The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, October 07, 1897, Image 7

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Vegetable Sicilian
docs for tie hair just what its
name says it does it renews it
Fading falling thin locks
arc stimulated to look fresh
and new by its use nature
does the rest
Cause oi Holes in Umbrellas
Olio of the fruitful causes of holes in
the folds of an umbrella is improper
care when it is wet To roll up a wet
umbrella is to invite the dyes to rot it
and one of the banes of the umbrella
manufacturer is loaded dye on silk
Out of 100 samples of silk bmitted to
the writer not over ten were pure dye
and 50 per cent of the silk thread sub
mitted was overloaded with dye and
would not stand our chemical test
This is a fruitful cause of trouble in
umbrellas and our concern insists i
all the sine and silk threads standing a
chemical test in this respect When
over dyed silks are wet and the um
brellas rolled and set away we find the
owners complaining that their umbrel
las are cracked in the folds Fine holes
appear and they are apt to return the
umbrella to the merchant and claim
datnage Hardware
The Blues
This Is a synonym for that gloomy har
assed condition of the mind which has Its
origin in dyspepsia All the ugly spirits
that under the name of the blues blue
devils megrims and mulligrubs tor
ment the dyspeptic almost ceaselessly
vanish when attacked with Hostetters
Stomach Bitters that moreover annihilates
biliousness constipation chills and fever
kidcey complaints and nervousness
An Elephant Corps
Terhaps the King of Siam during his
visit to the nations of the west will de
cide to substitute a bicycle army corps
for his 800 trained war elephants
These animals are partly protected by
armor but they could not stand before
European weapons By replacing them
with bicycles the King can save some
thing in Ills forage bills
Shulce Into Your Shoes
Allens Foot Ease a powder for the
feet It cures painful swollen smart
ing feet and instantly takes the sting
out of corns and bunions Its the
greatest comfort discovery of the age
Allens Foot Ease makes tight fitting
or new shoes feel easy It is a certain
cure for sweating callous and hot
tired aching feet Try it to day Sold
by all druggists and shoe stores By
mail for 25 cents In stamps Trial
package FKEE Address Allen S
Olmsted Le Roy N Y
FilHtijr a Lonjr Felt Want
Mrs Organize I dont think I have
the pleasure of knowing you
Caller No 1 merely wished to leave
my card 1 attend picnics professional
Yes 5 for an afternoon and 15 for
an all dayer anything over six baskets
to carry strictly extra Chaperons care
fully attended to Truth
Halls Catarrh Cure
Is taken intcrnallv Price 75 cents
Lirrhtumjr Kcventre Artist
Yes lulia rejected kim and she was
afraid to open the morning paper for
fear she would read an account of his
She didnt find it did she
No the first thing she saw was the
announcement of his engagement to a
prettier girl Detroit Free Press
When the hair has fallen out leaving the
head bald if the scalp is not shiny there
is a chance of regaining the hair by using
Halis Hair Kenewer
Her New Love
She I can prove that you said you
liked the very ground I walked on
He And I can prove that your feet
havent touched the ground since you
got that new wheel Detroit Free
Writing to Mrs PinTrrtam
She says I have been using your
Vegetable Compound and find that it
does all that it is recommended to do
1 have been a sufferer for the last lour
years with womb
trouble weak
back and
tions I was hard
ly able to do my
household duties
and -while about
my work was so
nervous- that
I was miser
able I had
also given
up in des
pair when I
was persuaded to try Lydia E Pink
hams Vegetable Compound and to day
I am feeling like a new woman
Mrs Ella McGabvt Neebe Road
Station Cincinnati O
Knotted If
it w m
The Best
Saddle Coat
Keeps both rider and saddle per
fectly 4ry in the hardest storms
Substitutes will disappoint Ask for
iBq7 Rsh Brand Pommel Slicker
it is entirely new If not for sale in
your town write for catalogue to
AJ TOWER Boston Mass
William J Bryan in a recent ad
dress gave the watchword for the
Democratic party when he said Keep
the enemy in front
In politics as in war it is the part of
good generalship to avoid being flank
ed An attack both in the front and in
the rear means disaster The Demo
cratic party in 1890 pledged itself to
the promotion and defense of bimetal
lism and proved the sincerity of its
convictions by casting 0500000 votes
for William J Bryan the representa
tive of the great principle to which the
party had given its adherence
An exceedingly small minority dis
sented from the views expressed in the
National Democratic platform and
bolting the party set up a propaganda
of its own and gave its unqualified ad
herence to the dogma of gold monomet
allism Thus the issues were made as
diametrically opposed to each other as
are the poles and the vote in the No
vember election gave ample testimony
as to which was the stronger and more
orthodox in the true doctrines of Dem
Many of those who joined the small
er faction ambitious of recovering lost
ground and of accomplishing by indi
rection what could not be secured in
an open trial of strength are now en
deavoring to obtain recognition as
members of the true Democracy If
these men come back into the party
confessing their error of judgment
and asking a place in the ranks to
prove their renewed loyalty it would
perhaps be the part of magnanimity
to accept their pledges and their serv
ices But such is not their attitude
They desire to assume leadership to
direct council to mold policy and to
reap where they have not sown
There is an unwise inclination mani
fested by the true Democracy to meet
these overtures in a spirit of conces
sion This is weakness or worse The
result can be nothing but evil To put
men in positions of trust and of author
ity who have not earned such promo
tion by unswerving loyalty is to dis
courage the workers who have deserv
ed recognition and to inject an element
dangerous to the preservation of a
unanimous compact and harmonious
organization Let the Democracy of
the nation remember well ponder deep
ly and practice continually the course
of action contained in the significant
words of William J Bryan Keep the
enemy in front
High Prices and Prosperity
The high price of wheat which lias
produced all of the prosperity which
now exists in this country has been a
great cause of rejoicing to the Repub
The subsidized press has exhausted
all of its energies in endeavors to prove
that Republican legislation had some
thing to do with the matter but all
these efforts have been in vain The
people of the United States are not
fools and they know that the famine in
India and the short wheat crops abroad
were not caused by the passage of the
Diugley bill and the enactment of that
bill is all the legislation that has been
accomplished by the Republican party
In discussing this matter William 7
Bryan recently said The first hope
ful thing that came to aid Republican
imagination since the election was the
discovery of gold in Klondike and the
second was the rise in the price of
wheat The Republicans however
had no right to rejoice over the discov
ery of the new gold mines because this
would tend to increase the volume of
the money and Unit was opposed by
the Republican platform
As to the rise in wheat it came from
famine abroad and in fact did not
benefit the man who had no wheat to
sell He did not find that his wages
had been raised any but it cost him
more to buy his flour Then too if the
rise in wheat is a good thing for the
farmers it was just what the Demo
crats claimed last fall when they said
it was higher priced commodities the
people wanted and not higher priced
money They wanted prices advanced
by taking from gold that purchasing
power which had been added by fraud
rather than advanced by famine asd
There is no reply to be made to this
statement of fact All the sophistry of
Republican editors cannot affect a mat
ter of plain fact The position taken
by the bimetallists last year is strength
ened by the providential occurrences
which have resulted in the discovery of
gold and the rise in the price of wheat
Xofic of the Coffin Pardon
President McKinley should play no
favorites Having pardoned Francis
Coffin he should now open the prison
doors to old man Haughey who has
served several years of a heavy sen
tence and Avho is much less culpable
than Coffin the recipient of Presiden
tial favor Of course Haughey de
serves all he got but if seutinieutalism
is to outweigh justice there is no par
ticular reason why Haughey alone
should be compelled to complete his
sentence Lafayette Iud Journal
Breaches of Domestic Comity
It is well understood that it is a
I reach of comity for a government to
end an obnoxious representative to a
friendly nation If the government
would not send an unpopular minister
or consul to a South American country
how can it justify its action in appoint
ing to office in a Southern State persons
who on account of their race and other
objections are distasteful and repug
nant to the great body of the respect
able taxpayers of that State Mr Mc
Kinley would not send an objection
able person to Spain or to any other
foreign country but he does not respect
the wishes and prejudices of Georgia
Alabama and Louisiana How does lie
justify this difference Birmingham
Ala Age Herald
Silver in Iowa and Ohio
The enthusiasm which prevails
among the Democrats in Iowa and the
apathy which characterizes the Demo
crats of Ohio suggest an inquiry as to
the reason behind these conditions
A glance at the facts will make the
matter clear In Iowa the campaign is
conducted on national issues and the
silver question is brought boldly and
aggressively to the front William T
Bryan is received everywhere in the
State by enormous crowds of people
and his eloquent presentation of na
tional issues creates the wildest enthu
In Ohio there is little Democratic zeal
The campaign is jogging along in a
humdrum drowsy fashion Mark Han
na has opened his barrel and it looks
as thought the king of the trusts would
win a victory through the indolence of
his opponents The silver cause is not
made paramount by the Democrats
and the people are not aroused by the
discussion of local issues
It is not good generalship to ignore
the fact that the money question is the
one subject which is recognized as vital
by the people It is the one thing in
which they are interested above all
other things To ignore this question
is to court defeat There should be no
compromising on this issue There can
be no compromise
The Republicans demand a gold mon
ometallic currency and are straining
every nerve to secure control of Con
gress in order that they may establish
an irrevocable rule of gold It is to be
hoped tnat the Democrats of Ohio will
take a hint from the campaign in Iowa
and make their light on the money
question By so doing they can arouse
an enthusiasm among the people that
will be the precursor of victory Chi
cago Dispatch
Too Many Idle Tax Eaters
From the justices precinct up to the
central government at Washington the
whole field of public service is over
run with feeders at the public crib
The people of the United States are
paying men to do nothing supporting
them while they concoct new custom
indorsed designs against the public
treasury The vast army of tax ab
sorbers is delightfully honest in getting
the greatest pay for the least work
They do their cheerful pillaging muh r
the sanction of the government and
their gains are made honorable so far
as they are concerned by the evidence
of legitimacy Dallas Tex News
Keal or Sham Trial Whieh
We hear much of the necessity of
preserving the supremacy of the
Will a trial of Sheriff Martin and his
deputies in Pennsylvania demonstrate
the supremacy of the law It is charg
ed that the firing near Latimer upon
the crowd of wholly unarmed and un
resisting miners continued for ten or
fifteen minutes If this is the truth
and it is so stated by Schoolmaster
1 fuscott who saw the whole affair the
sheriff and his deputies in a most hein
ous way broke the law they were
sworn to defend Will the law be vin
dicated in Pennsylvania or will we see
only a sham trial- Des Moines Leader
Summing Up the Protection Idea
To aid in the concentration of
wealth is obviously the function of pro
tection By enabling a small part of
the population to exact heavy tribute
from the masses the protectionists are
working to facilitate concentration and
the noble work of capital The mulcted
are invited not to complain nor to at
tempt to stop this grand movement
which so highly benefits the world by
making the rich richer and the poor
poorer Instead let the poor save ip
their pennies and become great capital
ists themselves This is the whole
matter in a nutshell Kansas City
Competing -with Foreign Producers
American made shoes are now selling
in every European country at -a lower
price than shoes of equal grade made
there What need is there of protect
ing the shoe industry under such cir
cumstances It is difficult to compre
hend how an entirely honest man can
advocate a high protective tariff on
such of our products of Industry as now
sell abroad in free competition with
the products of foreign countries Co
lumbus Ohio Press -
Sample of Official Republicanism
Iowas Attorney General has been
hauled up for traveling on railroad
passes which is against the law and
then charging up to the State 5 cents
per mile mileage All he says is that
it is nobodys business whether he
travels on passes or not and that as
the State allows him 5 cents per mile
mileage he proposes to collect it There
is official republicanism for you in the
rough Wheeling W Ya Register
Protectionism and Anarchy
If any State could be especially point
ed to by the Republicans as showing
the best results of protection it would
logically be Pennsylvania But such is
not the case Where the tariff has the
greatest chance to perform its alleged
customary service of keeping up wages
we find the workingmen fighting niQSt
often and least successfully to avoid
starvation wages It is a fine commentary-
on Republicanism that its
stronghold is the only place in the
American union where the working
mens lives are at the mercy of their
plutocratic employers Kansas City
UshiK the Wrong Preposition
The American Economist says that
under protection men do not wait long
to compete with and break down a
trust Break into a trust it means
Occasionally a combination of capital
ists makes an attack on a trust when
prices are exorbitant but the usual re
sult if the combination is strong
enough is an admission to the ground
floor St Louis Post Dispatch
Negroes Not Getting Their Share
It strikes the negroes in Ohio and
other States where their votes are of
ten necessary to Republican success as
very strange that they are almost in
variably forgotten in the distribution
of Republican spoils while fat offices
are given numerously to negroes in the
South where the negro vote is never
worth anything Atlanta Journal
Campaigner Hannas Main Reliance
The National Republican League has
offered its services to Senator Hanua
in his campaign for re election The
League may be of some little assist
ance but the astute Ohio manager re
lies upon the almighty dollar as the
agency that will carry him through if
anything can Manchester N n
Urief Comment
The McKinley bill had its Home
stead and the Dingley bill its Hazelton
Des Moines Leader
It is an open question whether Em
peror William or Mark Hanna is thff
closer related to divinity Binghamton
X Y Leader
Secretary Sherman says Senator Piatt
is an honest far sighted man It is a
pity the Secretarys sight is failing
New York Evening Journal
What the mining operators in Penn
sylvania need is a higher protective
tariff so that they can import more
foreign labor Indianapolis News
Foraker in Ohio talks of 100000 ma
jority there this year This is due to
his figuring largely in the campaigns
prediction department Philadelphia
With more money demanded for pen
sions and the revenues largely reduced
trouble for the administration is loom
ing up on the horizon Manchester X
H Union
The Republicans of Maryland who
believed they had Senator Gorman on
the run were all right in that Where
they made their mistake was in the
direction in which he was running
reoria Herald
Senator Foraker places a low esti
mate on the character and intelligence
of the Ohio people when lie assures the
country that they will rally to the sup
port of Hanna and his machine St
Louis Post Dispatch
The judiciary should take warning
from the present popular feeling else
a further extension of the injunction
process will arouse a storm that none of
us will ever care to face Springfield
Mass Republican
naving placed the Ohio men and
about completed the task of looking
after relatives President McKinley is
nearing the tune when he can give some
heed to the junior Senator from T inois
Oma ha World Herald
There was a time in this country
when the public thief was timid and
honest voters were bold Xow the big
land pirates who organize monopolies
and trusts are bold and aggressive
while honest voters are timid Colum
bus Ohio Press
The Hawaiian Senate lias ratified the
annexation treaty but the natives are
bitterly opposed to it As long as it is
their country that is to be annexed an
unprejudiced outsider may well be ex
cused for wondering why they have no
vote in the final decision St Louis
The negro played as a pawn in poli
tics and sacrificing the lives of negroes
for political effect is nothing new in the
history of the Republican party Those
who attempted to assassinate this ne
gro are equally as respectable as those
who are responsible for placing him in
such a position Louisville Dispatch
After all Senator Elkins is not going
to be allowed to enjoy unchallenged
the doubtful distinction of putting sec
tion 22 into the Dingley tariff law Rep
resentative Codding of Pennsylvania
sets up the claim that he performed
that work though he lias not asserted
that he is proud of it Kansas City
One hundred and forty million dol
lars a year for pensions means about
400000 a day or 30000 an hour for
the eight hour working day Tins is
quite a lot of money but is only 10 a
year for every family in the United
States and just think what an effect it
has in keeping the Republican party
solid Louisville Post
The way is now clear for the Presi
dent to lift up another of the infamous
Xew Orleans trio and set him in a high
place beside the degraded Demas and
let the people again see how courageous
ineir President is in keeping a corrupt
bargain even though outraged public
decency stands in the way Xew York
A chameleon from the Cape of Good
Hope was seen by Mr Blakiston to turn
white with fear having been saved
from the attacks of a cat The most
extraordinary thing about this lizard
is the wonderful way in which the two
eyes work quite independently of each
other and enable it to survey comfort
ably objects in quite opposite direc
Jim and John
Jim and John were townsmen and
-hums and went out to see base bull
It was a red hot afternoon and the
bleachers were like frying pans ai
breakfast time Jim had a bald head
and John had a crick iu the back Then
sat for an underdone roast and laughed
at everything Jims bald spot was a
shining mark like a brass door plate
A stray ball fierce and sharp from a
false bat struck the spot and ploughed
a furrow It dazed him Jims eyes
and face looked like a sick owls and
John laughed He laughed an lioui
straight along The game ran late into
twilight Meanwhile John had shed
his coat and a cool damp draft got in
its work on his back The time came
to leave but John couldnt lit couldn
bend or get up Lumbago had set li
in its worst form He laughs best who
laughs last and Jim had revenge Bui
they got down town to Jims room
when he said Heres something aii
those athletes use for hurts and ail
ments and its the best known cure for
lame back He rubbed it on John
back and some on his own head They
were both feeling cured and coniforta
ble from the use of St Jacobs Oil
which Jim always kept in a handy
place He was a sport himself and
knew what was best They went to
bed John laughed in his sleep Both
rose in the morning fresh as daisies
Then Jim laughed at John
A woman never thinks a man a fool
if he has once proposed to her
FITS Permanently Cored No fits or neiTotunMi
after first day ue or ur Kline Jreat Nene He
siorer Send forFREESsaOO trial bom an i treatise
Dk R II Kline Ltd 931 Arch St Philadelphia la
The sting of a reproach is the truth
of it
in Maintaining Cood Health Is Puro
Rich Nourishing Blood
The blood carries iiuurislinicut and
furnishes support for the organs nerves
and muscles It must be made rich and
pure if you would have stron nerves
piod digestion sound sleep r ir you
would he rid of that tired feeling those
disagreeable pimples eczema or -scrofula
No medicine is equal to Hoods Sarsapa
rilla for purifying the blood It is a medi
inc of genuine merit and will do yon
vomlerful good Try it now
HnnHc Ditlc are the only jllls to taKe
nOUU S IT IIJ5 with I nods trsHarMa
Brooklyn became a city in JSM when
its inhabitants numbered 4r0 and It
is about to end its separate history as a
municipality with a population of 1
I believe my prompt ue of Iio8 Cure
revested quick consumption Mrs Lu
cy Wallare MnrouHtc Kan 12 95
In order to arrive at a certain polnl
at a certain time it is not necessary to
run fast it is only necessary to start
in ood time
Look sharp It Is time to Ikk1iiwIi ii tuur skin break
oiii in pimples to use Glenns Stili Iiur Srp
illllb Ualr and Whicker Dje Iilsik or irimn 50c
If a well could be dug to a depth of
forty six miles the air at the bottom
would be as dense as quicksilver
Mm Winftlowa Soothino SiHiir for Children
teething softens the gums reduces Imannnailou allaji
pain cures wind colic 25 cents a but In
The roc n that marry most frequently
for money are the ministers
I DR SAMUEL PITCHER of Hy minis Massachusetts
was the originator of PITCHERS CASTORIA the sams
that has borne and does now f fT oth every
bear the facsimile signature of ry 7cZcM wrapper
This is the original PITCHERS CASTORIA which has been
used in t7ie homes of the mothers of America for over thirty
years LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind yoio have always bought ffl 01h ie
and has the signature o f yw wrap
per Jro one has authority from me to use my name except
The Centaur Company of which Chas H Fletcher is
President a -
March 8 1S971 2--WD
Do Not Be Deceived
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute
which some druggist may offer you because he makes a few more pennies
on it the ingredients of which even lie does not know
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Failed You
ui I HTTP f
A retired sea captain sixty years of age well known
to the reputable citizens of New Haven suffered from
an overworked and worn out digestive apparatus He
had no faith in patent medicines as a cure for dyspepsia
but was induced by a friend to try Ripans Tabules
This he did with but little hope c benefit After try
ing them for some time he said to the friend who had
directed his attention to them Those Ripans Tabules
were so effective from the start that I was amazed at
the result They are wizards All the dyspeptic misery
endured By me since becoming a landlubber has dis
appeared I take one every night now and feel so much
reiuvenated bv their use that I sometimes think I could
climb a ships rigging as well as I did thirty years ago
A nftr rtjle packet containing tmt iutash tasclxs la paper carton without gUss U now for tale at acme
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JC XtXillTXlX X iiJJJ of KooHn or Wat4
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- 41 97
Lot Couph Syrup Tastes Good Use
in time Sold br druirtrlcts
afc c3ftiS5Bni
f ia 1 19 6Tt I
Ifrttf QuraaicM J
IN bjl not -a stricture
IriFrsTecAa rmi nil i
S u
Use Big G for unnatural
discharges iutiamiuationJ
irritations or ulcerations
of mucous membranes
rainless and not
lTHtftsCHUICALCo ntor poisonous
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or cent in plain yrain
by express prepaid fee
fl00 or 3 bottles 27S
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XZX7I0X THIS PAFSB into to jstmtsizm