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ROBERT GOOD Editor and Prop
If Keuicky has begun to give lynch
ing bees on general principles she
should reform her principles
There are no courts in the Klondyke
region but perhaps they are not neces
sary -where everyone observes the gold
en rule
A fashion paper anxiously inquires
Will the pneumatic corset stay
Probably not it didnt come to stay
lut to float
Since the Alaska gold craze began
the snake and fish liar has had no
earthly chance to show what he can
do in the line of picturesque prevarica
Another important gold discovery
was made in New Orleans A saloon
keeper discovered that he hart paid 7
000 for two gold bricks worth about
7 cents a pound
Those who are in a position to spean
-with authority concerning Alaskan af
fairs say that it would be folly for a
poor man to start for the Klondyke
now without a few thousand dollars
The Cleveland Leader reports that a
West Side woman wants u000 for sev
eral kisses Before closing such a deal
ive should insist on having a positive
understanding as to how many sev
eral are in Cleveland
A cablegram announces that the
Prussian under secretary for foreign
affairs has been compelled to take a
long vacation in order to regain his
liealth Probably the hot weather had
something to do with his retirement
Ins name is Baron von Rotenhain
Up in St Paul the other night a young
woman hastily left a spiritualistic
seance because when she jabbed a hat
pin into the leg of a spirit she dis
tinctly heard a ghostly swear word
enunciated with great fervency Well
there are some things that no
ghost will tolerate
A woman of Chicago has taken a
very good way to put down the practice
of scorching so common with a certain
class of wheelmen She was run down
by one of these felows and alleges that
she sustained severe bodily injuries
Instead of having him arrested and
fined 5 she has brought suit against
3iim for 10000 damages
Vanity Fair of London sweetly re
marks that the American eagle is a
noisy bragging would be bullying
bird the Americans themselves are of
stupid mind and the Yankee reminds us
of a toy terrier snapping at ourselves
in the person of a mastiff Oh dear
dear Really this is too bad What a
change from 1770 and 1S12
After the contumely of years has
Tbeen heaped upon the women of Chi
cago because of the supposed abnormal
size of their feet revenge has come in
the statement by a St Louis physician
that the greater portion of the women
in that city arc in danger of death from
lockjaw by r son of tight shoes As
they say in the play It is for Chicago
to laugh
A German publication revives the
Idea of restoring Metz to France This
-was advocated by Bismarck in 1S71
tout the advice of Yon Moltke prevailed
lie holding that it was necessary for
military reasons The newspaper says
that the presence of Germans in Merc
is a constant menace to the French
Tvho will never forget their thirst for
revenge so long as the Germans retain
the city It thinks that the Germans
should take this first step toward recon
The new minister from Bolivia the
first by the way ever accredited by
hat country to this in speaking of the
iesources of Bolivia said that there
was more gold there than there is in
IQondyke and that one iM not have to
freeze or starve to death to get it
There is not a stream in Bolivia where
gold cannot be washed out All that is
needed he says is capital and modern
machinery There is a great deal of
truth in this but up to tle present lime
few Americans have found it profitablo
iito put very much capital in South
American enterprises owing to the uu
stability of the governments
Let the gentle art of revenge be left
to women They understand better
than men how to insert the metaphori
cal poignard under the fifth rib of their
enemies and to drive the iron into the
bouIs of those who have injured them
Speaking of revenge that was a neat
turn which Mrs Smythe of Atlanta
gave to her dagger Her husband had
been a candidate for the collectorship
-of Georgia but had been turned down
by the President who appointed a ne
gro barber to the position Finding that
all her neighbors had indorsed the ne
gro in preference to Ma jor Smythe she
lias thrown them into consternation by
-offering to rent her mansion to the ne
gro at a nominal sum No one but a
twooian v ould have thought of that
Kansas City has an ordinance impos
ing a fine of two dollars and a half on
every elector who fails to vote at a
general election But the Supreme
-Court of Missoori has just declared the
ordinance invalid on the ground so it
is stated that it is degrading to asso
ciate the franchise with a money value
Jt might be well to experiment with a
suggestion made some time ago that
liiiiiiyiMiiwjMMirfiiTfflffiHWTifffTOTq IPfiTWiTiinfflrrTrnffiirinm
i capitation tax of say five dollars per
annum be laid upon every voter to be
remitted if he casts his ballot on elec
tion day and rigorously collected if he
iloes not Put in tliis form the propo
sition might pass the ordeal of tho
The Review of Reviews Tue
close of the century will have wit
nessed the beginning of a profound
change in the industrial conditions of
China and the adjacent parts of the
Orient Besides the great trunk rail
roads that the Russians are to build in
the north of China and the Chinese
lines that will be built by the Belgian
company recently chartered it is an
nounced that the French government
has completed important arrangements
for the extension of railroads from
Cochin China the Tonquin region well
into the adjacent Chinese provinces On
the west the transcaspian lines are ap
proaching Chinese territory while rail
road building under English govern
mental auspices in the Malayan penin
sula is progressing with much enter
prise and new concessions have just
been wrested from the Chinese govern
ment Several million dollars is about
to be spent for constructing 200 miles
of road as an extension of existing
lines All this work in and about China
means the gradual opening up of an
enormous commerce with that rich and
productive empire
The operation of the postal savings
panic system of Great Britain is of
great benefit to the people of that coun
try Too much stress cannot be laid
on the importance of such a system in
developing habits of thrift in the young
Much significance attaches to the fact
that so many of the depositors are chil
dren If the youth of the present can
be taught the value of money and in
duced to save the number of spend
thrifts t ill be remarkably less in the
next generation and poverty and want
will be far less prevalent Postal sav
ings banks have done much to allay
discontent in England and to render
government more stable Why should
this country do less to promote the wel
fare of its people and increase their in
terest in the maintenance and well-being
of the Government In Great
Britain the sums standing to the credit
of depositors in the postoffice bank
amount to nearly 300000000 In this
country with its larger population the
deposits in a few years in a postal sav
ings bank doubtless would be large
enough to absorb the entire national
debt How much better the people of
this country would feel about it if the
interest on the national debt were going
to the small savings depositors instead
of to large money holders a considera
ble proportion of whom are foreigners
A special cable dispatch from Paris
says that the Countess of Ancaster has
publicly announced that dancing has
become a lost art We are constrained
to believe that Lady Ancaster is in er
ror While it is true that the stately
minuet and the quadrille of another
generation have gone the way of all
earthly things other dances which be
long to a higher form of art still hold
the center of the stage Who was it a
few years ago that restored American
diplomacy in Paris to the lofty position
it once held T Jefferson Coolidge
And what means did he employ to win
that diplomatic triumph Loie Fuller
and about a hundred yards of cheese
cloth Certain forms of the dance have
disappeared but others remain un
changed and apparently unchangeable
The dance performed before Herod
when John the Baptist was beheaded
was the star attraction of the Midway
during the Worlds Fair To day it is
keeping the dime museum circuits busy
The cotillon has gone and the polka and
the schottische are going But what of
that The new dances make up in lati
tude what the older ones have lost in
longitude High art in the dance is no
longer measured by gracefulness and
genteel deportment It is measured
with a yardstick and is entirely a mat
ter of altitude The dance undoubted
ly has degenerated But so long as a
young woman of little grace and less
modesty can earn on the stage as a
dancer a larger salary than is paid to
the President of this republic it is hard
ly fair to classify dancing among the
lost arts
An Electric Hansom
The new electric hansom which is
now plying in New York has some
advantages over the ordinary hansom
as well as over the motor car The read
er will see from the idea that a fare
can easily step in and out while his
view is unobstructed by the horse A
speaking tube enables him to speak
with the driver and an electric lamp
to read by night There is no vibra
tion and the motor is noiseless in ac
tion The electricity is carried in ac
cumulators under the seat of the dri
ver who controls the starting stop
ping and brake mechanism by hand
levers The vehicle runs on pneumatic
tires and a bell warns people of its ap
proach It can attain a speed of twenty-five
miles an hour on a level road
but fifteen miles an hour is regarded as
the most suitable rate
New Danger to Firemen
At a recent fire in the basement of a
Chicago electric power house the fire
men had great trouble in getting at the
blaze They had to chop holes in the
lloor of the dynamo room before they
could get a stream on the blazing pile
of waste Not waiting for the dyna
mos to be shut down they crept
through the black smoke and turned a
stream on the flames In an instant
they were flung to the ground with
great violence and the hose was sent
flying into the air A heavy current
had passed along the stream and had
shocked them Though unconscious
when rescued they quickly recovered
People make themselves very miser
able by telling jokes on each other
For people who claim to have an easy
victory in sight the Ohio Republicans
are importing fighting men to an un
precedented extent Mark Hanna an
nounced that President McKinley
would make speeches during the cam
paign but this suggestion was met by
such a storm of protests from the press
of the United States tha Hanna was
forced to withdraw it However judg
ing from the list of speakers now made
public the great statesman of Ohio is
not going to lack advocates in his Sen
atorial interests
If there is such a thing as being
talked to death the people of the Buck
eye State have grave cause for appre
hension as up to date the following
spellbinders have
Hanna this fall
Senator Foraker
Senator Barrows
Senator Carter
Senator Frye
Senator Cullom
Senator Fairbanks
Senator Nelson
Senator Wilson
Senator Spooner
agreed to talk for
Senator Hoar
Senator Gear
Senator Gallinger
Senator Allison
Senator Lodge
Senator Hawley
Senator Wolcott
Senator Thurston
Senator Wellington
In addition to the heavy artillery
composed of Senators there will be a
flying squadron of Representatives and
all around orators as follows
Reed Maine Sherman N Y
Bromwell Ohio Dingley Maine
Bingham Pa Babcock Wis
Mahany New York Belknap Illinois
Cousins Iowa Boutelle Maine
Republicans are not going to spare
expense in the Ohio campaign Such an
array of talent will cost more than a
grand opera company but Mark Hanna
and the trusts know where the money
is coming from Monopoly has much at
stake in the outcome of the Ohio con
test and never before in the history of
the United States will have been pre
sented such a carnival of corruption
bribery and intimidation as that which
will disgrace Ohio in Mark Ilannas
Senatorial campaign Chicago Dis
Advocates of Robbery
Will the advocates of a gold mono
metallic currency ever become honest
enough to admit facts or will they al
ways persist in prevarication
As facts are fatal to the arguments
of those who demand gold and gold
only the hope that they will admit
facts is not to be entertained Any
policy which forces up the value of
money is nothing less than stealing
When silver was demonetized and the
volume of the circulating medium cut
in two the people were robbed of half
of all they owned and the gold mono-
metallists were the robbers
Since the purchasing clause of the
Sherman Jaw - as repealed prices have
fallen 11 per cent and it has taken
only four years to bring about this dis
astrous result What does this fall in
prices mean It means that gold has
increased in purchasing power and that
every debt made four years ago has
grown 11 per cent through the un
earned increment of an appreciating
currency This is the boldest and most
unblushing robbery The honest
money thU is so loudly clamored for is
dishonest money It is just as dishon
est as a short weight pound or a de
creased bushel measure
There is fraud in every gold dollar
there is fraud in the demand for a
stable currency when it is made by a
gold monometallist because gold is not
a stable measure of value it is con
stantly increasing and by this incre
ment robs the debtor and impoverishes
the hard working and honest toilers of
the nation
Democrats Win in Indiana
Of course the silver sentiment is
dying out Indiana has proved that
favorite Republican claim by making
big Democratic gains and paralyzing
all opposition iu electing the late Will
iam S Holmans successor Francis
Marion Griffith has been chosen to rep
resent the Democracy of Indiana in the
House of Representatives and his se
lection by a largely increased Demo
cratic vote is a great victory for the
cause of silver The Holman district
was a close one and the great personal
popularity of the great objector gave
him on the occasion of his last election
a plurality of 300 votes Griffith has a
plurality of 1S00 votes Republicans
are astounded at the result and can
find no reasonable excuse to urge for
their defeat The free silver senti
ment has died out in the Holman dis
trict to the extent of multiplying the
Democratic plurality six times it is
dying out in Ohio Iowa and Ken
tucky at the same rate It will con
tinue to die out until Democracy
wins the conflict in ISflS and elects a
Democratic President on the free silver
issue in 1100
Fijrhtinjr Fpirit Has Returned
Democrats need not look beyond the
Fourth Indiana District for renewed
courage and fresh iiope The unmis
takable evidence is there of Democrat
ic buoyancy and harmony which augur
party unity and victory The Demo
crats of the Fourth Indiana District
have demonstrated that the partys old
time lighting spirit has returned Now
let Democrats everywhere catch step
and march resolutely on to the glories
of victory that await them this year
next year and in 1000 St Louis Re
The Price of Hannaa Toga
Mr Sherman is unfit for any office of
trust and responsibilitj whatever Par
ticularly is he disqualified for one
which presupposes the possession of
unusual qualities of discretion and tact
in its incumbent The forgetfulness
and the garrulity of old age have be
come Mr Shermans dominant charac
teristics More than once he has
brought the nation to the verge of a
diplomatic crisis by his unguarded and
irresponsible prattle upon subjects of
grave international importance This
is a heavy price to pay for the presence
of Mark Hanna in the United State1
Senate New York Journal
Protection and Pillace
A Chicago paper engaged in booming
the Dingley tariff prosperity idea the
monetary reform idea and all the other
plutocratic and Republican party ideas
quotes the local market reports with an
accompanying flourish on its prosperity
It is not necessary to comment at
length on this matter because it
speaks for itself The gist of the ar
ticle is contained in the following quo
tation A cursory examination of the
market discovers that during the last
week there have been advances in the
following articles used in the ordinary
Dried fruits of all sorts
Dried and salted meats
Dried and salted fish of every kind
Wheat Hour
Rye flour
Corn meal
Japan rice
All sorts of farinaceous foods
Canned tomatoes
Canned peas
Canned peaches
Medium and low grades of tea
The declines are as follows
Lamp chimneys of certain undesirable
All that need be said is that necessi
ties of life are advancing in price and
that wages are either stationary or go
ing down This kind of benefit from
Republican legislation will result in
making the voters think seriously be
fore they give their suffrages again to
the party of protection and pillage
Ohio Populists Bonjrht
The hand is that of Coxey but the
voice is that of Hanna
Ohio Populists have nominated Jacob
S Coxey for Governor with no hope of
electing their candidate and with no
object to be gained except that of em
barrassing the Democracy and the
cause of silver Undoubtedly Mark
Hanna is back of this demonstration
and positive proof of this fact was
brought forth in the convention The
Rev J IE Taylor a leading fusionist
claimed Major Dick Republican State
Chairman agreed to pay the expenses
of headquarters literature etc for the
anti fusionist Populists at the State
convqition In spite of the most direct
charges of corruption and notwith
standing the fact that indisputable doc
umentary evidence was produced de
bate was choked off and the
nominated their ticket
The fight in Ohio is going to be most
bitter and the Republicans will spare
no money to buy votes for the purpose
of returning the king of the trusts
Mark Hanna to the United States Sen
ate ForeAvarned is forearmed and the
Democracy will go into the contest ful
ly aware of the kind of tactics they
will have to meet Chicago Dispatclu
Growth in Pension Outlays
The growth of the expenses of pen
sions is attracting wide attention One
third of the revenues of the Govern
ment now goes to pay pensions and
the number of names on the list is
growing so rapidly that it is estimated
that there will be a big deficit in the
pension appropriation at the close of
the fiscal year It is now disclosed that
just prior to the commencement of the
new fiscal year all allowances for new
pensions were held up until the new
year began because there was no
money to meet them Utica Observer
Claiming It Both Ways
One of the Iowa Republican papers
does not propose to be stumped on the
prosperous times The other week the
cancellations of mortgages exceeded
the number of new mortgages made
and it claimed that this was an evi
dence of prosperity The next week
the mortgages exceeded the cancella
tions and the paper came out and
claimed that it was positive proof of
prosperity because the farmers were
borrowing money to make improve
ments Peoria Herald
The People and Injunction Tyrnnnv
If federal courts can enjoin men from
talking they can extend their powers
iind throttle the press Then it will be
only a step further to punish men for
thinking If this abuse of injunction
continues the people the real source of
all power will find a remedy for intol
erable conditions They respect the
law but they cannot be made to sub
mit to tyranny even though it is
clothed in the judicial ermine La
fayette Iud Journal
Indorsing and Condemning at Once
The Kentucky Republicans in their
platform indorse the national adminis
tration and oppose the system of civil
service which that administration up
holds In other words they indorse
the administration but they oppose its
administration Louisville Courier
Savants at the Capital Thought the
Monument Was Haunted
In one of the many glass cases in the
Smithsonian Institution at Washing
ton is a stuffed owl This particular
owl is the one in the words of the
late President Hayes that jarred the
Washington monument and therein
lies the story
During centennial year Congress re
solved to provide the necessary funds
for the completion of the monument
which up to that time had been work
ed at only while the several smaller ap
propriations lasted It was discover
ed however that the original founda
tion was likely to prove incapable of
sustaining the enormous weight of
marble necessary for carrying the shaft
550 feet above terra firnia A new
foundation was therefore needed and
architects thought a solid concrete bed
100 feet square and nearly fourteen
feet in thickness would accomplish the
strengthening desired
During the operation of replacing the
old foundation it -was considered ex
pedient to provide means for noting
carefully the slightest vibration of the
walls lest the monument might be in
danger of collapsing Accordingly a
heavy weight was suspended by a
stout thread from the apex to a pan of
thick sirup located in the base so that
no chance drafts of air would be likely
to sway the weight An ingenious con
trivance was so attached to the weight
that the slightest vibration of the shaft
would be faithfully recorded and its in
security would at once be an establish
ed fact
One morning a few months after
these careful precautions had been
taken there was a great commotion
among the workmen A complete rec
ord of numerous perturbations and
tremblings had been written on the in
dex showing conclusively that the
mammoth obelisk had jarred swayed
and settled during the night Scientific
heads were dubiously shaken After
much persuasion one of the men finally
consented to go to the top and examine
into the cause The astonishing report
came into the midst of the anxious
throng below that an owl in seeking
shelter in the lofty tower had somehow
managed to catch its wings in the
thread and was still hanging there
suspended to the interior of the monu
ment and the innumerable flappings
and struggles of his owlship had all
been recorded by the index as testi
mony against the stability of plumb
laid marble blocks and solid concrete
Philadelphia Record
Early Opposition to Anaesthesia
Every discovery has met with an
tagonism Each advance in medicine
has been opposed until the proofs
have been so manifest that the great
majority of antagonists have been over
whelmed thereby The Ninteenth Cen
tury has an article on The Advance of
Medical Science During the Victorian
Era from the pen of Malcolm Morris
F R C S in which the opposition to
the use of anaesthetics is described
Dr Simpson was its champion Aftei
depicting the attacks of the daily
papers and the refusal of suffering pa
tients to have chloroform administered
to them it says
These feelings were by no means
confined to the uonscieutific public
There was strong opposition from
some surgeons who held that pain was
a wholesome stimulus on this ground
the use of chloroform was actually for
bidden by the principal medical officer
of our army in the Crimea The clergy
naturally bettered the instructions of
these enlightened professors of the art
of healing I need only to quote one
philanthropic divine who anathematiz
ed chloroform as a decay of Satan ap
parently offering itself to bless women
but which will harden society and rob
God of the deep earnest cries which
arise in time of trouble for help
Simpson answered those fools accord
ing to their folly He quoted scripture
to prove that the Almighty himself per
formed the first operation under an
aesthesia when he cast Adam into a
deep sleep before removing his rib
He fought the battle of common sense
with such convincing logic and such an
overwhelming mass of evidence chem
ical physiological clinical and sta
tisticalthat he finally shamed his op-
ponents into silence
Beat the Drum in 1812
Sunday May 16 New Hampshires
only survivor of the war of 1812
Eleazer Smith of Danbury was 95
years old rounding out the century of
his life in unimpaired health with
acute senses and with much of the
sprightliness which once filled his
youth Notwithstanding a slight lame
ness his carriage is erect and his
shoulders squaie PI is eyesight is
particularly good foe a man of his age
Never has he needed medical attend
ance and only once and that foin
years ago has he ever suffered Elenzei
Smith was born in Grafton X II
May 10 179S and was one of a family
of eight children All his brothers and
sisters have been dead for more than
twenty years one brother being killed
in the civil war His grandfather was
a soldier of the Revolution participat
ing in man j engagements He saw
General Warren fall at Bunker HilL
and was himself wounded Eleazei
resided on his fathers farm till 1S12
when he became imbued with a desire
to go to the defense of his country
but his extreme youth made him in
eligible until 1S14 when at 1G years ol
age he enlisted in the face of opposi
tion from parents and ridicule from
friends Hanover Mass Cor Boston
A Moving Appeal
A Wabash college boy having been
admitted to the same Greek society to
which his father belonged introduced
his next request for a remittance with
Dear Father and Brother Minne
apolis Journal
Efforts Should Be Made to Beautify
the School Gronnds Estimates of
the Coat of London Schools Tornado
Drills in Kansas School Booms
The School Grounds
When grounds are properly leveled
and drained and freed from disagree
able obstructions the first effort to
beautifythein in every instance should
be to erect the necessary closets and to
shield them from observation by a
thickly planted row or clump of ever
greens Next hard walks should be
made from the street to the different
doors of the building and from them to
the closets screened by the evergreens
When the school building stands a
short distance from the street these
walks may wind around oval plots
where flowers and shrubs may be
grown In various parte of the grounds
beautiful trees may be planted like the
maple or the elm or the oak Between
these plots of ground of whatever
form oval or otherwise should be sown
seeds of the most beautiful and hardy
grasses adapted for lawns so that
there will be formed a smooth and
handsome turf which must be often
rolled and carefully cut In some shad
ed corner native ferns should be plant
ed and elsewhere some of the most
elegant native shrubs should find a
cherished homo The suggestion of
State Superintendent Sabin of Iowa is
worth adopting To teach children the
kind of trees which flourish best in that
section which of them are best for
timber which for shade and which for
fuel Specimens of each will then be
found on the school grounds and re
ferred to for purposes of illustration
In the same connection we must teach
how to plant and care for them and
cultivate in each an honest respect for
a thriving growing tree
In the rear of the school buildings the
playgrounds should be located where
trees also mfiy be planted to afford
shade and pleasure but not to interfere
with the sports of the children If in
the planting of trees in the grounds the
children are permitted to take part
and name them there will be a feeling
of interest and ownership in the trees
on the part of the children which will
go far toward securing needed care for
The plots devoted to flowers and
shrubs may have many varieties iu the
passing years The children often have
plants they would gladly place in the
school grounds for the summer Others
have seeds which they would sow so
that each summer the ground would
disclose the taste of the pupils as well
as of the teachers Different plots
might be assigned to different rooms or
classes of pupils and a wholesome ri
vally excited as to which should be
most neatly kept and show the great
est improvements in the summer Great
variety might be given the grounds
from year to year by training hardy
vines and creepers over the walls o
tne uuiuung ana arouna tiie winnows
or by planting them beside arches and
trellises over which they would grow
The comparatively trifling expense
needful to make the required arches
and trellises would gladly be met by
the parents when once the children
proved their interest in such methods
of beautifying the grounds Educa
tional Record
Queer Place for a School
Miss Daisy Doud is the teacher of a
school on the Farallone Islands whicb
are a part of the First Ward of the city
of San Francisco There are four light
housekeepers on the islands which are
rocky and rough and Miss- Doud
teaches the children ot the keepers
There are ten little ones and says the
New York Tribune Mis Douds school
house is probably one of the oldest in
the world All kinds of sea birds live
upon the rocky island coast and if Miss
Douds little ones are inclined to the
study of natural history they will have
ample opportunity for the feathered
and finned part of it at any rate Deep
sea fish and shellfish are in abundance
at the foot of the schoolhouse and the
spray sometimes dashes angrily up the
steep rocks and washes the windows of
the schoolroom
Cost of London iJchoos
It will take nearly 515000000 to run
the public schools in the control of the
London School Board for the fiscal
year ending Aug 1 1S98 This is the
estimate tiled with the education de
partment by Sir John Key chairman of
the Finance Committee Superintend
ents and teachers alone will draw over
0000000 in salaries Books and sta
tioner which are furnished free will
absorb another 100000 while 409000
is appropriated for the schools in which
cooking laundry work and manual
training are made a specialty
The estimate which will be approved
by the Government is 2000000 in ex
cess of the annual outlay two yeartj
ago this fact being due to the in
creased number of schools and heavy
additions of scholars to the old schools
involving a larger force of teachers and
other auxiliaries
Tornado Drills in Kansas Schools
A movement has been started im
Kansas to have a tornado cave at
tached to every schoolhouse as a refuge
for the children in times of those de
structive visitations Aviiich are there so
frequently requiring special provis
ions of refuge ad protection from them
Once in the cave no matter how vio
lent the storm the children are safe
In some of the schools tornado drills
have been instituted
Miss Wilcox of the University of
Melbourne has received the silver
medal of the Cobden Club being the
first woman to win the prize