The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, March 11, 1897, Image 8

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EOBEET GOOD Editor and Publisher
Official Paper of Cherry
ty Nebraska
JPei Yeur in Advctnc
- lint red at the Pert office at Valentino Cherry
owinty Nebraska a Second class matter
Thia paper wiJl be mailed regularly
to its subscribers until a definite order
to discount n is received and all ar
rears are paid in full
Adverpmng rates 50 cent3 per inch
ger month Kates per column or for
longtime ads made known oi appli
cation to this office
TNow for the Dingley tariff bill
Congress meets next Monday in ex
traordinary session
W 1 1 iryan was recently sent a
checker sluOlO as royalties on his
ookVThe First Battle Bryan will
probably make more ready cash out of
Of thd latest and -best tilings in Spring Wash Goods Laces Einbroiderjs
Shirt Waists and ATiiplin Cndenvear
It will pay every lady to see our fine and Urge selection before buying
his defeat for President than if he were forming Mr Carroll watched
had been elected -
The congress which adjourned iasfc
week will go down in -history as the
most extravagant every known It
exceeds the famous billion dollar
congress by over 40000000
matter of appropriations
republican congress
in the
was a
M3y republican organs much is made
of the comparative receipts under the
WilsohimU AfeRlnley laws But the
eomjnaou as published does not bring
CuVMcKniley law down to its losing pe
riod The last few jaonts of its opera
tion showed a deficiency which was in
creasing so alarmingly that tho Harri
Bou -administration was preparing to
issue the bonds which its successor
was compelled to issue
In the Congressional llecord of Fri
day March 5 we find the following
j Mr Foraker presented the creden
tials of Marcus Alouzo Hauua appoint
ed by tlrj governor of the State ot Onio
a Senator irom that State to fill until
President xVIcKTbleV Ts inaugurated
and from this time on changes of
officials holding government positions
will probably be rapid Valentine by
reason of the numerous federal office
holders making their headquarters
here will watch these changes with
interest and this paper will from time
to time note the rise or fall of the
various office spekers The register
and receiver of the land office post
master Indian agent and other officers
have received attention from the gen
eral public but little has as yet been
said regarding the position of receiv
ing and shipping clerk at the Indian
When Clevelands administration di
vided the spoils of office Col J T
Oglesby of Georgia was sent here lo
relieve our own J Wesley Tucker
who held the position under Harrison
Col Oglesby remained until a little
over a year ago when he was invited
to come up higher and assumed the
regalia of special Indian agent The
vacancy thus -created was filled bj the
appointment of another worthy south
ern gentleman J x Carroll of liruns
wick Georgia Mr Carrolls scholaily
attainments faithful and conscientious
discharge of his oKnoial duties and ex
empiary habits have won for him the
esteem and confidence of all
When the political issues of 1896
events with interest and immediately
after the democratic convention at
Chicago declared for free silver he
allied himself with the republican
party It is not the purpose of this
article to discuss the propriety of that
act His position being in the classi
fied service he could not of course en
gage in the campaign in an active
manner but under the auspices of the
Valentine Sound Money League a
non partisan organization he made
several speeches throughout this dis
trict A perusal of the election returns
from the precincts in -which Be ap
peared will testify that his efforts
were attended with good results
Several veteran republicans Jwtve
their eyes on Mr Carrolls position but
a3 those whoscaidis necessary to se
cure his removal are his warmest
friends it is sate to say that he will re
maiu in Valentine for some time to
After a long and tempestuous ses
sion of congress the sundry civil
IndlJin Jinrl fltfriniiltnril annrntiviuUnn
the next meeting of the legislature i
sent to the President
were on the
tberool this
vacancy caused by tbe
i i -
resignation of John Sherman in the
term ending March 3 1899
The credentials wore read and filed
after which Mr Hanna took the oath
prescribed and was given his seat
Tis thus that the political hoss re
ceives Mb reward
In conversation with The Demo
orat last week Prof H B Ward said
that the Nebraska State University is
one of tho leading four universities iu
the United States the others being the
institutions iu Michigan Wisconsin
and Minnesota These are always re
ferred to as the BigPour in educa
tional circles Our university is one
to be proud of and the -parent who
sends his child out of the state when
the time forhigher education arrives
neither subBerves his own interest nor
that of his child in so doing and in ad
dition shows a gr6at lack of patriotism
and love for the state Staud up for
This paper has hesitated from say-
ihg very much m the case of ex State
Treasurer and ex Auditors defaulting
swlth the itate funds because we had
hoped that every means in the world
would be used to have the deficiency
paid rip We had hoped that it would
1e setiledbefore this time but -they
bvo not dug up yet and it doesnt
look at if they were going to JTney
are both now under bonds for appear
ance in the court to answer the charge
of theft Bartley in-
fiats on saying that ho will make the
- amount ae owes the state good He
Might to proceed to do it at once Or
better he ought to bare had that
- tied before he W6nfe out of office He
fcas had two months to do it in Let
the law take its course is our motto in
this embezzling buBirri54fMicA
morning oi iarcn t uieveiana
ply ignored them and thus they died
being the victims of what is known as
a pocket veto These bills carried
appropriations aggregating 75000
O00 and died a righteous death It
was characteristic of this extravagant
congress that the sundry civil bill
should be rushed through at the last
tninute of congress after allowing only
20 minutes debate on either side The
general deficiency appropriation bill
became tangled up between the house
of representatives and the senate and
was never passed Perhaps if we bad
a few more presidents with courage
enough to veto extravagant appropria
tions thepractice would stop As it is
the new congress which convenes next
week will be called upon to formulate
and pass new bills for the expenses of
the government in the departments
McKinleys cabinet is composed ot
the following men
Secretary of State John Sherman
Secretary of the Treasury Lyman
J Gage of Illinois
Secretary of War Russell A Alger
of Michigan
Secretary of the Navy John D
Long of Massacusetts
Si cretary of the Interior Cornelius
N Bliss of New York
Secretary of Agriculture James M
Wilson of Iowa
Postmaster General James A Gary
of Maryland
Attorney General Joseph McKen
na of California
The selection of Sherman for secre
tary of 6tate and liliss for the interior
department seems to be radically
Valentine businessTfifen are honest
and responsible When they sell a
garment in which there ig a defeot
J ttiey make it good
Davenport Thacher carry a com
plete line of coffins and undertakers
supplies 27
Mrs ttichard Cook severely strained
her side hv slipping while on her wTaj
to Sabbath School a couple of weeks
ago arid has been confined to her
room ever ince
Tim Chenoworth who left Cherry
county about a year ago writes from
Harrisburg Ore It seems that I
have jumped from a small sized frying
pan into a very large fire
Mrs T C Hornby of Valentine
and sister Miss Pearl Ray went down
to Rushville Tuesday evening where
they will visit friends for a few days
Chadron Signal Recorder
The editor of the Stuart Ledger re
cently received 12 cents from the post
office department which sum was due
him on account of an error made about
a year ago while the editor was post
There will beV meeting of the vil
lage council at the office of the Chern
County Bank Wednesday evening
March 17th at 730 oclock Action
will be taken on the curfew ordinance
at that time
Andrew Jackson has made an
assignment at Akron O George
Washington is in jail at Pittsburg and
Thomas Jefferson is aecified of rob
bing a bank in Missouri Its a bad
year for great men
The subject of Miss Childes talk at
the Episcopal church Snnday - evening
will be Resistance of Home to the
British Church This will be the last
but one of the series of talks on the
history of the church
A crosswalk of cinders has been put
on Main street from Jackson Bray
tons store to The Douoher hotel
This is an improvement which has
long been needed arid will be greatly
appreciated by our citizens
Much against its will the house of
representatives Tuesday killed tho bill
repealing the Jaw defining a legil
newspaper This is hard lines for the
Keyn Paha Call and Crawford Bulletin
but it is an act of justice nevertheless
Real estate transfers have been very
numerous this week and prospects for
a building boom in Valentine thte
spring are splendid At least seven
residence buildings will be put Up and
several business blocks are contempla
At Lonsrpine last Wednesday even
ing Chas Davis was married to Miss
Maggie Herring of Belle Plain iowa
The contracting couple are friends of
the editor and the croom was at one
time stationed here as operator5 Tor the
Western Union
The annual meeting of assessors will
he held next Tuesday the 16th it is
tote hoped that the assessors will find
some way to equalize assessments and
thus do away with the trouble expen
enced in former years Above all
things they should remember the law
regarding assessments at full value
and obey it
President McKinleys inaugural ad
dress appears in full on the inside 6f
this paper Read it carefully and if
you find anything brilliant or new in it
treasure it carefully Nothing is said
about Cuba no new thing in govern
ment or finance is hinted at all that
is proposed is tariff However this
address should not be criticised too
much the message to congress next
week will outline the administrations
position Wait for it
The Golden Irrigation District com
prising part of the counties of Holt
Rock and Brown will hold an election
on April 7 for the purpose of electing
an assessor treasurer and three direc
tors as provided by law Some of the
newspaper brethren in that district
somehow or other got it into their
heads that the election was for the
purpose of voting bonds and have
fieen raising a great ro tr over it The
Alhsworth Home Rule is fighting the
proposition to bond the district like
wise the Star Journal while the Long
pine Journal valiantly supports it
ThONeill Sun has shied its castor
iatole ring and while regaining
quiet for its oivn part prints tevery
trfisgssnt it
H l Lib VjtI kHLl
-- - -
Pnroilv nn the Kockforrt School
JTp in the valley so green and so still
There standi a sod idiool house on the slope of
a hill
Each morning the lads and tho Iasses gay
With bright eyes aLd and red cheek3 hither
make tlieir way
They ruad they write they cipher nd sing
And to their loved teacher words of welcome j 4
they bring
Thero is blue eyed Emma and brefwn haired
Who admire Ifarrv Heath an d about him they
And red faced Arthur so cheerful and kind
A nooler heart you will never find
There la Cecil the pet of both scholar and
With his small baby face he may yet make a
Ah Teacher they trustingly look unto thee
Their gentle guiding star to be
Your charges are learning fast
And early impressions are sure to last
When they are men and women grown
The seeds will ripen which you have sown
In their after lives they will never forget
The little sod school house where dailv they met
The old sod building the road and the lilli
Where we liked to yo down after water to Wills
Theyll remember the wholesome lessons they
And the rewards of merit they proudly earned
Wlien recalling theso days in after years
God grant they iikw blot out the bad with tears
Aui tho they are far away many many miles
3lay they always think of iliss Gallop with
Kiobrara Falld
Miss Anna King went to the flats
last week
Will Newman was in the neighbor
hood this week
Frank Reece is taking Iii3 turn at
batching this week
J A Adamson attended the farm
ers meeting in town Wednesday
Richard Grooms iu forms us that his
irrigation system is almost completed
Mrs Anna Paxton of Valentine
visited Mrs Matt Mosherlast Sunday
We understand that John Boweis
has rented Rev A Johnsons farm foi
three years
Mrs Matt Mosher will start soon
for Hot Springs S D where she will
receive medical treatment
Gardeneis of this part are taking
advantage ot the fine weather the last
few days by preparing hotbeds foi
their plants It will soon be the dut
of the housewife to shoo the hens out
of the garden
Bad Boy
School Report
School district No 48 for the month
beginning February 8 and ending
March 5 1897
Total No of drtys taught 20
Total No of pupils enrolled 18
Total No of davs all puoils attend
ed 304
Average daily attendance 15
Average age of upils 10
Total number ot tardy marks 11
No of grades in school 5
Those wBo were neither absent or
tardy during tho month are Orvilla
Eva and Pearl Carey Jtunie and Levi
Those who were not absent bat
were tardy are Yetta Sauerwein
Lizzie and Maggie Brown Victoria
Swartz P P Gordon
At the residence of J W Tucker
last evening about 8 oclock Oriille
Keller and Lillie Vandegnft both ol
Brownlee were married ltev Tucker
performed the ceremony The young
couple left for home this morning
carrying with them the best wishes ol
numerous friends
A letter from Washington says that
Mr and Mrs E J Davenport are en
joying immensely and will arrive home
probably about Saturday
Xeto Briilffe ttt Sioux Uity
Will be used by the Pacific Short
Line exclusively commencing March
1st This will enable that company to
offer its patrons the best of service as
there will be no delays caused by
other trains Remember by taking
that line at ONeill you save three
hours time to Sioux City
Chuttcl Mortgage Sala
Notice ishereby given that by virtue of a chat
tel mortgage dated on the I7tli day of January
a n Ib95and duly filed for record in the omVe
of the county clerk of Cherry county Nebraska
on the same day and executed by Joseph H
Burns to Charles Brayton to secure the payment
of the sum of 4950 together with interest at the
jaieui iu per cent per annum from date and
uponwhiUu here 1 now due the sum of SWU9
default having been made in the navmfnf nfa iwi
sum and iio suit or oilier proceeding at law hav
ing been instituted t recover said debt or any
PnuMwiiuaiuiiiiu sen iiie property
therein described viz One bay mare 7 vears
o d weiglifabout 9S0 lbs one gray horse 6 vPars
old weight about 950 lbs one dark browH hor e
9 years pld weight about 800 lbs at public auc
tion in front ofthe court house in the village of
alentine in Cherry county Nebraska on the 1st
day of Aphl a d 1897 at l oclock p m of said
Dated March nth 1897
By hd c akks Attorney 7 9 Mortgagee
Sale Under Agisters Lien
To Thomas Wright and Klsworth Brown
You will take notice that bv virtue of an agis
ters lien for the sum of SlOGoo dated Mircli llth
1897 and fjled by me iu the office of the Clerk of
Cherry county Nebraska on the 27th day of
FebruaryA n 1897 ior the keeping care and
feeding of the following described property to
wit One soirel celdiutr with white stnn mfju n
6 years Old a oue black gelding 5 j ears old j white
spotinioreneaoone ugnt buckskin mare 8-
years oiq oue iop eared blue mare 9 years a d
with colt oue 9 ear old bay mare white strip
in lace one dim mare 8 years old one snrrd
mare 9 years old one 2 year old bay mule one
gray mate 9 years old one gray Jiorse 7 years
old OLMjhlack horse 7 years oldalI of lastnamed
six being branded T on lett shoulder I will on
the3tstday of March a jx 197 at 10 oclock a
m offer for sale atpublic aiction to the highest
bidder for cash the above described property at
myplaWoii theswHecl8 Tp r9n R 32w in
Chcrrv bounty Nebraska for the nnrnnsn nf
satisf ihz said agisrrs li en for SlOGOO and ac- i
crinnc costs
7 5
make f
US LanriOllice Valentine Nebr I
Notice is hereby given that the following
settler has Hleu notice of intention to
final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be before the Registsr
or Receiver at Valentine Neb ou April 27 1897
Willi im C St Peters tff Pass Nebr
HE No lOlOSfor the eHiiw nenwH Sec 23
sekswM sec 14 Tp 28 R 30
He names the following witnesses to nrove
his cnntiuiirus residence upon and cultivation
of said land viz
William Steadman James Steadman Charles
J lanand Rooert 11 addis all of Pass Nebr
7 12 C JR GLO Villi Register
U S Land Office Valentine Neb t
marcn y isyy
that said proof will be made before the Register
or Receiver at valentine Neb on April 28 1S97
Morrison A Crawford of Kilgore
H E 8654 for tho nefc Sec 30 Tp 35 R 30
He names the following witnesses to prove
nis continuous residence upon and cultivation
ol said huidviz
Merrier E Robinson of Kileore Nebr James
vv Beed Peter V VanNostran and Francisco
Stump all of Jrookston Neb
7 12 C it GLOVER Register
U S LandOfflce at Valentine Neb
March 9th 1897 f
Notice is hereby given that ihe following
named settler has filed uotice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before the Register
and Receiver at Valentiue Nebr on April 20
John F Hook of Codv ISTebr
H E No 9203 for the neknw slinwf i
nwswV Sec 2S To am R S3w
He pames the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residenco upon and cultivation of
said laud viz
Irwin C Stotts Albert C RIemenschneider
James A Cliilders and Andrew J Barnes all of
Cody Nebr 7 12 CR GLOVER Register
U S Land Office at Valentine Neb
fwl on- r
Notice is hereby given thafthc
ed settler has filed notice of his intention to
miKe nnai prooi in support of His claim and
mat saiu prooi win oe made oetore Register
and Receiver at Valeutlne Nebr on April
23rd 1897 viz
John J Stowers of Wood Lake Neb
II E No 10187 for the ne Sec 9 Tp 31n R 26v
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upou and cultivation of
said land viz
Henry H Dav George W Day Joshua Hitt
and Adelbert Kneeland all of Valentine Nebr
7 12 C R G LOVER Register
Laud Office at Valentine Nebraska
March 2 1897 f
Notice is hereby given that Peter C TV
Memecke of Detroit Mich has filed notice of
intention to makefinal pioof before the Regis
ter or Receiver at his office in Valentine NcV
on Saturday the 17th day of ADril 1897 on tim
oer culture application No 7rfl9 for the sw
of section No 15 JTp 33n R 30 vr
He nuiiita as witnesses- Pctar Reimer reier
iege Henry Schlueter and Hcurv Porath all
t Riege Nebr
lestimony n Claimant wi 1 he taJven hefnr
Clerk oi tne Circuit Con tcf Vnfc nsnnt
nisomceuiTcurosL MtcaJjrai on Ann 12
We -have just finished unpacking ft la rn
invoice of new spring goods and will be xinj
rnneh jpleased if the shoppers of Yalentine
will call and inspect the goods Among the
lot are some of the prettiest things ever seen
in this city
A full line of window shades with springs
rollers complete also received
Headquarters Department of the Platte
Office of the Lbiet Commissary Omaha Neb
March 11 1897 Sealed proposals in triplicate
will be received here until ll oclock a ni cen
tral standard time Marsh 25 1807 and then
opened publicly forfirnishing and delivery of
such quantities of potatoes as may be required
by the Subsistence Department at Omaha eb
aiid at Forts Niobrara and Robinson Aeb
Fort D A Russell Wyo and Fort Meade S 1
Proposals will also be received and opened bv
Commissaries at Forts Niobrara Robinson D
A Russell and Meade until 10 oclock a in
mountain standard time March 25 1897 each
Post Commissary receiving proposals for his own
post only The right is resened to reject any or
all proposals in whole or in part Blank propo
sils and specifications showing in detail the
articles and quantities required and giving lull
information as to conditions of contract will be
furnished on application to any of the above
mentioned offlcers FRANK K Mrli Major
and C S
Neb March 2 1807 Sealed pro-
posals in triplicate will be received here
i triiiirr Mif
Sole agents for the fainons FLEXIBOKE CORSETS
Still Prices jor Feed
Bran bulk 40c per cwfc 700ton
Shorts bulk 50c per cwt 9 00 ton
Screenings 35c 600
Chop Feed 70c 1300
Corn 50c
Oats 65c
U S Land Office Valentine Nebr
l S Land Office Valentine Nebr i
Feb 24 th 1897 V
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made I iefore the Register
or Receivtr at Valentine Neb on April 10 1897
Mellisaie Ainslie formerly Melissle
Hurshman of Kennedy Nebr
H E 10210 for the wAno cnwK Sec 2 J Tp
29JI 33
He names the following witnesses to prove bis
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land viz
John D Kimrs Floyd Kimes and Tboodorr
Doyle of Kennedy Nebr Levi N Layiortrj ot
Valentiue Nebr
5 10 c K GLOVE R Register
U S Land Olhce Valentine Neb
February 20 1S97 f
Notice is hereby given that William E Cottle
of Valentine Neb has filed notice of intention
to make final proof before the Register or Ke
ceiverat his office in Valentine Neb on Satur
day the 3rd day of April 187 on timber cultum
application No 7952 for tho swM See 12 Tp n
R 23 w
He names as witnesses Elbert Breuklander
Lyman II Perking Edward G Perking and
William H Hooper all of A alentino Neb
5 10 C R CLOVER Register
L S Land Office Valentine Neb
February 24 13tf f
oiice is hereby given that the following
until nrlfcUseUler ilH iIe1 notice of his intention to
in m t oi tnji it iiiake iini nroot in sminurr of hin i inini nnii tVi it-
1897 and then opened for constructing a Hay JjJWi be nsadc beforo tho Register or
Storehouse at Fort Niobrara Nebr li S re- Reiver at Valentine Nebr on April ath 1877
serves the rlshtfrn re U rt nr irvnt inv nr all i lz
proposals or any part thertsol Plans an l
specifications can be seen and all information
haa here Envelopes containing proposals to
be marked Pioposals for Ju Storehouse
and addressed toD D WHEELER Maj Q M
v Omaha Neb FcbrtiSryt 187 Scaled pro
posals in triplicate wid Ue received here until
12 oclock m centrai standard time March 29
18U7 an 1 then opened for furbishing transporta
tion drayas e and for hauling store- in Depart
ment ot the IJjttte during fiscal jear commenc
ing July i 1897 1 L S reserves Hi- right to re
ject or uccepL any or all proposals or any part
thereof Information furnished on application
Envelopes coiitaiuling proposals to be marked
rroposais ior transportation on Route No
and addressed to D D WHEELER Major
Q M f s
Prancis M Ilobinson of Kennedy
H E 9342 for the s ssefj ucHsoM Soc 27 ami
swJ4swJ4 Sec 2G Tp 29 R 31
Ho nams the ioliowing witnessed to prove
his continuous residence upoa and cultivation
of saidJand viz
Annen Bardsen Andrew Mark Lars Peder
sou and David A Piercy all of Kennedy Nebr
V e
No Ice 3 h rebv given that tho follow
settler has filed notice of his intention to
Mnlte 1al Proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be nude before Realstvrand
Lccoiyer at V alentiue Nebraska on Ararch 29
Andrew G Ward of vTood Lake Keb
ENw 992i for lots U 7 e tf Tp29n
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upoii and cultivation oC
aaiu land viz
wiftP1 JVr MeDanfel Ely D Valontine
SiefSeb 1Sn JOlm K rksallS wSS
4a C ICG LOVER EoLlstrr
U S Lavd Ovfwe Valentine Neb t
Notice is hereby nlfomhk
given that the
named settler has lii nnnv J V Iv1
tp make final proof in support of his claim and
that proof
said will be made lforeJteTB2d
Wv at Valeutino fiwk on Mch iL1
Kobert Johns of Brrvnlee ebr
H E No 10314 for the sJnei noKso KeVi
nwiswHsoc5jTp7nR jaV
tie names the
following witness
to nmv
SdanSUS resfdceo cuMwSffSg
frank T Lee William
Notice is hereby given that the foi low fjV allaco Waldo K
ed settler has filed notice of his intention to lxrad Edward Reiser all of Brownlee Nebr
make final proof in support of his claim and - GLOVER Rtgistc
TJ S Land Office Valentiue Nebraska t
pSS wn that Johnv VeUof
Vu - ii uciorc tne itegister and Rvai
ver at their office in Valentinebr on wS
IltTlJilV LI1H -1 HflV rT ftT Mr -
sliCnarti0 P the LrtTS
He names as witnesses Samuel D Mont
Lewis K
Belding and Evan R Vana
ffcefeCkSf Cl -St 5JSK f
lestimony of claiment will be tflken beforo
the clerk of the Circuit Court of LUIuctlS
county at his office in Pontiac UllnolsSi
C R GLOVER Register
Land Office at vairntine ffHr
- fs 10 1J57
Notice is also hereby giver that the folovrin
named settler has fileif not of his ffteS
to make final proof in suPik n of his claim and
that said proof will be maie iwfore tUfiiSlste
and Jecciver at Valentino Neb on MaSS
Amos Sitong of Valentine Isebr
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
wKIUtrHD John B Lord CuarJea
Nebraska iWU u ut aU3eou
- C E GLOVER Kit Aster
Land Office Valentine Noi i
noi bere iven rti e
settler has fifed notice of his lutenlouto
tint szli proof will be made before ReslwWor
SfVS Ut VaIentin AebraakaToTSrUs
James E Jordan of Arabia -Neb
IS2 fr the nVinC W
32 K at ec 17 Tp
He names the following wit
iwses to wov h
contiimous residiinft 1 sJ2i2Y
said laud vizt vuivvrou oc
Henry J VanstcccI Joscoh p
CE GLOVER Eegfcter
Wanted an Idea
wEU iaeaa ther mar hi
Od list Cf tWOfctUM sd LnxoUt rxL
Who can
If i