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So Think the Leading Officials of
the Transvaal Mexico Likely to
Retaliate Against the United States
Other Items of Interest
Transvaal Looks for War
ALondon dispatch from Cape Town
says that the Het Dageblad the Dutch
newspaper declares that leading officials
of Transvaal speak openly of war with
England as inevitable
South Africa is a mass of unrest The
agitation which has been confined to the
Transvaal and Cape Colony is spreading
beyond those countries and now threatens
to involve the whole vast region south of
Zambesi The existence of these troubu
lous conditions has been for some time
within the knowledge of the colonial office
But the strictest injunctions of secrecy
have been laid on the entire staff and
nothing leaked out until the simultaneous
publication this week of news of revolts in
Bechuanaland and Delagoa Bay
Both outbreaks are potentially serious
The Bechuanaland difficulty is closer to
England because immediately within the
British sphere of influence There the oc
cupying troops have come into direct con
flict with Galiskwe one of the most capa
ble of the native chiefs a gigantic and
daring black who has been suspected of
plotting mischief
With an outbreak in Rhodesia but re
cently repressed with outbreaks In Gaza
land and Bechuanaland now in full swing
it is natural that Englishmen should hesi
tate to take a false step in the campaign to
crush the Boer oligarchy which has been
resolved upon Should a war come with
the Dutch it would be extremely embar
rassing to be menaced in the rear by a
widespread native revolt
Believed to Be Greater Than Ken
tuckys Great Cave
The discovery of a vast subterranean
passageway at Castalia Ohio has caused
many visitors to inspect the new cave The
cave situation is the source of Castalia
Creek and extends underneath the town
Entrance as yet has been made with diffi
culty but the splendor of the interior is
marvelous when shown by the illumina
tion of torches The state geologists will
inspect the cave this week after which the
opening will be enlarged- It is believed
the cave is connected with the Perris Cave
at Put-in-Bay and also with Flat Rock
Cave which would make it extend over an
area greater than that of the Mammoth
May Bar American Hogs and Pack
ing House Products
The framers of the Dingley bill are much
interested In a semi official report from the
City of Mexico to the effect that a retalia
tory tariff bill is to be introduced in the
Mexican congress this week It is stated
that in view of the practically prohibitive
duty on Mexican cattle provided by the
Dingley bill the Mexicans will pass a pro
hibitive duty on American hogs and pack
ing house products which comprise one
of our most important articles of ex
port to Mexico
Weyler Refuses to Let Marriott
Beyond the Lines
Gen Weyler replies to Gen Lee that he
cannot grant permission to Mr Marriott to
go beyond the lines to secure the body of
his colleague Mr Crosby of the Chicago
Record Gen Weyler says he would like
to oblige in the matter but he is not will
ing toassume the responsibility of protect
ing Mr Marriott where he cannot do so
Mr Marriott went a week ago to the Span
ish line nearest the scene of Crosbys death
Part Heir to 80000000
William Schermerhorn of Berrien Ind
-has just been advised by the state depart
ment at Washington that he is one of
seventy heirs to an estate of 80000000 in
Germany and that the division of it will
be made at once Mr Schermerhorn is a
farmer and the news of his good fortune is
gladly received
Japanese Warships for Hawaii
The government of Japan has decided
to send two warships to Hawaii stopping
meanwhile all emigration The Japanese
press is urging the government to take a
firm attitude toward the Hawaiian and
American governments
Lamont Declines to Be Interviewed
Daniel S Lamont ex secretary of war
has arrived in New York from abroad with
his family He declined to be interviewed
as to his reported selection for the presi
dency of the Northern Pacific Railroad
Eight Persons Killed
While mass was being said in a church
near Castres France in the department of
Tarn the roof collapsed Seven women
and one man were killed and thirty per
sons were seriously injured
McKinley inWashington
President McKinley and party returned
to Washington Monday
Ask the Government for Work
Hundreds of unemployed workingmen
gathered in front of the Parliament build
ings in Toronto the other day and asked
the Ontario government to provide work
for them so that they could keep their
wives and children from starvation
Seized by the British
A dispatch from Cape Town announces
that the British have secured Inyack
Island at the entrance of Delagoa bay
and a squadron of warships irom that port
will proceed there to take pdssession of the
island and proclaim it British territory
fhrce Persons Killed and Six Badly
The northbound Florida special on the
Southern Railway No 86 and local south
passenger train No 11 collided at
JIarrisburg a small town thirteen miles
north of Charlotte N C killing three per
jons and wounding six
The northbound special was late in leav
ing Charlotte but was given the right of
vay its orders being to pass the local
nrain at Harrisburg where there is a sid
ing No 11 had slowed up preparatory to
king this siding and was but 100 yards
from the north end of the switch when the
xpress running forty five miles an hour
Sashed into it The two engines came to
gether with a terrific crash which re
lembled the sharp crack of thunder Just
previous to the collision Engineer Tunstall
ipplied the air brake and jumped Many
jf the passengers on No 86 were thrown
from their seats but none of them were
aurt The two express cars on the north
sound train were shattered into thousands
3f piece3 and soon after the accident the
postal car of the local caught fire but by
the use of chemicalsthe flames were ex
Statistics of Commercial and Finan
cial Failures for the Quarter
R G Dun Cos Weekly Review Of
Trade says Out of 4006 failures with
liabilities of 60752561 in the first quorter
74 banking failures covered more than a
fifth of the amount 12774560 and 8845
failures with liabilities of 35947892 or
nearly three fifths are classified according
to branches of business leaving only 587
failures and less than a fifth of the lia
bilities 12060019 in branches of manu
facture or trade not specified A sudden
collapse in the wheat market exceeding 3
cents in a day appears to have no other
cause than a belated perception that past
accepted estimated reports of yield and
consumption official and otherwise have
been misleading In spite of floods which
must have materially affected the prospect
cotton has only advanced an eighth during
the week Receipts thus far still indicate
a supply of American considerably greater
than has ever been consumed in one year
but uncertainty about the coming crop in
duces much buying
Famous Evangelist Noncommittal
About Pope Boh
Dwight L Moody who is in St Louis
was asked Friday what he thought of
Robert GIngersoll who is billed to lecture
in that city
Why dont you ask me what 1 think of
Corbett asked the evangelist in a slightly
nettled tone
I neversaw Ingersoll in my life 1 dont
know a thing about him He does not in
terest me in the least
So hes going to lecture on Truth is
he continued Mr Moody Well thats
what I have been preaching for thirty
years I preached it last night in my ser
mon on Sowing and Reaping That is
the truth and you cannot get away from
it You go to Ingersoll when he gets here
and show him my sermon on Sowing and
Reaping If he denies anything in it let
me know Id just like to see what hed
say about it
Iiife Savers Avert a Disaster
The schooner W T Chappell of Alpena
Mich lumber laden and with a crew of
five men anchored off Au Sable in the
northeast gale Shortly afterward both
anchor chains snapped in the fierce seas
and the schooner was driven before the
gale in a helpless condition for several
miles She was finally sighted by the life
savers at Tawn Point about four miles
above the station The lifeboat immedi
ately started to the rescue and after a long
struggle with wind and sea succeeded in
reaching the helpless boat The life savers
were successful in working the schooner
into East Tawas
Bob Kneebs Free
The trotting mare Bethel or Nellie
Kneebs which was seized when Robert
Kneebs the horseman recently released
from a German prison after serving a sen
tence on the charge of ringing was ar
rested will be sold by the government at
public auction The lowest bid which will
be admitted is 15000 marks
Kneebs was released from prison on
Thursday Seven months of his nine
months sentence was deducted in view of
the fact that he had already been in prison
for that period
Fishermen Resist Sheriff
The sheriff and a force of deputies went
to Jones Island near Milwaukee for the
purpose of evicting a family named Mushe
from premises claimed by the Schlitz
Brewing Company The islanders turned
out several hundred strong and drove the
sheriff and his men avray They returned
with re enforcements charged and cap
tured the premises but not until they had
been doused with water hot and cold and
with water seasoned with red pepper
Clubs were freely used and several shots
were fired
Bryan Gets a Bad Fall
Hon W J Bryan was injured at St Au
gustine Flaby the caving in of the piazza
from which he was speaking Nearly 400
men and women were precipitated about
twenty feet to the ground and many of
them were injured but none fatally Mr
Bryan was picked up unconscious and re
moved to a physicians office where an ex
amination revealed that he had received
no injuries of a serious character
Referred to Congress
Secretary Long has referred to congress
all papers relating to armor plate bids
opened Thursday He recommends that
authority be given to readvertise and make
contracts for armor not exceeding 400 a
Brown Wagon Works Fail
A receiver was appointed Saturday at
Dayton Ohio for S W Brown Co
proprietors of the largest wagon and car
riage wheel works in the country
Burmahs whole system of state rail
roads L 000 miles in length lias been
bought up by a syndicate for 30000
Mr Voorhees Had Been In Poor
Health for Several Years The
Mississippi Hiver Passes All Pre
vious Marks at New Orleans
Ex Senator Voorhees Dead
Daniel W Voorhees ex United States
senator for Indiana died at 5 oclock Sat
urday morning at his home in Washing
ton He had been in poor health forsev
eral years suffering from rheumatism of
the heart His friends therefore expected
to hear of his death suddenly Last re
ports however were that he was showing
signs of improvement nis death there
fore while net entirely unexpected came
with a sliock
Daniel Voorhees was 76 years old and
prior tb his retirement from public life on
March 4 last he was for many years one of
the most picturesque figures in the senate
He was born in Ohio but was taken by
his parents in his infancy to a pioneer
home in the Wabash valley of Indiana
with which under the sobriquet of the
Tall Sycamore of the Wabash his name
has since been associated throughout a
long and honorable political career The
funeral was held Monday at Terre Haute
Mississippi River Passes All Pre
vious Marks at New Orleans
Advices from New Orleans Monday state
that the Mississippi River gauge fluctuates
between 18 and 182 feet This brings the
record up to 1 of a foot higher than given
by any official data compiled The river
is certainly booming and in spots the
water washes over the aprons of the
levees making extensive deposits of mud
The authorities however deny any addi
tional apprehensions and are resourceful
in combatting any inroads made by the
river rapidly applying temporary bar
riers of sacks filled with earth and such
other devices as appear most expedient
In the adjoining parishes of St Bernard
and Plaque Mine the levees suffer most
from wave washes but the officials charged
with the duty of maintaining the embank
ments in good shape are straining every
nerve to keep out the water The present
dry weather is a godsend and the rain
soaked levees are drying quickly facili
tating improvements In spite of the ris
ing river the situation can be described as
Head and Headless Body of a
Woman Found in Illinois
Boys passing through some woodland
five miles northwest of Mt Vernon III
Monday found a womans head lying near
the public road leading from Mt Vernon
to Riverview They reported their dis
covery and a party was organized for a
search for the body It was found 200
yards from the spot where the head lay
with the flesh stripped from the bones
both the trunk and head being so badly
decomposed as make to
The testimony at the
prove that the body was
recognition im
inquest went to
that of a woman
who was in that locality early last Novem
ber She refused to divulge her name but
said her home was in Carmi 111 and that
she was going to St Louis The theory is
that another Pearl Bryan murder has been
committed It is said a suspected party
left the country about the date of the
womans disappearance
Immense Attendance Expected at
the Coming St Louis Event
St Louis is busily preparing for the
members and visitors who will attend the
twenty seventh festival of the North
American Gymnastic Union which is to
be held there May 6 to 11 Probably 10000
members of the various gymnastic unions
of the country will be in attendance and
it is thought that nearly 100000 visitors
will be in the city during the week The
fair grounds have been rented for this
years festival and most of the exercises
will be held in the big field within the race
rack The Central Passenger Association
has granted a rate of one fare for the round
trip from all points in its territory
Illinois Central Earnings
The gross receipts of the Illinois Central
from traffic for the month of March were
1736161 an increase of 1330 over the
same month of last year For the eight
months ended March 1 1897 the excess of
receipts over operation and taxes was 4
715126 a decrease of 639947 for the receipts
in excess of the expenses during the same
period of the preceding fiscal year
Gen Fullertons Body Found
A dispatch received by the Baltim6re
and Ohio officials in Washington from
Cleveland says that the body of Gen Joseph
S Fullerton of Washington has been
found in the river eight miles below the
scene of the Oakland wreck in which he
was killed about three weeks ago
Leaves a Fortune to the Church
By the will of the late Miss Winifrede
Martin who died at the Hotel Altamont
Baltimore April 4 nearly if not quite 1
000000 is bequeathed to various Catholic
churches and charities in Maryland and
Colorado Shooting Affray
A shooting affray occurred at McElroys
Hall Altman Colo Monday evening in
which Jack Cox instantly killed Bob Daly
and wounded Harry Miner and Sam Lash
ley and was then shot fatally
No Free Library for St Louis
The measure providing for a tax for a
free library building in St Louis was lost
at the polls A two thirds vote was nec
cessary Tiie vote was 17000 short of that
Durrant to Die June 11
Theodore Durrant was for a second time
on Saturday sentenced to be hanged for
the murder of Blanche Lamont in San
Francisco The execution is fixed for June
The Town of Arlington Hit by An
other TwlBter
Telegrams from Ozark Ala and Vel
dosta Ga crossing the ill fated town of
Arlington Ga show that this section was
visited Saturday by another tornado as
cending the Apallachicola Valley and
sweeping northward with terrific force to
the confluence of the Chattahoochie and
the Flint Rivers where it divided in one
direction going toward Ozark where tim
bers were uprooted and houses blown to
pieces Several lives were lost among
them Mrs Powers who was
caught beneath the falling tim
bers of her house and crushed Her hus
band was unable to save her and was him
self badly hurt but he rushed off through
the blinding rain and intense darkness for
assistance The rest of the family were
rescued among them a baby three weeks
old whom the mother protected at the loss
of her own life
The second section of the tornado was
deflected upon the Flint valley breaking
across south Georgia and passing through
Arlington where but a few weeks ago nine
children were killed in the ruins of their
school house Reaching Valdosta the
storm became intensified in fury and trees
were blown down In every part of the city-
Mrs Stanford Takes Oufthe Largest
Life Policy Ever Issued
Mrs Leland Stanford signed the con
tract Friday in San Francisco by which
her life is now insured for 1000000 The
policy is said to be the largest ever issued
and was written by a company of New
York By the terms of the contract Mrs
Stanford is to pay an annual premium of
170000 and upon her death 1000000 will
be paid by the company to the Leland
Stanford jr University Should she live
ten years and continue her annual pay
ment of premiums the university will re-
ceive at her death 2000000 instead of 1
Opening Grants Casket
The work of opening the steel casket
containing the remains of the late Gen
Grant was begun Friday The outer case
which inclosed the casket is fastened by
150 bolts the heads of which are nearly
one inch in diameter Theheads must be
drilled through and pounded down before
the case can be opened It was estimated
by the men in charge that the work would
take about three days to perform The
public will not be given an opportunity to
view the removal of the casket That will
be done under cover of night and at an
hour which will not be made public
Freight Train is Blown Up
A Big Four freight was annihilated by
an explosion at the Belt junction at
Indianapolis Ind The trouble probably
originated in a car loaded with whisky
The car had a hot box After the terrific
explosion a fire company rushed to the
scene but the entire train of fourteen cars
was destroyed The trainmen escaped in- j
jury but Otto Crenshaw who was sleeping
in one of the cars was pinned to the burn
ing floor
Bids Asked for Torpedo Boats
Proposals were invited by the secretary
of the navy Saturday for the construction
of three 30 knot torpedo boats The boats
must be completed within four months of
contract The bidders are left ample scope
for original ideas as the department pre
scribes in its circulars only the barest out
lines of the crafts for the construction of
which congress has appropriated 800000
Nashville Invites King of Greece
The executive committee of the Centen
nial Exposition at Nashville Tenn has
adopted a resolution inviting the King of
Greece and the royal family to visit the ex
position and expressing sympathy with
Greece in her present crisis
Ashland Wilkes Sold for 7500
At the horse sale in Lexington Ky
recently Ashland Wilkes a famous trot
ting stallion 15 years old and sire of John
R Gentry 2O0K was sold to Brook Cussy
Lexington for 7500 He sold at a private
sale a year ago for 5000
Australian Ball Tossers Arrive
The Australian baseball players on a
tour of the world have arrived at San
Francisco They will play the opening
game with the Olympics next Sunday
Chicago Cattle common to prime
350 to 550 hogs shipping grades
300 to 425 sheep fair to choice 200
to 550 wheat No 2 red 64c to 65c
corn No 2 22c to 24o oats No 2 15c
to 17c rye No 2 29c to 31c butter
choice creamery 17c to 19c eggs fresh
9c to 10c potatoes per bushel 20c to
30c broom corn common growth to choice
green hurl 25 to S0 per ton
Indianapolis Cattle shipping 300 to
525 hogs choice light 300 tq 425
sheep common to choice 300 to 450
wheat No 2 87c to 89c corn No 2
white 25c to 26c oats No 2 white 21c
to 23c
St Louis Cattle 300 to 550 hogs
300 to 425 sheep 300 to 525
wheat No 2 91c to 93c corn No 2 yel
low 20c to 22c oats No 2 white 18c to
20c rye No 2 30c to 32c
Cincinnati Cattle 250 to 500 hogs
300 to 425 sheep 250 to 525
wheat No 2 86c to 88c corn No 2
mixed 2oc to 26c oats No 2 mixed 20c
to 21c rye No 2 37c to 39c
Detroit Cattle 250 to 525 hogB
300 to 450 sheep 200 to 500
wheat No 2 red S3c to 85c corn No 2
yellow 24c to 26c oats No 2 white 20c
to 22c rye 32c to 34c
Toledo Wheat No 2 red 86c to 87c
corn No 2 mixed 23c to 24c oats No
2 white 16c to 18c rye No 2 34c to 35c
clover seed 455 to 465
Milwaukee Wheat No 2 spring 65c
to 07c corn No 22c o 24c oats No
1 white 19e to 21c buley No 2 2Sc to
33c rye No 2 32c to 34c pork mess
775 to 825
Buffalo Cattle 250 to 525 hogs
300 to 450 sheep 300 to 550
wheat No 2 red 82c to 84c corn No2
yellow 27c to 28c oats No 2 white 22c
to 24c
New York Cattle 300 to 525 hogs
350 to 475 sheep 300 to 550
wheat No 2 red 76c to 77c corn No 2
2Sc to 29c oats No 2 white 21c to 23c
butter creamery 15c to 21c eggs West
ern 9c to 10c
State Auditor Has Issued His An
nual Statement on All Insurance
Companies Doing Business in the
State Other State News
Fire Insurance Business in 1800
The auditor of public accounts of this
state has issued his annual statement of
the risks written premiums received losses
incurred and paid by lire and other insur
ance companies except life and accident
The report is or the year ending Decem
ber 31 18 The report shoes that joint
stock lire insurance companies wrote risks
amounting to 8973986028 leceiving
therefor premiums amounting to 1377
68643 The losses for the year reached
55318809 and the losses paid for the year
Nebraska farmers mutual insurance
companies wrote 1042709292 received an
income of 7988053 and pafd expenses
amounting to 2955409 TheIosses paid
foot up to 5525276 and the amount of in
surance in force is 2193993884 N
Miscellaneous companies wrote 12166
53762 in risks received 7030426 in pre
miums and paid losses amounting to 16
Nebraska mutual companies two of
which are at Omaha and two at Falls City
wrote 5819S669 in risks received 3255375
in premiums and incurred 15870 in losses
College Students Suspended
Considerable excitement prevails among
the college students at Crete owing to the
suspension of four students About three
weeks ago a crowd of about twenty being
refused admission to a fellow students
room proceeded to remove the obstructions
and make a friendly call anyway A door
which stood in the way suffered slightly
and the faculty ordered four of the mis
creants to pay 5 into the treasury for the
damage done This they refused to do on
the ground that all were equally concerned
and should stand the expense They of
fered to replace the old door but this was
refused The four boys were then sus
pended The student sympathy is with
the bojs
- Sell Pies to Buy Base Balls
In connection with the regular weekly
session of the nigh School Literary at
North Loup a pie social was held which
not only resulted in an extraordinary
amount of amusement but also netted a
neat sum to the committee which had the
affair in charge The pies were auctioned
off to the highest bidder some of which
sold as high as 75 cents each the average
being about 25 cents An element of in
terest was added by selling by number
the purchaser eating with the woman who
baked the pie and some surprising revela
tions followed the completion of the sale
The proceeds will be used to purchase
athletic appliances for the use of theschool
Shiloh Veteran Association
The fifth annual meeting of the Shiloh
Veterans Association was held at Stroms
burg About 100 visiting veterans were
there from different parts of the state An
elegant supper was furnished by the
Womans Relief Corps after which the
concluding exercises were held at the
opera house which was filled to its utmost
capacity by eager listeners Rev J H
Pressen gave the address of welcome The
principal speakers were John Lett Bene
dict Dan Brown C B Couch C Ander
son George B France of York A C
Swarz Bryan Pitt B Herrington and
several others The old officers were re
elected for the ensuing vear
Strike a Mighty Plow of Water
Some persons in the west end of Chase
County have been experimenting with an
artesian well When this got down about
115 feet they struck water which flowed
out of the top of the well the hole being
ten inches in diameter with force enough
to throw up large sized stones that were
dropped in the well The flow is about 800
gallons per minute A number of other
wells will be put down in the county and
if a like success is had the question of irri
gation in that county will be solved
Diphtheria Scare at Ashland
There is considerable excitement at Ash
land caused by a case of diphtheria in the
the county three miles south of that town
The wife and two married daughters of
Randolph Bryan visited a married daugh
ter in DeWitt recently and the eldest girl
took the black diphtheria and died there
The mother and youngest girl returned
home Now the younger girl has been
taken with a severe case of it The town
people fear it will spread and precautions
are being taken
Injunction Stands Tor the Present
Judge J R Thompson of the district
court at Grand Island rendered his decis
ion in the injunction case of the members
of the Shelton lodge of the Ancient Order
of United Workmen against Grand blaster
Tate of that order The decision is tem
porary against the grand master as it spe -cities
that the injunction shall stand until
the appeal of the Shelton lode fromthe
decision of the trial court at Wood River is
Plays with a Gun and Is Killed
While Newton Chapman of Archer a
young man about 20 years of age with two
other companions was in a barn fooling
with a gun it was accidentally discharged
The load entered the hip joint fracturing
the bone Young Chapman died shortly
after the accident
Judge Getts Is Exonerated
Among the cases tried at Osceola was
that against Judge C W Getts who was
charged with taking illegal fees and
mutilating the record The jurys verdict
was that the man was not guilty and there
was no cause for the complaint
Found Not Guilty of Forgery
The trial of Swan Benson at Osceola
who was charged with forgery ended with
a verdict of not guilty The costs in the
case will be over 509 This was the first
criminal case tried by the new county at
torney John Tongue
Nebraska Men Lost In Wyoming
Word has been received to the effect that
two of the Johnson bojs were found dead
north of Cheyenne Wyo and as the other
two have not made their appearance they
are thought to have been frozen to death
The were on their way from their home
near LaGrange to Cheyenne with hogs and
were caught in the recent storm
Governor Offers a Reward
Governor Holcomb has offered a reward
of 200 for the arrest and conviction of the
murderer of David Jones killed March 12
in Gage County
Canvass Shows that It Lacks Many
The recount of the ballots cast for the
constitutional amendment relating to an
increase in the number of judges of the
supreme court has been finished and the
legislative commission linds that the
amendment failed to receive a sufficient
number of votes to make it a part of the
constitution of the state
The legislative commission found ac
cording to its recount that the amendment
had received 976 14 affirmative votes or an
increase of 18C05 over the number of votes
returned to the state canvassing board last
November The commission finds that 87
029 votes were cast against the amendment
or 867 votes less than returned last Novem
ber The total vote of the state as returned
by the commission was 280361 as against
230795 as discovered by the state canvass-
ing board last fall
The fusion majority in the legislature
has held from the first that the amendment
required but a majority of the votes cast
for senators and representatives The
commission finds that the total vote cast
for senators was 201375 and for representa
tives 203552 If based upon the total
number of votes cast the amendment
lacked 17537 Based upon the total vote
for senators it lacked but 3044 Based
upon the total vote for representatives it
lacked 4133 Eased on an average of the
total vote br bo h senators and representa
tives the amendment still lacked 3587
Jfolcomfo Is President
House roll No 183 to authorize the in
corporation of mutual insurance compa
nies was signed by the governor on the 7th
inst and on the 8th the papers for the
formation of a new company under the
law were filed with the state auditor The
directors of the new company are C E
Coffin of Lincoln E 3IBartlettof Omaha
B E Paine of Lincoln D C Stratton of
Pawnee City J B Conway of York Jas
II Casebeer of Blue Springs and C R
Wright of Genoa The officers are S A
Holcomb president E 3L Bartlelt vice
president C E Coffin treasurer and W
B Liech of Lincoln secretary The title
of the new company is the Nebraska
Mercantile Mutual Insurance Company
its purpose being the insurance of city and
village property in this stale on the mutual
Consolidate Express Oilices
It is understood that the Adams Pacific
and United States Express Companies
offices at Beatrice will be consolidated in
the near future and the present Adams
agent W H Mosely placed in charge of
the entire business It is also understood
that G F Salle of the United States and
Pacific Companies will go to Grand Island
vhere a like consolidation will be effected
Bank Winds Up Its Business
The First National Bank of Exeter has
suspended It has gone into voluntary
liquidation The bank is in sound condi
tion and most of the time for the past
three years has had available funds enough
to pay all depositors but owing to the un
profitable nature of the business the stock
holders wish to withdraw their capital and
invest it in other lines of business
Oppose the Irrigation Bonds
The annual election of the Ord irriga
tion district was held last week for the
purpose of deciding whether directors in
favor of or against selling the 50000 in
bonds issued some time ago should be
elected Two out of the three divisions
elected directors opposed to placing the
bonds on the market while the third was
a tie
Fanner Drops Dead
Dave Zahl a farm hand living near Nor
folk suddenly expired while driving into
town in company with his brotiier and in
other man The deceased formerly lived
at Bassctt and was working for August
Kawn two miles nortli of the former city
Western Nebraska Stock Growers
The Western Nebraska Stock Growers
Association held its semi annual session at
Alliance with well toward 100 members in
attendance The legislature was asked to
pass the bill now pending which is of so
much interest to stock men
Xcav Creamery at Schuyler
Ground has been broken and the founda
tions of a new centrifugal system cream
ery laid at Schuyler The plant will be
operated by the Schuylar Creamery Comr
pany a co operative association with a
capital stock of 6000
The County Wins
After being out exactly twenty six hours
the jury in the case of Dawes County vs
the Chadron Banking Co returned a ver
dict for the county for 2615 the amount
of county funds on deposit when the bank
failed a year ago
Three Years for Assault
Trank Maxwell convicted at Aurora of
assault was sentenced by Judge Sedgwick
to three years m the penitentiary at hard
labor The act was committed at Giltner
some months ago and the victim was a 16-ear-old
Nebraska Short Notes
Tilden is making an effort to secure a
grist mill
The Polk County jail is without an occu
One hundred thousand sheep are being
fed in the vicinity of Chilton
The Wilber mill is shipping large quan
tities of corn meal to the south
A Pierce hunter is reported to have killed
ninety six ducks and three geese in one
days shooting
Work on the irrigation ditches near Bay
ard is being pushed as rapidly as possible
All over Nebraska come reports to the
effect that Arbor day will be extensively
The Grand Army boys of Chester are
making strenuous efforts to raise enough
to build them a hall and are circulating
among their friends and the public in gen
eral for subscriptions
Recently while Henry Stanclift of Alex
andria was burning grass around the build
ing where his corn is stored he wa3 startled
by two bullets passing his eara He dis
covered that four thirty eight caliber cart
ridges -were in the grass and two of them
exploded making a close call for him
A Burr Otoe County fanner has a flow- v
ing well which 13 only sixteen feet deep
There is some talk of the various lodges
at Leigh pooling their issues and buildfn
a large hall
In many places Nebraska farmers are
sowing spring wheat where winter wheat
has been killed out
Scotia is now without bankinj
or any Kinu antl the people there
greatly inconvenienced as a result
Heavy losses on the sheep industry are
reported from the west part of Cherry
County A Bowering being among the
heavies losers