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A C Itieineuschneider was ihrwn
from Cody Tuesday
H W Laveuberg of Cody -spent
Monday in Valenticie
Tliomas Farren of llosebud ivas in
the city Sunday and Monday
C91 Watson returned from maha
aud Sioux City Saturday uight
Milk delivesad 23 quarts for one
dollar 9 Miss EvaEbhen
Ton Hentc Xice large dffiee room
in stone building IS T CHokkby
John Neise and Alex CUarbonneau
were visitor from Itosebud the last
EarlRiggle of St Marys mission
was in Valentine yesterday on a pur
chasing trip
Elsie Gosey of Eosebud is working
in Miss McLaughlins dressmaking es
L Cv Paine formerly- of Ainsworth
but now of Lincoln was in town on
business Tuesday
MtsnW F Bullis is xraite ill this
week -and it is feared she will have an
attack of typhoid
Seventeen events are scheduled to
take place at the Kushvilie races next
month August 12 to 14
iBy tbs way the Aicsworth Star
Tmirnai is becoming about the best
locabpper along the lice
Foil -Sale or Rent Large ranch
in bestjportion of Cherry county Ad
dress this paper forjparticulars 26
Messrs Pratt anil Walker df theB
Cross outfit on AVhiteRiver were in
Valentine Monday ami Tuesday of
this week
Attend the Great American Shows
Thursday July 29 and you will feel
better for having been tfcere Admis
sion 25 cents
D A Piercy of Kennedy was in
town triie first of the week He re
ports a rain of 280 jinches Sunday
nigbtnznd Monday
I ha7e a few thoroughbred Berk
shire pigs for sale from Worlds Fair
-prize winning stock W E Waite
iChesterfieldiNebr 2 i
Local politics are beginning to warm
up aud the woods are full of candi
t dates Altogether we lexJk for some
livelytimes this fall
A letter from Prof Wataon says he
and his wife are at Ithaca and that
they enjoyed the state university sum
mer school very much
Prof Pile is giving thorough Satis
faction to the teachers his talks on
rteachingrfceing especially good and full
of useful information
Marshal Razey sports a new gray hat
with a black band and seen at a dis
tance he looks very much like a young
bloodiof 21 or thereabouts
IIiG Maaon the genial representa
tive of Voegele Dinning the manu
facturing confectioners at Omaha was
-a Valentine visitor on Wednesday
AboHt 3Q0 people attended the
annual G A R reunion at Bordeaux
this year This good indication of
prosperity in Northwest Nebraska
Ted Harvey Sias returned from the
ranch of Adam Smith on Big White
river and is now holding down the
night clerkship the Valentine house
Mrs E D Mason daughter of CW
ramer who has been visiting relatives
here for the past two months returned
home to Creighton yesterday morning
Nearly seven ischeo of rain fell dur
ing the week beginning July 2nd aud
ending July 5th It never rains in
Rock county but it pours ITewport
Hon V F Cody champion rifle
shot and rough rider will appear at
every performance of the Great
American Shows Valentine Thurs
day July 29th
Edith Turner the elocutionist was
greeted by a splendid audience Tues
day night We have not learned the re
sult of her efforts to secure a claep in
elocution and physical culture
or Pip-
worth League meetings For those
who have no denominational feeliug
the former is perhaps the better
This cflice has turned out mece job
work iu the last three weeks than at
any other period of the same length
in its history Envelopes noteheads
and statements are our speciality
A Tattlesnafce about 2J feet long
was killed on the crossing near the
court house Friday night E J Dav
enport and Capt Archer killed the
reptile whidh had eight rattles on its
The Great American Shows are
coming Juy 29th Xot a big railroad
show but c small wagon show where
you can see it all and feel that you
have got your monejs worth Ad
mission 25 cents
Weather bureau inspector Welch
was up from Omaha Tuesday and
checked up Observer Watson prepara
tory tothe turning oyer of the office
to E J Davenport He remained in
town until this morning
No gamblers or fakirs of any de
scription with the Great American
Shows An amusement enterprise
where ladies and children may attend
without an escort without fear of be
ing oitenaea aienune xnursuay
July 20th
Ainsworth intends using a wind
mill Instead of steam engine to supply
the town with water The wind will
be supplied by Berkley Miles et al
delivering daily speeches against irri
gation while standing in the court
house cupola
R H Jenness formerly of the At
kinson Graphic 1ms been appoiuted
receiver at the GXeill land office
Dick Jenness is very well known as a
leading republican and all around good
fellow and his appointment can not
fail to give satisfaction
Mike Harrington of ONeill has been
retained by the anti court house peo
ple to prosecute their case Mike
wrete to the authorities here and com
manded them to recanvass the vote
cast at the special election but they
have not as yet done it
I Wesley Tucker attended the G
A R reunion at Bassett last week
and reports havicg had a splendid
time From 120C to 1800 people were
present at the reunion and addresses
were delivered by J Wesley Tucker
Rev Jas Lisle and Dr W B Ely
Charley Tackett is himself respon
sible for the statement that he will not
serve our Uncle Samuel as court inter
preter any more He believes he can
accumulate more wealth by staying at
home and looking after his cattle and
horses and it is more than probable he
is right
The 17 year old son of Alex Hoff
man of near Kilgore who has been in
town for several months under the
doctors care died Monday about noon
and Tuesday mornii
Crookston for burial
was taken to
The boy died
of some ulcerous bone disease and was
in very bad shape when death relieved
him of his suffering
Daniel Fowler made this office a call
Tuesday He says that his corn is all
cultivated and is looking nicely By
the way we were in error a couple of
weeks ago about Mrs Fowler having
been in town The Mrs Fowler who
was here is a niece of Dan We have
promised to straighten matters with
Mrs F when she comes home
R L Ketchum one of the most
popular and best newspaper and maga
zine writers in the west is doing some
work on the outside for Tiie Demo
crat this week Mr 3etchum has a
situation with the Trans mississippi
Exposition department of publicity
August 1 and is at this time rusticat
ing for the fun and experience
to be gained thereby
A E Thacher and C A Wells will
occupy the new rooms over Davenport
Thachers store The rooms are
four in number two being bed rooms
one parlor and a bath room All will
be splendidly furnished thejbath room
containing in the expressive language
of Dr Wells just everything A
fine marble wash stand and gas burner
for heating water are among the fix
And Everyone in Workius Hani Full
2llort of the Institute Work by
TtliRs fjura -Wallop Program
of Work ThoHe Present
lhilosopby 72il S00
Opening 800-81-1
A Arltll B 00
JAritli A Head 1100 945
US History il 10iu
Gnunnuir 1035 1120
PhYsioIatfV H20 1200 i
NOOX 12 00 100
Opening 103 110
Drawing 110 15
Civil Govt 133 210
Book Keeping 2lu J50 -
GeosraHliv 233 330
Didactics 330 415
Algelmira 415 500
The Institute for Cherry Co con
vened at Valentine July 19th with
Supt Stoner as conductor Pres J M
Pile and Prof A O Thomas instruct
ors Forty three teachers came in the
first day and at present the enrollment
ha reached fifty six
The teachers show by their work
that they are here for a purpose and
the spirit and interest which they man
ifest speak well for the educational in
terest of our schools Too much can
not be said in favor of the work of our
instructors They are earnest enthus
iastic and practical and the institute
can not fail to be of the greatest bene
fit to those who attend They present
principles rather than methods and
are succeeding in the real work of an
institute setting the teachers to think
ing aud giving them a better idea of
their responsibilities and the needs of
the schools
As usual the institute is composed
of the progressive teachers of the coun
ty who realize not only the advantages
to be- derived but the privilege they
enjoy in receiving this special train
ing The work of the Institute began
at the very beginning of the session
and those who are coming in at the
eleventh hour will find that they have
lost much by their neglect
Prof Thomas conducts the exer
cises in reading His work is thor
oughly practical In taking up the
reading special attention is given to
work in each grade Language work
is being thoroughly canvassed and
teachers are becoming convinced that
language should be taught from the
first day of the childs school life
Our teachers are getting a clear un
derstanding of the worK to be done
and we -may expect good results
Pres Pile has charge of arithmetic
and under his able management a
deep interest is being aroused in this
work Practical work is made promi
nent problems solved and principles
illustrated and better work may be ex
pected in this line Our schools
need more thorough work in arithme
tic and we know that by following
Pres Piles instructions the work will
certainly improve The work in arith
metic has an awakening influence and
will lead to more systematic thinking
in schools
Prof Thomas has charge of the ex
ercises in geography As this is a very
opportune time for all residents of Ne
braska to study the geography of their
state considerable interest is taken in
this subject Teachers will benefit by
this work and will be able to teach lo
cal and state geography in a better
Prof Thomas also has charge of the
work in penmanship and drawing
Good penmanship is one of the first
requisites in a teacher and more care
ful thorough work in this line should
be insisted upon by our teachers
The following are the names of the
teachers in attendance
Mamie Jeflters
U G Stevenson
Alma Carlson
Ora Kichardson
Mrs Kittie Crowe
Winnie Crowe
Clias B Cook
Mary Wats n
Eva Williams
Jennie Crowe
Mrs Mollie Glover
Mabel Ilahn
Maggie L Herring
Edna Johnson
Eva L Peyton
Martha Maxwell
Margaret Kibler
Mrs Belle Hornback
E Belle Callen
Ella Stilhveil
Lizzie Hayes
Florence Hamar
Edith M Stark
H O Tucker
Ina Flowers
C II Doty
Mrs Jennie Eggleston
W F Morgareidge
Mrs Lizzie Crawford
Mary Shaughnessy
Katie McLaughlin
Clias H Welford
Carl A Irwin
Gertrude Grange
Laura Tillson
Mattie Shreiak
C V Thorn
Mabel Towne
Nellie Bullis
S D Ayers
Sarah Simpson
Mae Davenport
Elva Hackler
Emma Miller
Mrs Lizzie F Johnson
Anna Sageser
Mrs S E A Fowler
Isis Lincoln
Lottie Hubbard
Lura Gallop
Mary Taxton
Mrs Carrie A Gee
Lillie Collett
Eddie Hackler
sunshine and quiet
-at Fort Meade
Published for Four Years aa
John Steinbrecher of Ktlgore re
cently went to Omaha and passed the
civil sernce examination for shoemak
er at Pice Kidge His average was 9j
and it is very probable that he will re
ceive an appointment
The school board has advertised in
the O maha papers for bids for the new
school house Bids for both stone and
brick construction will be received and
it is hoped that the building will be
partially completed this fall We need
The Andrews ball team is at present
making a tour of the Black nills They
played at Deadwood Saturday Sunday
and Monday winning the first game
on a score of 12 to 9 losing the second
on a 10 to 17 score and the third 1G to
5 Bad weather handicapped the Fort
Niobrara boys who are accustomed to
The team is now
One of the Oldest
O Tappert Cual Oil Johnny
was In town yesterday in the interest
of the Standard Oil Co Mr Tappert
is one of the oldest traveling men on
this line of road having had charge of
the territory from Norfolk to Dead
wood since 1SS6 L C Dunn repre
senting Peregoy Moore is the only
man who has been on the line a great
er length Df time
Tliey liorsot
JWesley Tucker is the proud owner
of a claybank mare which he has been
having kept at the ranch of JnoShores
Yesterday his two sons Harry and John
went out after the mare Before start
ing they very carefully put up a nice
little lunch and made arrangements to
take along a goodly supply of spond
ulicks for cases of emergency Dont
ask them how they enjoyed the lunch
or enquire what they did with
money because they forgot both and
questions might make them feel
JSreatlaml Wnter
A young fellow named liyan was up
before Hizzoner Monday charged
with stealing a mackintosh from J A
Carroll Two other fellows were mixed
up in the affair but no evidence could
be brought against them so young
llyan was left to suffer for his misde
meanor alone Judge Towne gave
him a bread and water term in jail
liyan is but a boy 17 years old and it
is sad to think of one so young being
so bad Perhaps this experience will
teach him a lesson which will be valu
able to him in the future Maybe
hobos will learn to give Val
entine a wide berth when they come
along this line Judge Towne is a
holy terror to evil doers
Cattle Released
The South Dakota cattle men and
Indian Inspecter McLaughlin return
ing from PineKidge last evening hav
ing completed their investigation of
the trouble between the Indians and
whites over the trespassing of outside
cattle upon the reservation In an
interview with Bennet Irwin who at
tended the investigation as a member
of S D Association but not person
ally in the cattle taken up we learn
that the cattle will be released on bond
in a day or two and the issue will be
settled in the TJ S court This with
reference to the cattle taken up but
thematter of trespassing in the future
will go the interior department on Mr
McLaughlins report Ruslmille Stan
Court House Argument
If those who so vigorously oppose a
new court house had visited the coun
ty clerks office Monday they would
have had a good court house argument
presented them The rain of Sunday
night went through the Are and burg
iar proof vault as easily as it would
have done had the vault been built of
sponge Water stood on the floor in
pools and ran down the sides of the
vault in rivulets Books were wet
and many were covered with green
mould and smelled as badly as the lo
cal populist dictators articles against
The Democrat If the books are
kept in that vault much longer they
will simply rot away
How long will it be before the peo
ple of Cherry county learn that it is to
their interest financially to build a
I court house
THI AND THAT Every youn persoa in town
llu i s l I I
lttend the Christian Endeavor
Coinina Events
Ttrartws Institute July 1P 71
Ltftfuiv by OT Moore July 23
b cluro by lrof 1Mb July 28
Cueus July 23
NO 26
1 1
-- -
last very much longer Just now we are selling straw hats aniiu
shades at ridiculously low figures Call and look them over an os
ci dentally patronize our new grocery department
Well thats about the size
the liump weve been getting aa
ourselves during the last two ar
three weeks getting our stock x
goods rearranged and it also
the size of the hump rfkit
bargain hudters must acquire i
they want some of those sTrmmsr
goods and other bargains wba
been talking about they T7mft
The Fruit Season
With all its glories is here and as in the past the bes o
tame and wild fruits plums peaches pears bananas or
anges lemons etc will be found for sale by
ITighest prices for Butter Eggs and Farm Produce
We have been and are still receiving -new invoices of
Our stock of these goods is complete See them
E McDonald
And all other kinds of clothing
can be purchased more cheaply of
Than anyone else in aown and
besides he carries the best qual
ities The best and -most com
plete line of gents furnishings
Wanted An Idea
Who can think
thing to patent
T7nMn vaii IA one thev mn v hrlncr vnn WAltll
neys Washington D C for their 1800 prize offer
and new list of one thousand inventions wanted
Mill P rices jor Feed
Bran bulk 40c per cwt 700ton
Shorts bulk 50e per cwt 900 ton
Screenings 35c 600
Chop Feed 70c 1300
Corn ooc
Oats 90c
Hc Want the People
to know that by taking the Pacific
Short Line they can get through from
Yankton Sioux Falls Mitchell and
other South Dakota points to the Black
Hilis and intermediate points without
laying over twenty four hours in Sioux
Train leaves Sioux City at 5 p m
making close connections at OXeill
daily except Sunday Bav tickets to
Pacific Short Le
Through connections boifc ways vilii VOsuzc
Hills trains bv taking this line you can ri
Sioux City and return the same dav connertTnc3
made with all trains for tin East and BEu
Dakota Buy local tickets to ONeill
Fine line of plain and fancy
elry constantly on band
Eepairing promptly executed 2n
done in the best manner
Full line of porting goods
Hair cutting and shaving
Shop in the W H Moses building
Xorth Western Line is to beat
to and from the