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The failure of the Wolcott
and its dismissal by Lord Salis
bury have aroused the silver
and we have two loud and em
phatic bugle blasts from their leaders
Calling them to action The result of
the Nebraska State election too in
which the votes of these factiouists
were added to tliose of the Democrats
and Populists and turned the scale
against the administration forces
comes to testify to their determination
and resolution So soon as the report
of the Wolcott commissioners shall
have been made public the schism in
-the Republican ranks will become ac
tive and President McKinley distract
ed as he will be by the reproaches of
partjr associates by the demands of the
Gage National Pank party and by the
progress of the bimetallic cause in ev
ery section of the Union is probably
destined to pass through as stormy a
period as any President lias hitherto
Senator Chandler of New Hamp
shire who is the only New England
Republican who advocates bimetal
lism has printed a letter urging the
silver men to action He predicts ruin
and disaster to his party if they ac
quiesce in the single gold standard pol
icy and frankly tells them they will be
-defeated in the Congress to be chosen
next fall and overwhelmed in the next
presidential struggle unless they re
turn to the bimetallic platform and to
the previous utterances of McKinley
favoring silver coinage
To Senator Chandlers warning comes
4iu echo from Minnesota in the shape
of an address issued by Hon diaries
A Towne chairman of the silver Re
publican party He declares that the
conspiracy to commit the Republican
party to the gold policy has for its ob
ject the issuing and control of all the
paper money of the country by a huge
banking system and that in face of
such a danger citizenship must rise
above partisanship He appeals to his
fellow partisans to use their most ener
getic efforts to avert such a monstrous
evil and denounces the gold standard
with all its associated wrongs and
abuses as a degradation of the nation
and an enslavement of its producing
It is in the very face of such denun
ciations that Secretary Gages gold
program is to be launched into Con
gress New York News
monetary Reform
Perhaps one of the results of the
great Democratic victory recently
achieved at the polls will be a modi
fication of the monetary reform pro
posed by the Secretary of the Treas
A plan that contemplates placing the
Tnired States on a strictly monometal
lic gold basis is not likely to nieen wilb
popular approval and this fact must
have been impressed upon the Secre
tarys mind by the tremendous tidal
wave in favor of silver which has just
swept over the country President Mc
Kinley is a shrewd politician and he
will at once perceive that such a finan
cial proposition will kill all chances
for his re election but President Mc
Kinley lacks the courage of his con
victions and may yield to the pressure
lirought to bear by the money power
which placed him in the chair he now
The proposition of the Secretary in
volves the debasement of silver to
mere token money making it legal
tender for only five dollars the refund
ing of the bonded debt of this country
in bonds payable exclusively in gold the
funding of 200000000 of greenbacks
in 2Y per cent gold bonds the re
mainder of the outstanding green-
backs amounting to 145000000 to
be held in the Treasury and the issu
ing of all the paper money of the coun
try to be intrusted to the national
The scheme is comprehensive un
compromising and strictly in the inter
ests of gold It shows exactly what
the money power desires to be accom
plished and places the Republican par
ty squarely on record It is to be hoped
that the Secretary of the Treasury will
insist on the adoption of bis plan Too
long have the voters been deluded by
false pretenses on the part of Repub
licans Let the issue be fairly and
squarely made The temper of the peo
ple has been shown by the recent elec
tions No such measure wlH be ac
cented Chicago Dispatch
Victory in 1900
The vote of confidence given to the
Republican administration at the last
election would have made Bryan Pres
ident had it been cast in 1S96 As the
matter stands this country is Demo
cratic and the party of the people has
no need to bring any more States to
Its assistance This is not a matter of
conjecture it is a simple fact easily
demonstrated by a simple mathemat
ical calculation
New York has 3G votes in the electoral
college Kentucky has 13 and New
-Jersey has 10 President McKinley re
ceived the votes of New York New
Jersey and Kentucky with the excep
tion of one vote in the latter State
which was cast for Bryan McKinleys
total vote in the electoral college was
271 while that of Bryan was 176 At
the recent election New York Ken
tucky and New Jersey went Demo
Suppose the people of these three
States had known the real character
they know it now what would have
been the result Simply this The
58 votes which went for McKinley
would have gone for Bryan These
58 votes taken from McKinleys total
of 271 would have left him 213 These
same 58 votes added to Bryans 170
would have given him 234 Thus Bry
an would have been elected President
by a majority of 21 votes
President McKinley has expressed
himself as satisfied with the results
of the recent election He is certainly
a good Democrat With the solid
South the solid West and with New
York and New Jersey this country is
now absolutely Democratic But the
Democracy will not rest upon its lau
rels Ohio must be swung into the
Democratic column and other doubt
ful States redeemed Who says there
will not be a Democrat elected Presi
dent of the United States in 1900V
Still a Deficit
Republicans in Congress are going to
have a merry time discussing the Ding
ley tariff deficit The returns from the
Treasurj Department for the first two
weeks of November show that as a
producer of a balance on the wrong
side of the ledger Dingleys bill is still
quite up to its October record Au
gust and September were no better
and the deficit to date since the 1st of
August amounts to the snug little sum
of 32540078
During the last two weeks the rev
enue has fallen short 5235732 and
there is no reason to believe that the
next fortnight will show any improve
ment When Congress meets the
sponsors of the Republican tariff meas
ure will have to face a deficit of nearly
50000000 Perhaps some of the
trust protecting statesmen may regret
that they scorned the advice of Secre
tary Gage to put a tax on raw sugar
which would have secured 20000000
of revenue without working a hard
ship to the sugar combine In any
event they will have to set their wits
to work in an effort to devise a revenue
bill that will produce revenue
With the government getting deeper
and deeper into debt the appropria
tion grabbers will meet with serious
difficulties in looting the treasury al
though the pension patriots the army
Inflationists and the navy expanders
will not be daunted nor will they re
frain from making exorbitant de
mands Economy in governmental ex
penses is a good thing therefore Re
publican legislators may be counted
on to disregard it
Campaign Assessments
It is gratifying to tbe unprejudiced
observer to note the fact that the Re
publican press is growing exceedingly
moral The New York Evening Post
is an example worthy of emulation In
a recent editorial on the crimes com
mitted by corporations in contributing
money to aid Piatt in his campaign
this esteemed mugwump rises to an
enviably high moral plane In set
terms and with rigid virtue the Post
arraigns the corporations and among
many other severe things says that a
payment of corporate funds as a polit
ical assessment involves the commis
sion of a crime or of a series of crim
inal offenses
This is good Democratic doctrine
but is not according to the gospel of
St Mark Hanna Where would Mc
Kinley be to day if he had acted along
the lines of the Posts suggestions
Where would Mark Hanna be if in the
recent election in Ohio he had kept
his checkbook closed and had thrown
away his campaign subscription book
It is much easier to answer these ques
tions than It is to convince ones self
of the sincerity of the Post It makes
all tbe difference in the world to a
partisan which party profits by the
aid of corporations When Hanna was
assessing the banks trusts corpora
tions importers and manufacturers of
this country to an aggregate amount of
1G000000 for the express purpose of
buying the presidency of the United
States for his friend McKinley did the
Post send out a cry of protest But
Piatt well thats another story
Trade Repelled by High Tariff
Why do we cut so insignificant a fig
ure in the trade of the Latin American
States Chiefly because we have been
repelling trade instead of inviting it
and expecting these people to adapt
themselves to our goods fashions and
customs instead of studying their
wants and customs and making goods
to supply tneir needs German and
English manufacturers have adapted
their goods to Spanish American wants
and have secured their custom We
have failed to do this and have lost it
That in a nutshell is the explanation of
why less than 100000000 of Latin
American annual purchases are made
in the United States and more than
500000000 are made in Europe Phil
adelphia Times
Too Much Abuse of Populists
The fact is there has been something
too much of persistent nagging snarl
ing sneering and generally abusing
Populists as individuals Those who
really know something about them
by and large know that in multi
tudes of instances they are sober in
dustrious reading church going peace
loving citizens that they maintain
often by heroic self imposed privations
free public schools of more than aver
age excellence that they are good
neighbors lovers of law and order
Who even in hard times when money
of the Republican party last year as j is scarce and grasshoppers chintz bugs
and drouth plentiful pay their debts
at 100 cents on the dollar Boston Ad
Provinpr that Tariff Is a Tax
The Leather Belting Manufacturers
Association recently raised the price
of their product to consumers 25 per
cent This is a direct consequence of
the Republican tariff tax on hides and
is so announced It is not often that
we find such frankness as this on the
part of manufacturers whose business
is affected by the protective tariff
and it is quite refreshing The leather
belting manufacturers do not beat
about the bush or search for other pre
texts They come out squarely and
say that In consequence of the Repub
lican tariff tax on hides they will have
to charge 25 per cent more for leather
belting Boston Post
Public Funds Paid for Fads
The original idea of the congressional
library having been entirely lost sight
of the librarian has recently added to
its alleged usefulness by providing a
room for blind readers and a lot of
books printed in raised type and now
ladies are giving readings from How-
ells in the room and it is said a piano
is to be added presently and other
things to make it a pleasant loafing
place This is all very nice but what
has it to do with the library of Con
gress and why should the country pay
the bills No wonder this is a billion
dollar country Providence Telegram
McKinle38 Surrender to Hanna
The menace of Hannaism in politics
lies not so much in the fact that it
represents bossism and slush funds in
politics but that menace lies in the ab
ject surrender of a President of the
United States to a dominant mind
whose crafty introduction of business
methods in politics made possible the
purchase of a Presidential nomina
tion and in the injection into our po
litical methods of what may be called
the capitalized syndicate machine sys
tem of securing support and overcom
ing opposition Minneapolis Times
Qualified Franchise in the South
The enfranchisement of the masses
of untutored blacks in the South was
one of the greatest political crimes ever
perpetrated on civilized communities
Its effect would have been stifling in
those communities where the negroes
have large majorities if it had been
tamely submitted to on the part ol the
whites The means used to prevent
this ill effect has been in itself neces
sarily deleterious and demoralizing and
the time has come when a remedy must
be found Nashville American
Muzzles Badly Needed
Ex Minister Hannis Taylors loqua
city has produced the effect that might
have been expected Every sensation
monger in the country has felt in duty
bound to contribute his mite of mis
information to the discussion of the
Cuban problem The fact that uie
majority of these outpourings are child
ish to the point of inanity and betray
the gross ignorance of their inventors
will not prevent them from doing in
calculable mischief Philadelphia Rec
Governor Tanners latest Mistake
It only needed that order disbanding
four companies of the Seventh Regi
ment of the Illinois National guard in
Chicago to further prove to the people
of the State the character of the offi
cials elected and appointed at Spring
field Governor Tanner has gained no
friends among the people whose friend
ship is worthy of seeking and he must
be secretly despised by the very crea
tures at whose behest he took such
summary and extraordinary action-
Peoria Journal
Heresy in a Cabinet Report
The President will have to check the
free and sincere pen of his Secretary
of Agriculture and bring him into line
with the policy of mediaevalism that
characterizes the rest of the adminis
tration His talk about extending the
countrys foreign trade sounds discord
ant and is a deadly insult to Nelson
Dingley Jr New York Times
Governor Hastings a Heretic
Well Well Here is Gov Hastings
a Pennsylvania protectionist telling
the national grange that the farmers
have an inherent right to sell in the
best market and to purchase in the
cheapest market Then why should
the law deprive them of this inherent
right Boston Transcript
McKinleys Ambiguous Remark
Mr McKinley has not yet told us
what he meant by saying that he is
highly gratified with the result in Ohio
Such a remark is calculated to make
Mr Hanna feel uncomfortable Atlan
ta Constitution
Where All Democrats Can Unite
The whole law bolstered trust sys
tem is pernicious and diabolical and
however widely Democrats may differ
on the money question they should
swipe this evil at the first opportunity
Dallas News
The coming of the storks is always an
event of considerable interest in Ger
many and many are the speculations
as to where the birds have spent the
cold winter months and whether the
pair who are now occupying a nest on
the top of one of the chimneys are the
same who brought up a family there
last year and who then were such ob
jects of interest and amusement
Thoughts like these occupied the miad
of the owner of Schloss Ruhleben near
Berlin and in order to ascertain if it
were the same pair of storks which
nested in his park every summer lie
had a steel ring made on which was
engraved the name of the place and the
date 1S90 and had it fastened around
one of Father Storks legs Next year
the bird returned as usual to his sum
mer quarters but this time with a new
decoration in the shape of a silver ring
on the other leg bearing the words
India sends Germany her greetings
Adjudged by an Illinois Jury to Be
Worth Over 54000
In most breach of promise cases the
amount of damages asked for is ten
times as much as the damages sustain
ed or hoped to be received But a jury
recently gave a verdict in a case at
Danville 111 in which the affections
of the fair plaintiff were adjudged to
be worth over 54000 This is prob
ably the largest award for slighted
TtT ia
j ca w sr aw
M Jf
xmw mmi
i8tm3gami mm
mmmmskmm kv
mSN GJttWw m
w I 7 Mf if
love ever made in a breach of promise
court The story of the circumstances
out of which the case arose is an im
portant one
John H Germand has long been con
sidered the wealthiest man in Dan
ville 111 He was a real estate owner
for several years and his property
brought in large returns He had
many tenants among whom was Mrs
Carrie Corbett a beautiful widow of
35 years who lived with her little 12-year-old
son Germand visited her
once a month but claims his visits
were at first of a purely business na
ture One day he went to the house
to give some instructions to some
painters who were at work when Mrs
Corbett asked him to come into her
apartment This he did and the two
sat upon the sofa This was the begin
ning of a long courtship in the course
of which Germand took her out for
carriage drives and on several occa
sions they journeyed to distant towns
together and once both went to Chi
cago on a vacation trip Of course
they were always properly chaperoned
It went along this way for a long
itiine and then came a trip that led to
a disruption Mr Germand was going
to the convention of Christian Endeav
orers in San Francisco Mrs Corbett
expressed her desire to go along and
her sweetheart bought the ticket and
paid the other incidentals of the trip
On the way Mrs Corbett paid particu
lar attentions to a delegate on the
train and carried on a flirtation with
him all the time Germand was jeal
ous and so the trouble came on which
culminated in the breach of promise
case as above indicated Germand is
71 years old and has been three times
a widower The amount ol the dam
age allowed was a surprise to all
even to Mrs Corbett herself But be
fore the trial Germand had disposed
of most of his property so that fa all
probability the judgment of the ourt
will stand unsatisfied
Beneath a Wild Cherry Tree Sleeps
Austin the Founder of Texas
Among the foothills of the Ozark
mountains in the cemetery at Potosi
Mo lie the remains of Moses Austin
the founder of Texas for whom the
cepital of that State is named His
grave is in a neglected state
Moses Austin was a native of Dur
ham Conn and emigrated to Mis
souri about the year 1785 In 1797 he
obtained from the Spanish Govern
ment a grant of land containing G08o
acres which is still known as the Aus
tin survey and includes a portion of
Potosi townsite In the year 1798 Aus
tin built a costly mansion just opposite
the site of the present court house and
was at that time the finest structure
west of the Mississippi River He was
extensively engaged in mining on the
claim and in his report to the Govern
ment in 1819 reported 200 miners at
work on the claim He built the first
furnace in the Southwest
In the year 1821 he explored the un
known province of Texas and after
ward secured a grant to enter and col
onize He returned to Missouri in 1823
for the purpose of organizing a colony
but was taken sick and died and his
remains were interred in the Protest
ant cemetery His plans were success
fully carried into effect by his son
Stephen F Austin but as his fathei
was the originator of the exploration
he is rightly called the founder of the
Lone Star State
A very large cherry tree has grown
over the grave The once famous man
sion was destroyed by fire in 1873
There are still numbers of the miners
working successfully on the claim
which is a regular honejcomb of holes
but the supply of lead is seemingly in
Arrested a Whole Funeral
It has long been the custom of
funerals the world over to proceed
slowly not so however with funerals
in the outskirts of Brooklyn The
other day in that city a funeral was
spinning along when the hearse driver
carelessly ran over a boys bicycle and
ruined it
The policeman who gave chase over
hauled the hearse climbed up on the
box and arrested the driver for his
All you people follow me the po
liceman shouted to the drivers of the
carriages in the funeral cortege
Thereupon he turned the horses
toward the police station and started
them at a trot The hearse driver was
dumb with astonishment All the car
riages dutifully trundled along behind
Imagine the astonishment of the citi
zens of Brooklyn upon seeing a whole
funeral procession trotting toward the
lockup The unhappy occupants of the
carriages knowing nothing of the rea
son for the change in their itinerary
were full of indignation
The sergeant refused to entertain the
charge against the hearse driver and
he advised the boy to get a warrant for
the driver if he wished to prosecute
him Thereupon the funeral procession
resumed its journey toward the ceme
A Great Authority on Evolution
There is a sketch of A Great Natu
ralist the late Edward Drinker Cope
in the Century It is written by Henry
Fairfield Osborn Prof Osborn says
His pioneer exploration came early in
the age of Darwinism when missing
links not only in the human ancestry
but in the greater chain of backboned
animals were at the highest premium
Thus he was fortunate in recording the
discovery in northwestern New Mexico
of by far the oldest quadrupeds known
in finding among these the most ven
erable monkey in describing to the
world hundreds of links in fact whole
chain of descent between the most
ancient quadrupeds and what we
please to call the higher types especial
ly the horses camels tapirs dogs and
cats He labored successfully to con-
nect the reptiles with the amphibians
amd the latter with the fishes and was
as quick as a flash to detect in the pa
per of another author the oversight of
some long sought link which he had
been awaiting Thus in losing Mm we
haTolostourablestand most discerning
critic No one has made soch profuse
and overwhelming demonstration of
the actual historical working of the
laws of evolution his popular reputa
tion perhaps resting most widely upon
his practical and speculative studies
In evolution
Royal Affections
The French Minister of Foreign Af
fairs It is said asked the King of
Siam why he did not leave his foreign
minister at home to take charge of
things Because he is my brother
returned Chulalongkorn wth a grim
smile I should probably have found
him on my throne when I got back to
Slam But you have your other
brother with you Yes but his na
ture Is even less benevolent He would
not only have seized my throne but
cut off my head as quickly as I return
ed You all seem on excellent terms
together exclaimed the astonished
Frenchman Exactly said the King
and as I like to be on good terms
with them I always take them along
A Great Inducement
My but Sales Specials do a big
Why shouldnt they Look at the
inducements they offer free novels to
read while you are waiting for your
change Indianapolis Journal
The True Teacher it More Than a
Setter of Tasks
The true teacher is more than a
of tasks and a hearer of lessons
he is an Influence And his pupils are
not first of all students but human
beings Hence if necessary a teacher
would be willing to sacrifice something
from his Ideal In the matter of his1
own formal preparation if by doing so
he can secure the far greater and more
important gifts of bodily and mental
health steady nerves a sense of bal-
ance and proportion and a profoundi
and sympathetic knowledge of his fel
low men No one is so dreadfully inf
danger of getting Into a mental rut of
becoming dogmatic pedantic and prig-
gish and the antidote for these thlngsi
is found in getting ansolutely away
from his proressional environment for
as long a time as possible each year
resting his nerves and brain andi
above all mingling with men and woui
en whose standards and Interests are
absolutely different from his own To
go from his class room to a place where
the same old grind in another form is
still going on to make one of a crowd
of jaded nervous sensitive beings who
are stewing in their own juice andj
gabbling over and over the formulas
of the Educationist so far from beingl
a stimulus and an inspiration is actu
ally the undoing of a teacher and sendst
him back to his work with a still fur-
ther exhaustion of energy and
siasm and sympathy So we say tol
the educator If he can be a man go off
somewhere anywhere to the place
where education doesnt count bivouac
in the woods with a party of stock-
brokers or hobnob with down east fish-
ermen and to the woman teacher we
recommend the society of the most friv r
olous giddy and flirtatious young girls
who infest the myriad resorts in sum i
mer This will keep the balance prop i
erly adjusted replacing hysteria andj
dullness and nerves by a renewed In t
vigoration an augmented sense of hu 1
mor and a saner and more highly de t
veloped Insight into human nature-
The Bookman
A Bright Boy
Teacher Now Tommy who was Co
Tommy I dont know
Teacher encouragingly The man
Tommy promptly Wrote
The University of Paris
In the several colleges of the TJni
yerfiity of Paris there are between
2S0d0 and 30000 students more than
three times as many as are found in
any other educational institution in
the world There are other
tiesMn France but that in Paris of
fers such superior advantages thatj
they are attended only by students pre-
ferring to remain near their own
homes or who desire the instruction
of some particular professor More
than 10000 of the students are in the
department of medicine and 8000
more attend the school of Fine Artsi
Of the art students about 1S00 are
Schools Broaden Their Carriculnm
The city and town school superin
tendents of Indiana at their session 5n
Indianapolis decided that it Is a mis
take to teach American history to the
exclusion of world history in the lower
grades In the course of study agreed
upon the history of the world will be
taught along with American history
Suggestions for Government
Give no unnecessary commands
Explain to your pupils the necessity
of proper deportment and prompt obe
Encourage them to be truthful by re
mitting penalties as far as possible
when they make a full and free con
Common sense and the ability to
judge the guilt or Innocence of the pu
pil is a requisite In successful govern
Regard all pupils as trustworthy un
til you find them otherwise Children
rarely forgive a teacher who suspects
them of wrong when they are Inno
Io not attempt to compel pupils to
inform on one another under threats
of punishment Bather let yonr owm
tact govern you in the detection of an
Do your own governing as far asj
possible It weakens your authority to
call upon the superintendent or thes
members of the school board for as-
In making or enforcing rules IookI
back to your own childhood recall
your own experiences your own inn
pulses Put yourself in the place of the
child to be governed then act
Allow pupils the largest liberty con-
sistent with their welfare and the wel i
fare of the school and when restric J
tions are placed on them explain thej
necessity for such restriction
Hake only such rules as you are will-
ing to enforce Kaubs School Manage-