The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, November 19, 1896, Image 5

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tltftcaitts University
j JrutviKiut governor
hi erel ry 01 Stat e
vtdStor s
t Uitljlitrtf
iX i l AHS Sniiiifcbiii
Jot A finer
Kitrunu MuorC
Henry CKusKeR
MM Hyis
liei JQ
TMallalwu Kcarsey
vIiators - Wtn -V Allen Sladleon JoIU M
teffltfemrtfcll JM B Etodo
J InSln Second Omaba Climl
lior Aurora Filth VVto k Andrews Hastings
ttlxtu O M IveeiBroKeTrBaw
Supreme Onurfr TLKorral ChieMustlce
Vitteeuth Judicial M i Sunkald
CfNcfli WHWestovev ItushvIUc
Uepretwnltlvo Fifty second District Erank
Senator Fourteenth District Henry G
-art Jrawford
dSejurtern K Glover- Longpino Receiver J
XA Fike JiYwitort
jit rjt
otiorlli - fc -
County Attorney
-County Superintendent
GT Crabb
Geo Elliott
Aucos Strong
Ed Clarke
Lillian Stoner
A Lewis
Max viertel
AM Dunham
Om srers of Highways It Hansen and JEay
Constable It Towne
Justices of the Peace John Dune and J fti
Asmjssot John Dunn
Toisn Itonrd EE Sparta president I p Cornell
clerk D S Ludwlg
nell treasurer T C Hornby
nd J WBurleiRh
Marshal -and Vater Conimissiorjer R Towne
school District No 1 F M WilcotU president
M V Nieholsonixeasiirer 1 CPottlohn secre
tary J WBurlclali G P Craob and J T Keeley
0 II M
3ittinstBull Tribe No 22 Improved Order or
Jted Mea mifots every second and fourth trmaj
oveninK of each montii at Davenport s Hall
Visitingbrettrren aro fraternally mviscd to bo
pivsent -it the councils of the tribe
- J D Wiggins c of It C 11 ThompsoiSacuera
MinnekaduBa Lodge No 192 A -E A
meets In regular communication oaaircay eveii
3iik on or before the full moon in eacii month
i members of Hie order In good ami regular stand
ing cordially -and fraternally invited taaiUJnd
J T Keeley W M
W W TnoKiSO Jf Seey
2rrtlrern Star Chapter No J9 Orcter of tho
32ai tru btar aieets on second and tourtlt
evenings of ea jh month in Hornby ahall
vr Thompson Wagsik Waiott
Secretary Worthy Matron
a o u vr
Valentine Ladge No 70 A OU
l st and 3rd31ouday In each month
Oari Danas Sec W Holsclaw il W
D OF n
Valentine Lodge No Degree of Honor
holds regularmefctings tlrst and third
day evenings of each month
MCbris tenseii Itec airs R Robinson C Of H
I 0 O f
Valentine Isluc 2sTo 205 1 O O F -meets
every Thursdav evening Visiting brothers cord
ially HVited toiittend our meetings
3 J T Keeley NG
Col Wood Past No 208 Department of Ne
braska regular mectig2d and h Saturdays of
each month at 2 n m sharp Comrads from
other Postsare cordially invited to attend-
J W TuckkK Commander
John DUNiadjt
W 11 C
Col Wood7 IL C No 179 regular meeting
2d and ttli Haturdays of each month
Amanda Ludwig Pres
Hele HoaXEY See
Valentine Gamp No 1751 Modern Woodmen of
America meets second and fourth Wednesday
evenings oreacu mown at jjavcupuib limu
Visiting neighbors cordially Invited to attend
P F Simons Yen Counsel
J w Spirk Clerk
K of P
Cherry Lodge No lff Knights of Pythias meets
every Tuesdav evening at Daveupoits Hall
Jos PutnieciHv of It and S
J T Keely G C
Arrival and Departure or -Mails
Hall east and west closes at 8 p m
Rosebud leaves at 800 a m daily except Sun
day and arxives at 500 p m
Simeon Kennedy and Oasis leaves
at 7 -00 a m Mondavs Wednesdays nd Fri
days and arrives at 700 p m Tuesdays aud
Ft Niobrara leaves daily at700 a m and
600 p m arrives at 930a mand 730 pm
Kewanee and Sparks arrives Mondays
Wednesdays and Fridays at 5o9 pmand
leaves Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays at
7c a m
General deliverjopen from7W a mxto 700
p m General delivery open on Sundays from
8 to 10 a m Lock boxes opendaily form 6 a
nito8S0p m
W EHALEY Postmaster
Physician and Surgeon
Ofliee at C R Watsons Drug Store Prompt
attention given to all professional calls
Valkntink - - - Nkkkaska
Teachers Examination
The regular monthly Teachers
Examinatian will be held the
third Saturday of each month
-at my office in the Court House
Supt or Schools
iillkinds of legal business promptly attended to
7nUvctorts Ate fiirioua tranks ICesort to
Pittillur JRtiiodn
Curiously hiou1i counlcrfcitors do
not fiud Unprofitable lo ply fbeir vocji
tiou in tbu postal service for accord
ing to nax tfiicial of tbe post office de
partment ivlio has been in thservice
for over SO years there baveoken no
counterfeiting- of stamps duribg that
pwiod The officinl referred to has
lcen idonAificd with the third assist
ants ofBcc for many jears antl he is
familiar with almost every detail in
relation to the stamp question -He has
a large fund of anecdote on tbe sub
ject of stamp collectors which he gives
out in liomeopathic -doses when not too
busy with the routine busiuess of his
There are several thrifty stamp col
lectors in New York who
from -buying and selling
stainps A few years ago the postmas
ter general ordered a reprint of an
obwletc design of -a five cent stamped
envelope It was a mistake on the part
of the department and as soon -as it
was -discovered all of these envelopes
about 10000 in number were called in
A stamp collector in New York in some
way learned that these envelopes were
soon- to be called in so- he bought 1500
of them before thepostmaster had time
to send them back to the department
After all the others had 1 n called in
he had a monopoly of the issucand he
was selling them freely at five -dollars
each to stamp cranks lie paid but
five cents- apiece jfor them hence his
profit was enormous
There is another incident where a
stamp collector learned tlxat -there
would be a short dssue of a certain de
nomination put 5n circulation so he
went to the contractor and purchased
10000 worth of the new issue Ihi at
tempted to sell -them at greatly ad-
j vaneed prices and complaint was made
j to tbe department An investigation
was ordered and the result was an un-
limited number was ordered to be
printt d and the man who had invested
in 10000 worth was so badly stuck
that he apxiealedtto the department to
redoem those he had not sold
Stamp collectors are a queer lot-
continued the official for there are
majiy of them da the business who will
resort to almost any means to get hold
of a rare issue They keep a sharp
lookout for all changes made in the
quality of paper used in the manufac
ture of stamxed envelopes and they
manage to ifind out every time when a
change inany design of stamp is con
templated N Y Times
Physical Ailments Not Caused by Eccen
tricities In Temperature
According to the best medical au
thorities changeable weather or what
is known as unreasonable is not so
bad imits effects as generally supposed
It applies to summer but especially to
Avinter Whenever the temperature
duringany of the winter months xises
to an endurable height and it is possi
ble forione to go out ofdoors without
acute suffering we always hear prog
nostications of sickness and death
which are sure to result from a green
Christmas and an open winter But
the truth is it is the good old-fashioned
winter the seasonable tempera
ture that kills The incorrectness of
the popular idea is well shown by the
vital statistics for the first quarters of
lS95and 1896 in England and Wales
which we find summarized in the Brit
ish Medical Journal of May 16 These
two periods of time formed a great con
trast in so far as the general tempera
ture of the air was concerned In tho
former year the mean temperature of
three months was 32 degrees Fahren
heit -which was 37 degrees Fahrenheit
below the average while in February
it was no less than 99 degrees Fahren
heit below the mean of that month
In 18 the temperature of the three
months was 423 degrees Fahrenheit or
34 degrees Fahrenheit above the aver
age The public health f lly reflected
those noteworthy differences in tem
perature In 1895 the deaths in the
first quarter amounted to 170501 and
the death rate was 22S or 11 above
the average In 1896 the deaths in the
corresponding period numbered 136
809 ad were in the proportion of 179
deaths annually per 1000 persons liv
ing which rate was 39 below the aver
age The increased mortality in 1895
was chiefly among persons aged 60
years and upward of whom G0454
died giving a death rate among such
persons of 1090 or 154 in excess of the
mean In 1896 3220S persons aged 60
and upward died in January February
and March and the death rate was G92
no less than 262 below the average
These statistics furnish the fresh evi
dence of the killing power of frost and
of the beneficent influence of a mild
temperature But popular beliefs are
not to be overthrown by statistics and
if we are blessed next winter by a mild
temperature and absence of snow there
will be plenty of physicians whose sur
prise will ba equaled only by their dis
apKintment -that there is not more
for them to do Medical Beoord
A Frosty Mino
The ice covered regions of the far
north doubtless contain many treas
ures which the inhabitants of sunnier
13me s would fain possess Deposits
of coal have been found in Greenland
and precious metals are known to ex
ist within the arctic circle Whether
these riches of the north will ever be
distributed through the marts of the
world is a question for the next century
to answer At present the most north
erly mine in existence is said to be that
of Omalik on the Fish river in the
northwest comer of Alaska in latitude
65 degrees north It produces lead and
silver principally the first named and
its lodes are very rich But tlie severity
of the climate is a rious obstruction
to the working of the mine which bar
to be abandoned every year about th
beginning of October only to b re
sumed laic in the following spring
You lite Camrxinion
Publishers Kotico
in order to int poduee The Valen
TI5TE Ifmocrat into homes where it
does not now go- regularly the pub
lisher will upon receipt of one dollar
serrflthe paper to Hew subscribers from
now until January 1 180S Tbfc
offut is unprecedented for a paper of
the size and quality of The Demo
crat aud if you are not now on the
list this is the time to seud in your
name with a dollar
The subscription iprice of The
Democrat ts 1 per year but if sub
scription is allowed to become delin
quent it will be charged at the rate of
125 This is done as a means of
protection to the publisher When
your subscription becomes delinquent
you will be notified of the fact and
the 125 sate will not be charged
without yur knowledge
i ChitrnTIutt Clntvpusibione minute
i I havabecn in the dairy business all my life
and haw wanv times cnurneu lor an nour De
fore butter would appear so when I heard of a
churn thatwoad churn in a minute I concluded
totiyit JEvery dav for a vek I used it and
not onlv ooaid I churn In a minute but I got
more aiid wetter butter than with tho common
churn This is very important information to
butter makers The churn works easily and will
churn an ordinary churning in less than sixty
seconds liiave sold two dozen of these churns
in the past month Every butter maker that has
seen me churn in less than a minute bought one
You con obteiu all desired information regard
ing the churn by addressing J F Casey Co
St Louis Mo and they will give you prompt
and courteous attention 2 ADAIKVMAN
Wanted at Once
Ten good teams to haul freight to
the Brick yard and llosebud Agency
AVill have hauling all winter
3G Davenport Tiiacher
Davenport Thacher carry a com
plete line of coffins and undertakers
supplies iii
Another Smart Woman
Mv husband is poor but proud and he does
not want aid to work as I nave nothing to do I
get lvstless and after reading in your paper
Mrs Russells cvperience selling self heating
liatirons 1 concluded I would try it I wrote
toTF Casey Co St Louis Mo and they
treated me so nicely that I felt very much en
couraged As soon as I got my sample iron I
started out and sold 8 irons the first day clear
ing S12 I have nat sold less than 8 irons any
day since then and one day I sold 17 I now
have 226 clear money and my husband does
not know I have been working at all but I am
afraid he will be mad when 1 tell him Have I
done- right or should I quit work and leave him
to struggle alone 2 an Anxious Wifk
Yon are doing just right your husband should
be proed of you go right ahead and show the
world what aiv energetic woman can do The
self heating iron mast be a wonderful -seller as
wertiear af so many that are succeediug selling
Wanted -Wood on subscription
Dry hard wood prferred CalL early
and avoid the rush
JIoiv a Woman Paid Her 2cbtft
A lady in Lexington says l am out of dobt
and thanks to the dishwasher business Iu tho
past six weeks I have made 530 Every house
keeper wants a disewasher and any entelligent
persou can sell them with big profit to himself
The dishwasher is lovely you can wash afld dry
the family dishes in two minutes and without
wetting your hands Yoa can get- particulars by
addressing The Mound City Dishwasher Co
St Louis Mo There is big money in the busi
ness for an agent I expect to clear 4000 tho
coming year I need the money why not make
It 5 Miss C E
The Crookston Division of Cherry
County Teachers Association will
meet in Crookston on the third Satur
day of Noverber at 130 pm instead
of fourth Saturday on account of the
XWTA meeting at Hay Springs on
that date All are invited to attend
The following will be the program
Song America By Association
Recitation By Pupil
Advanced History Celia Vaughn
Music in the Country School
Mrs Vivian Lawrie
Primary Beading Miss Schopp
Low to explain the GCD and
and LCM and why we in
vert the divisor in divison of
CommonFractions L Ballard
Spelling Miss Lottie Hubbard
Music By Association
Program Committee
The Ketv Hook Spoon Free fo All
I read in the Christian Standard that Miss A
M Fritz Station A St Louis Mo would give
anelegant silver spoon to anyone her
ten 2 cent stamps i sent for one and found it
so useful that I showed it to my friends and
made 1360 in two hours taking orders for the
spoon The hook spoon is a houuehold
It cannot slip into the dish or cooking
vessel being held in place by a hook on the
back The spoon is something tha housekeep
ers have needed ever since spoons were lirst in
vented Anyone can get a sample spoon by
sending ten 2 centtamps to Miss Fritz Ths
is a splendid way to make mouev around home
Yery truly Jeanxette s
The Democrat and the Thricea
week Xew York World one vear
Harry This Girl Quiet
Isaw in your paper that a 13 vear old bov
made 125 the first hour he worked sellins the
Perfection Metal Tip Lampwick I ordered a
sample and went to work and the first week I
cleared 10 the second week I cleared S15 I
expect to run up to S25 a week in the near
future s the Perfection Meftal Tip Lampwick
makes such a beautiful white light aud does
away with smokey chimneys and bud Oder and
saves oil it is easy to sell If vou wish to trv it
send 13 two cent stamps to Miss A M Fritz
Station A St Louis Mo and she will send yoii
sample outfit this is a good wav to make money
around home Mass Tina W
And The Democrat still pursues
the even tenor of its way gaining
friends and subscribers but layiug up
no spondulicks If Bryan is elected
and that great financial crash comes
on as predicted by Hanna et a this
paper wont lose much money Now
is the time to renew
MaaKfift ttaaKTruijatAT
Parties having final proof notices in
these columns will refpive a marked
copy of the paper which contains
first insertion oi same It is the duty
of each claimant to examine their
notice carefully and should there be
any error the fact should be reported
to the laud ofliee aud to this ollicc at
once for correction
U S land Ollc Vafcmttw ibra ka
October 1S1W
is hPPbv gtvfi thrfi William 5 Sawyer
ofFlgiu Ilinioislias tiled auricr n intention to
make final oroof before thrdtcgin r ir ItocfJv
erat his ollt in VaW ntinn Nebrsli in Fri
day the ltd ay of Deeemlier on timber
culture appli ion No 7700 for tbe lot 4 Vi
seii and of section No C J lu township
No 30 N range No 28w
Be names iw witnesses Tiarvpy F Dewey
and Charles SY Dewey of Wood Lake Nebr
ypencer R Dewey and Robert Quizeubery of
Oasis Nebraska
Testimony of claimant will be taken before the
clerk of the district court of Kaue county at his
office in Geneva Illinois on Decembers 1S9G
Also Henry G Havvyer of Carpentersville 111
T C 7601 fci tlte nlsue and nmr1 section 25
towKship Tun range 2inv
He names as witnesses Harvey E Dewey
and Charles W Dewey ol Wood Lake Nebr
Spencer V Dewey and Robert Quizeubery of
Oasis Nebraska
Testimony of the claimant will be taken before
the clerk of thedlstrict court of Kaue county at
his oilico in Geneva Illinois on December Sth
Also William O Sawyer of Carpentersville
111 one of the hairs of George E Sawyer de
ceased who made TC entry No Z700 for the
ni4sei swfnoMand seJnwJi section 27 town
ship oon range 23w
He names as witnesses Harvey E Dewey
and Charles W Dewey of Wood Ltike Nebr
Spencer E Dewey and Robert Quizunbery of
Oasis Nebra ka
Testimony of claimant will bo takcnoefore the
clerk ot the district court of Kane cotmtv at hi
otllce in Geneva Illinois ou Decembers 189C
C R GLOVER juegister
U S Laud Otllce Valentine Nebr
October 2Uth 19 f
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settlerbasJiled notice of bis intention to
make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before the Register
and Receiver at Valentine Neb ou Dec loth
1890 viz
Wilhelm Anderson of Median jKeb
H E 8661 for the lots 1 2 and 3 section 2 aud
lot 5 section l township 32 range 31
He names the following witnesses to urovo his
continuous residence upon aud cultivation of
said land viz
Peter Jailoway David Hendershott James
Johnson aud Avelyu TBrackett all of McCann
C R GLOVER Register
U 8 LKD Office Valentine Neb
October 27 1896 f
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make linabproof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before Register and
Receiver at Valentine Nebraska on Dec 9th
1690 viz
Lars Pederson of Kennedy Nebr
II E 10045 for the neneV i section 23 uwM nui
and 1111W section 24 township 29 range 32
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land viz
David a piercy Francis M Robinson Erik
Arneson and Aaen Rardsen all of Kennedy
Nebr C R GLOVER Register
U S Land Office at Valentine Neb l
Nov 4th 1896 f
Notice jis hereby given that the following
named settler hns fited notice of his intention
to make final proof iu support of his claim and
that said prowf will be made before the Register
and Receiver at Valentine Neb on Dec 11th
1896 vizs
Joim C Nichols of Beige Nebr
HE No 8831 for the lots 3 4 ami eVi swh
Sec 31 Tp 30 R 33
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
o said laud viz
Daniel P White and Feter Gallowav of Mc
Cann tNeb Henry Schleieter and PcterRelmers
of Reige Neh
CR GLOVER Register
Land Office at Valentine Nebraska i
Nov 189C f
Notice Js hereby given that Mary J Storey
formerly Mary J Ensleyhas filed notice of in
tention to snaKO final proof before the Register
or Receiver at their ofliee in Valentine Nebr on
Friday the 18th day of December 1896 on tim
ber culturoapplication No 8298 for the lot 3
neiswi eJiwJi nwJisoH Sec 30 Tp 32 n
R 40 V
She names as witnesses Charles Gartside
John C Nolan Lyman Storey ami Gustas Guu
dcrson all of Cody Nebr
C R GLOVER Register
US Land Office Valentine Nebr I
Nov 14th 1896
Notico is hereby given that tho following nain
ed settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before Root Lucas
LSCCC at Merriman Nebr ou Dec 30th
1896 viz
Joseph A Sanlts of Pullman Neb
H E 9301 for the and s4so Sec 14
Tp 29 R 37
lie names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said laud viz
Charles Jacohson William Metzger and Eg
bert Bonnen of Pullman Nebr William Enlow
of Gordon Nebr
C RGLO VER Register
Land Oflico at Valentine Nebr I
Nov 14th 1896 1
Complaint having been entered at this office
by James Enos against Zadok Hurtt for aban
doning his Homestead Entry No 9S94 dated
August 20 1894 upon -the wViswJ sesw
Sec 27 Tp -35 n R 40 w in Cherry county
Nebraska with a view to the cancellation of said
entry the said parties are hereby summoned to
appear at this office on the 4th day of January
1897 at 10 oclock a m to respond and furnish
testimony concerning said alleged abaudonment
Testimony of witnesses to oe taken before
Robert Lucas USCCC at Merriman Cherry
county Nebraska December 30 1896 at 10 a m
C It GLOVER Register
Omaha Neb Oct 24 1896 Sealed pro
posals1n triplicate will be received here until 2
oclock p m November 24 1896 and then
opened for fumishtng Shelled Corn required
iu Department of the Platte during fiscal year
ending June 30 1S97 U S reserves the right to
reject or accept auy or all proposals or any part
thereof Information furnished on application
here or to post and depot quartermasters where
supplies are needed Envelopes containing pro
posals will be endorsed Proposals for Corn
at aud addressed to D D WHEELER
Major Q M
tott Headquarters Department of the
Platte Office Chief Commissarv of Subsisten2e
Omaha Neb October 19 1890 Sealed proposals
miripiieaie acuoiupanieu oy written guarantee
bonds iu duplicata will be received at this
office until 11 oclock ara central standard
time November 19 1896 at which time and
place they will be opened in presence of bidders
tor furnishing such quantities of fresh beef and
mutton for issues as may be required by the
Subsistence Department US Army at Omaha
Nebraska Forts Crook Robinson and Nio
brara Nebraska aud Forts D A Russell and
Washakie and Camp Pilot Butte Wyoming and
Fort Meade S D during the period commenc
ing January l 1897 aud ending June 30 1897
Proposals will also be received until 10 oclock
am mouutain standard time and opened at
the posts of Forts Niobrara Robinson D A
Russell Washakie Meade and Camp Pilot
Butte by the respective post commissaries of
such posts each commissary receiving propo
sals for his own post only Proposals will alxo
he received stating the price at ivhich the bid
der will deliver fresh beef or mutton of the
character staled in the tpcclficationx and to be
delivered of temperature not greater than 50
degrees Fahrenheit Full information furnish
ed on application here or to romraissary at any
post authorized to open proposals Government
reserves right to reject any or all proposals or
any part ot any proposal Envelopes containing
proposals should he marKed Proposals for
Fresh Beef and Mutton and addiessed to un
dersigned or Commissary af post authorized to
recei e projif FR A UI E NYE Major and
Sftiro for Apjtnltitiiivnt ot Adm
In fount Court of hem onnlv NVifai a
fnhii G Guilt iirtVUi of
MuH iiauhuiJitgllM in iii rMU n
iiii pmuiiior iiifAjijcuiHtii ntnt hluant J
Daveiipid as uilmlrustrutur of ilu in
Walter Hare iliTcuied nil pTvui in
said tate will take rmiier that l hav Tired
S jlnnlnt f hi rli iliv i1 Vu rfilip I -it i
j iVurk as lite ami niv uUire In CUem
ct mty Xilinka lir the la aring o
lucupiKMniitiiMii hi aiiHi iiirHtif
Vitrir my hu anil m j if Um innl
t ouri iiu nun unj t iivcnuwr i
I- M UAvrr
J SEA I iuity liulgt
rvofii f i
The Town Site Company olfSeorgin i
Nebraska herewith gives notice tlmlj
Mia litMiia nf tlm trin n n ill r n1ifimfa
vuv iiju vi viit iliiu k in o tiuiiirU
from Georgia to Biptey
CiiKiutv Count v Land Company
JEIect Ion In tftwr
J And you can now make that trip eat
jou have been thinking about Tie
member the Pacific Short Line leaves
OXeill immediately after arrival of
train from Black Hills and saves you
two hours time to iioux City and Hie
East Buy local ticket to OXeiil
This makes the lowest rate
To Whom It May 4Jvnecrn
AH persons indebted to the estate of
Walter Hare deceased are requested
to settle promptly John J Guth is
authorised to receive and reeeipt for
same E J Davenport
It stands first among weekly
papers in size frequency of publica
tion and freshness variety and relia
bility of contents It is pnictically a
daily at the low price of a weekly and
its vast list of subscribers extending
to every state and territory of the
Union and foreign countries will vouch
for the accuracy and fairness of its
news columns
It is splendidly illustrated and
among its special features are a fine
humor page exhaustive market re
ports all the latest fashions for
woman and a long long series
of stories by the greatest living
American and English authors
Conan Doyle Jerome K Jerome
Stanley Weyman Mary E Wilkins
Anthony Hope Bret Harte
Brander Matthews etc
We offer this uneqalled newspaper
and The Valentine Democrat to
gether one year for 150 The regu
lar subscription price of the two pape rs
is 200
-proprietors of-
Good HigB and Careful Drivers
Teams Stabled
At Geo Langs old stand
Pacific Short Line
Passenger leaves OXeiil rseb
at 1005 a m immediately after ar
rival of train from Black
Hills reaching Sioux City at 235 p
m saving three hours time
Lowest rates Purchase local tickets
to OXeiil and rebuy there
Ifli stalls you
n Kf
Hare you a feel
ing of -weight in
the Stomach
Bloating after
eating Belch 1
ing of Wind
Waterhrash i
Heartburn Bad Taste in the Mouth
in the Morning Palpitation of the
I Heart due to Distension of Stomach i
i Cankered Mouth Gas in the Bowels
Loss of Flesh Fickle Appetite
i impressed Irritable Condition of the
i Mind Dizziness Headache Con
stipation or Diarrhoea Then you have
In wae of Its tnaaT forms The oae dmUItc
enre ior wis distressing complaint Is
Jcler Bypepi a tablets-
by mall prepaM on receipt of cents
Yorfceays -I suffered homlily iromrivs l
Persia bat Ackers Tablets lafcen alicr
uieais uive cureu we
Acker Medicine Co 16 1S Chambers St 5 T
najrt xa sxE2agsaraiggBaa
Vrrh Vpricrn Line is to best
ti ami from lite
tliauc j ou can get tbelxss made finest flnJ jod
JfeaiS5Tene arepntatlou by honest andSS
neJ2SJihef8 fcnpnotn orld that can mbqbaI
jposnanlcal construction durability of wortihur
Er2nfnees fceMtar In appwSe 3 hu
aa many Improrementa aa the N E WHOM K
He New Home Sewing Machine Co
SAyaujcj3ooCAi atlujxi QxT
Repairing a Specialty
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Saily except Sunday 1 year 9H
Daily and Sunday I year
Oaiiy 6 months campaign edition 2 W
Daily and Sunday 6 months 6Q
Daily 2 months 19
Daily and Sunday 2 months 148
Daily I monJh I
Daily and Sunday 1 month 78
Sundaylyear 2M
Saturday 1 year 140
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