The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, November 12, 1896, Image 3

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Ohio Man Elected by a Large
All Eastern States Support the
Gold Ticket
Republican Gains rn States Heretofore
Great Pivotal Commonwealths Give
Unprecedented Majorities The Vote
of the Entire District North of the
Ohio and East of the Mississippi
Cast Solidly for McKinley He Also
Gets Enough of the Balance to
Elect Him Heavy Majority in the
East Latest Returns Make a Beltsr
Showing for Bryan in the West
William McKinley has been elected
President of the United States His
total vote in the electoral college accord
ing to returns at hand when this is writ
ten will be 2G3 with Kentucky and
Wyoming still in doubt Whichever side
wins in Kentucky conservative judges
say the plurality will not be over 1000
In Tennessee the figures seem to bear
out Democratic claims of victory for
Bryan by at least 10000 The McKinley
people present totalized figures by sec
tions tending to prove that the Ohioans
plurality will be several thousand but it
would seem judging by the returns that
the burden of proof rests upon them
Whether McKinley has over 2G3 votes
in the electoral college depends uponjne
ofiicial returns from two States In Ken
tucky the result hinges upon the vote in
two counties in the extreme eastern part
of the State a mountainous moonshin
ing region in which there are neither
railroads nor telegraph lines But even
with these counties heard from the con
test is so close that nothing short of the
-official canvass will be decisive The
plurality for either ticket will be one of
hundreds probably less than 500 The
conflicting claims of the rival State chair
men go for nothing Wyoming which
was first thought safely to be in the
Bryan column although by a narrow
margin is now counted among the Mc
Kinley States The plurality will be
about 500 and the Legislature will be
of the same party faith The situation
v -in Wyoming however is substantially
the same as that in Kentucky The dis
trict still to be heard from is 200 miles
from a telegraph office and the missing
returns may not be received for some
time Should Bryan carry both Kentucky
and Wyoming McKinley will still have
a majority considerably more than enough
to give him possession of the White
House for four years to come
Early returns indicating the result of
the presidential election were from the
cities where McKinley and Hobart made
their heaviest gains Returns received
from the country districts where the free
silver idea had gained greatest currency
considerably reduce early estimates of
Republican pluralities in several of the
States The returns however show that
McKinley not only carried all the doubt
ful States of the middle West from Ohio
to Iowa together with New York and the
New England States but that he in
vaded the States of Maryland Kentucky
West Virginia and possibly Tennessee
either winning in all of these States or
making such gains as must give him a
signally large popular vote He carried
every State in the great region lying east
of the Missouri and north of the Ohio
and Potomac Rivers There is not a
break between the rivers and the ocean
Even Delaware joias the McKinley col
In the battleground of the middle West
the majorities are amazing Illinois
leads with nearly 150000 of which Chi
cago contributed 57339 Gov Altgeld is
defeated by more than 100000 The
State outside Chicago shows unexpected
Republican gains Wisconsin gives Mc
Kinley a plurality of 102000 and later
Teturns may raise these figures Indiana
is claimed by 20000 and Michigan by
Missouri 17
Texas 15
Georgia 13
Virginia 12
Tennessee 12
Alabama 11
North Carolina 11
Kansas 10
South Carolina 9
10 Mississippi 9
Arkansas o
Louisiana 8
Nebraska 8
Colorado 4
Florida 4
Washington 4
South Dakota 4
Idaho 3
Montana 3
Kentucky 13
Nevada 3
Utah 3
Total 184
Total 2G3
Necessary to elect 224
In doubt Kentucky and Wyoming
53000 Iowa gives 72000 and Minnesota
adds 50000 more In the East the Mc
Kinley majorities are tremendous Penn
sylvania eclipses all records with a plu
rality approaching 300000 New York is
estimated at 275000 in the latest returns
Massachusetts has given 168000 and all
the other New England States give large
majorities Ohio is put at 50000
The great cities of the country have
given surprising McKinley majorities
Philadelphia heads the list with 125000
Chicago which was Democratic four
years ago is second with 50000 New
York City which has not been carried
by the Republicans in a presidential elec
tion since the war gives McKinley 16
500 Louisville the metropolis of Ken
tucky comes up with 12000 Indianap
olis which was carried for Cleveland by
1000 in 1S92 now gives McKinley 12
000 Lincoln Neb Mr Bryans home is
2000 for McKinley The Democratic
cities of Rochester and Albany N Y
are now Republican Detroit Wayne
County is reported at 1S000 St Louis
and Kansas City have given heavy Re
publican majorities
The Palmer and Buckner ticket is
everywhere returned at small figuresindi
cating that four fifths of the gold Demo
cratic vote has been given to McKinley
McKinleys plurality of the popular vote
appears to be nearly 1000000 The great
est popular plurality ever given a presi
dential candidate in the past was 763000
for Gen Grant in 1S72
He Analyzes the Causes Which Led
to McKinleys Election
Chairman James K Jones of the Dem
ocratic National Committee gives his
analysis of the causes which led to Mc
Kinleys election in the following official
address which be issued as his final ad
mission of defeat
The result of the presidential election is
apparently no longer in doubt It has been
one of the closest contests that the people
have ben called on to determine In recent
years We have claimed the election on our
advices from States that were admittedly
in doubt in which we knew there had been
many frauds and from which there were
evidences of tampering with the returns
It eenis now to be apparent that while
Mr Bryan after making the most brilliant
campaign In the history of our countrv and
has carried most of the States claimedto be
doubtful has not carried enough to assure
his success in the electoral college Bryan
electors have been chosen from all of the
States south of the Potpmac and Ohio ex
cept WeBt Virginia and all those west of the
Missouri except California and Oregon He
has 390 electoral votes and this number may
be Increased by final returns from States vet
in question He has not obtained enough
votes to carry the electoral college
Thus this remarkable campaign closes with
the election of William McKinley The re
sult was brought about by every kind of
coercion and intimidation on the past of the
New York 275000
Pennsylvanit 295000
Illinois 144800
Ohio 50000
Indiana 20000
Massachts 1G8716
Michigan 53000
Iowa 72000
Wisconsin 102000
New Jersey 85812
Minnesota 50000
California 5000
Maryland 25000
Maine 50000
W Virginia 12000
Connecticut 54142
N Hmshire 35000
R Island 12000
Vermont 35000
Oregon 3242
Delaware 750
N Dakota 8000
Wyoming 500
Total 1556902
Plurality 990212
1 gfl6L
Missouri 60000
Texas 45000
Georgia 25000
Tennessee 10000
Virginia 30000
Alabama 35000
N Carolina 10000
Kansas 13000
S Carolina 40000
Mississippi 50000
Arkansas 80000
Louisiana 35000
Nebraska 9G50
Washington 10000
Colorado 110000
Kentucky - GOO
S Dakota 500
Florida 15000
Idaho 10000
Montana 15000
Nevada 3000
Utah 10000
Total 5G6750
money power including threats of lockouts
and dismissals and impending starvation
by the employment of by far the largest cam
paign fund ever used in this country and by
the subornation of a large portion of the
American press
The President elect and his party are un
der pledge to the American people to con
tinue the gold standard and by its opera
tion to restore prosperity to this country
As chief executive Mr McKinley will have
the cordial support of millions of patriotic
Americans who have cast their votes for
William Jennings Bryan They bow to the
majesty of the office and abide by the result
They are confident the gold standard can
not give the promised prosperity but will
gladly welcome it if It comes They will
continue the great struggle for the uplifting
of humanity and in the maintenance of the
dignity of our country in the establishment
of an American money system And the
Democratic party aided by its present allies
will still uplift the bimetallic standard and
bear it on to victory JAMES K JONES
Result of the Election Made Known
to McKinley and Bryan
Seated in the library of his own house
in his own town surrounded by his fam
ily Maj McKinley received the news of
his election
On election morning just as the voters
in the nation were beginning to go to the
polls to deposit their ballots for or against
him Maj McKinley blacked his own
shoes and shaved himself as usual An
ordinary man would be apt to cut himself
while shaving under the circumstances
because of the excitement he would ex
perience but Maj McKinley was certain
ly calm and free from excitement per
fectly cool and collected as he has been
all his life He had never seemed to be
excited over the election His support
ers throughout the country have laughed
and wept over the contest more than he
and most of them have been under a more
intense nervous strain Wires had been
placed in an adjoining room by the tele
graph companies for receiving returns at
large but in addition to this a special
wire connected the McKinJey home with
Chicago where several prominent mem
bers of the force at national headquar
ters were located and a long distance
telephone kept him in communication
with Chairman Hanna at Cleveland The
telephone company arranged also a spe
cial circuit taking in New York head
quarters Senator Quays home and that
of Vice Presidential Candidate Hobart
Like Major McKinlej Mr Bryan pre
served an admirable equanimity through
the day He shdwed no severe traces of
his arduous campaigning and except
when in communication with his aids at
Chicago took part in the many pleasant
chats that relieved the hours of waiting
Both candidates are men of superb pow
ers of self control and both received the
final news with a certain philosophical
bearing that is an eminent characteristic
of American statesmen
War iMMsSMm
Up to the Time This Is Written the Returns Indicate the Following
as the Result of the Balloting in the Various States
TZ States 23 States
New York 30
Pennsylvania 32
Illinois 24
Ohio 23
Indiana 15
Massachusetts 15
Michigan 14
Wisconsin 12
New Jersey
Maryland 8
Maine G
West Virginia 0
Connecticut G
N Hampshire 4
Rhode Island 4
Vermont 4
Oregon 4
Delaware 3
North Dakota 3
Wyoming 3
Returns Indicate Republican Control
of Both Branches
Late returns confirm first reports that
Congress will contain a gold standard
majority in both branches The present
Senate which has stood forty seven to
forty two in favor of silver will be suc
ceeded by one which will consist of forty
seven gold supporters to forty two free
coinage advocates Politically the Sen
ate will be Republican the new body hav
ing forty nine of that political faith to
forty Democrats
Party lines will be somewhat broken in
the Senate by the silver question Messrs
Teller of Colorado Dubois of Idaho
Mantle of Nevada Cannon of Utah and
Wilson of Washington are extreme sil
ver men who will act with the Demo
cratic party on the currency issue On
the other hand five Democrats Messrs
Gray of Delaware Lindsay of Ken
tucky Caffrey of Louisiana Smith of
New Jersey and Martin of Virginia are
gold Democrats who supported the
Palmer ticket and will act with the Re
The Senate
The following table shows the political
complexion of the Senate
Present New
Congress Congress
Alabama 2 2
Arkansas 2 2
California 1 l i i
Colorado 2 2
Connecticut 2 2
Delaware 1 i
Florida o 2
Georgia 2 2
Idaho 2 2
Illinois l i 2
Indiana 2 1 i
Iowa 2 2
Kansas i
Kentucky 2 1 1
Lousiana o 2
Maine 2 2
Maryland 2 1 1
Massachusetts 2 2
Michigan 2 2
Minnesota 2 2
Mississippi 2 2
Missouri 2 2
Montana 2 2
Nebraska l 1 1 1
Nevada 2 2
New Hampshire 2 2
New Jersey 1 1 1 1
New York 2 1 1
North Carolina 1 l 2
North Dakota 1- l - 1
Ohio 1 1 2
Oregon 2 2
Pennsylvana 2 2
Rhode Island 2 2
South Carolina 2 2
South Dakota 1 1 2
Tennessee 2 2
Texas 2 2
Utah 2 1 1
Vermont 2 2
Virginia 2 2
Washington 2 1 1
West Virginia 1111
Wisconsin 2 1 1
Wyoming 2 2
Total 4G 43 49 40
Vacancy in present Congress Legislature
in doubt as to new Congress
The House
The new House of Representatives
will contain a majority for both the Re
publicans and for the gold standard Its
composition by States is as follows
New Congress Congress
Dem Dem
Rep Pop Rep Pop
Alabama 9 2 7
Arkansas 6 6
Calfornla 4 3 6 1
Colorado 2 1 1
Connectcut 4 4
Delaware 1 1
Florida 2 2
Georgia 11 11
Idaho 1 1
Illinois 17 5 22
Indiana 10 3 13
Iowa 11 11
Kansas 1 7 7 1
Kentucky 4 7 5 6
Louisiana 6 G
Maine 4 4
Maryland 6 3 3
Massachusetts 12 1 12 1
Mchigan 10 2 12
Minnesota 7 7
Mississippi - 7 7
Missouri 4 11 11 4
Montana 1 1
Nebraska 2 4 -5 1
Nevada 1 1
New Hampshire 2 2
New Jersey 8 8
New York 29 5 29 5
North Carolina 4 5 3 6
North Dakota 1 1
Ohio 16 5 19 2
Oregon 2 2
Pennsylvania 28 2 28 2
Rhode Island 2 2 2
South Carolina 7 1 6
South Dakota 2 2
Tennessee 2 8 4 6
Texas 2 11 1 12
Utah 11
Vermont 2 2
Virginia 2 8 2 8
Washington 2 2
West Virginia 4 4
Wisconsin 10 10
Wyoming 1 1
Total 210 147 252 105
Majority over all 63 147
Anti silver 207 3 212 32
For silver 3 144 34 79
Anti silver maj 63 131
Political Gossips Fill the Places in the
Presidents Official Family
The consensus of opinion among poli
ticians as to what President McKinleys
Cabinet will be is given in the list below
It of course may be shifted but the
politicians think they have made up a
logical slate
Secretary of State John Sherman of Ohio
Secretary of the Treasury William B Alli
son of Iowa c
Secretary of War Russell A Alger of
Secretary of the Navy Redfleld Proctor of
Vermont- v
Secretary of the Interior C F Manderson
of Nebraska
Secretary of Agriculture William D
Hoard of Wisconsin
Postmaster General H Clay Evans of
Attorney General George R Peck of Illi
Democratic Nominee Issues a
Stirring Address on the
Election Outcome
Some of the Things Which the American People
Will Expect from the Administration
of Major McKinley
William J Bryan has given out the
following statement to the bimetallists
Df the United States
Conscious that millions of loyal hearts
are saddened by temporary defeat I beg
to offer a word of hope and encourage
ment No cause ever had supporters more
brave earnest and devoted than those
who have espoused the cause of bimetal
lism They have fought from conviction
and have fought with all the zeal which
conviction inspires Events will prove
whether they are right or wrong Having-
doner tltlty los dttt jf
have nothing to regret
The Republican candidate has been
heralded as the advance agent of pros
perity If his policies bring real pros
perity to the American people those who
opposed him will share in that prosperity
If on the othei hand his policies prove
an injury to the people generally those
of his supporters who do not belong to
the office holding class or to the priv
ileged classes will suffer in common with
those who oppose him
The friends of bimetallism have not
been vanquished they have simply been
overcome They believe that the gold
standard is a conspiracy of the money
changers against the welfare of the hu
man race and until convinced of their
error they will continue the warfare
against it
Silver Men Fought Up Hill
The contest has been waged this year
under great embarrassments and against
great odds For thefirst time during this
generation public attention has been cen
tered upon the money question as the
paramount issue and this has been done
in spite of all attempts upon the part of
our opponents to prevent it
The Republican convention held out the
delusive hope of international bimetal
lism while Republican leaders labored
secretly for gold monometallism
Gold standard Democrats have public
ly advocated the election of the Indianap
olis ticket while thy labored secretly
for the election of the Republican ticket
The trusts and corporations have tried
to excite a fear of lawlessness while they
have been defying the law
And American financiers have boasted
that they were the custodians of national
honor while they were secretly bartering
away the nations financial independence
But in spite of the efforts of the admin
istration and its supporters in spite- of
the threats of money loaners at home and
abroad in spite of the coercion practiced
by corporation employers in spite of trusts
and syndicates in spite of an enormous
Republican campaign fund and in spite
of the influence of a hostile daily press
bimetallism has almost triumphed in its
first great fight
The loss of a few States and that too
by a very small plurality has defeated
bimetallism for the present but bimetal
lism emerges from the contest stronger
than it was four months ago
Praise for National Committees
I desire to commend the work of the
three national committees which have
joined in the management of this cam
paign Co operation between the mem
bers of distinct political organizations is
always difficult but it has been less so
this year than usual Interest in a com
man cause of great importance has re
duced friction to a minimum
I hereby express my personal gratitude
to the individual members as well as the
executive officers of the National Com
mittees of Democratic Populist and Sil
ver parties for their efficient untiring
and unselfish labors They have laid the
foundation for future success and will be
remembered as pioneers when victory is
at last secured
No personal or political friend need
grieve because of my defeat My ambi
tion has been to secure immediate legis
lation rather than to enjoy the honors of
office therefore defeat brings to me no
feeling of personal loss Speaking for
the wife who has shared my labors as
well as for myself I desire to say that
we have been amply repaid for all that
we have done
In the love of millions of our fellow
citizens so kindly expressed in knowledge
gained by personal contact with the peo
ple and in broadened sympathies we find
full compensation for whatever efforts we
have put forth Our hearts have been
touched by the devotion of friends and
our lives shall prove our appreciation of
the affection which we prize as the rich
est rewara wnicn uij nuipaigii ii
Calls for a Reorganization
In the face of an enemy rejoicing in its
victory let the roll be called for the en
gagement and urge all friends of bimetal
lism to renew their allegiance to the
cause If we are right as I believe we
are we shall yet triumph Until conT
vinced of his error let each advocate of
bimetallism continue the work
Let all silver clubs retain their organi
zation hold regular meetings and circu
late literature Our opponents have suc
ceeded in this campaign and must now
put their theories to the test
Instead of talking mysteriously about
sound money and an honest dollar
they must now elaborate and defend a
financial system Every step taken by
them should be publicly considered by the
silver clubs
Our cause has prospered most where
the money question has been longest dis
cussed among the people During the
next four years it will be studied all over
this nation even more than it has been
studied in the past
Not Far to 1900
The year 1900 is not far away Before
that year arrives international bimetal
lism will cease to deceive before that
year arrives those who have called them
selves gold standard Democrats will be
come bimetallists and be with us or they
will become Republicans and be open
enemies before that year arrives trusts
will have convinced still more people that
a trust is a menace to private welfare and
to public safety
Before that year arrives the evils of a
gold standard will be even more evident
than they are now and the people then
ready to demand an American financial
policy for the American people will join
with us in the immediate restoration of
the free and unlimited coinage of gold
and silver at the present legal ratio pf 1
to 1 without waiting for the aid or con
sent of any other nation
French Children Sent Out to Nurse
Formerly children of the best families
were sent out to nurse as shopkeep
ers children are now The sons of
country land owners nursed on their
own estates by farmers wives often
stayed on a year or two after they were
weaned sharing the rough life around
them which if they could bear it made
them very vigorous I form my opinion
of this by the samples I saw in my
youth of men born before the Revolu
tion Once the child returned from the
country to Its it was placed
according to sex in the hands of either
a governess o an abbe such as ara
still found in the old families of the
Faubourg St Germain More frequent
ly then than nowadays little girls be
gan to Latin with their brothere
Now we have the foreign nursemaid
who takes the child when it is just be
ginning to lisp and before it knows
how to speak its own language well
At present an English or German
nursemaid is to be found in every well-to-do
family Century t