to choice 300 to 450
wheat No 2 97c to 99c corn No 2
white 29c to 31c oats No 2 white 27c
to 29c
St Louis Cattle 300 to 550 hogs
300 to 425 sheep 300 to 475
wheat No 2 9Sc to 99c corn No 2
yellow 27c to 29c oats No 2 white 28c
to 29c rye No 2 49c to 50c
Cincinnati Cattle 250 to 525 hogs
300 to 425 sheep 250 to 475
wheat No 2 red 9Sc to 100 corn No 2
mixed 31c to 32c oats No 2 mixed 28c
to 29c rye No 2 50c to 52c
Detroit Cattle 250 to 550 hogs
300 to 425 sheep 250 to 475
wheat No 2 9Gc to 97c com No tl
yellow 32c to 33c oats No 2 white 31c
to 32c rye 51c to 53c
Toledo Wheat No 2 red 97c to 99c
corn No 2 mixed 30c to 31c oats No
2 white 26c to 2Sc rye No 2 50c to 51c
clover seed 310 to 320
Milwaukee Wheat No 2 spring 94c
to 96c corn No 3 29c to 31c oats No
- w hite 2Sc to 29c rye No 2 50c to 51c
barley No 2 3Sc to 43c pork mess
1075 to 1125
Buffalo Cattle 300 to 550 hogs
300 to 450 sheep 300 to 525
wheat No 2 red 9Sc to 100 corn No
2 yellow 33c to 35c oats No 2 white
31c to 33c
New York Cattle 300 to 550 hogs
300 to 475 sheep 300 to 525
-heat No 2 red 106 to 107 corn No
2 37c to 3Sc oats No 2 white 31c to
33c butter creamery 15c to 21c eggs
Western 15c to lGc
Attorneys for the Alma Banker
Make a Plea for 3Iercy Before the
Supreme Court Formal Applica
tion for a Rehearing of the Case
Wants a Rehearing-
The attorneys for B D Miles the Har
lan County banker who is in the peniten
tiary for assisting in the embezzlement of
county funds have filed an application in
the supreme court for a rehearing of the
case partly on the grounds of the misap
plication of the law in the former decision
and because of the erroneous instructions
of the trial court Independent of the
legal status of the case there is an earnest
plea for mercy for the prisoner One
paragraph of the brief accompany
ing the application is as follows The
conviction is forced upon counsel from
a close examination of the testimony that
not only is there a reasonable doubt of
Miles guilt but that the walls of the
penitentiary inclose a man innocent of the
crime charged In the information He
was a victim of circumstances in being a
banker and striving to carry his bank
through the financial storm that for years
has raged To this end doubtless he did
as others similarly in peril He sought to
allay distrust of the solvency of the bank
by concealing from the public some of its
affairs And therefore the letter ac
companying the receipt And when his
bank became unable lo respond to the call
of the county treasurer he felt keenly the
humiliation and sought to restore the
funds thus deposited
Supreme Court Reverses Decision
of Lower Court
The supreme court has handed down an
opinion reversing the decision of the trial
court in the case of ex Auditor Eugene
Moore and dismissing the case Moore
was convicted of embezzlement and sen
tenced to eight years in the penitentiary
The supreme court declares the statute
under which he was convicted unconsti
Will Be at the Exposition
Senator L M Graham of Stockville will
prepare Frontier Countys exhibit for the
Trans Mississippi Exposition lie was
appointed at a meeting of the directors of
the Frontier Count Agricultural Society
Considerable material has been gathered
by the society for this purpose and the
work will now be vigorously pushed
The county commissioners were present at
the meeting of the board and expressed
themselves heartily in favor of the move
ment and pjedged the support of the
county in assisting to cover the necessary
expense most of which will be raised by
Want a Xew School House
At a special meeting of the school board
of Columbus it was decided by a vote of 4
to 2 to call a special election for bonds in a
sum not exceeding 25000 with which to
build ajiew school building for that city
The election will be held in March While
no plans have as yet been agreed upon if
is intended in case the bonds carry to
build a two story brick with six rooms
The city now has four buildings with
twelve rooms but matters have been in a
very crowded condition for Lthe last few
Refuses to Dismiss the Appeal
The supreme court has overruled the
motion of Attorney McCoy to dismiss the
appeal in the Shoup police case at Omaha
McCoy had asked to have the appeal dis
missed for the reason that the recent levy
made by the Omaha council provides suffi
cient revenue to maintain the entire police
force and that there is now no good reason
for the dismissal of Shoup and the other
Homes for Waifs
There arrived at the Palace House in
Schuyler the other day B W Tice of New
York city and Miss A Bogardus of
Elmira N YM accompanied by Rev J W
Luce of Wahoo all representatives of the
Childrens Aid Society iu company with
sixteen children for whom homes were
sought Eight of them were disposed of
the first day
Goes to the Pen
The trial of the criminal case of the state
against Otis Anselen was brought to a
close at St Paul by the defendant chang
ing his plea of not guilty to guilty and
throwing himself n the mercy of the
court Judge Kendall sentenced him to
three and a half years in the penitentiary
at hard labor
Murderer Commits Suicide
Joseph Holecheck who murdered his
wife at the Holecheck farm near Hum
boldt on the night of December 4 1897
hanged himself in the county jail at Falls
City last week Holecheck would have
been tried at the April term of court lie
leaves ten children and an estate of con
siderable value
Bank Changes
The appointment of Hon George R
Colton to the office of national bank ex
aminer has caused several changes in the
officers of the Central Nebraska National
Bank at David City of which he was
cashier to be made
Large Class Initiated
At the regular meeting of the Platts
moulh chapter of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen 109 candidates were ad
mitted It is believed that this is the
largest initiation ever held in this state
Organize a Uniform Rank
Several members of Garfield lodge No
6 of Blair and Trinity lodge No 23 of
Herman Knights of Pythias organized a
uniform rank a Blair last week There
were twenty nine members
Small Boy Badly Hurt
Little Frankie Currie of Shelby is in a
critical condition The lad claims that
several of the larger bo s ran him down
and then kicked him and hit him with
ears of corn
Mysterious Disappearance
Charles Frohman a young married man
has disappeared from Sterling and no ac
count can be given for his sudden depar
ture No word was left to his family or
friends and he was not in debt and was of
sound mind Friends traced him as far as
Shot in the Arm
Daniel Muirhead of York got in front of
the loaded end of a rifle while he and his
brother were hunting and surgeons were
called to search for the ball in his right
Officers of tlic Company Testify to
Its Extent in Nebraska
The hearing of the telegraph case on the
Feltz complaint was taken up before the
secretaries of the State Board of Transpor
tation m Lincoln the other day C B
Hortou assistant superintendent of the
western division of the Western Union
was on the stand most of the time ami
ga ve many of the details of the business of
his company in this state ne said that of
the 009 offices in the state only eight went
above 230 per month in gross earnings
The receipts of nine offices ranged from
100 to 200 per month eighty two took in
less than 2 per month each while 1015
ranged from 2 to 5 per month There
were 679 men employed by the company
iu the state and if it were not for the con
tracts with the railroad companies the
entire business in the state would be at a
positive loss
Mr Dickey was called and testified that
the plant of the Western Union in this
state cost in the neighborhood of 1000
000 and that while it was probably not
worth that much at the present time in
cash it was probably worth that much to
the company when the value of the
through business and connections was
taken into consideration
May Be Impeached
Efforts looking to the impeachment of
Mayor Frank A Graham and Exciseman
Harvey B Yaille of Lincoln have been
commenced A complaint was filed with
the city council by three citizens charging
the two officials with accepting bribes
from gamblers and hushmoney from
saloonkeepers and with extorting large
sums of money from policemen firemen
and other city employes as the result of
their appointment The trial of the mayor
was set for March 3 and that of Exciseman
Vaill for February 23
Hustle for Farm Lands
The yearly hustle by renters for farm
lands has commenced in Johnson County
and it is more vigorous than ever this
year Farm property seems to be very
desirable just now both to buyers aiwl
renters The prospects are exceedingly
bright for crops for this time of year
Moisture in plenty has filled the ground
milting the same in prime condition for
spring work Tha wheat has appeared
and looks vigorous and tliruty
Sterling Morton as Editor
Nebraska City is to have another daily
newspaper with ex Secretary Morton as
editor The capital stock of the new
company is 25000 fully paid J Sterling
Morton his four sons Joy Paul Mark
and Carl Donald Maccuaid N A Duff
and several other prominent business men
of the city are the incorporators
Bridge Goes Out
Two hundred and forty feet of the
Platte River wagon bridge at Schuyler
was taken out last week by a sudden rise
caused by the breaking up of Loup River
The part taken out was a portion of the
low bridge built with a view to high water
carrying the ice over without injury to the
Nebraska Short Notes
Hard3r is agitating the advisability of
erecting a creamery
A Young Mens Christian Association
has been organized at Valentine
Alliance has resolved to make another
try to secure the county seat of Box Butte
Will Wagner of Wood Lake got his foot
in a hay press which crushed the bones at
the ankle
The champion checker players of Te
cumseh and Table Rock are trying to get
up a match game
Counterfeit coins of the denominations
of 5 cents and 1 are reported to be
ful in and around Alliance
The receipts of the Pierce postoffice dur
ing the month of January eclipse any
month in the history of the office
Sheriff Looey of Madison County is
negotiating for a pack of trained blood
hounds to use in tracking criminals
The village board of Plainview at its
lrst meeting instructed the marshal to en
force the curfew ordinance on aud after
February 15
Mr and Mrs Charles Austing of Loup
City celebrated the thirtieth anniversary
of their marriage at the opera house a few
nights since at which were present about
200 of their friends
Charles Mayfield the man arrested at
Valentine on the supposition that he was
Paul Miller wanted at Brookfield Mass
for murder has been released The officer
who came from Massachusetts to get the
prisoner was convinced he was not the
man wanted
A serious accident happened to John
Campbell at Hastings while attempting to
hitch up his team Mr Campbell was
standing near a telephone pole at the head
of his team when the horses became1
frightened and ran away He was thrown
against the pole in such a manner as to
have his nose broken several teeth
knocked out a bad deep cut on his head
and otherwise badly bruised up
The Hartington city council has con
tracted for the erection of an electric light
Charles Galster of West Point com
mitted suicide by shooting himself with a
Rev A W Davis has tendered his resig
nation as pastor of the Christian Church at
Falls City
The Neligh creamery on last Friday
shipped seven cases of butter to Coats
worts Hussen Co of null England
Eighty four rats in eighty minutes is a
record T P Jarman of Springfield made
last week in killing these troublesome
Will the sleet injure the fruit crop this
coming season is a question that is being
asked by a great man- Some farmers are
of the opinion that it will injure the crops
while others claim there is an old saying
that after a heavy coat of sleet look out
for a big crop of apples
The B M depot at Merna was com
pletely consumed by fire together with all
the contents except the books of the office
Jacquots elevator near by was badly
scorched and was only saved by a fa or
able wind A new box car standing on
the track was also burned
The annual bean dinner of the Richard
son County Pioneer Association was held
at Verdon last week and as usual those
present had a good time
At a recent meeting of the city council
of Hebron an ordinance providing an oc
cupation tax of 50 per annum for the sale
of cigarettes or paper fox their manufact
ure was passed
O W Davis manager of the Salem
Chautauqua is hard at work on the pro
gram for this years Chautauqua which is
to be held from July 3D to August 7 in
clusive The noted lecturer and preacher
Robert Mclntyre of Chicago is to open
the program
The Great W C T U Leader After a
Valiant StniKsIe for Life Dies at the
Imperial Hotel New York Her Life
and Works
A Noble Life Ended
Miss Im nccs E Willard died at mid
night Thursday at the Imperial Hotel in
ew York City A fatal termination of
ll1ll VA I I VI
her illness had been
expected for several
hours MisH Willard
had lieen ill for about
three weeks Dr Hill
made the following
statement Thursday
Miss Wrillanl had
suffered some years
with prof ou nil ane
mia and oi several
occasions had been
given up to die Last
summer sin seemed
I ato take on a new
L le se of life and
uiss trances willauii gained in weight
and strength so that she went through
her convention work at Toronto and Buf
falo which was r st arduous and came
out much better than was expected but
on her arrival live weeks ago she was
much prostrated and readily took the
grip which attacked the stomach liver
intestines anil later the nervous system
The disease progressed favorably and in
many respects she had greatly imuroved
when the fatal issue came and overwhelm
ed the nerve centers There was no can
cerous degeneration of any nrganr ik has
been stated
Miss Wil lards Career
Frances Elizabeth Willard wax bom
Sept 28 1S in Churehvillc near Koch
ester N Y Her parents were New Eng
landers While she was yet a babe her
parents moved to Oberlin O from which
place after a residence of five years they
moved to a farm near lanesviile Wis
Miss Willard lived on the farm for thir
teen years
lTp to her fifteenth year she had never
seen the inside of a school room save for
an hour or two at a time and then only
as she visited the classes of her girlhood
friends Her first schooling of which any
mention is made was at the
founded by Catherine Beecher at
Milwaukee Wis She spent there only
one term Afterward she entered the
Northwestern Female College at Evans
ton 111 She took the full course pre
scribed at that institution and graduated
in 18r with high honors
In ISOS Miss Willard made a tour
abroad She went to Paris and studied
in the College de France Among the
celebrated men from whom she received
instruction was Guizot She studied also
in Berlin and Rome and then visited
Greece Egypt and Palestine
t Her Tempernnce Work
Vfhe Womans Christian Temperance
Union had been organized but its efforts
had amounted to little so far as practical
results were concerned Miss Willard
was elected corresponding secretary of
the organization She put into her new
work all the vigor of her strong constitu
tion She broadened the scope of the
organization wrote letters to women all
over the country and within a short time
made the movement one of national im
portance Her efforts met with sucji suc
cess and were so heartily commended by
the members of the organization Jnd by
the public generally that she was made-vice-president
of the society and in 1871
was elected to the ofiice of national presi
Her work for temperamt took her
throughout every part of the United
States and through many European coun
tries She visited every city in the Unit
ed States of 10000 inhabitants most of
those of i000 and hundreds of smaller
population She was an indefatigable lec
turer and lectured wherever she stopped
long enough for such a purpose her aid ii
the cause of temperance being everywhere
recognized as of the utmost importance
and widely sought
Officially Disavows Responsibility foi
the De Lome Letter
The De Lome note has been officially
disavowed by the Spanish Government
and the incident is now regarded in Wash
ington as closed In the royal decree ac
cepting the resignation of De Lome it is
stated it leaves him without employment
with the emoluments due him the cus
tomary fiattering phrases being omitted
The State Department gave out an ab
stract of a note sent by the Spanish Gov
ernment to Minister Woodford at Madrid
Part of this abstract is here given
The Spanish ministry in accepting the
resignation of a functionary whose ser
vices they have been using and valuing
up to that time leaves it perfectly well es
tablished that they do not share and rath
er on the contrary disauthorize the criti
cisms tending tir offend or censure the
chief of a friendly state although such
criticisms had been written within the
field of friendship and had reached pub
licity by artful and criminal means Ah
to the paragraph concerning the desirabil
ity of negotiations of commercial relations
if even for effect and the importance of
using a representative for the purpose
stated in Senor Dupuy de Lomes letter
the Government expresses concern that
in the light of its conduct long after the
writing of the letter and in view of the
unanswerable testimony of simultaneous
and subsequent facts any doubt should
exist that the Spanish Government has
given proof of its real desire and of its
innermost convictions with respect to the
new commercial system and the projected
treaty of commerce The Spanish Gov
ernment does not now consider it neces
sary to lay stress upon or demonstrate
anew the truth and sincerity of its pur
pose and the unstained good faith of its
A party of French miners and aeronauts
have started by steamer for Canada en
route to the Klondike They bring with
them balloons which they will use for
crossing over difficult passes provided
with drag ropes at the end of which will
be a steel shovel to dredge snow or earth
to enable them to sail near the ground
The sheriff of Douglas County Mont
where the lynching of Adam Uber re
cently occurred was indicted for willful
neglect of duty in not taking steps to pre
vent the illegal execution and his trial
Bet for Feb 15