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ROBERT B GOOD - Editor Prop
An traordiriary Case of Religious
Mania in Canada Two Men Killed
and Haifa Dozen Injured by Dy
namite in New York
Recognition of Cubans
Lima Peru Something of a -sensation
has bven caused by the news received
from Sucre Bolivia of a favorable report
made by the Committee on Foreign Af
fairs of the Bolivian Chamber of Deputies
on a resolution lo recognize the Cuban in
surgents as belligerents Upon hearing
tlie news the Spanish envoy to Peru
Senor de Vanello who is also accredited
to Bolivia immediately set out for Sucre
to look after Spanish interests at that cap
ital and presumably to lodge a protest on
behalf of hs Government against the pro
posed action Further advices received
from show that Congress had held
an exciting and stormy session to consider
the resolution The president of the
chamber declared the resolution adopted
and the Senate proceeded to approve it iu
ihemidstof loud protests from excited
beuators and great confusion in the senate
chamber so that the session had Jinally
lo be suspended
Whole Family Daft
Bowmaxviile Ont A most extraor
dinary case of religious mania is reported
liom a farm house near the Long Saulte
There resides Elijah Rice his wife and
fifteen children The eldest son Louis
22 years old recently became insane and
announced himself as the Prince of the
Sand Hills and declared that Christ had
appointed him to reform the world The
mania extended tothe father mother and
the other children who neglected the
farm aud spent their time iu singing and
praying Jtecently the father conceived
ihe idea that Louis was pursued by the
devil and that it must be beaten out of
him Louis was knocked down with a
leg of a chair aud Sir and JUrs Rice and
two sons pounded him into insensibility
Their next move was to celebrate the
feast of the passover and one of the lit
tle children was to be sacrificed as the
pascal lamb One of the sons a mere
boy told -this to -a clergyman who in-
formed the police
London- A correspondent telegraphs
to the Times from Allahabad India as
follows Distress is beginning to be
-felt m the Madras districts Rev Mr
Campbell a British missionary writes
froin Cuduapen urging the importation of
American maize winch he says is half
the pree of wheat and wouldfind a ready
ialeii our up country villages It is
grown in many parts of ceded districts
and from its resemblsncetocholam would
be preferred to either rice or ragi while it
Could ue sold much cheaperthan either of
iheludian grains
If UieGoverumentvwillnot undertake
such work surely there are merchants in
IMadras prepared to benefit the public
with a prospect of a fair profit Jdaize
would also find a ready sale in upjer In
-Dynamite Explosion
Niagara Falls X Y By the ex
plosion of about thirty pounds of dyna
mite in the office of E JD Smith Co
contractor in charge of the exten
sion of the wheel pit and tunnel
of the Niagara Falls Power Company
two men were instantly killed one was
lalally injured three others were severely
- injured auu several were cut and bruissd
by Hying rocks and timbers The office
building a frame structure 25 by 40 ieet
was totally demolished and windows
many yards distant were broken by the
shock From wnac can belearned oi the
accident one of the employes had just
thawed out the dynamite in the power
house some distance away and brought
it over totfie office preparatory to ablast
And rade Goes -Home
WLasuixgtox Senor Andrade minis
ter to me United Statas from Venezuela
has gone home He has taken with him
a copy of the treaty between Venezuela
and vGreat -Britain for the arbitration of
the boundary dispute together with a
coity oi the agreements signed by Secre
tary Olney and Sir Julian xPouncoiote
which was preliminary to the treaty be
tween the countries actually in interest
Senor Andrade will urge his country to
accept the treaiy at once
Fatal Football Game
Law Rexce Kas In the football game
here between the State University and
JDoaneCollege of Crete Neb TL Serf
tue yuaneruacK ot tue jNeoraska team
was sobidly injured that he died Three
of Kuisas star players have decided to
loiever abandon football and the Doane
team is so broken up that it may disband
jno oiame is attached to anyone It
purely anaacident
To Stay in the Field
Chicago The Gxdd Democratic slate
committee methere Saturday and gave
out an address to the Democrats of Illi
nois and decided also to keep
maintain headquarters and
continue an acttve campaign in behalf ol
old fashioned Democratic principles
President Clevelands administration and
the loreiguaud domestic policy
eaious 2Ians Grime
cGlejtwoojb SPitUfcs Colo ames
Spurrier a young printersoot and fatally
wounded Miss jtfinaConiell and slightly
wounded James Wilson her escort and
ihensen a bullet through his own heart
Weekly JBank Statement
Net Yobk The weekly bank state
ment shows a reserve increase of 8691
430 The banks now hold 23501000 in
excess of leiril roquircinents
After Them
The Louisvilfe and
ixasuviiie tram lor mew Orleans was
wrecked near here early the other morn
ing by train robbers who removed a rail
Three persons were seriously injured
Bloodhounds were set ou the trail of the
Ecuador to Erpell the Jesuits
Quataojdti The Government of Ec
uador has ordered the Jesuit fathers set
tled in the easternjpart of the republic to
leave the country It is alleged that they
hay been XomeDtiojj revolutionary move
Convict Gets a Fortune
Chicago When Alonzo C Wood a
tvealthy resident of Chicago made his will
shortly before his death four years ago
hedisinherited his son Fred L Wood
who is in the California penitentiary un
der life sentence for murder The Illinois
supreme court has set aside the will The
result is an estate of 1000000 must be
divided according to law and the life con
vict win get 50000
Mr Wood in his will accused his son
of attempting to murder him and his
brothers and sisters lie recounted the
advantages given the son and how the
latter threatened to kill the rest of the
family After mentioning the faeL of the
sons imprisonment the lather said in his
During his boyhood and early man
hood I gave him more advantages than I
gave the other children but all my love
and care for him only seemed to make
him more wicked and reckless It is my
ucoiiu umi e Sllilll Have 110111111
whatever from my estate and 1 make
iis statement that there
may be no ques
tion as to my intention to leave my son
The court says a man cannot disinherit
a child by simply saying he does not
wish to leave him anything In addition
to doing this the decision says he must
lve the property to some one else
Bradstreets Review
New Ionic Bradslreets says The
volume of business improves slowly in
nearly all lines The most active de
mand is among jobbers in dry goods
clothing millinery shoes leather and
hardware Wool is higher on more active
demand but manufacturers are not snp
pling in excess of wants Other advances
m prices are for leather shoes while pine
lumber petroleum lard
sugar and for
wool corn and oats The conspicuous de
crease in prices are those for coffee pork
and turpentine
Mercantile collodions throughout the
central western and southern states are
easier but complaints are still heard from
the west
Exports of wheat flour included as
wheat from both coasts of the United
states and from Montreal amount to 4631-
oio ousneis mis week the heaviest weeks
total since the second week in September
1893 This is an increase of 4230000
bushels over last week aud of more than
1300000 bushels over the corresponding
week one year ago
Exports of Indian corn have also in
creased heavily amounting lo 3782000
Hhes tus week compared with 2247
000 bushels last week
Darlc Days in Nicaragun
Panama A correspondent in Nic
aragua reports the political horizon there
as still dark and a crreat fool in a- is
wrought up by a conspiracy there to over
throw President Zelaya Chamors An
tonio Solorzano and Salvador Lezama
who are under arrest charged with the
crime of rebellion are still in prison and
President Zelaya persists in refusing to
accept bond Bail iu the sum of 100000
was offered for each by friends of the
prisoners for their release
Gen Ortiz one of the leading spirits in
the present disturbance -is now in pvMp
but he is very popular
Double Missouri Tragedy
Silex Mo Mrs Mary Cox shot and
probably fatally wounded her husband
Abner Cox an industrious young farmer
living about a mile from town and after
wards shot herself through the head For
some time Mrs Cox has been deranged
and her relatives have been watching her
closely for several months She had
strange hallucinations aud had carried a
revolver constantly Her husband how
ever paid no attention to her threats
Violate Counterfeiting Laws
Kansas City The federal grand jury
has indicted Frank Hudson Arthur S
iKimberly and William
J McCurry re
spectively president treasurer and secre
tary of the Hudson -Kimberly Printing
Company for distributing advertising
cards on which had been stamped an im
print of a 20 gold piece The jury holds
that this constitutes a serious offense
againstthe federal laws regulating coun
Have a Fight with Burglars
Batavia N Y At Elba at 2
oclock Thursday morning the burglar
alarm in the house of W A nundre
marks notified him that his store had been
entered He summoned a body of citi
zens who surrounded the store and called
on the burglars to surrender The burg
lars refused and a fight followed One
burglar was killed and another wound e
and -surrendered
Roy Alex Bert Not Found
BuaracE Mont The searching parties
who have -been hunting for llev Alex
Bert the young Chicago preacher who
became lost in a snow storm in the mountains-near
Troy last week have aban
doned the search There is little hope of
recovering the body before spring His
tracks were found in several places but
since then snow has been falling heavily
Was Buying Arms for Cubans
London The Westminister Gazette
says that itis now settled that the defense
of Edward J Ivory alias Edward J Bell
the alleged Imsh dynamiter of JSTew York
if he shall be committed for trial will be
that he P J Tynan and ihe others had
a mission hi behalf of an American fili
bustering syndicate to purchase explo
sives and arms for the Cubans
Indicted Tor Combining
Salt Lake Thirteen members of the
Salt Lake Coal Exchange were found
guilty in the United States district court
They were charged and indicted hv ilm
grand jury for combining to prevent per-
suiis uol members or tne exchange from
uuiuwuug uuu it juices as low as were
made to members of the exchange in
ordei to destroy competition
Hofstetter in the Lead
Saeatoga jr X The score at the
end ot twelve hours of the six dav four
iliours daily bieycle contest was Hof
stetter 250 miles four laps Smith 219
mines u lans Sehock 218 miles 3 laps
More Speed Moue Money
Philadelphia The battleship Iowa
made 11527 knots an hour iu the builder-
trial Her guaranteed speed was 16 knoi
The builders receive 50000 for each quar
ter knot in eccess on the oilicial trial trip
test to be made
Must Evacuate San Antonio
SucjjEj Bolivia The Argentine Minis
ter has been instructed to demand of
Bolivia the evacuation of the district of
I San Antouio lately occupied by Boliv
Carlisles Assaulter Pined
Covixgtox Ivy James Eagin who
threw a lighted eigar into Secretary Car
lisles Hice at a meeting here last month
has been Sued 20 and costs for the aot
Lioness Stives Her Lire
Philadelphia Howser one of the
big lionesses in Mme Piankas fafnily at
the Ninthand Arch Street Museum savd
her pretty distress from a horribledealh
A feature of Mine Piankas performance
is an exciting lion chase in wliichshe is
pursued around the cage by Spitfire at
whom she fires blank cartridges during
her rapitl flight Mme Pianka usually
reaches the door a second in advance of
her savage pursuer This time she stum
bled and fell In an instant Spitfire who
is a vicious and murderous brute saw the
opportunity she has long been awaiting
and with a deadly snarl she pounced upon
the prostrate woman The startled at
tendants sprang for the iron rods but be
loiv they could have reacded them it
would have been all over with plucky
inie rianKa Had it not been for the
promptness of Bowser who with a
oicuu mat wis Jieani uioelts away
leaped full at Spitfire striking her full on
the shoulder and sending he rolling m the
The next moment Bowser and Spittii
were locked in fierce combat and Mme
Pianka had gained her feet just in time lo
beat back that treacherous old murderer
Nero who was about to take a hand in
the game Then she turned her attention
to Spitfire and administered to
ful animal a thrashing that will live long
in her memory During the conflict the
baby lois who allowed to run at large
on the platform caught the spirit of the
fray and pitched into each other like
thoroughbreds One of them lost a por
tion of en ear in the light
Bob a monster lion who bit off a train
ers arm in Canada recently has been
added to the family and a pitched battle
between him and Nero is looked far
Kansas Women Rise Op
Topeka Kan The Kansas Equal
Suffrage Association recently iu session
here announced that the women of Kan
sas had grown tired of begging this or
that politioal organization for favors and
they propose to become a lively factor in
Kansas politics The association adopted
a resolution which declares
Henceforth we deem it most expedient
for all true suffragists and every suffrage
association in the state to do all in their
power to defeat every candidate for office
who refuses to declare himself openly and
honestly in favor of the right of suifrage
to every adult citizen of this republic
without regard to sex
It was also decided to ask the incoming
state Legislature to grant Kansas women
presidential suffrage
Weyler is Driven Back
St Louts A Globe Democrats Key
West Fla special says Capt Gen
Weyler has at last met the Cubans on the
field and suffered a repulse according to
advices per the steamer Olivette from
Havana on the 11th Weyler it is said
was attacked while encamped in Gober
nadora hills Pinar del Itio province by
Cubans under Perico Delgado and Pericc
Diaz The Cubans surprised the Spanish
outposts and for a time great confusion
prevailed in Weylers camp Weyler is
said to have fallen back about eight miles
During the retreat the Cubans killed
iniriy iour paniarus and wounded sixty
Knights of Labor in Session
Rochester The regular session of
the general as embly of the Knights of
Labor opened here on the 10th with about
100 delegates present from different parts
of the United States and Canada The
meeting throughout is strictly secret
nothing being given out except through
the press committee appointed by the
master workman but information from a
reliable source is that one of the most im
portant subjects of deliberation would be
the tariff and that the present Congress
will be asked to take the duty off window
Washington Man Suicides
Washington Boutelle W Frazier
proprietor of the Wellington Hotel com
mitted suicide by shooting himself through
the head the tragedy taking place at a
lonely spot near the chain bridge over the
Potomac River The deceased was a
prominet citizen and was one of the best
known hotel men in Washington Ho
had been in a melancholy frame of mind
for some time past due to his physical
condition A letter to his wife assigned
ill health as the cause that led to ta
his life
Tortured by Robbers
Columbus Ohio llobert Tcaison a
gardner living alone was tortured with
tire knife rope and revolver bv robbers
who got 23 all he had but they wanted
more He is in a serious condition
Would Recognize Rebels
Sucre Bolivia The committee on
foreign affairs of the Chamber of Depu
ties reported in favor of the recognition of
the Cuban insurgents as belligerents
Chicago Cattle common to
350 to S550 hoes shinninsr
300 to 375 sheep fair to choice 200
to 350 wheat No 2 red 77 to 79c
corn No 2 24c to 25c oats No 2 ISc
ro 19c rye No 2 37c to 39c butter
choice creamery ISc to 19c uirsrs fresh
ISc to 20c potatoes per bushel 20c to
30c broom corn common short to choicr
dwarf 35 to S0 per ton
Indianapolis Cattle shipping 300 to
500 hogs choice light 300 to 375
sneep common to prime 200 to 350
wheat No 2 78c to 80c corn No 2
white 25c to 23c oats No 2 white 20c
to 21c
St Louis Cattle 300 to 525 hogs
300 to 375 wheat No 2 SSc to 90c
corn No 2 yellow 23c to 24c oat
No 2 white 10c to ISc rye No 2 34c
to 3Gc
Cincinnati Cattle 250 to 475 ho s
300 to 370 sheep 250 to 350
wheat No 2 SSc to 90c corn No 2
mixed 25c to 27c oats No 2 mixed 20c
to 22c rye No 2 37c to 3Sc
Detroit Cattle 250 to 500 hogs
300 to 375 sheen S200 to S350
wheat No 2 red 90c to 91c corn No 2
yellow 22c to 24c oats No 2 white 21c
to 22c rye 3Sc to 39c
Toledo Wheat No 2 red 91c to 92c
corn No 2 mixed 24e to 20c oats No
2 white 18c to 20c rye No 2 39c to 41c
clover seed 550 to 500
Milwaukee Wheat No 2 spring 79c
to SOc co- Ko 3 24c to 2Gc oats No
2 white 21c to 22c barley No 2 30c to
3ic rye No 1 39c to 41e pork mess
075 to 725
Buffalo Cattle 250 to 525 hogs
ouu io ju sneep 200 to 375
wheat No 2 red 95e to 9Gc corn No 2
yellow 29c to 30c oats No 2 white
23c to 25c
New York Cattle 300 to 550 hogs
300 to 450 sheep 200 to 400
wheat No 2 red 85c to S7c corn No 2
31c to 32c oats No 2 white 23c to 24c
butter creamery 15c to 21c egge West
era 20c to 24c
Eric Sandberg a
It Is Found by the Returns that the
Gold Democrats Cast More Than
1 Per Cent of the Entire Vote
Which Entitles Them to a Place
on the Oilicial Ballot Next Year
The Election
From the returns already at hand it is
found that the gold standard Democrats
cast considerably more than 1 per cent of
the entire vote thus entitling that organ
ization to a place on the official ballot
next year uuder the provisions of the law
The votes on President and state offi
cers as far as received are printed balow
It is 1 kely to be several days yet before
the complete returns from Nebraska are
The greater bulk of the votes
iowever have been counted and tabulat
ed From the counties returned no
ures were received which materially di
minish the plurality given Mr Bryan
His majority over his leading opponent
will approximate 120U0
J lLlJl lwu
I I li I ill 1 1 j
J JL O v U 1
Lieutenant Governor
JXtlillo 1 1 w Iw
Tefft 04 340
Secretary of Stale
l ILl Ot
-- i t a i i f
Cornell 007 7
Hedluud Gj7i0
Me erve 73457
Oasey 03487
Supt Puulic Instruction
Corbett 01720
Attorney General
oiiij ill iDUot
Chun hill 07220
Lanu Commissioner
Wolfe 7i09
Russell 00104
Rawlins 0054
Whitmote 6L S32
Will Sue Knox County
The cattle stealing case against Will
iam Lyons was concluded in the district
court at Pierce last week The suit was
commenced in Knox County and tak n to
Pierce on a chage of venue Lyons was
forced to spend several months in jail
there as he could not furnish bail The
aase was interesting and the court room
was crowded with anxious spectators
many of them being friends of the defend
ant and who were hoping for the prison
ers liberation The jury alter being out
ver fifteen hours rendered a verdict of
not guilty and Lyons was immediately
released Many or his friends congratu
lated him and shook his hand after the
jurys decision was announced
Mr Lyons will commence a damage sut
against lvuox Uounty
Shot by a Boy
young man 17 years
4iu wnose fiome is in Council Bluffs and
who has been working for C P Johnson
3 farmer living near Mead met with an
accident recently which may ttrove fatal
ne sent one oi
stairs to bring
Johnsons little bovs un
his shotgun down The
child being gone longer than was thought
necessary he started to see what was
wrong He hadstarted up the stairs when
the boy appeared above and pointing the
gun at him it explode the full charge
striking him in the oheek and neck The
gun was loaded with bird shot The doc
tors in charge of the case have taken out
almost a teaspoonful of shot besides one
of the gunwads
TVill Lose lloth Feet
The condition of Hurry Cogil the boy
who had both legs crushed while playing
around the turntable in the Elkhorn rail
way yards at Yoik is becoming serious
The lelt foot was m badly crushed that
amputation was necessary and it is now
feared that the right leg wll have to come
off The suryeons in charge say that the
uoy can uaiuiy survive another am put i
tion The lather of the injured boy has
orougn suit tor damages
road company The
the case
against the rail
company will light
Celebration of a Pioneer
Mrs Jane Wilson celebrated her 40th
anniversary of Nebraska lire on the old
homestead at Dunbar having arrived
there November 12 1856 from Stratford
Ontario The journey at that time occu
pi ul three weeks and part of it had to be
m de on foot as he r i r ad did not ex
tend farther than Jefferson City Missouri
Now the trip is made in twenty six hours
Part of the village of Dunbar is located on
the old farm
Financial Distress Causes Insanity
August Schukep a German farmer
about 48 years of age living in Walker
Towiship near the Madison County line
wi uiiic u ueiore tne commissioners of
insanity at Uolumbns and declared to be
mentally unbalanced Sheriff Eavanaugh
rtook the unfortunate man to the asylum
at Norfolk wheieitis thought a course
of treatment may be beneiicial Financial
worry caused his derangement
Jefferson County Farmers Meet
At the annual meeting of the Jefferson
County Agricultural Society at Fairbury
the following officers were elected Jasper
Helvey president WM Armstrong and
C F Stark vice presidents W W Wat
son secretary G WHansen treasurer
J C Eesterson W H Beardsley and w
11 Avery managers
Horse Tbief Sentenced
Walter Smith the younir man cantiirpd
at Weeping Water while trying to escape
with a team of mules stolen from Louis
ville was before Judge Ramsey at Platts
mouth for sentence he having pleaded
guilty to the theft The judge sentenced
him to three years at hard labor in the
Appoint a County Commissioner
Hon W R Barton of Tecumseh has
been appointed county commissioner
from the Second district to till the va
cancy caused by the death of J T
ricit jue appointive power was with
the county clerk county treasurer and
county judge
Footpads Rob Boys
Roy Wheelock a young man 17 years of
age was attacked by lootpads at Beatrice
and robbed of 12 The boy was treasurer
of one of thtf Presbyterian Church socie
ties aud was on his way limine from the
church when Jhe robbery took place J
Mrs ODoniicll Accidentally Killed
by Her Son
Mrs Mary Joe ODonnell wife of Road
master Patrick ODonnell of the B M
was accidently shot at Lincoln by her 15-year-old
son Willie and died within thirty
minutes afterward without havine
The boy was passing through the
kitchen di o in which -he mother stood
carrying in his hand a 3 revolver
from which he believe I all the shells had
baen remoed In attempting to remove
the cylinder as he passed his mother a re
maining shell exploded the ball en
tering the comer of the Ief eye and pas
sing toward the brain Doctors made an
examination of the wound soon after Mie
shooting and declare that death re lied
from hemorrhage of the brain
Mrs ODonnell was 34 years old and
the mother of nine children the youngest
a babe of 0 months the eldest the lad who
did the shooting He is now heartbroken
over the accident Coroner Holyoke and
a jury hastily summoned held an inouest
the verdict being accidental shooting
There appears lo be a fatality pursuing
the htmily of which 3Irs ODonnell was
a mem bur Six years ago her aged mother
was killed by being thrown from a buggy
The horse took fright at a street car and
the aged woman was thrown out her head
strllcinj the curbstone aud producing in
stant death
Wreck on the Union Pacific
Quite a serious accident occurred on the
mam line of the Union Pacific thirty six
miies east of Julesburg on the 11th Evi
dence is conllicting as to the cause of the
accident some stating it was due t
broken rails Five cars left the trick in
cluding two Picitic coast tourist sleepers
one chair car and two Pullmans The
tourist cars stood on end against each
itlier one on one s d of tie track and
ihe other on the other side nuking an A
across the track The first Pullman took
lire but the blaze was soon extinguished
No one was killed and ihosemostserious
ly injured are
Conductor L D Pierce of Xorth Platte
face elbow and right hip badly cut and
Mrs Martha Bradshaw of Sheridan
Mont right side of head badly bruised
and crushed and one finger broken
Mrs Emma Thomas en route from En
gland lo Butte Mont right side of head
bruised collarbone broken and side iu
James McCandach of Grand Island
scalp wound and back injured
Charles L Meyer of Now York repre
senting the Cripple Creek mining
eue ngntKiiee Druised and spr lined
W A Bristol of Cheyenne Wyoming
scalp wound
A nuinbjr of other passengers received
slight cuts from broken glass aud some
bruises but no more were seriously in
Tried to Get a Free Ride
Hi theie keep out of that yelled
one of the attaches of the union depot at
Omaha to a man who was catching a ride
ou the Union Pacific overland train as it
wis pulling out of the station
The man was J S Dods worth He was
seen aartmg beneath one of the coaches
evidently n an attempt to get astride one
of the car trucks
warning was un
heeded and an instant later Dodsworths
body was being dragged over the ties at a
rapid rate of speed The remains for he
was almost instantly killed were carried
by a brake beam for nearly fifty feet aud
were then deposited in the middle of the
track A Union Pacific brakeman and
two other bystanders hurried to the aid of
Dodsworth but found him beyond all
earthly aid The lelt arn a short dis
tance above the wrist was badly
icieu until tne nones protruded and the
lace of the unfortunate man was battered
into a pulp
District Court at Fremont
District court convened at Fremont the
9th Judge Marshall presiding The
docket was called and out of 200 cases on
the civil docket but four were set for trial
by jury The third of the damage cases
against the Elkhorn road grovmg out
the fire at Dcdge was continued to the
January term There are seventy -four
damage cases pending against the com
pany Boy Napier was arraigned on the
charge of breaking into Shiels Ne
mans store at Nickerson and stealing
goods of the value of 215 He pleaded
guilty and was remanded for sentence
There is but one criminal case for trial at
this term
Burglars JKob a Depot
Burglars entered the depot at Teka
mah and robbed the money drawer of 8
in pennies They cut a window light to
gain admittance to the waiting rooms aud
then removed a panel of the door to get
into the ticket otiice Au effort was made
to get into the safe but it was unsuccess
iu The damage to the depot building is
said to be but 3 made bv irrinir tn
pry open doors and
window glass
breaking locks and
Discovered a Herd oi Buffalo
Jack Birdsall trainmaster at Alliancr
1 rt t a t
aim uouumasier jjuutap who were
tending court at Harrison went hunting
in Snowbelly canon and while there dis
coveied a herd of Buffalo it is believed
that they are from Yellowstone Park
The discovery caused much excitement at
Harrison and the canon is being scoured
by hunters in search of them
Teachers Institute
Polk County teachers had a very pleas
ant institute at the High School buildii g
at Osceola recently Prof G W Crozier
is a man that thinks there is nothing too
good for the teachers and since he has
been county superintendent he DroTds
the best for them there is in the laud
Bank of liutchard Rcbbsd
The Bank of Burchard was broken into
the other morning and the vault entered
The robbers procurred 400 in silver
The inner vault of the safe contained con
siderable cash but the robbers were fright
ened away before they obtained it
Robbed a Grocery Store
The grocery and feed store of Tom
White at Nebraska City was entered and
a small amount of money and jrroceries
taken Entrance was effected by break
ing down the back door with an ax
Lives witn a Crushed Sfeull
E P Nicholson tho brakeman whose
skull was crushed in the Eikhorn yards
at Beemer is doing well He ha3 become
conscious but cannot tell anything about
how the accident happened All he re
members is that he was coupling the air
Large Yield of Corn
Corn is turning out much better than
was expeoted in the vicinity of Dunbar
uum iui iu ejyuiy Dusneis per acre
jNot more than one third of the corn has
been husked but each day is seeing thou
sands ol bnshejs taken out of the fields
Treaty Between Thia Conntry and
Great Britain Is Made Salisbury
Virtually Abandons His Earlier
Monroe Doctrine Stands
The United States wins and the Monroa
doctrine has life aud force Great Brit-
ain and the United States have reached
an agreement concerning the Venezuela
dispute and the British yield everything
for which the United States has asked
Not only is the controversy to be submit
ted to arbitration but all of the territory
in dispute comes within the jurisdiction
of the tribunal of five arbitrators Every
foot -of ground which the Government ot
Venezuela has claimed is to have its title-
adjudged by the arbitrators from the
Essequibo to the undisputed Venezuelaa
frontier The famous Schombourgk line
disappears from the contention and that
arbitrary limit of Britains claims is
summarily abandoned The whole nego
tiation has been carried on between the
United States and Great Britain directly
and the right of the United States to in
terfere under the Monroe doctrine is thus
conceded This diplomatic victory wiB
set a new milepost in the history of the
United States It is one of the greatest
triumphs of a century of American diplo
A year ago last month it was an
nounced that President Cleveland and
Secretary Olney had decided to interfere
in Venezuelas behalf and demand
tration under the Monroe doctrine A
year ago President Cleveland was prepar
ing the famous message to Congress
Which gave oBicial confirmation of this
news and which brought on the menace
of war between the two nations Panic
seized Wall street and stocks fell rapidly
Lord Salisburys reply to Secretary 01
neys masterly note was a somewhat curt
and supercilious refusal to admit that the
United States had any standing in the
premises He distinctly declined to give
any countenance whatever to the Monroe
doctrine and appeared rather amused
that such an absurd pretension should be
set up by the United States This was in
line with the British policy concerning
TuQ f OTlorrnrln U TT -ff a
-v mwucuu mailer ror lorty years vj
the South American republic had sougWj
to secure arbitration or some other settle
ment but had been treated with fofty
disdain The United States Government
had repeatedly requested the British Gov
ernment to consent to arbitration but had
always met the same curt refusal
Salisbury Yieds Every Point
Now Lord Salisbury yields everything
for which the American Government has
contended The pertinency of the Mon
roe doctrine is recognized and the result
of this will be an immense enhancement
of the prestige of the republic throughout
Central and South America All of the
disputed territory is to be submitted to
arbitration and not merely a part there
of The agreement between the United
States and Great Britain is complete and
it only remains to draft the treaty and
a r
ty illllll V
Waff I
m Bm 1
Vr y
submit it to Venezuela for approval
ezuela has not as yet signified its ac-
ceptance of the conditions but as Minis
ter Andrade of that country has been
Informed of every stage of the negotia
tions no trouble is anticipated oa that
score In fact the Venezuelans are de
lighted with the outcome and grateful to
the United States Government for its
plucky and successful intervention
The agreement secures all the rights
for which Venezuela has contended Un
der the finding of the Board of Arbitra
tion it will be possible even probable for
Venezuela to secure title to all the terri
tory lying west of the Essequibo includ
ing both banks of the Orinoco and the
military establishment on the coast which
the British claimed to have inherited
from the Dutch The only point secured
by Lord Salisbury is that the settlers
who have rights of prescription running
hack fifty years or more may have their
titles confirmed but the jurisdiction will
pass to Venezuela if the verdict be in her
King Oscar to Decide
The King of Sweden and Norway
Oscar II has been chosen by treaty be
tween the United States and Great Brit
ain as the fifth arbitrator of the Vene
zuelan boundary question The other ar
bitrators four in number are to be desig
nated two by the Lord Chief Justice of
England and two by the Chief Justice of
the United States This is the final and
most important feature of the treaty foe
the complete adjustment of the long 4
pending Venezuelan controversy The
treaty was concluded in Washington
Tuesday night at the British embassy
Sir Julian
representing her
2 rff and Secretary Olneyi
the United States -