The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, December 16, 1897, Image 8

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EOBEET GOOD Editor and Publisher
Official Paper of Cherry
ty Nebraska
9lJOO Per Year in Advance
Bntred at t te Post office at Valentine Cherry
VGUHty Nebraska as Bocond class matter
This paper will be mailed regularly
to its subscribers until a definite order
to discontinue is received and all ar
rears are paid in full
aiicTrf ii rr
- -
Advertising rates 50 cents per inrfcisions of the majority
per uonth Kates per column or for
-long time ads made known pi appli
eation to this office
President McKifileghis pardoned
on an average oneonnk wrecker or a
defaulter for vou three weeks of his
term of office This is a good record
Only 306 bU3iDess failures in the U
S lasfc week as far as heard from
This is nearly 10000 a year and is al
oiDSt up to the panic year of 1893 or
last year 13etter lay a little low about
prosperity booms Delplvss O Cour
unt Rep
Tho St Paul Dispatch says that
millinery atrocity meacs death to the
mother bird starvation for her little
ones and an offering on the altar of
the barbarous goddess of fashion
We are thankful that but few bircU
are seen on the kata of Valentines
Last week State Superintendent
Jackson certiGed to the auditor the
amount of school money -to bo appor
tioned among the various -counties 01
the state The total 377368 90 is
the largest semi annual apportionment
ever made in thehtstorv of the state
Of this amount Cherry county will get
1472 55 The total number of schoo
children in the state according to tin
apportionment is 354929 and of thesi
Cherry county is credited with 1335
If tho various precinct ofTcera
tills county dont come to town preih
soon or in some other way seud ii
their bonds to be Qled there will be a
5 whole lot of disappointed ofllcers elec
about the first of Jauuary when theii
offices become vacant Something
over 150 precinct officers were electee
at tho last election but up to dat
-only a dozen of these have filed thei
bonds Come a runniu boys or you
will be too late Th ecnunty clerk it
becoming impatient
Many a man prides in saying that
ihe is no politician Such a declarator
is a serious charge for any citizen in n
free country to makeagainst himsell
Any man who loves his country should
be a politician not aeascally one but
a true politician one who is ready tt
do a little to help carry out those prin
that he honestly believes to bt
right Be a politician and an honest
one That means go to the primariej
of your party and see that the besi
men and those representing your ideas
best are sent to tho conventions
Qrd Quiz
JL new postal law whieh will go into
effect on tho first of March next is to
the effect that mail matter addressed to
the leading dry goods merchant 01
leading physician or an other in-
detlnite address will not be delivered b
tho postmaster Xeither will mail
jnatter addressed to John Smith if
not there any good lawyer be deliver
Bd to anyone but a John Smi An-
other new feature about Uncle Saras
post office business is that the depart
ment will not hereafter print envelopes
with the cards of its patrons but they
will be compelled to get the work done
at some printing office if they desire a
card on their envelopes Ex
Saya a republican paper
Democrats claim that President Me
Kinley is a man of one idea that he
could talk only on the tariff yet he has
just sent to congress a message of
twelve thousand words which contains
tonly passing reference to the tariff
Of course ho mao only passing
reference to the tariff He couldnt
do anything else under the circum
stances He did not dare to puff the
Dingley bill because it is an admitted
- failure as a revenue producer He
did not criticise the Cuban policy of
his predecessor either even though the
republican part and the republican
press did so His message shows
clearly that he is a one idea man aj it
would have contained1 some reoom
snendation not formulated by other
The following are the sixteen prin
ciples of democracy as laid down by
Thomas Jefferson
1 Equal and exact justice to all
men of whatever afote or persuasion t
religious or political
2 Peace commerce honest friend
ship with all nations entangling al
liances with none
3 The Bupport of the state govern
ments in all their rights
4 The preservation of the general
government in its whole constitutional
5 A rpalous care of the rights of
electioQ by the people
fJ Absolute acquiescence in the do-
4 A well disciplined militia
8 The supremacy of the civil over
the military authority
9 Economy in the public expense
10 The honest payment of our pub
lic debts
11 Encouragement of agriculture
and commerce
12 Diffusion of information and
arraignment of all abuses at the bar of
13 Freedom of religion
14 Freedom of the pTess
15 Freedom of the person under the
I rotection of the habeas corpes
16 Trials by juries impartially sel
We recommend these principles to
our readers for study Is there any
one who will not endorse them
It has but recently come to our ears
that in the south part of this county a
number of otherwise honest and scf
siblo men are engaged in the nefarious
business of telling their friends acid
neighbors that the editor of this papei
is a republican that he has never sup
ported the regular democratic nomi
nees that he attended the gold bug1
convention at -Omaha that his sympa
thies are all against the populists and
silver democrats that he opposed fu
sion tbathe alone was responsible for
he special court house election that
he is simply running a paper in the in
terests of the republican party and all
schemes to injure the rural population
of our county etc etc We have fur
iher learned that these stories havr
oeen going the rounds for a lonp
ime and that many people who have
not taken the trouble to investigate foi
iiemselves believe them We are en
gaged looking up the originators 01
these stoiies everyone of which we
orand as false defy anyone ti
oroye otherwise and as rapidly as w
liscover the names of the authors w
will give them to the public Th
first of these is3eorgie whom we ex
posed a couple of weeks ago Mors
will follow Watch for them
In nothingishe President positive
rtr outspoken His references to Cuba
are veiled under a thin veneering of
matured desire but analysis shows the
executive purpose or intent to be as
uncertain as if events had not gone
far enough to warrant the formation
of judgment Mr McKinley appears
to enter a plea foi further delay on
the part of thetcountry in the matter
ot making known to Spain in the reg
ular way and through established
channels -the sentiment of the people
of the United States for a speedy set
tlement of a difficulty which not
alone is causing great injury to their
commerce but also appeals to their
enlightened sympathy But even this
disguise is shallow Strip the Presi
dential plea of its mass of technical
verbiage and the whole section of the
message dealing with the Cuban ques
tion stands forth as an acknowledg
ment that the Spaniards have outwit
ted us at the game of diplomacy
St Louis Republic
The words of a wise mans mouth lire gracious
but the lip of a fool will swallow up himself
The beginning of the words of his 4osiuli is fool
ishness and the end of his talk is mischievous
madness tEccl 1012 13
Iu October 1S96 georgie advised
every lover of free government to
vote against the constitutional amend
ment and classed -this paper with the
McKinley organs because it supported
the amendments This was foolish
ness as was shown by the action of
the populists in the legislature a few
months afterwards
Last week georgie said that before
long he will hang our hide out on
the fence This with other things he
has said recently is certainly mis
chievous madness
Have you noticed that ha does not
deny any of our charges against him
The Gordon Journal and Harrison
Press complain that a large majority of
the births in their localities are girls
Strange as it may seem the same con
ditions prevail here about three
fourths of the new babie3 being girls-
rffrimi rr iirirMnrtTiinrtrita
ii - - iri
John Hindman is staying in town
C W Dewey is now working for
M Wyman
W V Johnson was seen on our
streets Monday
Itev Campbell from Brownlec was
in town lue3 ay
Mr Lernan hell 200 head of cattle
on Dec 15 in Woodlake
Rev Smith preached to a crowded
house Sunday after noon and evening
The Masonic lodge gave a supper at
the South bide hotel haturday night
We hear that Mr Day intends to
move in town about the first of Jauu
Some of the ladies of this city are
busy getting up an entertainment for
Where Ob where is
pond that Mr Latta has promised us
It cant be seen
Mell Hanna was takingin the sights
and shakeing hands with the
boys on Tuesday
Mrs Paine and Mrs Aekerman of
Ainswortli were gut sts of Mrs C A
Johnson Tuesday
Messrs Walcott T C Hornby and
Hopkins erf Valentine attended the
lodge supper Saturday niglit
Messis fteece and Dambly from
some distance out in the count y were
doing business in town Tuesday
The higher department of the school
is increasing in numbers r ipjdU
Several new scholar have started in
the past two week and we hear ol
muie wliu intend to aftei
the holidays
Two cars of coal arrived here this
morning and everybudy had a smile on
rheir face a foot long Mr Chandlei
was rather blue Inst week as his coil
was several davs behind and of course
everybody wanted coal just at that
A first class Tailor who will make you
a suit of clothes to please you or
no pay Clothing cleaned prefsed
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Pnhlir lnnl Sale
U S Land Olllcc at Valentine Nob
14 ls97
notice is hereby clven that In lmrsuanrc of
Instructions from the Commissioner of the Gen
eral Land nice under authority ventod in him
by Sec 24 5 Ij s Rev Hta as amended bv the
congress approved February 2G 1805 we vll
proceed to offer at public salp on the 8th dav or
January next at thfe office the follovinB tract
of land to wit the sS swK section 17 town
ship 32n range 27w
Any and all peiMMis cl iniinj adversely the
alme escribed 1 mds are advised to file thei
claims in -his office on or before the day above
designated for said sale otherwise their right
will be forfeited
C R GLOVER Register
tJ S Land Office Valentine Nebr
Dec 8 1SP7
Complaint having been entered at this office bv
Hurv L Keckwilh apainst Ilcnjamin S Moose
for failure tocomplv -with law as to timber cul
ture entry No GSW dated March 25 18 7 upon
the lor 4 and se1 swM and wi seh section yon
township 30 ranee 3Rw C p m in Cherrv countv
ebraska with a vi w to the cancellation of
snid entry contestant nllej intf that said Benja
min S Ioo3 phas faied at anv time within the
eiuht years lost preceedinpto break or cultivate
anv of said land or to n mt anv of snid tract to
that skateing trees tree seeds or cut Hugs on snid tract and
no trees are now rowing on safci tract and
Eli Precinct
We did have lots of snow but it is
about all gone at Hie present writing
Chas Ricketts and Alt Pruden were
over south last week gathering cattle
George Monnier informs us he has
sold his ranch to some parties in the
eastern part of the state
George -Heckle took a trip over into
Grant county last -Week and brought
back two mules and a pony
Chas Ricketts made final proof or
his homestead and tree claim last Fri
day Charles was one among the first
to settle in this part of the coiinty
Warren Bnrris of Missouri brother
of Wm Burris of this precinct arrived
here a couple of weeks ago He thinks
of locatinghere if his health is any
better here than back east
James Gondfellow was out from
Iowa and shipped about a hundred
head of 2 year old steers back to feed
lie bought a few yearling steers on
the river while here for which he
paid 3000 per head Sandy
JlUUPricettjor Feed
Bran bulk 40c per cwt 700ton
Shorts bulk 50e per cwt 9 00 ton
Screenings 35c 600
Chop Feed 70c 1300
LOrn - ooc
In thp County Court before W R Towne Coun
ty Judge
J CDivyer TILL J
Martha Wenzel Deft j
Martha Wenzel will trfke notice that on the
20th dav of November 1897 W It Towne
OoniityJudgcin ainllonvherry Countyv Nebr
issued an order of attachment for the sum ot
thirty tv dollars and fifty cents S 3250 in an
action pending before him wherein J C Dwver
is plintiffand Martha Wenzel defendant that
property of the Jefendautconsisting of oi e red
cow one red ami wltite cow one stick cow one
black yearling heifer one red cow one ulpck
and white cow one bi own heifer calf about sx
months old ad one brown ald white steer calf
about three months old has been attached un
der said order Said cause was continued to the
tith day of January lSi8 at 10 a in i
J C Dwver Plaintiff
45 47 15v E D Clakk his Attorney
U S Iand Office Valentine Nebr I
Dec 13 1897 f
Complaint having been entered at this office
by Benjamin Roberts agaiut George E Bart
lett for failure to comply with law as to timber
culture entry No 760 dated May 4 18tS upon
the iiwa section 35 township fin range 39w in
Cherrv countv Neb with a view to caucolla
tion of said entrj contestant alleging that the
said George IJ Uirtlelt the claimant did not
perform certain acts required by law to be done
during the tears 1896 aud 1S9 in which the
failure is alleged to have oceunvd to wit the
claimant has lailtd absolutely to cultivate said
land iu any manner whatsoever during the years
1890 and 1897 and there are no trees growing
on said laud aud contestant never saw any trees
on it J he said pat lies are hereby summoned f o
appear at this office on theiwth day of January
1898 at 10 oclock a in W respond ami furnish
testimony concerning said aliened failure
47 53 J A Fikk Receiver
sain tract lias all grown up to grass and weeds
and none of said laches have been cured up to
the present time The said pait is inrebv mmj
itfoned to appear at this office on the 2d dav
January 1WS at 10 oclock a m to respoiii
ami furnish testimony concerning saiu alleged
Deposition of witnesses will be taken befnp
Robert Lucas a U S Commissioner at hi
office in J avaca Neb on the iTtli day of Jauu
ary 1F9S at 12 oclock in
4G ia J A Fikk lttfcefver
Claimant and witnesses in final proof ca-e--
notice of which appear in Til f DKMontAT wil
receive a marked copy of fiper Should any
eiror in description of land orspehing of names
he discovered notice should Ire sent to the land
office aud this office so correction can be made
U S Land Office at Valentine Neb i
Dec 15 1S97 f
Notice is hereby given that the following naiii
ed selllet ht5 liii tl iimiee ot His iiiiciiiin t
make final ronf in snppoit of his claim aix
that said proof will be made before Kegistt
and Receiver at Valentine Nebr on J it
26 1898 viz
John W Morris of Sparks Neb
11 h 9414 for the sw section 14 townslii
Sin range 25w
He names i lie following witnesses to provt
his continuous residence upon and cultivatioi
of said land viz
Kvan Fdwards Fvan Evans James Hughe
and Th imas J Jones all of Sparks Neb
Evan Edwaids of Sparks Nb
II E 9597 the su ineVi and ne isci se
ti n 27 township 3lu range 25w
lie names the following witnesses to nro
his continuous residence upon and cultivatioi
of said land viz
Joiui W Morris arl Morriq Fvan Evans
and Thomas J Jones all of purks eb
47 52 C K GLOVER Register
US Land Office Vaientmc Nebr I
DC 1 1R97 i
Notice is herein given that Frank Miller or
Neb has filed nouee t intention to
maue final proof before flic Register and lie
ceiver at his office in Valentine Nebraska o
Wednesday the 12th day of January 1S93 o
timbenculture application Vo 7434 for lots 1
ai d 2 tVS ue qutrler otseciion No 1 in town
shin No 29niange No 27W
lleitaincs as witnesses Elv D Valentine
yrus Ilagen Charles A Johnson and Washing
ton Honey all ot oodlake Neb also
Fiank iill r of Uoodlake Xeb
H E 907 Tor the net and YZ se4 section
26 township 3tiii range 25w
lie names he tollowiitgwitiiessetn orove hi
continuous resident upon ami cultivation of
said land viz
Elv D Valentine Cyrus hagen Charles A
Johnson auo Nunlungtou flonev all of Wood
lake Neb
45 50 C R G LOVER Register
U S Land Office Valentine Neb i
October 5 1897
Notice is henhv given that the following
named setiler has filed notice of his intention to
mae final proof in support of ids claim and that
sad proof will be irade before the Register or
Receiver at Valentine Nebr on Jim 13th 1898
Wiilam II Strattou onp nf the heir-
of Amy Stratum deceased who nrurin
H E No 9203 for lot 2 and s 5 nw4 section
No 1R township 31 range 23
He names the fo 1 iwing witnesses t prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said laud viz Willaid D Morgareidge Win
G Orson Harvey Hobbs and Gilbert rf Hobbs
aSl of Simeon Neb
i4 49 C R GLOVER Register
U S Land Office Valentine Neb i
Nov is 1897
Noticp is hereby given Unit Calvin K Hazard
of loan Iowa has fil d notice of intention to
make final proof be ore Register and Receiver
attheir office in Valentine Nebr on Monday
the 3rd day of Jaruary 1898 on timber culture
application No 7517 for the ann wA
svl4 quarter of section No 10 iu township No
30n range No 2w
He names as witnesses- John H Dav John
M Dav James II Dav and Ivan C Sliaul all of
Wood L ike Neb
Testimony of claimant will be taKen before
the Clerk of the District Court of Woo lburn
countv at bis office in Sioux City Iowa on Fri
dav Dee 31 1S97
41 49 C EGLOVER Register
Land Office Valentine b
ov 2i 1117 t
Xotice is hereby siven that the
ed settler lias filefl notice of his intentwii jo
make fnal proof m support -or his claim and
that said proof will be made before Rctrjr or
Receiver at Valentine Nebraska on Jan 4
If3 viz
Coin D AinsliH f Simenn Nehrnska
11 K No 0 tor lots 1 and -2 sci nei and
ieV sc1 s Ptlon 4 tow ship 30 ram e 2H
He n inies the following witnesses to prove bis
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land viz
Win Ballard and Hpnry Ballard of Wood
Iike Nebrlobn 15 Lord aud Willard I Iir
gareidge of Simeon Ncb
41 49 C R G LOVER Register
U S LandDHice Valentine Vebr
Nov S 1S97
Notic is hereby civen that tin-
settler ia fil d notice his iuteonon io
make final proof tn support or his claim aid
that said proof will b made efore the Keg ster
and Receiver at Valentine Neb on Dec 18 18U7
Jacob E Dpvom of woodlake Afh
H E Xo P067 for the wjeseH and eHswi Sec
32 Tp 30n R20W
He iiames the following witnesses to prove his
continuous roideuce upon and eultivJition of i
said land viz
Washington Honey Ely D Valentine Cyrus
Hageu anachurlea A Johnaon all of Woodlake
Nebraska i
43 47 aE GLOVER Register
Ililmaii Neb
Cherry Co
cattle have hut one
brand on left side
Native cattle have
iilmiat wattle
Riiiic on tui and Snake Creeks
HoiM 3 ha e Mine briifi on leu litili
A Kcira of WO w he paid to hii
oerson for informatioii leading to th oueht and
final conviction of any person or persons steal
ing cattle with abave brand
U 3 Land Oflicp Valentine NVb
Dei embHrJ 197
Notice is hereby given that Minnie K Lilley
formerly Minnie E Kssel of Hrwnlee Neb
has filed notice of intemiii to make finai proof
bef re tiie Register or Receiver at his office in
Valentine Neb on Monday the 17th day of
famiarv 1398 on timber culture application Vo
1553 fur the wjnvH and iiwHsw
of section No 5 iu towiiihi No j7ii rang- N
He names as witnesses TIiomms McCIain
Jennie M Kissel Joseph Kennedy and Reubin
Kis el all of Hrowilee Neb
40 51 C R GLOVES Register
U S Land Office Valontuie Nb i
Nov 8 1j7 t
Notice is hereby given that the folloniug uani
ed settler has tiled notice of his intention In
make final proof m support of his claim and
that sain pi oof will be made before Regl ter and
nil icwener at aientthe
1897 viz
Neo ou liec
Iary McDf rmott of frookstoxi Xb
H E No 9050 for the sv tswU Sec 10 sijmvV
uwUnw i Sec 15 Tp 3n IJ TJv
She names the following witnesses to prove her
ontiiiuoiis residence upon and cultivation of
-aid land viz
Daniel tlcVey Bndgf tt Kennealpy William
Iavaniugh and Margaret Cava iaugli all of
Crookton Nebraski
42- O CLOVER Register
U S Land Olliee Valenfine Nebr I
Nov 3 1397 f
Norice is hereby given that the following
named settler lias filed notice of ins intention
ro make finai proof in supnort of his claim and
that said proof will be ma3e before Kegister and
Receiver at Valentine Nebraska on I Joe 13
ts97 vjz
Lewis D Lincoln of Valentine Xeb
H T I No 9 214 for the Sinwi and nswi
Sec 10 Tp 32ii K27W
He names the folowing witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
siid land z
Charles ESherman William I Clarion
William Setter and Jolin Orinesher all of Val
entine Neb
41 4U C R G LO V ER Register
Notice s Iicrebv givp that Joseph K
of Henly Nebr has filed -notice of intention to
make fi al proof before the KegNteror Receiver
it his llice in Valentine Xeb on Tuesday the
11th day ol January j3 on timber culture
application So 7533 fr the sw quarter of sec
tion No si in township No 32n range No 34w
He names sis witnesses Daniel Douv Chas
Deavrr Alexander Seager and Warren KlotU
all of Cody Neb
Testimony of claimant will be taken before the
Clerk of the District Court for Eurmas counU
at his oflic in Heaver Ctt v Nebr on Ian 8 13
44 49 C RO OVElt
IT S L md Office Valentine b I
November 4 1W17 f
Notice is hereby given that Nelson E Cain or
ONeill Neb has fili noiicc of intention to
make nnal proof before Register and ieceiver
at their office in ValenLme Neb on Friday the
17th day of DecPiuber 197 on timber culture ap
plication Xo 8M7 for lots 1 and and of
sec 6 Tp 29n R 3 lw
He names as witnesses- James u Jiliaspie
of Newton Neb Grant G Col dwell Timoihv
Falbvand William Pullman of Pullman Nebr
42 17 G It GLOVER Register
U S laid Olliee Valentine Xeb t
Nov 8 1397 f
Notice is hereby given that iij fuiiuwiug
nanied settler Isa s fi ed notice of his intention fo
make final proof in support of his claim aud
that aid proof will b made before the Registei
and Receiver at Valentine Nebr on i ec 21
197 viz
Albert F r Iindman of Oihs Xebr
n E o lM7o fir the s inw1 and nSSsw1
SecsTp3 n R29w
He name- the folowing witnesses toprov
lii c nit nuoiis residence on and cultivation of
said audvi
John It -Ballard Willard L Crhp Jac 1
Klein Jr and Henry B Ballard all of Woodlake
Nebraska l
42 47 C R G LOVER Register
C S Lad OFFICK ValeTilmf Neb
Nor 10 1897 f
Notice is her by given that Joiiij t ivtirit
slier of Lincoln Nil lias filed noMce of inten
tion to make final proof berore Register ami Re
ceiver at their olhreir Valentine Xeb on llon
dav the Oth day of Dece nb r ijD7 on timhei
culture appliiation No 790 for the wjisvv1
neMswi and swnvv of Sec 23 Tp jo R jnw
He names as Peter S Rnueche
Chnrbs Eaulhaber Henry Kauhabcr and John
Salzmin aJ ol Browniee el
Testimony of claimant will be iaken before
theMerk of the Di tnVt totirt i at cast r
county at UlS osicc n Lncnni sio Ic i KJi l
42 47 C Pv GLOVJSE j K tster
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steer ieft hip Also
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I 51
PasH Xeb
Drnnd oa either
right or left sldo
llorse and iomw
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on left sIde
and hip
and Wasoadoce
Charles Uenard