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ROBERT GOOD Editor and Prop
As to forest fires theres nai a burn
ed down trunk left behind that isnt
stump speaker arguing for nrlxr days
Let trouble do all the traveling No
body should meet it half way This
would be like intentionally coming to
Who is the most self confident person
In the land The one who puts a stamp
on an envelope before writing the ad
Japans wsvr vessels great and small
are to cost fifty million dollars and it
will require vast sums to keep them in
Foot ball doesnt generate any last
ing ill feeling though in a scrimmage
It would seem as if the players were
down on each other
No less than thirty -lighthouses in
this country are attended by women
but these are only a small part of the
women who do light house keeping
Maybe some of our -warships have a
playful way of sinking at other times
but that in case of war theyd be the
first to go under is notito be thought of
One blessed thing about a Mongolian
not being a citizen is that a candidate
can wear a boiled -shirt and stiff collar
without being charged with truckling
to the -Chinese vote
American bicycles are appreciated in
other countries beside our own Dur
ing the past year the number of those
exported was four times as large as
that of the year previous
Serious injuries -sometimes result
from trifling scratches made with an
mky pen according to the London
Lancet but it is a question if morei
mischief making bacteria do not often
lurk in a -writers sentiments than in
his ink
A philosopher remarks in the vGolun
Jia Mo Herald that A man is
known by the company he keeps It is
different -with a woman she must
casionally go with her husband Now
adays a man is known by the company
he keeps out of
In Gonecticut the other day a thief
asked for an acquittal on the ground
that he was temporarily insane when
he committed the crime The judge
sent him to the penitentiary for three
years advised him to employ the time
In thinking up a better excuse
The fact that a Brooklyn judge
granted five divorces sin thirty minutes
is being extensively icommented on by
the Eastern press It is remarkable
only because it took place in the East
A Western judge cannot understand
now a man with conscientious ideas
would fool away so anuch time
The farmers and timber cutters who
have stripped the hills of trees in all
the older States and cvvho are continu
ing their work of thoughtless ravages
In the newer States of ithe Union ought
to be brought to book But the States
themselves must enter oipon the task
of remedial effort
Oregon Indians are said to eomplain
that whereas they are sentenced to
spend thirty days in jail for intoxica
tion a white man guilty of the same
offense gets but five days in jail The
Indians have within their reach a sim
ple remedy for this injustice they cas
etop getting drunk
Two NewN3Tork burglars Obtained ad
mission to a residence in that eity by
representing themselves to be plumb
ers and when they left took with them
2800 worth of booty Tbe owner is
solacing himself with reflections on
what it might have cost him if they
tiad been oreal plumbers
Tbe director of public works in the
Pennsylvania idty of Allegheny has
bit upon a plan for getting rid of the
numerous and pugnacious English
sparrows He will turn loose a lot of
German starlings which are aaatural
enemies of the sparrows This may
shortly create a demand for some
leathered enemy of the starling
Temperanoe people In America will
ibe interested to know that the Batch
Keformed Church of South Africa has
decided to excommunicate all total ab
stainers who shall persist in their evil
babits Tiie synod asserts that teeto
talers invariably become unfaithful in
their duties to the church and are oth
erwise demoralized and it thinks the
ehurch will he better off without them
Kerning -short of rthe absolute necessi
ties of tcade could possibly induce our
British friends ta give ibeir preference
to this market in rttie jxusvehase of indus
trial products aad the ifiact that large
orders for iron sails electrlc motors
And other mechanical supplies have
lately been received in this contntry
from Great Britain argues heyond dis
pute that British purchasers are com
pelled to recognize the superiority a
our products
There are signs that the threatening
crank is being taken more seriously A
lunatic wbo declared that unless pro
pitiated he would assassinate Presi
dent McKinley was promptly arrested
by the Chicago police Threatening
cranks are embryonic assassins
Whether they possess or lack the eneit
gy to carry out their wild plots nobody
Jaiows until too late At all events
such dangerous characters cannot safe
ly be permitted to run about ready to
strike down innocent men
Insurance against non employment
Is an experiment begun In America
during the current year It Is a pri
vate enterprise Its dues are heavier
than those of similar European socie
ties but its benefits also are much
larger As in the case of the European
societies voluntary non employment
or non employment for any cause with
in the control of the beneficiary makes
all benefits voidable This excludes the
striker As it is to the interest of the
non insurance companies to help their
beneficiaries to get work a company
in Chicago supplies to its beneficiaries
the services of two employment bu
reaus without charge
It would be hard to formulate a more
baleful aphorism that that imputed
inocrrectly it is to be hoped to a Uni
ted States Senator No man in public
office he is reported to have said
owes the public anything On the
contrary every man in public office
owes the public everything No matter
how great his wealth or his importance
before taking office he is under imper
ative obligation to the public first to
get rid of his partisanship if he have
any secondly to divest himself of con
siderations of self interest and keep in
view only the interests of the public
and finally to give to the public faith
ful and laborious service or in case of
inability to yield his place instantly to
some one else wbo can and will fulfil
all of these requirements
We are so used to books coming out
all the time that we do not know how
to appreciate them If -every budget
sent from the booksellers does not con
tain at least four or five readable nov
els a solid history by an eminent au
thority a book of travels in an un
known land two sets of wonderfully
clever new poems we who cannot
write a graceful sentence fall to la
menting and gnashing our teeth over
the decay of writing To own that
one has merely touched upon modern
names and modern work of writers is
to make an argument in favor of the
ages literary achievement Look at
the lists in the libraries look back at
the hours you have spent in really in
terested communion vicariously with
authors Think how your own neigh
bors as it were Octave Thanet and
Frank Stockton and Mary Wilkins
have delighted you how Joel Chandler
Harris it is a shame not to have men
tioned him earlier and Henry Fuller
and Mrs Catherwood and so many
more have contributed to your utter
sympathy or your contradictory sense
Think of Lieutenant Peary book and
Nansens and of Mahans marvelous
Life of Nelson and of the scientific
volumes by the hundred weight you
dare not try to read Nearly every
one has come out this year Max Nor
dau has made you boil and Friedrich
Nietsche has caused you to lift your
eyebrows Bernard Shaw has made
you chuckle over the discomfiture of
his enemies little Max Beerbohin has
raised a laugh half the time at his
own expense and half the time at
yours And Anthony Hope has not
been mentioned If popularity is a test
he is almost at the head of the literary
set That bethumbed dogs eared copy
of The Prisoner of Zenda was clutch
ed and clawed when it made its ap
pearance at the watering place And
The Gentleman of France a close
second In biography essay scientific
treatise of every kind sermon travel
and novel this last part of our cen
tury is certainly rich
Hours of Torture
In the last great day when judg
ment is passed upon the quick and the
dead I hope to stand expectant and
absorbed to know what will be the
fate of the man who invented the
third class carriage upon French rail-
ways The steerage of a vessel is par
adise compared to these instruments
of torture wrrites an American travel
ing abroad
To begin with the compartment car
could only have been created in a
country where there are classes The
long e pen social cheery American
car is too democratic even for demo
cratic France All castes may travel
on the same train but there must be
opportunity for the noble and the rich
bourgeoise to exclude themselves from
those who by reason of poverty or
vulgarity are offensive to them
In Franee third class apartments
are the most uncomfortable of plank
seats and backs and the omnibus
train is one wbich stops at every sta
tion Two seats run crosswise of the
car You face the passengers on the
other seat and wihether your
is man or woman feet are unavoidably
entangled and If your opposite be a
wToman you are constantly in peril of
being accused of a pedal familiarity
of -which you are wbolly innocent
This is a fault which also extends to
first and second class apartments
Reporter Well Ive interviewed her
Editor Did she talk without re
Reporter I should say nit She
wouldnt say a word until her husband
came in and told her to keep still De
troit Journal
Great Lack
Billy Have any luck fishing to day
Jimmy Great I didnt stick dehook
inters me finger ner slip oft de log an
fall in ner git bit by mosquitoes ner
lose any uv me clothes ner git licked
wTen I got home Puck
In 1000
He vVin you fly with me
She Certainly Bring your airship
around at oclock and Ill be ready but
putting on nT bat Then we can btart
at 4 Somemle JourntJ
mBgagigiAtgr ajWB
f WjaaMWdwmTtMi
wnrrgiia caB35iBBtrsJSCS
The Well Trained Teams Have All Had
Their Turns and Battled Manfully
University of Chicago Defeats Mich
iganWisconsin Beats Northwestern
For the All Western Leven
Chicago Correspondence
OOTBALL in tht
West has closed
what was apparent
ly a most successful
season The big
well trained football
teams of the greater
colleges have had
their turns battled
manfully and are
now prepared to set
tle down and discuss
results leisurely
Football experts are
sizing the field up
and soon will be picking all Western elev
ens until there will be as many offered
up as there are so called experts The
season has been exceptionally clean as far
as rough work by the players themselves
is concerned and consequently as faT as
injuries received The umpires have as a
rule been stricter as regards piling on
that most dreaded feature of modern
football The referees have followed the
ball so well that it is downed and the men
lined up before an opportunity has been
afforded for the rough work to creep in
As a result of the seasons work every
thing points to Wisconsins men as West
ern champions and not even Staggs pets
care to dispute the claim despite the won
derful victory over Michigan Thursday by
a score of 21 to 12 Wisconsin cinched
all elaims to the title when her lively
well trained canvas backs snowed North
western under by a score of 22 to 0 at
Evanston Thursday
The West has been unusually weak in
tackles Holmes Forrest of Wisconsin
Sweeney of Illinois Lockwood of Michi
gan Mortimer and Webb of Chicago and
Rheighans of Lake Forest would certain
ly be candidates for the all Western team
Of these Holmes for his work against
Chicago Minnesota and Northwestern
in making holds in defense work general
ly is perhaps the first choice with Swee
ney a close second The cares of captain
have weighed on Sweeney considerably
but in all he has more than held his own
in the big games played with the possi
ble exception of the Indian match
On the ends the work of Michigans
and Wisconsins ends Dean and Ander
son and Teetzel and Bennett and that of
Hamil mark theni as candidates Sickles
of Lake Forest for a light man has been
much in the play and on a heavier team
might be considered Of these Bennett
Teetzel and Hamil and Dean would be
the four to choose from Hamils work
in the Michigan game in following kicks
marks him something of a favorite Teet
zels work in driving the play in would
mark him as a favorite Bennett for ex
perience and Hamil and Dean inter
changeably seem to be the choice
Behind the line reiver Hunter Schu
ler and Clarke are for quarter Felver
barring two very bad fumbles in the Chi
cago game should have first choice Hunt
er a good tackier is too slow in running
the game Clarke fumbles badly al
though he got over the fault in the Mich
igan game Felver is perhaps the favor
ite for general hard heady work and
the fact that he can be used as a full
For the backs Herschberger ODea
Gardiner Peele Johnston and Jackson
of Lake Forest are perhaps the cream
Herschberger is the choice for full Nol
only can he punt but in the interference
in line plunging and place kicking he
would overshadow ODea who is nevei
in the play except to kick For halves
Peele and Jackson would make an ex
tremely strong pair
Northwestern losing to Chicago and
Wisconsin by big scores is out of the race
Michigans defeat by Chicago overawed
by the mighty opposing full back yielded
all claims in her only big game of tie sea
son Poor Illinois who was forced to
compete for championship honors before
her team had reached the climax of devel
opment was put out of the showing early
when Chicago ran her down the field
Next to Wisconsin Chicago has fairly
won the right to stand a good second
After her Michigan and Illinois must dis
pute for the honors of their place with
the advantages in Michigans favor be
cause of cleaner harder all around work
to the last in the face of certain defeat
After Illinois must be placed Northwest
ern with her beefy eleven with Oberlin
following because of her showing against
Michigan and Purdue and Minnesota at
the tail end of the procession
Enow Storni of Great Severity Sweeps
Over Nebraska
A snowstorm of great severity swept
over Nebraska Thursday night The
weather was mild all day with a drizzling
rain Toward evening the mercury drop
ped to almost zero and a gale from the
northwest swept the fine particles of snow
in every direction Not a great quantity
of snow fell but what there was piled
in huge drifts impeding all lands of
In the extreme western part of the State
a regular blizzard prevailed and great
damage is threatened to stock interests
This is due to the fact that the grass is
covered with a hard coating of ice
through which it will be quite difficult for
cattle to break in order to 6ecure food
The great damage from the storm comes
from the menace to the stock interests
The many thousand sheep being fed in
the State are in particular danger Still
as long as the herds are housed which
is the case with most of the large
bunches great damage will not occur
The open range is the place where the
greatest loss will be certain
Special Treasury Agent Converse J
Smith at Boston has received word from
Special Employe Bunn stationed on the
Canadian border that he has -seized at
Eastport Me a small a
cargo of twenty five boxes of tin plate
that had been smuggled into port
Dr Abrahamovics first vice president
of the tower house of the Austrian reichs
rath has een elected president to suc
ceed Dr Favherin who resigned Oct 26
Abrahamovicshas acted as president ever
since but has Bten unable to keep order
in the chamber --
Stinging Cold Sweeps Over the Country
from the Northwest
Old winter started across the country
Friday It rode a cold wave that swept
down from the Klondike at the rate of
1000 miles a day It crossed the line
from the British dominions into Montana
and North Dakota tingled the ears of St
Paul and by Saturday morning was blow
ing its wintry breath on Chicago causing
the mercury to drop over 40 degrees in
less than twenty four hours
Medicine Hat was proud of itself Fri
day It had the reputation of being the
coldest town on the continent and it
stuck itself full of plumes The mercury
went into its burrow for the winters hi
bernating It got as far as 22 degrees
below zero and during the day never got
its head out of its hole for the highest
point it reached Avas 12 degrees below
Medicine Hat is just across the line
from Montana but the best that could be
done on the American side was 0 below
at Havre and Bismarck Uncle Sams
thermometer at Havre nearly disgraced
itself for its silver column actually got
as high as 0 during the day
But Medicine Hats glory may be short
lived Away off to the northwest are the
stations of Battleford and Edmiston
which generally hold the record Edmis
ton has long had the reputation of being
the breeding place of the blizzard but
that distinction may be wrested from it
when the wires bring Dawson City and
Point Barrow within hearing distance
At Calgary west of Medicine Hat and at
Swif t Current on the east the thermome
ters registered 20 below while Winnipeg
came trailing after with a record of 12
below Helena St Paul and Dulutli felt
the breath of old Boreas the mercury
slipping well down toward zero
Secretary Iong Gives to the Public
His Annual Report
Secretary of the Navy Long in his re
port to the President declares that the
prime need of the naval service is not new
ships but new docks wharves munitions
men and facilities He says in part
Hitherto for more than a decade the
increase of the navy has very properly
been in the line of new ships and wisely
so as this has hitherto been the vital
need In the opinion of the department
the time has now come when that increase
should be on adjunctory lines in order to
bring our naval facilities up to the same
line of advance The principal need of
to day is that of sufficient docks of which
there is a deplorable lack of adequate
supplies of the munitions of war which
should never be at the
stage of an equipment of our navy yards
equal to the demand upon them of the in
creased number of our ships and of an
enlarged corps of officers and men to do
the work
Additions to our fleet may be hereafter
necessary to bring it in case of an emer
gency to an extent commensurate with
the growing necessities of the country es
pecially in view of the development of
Alaska which is a continent in itself and
of the possible annexation of islands in
the Pacific On the other hand it is a
mistake not to recognize that our naval
power has more than doubled within the
last few years that the case of any emer
gency beyond our present resources is the
very rare case that until it comes ships
will be gradually taken out of commission
and put into reserve in order to reduce
running expenses and that a due regard
is necessary to the relation of the national
expenditures to the national revenues
The department therefore recommends
that the authorization of new ships by the
coming Congress be limited to one battle
ship for the Pacific coast where after the
five now under construction are complet
ed there will be only two while on the
Atlantic coast there will be seven and
also to a few torpedo boats and torpedo
boat destroyers both of which are com
paratively of little cost and more of which
are desirable in order to bring this swift
mobile and handily effective arm of the
service up to its place in the general
scheme for coast defense
The present effective fighting force of
the navy consists of four battleships of
the first class two battleships of the sec
ond class two armored cruisers sixteen
cruisers fifteen gunboats six double tur
reted monitors one ram one dynamite
gunboat one dispatch boat one transport
steamer and five torpedo boats There
are under construction nve battleships of
the first class sixteen torpedo boats and
one submarine boat There are sixty four
other naval vessels including those used
as training receiving and naval reserve
ships tugs disused single turreted moni
tors and some unserviceable craft
There is further the auxiliary fleet
This consists first of more than twenty
subsidized steamers which comply with
the requirements of the postal act of
March 3 1S91 with regard to their adap
tability to naval service and to an arma
ment of main and secondary batteries
second of a very much greater number of
large merchant marine steamers which
can be availed of at any time of need
These auxiliaries ranging from 2000 to
12000 tons will if occasion require form
a powerful fleet of ocean cruisers capable
of swift and formidable attack upon an
enemys commerce Their great coal ca
pacity will also enable them to remain a
long time at sea in search of the where
abouts of hostile vessels
The country is to be congratulated up
on the results obtained in the rebuilding
of the navy While its ships are not as
many and it is not necessary they should
be as those of some other great powers
they are class for class in power speed
workmanship and offensive and defensive
qualities the equal of vessels built any
where else in the world
The Secretary recommends that naval
officers who were discharged under the
act of 1882 be restored to the service after
examinations and that the complement
of enlisted men be largely increased to
man the new ships
The departmental appropriation was
16984251 of which 927407 remains
as a balance
The State Bank of Holstein a small
town of Adams County Neb is in the
hands of Bank Examiner Wilson The
banks statement of Sept 8 shows that
the institution had loans and discounts
amounting to 154598S and 1610382
in deposits
Unknown men made an unsuccessful
attempt to wreck a freight train on the
Erie road near Sloatsburg N Y
Peter Curtis a young farmer of Ne
braska City Neb was robbed and fatal
ly beaten by highwaymen
1 -
Change of Fashion in the Bobbins ol
Western Trains
The old fashion of setting a train rob
ber at either end of a drawing roorr
car with instructions to require tht
passengers to surrender their valu
ables under pain of instant death has
quite gone out It too often happened
that an irritable passenger drew s
bead on the nearest bandit and she
him where he stood The custom now
is for the road agent to cut off the ex
press car from the rest of the train and
rob it at leisure leaving the passengers
unmolested If the express messengei
is recalcitrant or slow iu his move
ments his car is blown open with dyn
amite and the robbers make a careful
selection of its contents Even this in
dustry has been checked in its infant
struggles by a tendency on the part of
express messengers when left alive
to take quick shots at the robbers with
a sawed off riile loaded with buckshot
as they retired with their plunder De
plorable accidents have occurred from
this reprehensible practice It has
been olwervecl that when a well known
road agent meets an untimely death in
this way his pals retire from business
for a time probably for prayer and
The most famous of the Arizona out
laws Black Jack was an epicure in
his business and toward the close oi
his life robbed nothing but postofiices
The gains were small but the risk was
almost nothing the office being ofteD
kept by a woman and Black Jack was
so much of a gentleman that he never
laid his hand upon a woman save in
the way of kindness so long as she
handed out the registered mail prompt
ly He did some little business like
wise in looting the offices of mining
companies just before pay day This
branch was lucrative but there was
always the risk that the watchman
might get the drop on the robber
It became the fashion years ago for
mining companies and other concerns
which handled large sums of money
in Arizona to employ the worst of the
road agents to act as watchmen at high
wages Thus one of the most prosper
ous copper companies hires at a very
high salary a fellow who is said to
have eighteen murders on his con
science and yet is a most faithful and
trustworthy guardian of the property
under his charge Towns folloAved the
example Tombstone had for a long
time in its employ as city marshal one
of the brothers Earp each of whom al
ways fired with his gun resting on his
arm Experience had taught them that
this practice gave them a start of two
or three seconds over the shooter who
raises his gun to the level of his eye
and in pot hunting two or three sec
onds are everything A town not far
from Tombstone had been greatly in
jured by the riotous behavior of some
of its residents who were bad men
It engaged at a salary of 10000 a
year the very worst desperado in the
territory to act as city marshal The
day after his appointment he was ac
costed by three noted ruffians who
drawing their guns sneered
So youre a goin to run this here
town air yer
The new marshal had his gun up his
sleeve and before the rascals could
pull trigger he fired three times and
each time laid a man dead at his feet
Taint everything said he to
draw quick and shoot straight yer
must put yer lead wliere it will do
most good Ef yer dont tother party
may slice yer with his knife after
youve shot him Leslies Weeklv
Kill a Canadian Lynx
Several Belgians camping near Sel
ma Ind were awakened at night by
the barking of their hounds They
found the dog3 barking near a tree in
the brandies of which they could see
the dim outline of some animal Think
ing it a coon one of the men by tbe
name of Meijer shot at it No sooner
had he fired tban the wounded animal
with a screech sprang from the tree
at Meijer striking him in the breast
With its sharp claws it tore his clothes
into shreds and lacerated his flesh It
attempted to reach his throat when it
was seized by one of the hounds
wbich drew it to the ground All the
dogs then attacked it and after an ex
citing struggle in which one of the
hounds was killed and two more crip
pled the men and remaining dogs suc
ceeded in killing it
The animal was taken to the camp
but none could tell what it was They
took it to an old hunter and trapper
that lived near by who said it was a
Canadian Ij nx and one of the largest
kind This is the first animal of that
species that has been killed in this lo
cality for thirty years and how it crme
to be here is a mystery Chicago
Manages a Newspaper Syndicate
Sydney Earle is a Southern Wom
an who went to New York soon after
the close of the war She conducts a
newspaper syndicate of her own which
does a good business She deals en
tirely with the country press Left a
widow early in life she has supported
her children and her childrens chil
dren and has succeeded in retaining In
her possession the home of her parents
in Kentucky a place that has been in
her family for over 150 years Her
fathers name was Easom She Is
known in business circles as Mrs S J
Battey She says she is too busy in her
life work to be a society woman or a
club woman
Famous Italian Scholar
Tommaso Vallauri professor of Lat
in at the University of Turin and an
Italian senator died recently at the
age of 92 years He edited Plautus
and other classics wrote histories of
Latin and Italian literature and sever
al books on Italian history
The profligate rake is never able to
hoe his own row
S vA
IjjJLx 5v 5- 3 3EC St
Independent Action
Who would be free
Themselves must strike the blow
A great issue is before the American
people and every effort is being made
to obscure and counteract it Personal
appeals and personal ambitions indi
vidual antagonisms and local preju
dices avarice greed bigotry and pro
scription and every other sentiment
repugnant to the spirit of true democ
racy is invoked to deaden real patri
otism and to sacrifice every man who
in the trying hour has dared to stand
true to the rights of the American peo
An amazing spectacle is presented
by what is being done in public af
fairs Two years ago the President
sent in to Congress a message which
rang like a bugle call summoning the
representatives of the American peo
ple to resist the aggressions of the
British Hag and a few days later was
presented iu the House of Representa
tives a bill for the perpetuation of a
British standard that has destroyed
more values and brought more defi
nition and misery than all the rav
ages of war
And yet we were asked to tight the
one and to glorify the other and to
surreuder to national banks one of the
highest functions of national govern
ment Now Ave have passed a bill to
bring about high prices in all protected
industries and to perpetuate low prices
in all industries not protected
The American people are tired of be
ing made the puppets of the miserable
policies that are being pursued and
the time is coming when they will say
so in terms and tones that cannot bo
mistaken Politicians are inventing
makeshifts but the people will mar
shal their mighty columns upon the
line of living issues and the conflict
that will be fought to a finish is the
battle of the standards That is the
mighty question that sooner or later
will tower above all others and I feet
tlnlt I owe to my country and to my
party to keep before the people
1 That the great issue now before
the American people is the battle of
the standards and not simply a ques
tion of circulation
The question is Shall we continue
under the single gold standard fraud
ulently foisted upon us by the Sher
man act of lS7o or shall we return to
the bimetallic standard given us by
the fathers of the republic in 1792
Silver Inflation
All the talk about silver inflation
s absurd Silver is a precious raetiili
Just as precious in due proportion as -
is gold Its value as bullion has b en
hammered down by hostile legislation
but its value as money when given its
rights and an equal footing with gold
at the mints is indisputable It has
retained its value as compared with
commodities in a marvelous manner
The reason why silver as a metal has
cheapened in market value nsts in the
fact that the demand for its use as
money has been restricted by law Re
store free coinage and the value of sil
ver will be restored
Iu discussing the existing relations -of
gold and silver the National Review
says The audacious and unexampled
attack made upon silver beginning
twenty five years ago the endeavor to
revolutionize the worlds measures of
value in favor of creditors and against
producers by excluding that metal
from its old place as the equal col
league of gold has created a diver
gence between the two metals
ampled in modern history from which v
Ratio Between the Metals
It is an undisputed fact that the
weight of the silver known to be in
the possession of man is almost ex
actly lo1 times that of gold
Humorous writers of editorials fa
voring gold monometallism frequently
refer to the heaven born ratio of Kfc
to 1 Cheap wit cannot affect a scien
tific fact It goes without saying that
the ratio between gold and silver is
not a bit of mere guess work but on
the contrary rests upon the basis or
absolute truth
It has been demonstrated that de
priving one metal of its full monetary
us- and doubling the service required
of the remaining metal increases the
value of the favored money material
Gold has been thus favored silver thu
If gold had been demonetized instead
of silver the latter would now be an-
predating in value and the former de
preciated Equal treatment of hntn
metals is demanded by the friends of
the- people and the free and unlimited
coinage of silver at a ratio of 1G to 1
would be equal treatment and restore
the parity
divergence endless confusion and suf Xs
fenng and injustice has arisen By Aft
halving the supply of money it has
been sought to double its value so
halving the value of property and pro
duce and doubling the weight of
The truth of this statement cannot
be denied and the result of this disas
trous experiment has been to create a
sentiment on the part of France and a
large and influential representation in
England to return to the monetary pol
ic3 of twenty five years ago For a
large part of the present century the-
open mints of France and the United y
States kept gold and silver at a parity
with a ratio of 1J to 1 There is no
reason to believe that this could not be - -done
again The welfare of the world
requires the re establishment of the
foriner par of exchange