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EOBERT B GOOD - Editor Pbop
A Minneapolis man was shot by a
footpad the other night but the bullet
struck a well filled pocket book which
saved his life The moral is obvious
An enterprising Canadian with a firm
belief in the value of advertising in
forms the public in a Dominion paper of
her willingness to cater to the needs of
the public as follows Washing and
Ironing and going out to days work
done here
An international exhibition of gas
tronomy and of culinary art is to take
place at Vienna in 1S9S in honor of the
fiftieth anniversary of the reign of tbe
Emperor of Austria Hungary who as
every one knows is the most abstemi
ous monarch in Christendom in all mat
ters relating to food and drink
It is said to come from Cubans them
selves that General Maximo Gomez
agreed to fight with the insurgents
through the Cuban war for the sum of
100000 to be paid him in installments
of 20000 every three months The
first three installments were paid as
agreed but the balance has not been
Kansas epicures who are fond of jacn
rabbit stew should exercise a degree of
caution when they visit the Paris Ex
position and order hare at a French
restaurant for they are liable to get
cat instead The thrifty restaurateurs
of that city -are also in the habit of serv
ing up pussy as spring lamb The ac
cidental appearance of a claw in a dish
revealed this dreadful fact to a hungry
American not long since
There is too much of blood letting m
this section of the country says the
Savannah News too much of pistol
and knife toting and too great prompt
ness in using deadly weapons upon
slight provocation or no provocation at
all There is a law against carrying
concealed and deadly weapons and
law to punish the perpetrators of
crimes of violence The law should be
rigorously enforced
rDuring the past few years it has
been asserted that the horse is passing
because of the change to electricity by
street railways the introduction of
the bicycle and other innovations And
now comes the census man of Massa
chusetts showing that there were 30S5
more horses in that State last year
than in 1S90 It looks as though the
noble animal might hold his own even
against the predicted horseless car
Hailroad extension In India is pro
gressing at a rapid rate Pn3Iarch 31
1S96 there were 19677 miles ah in
crease of over S00 miles during the year
and in addition there were nearly
7000 miles the construction of which
was authorized but which were not yet
In operation The proportion of pas
sengers killed was only one in 19000
000 and the total number either killed
or injured from railway accidents of
all kinds was one in 518051
The story is told in Maryland that ex
Tax Collector George W Smith of the
First District of Howard County has
la petrified human body of great size
Which was uncovered by the plow on
his farm on the banks of the Patapsco
It is so large that it is declared to be
ihe body of some member of a prehisto
ric giant race It is said to be perfect
except that the head and forearms are
missing even the ribs being clearly de
fined It is at Mr Smiths home near
Hcli ester
Hangchow one of the two ports of
China to be opened to commerce under
-the treaty with Japan is commercially
the most important city in that country
The city contains nearly 1000000 in
habitants and is said to be the richest
and finest in the empire It is the cap
ital of Chekiang the most extensive
silk and tea district in the world The
Province of Chekiang contains no less
than 35000000 people and produces
two thirds of all the silk exported from
China and is also the largest cotton
growing province
Mr Hanbury Secretary of the Brit
ish Treasury is one of the most re
markable men in the country in that
he prefers hard work and the drudgery
connected with his office to anything
else He has a fine estate in Derby
shire With the best fishing in England
and yet he never angles and knows
nothing about the joys experienced by
every disciple of old Izaak Walton In
fact the most exalted idea of recrea
tion entertained by Mr Hanbury is to
take a few -hours rest on the front
Ministerial bench during the sessions
of Parliament
Notwithstanding the efforts of mis
sionaries and other workers in savage
lands to put a stop to cannibalism the
practice still continues But the menu
of these anthropophagus peoples Is not
entirely confined to roast missionary
and cold boiled curate notwithstand
ing popular opinion A diet of laymen
is not despised as witness the recent
killing of eleven miners in the Solomon
Islands for gustatory purposes These
unfortunate individuals were penned
up like shotes and carefully fattened
until killing time and then eaten at a
great feast to which all the neighbors
were invited
The New York World says that at a
recent dinner an English publisher who
is perhaps at the head of the trade said
that out of 315 -manuscripts submitted
during the year for publication his firm
eccspted only twenty two Another
publisher stated hisratfo of acceptances
as about four in every hundred manu
scripts received These publishers rep
resent the class which deal fairly pub
lish at their own risk and do not mvke
a business of preying on the vanity vi
young authors So it seems that even
under the most favorable conditions the
aspiring author has onljr about eight
chances in the hundred of getting into
print at some ones else expense
Abdul Hamid Sultan of Turkey se
cluded as he is in his palace at Yildiz
is not a lonely man by any means The
officials and retainers of the imperial
household number 12000 people in
cluding 3000 ladies of the harem Of
the latter however the Sultan can only
show marriage licenses for seven as he
is not permitted to espouse more than
that number of wives by the Moham
medan law There is a family tradi
tion among the heirs of Osman that it
is necessary for them to speak in a
loud voice originating probably from
the habit of terrifying their subjects
and inspiring a feeling of awe for the
commanders of the faithful and it is
said that the present Sultans voice is
strident and imperious
Medical science is kept busy by the in
ventions for -taking human life In re
cent years the latter have produced
some terrible explosives bullets which
rend and tear when they strike the hu
man frame making what heretofore
was a curable w7ound certain death
The latest war gun is the product of
a French engineer and is a rifle which
contains a steel cartridge the size of
a mans thumb This contains 300 bul
lets which can be shot as rapidly or
slowly as is desired the whole con
tents costing only 2 cents There is
no smoke or flash and only a low re
port The gun itself is much lighter
than the ordinary rifle and the projec
tile force is furnished by liquefied air at
a pressure hundreds of degrees below
zero no powder being required Med
ical science will be one of the most im
portant features of future wTars but it
now seems as though the invention of
arms was going to make war impossi
ble paradoxical as this sounds
Dr John H Girdner an eminent
physician of New York is starting a
movement for the abatement of the un
necessary noises with which city peo
ple are afflicted by night as well as by
day The doctor suggests a society for
the prevention of noises with powers
similar in scope to the powers of the
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals It should he says make
a study of the noises of the city and
through its own powers and by advice
and co operation of various city de
partments suppress such noises as are
unnecessary and reduce to the mini
mum of disturbance those that are nec
essary Such a work could not fail to
be of immense benefit to the public
both in -the matter of comfort and
health And the last word on the ad
vantage of a city of comparative peace
and quiet cannot be said until account
is taken of the assistance such a state
of things would render the individual
in securing that inward peace which
passeth understanding
Although the year which has just
passed away was leap year reports
show that in many large cities through
out the country there were fewer mar
riage licenses issued than there were in
the previous year This leads the Phila
delphia Inquirer to say There must
be something wrong about this Here
was the new woman given an opportun
ity to exercise a prerogative which tradi
tion has so long accorded to her and yet
she does not seem to have availed her
self of it Hundreds of men were living
in alternate hope and fear that the
great question would be propounded to
them and it was never asked It can
not be that she was afraid the answer
would be No for none of her sex was
ever known to make that reply when
the right man came around and surely
there are thousands of good men in the
world who would have made excellent
helpmeets It may be that the ran
somed and disenthralled young woman
deemed it beneath her dignity to as
sume the old time privilege and if this
be so she will have ample time to re
pent before another leap year rolls
around Eight years is a long time to
It seems incredible that two men wno
have been officers any considerable time
in a city like Louisville could have been
so ignorant of the very elements of the
law governing the making of arrests as
tp cross over to Indiana and undertake
to arrest even a fugitive from justice
Yet there is an impression that there is
no limit to the jurisdiction of an officer
if he calls himself a detective When
stimulated by the offer of a reward
State lines disappear and the official
mandate of a court is of no conse
quence They seehi to assume that a
detective in order to detect must have
autocratic power It does not yet ap
pear why the Louisville officers shot
Rippey but it is possible that they mis
took him for the escaped prisoner
whom they were looking after and
having a gun in his hands he was shot
Whatever the cause there was no ex
cuse for it The Louisville officers had
no right to be seeking any sort of a
criminal in Indiana unless they were
accompanied by a duly qualified Indi
ana officer holding a warrant It seems
that officers of every grade should be
made to understand this fact when
they are first appointed
Gypsum for Rooflnjj
Gypsum has been discovered in large
quantities in Big Horn County Wyo
and is being used by the settlers for
roofing their houses Mixed into a thin
mortar and spread upon Uie roof it
soon becomes as hard as adamant and
makes a most excellent protection
against the elements
Winters backbone may be broken but
it is almost sure to be out of the hospital
again before spring Baltimore Life
No one will object to the aldermen ask
ing for more money It is their habit of
taking it that is so unpopular Chicvago
It is probably a good thing that pistols
slungshots clubs and knives are barred
under the rules of debate of the Kansas
Legislature Savannah News
The United States now produces 36
000000 chairs annually and still it is nec
essary to hang on to straps while going
home at night Cleveland Leader
A legislative weeding machine to pluck
out about two thirds of the bills that get
into State Legislatures is one of the need
ed patents of the day Chicago Record
It is understood that the captain of the
Texas has offered to settle the Cuban
question by gradually destroying the isl
and with a series of collisions Chicago
The nation will have taken a long step
towards permanent prosperity when ev
ery municipality large and small regards
free baths and sanitary school houses as
necessaries of life and insists upon hav
ing them Baltimore American
Miss Susan B Anthony would like to
see a general law compelling every hus
band to give half his earnings to his wife
A great many husbands who have been
giving their wives all their earnings will
do their utmost to have this law enacted
Buffalo Courier
Chicagos Three Hundred
If Abraham Lincolns sons father could
only know of it he would smile his most
serious smile and then put his feet upon
the mantel and think New York World
A deliberate and carefully planned
movement has been started to segregate
Chicagos creme de la creme should it
be oleo de 1oleo1 from the vulgar herd
Des Moines Register
Robert T Lincoln has been chosen as
the dictator in Chicago society One can
not help but wonder what decision Rob
ert would come to were his father an ap
plicant for social honors in Chicago
Pittsburg Times
There has for a long time been an innfe
circle of Chicagoaiis composed of those
whose ancestors had settled there before
the fire It is understood that there is
now a larger but concentric circle of those
whose ancestors arrived before the fair
New York Times
The organization of Chicagos exclu
sive phalanx oM500 still goes on It has
not yet been made clear what is the pro
cess of natural or artificial selection but
the strongest evidence seems to point to
residence of ancestors in Chicago before
the fire as the principal test Des
Moines Leader
Gritty Little Greece
It takes little Greece to show the pow
er now to get a move on Detroit Free
To Greece we give our shining blades
every time Our hearts to you Prince
George Boston Herald
If the powers had a little of Greeces
pluck the Eastern situation would soon be
settled Baltimore American
When Greek meets Turk the powers
step in and spoil the fun Its a great
mistake New York Advertiser
The Sultan will never cease to feel that
Greece has been a trifle niggardly with
her ultimatums Washington Star
Little Greece isnt one of the big Pow
ers but she has a fund of ginger that
puts the rest to shame New York Press
The Turkey egg has been bad for a long
time Greece will do a world of good if
she smashes the shell Chicago Inter
It looks as if the powers hadnt even the
courage to let little Greece jump in and
do their own fighting for them Chicago
Wars and Rumors
The cause of Cuba will certainly tri
umph Another American football player
has gone to join the insurgents St Louis
Post Dispatch
It is the experience of history that wars
do not pay whether they are between na
tions railroads or baseball managers
Baltimore American
If there is any respite from war excite
ment or time hangs heavy on their hands
the English can always give a dinner to
Ambassador Bayard Chicago Journal
Judging merely by the pictures that
have been printed one would be justified
in assuming that the most dangerous
weapon of the Greek soldier is his pointed
shoe Chicago Post
That Trust Examination
What Mr Lexow needs in his business
is somebody to assist him in letting go of
Sugar Refiner Searles New York Ad
It begins to look very much as if some
of the trusts would take themselves out of
the way if they are only given rope
enough Boston Herald
Did Senator Lexow ever consider the
feasibility of putting his trust examina
tion on the road as a farce comedy or a
rattling burlesque Chicago Times-Herald
There is something really pitiable about
the ignorance of a clever trust representa
tive when he is brought before a legisla
tive investigating committee Chicago
The Maternal Congress
The congress of mothers at Washing
ton seemed to know what it was there for
better than the other one Boston Tran
A convention of fathers left at home to
mind the babies might give some inside
opinions about that congress of mothers
Chicago Dispatch
The national congress of mothers in
Washington must not be confounded with
the national congress of grandmothers in
session in the same city New York Ad
Perhaps the congress of mothers could
offera few words of timely advice to the
new administration concerning the coun
trys policy with reference to its infant
industries Washington Star
At the congress of mothers in Washing
ton Mrs Helen Gardener of Boston de
clared that man is a tyrant of the-home-It
is now in order to hear from Mr Mary
Elizabeth Lease New York Press
Some Interesting Facts About the
Great American Luxury
Everyone eats peanuts and scarcely
anyone knows anything about them
The peanut crop is one of the most
profitable of the South The yearly
production of peanuts in this country is
about 4000000 bushels of 22 pounds
each the bulk of the crop being pro
duced in Virginia Georgia Tennessee
and North Carolina These 4000000
bushels constitute but a small propor
tion of the peanut crop of the world as
the exportation from Africa and India
to Europe in 1892 amounted to nearly
400000000 pounds half of which went
to Marseilles to be made into oil
The largest amount of the American
crop is sold by street venders but
quantities are used by confectioners
chocolate manufacturers and oilmakers
Peanut oil is used for lubricating and
for soap and is a good substitute for
olive oil lard cottolene and butter
The residue from oil making known as
peanut cake in Europe is highly val
ued as a cattle fodder and is also
ground into fine flour and used as hu
The Virginia running variety of pea
nut is the typical American peanut its
vines are large with spreading branch
es growing flat on the ground and bear
ing pods over their entire length The
pods are large and wrhite There are
many other varieties grown in the
other States some of them being up
right bushes instead of vines
The peanut is sorted in the factory
into four grades the first three being
sold to venders and the fourth sold to
confectioners for making burned al
mond and cheap candies The 10
000000 worth of peanuts America uses
are not counted in the staple food but
are eaten at all intervals as a luxury
The peanut is used by the planter as a
fattoner of his hogs
In the old world millions of bushels
are made into oil in which the nuts are
very rich 30 or 40 per cent of the
shelled nut being oil It has an agree
able taste and is more limpid than
olive oil Peanut oil is used as a light
ing oil but does not give a very bril
liant flame The peanut cake left after
the oil is extracted is sold for 30 a ton
in Germany and fed to the cattle and
sheep Experiments were made in
Germany on an army biscuit to be made
frora peanut flour but they were not
successful though the flour is most
Is BttMid shakinjj Doomed
There isar more danger in the cus
tom of shakiirgfchands indiscriminately
than most peopfimagine says a well
known doctor -
Contagious diseases may be trans
mitted in this manner though the
hand shaking does not necessarily
spread the disease The manner in
wrhieh the disease would be propa
gated in a given combination of cir
cumstances is this
Suppose a man to be afflicted with
typhoid fever He way be unaware
of the nature of the disease germs in
bis system He meets a number of
other men whose hands he shakes
Those men have come in contact with
disease the germs of which their
hands retain
Now if one of those men were to
light a cigar and smoke he might draw
contagion in his system
The germs of disease on the skin
of the hand remaining there await
only inhalation into the system to pro
duce their inevitable effect
When contagion is in the air we
should guard against it To refrain
from shaking hands with the infected
is but ordinary prudence
Inhalation is the source of danger
One is more likely to inhale into the
system germs on the hand than germs
in some other conceivable situation
since the hand is more or less likely to
come in contact with the mouth or
This is the chief danger involved in
shaking hands with a patient whose
malady is thus capable of transmis
sion or in being brought in contact
with the germs by the means of genera
hand shaking
A Dry Rain
According to the Kansas City Star
there is one place in the United States
where a man may be out in a heavy
rain and not get wet even though he
has neither mackintosh nor umbrella
In the Colorado desert they have
rain storms during which not a single
drop of water touches the earth The
rain can be seen falling down the
clouds high above the desert but when
the water reaches the strata of hot dry
air beneath the clouds it is entirely ab
sorbed before falling half the distance
to the ground
It is a singular sight to witness a
heavy downpour of rain not a drop of
which touches the ground These
strange rain storms occur in regions
where the shade temperature often
ranges as high as one hundred and
twenty eight degrees Fahrenheit
Danced in Mourning Costume
The extraordinary spectacle of a star
danseuse performing a leading part in
a ballet clad in deep mourning was
witnessed in an Italian theater a short
time ago The ballerina in spite of
the recent death of her brother took
part in the first portion of the perform
ance dressed entirely in white save for
a black bow on her corsage During
the interval she changed this attire for
one of black with somberness quite un
relieved and her appearance in the
trappings and the suits of woe was
it seems greeted most sympathetically
by the impressionable spectators
Vast Destruction of Forest Land
During 1S95 fires burned over 225000
acres of Pennsylvania forest land
It seems that a man doesnt get as
mad at anybody as he does at a real
Considering that the change of just
20259 votes in half a dozen States last
November would have made William J
Bryan instead of McKinley President
of the United States the friends of the
latter are acting in a decidedly reckless
fashion even before their man who
came so dangerously near defeat is in
augurated The cabinet as far as it
has been selected suits nobody not
even the great Hanna who finds him
self in the most remarkably unexpected
quandary of not knowing where he is
at in the curious deal that has been
going On
John Sherman who is to be the Sec
retary of State resigned his seat in the
Senate at the suggestion of McKinley
and Hanna beyond a doubt the ex
pectation being that Governor
nell would appoint the latter to the
vacancy without asking any questions
and now that it is definitely announced
that he will not do so unless certain
stipulations as to the future manage
ment of the Republican party in Ohio
are entered into the President elect and
the man who elected him do not know
what to do and while they are hesita
ting as to what course to adopt the
political cauldron stirred by Foraker
threatens to boil over and make the suc
cess of the Democrats in the State once
again certain
Then the giving of the second place
of importance in the Cabinet td Gage
the Chicago mugwump national banker
has angered the Republican workers
not only in the great State of Illinois
but in the entire West and Northwest
He has since his selection too com
mitted the serious error of talking too
much and the discovery that he was
not always a conservative financier has
made some of the leaders blurt right
out that McKinley was buncoed into
giving him the Secretaryship of the
Then the picking out of that chronic
millionaire office seeker Russell A
Alger for the head of the War Depart
ment has not satisfied either the form
idable Republican opposition to him in
his own State of Michigan or the Mc
Kinleyites in the neighboring States of
Wisconsin Indiana and Minnesota
where Cabinet timber abounds
Coming further East the Cabinet se
lections that are understood to have
been made and to be beyond the likeli
hood of recall are scarcely more satis
factory than the Western ones to the
party leaders and workers Ex-Governor
Long of Massachusetts who is sup
posed to be slated for the naval port
folio or possibly for the Postmaster
Generalship has been out of politics
for quite a long time and he is not cred
ited with that whole souled sympathy
for those who run party primaries and
caucuses for their health which the
situation issupposed to require
As for New York it is putting itself
in shape under Thomas C Piatts per
suasive manipulation to be the sharp
est thorn next to Ohio in the flesh of
the Republican President elect Mc
Kinley would like to take somebody
from this State into his cabinet but
those whom the Easy Boss is willing
to indorse are distasteful to the
- Miller - Milholland
crowd which actually has some influ
ence at Canton and whoever is satis
factory to the latter is of course ob
jectionable to the gentleman who will
do business in Senator David B Hills
seat after the fourth of next month in
the Capitol at Washington
A Southern man and a Pacific coast
man are also wanted for the cabinet
but the task of finding them is a hard
one The hunt is still going on and it
is evident that no really first class man
will be obtained from either section and
the McKinley administration will be
gin its existence with little strength at
its head and with all the conditions
favorable for an early internecine party
row New York News
The Presidential Result
By the official count McKinley is con
ceded and declared to have received
271 electoral votes and Bryan l6 Ac
quiescence in the popular will is the
corner stcne of our Government and
much as Democrats may deplore the
temporary delusion or panic of last
November they submit as good citi
zens though they will try conclusions
again in the year 1900 The beginning
of the nineteenth century brought good
fortune to the Democracy when
Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr our
party leaders overcame in 1800 the
Federal party led by Adams and Ham
ilton and it may be that the twentieth
century will be ushered in by a similar
triumph won by the intelligence and
progressive spirit of our people
The election of McKinley in spite of
all the agencies that worked for him
the banking power the newspaper syn
dicates the coercion of the poor by the
rich the defection of many of our
chiefs the hostility of the administra
tionis by a very narrow majority It
is true it would have required a change
of forty eight electoral votes to have
elected Bryan But most of these forty
eight were given to McKinley by nar
row pluralities Kentucky would have
given Bryan thirteen electoral votes
had 150 more Democrats there voted
for him One thousand more ballots
would have given Bryan nine electors
in California Another thousand would
have given him Oregons four electoral
votes Two thousand more Bryan Dem
ocrats would have carried Delawares
three electors Aid other States were
nearly as close In fact a change of
20000 votes would have defeated Mc
Kinley and elected William J Bryan
of Nebraska
Cost of a Campatirn
That it costs money to run a rea hot
political campaign everyone knows but
it is possible that not one in 10000 ever
stops to think of the great expense at
tending an exciting election
Michigan has a law which forbids
candidates to spend money for the re
freshment or entertainment of the peo
ple to hire carriages to bring voters to
the polls or to offer voters money
either to vote or to stay aivay from the
polls The law also requires all candi
dates to file sworn statements of the
amount ofmoney actually expended in
a campaign The law Ma a penalty-attached
of 5loooiine or two years im
pviaomxient or both but it is so crude
ly framed in many respects that the
law does not worry the average candi
date or political committee as its pro
visions can easily be evaded and the
danger of prosecution in the event of
not observing it is not great The law
does not seek to limit the amount of
money to be expended it does not re
quire an itemized statement of money
expended nor does it ask for a state
ment of the amount expended to secure
the nomination The law however
has been very generally observed and
it may be that its influence is salutary
Some one who has made a careful
review of the figures estimates that the
November election cost Michigan in
the neighborhood of a half million dol
lars The tabulated expenditures of
the State committees are placed at
S44S1 those of the candidates in the
seven Congressional districts were 19
02244 wrhile the Legislature and county-
tickets are placed at over 50000
The cost to the State for printing bal
lots and manning the 250 voting pre
cincts is figured at 150000
These figures do not include the ex
pense of conventions nor the big sums
paid out by the National Committee for
speakers or for the floods of literature
which swept through the State so
that the estimate of a half million dol
lars does not seem exorbitant for the
political fun of last year
But if Michigan reached a half mil
lion what must have been expended in
States that have no restriction laws
About Lyman P Gage
The attitude announced by the presi
dent of the First National Bank of Chi-
cago Mr Lyman J Gage as to the re
demption of the greenbacks by putting
out a great national loan of from two
hundred to six hundred millions of dol
lars payable with interest in gold has
startled some of those people who voted
for McKinley and Prosperity in No-
vember It is fixed and settled that this
national bank president Gage is to be
the Secretary of the Treasury and
much curiosity is felt to know exactly
how far he will insist as a member of
McKinleys Cabinet on this particular
policy Some of the McKinley organs
such as the New York Sun think it
very unwise but others applaud the
idea or are discreetly silent
There has however been sufficient
attention directed to this particular
bank president by the discussion ta
bling forward an objection to his
pointment as Secretary of the Treas
ury which is giving some discomfort to
the coterie who have been busied at
Cant6n in putting together McKinleyst
Cabinet It is in this same vexatious
Federal statute of 17S9 which declares
that no person appointed to the office
of Secretary of the Treasury shall
reetly or indirectly be concerned in the
purchase of any public securities of the
United States Now Gage being a
bank president of course is and has
been concerned in the purchase of Gov
ernment bonds on which the paper
money issued by his bank is based Has
he a right to act in the office of Secre
tary of the Treasury or has McKinley
a right to appoint him i
Now Zift Confidence Come
James Wilson of Iowa professor of
agriculture in a college of that State
has accepted the portfolio of the Agri
cultural Bureau With this announce
ment should come a return of prosperi
ty Iowa is a fertile State and the
new rremier of the Crops ought to be
fertile in resources Under -his able
administration we can expect larger
ears of corn bigger grains of wheat
fatter pigs sweeter apples oleomar
garine which even science cannot de
tect from genuine butter and persim
mons that will pucker up bad times
and make this a great and glorious
With a prospect that the barns ana
granaries shall groan beneath the
weight of bounteous harvests how the
treasury will be run will be of small
importance We may raise big crops
that will delight the fanner but un--less
the people have more money toi
buy he is apt to find abundant harvests
do not mean bounteous returns Phila
delphia Item
Distinguished Names Common
William Tell stuffs birds for a living
now in Berlin Tannhauser is a butler
Goethe a barber Kant keeps an em
ployment bureau and Richard Lowen
herz Coeur de Lion is a chemist amid
30000 Sehulzes So says the Berlin
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