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Telia irer Countrymen How to Vote
and Aid9 Them When in Trouble
The Italians of Chicago have a
queen Her casUe is a weather
beaten house of faded brick hung
about with vines and creeping flowers
and is located In the dust and smoke
and turmoil of Pacific avenue the
heart of the Italian colony
Annie Carlo is lie queens real
name She is young just nearlng 20
She has the smooth oily black hair so
typical of the Italian woman which
she plaits in tiny braids and pins close
to her head The eyes are large and
clear and at times animated and
sparkling To say that her complexion
is dazzling is using an adjective both
inadequate and Incomplete It is Ideal
-a creamy white of velvety softness
touched faintly on either cheek with
mm f
just a dash of crimson She dresses
passably well and has an air of su
perior knowing Some idea of her
power is derived from the following
statement she recently made to a Chi
cago reporter
A ah yes they call me queen of
Italians she said I know them all
here on Pacific avenue North Side
West Side everywhere They come to
me morning night all times To day
go with man who buy fruit stand I
see he is not cheated I sign leases I
tell him what to do To morrow I go
to court Some Italian man fights I
5ign bond and be his lawyer The
fudge the bailiff the the the clerk
hey all know me I rent houses five
six seven here on Pacific avenue I
agent for Mrs
Bagleys tenements I keep grocery
1 keep saloon no that not place for
ne 1 busy busy all the time I get up
oniethues 4 oclock i go to bed at 12
Always so much to do The people
ome I get them Avork I go with
5irls to candy factories I find them
places I get men work I know the
Dosses IIundretLs men I get work for
When man loses job he comes to me
find place for him
And do they pay you for that
vas asked
No no Only sometimes I not want
pay I glad always to help my people
1 It is said that you have a wide in
fluence with the Italian voters was
Yes that so she answered
They ask me how to vote The men
hey know not how to vote They can
not read they cannot write I tell
A Hue Freiuht Bill
I do not know that many are aware
that the annual freight bill of this
country amounts to more than S00
000000 a year It is a tax and the
most burdensome tax winch this coun
try knows upon our industries and
upon production Its meaning brought
home is that each family in the United
States pays on the average 00 a year
for freight alone If Commissioner
Wrights statistics are correct that
the average income of each laborer in
this country is not more than 500 a
year then each head of a family must
set aside on the average the results
of a month and a half of toil to pay his
share of the freight
The people of the West have learned
this economic lesson well They have
seen their wheat carried over the great
lakes at an average charge of less than
1 iu11 per ton per mile when the rail
road rate from their farms to lake
transportation or to market was from
1 centto IV centsperton per mile They
know that if all the freight in the Uni
ted States could be carried as cheaply
as is wheat from Duluth to Buffalo this
burden would be cut down to one tenth
of what it now is
Such considerations as these ought
to make it plain even to a wayfarer
or a Congressman that the freight
question is worth a little attention
lie view of Reviews
French Array Discipline
Discipline is evidently a factor in the
French army as two incidents which
have just occurred during a single sit
ting of a court martial at Tunis go to
prove A soldier belonging to one of
the African battalions brought up on
a charge of disobedience when asked
what he had to say in his defense
shouted You are a lot of swine and
drinkers of blood and was promptly
sentenced to ten years hard labor The
man who was introduced after him was
accused of a similar offense and the
usual questions with i view to estab
lishing his identity had scarcely been
addressed to him when he tore a but
ton off his tunic and flung It at the
face of the president For this offense
he was condemned to death Boston
A Curions Pocket Piece
A Union Pacific engineer has a fash
ion of making unique pocket pieces for
his friends He runs a passenger en
gine west says the Tacoma Ledger
and when oiling previous to a vun he
drops a nickel five cent piece into the
brass oil cup on the crosshead of the
piston rod His run is 3C0 miles When
lie reaches his destination he unscrews
the top of the oil cup and takes the
nickel out It has been metamorphosed
into a curious little button with an
evenly turned rim within which on
the one side Is the countersunk head
of Liberty divested of her stars and
on the other side the V and the wreath
The edge of the crown Is as perfect as
If it had been pounded on an anvil by
an expert silversmith
The perfection of tills Is due to the
even vibration the coin has been sub
jected to The motion of the piston Is
horizontal and It travels forty eight
Inches back and forth with every rev
olution of the wheels The interior of
the oil cup is round and the edges of
the nickel as it travels back and forth
In the oil striking the sides of the cup
are turned over and pounded into per
fect roundness Sometimes a nickel is
left In the cup during the round trip
or COO miles When taken out it is a
nickel bullet a perfect polished sphere
Who discovered this unique method of
turning the edges of a nickel is not
known but many eugineers know of it
How Hojjana Plan for His Buria7
Here lies the body of Martin Ko
gan reads an Inscription on a curi
ous old tomb in the Catholic cemetery
on State street Auburn Through a
hole near the bars of the shaft one
may view the interior which contains
a heavy worm eaten casket empty
except for a grave diggers spade and
a collection of old whisky bottles The
body of Martin Hogan is not visible
nor any part of its remains Instead
they occupy a very humble grave in
another part of the old cemetery Mar
tic Ilogan was the first instructor of
the Catholic children of Auburn long
before the parochial schools jvere in
troduced He was prominent in his
church and in his profession and as he
grew old the desire for a magnificent
and splendid tomb became his great
passion The last years of his life were
spent in preparations for this end He
visited the marble dealers in the large
cities but could find nothing to suit
his purpose so he constructed a shaft
of masonry covered with sheet iron
and finished in white Heavy marble
slabs were set in each side and one of
them opened into a compartment large
enough to receive the massive oaken
box which Hogan had placd in readi
ness for his casket His uame was in
scribed on every side of the tomb and
that opening into his compartment
bore the legend quoted at the begin-
ning Martin took great pride in his
arrangements planting rose trees and
flowering bushes all about the monu
ment ne spent hours at the place
and his mind was satisfied with the
contemplation of his last resting place
When the old school master died the
parish made a vigorous protest against
placing his body in the tomb because
it was above ground and to the great
disappointment of his family his re
mains were buried under six feet of
earth in another part of the graveyard
and the old tomb with its moulder
ing coffin and pathetically ironical in
scription remains as Hogan left it fifty
3ears ago serving only as a tool houso
for the workmen
Mininjr Tor Heat
A man in Pennsylvania is trying to
make the deepest hole in the world
He has now bored to a depth of G000
feet and the machine continues to
delve doeper every day Before fall
the bottom of the drill will have reach
ed a depth of over 10000 feet or near
ly two miles The work is under the
supervision of Prof William Hallock
of Columbia College and it is being
done for a very strange purpose Deep
holes are usually bored for water or
for gas or oil and sometimes to pros
pect for minerals of various kinds but
Prof Hallock is mining for heat As
every one knows the interior of the
earth is a burning fiery furnace and it
is Prof Hallocks theory that if he can
make a hole deep enough he can ob
tain a constant flow of steam which
can be utilized for operating machin
ery Already Prof Hallocks hole
which is being bored near the city of
Pittsburg is the deepest in the world
The next deepest is a salt well near
Deipsic in Germany which measures
5740 feet in depth It will be inter
esting to watcli this wonderful experi
ment If it is successful the time may
come when manufacturers will get all
their power from the boundless fur
naces at the center of the earth when
our cities will be lighted from the
same source our houses heated and
our railroads street ctirs and steam
ships operated from the same source
Flowers Answered Both Purposes
A certain young widow of Indianap
olis who had just changed her weeds
for brighter hues gave a dinner party
not long ago The rooms were decor
ated with a great profusion of flow
ers Roses in masses were on the man
tels and the dinner table fairly blos
somedin fact the abundance of flow
ers was unusual One of the guests
could restrain her curiosity no longer
and when the dessert was brought in
said Well Mrs BLnuk youre rather
spreading on the flowers to night
Yes replied the fair widow brightly
but to morrow I am going to take
them out to Crown Hill and put then
on poor Toms grave
Electricity in Amur ca
According to statistics the number oi
yearly telephonic conversations in tne
United States Is 75000000 of tele
graphic messages 65000000 of arc
lights 1000000 of incandescent lights
15000000 There are several hun
dred thousand electric motors and
1000 electric railways It is estimated
that to 2500000 persons in this country
electricity contributes a means of live
When a woman flies into a passion
its tiiiw for her to have her
Serve as Ifootrcsto for the Wheelman
and BTold the Bicycle Uprijjhl
August Zintgraff of New York lirs
patented a bicycle attachment which
serves as a foot rest for the wheelman
while coasting and for holding t2e bi
cycle upright when it is not in ue On
the two rods of each frame slides a
bracket with teeth ao on the usual L
rests eyes on the inner ends of tv
bracket braces being adapted to
a clamp adjustable at any desic d
height to bring the brackets in pro e
position to suit the convenience of the
rider The eyes are also adapted lo
J mm
y nj
engage notches in the rods near their
free ends when the frame is down to
prevent the brackets then slipping up
ward At the other ends of the frame
are transverse rods with right and left
hand screw threads engaged by a turn
buckle to permit of moving the frames
toward or from each other according
to the thickness of the tire extending
between them arid these transverse
rods have upward extensions alapica
to be connected with each other by a
bar passing between adjacent spores
of the wheel the bar being connected
at its free ends with a padlock to fas
ten the frames and the wheel togemer
thus preventing unauthorized persons
from riding off with the wheel
The UHiversalists to Erect a Magtiin
cent Structure in New York
The corner stone of the Universalis
Jhurch of the Divine Paternity New
iork was laid recently This struc
ure will be the grandest yet reared by
Caiversalists in the United States and
will cost SH50000 The memorial win
Sows and the organ which cost 20000
the gift of Andrew Carnegie will bring
the total up to 423000 It will seat
1000 persons The parish house will
contain several rooms and will be really
d Sunday school club house The mem
bership of the congregation is 800 A
medallion fashioned by St Gaudens
in bronze of Rev Dr E H Chapin for
hirty three years pastor of the church
vlll be placed in the chancel Itev Dr
Cliarles H Eaton is pastor of the
church which is one of the most influ
i ntial in New York
Vegetarians Pound a Hospital
Vegetarianism has taken a stand in
England which entitles it to respect
from people who are not entire believ
ers in the doctrine The restaurants
of the vegetarians are clean and they
provide a menu of reasonable variety
One of the latest steps in the line of
the work has been the founding of a
vegetarian hospital which a writer in
the London Daily Chronicle describes
It was started in 1S93 though little
was said about it at the time as the
founders aid not wish to advertise it
until they were sure of its becoming
successful It was to be for nonvege
tarians it being understood that vege
tarians are never ill Consequently
there was some prejudice to overcome
It was also thought that there might
be difficulty in putting an invalid ac
customed to eating meat suddenly up
on a yetable diet But no trouble
was found patients did as well a
could be desired and the result has
been altogether very satisfactory The
hospital authorities believe that the
general increase of cancer is due o ex
cess in meat eating Pine baths and
massage treatment with plenty of
fresh air are included in the hospitaj
reirimen New York Times
His Bio id Principles
The Farmer Say Id like to hire you
est as you be fer a scarecrow for my
Weary Walker Any work about it
The Farmer Not a dern stroke
Weary Walker Then o course tiure
aint no pay
The Farmer Why not
Weary Walker You dont pay f ellers
fer doin nothin
The Farmer Ill pay you fer doin
Weary Walker I couldnt bring my
self down to takin pay fer it Hold on
If its a cornfield o course the corn I
save means just so much mora whisky
The Farmer O course
Weary Walker Then Ill d2 it on th
broad principles of common humanity
Cleveland Plain Dealer
j The Last Man on Eartn
j To recklessly experiment upon nlmaelf wltu
uuyc uj rfiiej in me uyiMUC Xbl tile IIOS
tiuaib for this malady aie ua the samla of
llie sea ami prfsniiiably about an Hllni
cioux lmligvHtloii tbat obalimuc malailv
Veil If of loiiy perpetuity 13 eventually
overcome with Hosieiti ra Stomach Cittern
an appetizing tonic and alterative which
-urea constipation fever and ague liilloua
rtiiillifijt rheumatism kidney complalm
h1 feebleness
How Italys Qnccn Shops
The queen of Italy is much enjoying
her stay at Gressony in the Italian
Alps where dressed in peasant cos
tume she climbs despite her weight
and size In good earnest says London
Figaro ner majesty is very popular
in the mountain villages and whenever
she enters one is variably received with
flowers and enthusiastic signs of devo
There Is very little doubt that the
tendency to embonpoint which so dis
tresses Queen Margherita is due to her
fondness for Italian cookery with Its
oil spices and pastry She is especially
fond of cakes fried in oil spaghetti
together with cheese and olives and
frit to a compound of artichokes chick
ens livers calves brains and cocks
combs When there are no foreigners
present at the royal board the national
cookery is always in the ascendant
When in Rome Queen ilargheritas
mode of sporting is for a sovereign de
lightfully unconventional She rises
early and summoning some favorite
lady-in-waiting issues quietly from the
courtyard of the Quirinal and makes
r way to the Corso She will then
enter those shops that enjoy her patron
age survey rapidly the treasures held
out before her point out those which
appear to her desirable and leave as
swiftly as she entered
For Prospective Klomlikcrs
Send a 2 cent postage stamp to W E
MrNiiler general passenger agent S J
N 15 U Sioux City for the beU de
scriptive folder of Alaska ever issued
Shows all routes to all the Alaskan gold
fields gives full information how to ge
there what out tit is necessary cost min
ing laws etc A birge detail map of
Alaska and a special map showing the
loute from Skaguay down the Yukon to
Dawson Circlo City and Fort Yukon
Carbolic Acid
Carbolic acid is now so generally em
ployed for disinfecting purposes thai
familiarity is apt to breed contempt
for its -highly corrosive and poisouous
qualities hence the value of knowing
of a good and easily obtained antidote
to its dangerous efforts Prof Carleton
states thai vinegar applied to a cutane
ous or mucous surface which has been
burned by the acid will immediately
give relief the characteristic bleaching
of the skin quickly disappearing and
subsequent scarring being to a largi
extent prevented It is also useful
when the poison has been taken inter
nally and unfortunately large num
bers of lives are lost annually through
carbolic aeid poisoning chiefly cases
of suicide For internal administra
tion the vinegar should bo diluted
with an equal quantity of water and
taken by the patient as soon as possi
100 Reward S100
The readers of this wiper will bo vleaaet
to learn that there la ul least one fliccdcu
that eccdco hes beoi ablo to cure
in all its stupes and that is Catarrh
Ihtllh Catiiirh uro is tho oulr positive curc
now kuowu to tro medical fiaterm y Catarrh
being a const itiitional diat aio requires a con
ati utiorfal treatment Halls Catarrh Curo io
taken internally noting dhectlv upon lb blood
itud mucous snrfiiceH of the flvstera tbeiobv
destroying tho foundation of tho disease aud
giving tho patient btrcujth bv building up th
conhtitntion and aBbiatim nauro in aoimits
iork Tho proprietors ba o at much futhin
ita nurativo powers thnc Ihy ffor Ono Hundred
rollara for unj capo thai i fails to cure Send
for list oJ tos iuionials
AddroB F J t IIKNirv CO Toledo O
JCy fcold by Druggists 7c
Head nntl Body
The head according to correct pro
portion should be one seventh of the
body The nose forehead and chin ol
equal length The distance between the
eyes the length of the eye The dis
tance from the inner angle of the eye
to the dividing line of the lips should
measure from two and a quarter to
two and a half inches
Klondyke Bulletin
Will ne published by the Soo Line evei
Monday containing all telegraphic new
and up-to-date information as to best routet
Ml vices steamship sailings and every fv
cility as same develop Invaluable to Ala
lan prospectors and all their friends To I
placed on mailing list send six cents n
in stamps to
Minneapolis Mini
Widow of the Pathfinder
Mrs Fremont the widow of Genera J
Fremont is living a quiet life in Cal
fornia The beautiful home whei
Mrs Fremont resides was presentei
to her by the ladies o Los Angeies a
a token of their tender regard Cor
gress also in recognition of Genera
Fremonts valued services granted he
a pension of 2000 a year
It Makes Cold Feet Warm
And is the only cure for Chilblain
Frost Iiitcs Damp Sweating Fee
Corns and Bunions Ask for Allen
Foor Ease a powder to be shaken int
the shoes At all druggists and sho
stores 2oc Sample sent FREE A
dress Allen S Olmsted LeRoy N Y
They Lost Their Horns
One of the uses of thorns is to protec
the plant from animals which feed oi
herbage Many plants that have thorn
in their wild state lose them after gen
erations of cultivation It is as if plants
brought under the protection of man
gradually laid down their arms and
trusted themselves entirely to his pro
School Teachers
Can hear of steady employment all the
time that pays well or even during your
spare time while teaching For further
particulars address F P Dean Emplov
ment Office Sioux City Iowa
Papas Density
The Father I thought you said that
young man came to see you last night
The Daughter Yes I did
He was disappointed then I sup
No indeed
Why how on earth could he see yon
when you had no light the whole even
ing Yonkers Statesman
a i
Londons Fountains
the streets and suburbs of London
there are now not only 712 fountains
for human beings but 2S0 large
trough3 for horses and cattle and 470
small troughs for sheep and dogs
Do You Danco To Night
Shako in your shoes Allens Foot
Ease a powder for the feet It make
tight or New Shoes feel Easy Cures
Corns Bunions Chilblains Frost Bites
ind Sweating Feet At all druggists and
shoe stores 23c Sample sent FREE
Vddress Allen S Olmsted L RoyNV
Another Mystery Explained
Raggs I wonder why a dog always
turns around three times before lyiig
aggs Probably he thinks that one
good turn deserves another
Tate Jxathonriaxiyuliilnuniblo ill lirusalat
roltmd Uu ico ip7 If H fl u run- c
Mrs Ulysses S Grants health is so
much impaired that she has been un
able to correct the manuscripts of her
book She lias not yet decided on
where she will spond the summer
I know that my Lie wax aed by IisoV
Cure for Consumption Iclin A Miller
iu Sable Mich April 21 lSr
If some women were to cast their
bread upon tl e waters it would ob
struct navigation
Mr IVIiwfnv So ttitvo Sitici fr riuirn
tf t jUj k I lis t i ninit i
alii M 1 iui ilr ltie iiftut ja
P X5y
1 RwafrJ
Without Distress
Poor Health for Years Hoods Sar
saparllla Cures Dyspepsia
My husband was in poor health for
i years owing to dyspepsia and he could not
get relief We cave him Hoods Sarsapa
rilla and after he bad taken three bottles
he could eat without distress and was able
North Pearl street Green Bay Wis
Hoods Sarsaparilla
is tho best la fact the One True Blood Puriaer
Hcods Pills cure constipation 26 cent
Life Life Life
Cat I its urbolttto of Iodine rocket Inhaler
CuriuipiMtociirc CATAKKHond Uronchltlj
All uru i Uy inallglou Addrtstt
ii i ji II 11 Jfc CO Itoub Buffalo JT Y
Get Your Pension
T7rit3 Capt CTA222LL Fsadoa AsssSFaahlagta SO
jl Ljite Vrlsclpl XxjLalntr O B f nloo SartM
v t la iui war 13 4juJicji2 elajra Ur i
Tlw bct KM Ropa Kooflnir for 1 ct
I R00nHG3a
root npi ana nans mciuoca
witutcs for Piaster temples free
y Munllla Roolinjr Co Camden NJ
yjnrx writing to advertisers
iUsi siy you saw tho aUvertlsomun
Ii ttiiri paper
av vii
3 i
Q btillVVLWU ipJ n Jj dPVISN ttHi
A u t mnWTtAYV
uiss uy bz2nEmti
Rtj itryL w
i5 t r
119 f AAA A fAU7j A 14 HIV f lnO rf VSS t
JJf Mft jzSjitr
I Walter
I M Pi
j Hi ft A
B Trade Mark
aicer eg
reakfast COCOA
Purz DciicioisSo Nutrtoui
Costs Less than ONE CENT a cnp
Be sure that the package bears our Trade Tark
Walter Baker Ik Co Limited
Established 1780 Dorchester Aless
lmtfir f
b i ujjUAi2U yuu uvn i wro il yviwj o t ijhoudo uil wnicn pen m
bwuwi i uiosuinui tnu jcii cmu suuuugjSuuns3 vuica m
anliness fs Nae Pride Dirts Nae
Honesty Common Sense Dic
tates the Use of
VTe had a neighbor who suffered from a chronic sirl disease eczema they
called it He -was always taking soda bath3 with wheat bran in the water
and fussing with cuticura soaps ointments and resolvents Ho used to be
scratching whenever he thought himself unobserved sometimes his
skin was red or raw and a little drop of water would exude in places now and
then AH at once I noticed that he had seemed to be free from ths annoyance
for somo time and knowing that he had battled with it persistently for two or
three years I asked him what remedy had finally brought about a result so
desirable and he told me Eipans Tabnles
But Eipans Tabules are merely a cure for indigestion said L
1 know that ho answered but the doctors all agree that eczema is
one of the ways that indigestion manifests itself
Our neighbor Hoody is his name takes one Tabula every night of hi3 life
now and if he has either indigestion or eczema he does not know it
It must bo a decided relief to him to bo ablo tc set along wllliout eo mncK
A Mir etyla packet contxlnlarrar eip ass ta3ules ta a paper rtoa f without fttea la nrrw tar eale a ojm
StISTTE 2 r3 bu low pnceil sort U uzteSSd for the pooraadlhTornkS
niSfSSi lml J J1211 by eaiuc tecivbt cents to tie ttipjLXS iE2
Ooupxst io 10 Bjiracc Stroec Hew Yori or a single cartoa rr tlbzlzs -will bo ya lor Ore ceata
PATENTS SendrorlnveatorsGuldelree Edoap
Tate i Co latent SoUdtors 345 Broadway N T
52 97
Best Conxh Syrcp Tastes Good Use
in time Sold by drazslets
f ia I to 5 dj
lC tjl oet j tuitiutt
th5Etam3 ChewicalCo
rVciHciHHAnoi I
V C3JI y it
Vie BI G for Bnntttnl
diacbarcM iaflaauaatloat
ImUtioaa or ulcorattaa
of mucous taembraaw
uicb ana not ulna
gent orpoitonocB
Sold by reeri4
or teat in plata lrrappw
J1C0 or 3 bottles 275
Clrcstar seat on reqaeat