The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, December 23, 1897, Image 1

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SmBm Lt
Hair cutting and shaving
Sbojp in the W H Moses building
North Western Line is to best
to and from the
Comina Event
Methodist Ferris Wliecll Dcc 24
Presbyterian Christmas Tree Dec 24
3piscopil rhiistmas Tree Dec 25
Christmas Dec 23
ZSew Year Jan l
7 W Bowles Lecture Jan l
Teachers Association Jan S
Yo editor had a birthdav yesterday
II Xewberry of Cody was in
Egbert Bonnen of Gregory was
if it fails to Care 25c
town esterday
Prof Sam Hudson was in town from
Simeon Tuesday
Lots of nice things for Christmas at
0 W Moreys jewelry store 47
Arkansas Bob Gillaspie was pesti
catiug around town yesterday
There will be a Christmas tree at the
Presbyterian church Christmas even
Big line of Christmas booklets and
calendars at 0 W Moreys jewelry
store 47
Henry Stetters oldest daughter went
to Chadron last flight to spend the hol
idays t s
Anna Connelly came down from
Chadron this morning to spend the
Mrs Chas Sparks went to Chadron
last night to spend Christmas with her
mother and family
And the subscription list of The
Lvmocrat continues to grow without
the use of solicitors too
To Cure A Coltt m One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets All Druggists refund tne money
P S Iloueche and Chas Faulhaber
of Brownlee were in town Monday as
-witnesses in the final proojf of John
The decision -of George Elliott to
stay in town will make it necpssary for
treasurer elect Thaekrey to get another
dwelling house
A T 17
V xJjHi1
Tell you
A Story about
There will be an entertainment
the Cramer school house northwest
town Saturday evening Dec
Everybody is invited to attend
Now my Storys
begun I will
tell yoti Another
about his
Then you had better run and get some of
Uogers Bros Knives and Forks best 349
14k 20 year Elgin Watch - - 1499
Ladies i4k 20 year Elgin Watch - 1 599
Rolled Plate Chain guaranteed - 148
Toys and Celluloid Goods in fact
a full line of presents
bupi lement thts week
A Christmas sermon with good mu
sic will be presented at the Methodist
church on Sunday morning
0 A Johnson and wife of Wood
lake were on the train Sunday morn
ing going to Omaha to spend a
few days
J E Devoie of Woodlake made
final prooi on his homestead Saturday
Wash Honey and Ely Valentine being
Ira Richardson returned from his
viit to Aikansjis and in company
with his wife was in town -several days
the past week
Miss Ohilde will deliver her fare
well address at the Episcopal church
Sunday evening
J W Howies of the Nebraska Wes
leyan will lecture in the Methodist
church on the evening of Jan 1 1893
Particulars uext week
Earl Comstock spent a few days of
last week m Onaha While there he
had the pleasure of hearing the fa
mous Madame Xordica sing
J W Daniels county clerk elect
has moved to town and is learning the
ins and outs of his otfiee under the in
structions of J C Pectijohu
D M Underwood gave a dance at
his residence on the west side Monday
night to celebrate his departure for
Cody where he will take charge of the
Hilda and Melvina Balgord Amy
and Koran Mullen came up from the
Wayne school last night and went
Tmme to Rosebud this morning for a
short visit
A short service will be held at St
Johns Episcopal church Christmas
morning at 1030 and m the evening
at 7 a Christmas tree will be A veri for
the benefit of the children
E J Davenport of Davenport
Thacher of Valentine senior vice
commander of the K of P lodge came
up Tuesday and conducted the funeral
of Jus Potmesil Chadron Recorder
F J Reisland agent for the Minn
eopolis Picture Frame Co makes his
headquarters at this place and any or
ders left for him at the Valentiue
House will receive prompt attention
The iron bridge which was to have
been built over the Niobraia south of
Merriman and completed by Dec 1
has not yet been begun Contractors
say they cant get the iron irom the
School children will have a vacation
all of next week for the holidays
But one week is allowed at this time
and it is probable that another vaca
tion will be had at the completion of
the new building
Prof J A Rose of Cody was in
town on business Tuesdav and called
at the headquarters of this great dis
seminator ot news and demociatio
principles The editor was out but
the foreman was in However when
ye editor returned the foreman was
out and the editors exchequer was
Itin 1rnf HnsP i iiahoaA
Published for Four Years as
Gtroree ScIivalmH 3Ieat 32arlcet Ke
Hcmblcw a Fairy F xIuce
r It was the intention of The Demo
crat to cive a short history of
fXtizens Meat Market this week but
the proprietor George G Schwalm
tias been so busy all week waiting on
Christmas -customers that we have
been unable to gain the information
desired for the article and must con
tent ourselves v ith a short description
of the market as it now appears
George is noied for his tasttin dis
play and it is well known that a meat
market is a hard institution to decor
ate in anything approaching style
but George has done the -impossible
and his shop looks like a fairy palace
if such a thing can be Hundreds of
feet of hmilax and evergreens have
beia strung on the walls and ceiling
of the market and whole carcasses of
mutton and veal neatly and artistically
carved hang from hooks around the
room The lruit and vegetable boxes
and shelves are almost hidden in mass
es of green from which the delicate
colors of apples pears lemons and
bananas peep bashfully From the
ceiling behind the counter hangs an
immense bell of smilax profusely dec
orated with freth roses and
the clapper being forfned
of a b que f roses Freshly cut and
jucy lokin staaks chops and roasts
adorn the counter and meat blocks
and they in turn aie decorated with
evergreens and flowers From the
rear wall hangdiens of dressed tur
kevs and at the side is an enormous
Hock of prairie chickens and -grouse
which would make the eyes of an east
ern hunter sparkle with delight
Any of our readers who miss visit
ing the Citizens Meat Market this
week will miss a rare treat and those
who fail to buy will miss a grea er one
George has two men helping him and
they are all busy By the way we
forgot to mention that George has
seven or eight large pails of fresh
oysters on hand The hungry four
is out of existence this winter and
oysters do not command the premium
She goes from here ihey did a vear ago
to Alliance next week
Engeno 3Syrs Trial
Eugene Myers of near Sparks who
was arrested about ten days ago on
the charge of stealing cattle and re
ceiving stolen cattle had his prelimi
ntry trial before Judge Towne yester
day and was bound over to the district
court in the sura of 500 This is th
same case in which Edmond George is
concerned and in trying to shield
George Myers wove a very strong web
about himself Tho authorities seem
to sympathize with young Myers and
the strongest evidence against him
was given by himself It is the gener
al impression that Myers was not in
tentionally guilty of anj criminal act
although it was proven and he admits
that he assisted in driving the cattle
stolen from McNair and Keefe to
Laraoreauxs place where they were
sold His testimony left the impres
sion that he was trying to shield some
one else supposedly George and so
his stories on the direct and cross ex
amination did not hang together at all
Of course neither he nor George have
as yet been proven guilty but we must
confess that so far they have not
bettered their condition any by their
Progressive High Five
Mrs T C Hornby gave a pleasant
card party to about a score of her
many friends Friday evening at her
home on Cherry street An enjoyable
evening was spent with the assistance
of themandolin club and the hostess
received many words of praise from
her guests for the happy hours she had
given them Wren Uouoher won the
ladies prize a fine Dresden china
plate and Miss Childe carried away
the consolation Val Nicholson was
the best player among the gentlemen
and was presented with a handsome
marble paper weight as a reward for
his ability Pete Donoher proudly treas
ures the booby and will practice up
furahe next party
Valentine Teachers Association
The following program will be given
at the High School building Jan 8
130 p m All friends of education
are cordially invited to be present
Literature Chap vi vii viii out
side work the same as last month bv
Prof R H Watson
Influence on Teacher Bell Callen
Influence on School Eva Williams
Influence on Community
Mrs Belle Hornback
now May We Derive the Greatest
Benefits from Them
Maggie Herring
Reports from State Association
The following resolutions were pass
ed at the last meeting of the K of P
WuEKKAStlic Divine Ttuler has called from
onr irvid t Brother Josfcpli iotmesil and
Wkkhkas we rtali7e Hie km we have suv
tamcti and the Pythiau character of o ir dear
Be it Resolved that our charter be droped for
Hit ncrinil cti 30 ilivs itul r lis rnvnlutl lie
the -spread upon our uimuies and puhll tlicil in our
coutuy papers UoaiziiXTKE
Supt LU Stoner went east Sun
day morning to spend the holidays
While away she will visit the colleges
at Wayne and other points and attend
the meeting of the state educational
society at Lincoln We doubt if an
other county in the state has a super
intendent that takes as much interest
in educational work as doe3 Miss
Ye editor spent Sunday forenoon in
A iris worth and the afternoon and
evening of the same day in Longpine
While in the former plaee we had
the pleasure of conversing with Prof
Giffon of the public schools shook
hands with Prof Berkley recently
elected county superintendent and
talked with Bro Miles and had a good
time generally with old acquaintances
The F E fc M V railroad com
pany by its deputy tax agent II L
Whitney paid its taxes in Cherry
county last Thursday The amount
paid into the county treasury was
15388 89 and not a single complaint
abnut amount or rate of assessment
was made Treasurer Crabb immedi
atelyjcalled in a lot of warrants and
in two days had paid out about 5000
of the sum
George Chapman was released from
his pjition iu the drug store when
sparks Hornby sold out and imme
diately secured a situation with J H
Quigley as pharmacist to take the
place of li B Divis wno will leturn
to Oharrou and take chirge of Doc
Leas drug store We are sorry to
lose Mr and Mrs Davis from our so
cial circles but wish them success in
their fuluie business
G H Hornby issued an attachment
on the goods of Jim Larson last Sat
urday and the case was argued in
Judge Townes court Tuesday with
the result that Larson got off under
the exemption law Larsons home is
in West Point and he has been work
ing on the school house here He was
manied since coming here and was
preparing to return to his home wheu
the attacument was issued
The Mayor of the village of Ain
worth is also the janitor of the public
school building at that place Fur
ther this jauitor mayor was the first
populist candidate for lieutenant gov
ernor of this state Could anything
mure aptly illustrate the democracy of
the United States In what other
country could an aspirant for so high
an honor accept so menial a position
without great sacrifice of his standing
among his fellow men
Speaking of the death of Joe Potme
sil last week the Chadron Recorder
He was born in Apolamy Bohemia
March 17 1872 and was 25 years of
age He came to Chadron about five
years ago and studied medicine under
Dr J 1 Leas He worked m Valen
tine for a short time and about a year
ago entered the state university at
Lincoln lor the purpose of completing
his studies returning to Chadron last
May One sister survives him Mrs J
Cerny of this city his parents dying in
the old country
The preparations being made war
rait the prediction that the Methodist
Sunday school will give one of the best
Christmas entertainments on Friday
night ever given in this city A beau
tifully decorated Ferris wheel will be
used to display the gifts while it3 cars
will be loaded down with good thinf s
for the children Refined and beauti
ful music will be rendered by a choir
of 75 voices assisted by a variety of
instruments Everybody is invited to
come and have a good time and those
desiring to use this means of present
ing gifts to their friends are requested
to leave them with the committee at
the church from 9 a m to 6 p m
A Bnninegg Chance
Monday our city was treated to a
very great surprise but withal a pleas
ant one when it was reported that
George Elliott had purchased the drug
store and stock of Sparks Hornbv
and would not leave town at the close
of his term of offict as county clerk
A little investigation developed the
truth of the rumor and at about 11 o
clock the change took place Mr El
liott secured the services of C R Wat
son as pharmacist and one can hardly
realize that the store has changed
hands To the new proprietor we ex
tend our best wishes and predict that
he will make a success of the business
George falls into place in the store
just like an oldtimef and will probably
blossom out into a pharmacist one of
these days
NO 48
Is sometimes a very difficult
task but this youngster seems to
have solved the problem note the
amused expression on tho babys
face However there are better
ways of amusing the baby and the
best is to buy him a few of our el-
toys for Christmas Wo
have Toys for boys Toys for girls and toys that will amuse and in
struct the old as well as the young If you want silk handkerchiefs
mufflers caps mittens glovc3 shoes or anything else for a Christmas
present you can get it of us Largest line holiday goods in town
Are twj of the hardest things to get generally in Valen
tine When you are in need next time see us abcut it
Are always fresh and are the best in the market
are always the lowest We solicit your trade
E McDonald
Complete line dry goods shoes and clothing
Store at Crookston also
the Yale
Come to
y t iisr
111 1 1 ill t
1 I I I 1 m
We will give you a good clean bed and the
to eat 100 per day or
350 per week
We have decided to close out our entire line of Clothing
to make room for a large new stock tf Dry Goods Hats
Caps Boots and Shoes and in order to getTid of tho stock
in the shortest possible space of time wc will sell the goods
This is not a fake closing out sale nor is it a sale for
the mere purpose of drawing trade to our stor we are ac
tually closing out this line of our business Among the
bargains will be found all styles of
and a complete line of overcoats Call early while the as
sortment remains unbroken We also offer bargains in gro
ceries and dry goods Prices low on a cash basis
The F E M V railroad makes
thp usual holiday rates to passengers
ne fare for the round trip to stations
within two hundred miles of the sel
ling station Tickets good returning
until January 4 A rate of one and
one third fare for the round trip is
made for all who wish to attend the
teachers association at Lincoln next
Office over
T C Hornbys Store
Work on the roof of the school hnust
is progressing rapidly and it is proba
ble that the shing es will all be laid b
the end of the week Windows at
being put in temporarily to keep tlr
cold out and the heating apparatus
will be put in next week
Traveling in Winter
Is very unpleasant and one is alway -
anxious to get to his destination
quickly as possible Passengers tr
aud from the Black Hills will there
fore appreciate the fact that the
can save over two hours time in ea
direction to and from Sioux City- -going
via ONeill and the Pacf5
Short Line Connections daily t
cept Sunday
Buy local tickets to and fnmr
Neill Same fare