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IVIan Who Didnt Remember Any
thing of His Past Is Identified by
His Former Partner AVho Says Ho
Left 10000 in Debts in Alabama
T Forgot His Own Name
Mankato Minn The man who
came to Mankato three weeks ago and
was unable to remember his own name or
his past history has been identified by J
W Blanchard of Chicago bis former
partner who he claims mysteriously dis
appeared from Mobile Ala June 17 last
taking with him several thousand dollars
of the firms money and leaving 10000
debts behind him contracted without
Blauchards knowledge
The forgetful man is John Hardcastlo
Hall au Englishman and according to
Blanchards statements ho is a master of
deception and trickery yet withal a most
wonderful man llall seems to remember
only the good that he has done and has
no recollection of his alleged crookedness
Blanchard states that he will not prose
cute Hall and will return to Chicago hav
ing satisfied his curiosity regarding the
man Halls case has attracted wide at
tention and dozens of letters have been
received hero from all parts of the coun
try giving descriptions of missing busi
ness men It is thought here that Hall is
mentally unbalanced but Blanchard does
not share this belief
A Sensational Suicide
Jacksonvtile Fla Fannie Viola
Finnigan a handsome and refined young
woman shot herself through the heart in
her room at the Carleton Hotel The
woman had been a guest at the hotel for
three weeks and it is supposed she came
from Spencer Mass She was a decided
brunette dressed richly and spent money
freely She had rented a safety deposit
box at the State Bank of Florida and in
it were found a considerable sum of money
valuable jewels and a watch
When the pistol shot sounded Manager
3oon of thehotel and others rushed to
the room and found the woman on the
bed dead and dressed fyr the grave Two
letters were found one addressed to
Manager Koon and the other to Under
taker Tyler The letter to Mr Koon
If I am not quite dead when you ar
rive dont call a doctor or disarrange
my clothing as I shall die in a few mo
The letter to Undertaker Tyler gave in
structions about the coffin and funeral
Among other things she wrote
Of all places do not dare to bury me in
Mt Herraon Cemetery I would not
tolerate that I wish my coffin to be at
least six inches wider than customary
You may think four or five inches will do
It will not I insist on the coffin being
six inches wider as I do not wish to be
crowded Bury my revolver with me in
reach of my right hand It is to remain
loaded with the exception of one shot
-which I shall discharge myself My waist
is clean now and although it may become
blood stained it is not to be removed
Nothing is known of the woman here
and telegrams to Spencer Mass remain
unanswered It is believed the name
Finnigan was assumed
Lake Schooner Sinks
Mtjskegon Mich The schooner Wau
kesha broke up while trying to ride out
the gale at anchor here Sunday night and
only one survivor of her crew of seven
was rescued All night long the wreck
age continued to come upon the beach
and five bodies were recovered
Frank Delach the only survivor of the
wreck made affidavit to the effect that
there were seven aboard the Waukesha
When they arrived off Muskegon Delach
paid the captain mate and some of thesail
ors were very drunk They signalled for
a tug but showed no distress signals and
no tug under these circumstances started
out in the heavy sea The craft began
leaking badly after they anchored but
the captain refused to light a torch to
inake known their condition to the life
saving crew The crew donned life pre
server their yawl boat having been
washed away All hands took to the
forward rigging The craft began sink
ing rapidly and a sudden lurch threw
some of the men from the foremast As
part of them clung to the rigging the
main top mast broke off and fell upon
them striking some of them and sweeping
all into the lake
Housebreaker Killed
Lacastek Pa A tragedy occurred
near Parkesburg a small town in Chester
County Ihe victim was a young colored
man named Johnson who was shot and
instantly killed by a tenant farmer named
Hooi er his former employer Johnson
jwas recently discharged by Hooper aud
about 3 oclock in the morning the farmer
after being awakened by strange noises
discovered Johnson in his house and the
tragedy followed The dead man had
ransacked one room obtaining consider
able and had visited the stable and out
three sets of harness to pieces
Killed While Stealing a Bide
Weixsville N Y Two men and a
boy who were stealing a ride on an Erie
car loaded with iron piping were instant
ly killed by the jarring of the car by a
switch engine and the shifting of the
pipes A coroners inquest was held and
the Erie Company held blameless
Colombia Wants a Railway
Colon The Colombian Government
has offered a monthly subsidy amounting
to2000 to be given to any person who
will establish steam communication with
the coast
French AnarchistRuns Wild
Paris A man named Leymaire who
was out of work shot aud seriously
wounded a policeman with a revolver in
the Rue des Petits Champs Another
policeman was shot in the shoulder
When Leymaire was finally overpowered
he declared himself to be an anarchist
The police have seized a lot of anarchist
documents and literature at his lodgings
Was a Long Time Coming
Jomet 111 A letter addressed to a
nan in La Salle 111 and mailed seven
years ago was found in a mail box the
jother day
A Railroad Sensation
Topeka Kan Western railroad cir
cles have a sensation in a second receiver
ship for the Sauta Fe The road and
equipment in Kansas has been placed in
the control of State Senator Charles F
Johnson of Oskaloosa Kan Judge Louis
Meyers of the First district made the
appointment and ordered him to take
charge of the property of the Santa Fe
Railway Company in Kansas
The action which resulted in the ap
pointment of a receiver has been brought
under the Kansas law of 1891 which pro
vides that no corporation more than 2 per
centum of whose capital stock is owned
by aliens shall acquire real estate in the
state of Kansas and that if any real
estate should be acquired in violation of
this statute it shall be forfeited to the
The appointment of a receiver has been
wrought about it is believed by the men
who opposed the recent reorganization
plan of the Santa Fe When the reorgan
ization was effected a meeting was held
in Topeka and the opponents of the re
organization plan headed by Henry
Clews made a strong effort to prevent it
The anti reorganization men do not show
their hands in the present litigation but
they are charged with being responsible
for it by the friends of the new oompany
Dun Co a Review
New York R G Dun Cos Week
ly Review of Trade 6ays It was not
strictly logical that wheat advanced 5c
reaching 82c for November and 85o for
December and heavy realizing of profits
showed perception of the fact Western
receipts were only 6687159 bushels
against 8019910 last year and Atlantic
exports flour inoluded were only 1588
858 against 1790833 last year
A growing disposition appears among
farmers to hold wheat for better prices
than are now realized although at pres
ent any advance checks buying for ex
Practically no change has appeared in
Woolens but the reported purchases of
wool including one of 11000000 pounds
of territory said to have been made by a
syndicate amounted to 18561000 pounds
against 5621350 pounds last year The
average prices rose about 4 cent in Octo
ber and since September 1104000 pounds
by Coates Bros have risen from 1216 lo
1292 cents or 68 per cent
Failures for the week have been 230 in
the United States against 280 last year
iand 52 in Canada against 49 last year
Thirteen Are Drowned
St Johns N F A marine tragedy
occurred here the other night The
schooner Maggie Capt Win Blundon
while entering this harbor with twenty
three persons aboard was struck by the
steamer Tibe Capt John De Lisle which
was steaming outward at full speed The
schooner sank from the force of the col
lision carrying down with it thirteen per
sons Four of these were women one the
wife of the captain and another his sister
A young married couple named Power
and a brother and sister of the name of
Holloway are of those drowned The
passengers were coming to St Johns to
procure their supplies for the winter be
fore navigation closed Those who es
caped were kept afloat by the aid of planks
from the schooners decks and were
picked up by the steamers boat and
brought back to the port by the pilot boat
which had the Tiber in tow The latter
continued on her voyage
Slums of Lindy Somerset
London Lady Henry Somerset has
once again comejnto public notice as the
owner or a tract of land at Somers Town
a neighborhood within the limits of the
city of London and which is covered with
old dilapidated dwellings The authori
ties have offioially declared the region a
condemned insanitary area but there
appears to be no law under which the
structures can be razed or the tenants
compelled to seek other quarters The
place has come into notice from the fact
that five inquests have been held within
the last month upon people who have
died suddenly from acoident within the
area It is not claimed that Lady Somer
set is directly responsible for existing
conditions but it is contended that in
view of her considerable wealth it would
be an easy matter for her to buy off the
present lessee of her ground and cause the
polluted buildings to be either razed or
Fosters Trip to China
Washington Ex Secretary John W
foster of Indiana is likely to have a great
deal to do with shaping the future policy
of the vast Chinese empire When he
sailed from San Francisco for China a
couple of weeks ago it was generally
understood among his friends nere that
he was going as the chief adviser of Li
Hung Chang the new Chinese premier
There has long been a friendship between
the two statesmen antedating the treaty
of Shimoneski when Mr Foster acted as
advisory counsel to Li Hung Chang
This treaty was in a large measure dic
tated by Mr Foster and it is said that
the Chinese viceroy then discovered how
valuable it would be to have a skilled
diplomat to advise him on all foreign
Discovers a Rich Silver Vein
Marquette Mich William Dow-
dell a prospector has discovered a rich
mineral vein near the head waters of the
Sturgeon river in Baraga county Speci
mens exhibited by him are rich in silver
The vein outcrops in the vicinity of the
so called Silver mountain where accord
ing to tradition a fabulously rich vein of
silver was discovered by the French
courier De Bois many years ago The
outcropping was lost and never since
found Dowdell has taken pains to lo
cate his find accurately and his speci
mens are now undergoing analysis
River Boat Blown Up
Cleveland Ohio A special from
East Liverpool says A terrific explosion
from a point up the river shook buildings
along the water front in this city at 1030
oclock Friday night The first definite
news was brought to the city by the Pitts
burg and Wheeling packet Bedford Her
officers reported that a small oraft sup
posed to be carrying nitro glycerine ex
ploded near Georgetown four miles east
of here The Bedford was lifted out of
the water by the force of the explosion
Big Baseball Rumor
New York It is rumored in baseball
circles here that among other important
deals which will be made at the annual
meeting of the National League which is
to be held in Chicago next week will be
the transfer of the Cleveland Club in a
body to St Louis and the retirement of
Chris You der Ahe from the business
American Meats in Germany
Berlin The North German Gazette
says that the statement is incorrect that a
jecent order rendersthe import of Ameri
can tinned meat virtually impossible by
providing for the examination of each tin
an importation
Advices from Cuba
Key West Advices from Cuba give
plainer descriptions of the movements of
the insurgents than can be sent by cable
Antonio Maceo has moved to a plain coun
try on the south coast of Pinar del Rio
with the intention of making an attempt
to pass the torcha protected in the mean
time as he hopes by the insurgents at
the rear of the trocha He is at present
supposed to be at Carojal In the direction
of the swamp of Majala It is thought
probable that it will be difficult for him to
pass by the south coast to the western
portion of Pinar del Rio because Gen
Weylers columns are fortifying strategic
positions taken from the insurgents near
Pmar del Rio so as to form a strong base
of operations When once these are fin
ished Gen Weyler calculates that ho will
ue able to dispose of 10000 more men in
pursuit of Maceo and the general opinion
is that he will be able to give him a deci
sive blow
Double Elgin Tragedy
Elgin III Monday evening Mrs An
nie Schreiber of Chicago and her 14-year-old
nephew Bruno Meilke with
whom she was infatuated arrived They
spent the night with a former neighbor
but had a violent altercation and left in
the morning Two blocks from the house
pistol shots were heard A woman who
lives near says she saw Mrs Schreiber ly
ing on the ground and Meilke with a re
volver pointed at his own head When
found Meilke was dead and the woman
piobably fatally wounded She said
Meilke shot her and himseli She dis
claims guilty relations but said they
could not live without each other
Claims an Estate of 2000000
Mespeth L I If the story told by
Anton ia Segul a drug clerk employed
here be true he will soon be the posses
sor of an estate in Florida worth 2000000
Segul says that his father was a direct
descendant of Father Antonjo Segul who
settled in Florida about 1800 and became
the possessor of a large estate which was
inherited by his father and Segul says he
is now the only heir to it The estate con
sists of about 3000 acres of valuable land
Segul has taken steps to recover posses
si on of it
Iiaw and Order Defied
Goldsboko N C An incendiary
speech made here by Frank Baker a
colored man of Dudley caused a clash
between white and colored citizens A
mob of over 150 negroes armed with
knives pistols and clubs marched through
the city and defied the law The sheriff
ind city authorities finding themselves
unable to cope with the mob called upon
the Goldsboro Rifles for assistance This
action had the effect of quelling the dis
turbance which for a time looked as
though a riot was imminent
Steals His Neivly Found Wealth
Tonic Pa While tearing off the roof
of his house Edward Spangler a farmer
living at Spry this county found a bag
filled with gold and silver notes Before
he had time to count his find his hired
man William Sullivan seized the bag
and male off with it Spangler pursued
Sullivan but the latter threatened to kill
him and made good his escape with the
treasure Spangler noticed the denomi
nations of the notes which he says was
500 The police are now looking for
Congratulates the Victor
Lincoln Mr Bryan surrendered
Thursday having received the signal
for which he had been waiting for the
past forty eight hours and responded
within ten minutes with a telegram to
his successful rival
Lincoln Neb Nov 5 Hon William
McKinley Canton Ohio Senator Jones
has just informed me that the retnrns in
dicate your election and I hasten to ex
tend my congratulations We have sub
mitted the issue to the people and their
will is law W J Bryant
French Rivers are Raging
Paris The floods are incieasing
The River Seine is rising All the dikes
erected on the banks are submerged and
the River Rhone at Beaucaire is at the
highest point ever known All the gates
of that town aie closed and have been
strengthened by enormous cross beams
1000000 Indana Fire
Brazil Ind A disastrous fire at
Carbon this county destroyed W R
Richer Cos large store the opera
house Eureka Companys geneial mer
chandise stock and Wm B ixfers sa
loon The total loss exceeds 100000 in
surance unknown
Queen Liil Pardoned
Honolulu The Hawaiian Govern
ment has granted full pardon and restor
ation of civil rights to ex Queen Liliuo
kalani based on the fact that during
parole she has faithfully kept the terms o
her parojs freedom
Chicago Cattle common to prime
350 to 525 hogs shipping grades
300 to 373 sheep fair to choice 200
to 350 wheat No 2 red 74c to 7Jc
corn No 2 24c to 25c oats Io 2 ISc
to 19c rye No 2 3Gc to 3Sc butter
choice creamery 17c to 10c eggs fresh
17c to ISc potatoes per bushel 15c to
2oc broom corn common shorff to choice
dwarf 35 to 100 per ton
Indianapolis Cattle shippinc 300 to
500 hogs choice light 300 to 375
sheep common to prime 200 to 350
wheat No 2 72c to 74c corn No 2
white 24c to 2Gc oats No 2 white 18c
to 20c
St Louis Cattle 300 to 500 hogs
300 to 375 wheat No 2 79c to 81c
corn No 2 yellow 22c to 24c oats
No 2 white 17c to ISc rye No 2 33c
to 34c
Cincinnati Cattle 250 to 475 hogs
300 to 350 sheep 250 to 325
wheat No 2 84c to 86c corn No 2
mixed 27c to 29c oats No 2 mixed 19c
to 21c rye No 2 3Gc to 38c
Detroit Cattle 250 to 475 hogs
300 to 350 sheep 200 to 325
wheat No 2 red S5c to SGc corn No 2
yellow 24c to 2Gc oats No 2 white 21c
to 22c rye 37c to 3Sc
Toledo Wheat No 2 red S5c to 87c
corn No 2 mixed 23c to 2Gc oats No
2 white 17c to 19c rye No 2 3Sc to 39c
clover seed 540 to 555
Milwaukee Wheat No 2 spring 73c
to 75c corn No 2 24c to 25c oats No
2 white 18c to 20c barley No 2 30c to
35c rye No 1 37c to 38c pork mess
Buffalo Cattle 250 to 475 hogs
300 to 425 sheep 200 to 350
wheat No 2 red 89c to 90c corn No 2
yellow 30c to 31c oats No 2 white
23c to 24c
New York Cattle 300 to 500 hogs
300 to 450 sheep 200 to 375
wheat No 2 red S7c to 8Sc corn No 2
31c to 32c oats No 2 white 22c to 24c
butter cr amery 15c to 21c eggs West
ern 15c to 21c
Proclamation Appoints Thursday o v
26 as the Day for- Acknowledgment
to the God of Nations for Blessings
Vouchsafed the United States
Homage to the Universal Ruler
The President Wednesday issued the
following thanksgiving proclamation
By the President of the United States
The people of the United States should
never be unmindful of the gratitude they
owe the God of nations for his watchful
care which has shielded them from disas
ter and pointed out to them the way of
peace and happiness Nor should they
ever refuse to acknowledge with contrite
hearts their proneness to turn away from
feods teachings and to follow with sin
ful pride after their own devices
i To the end that these thoughts may
be quickened it is fitting that on a day
especially appointed we should join to
gether in approaching the throne of
grace with praise and supplication
Therefore I Grover Cleveland Pres
ident of the United States do hereby des
ignate and set apart Thursday the 2Gth
day of the present month of November
to be kept and observed as a day of
thanksgiving and prayer throughout our
On that day let all our people forego
their usual work and occupation and as
sembled in their accustomed places oil
worship let them with one accord render
thanks to the Ruler of the Universe for
our preservation as a nation and our de
liverance from every threatened danger
for the peace that has dwelt within our
boundaries for our defense against dis
ease and pestilence during the year that
has passed for the plenteous rewards
that have followed the labors of our hus
bandmen and for all the other blessings
that have been vouchsafed to us
And let us through the mediation of
him who has taught us how to pray im
plore the forgiveness of our sins and a
continuation of heavenly favor
Let us not forget on this day of
thanksgiving the poor and needy and by
deeds of charity let out offerings of praise
be made more acceptable insthe sight of
the Lord r
Witness my hand and the seal of the
United States which I have caused to be
hereto affixed
Done at the City of Washington this
4th day of November in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and
ninety six and of the independence of
the United States of America the one
hundred and twenty first
By the President
Secretary of State
Prospects of Great Increase of
General Traffic
Chicago railroad officials say that for
months their business has been exceed
ingly dull and earnings have been below
the dull months of the last dull year
Now a revival is looked for in freight
circles Officials predict one of the heav
iest movements of merchandise known in
many years Country merchants as well
as the jobbers in the large cities have
allowed their stocks to run down to the
minimum The movement of west bound
merchandise has been the lightest for
many years Thousands of stocks must
be replenished and country merchants
will buy heavily This means heavy
loads for the railroads and correspond
ingly heavy earnings No falling off in
the heavy east bound movement of grain
which began under the cut freight rates
of last month is looked for Orders for
cars are coming into general freight
offices from all points in the west and
more than one road fears a car famine
As most of this grain will move under
contracts made at the reduced rates there
will not be large increases in revenue
from that class of freight but the great
est economy of operation as well as the
greatest amount of revenue will develop
from the movement of loaded cars both
ways Passenger men are also expecting
heavy business Commercial travelers
make up a large percentage of all roads
passengers Many merchants prefer buy
ing their goods at the large centers to or
dering of traveling men and they too
will soon be using passenger trains The
winter tourist business also has been
No Second Class Fares
Lines members of the Central Passen
ger and Trunk Lines committees are
considering a proposition to abolish second-class
fares Another matter of more
than ordinary interest to a large number
of people concerns the policy to be fol
lowed next year in handling clergy busi
ness It is said many of the passenger
men are more than pleased with the man
ner in which Western roads handled the
clergy business this year and that a like
plan may be adopted by the Eastern
lines That however is hardly likely
The misuse of charity fares protective
forms of excursion tickets government
transportation orders interterritorial
party fares and a number of other inter
esting subjects are docketed for consid
Telegraphic Brevities
The insurgents made an attack upon
the town of Mariet the northern termi
nus of the trocha but they were repulsi d
by thegarrison assisted by a gunboat in
the bay
Prince August heir aparent to the
Duchy of Oldenburg was married at
Schwerin to the Duchess Ethelbert sis
ter of the Grand Duke Frederick Fran
cis of Mecklenburg Schwerin
Rev A C Dixon in the Hanson Place
Baptist Church Brooklyn before a large
congregation delivered a sermon on the
subject Should John Y McKane Be
Pardoned He followed the sermon by
a prayer for McKanes pardon
Two firms assigned at Houston Tex
asBrown Bros dry goods for S8500
and Saper Bros gents furnishings and
clothing for 20000 Subsequent attach
ments were made on Brown Bros The
creditors are chiefly in the North and
A report has been received from Bat
tle Creek Cal that Santone C Nunez
a Portuguese was shot and instantly
killed by his stepson Joseph Sosza 13
years old Joseph Nunez the nephew of
the dead man has sworn to a complaint
charging the boy and his mother Anna
Nunez with having committed the crime
tJpright Character of James Gordon
Bennett in the Newspaper World
The character of James Gordon Ben
nett as a leader or journalism is admir
ably summed up in an interesting ar
ticle by James Creelman As an edit
or says the writer Mr Bennett is im
patient of political control or partner
ship He scents danger in every ap
proach and he will deliberately attack
a party to prove that he is not under
its influence According to him an
editor should be a man in a watch
tower out of sound and out of reach
Otherwise there would be conspiracy
and compromise Private promises
are to be broken in the public interest
Friendships are to be regarded as traps
for the editorial conscience So Mr
Bennett is a lonely man In a crowd a
hermit in the midst of bustling life
I can tell one story that illustrates the
magnificent perversity and shrewifh
ness that have preserved the Herald as
a historic example of incorruptible
journalism When Gen Crespo under
took to overthrow the rotten and tyran
nical government of President Palacio
he had thirty badly armed Venezue
lans to follow him The revolution was
sanctioned by the people but they were
afraid at first to join Crespos stand
ard Gradually however he gathered
together a small army and advanced
upon the government forces Palacio
and his friends had looted the treasury
money was needed to crush the revolt
and a sum great enough for the pur
poses could only be had in Europe
About this time an old friend of Mr
Bennett called upon him in Paris and
explained that the Venezuelan govern
ment desired to place loan bonds for
many millions of dollars in the Lon
don market He informed Mr Bennett
that he was to be the aent of Palacio
in the matter and would make a for
tune out of it Then he asked for the
co operation of the Herald on the score
of old time friendship and finally he
announced that if the Herald could be
little the revolutionary cause and so
stimulate the confidence of bankers in
the government bonds the transaction
would be worth two or three hundred
thousands dollars to Mr Bennett At
this Mr Bennett smiled grimly
It is worth a million dollars to the
Herald to know these facts he said
I do not quite understand you
said the friend
It is worth 1000000 to support the
other side
Why Mr Bennett am I too late
Have the other men seen you
No not at all But you have given
me proof that the government of Vene
zuela deserves to fall It is worth
1000000 to the Herald to be on the
right side I shall back up the revolu
tion and let the truth be known to the
In vain the friend pleaded that his
conversation was confidential and that
anewspaperhad no right to take advan
tage facts communicated under the
seal of secrecy Within an hour a cable
message set the wonderful machinery
of the Herald in motion and day after
day its columns were crowded with
dispatches from special correspondents
in Venezueala describing thiev ylwovt
the revolutionary army and the weak
ness of the government These dis
patches were reproduced in all the
European capitals and Palacios bonds
could not find a purchaser Without
money or credit the tyrant fell and
the first act of Crespo after he enter
ed Caracas at the head of his victorious
army was to send a long cablegram
at the public expense thanking the
Herald over his own signature for its
services in the cause of liberty and
constitutional government
A Story of Senator Haivley
Sitting by my side at the convention
Which nominated Lincoln for Presi
dent writes Isaac H Bromley was a
newspaper editor who called me Ike
as I called him Joe He was run
ning over with enthusiasm When the
nomination was made he interrupted
himself in his hurrahing to say to me
who looked on in wide eyed silence
Why dont you hurrah I dont
know why I did not but I remember
that I felt queer and only said I
cant hurrah I should cry if anyone
touched me I came nearer crying
when In less than twelve months I
saw him in uniform at the head of the
first Connecticut company that an
swered the call for troops He was
afterward a brigadier general Gover
nor of his State and member of Con
gress and has lately been elected to
his third term as United States Sena
tor There were probably other similar
cases It was Joe Hawley who sat at
my elbow
An Exceptional Case
You know old John Goodner
Never called anything but Honest
John for forty years
County treasurer for twenty eight
years and guardian for half the orphans
in the country rusted by every
Dead three weeks and experts have
gone over his books
They found that he was honest in
every way
A Bnddinjr Bunster
Three-year-old on Staten Island boat
What at big stone house mamma
Thats a fort dear
What ose black fings on top
Mamma what is they cannin in at
house New York Herald
Brown Does your wife ever threaten
to go home to her mother Jones No
thats the worst of it Her mother
boards with us Puck
Complete Figures Will Not be Avail
able for Several Days Populist
Counties Increase Thoir Normal
Pluralities Estimate by Counties
Nebraska for Bryan
Omaha Although the returns from Ne
braska are fragmentary and may remain
incomplete for two or three days enough
is known to warrant the conclusion that
Nebraska has been carried for Mr Bryan
and the fusion state ticket by majorities
ranging from 5000 to 15000 and possibly
more The vote for presidential electors
on both tho republican and fusion tickets
is considerably heavier than that given to
candidates for state offices and congress
men Holcomb will run from 8J0 to 1503
lower than Bryan and the candidates on
the fusion state ticket will not quite reach
the vote for Ilolcomb This is also true
as regards the vote for MacColl and the
republican state ticket as compared with
the McKinley electors
The following tible shows an estimate
on actual count in raska
and governor by counties
Counties Hol
Adams 1910
Antolopa 210
Banner 1G1
Blaine 70
Boone 133
BoxButto 189
Boyd 3a7
Brown 97
Buffalo 683
Burt 49
Butlor 2139
Cass 385
Cedar 137
Chase 249
Cherry 9J
Clioyenno 270
Clay 079
Colfax CGI
Cuming 15ti
Custer 1375
Dakota 369
Dawoj -153
Dawsoa 1133
Deuel 235
Dixon 1198
Dodge 1912
Douglas 12103
Dundy 266
Filimore 301
FranKlin 203
Frontier 435
Furnas 999
Gage 850
Garfield 12
Gosper C03
Grant 97
Greeley 8 0
Hall 1488
Hamilton 562
Harlan 7 41
Hayes 181
Hitchcock 497
Holt 153
Hooker 80
Howard 402
Jefferson 07
Johnson 1233
Kearney 1023
Keith 253
Keyn Paha 121
Kimball 82
Knox 401
Lancaster 4257
Lincoln 1104
logan 125
Loup 110
Madison 314
Mcpherson 47
Merrick 202
Nemaha 1212
Nuckolls 1373
Otoe 1002
Pawnee 506
Perkins 249
Phelps 683
Pierce 965
Platte 2534
Z i
Bed Widow 208
Richardson 2051
Rock 338
Saline 703
Barpy 381
baunders 350
bcotts Bluff 175
Seward 1806
Sheridan 488
Sherman 876
Sioux 39
Stanton 726
Thayer 1704
Thomas 73
Thurston 678
Valley 176
Washington 194
Wayne 1055
Webster 1232
Whoeler 9
York 567
on president J
Mac- Bryan 4 V
ColL loy jA t
1510 1970 1723 iff 1
201 C23 389
175 183 197 f
77 61 87 i
109 889 256 J
103 385 315
347 101
118 316 408 Ifcs
469 1113 922
88 272 705
972 2668 1553
482 974 1824 1
1077 1474 1012
29 254 240 J
104 87 108
259 331 309
515 1685 1618
490 730 608
131 311 282
531 1454 606
469 62 519
432 453 51
823 1335 1049
SO- 230 340
822 1335 1019
1919 1967 2399
11577 1948 12297
266 287 278 -
201 1170 1123- f
256 503 49X
449 494 474
729 1037 75i v
1016 2695 3420
101 125 93
328 622 365
77 95 79-
340 353 264
1391 1587 1671
602 553 515
495 963 603
186 173 190-
425 499 40 1
146 573 372
6 21 7
34 4 853 413
245 1531 1678
1346 1246 1418-
817 1183 964 J
180 268 174
244 130 239-
88 83 88 I
301 451 323 1
B203 2629 Si j
858 1318 926
90 125 90 J
100 110 100 j
271 616 782 J
43 28 30 1
95 1019 971 1
291 825 675
835 1450 1087 fl
1017 1364 1134 I
1383 1418 1349 M
410 1129 1533 M
151 235 168 M
503 778 714 M
559 958 ft r
869 2049 1255 Jk ldH
770 1505 840- A PHI
in 221 1205 r 1
1749 2112 1876
213 223 340
705 1439 1514
893 98J 505
264 2730 2103
250 188 237
1434 1825 1505
265 516 306
371 851 434
31 39 31 i
499 925 702 j
1720 1970 2183 M
32 80 33 1
487 717 5CB 1
329 471 481 1
136 405 453 i
931 1113 996 1
950 1303 1U84 1
12 10 j
550 1369 1493 J
Total 71499 61326 88093 80400
Keturns from a Few Counties
Adams Seventeen precincts out of
twenty including the city oi Hastings
give Mi Kinley lt7 Bryan 1801 fifteen
precincts give 3IacUoll 1493 Holcomb
Antelope Eleven out of twenty seven
precincts give McKinley 489 Bryan 419
MacColl 40o Holcomb 414
Banner bix out of t n precincts in
Banner county give McKinley 106 Bryan
Boyd four out of 1 precincts give Mc
Kinley 23J Bryan 91 MacColl 233
Holcomb 291
Brown County complete gives Mc
Kinley 386 Bryan 319 MacColl 341
Holcomb 327
Buffalo Eleven out of twenty eight
precints give McKinley 1C95 Bryan
1179 MacColl 855 Holcomo 1009
Burt Nine out of seventeen precincts
give McKinley 838 Bryan 555 Mc-
Coll 752 Holcomb 6 7
Cass Nineteen out of twenty -five pre
cincts in Caas county give McKinley
1982 Bryan 1802 MacColl 1690 Hol
comb 1691
Cedar Complete returns give Bryan
1474 McKinley 1012 Fifteen precincts
but of tweiny give Holcomb 911 Mac
Coll 629
Chase Fourteen out of fifteen pre
cinots iri Chase county give McKinley
240 Bryan 254 MacColl 229 Holcomb
2 9
Cheyenne Returns thus far indicate
Bryans majority in this county will be
about 100 llolcomba 150
Clay Complete returns give Mc
Kinley 1679 Bryan 1758
Colfax Seven out of twelve precincts
give McKinley 670 Bryan 950 MacColl
575 Holcomb 798
Cuming Complete returns give Bryan
a plurality of 440 and Maxwell 5J0
Garfield Garfield county gives McKin
ley 156 Bryan 226 MacColl 163 Hol
comb 215
Gosper Six out of eleven precincts
give McKinley 242 Bryan 442 MacColl
227 Holcomb AZi
Greeley County complete gives Mc
Kinley 4U9 Bryan 798 MacColl 392
Holcomb 8J3
Hall Unofficial returns of all but one
small precinct give McKinley 1792
Bryan l7d9 MacColl 1757 Holcomb
Holt Thirty one out of thirty four
voting precincts give McKinley 831
Bryan 1359 24 precincts give MacColl
705 Holcomb 1024
Howard Howard county unofficial
complete gives McKinley 7i0 Bryan
1303 Cady for congress 8 0 reenet
117 Four precincts out of 13 for gov
ernor MacColl 384 Holcomb 895f